My 12 yearsGuilin Shanshuijiaxia, Yangshuo gourmet Raiders

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Guilin Yangshuo Memory
    For Guilin, Guangxi, there are memories from childhood. The angel is Hunan sister paper, the hometown is Shaoyang, and Shaoyang rice noodles are delicious from childhood memories. Shaoyang rice noodles and Guilin rice noodles are also round powder, but the former is dry and soft afterwards. There are also many Guilin rice noodle shops in Shaoyang area! The trip to Guilin in early September was my first trip to Guangxi. Although I did not arrive in the urban area, I met the bustling Yangshuo County.
    “Guilin landscape is the best in the world, Yangshuo landscape is Guilin”! Although Yangshuo is only a small county in Guilin, it has a variety of beautiful scenery. There are many, wonderful and beautiful mountains, and the mountains are in various poses, such as Shutong Mountain, Yishan, Caishan, Xilanglang Mountain, Zhushan, Moon Mountain and Pingfeng Mountain.
    There are many well-known scenic spots in Yangshuo, including Guilin Qiangu Scenery Area, Yulong River, Xanadu Taoyuan, West Street, Xingping Ancient Town, Moon Mountain, and Big Banyan Tree…
     About the trip
    Angels have a persistent desire for food, and they travel to various cities to go to local cuisine. This is also true of Guilin’s Yangshuo trip. I didn’t spend much time in Guilin. About 4 days, I didn’t climb the mountain and wading. I just walked leisurely in Yangshuo County, looking at the light of the old West Street, feeling the quiet atmosphere in Yitian West Street, to the ages. The scene area enjoys a must-see performance for a lifetime.
    Because there is not a lot of time spent in Yangshuo, especially when I go out to play, I will spend most of my time eating local food, so I have selected a few attractions. Here is my trip:
    Attractions: Guilin Qiangu Scenic Area, West Street, Yitian West Street, Yangshuo County Historical and Cultural Exhibition Hall
    Gourmet: Guilin Rice Flour Cultural Center, Liu Jie Beer Fish Master Fu Beer Fish, Xiaoyu Village Private Kitchen, Lonely Bamboo Rice, Ma Zifang Fish Shop, Fan Li Hotel Ming. Thai Restaurant, Rosewood Restaurant, Mango Gang, Qingliang Bu (Road) Side stall), gel white, ice spring soy milk
    Accommodation: It is recommended that everyone can choose to live near West Street, so travel will be more convenient. Usually I usually look for economic chain hotels, and there are some good homestays in the local area.
     About transportation
    This is my first trip to Yangyang, Guilin. Yangshuo is a small county in Guilin. It is destined to have some small toss on the day of arrival. However, due to the diversity of travel modes, the choice is relatively convenient.
    Airport: If you arrive in Guilin by plane, you will arrive at Guilin Liangjiang Airport. There is a bus terminal that goes directly to Yangshuo County.
    High-speed rail: From the field, it is usually to the Guilin North Railway Station or the Yangshuo High-speed Railway Station, and then take the direct bus to the bus terminal of Yangshuo County.
     About Yangshuo Cuisine
     Guilin rice noodles
    Just like my love for my hometown Shaoyang rice noodles, Guilin rice noodles is also a high-profile food in Guangxi. Although Shaoyang rice noodles are a branch of Hunan rice noodles, Guilin rice noodles have many similarities with it. Guilin rice noodles are made of high-quality rice, which is ground into rice syrup, and then made into a series of round powder and cut powder. Generally, the round powder is more common on the market, and the taste is soft and smooth. Guilin rice noodles are the most classic in the way of eating halogen powder. The pork bones and beef bones are mixed with various seasonings to make a fresh brine.
     Beer fish
    The stir-fried oyster shrimp is made from the small river prawn in Yangshuo River. It is characterized by the addition of local Sanhua wine for stir-fry, and the taste is crispy. The small river shrimp in the Minjiang River grows well, so the meat quality of the shrimp is very delicate!
    In Yangshuo, there is a saying called “No food is not a feast”. Stuffed vegetables are the local specialties of Yangshuo. There are 18 kinds of classics, so they are called Yangshuo “Eight Brews”, but in fact the varieties are far more than these! The vegetables are generally selected from vegetables or soy products as the main ingredients to form the outer skin of the brewed vegetables, and then the meat or eggs are used as fillings. Common Yangshuo stuffed vegetables include snail stuffing, tofu brewing, eggplant stuffing, bitter gourd stuffing, winter melon stuffing, mushroom stuffing, pepper stuffing, stuffed loofah, egg stuffing, lotus root stuffing, tomato stuffing, pumpkin flower stuffing…
    Bitter melon
    Tofu stuffing
     Spotted fish hot pot
    The spotted hot pot is also famous in Yangshuo, and the price is not expensive. First of all, fish head soup, fish tail, fish bones will be cooked into a fish soup. Drink a few bowls of raw soup before meals, sweet and delicious! Then squid slices!
     Yellow pheasant
    For the yellow rice chicken rice that has been used all over the country, I believe that everyone is no stranger. It is said that it originated from the famous dish of Jinan, Shandong Province. It is made from chicken with potatoes, mushrooms and green peppers. In fact, in Yangshuo, Guilin, there is also a local flavor of yellow pheasant chicken, which is made of fine meat chicken, adding cooking wine, salt, onion ginger garlic, dried chili and other tanning.
     Bamboo rice
     Ai Ye
    Ai Ye is a traditional dish of Yangshuo folk, which uses glutinous rice as its basic raw material. It is processed with Ai Ye and grapefruit leaves.
     Ching bo leung
     About Yangshuo with hand
     An ancient love, a performance that must be seen in life
     The ancient village of Yangshuo
    The ancient village of Yangshuo actually created the outdoor space of the scenic spot into a village in ancient times, which is similar to the bustling market in the village. The place where the ancient villages go shopping and eating is called Fengqing Street. There are some small shops on the street, and the names of the shops are also very interesting, such as the grandpa’s wine tank, the grandmother’s story, the aunt’s pickles, and the mother’s tea house…
    But the most distinctive feature is that this street has different themes from 14:15-21:20 every day, like the master of the 14:30–14:35, 14:50–14:55 The national flash show… There are also folk juggling, water flying people, singing welcoming guests, Qin Bin patrol city, Lingqu point soldiers and other performance projects. These programs are arranged in the first half and the second half. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone can come to Yangshuo Ancient Village when they open the park, enjoy these performances by the way, and then watch the performances of the evening, and go to the No. 3 secret in their leisure time. Resting!
     Mystery of No. 3
    The No. 3 secret environment is a large indoor space in the Guilin Ages Scenic Area, which is a gathering of leisure, entertainment, eating, drinking and playing. If you are bringing children to play, you must not miss it, because there are various small amusement parks here! For those interested in humanities, you can also go to the Qingming Shanghetu Cinema, and the dynamic screen makes people feel the village life in ancient times.
    Yes, there is a special area in the 3rd secret area, which is the study room located next to the beverage store. There are a lot of books on the bookshelf. It is also a quiet place for tourists who like quiet. . Take a few books and read on the sofa!
    There is a spacious dining area in the 3rd secret environment. After all, the little friends who come to play will usually stay here for one day. If you are hungry, you can come in and blow the air conditioner to eat! There are not many varieties available, but they can also In the case of tiredness, the price is also relatively affordable compared to many other scenic spots. In addition to eating, there is still drinking here, you can choose milk tea or freshly squeezed juice!
     Eternal performance
    Guilin’s ancient performances, a must-see performance in a lifetime! Guilin’s ancient performances include Guilin legends, earth songs, ancient ridges, love songs, and Liu Sanjie’s five acts. It is a large-scale performance.It reflects the beautiful scenery and historical culture of Yangshuo and even Guilin.
    Special Note:
    Guilin has adopted a one-vote system, and it can be used for one day (13:00–21:30), including the Yangshuo Ancient Village and the No. 3 secret area, as well as a performance on the day (purchase tickets). It is necessary to choose a good time 哟)! Because the Guilin Qiangu scene area provides playful activities and the performances of the scenic spots are very rich, such as Yangshuo Ancient Village Fengqing Street all-day outdoor performances, large-scale song and dance show that reflects local history and culture, Guilin “Eternal Love” is a costly project, so many actors! Plus some supporting facilities, the amusement park in the 3rd secret environment, the science and technology of the Qingming Shanghetu movie theater, etc., so the price of more than two hundred is really not Royal! If you want to play back the fare, go to the park early, and come out when you are in the park, and experience all the projects inside!
    About the fare:
    1 adult ticket
    The audience seat is 280 yuan, and the online shopping price is 260 yuan;
    VIP seats 290 yuan, online shopping price 270 yuan;
    The luxurious sofa with table is 380 yuan.
    2 discount tickets
    The auditorium/private seats are 240 yuan.
    (Children, the elderly and other preferential areas that meet the required requirements)
     Tips for the Eternal Love
    1. Guilin’s ancient feelings Located in Yangshuo, it is close to Yangshuo County, West Street, Yitian West Street, etc. If you take a taxi, it is at the starting price. Tickets are one-ticket, open from 13:00 to 21:30, and you can play in the scenic spot all day after you purchase the ticket. However, it is necessary to plan the time for watching the performances. The performances of the ancient times are arranged two times a day, starting at 15:30 and 20:00 respectively. When purchasing tickets, you must plan which time period you want to see. Fares fare: 260 yuan (audience seats), 270 yuan (private seats).
    Way cattle booking link
    2. Although the performance will only start at the designated time, it is recommended that everyone can enter and play in the first time of opening the park! Although the scenic spot is not big, there are still a lot of fun in several areas. For example, the style street of Yangshuo Ancient Village is a play area built according to ancient villages, where there are many performances every day. And the shops in Fengqing Street are also worth a small stroll, with a variety of gifts to buy!
    3. You can also walk into the indoor space of the No. 3 secret environment, where there are many play areas that children like, suitable for tourists who bring children to play. If you are tired, there is also a bookstore. There are a lot of books on the bookshelf. You can choose a few comfortable sofas to sit down and rest. If you are hungry, there are some small shops that you can eat and drink. Stay in the whole day, don’t worry about eating, drinking, and playing!
    PS: Attached below is the schedule of performances in the style scene of the ageing scene. Each scene has different characteristics. This is why angels suggest that everyone can spend more time playing in the scenic area!
     West Street, the oldest street in Yangshuo
    West Street is the oldest street in Yangshuo County. It has a history of more than 1,400 years. It is also known as the “foreigner street” because there are many foreigners living there. The current West Street is already a representative commercial street in Yangshuo County, and it welcomes tourists from all over the world every day. On the commercial street, there are various kinds of shops. Taking catering as an example, the local flavor of Guilin rice noodles and beer fish in Guilin Yangshuo can be seen everywhere. There are also many exotic restaurants and small bars. If you have enough time, you can also find traces of history in the ancient street of West Street, visit those celebrities’ former residences, memorial halls, ancient pavilions, and inscriptions!
     Beautiful scenery, Yitian West Street
    Yitian West Street is next to West Street. It is a sister version of West Street, but it is also a new fashion pedestrian street. Although it was established soon, the environment is also built on the historical features of Yangshuo, incorporating traditional Guilin architecture. Xiaoqingwa, sloping roof, whitewashed wall, hanging balcony, Shijie Street… and its overall layout is divided into five major themes: Shanyuan, Yanyuan, Zhuyuan, Tianyuan, Shuiyuan, all the mountains and rivers, the caves nice.
    Cat’s Sky City bookstore concept
    I was a relatively slow life like girls, sometimes visiting the tired looks for a quiet place, a cup of tea, quietly remembering a few days down the play interesting. Masuda West is with a young atmosphere, this country has several branches of the bookstore hiding here.
     Yangshuo County Historical and Cultural Exhibition Hall
    There is a small museum in Yitian West Street, namely Yangshuo County Historical and Cultural Exhibition Hall. Going here, you can get an idea of ​​some of the history and culture of Yangshuo.
     Attached: Yangshuo local restaurant recommended
    Many people say that Yangshuo is not a small county in Guilin? There shouldn’t be too much food! Yangshuo is a tourist gathering place, and there are many tourists coming here every day. Therefore, there are not only the local flavors of Yangshuo, but also the delicious representatives of the whole area of ​​Guilin, and the cuisine of the surrounding cities of Guangxi. !
    1 Guilin Rice Noodle Culture Center
    When you go to Guilin Yangshuo to play, you must choose a Guilin rice noodle to try it! Going to this Guilin rice noodle culture center, this one is completely rushing to the environment. The store is not big, but it has turned the store into a small museum with the theme of Guilin rice noodles. There are old-fashioned Guilin rice noodle making utensils and firewood room models. The wall is the introduction and historical data of Guilin rice noodles! Yangshuo is a place where tourists gather, so the price here is somewhat expensive, and the service of the clerk needs to be improved! In addition, there are quite a few old-fashioned rice noodle shops in Yangshuo County. The price is slightly more expensive than that in Guilin, but you have to try it!
    2 Liu Jie Beer Fish
    In Yangshuo County, Guilin, especially in the West Street area, there are always many beer fish restaurants, all of which have their own brands. Among them, Liu Jie Beer Fish, which is the theme of music restaurants, is one of them, on the same road in the same location. There are many branches, where to eat.
    Although each restaurant is mainly promoting the local food of Yangshuo beer, it also has its own special flavors. For example, Liu Jie Beer Fish is characterized by its secret sauce, which has a larger “Guangxi Intangible Cultural Heritage”. Cardamom.” There are several kinds of fish selection for beer fish. The hairy fish is a more affordable one. The store will put the cleaned fresh bone fish in the pot (also make the fish directly in the store and then put it on the table). The difference), put a few ingredients in the bottom of the pot, and then add the secret sauce made from soybean meal, pour it into the Lijiang beer for cooking!
    Guangxi Intangible Cultural Heritage Cardamom
    Authentic fried Guilin powder
    Longsheng Yaozhai Lawei Pot
    a bowl of incense
    Yangshuo specialty jelly
    3 master beer fish
    4 small fisherman’s private kitchen
    5 lonely bamboo rice
    6 Mazi spotted fish shop
    7 Fanli Hotel, Ming • Thai Terrace Restaurant
    8 Rosewood Restaurant
    9 Mango Gang
    10 Qingliang (roadside booth)
    11 gel white
    12Ice Spring Soymilk

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