12 In the misty rain, feel the different poetic Xiamen

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    The city of Xiamen is a place for slow life to experience slowly. Whenever I see a few days of online travel around Xiamen, I will feel a little regret for them. Once you come to Xiamen, if you are racing against time, then you are embarking on a journey. At this time, feeling Xiamen will become an unreachable thing.
    Someone asked me: “Charles, how many days do you think Xiamen can play well?” I will tell TA, and you will find the answer when you stay.
    Someone once complained to me that the city of Xiamen is very small, tourists are woven, and they don’t like it; some people tell me that she likes it because it is like a garden, so that I can let myself meet.
    Everyone has different perceptions of travel and experiences are different. However, in any place, you want to really understand it. It is impossible to do it alone. It is also one-sided.
    Every trip, I see it as a new exploration, a meeting, a reunion.
     Picture preview
     Look back
     Walking around Qindao
     Turn around
     Beautiful Gulangyu
     Sunlight rock
     Don’t have a hole in the sky
     Xinzhuang Garden
     Yuanwang Sunstone
     Cloud on Xiamen
     Overlooking the roundabout road
     Xiamen University Furong Lake
     Furong Lake
    Xiamen University
     The corner of Xiamen University
     Hibiscus Tunnel
     Hibiscus Tunnel
     Hibiscus Tunnel
     Gentleman good photography
     Old camera
     Lujiang Night Tour
     Trip summary
    Day 1: Departure – Arrive in Xiamen and check into the hotel.
    Day2: Non-legacy project Chua’s lacquer line carving – Xiamen on the cloud – Eat Fort – Hulishan Fort – Roundabout Road – Dinner
    Day3: Gulangyu Day Tour – Dinner – Lujiang Night Tour
    Day4: old warehouse – Xiamen University – return
     In the golden autumn season, when the typhoon is encountered, don’t open the face of Xiamen.
    Xiamen in November is the best season for travel. At this time, there are fewer tourists, no longer the crowds everywhere; the weather is getting better and better, the breeze is very comfortable. However, I never thought that a “jaw rabbit” came from the other side of the ocean, as if welcoming guests from afar to Xiamen.
    The evening before, the circle of friends was still full of fire.
    Outside this window, it has been raining.
    The peers said that the first time they came to Xiamen, they encountered a typhoon, and the trip was destined to be extraordinary.
    Xiamen has Gulang Island Gulangyu Island, beautiful Xiamen University, the charming Gold Coast, and a typhoon that is indefinite.
    Come to Xiamen, feel a typhoon, isn’t it a fun and unforgettable thing?
    Walking in the rain in the island, it should be a taste.
    From the hotel to our first stop, it is a non-legacy cultural project in Xiamen’s old urban area – Cai’s lacquer line carving. As a long-established and unique folk handicraft boutique in Xiamen, it has been circulating for more than three hundred years. In 2006, Xiamen lacquer carving skills were included in the list of China’s intangible cultural heritage. In 2007, Cai Shui was named as the representative inheritor of the Xiamen Intangible Cultural Heritage Project.
    Here, you can feel the inheritance of cultural history. From the origin of the lacquer line carving, as the arts and crafts of Buddhist temples, with the development of the times, it has developed into a multi-cultural product. After witnessing the hand-made process and hands-on practice, I have to sigh that each piece of artistic creation is full of wisdom andCraftsman spirit.
    Taking the storm, we went to Xiamen’s new network red punch card point – Xiamen on the cloud, also known as Xiamen Shimao Channel Building Tourism Hall, located on the 55th floor of Shimao Channel Building, Siming District, Xiamen, on September 30, 2016 Open, it is a 360-degree transparent viewing platform with more than 1,300 square meters, which combines high-altitude vision, multimedia interaction and business leisure. This is the first high-altitude sightseeing indoor multimedia interactive tourism scenic spot created by Shimao Group in Xiamen, an international tourist city, which leads the new trend of Xiamen high-altitude leisure and entertainment.
    The most desirable sea-day stroll is located on the 58F Love Roof, the highest outdoor air trail in Xiamen. It can walk at a height of 280 meters, with no transparent guardrail and no armrests. In the highest place in Xiamen, overlooking the beautiful scenery of Xiamen Haitian Line, it has a different city perspective and enjoys free venting. It is the highest sea walking trail in the country.
    Unfortunately, the typhoon warning has not been lifted. We are only allowed to visit the 55-story sightseeing hall, overlooking the Yanwu Bridge, Shapowei, Xiamen University and Gulangyu in the deep rain.
    From the cloud to Xiamen, along the road to Shapowei, all the way to the west, came to the very artistic art of the West End. In the western part of the art of rainy days, there are very few people coming and going, very quiet.
    Then, enter the fort of the Shapo. This is the world of specialty snacks in southern Anhui, where you can easily punch and unlock Weinan cuisine.
    As soon as you enter the door, the big guy is attracted to the puppet show at the door, where many tourists stop to watch the show.
    When it comes to eating, especially the snacks in southern Fujian, the little friends can’t stand the inner excitement and go around to find their own coveted food. When I came back again, I realized that I was already full of a table. Everyone was eager to move, and I wish I could eat it quickly.
    The foods that must be eaten in Xiamen include: sand tea noodles, frozen bamboo shoots, duck noodles, ginger ducks, Tonganfeng meat, sea bream fried, etc., and these are also eaten in this net.
    After eating the perfect food, we walked along the roundabout road to the historic Hulishan Fort.
    As a historical relic next to the roundabout, many tourists will come here to explore the beach while walking.
    After entering the scenic spot, you will see the history of the fort, from the establishment of the fort, to the battle of the big and small, telling its own legend.
    The Hulishan Fort is a product of the Chinese Westernization Movement. It has historically been called the “Gossip Portal, Tiannan Lock Key”. The Krupp cannon, known as the “Cannon King”, is “the ancient 19th-century coastal cannon that is still preserved on the original site in the world” and is listed in the “Great World Guinness Book of Records 2000”.
    The location is excellent, facing the sea, on the right hand side is Baicheng Beach, you can see the Yanwu Bridge and the Twin Towers, and the left side of the wooden path along the beach, you can feel the beautiful coastline of Xiamen.
    Then we walked along the roundabout, and because the sky was once again raining, we couldn’t walk on the beach and feel close to the beaches of Xiamen. But here is a very beautiful pastime of the environment. The music square is artistic, commemorative and intellectual. It is the location where the “running man” Xiamen station was once. One country, two systems and beaches commemorate the policy of reunification and reunification of Hong Kong and Macao. The beach address is facing the island of Kinmen County opposite the sea, and Taiwan can be seen across the sea.
    Here is a good place to watch the sunrise and sunset. By the way, grab the photos taken before and let everyone feel.
    Zeng Yi is known as the most literary small fishing village in Xiamen. The creation of Wenchuang along with the rise of tourism has also been sought after by many tourists. And we came from the crowd, never took a cloud, in order to go to the Hongzhuang Puppet Art Museum to watch the non-legacy project puppet show, where you can see the most puppet show with historical heritage.
    From the carving of the puppets to the embroidery of the costumes, every process is presented in front of us, and after we see the details of each place, including the superb skills that the performers need, we are all impressed by the big performances on this small stage. .
     The island is full of fascinating eyes, and Lujiang’s night tour is alive.
    Many people said that when Xiamen came to Gulangyu, it would be enough to explain the status of Gulangyu in everyone’s mind.
    Due to historical reasons, the buildings of different styles on the Gulangyu Island in China and abroad are well collected and preserved here, and are known as the “World Architecture Exhibition”. Many hot shops in Longtou Road Commercial Street sell a variety of Xiamen specialty snacks. This island is also a fertile ground for music. It has a large number of talents and has the highest density in the country. It is also known as the “Piano Island” and “Home of Music”. There are township sages and strong inscriptions and praises: the drums and sails are better than the past, and the piles of gold are rich and jealous.
    On July 8, 2017, the application was successful and became the 52nd World Heritage Project in China. As a world heritage area, the cultural charm of Gulangyu Island began at the moment of embarking on Qindao.
    We started from the Gulangyu Foreign Cultural Relics Museum in the Forbidden City, passing the Gulangyu Historical Exhibition Hall, the Eight Diagrams Building (the Organ Museum), the Sunlight Rock, the Xinzhuang Garden, and the Sea Paradise. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery along the way and felt the birds and flowers and history and culture on the island. precipitation.
    Sunlight Rock Temple, commonly known as “a piece of tile”, is actually a natural stone cave, with a huge stone as the top, and then built a temple in the shape of a mountain, the specific time is the 14th year of Wanli in the Zhengde period of the Ming Dynasty.
    There are two legends about the origin of the name of Sunlight Rock: First, the legend of natural geography, because every morning, the rising sun rises from Xiamen Wu Laofeng, Sunlight Rock is the first to shower in the sun, so it is called Sunlight Rock, the temple is called Daylight. Rock Temple; First, the historical legend, when Zheng Chenggong came to Huangyan (Sunlight Rock alias), seeing the scenery here is far better than the Nikko Mountain in Japan, then the sloshing word was taken apart and became the Sunlight Rock.
    Ascend to Sunlight Rock, overlooking the whole island, and enjoy the spectacular views of the buildings of the United States. Looking at the opposite Lujiang Road and the Twin Towers, you can feel the beauty of the Ludao Island under the rain.
    From Sunlight Rock, I saw many people strolling around the beach and feeling the most enjoyable time on the island. When we stepped into the Xinzhuang Garden, we found that there is still a big world here. Xinzhuang Yihai Jianyuan, in the sea Tibetan garden, the mountain is a cave, the stone is used to make up the mountain, and the mountains and waters in the distance are set off against each other, and they are integrated into one, to hide the sea in the garden, to decorate the sea with the garden, and to expand the garden with the sea. Shibu Mountain, to hide the sky.
    Take a stroll through the forty-four bridges and feel the meticulous structure of the garden. From here you can also look at the Sunlight Rock.
    Going up from the forty-four bridges, you will arrive at the Piano Museum along the mountain road. The museum displays the collection of the patriotic overseas Chinese Hu Youyi.There are many ancient pianos, including rare and precious gold pianos, the world’s first four-corner piano and the earliest largest upright piano. There are ancient hand-cranked pianos, pedals that are produced from a hundred years ago, and pianos. An old piano, etc. Whether it is ordinary tourists, musicians, artists, the inspiration of the art and the music brought to them by the Gulangyu Piano Museum are endless.
    Haitang is located at No. 38, Fujian Road, Gulangyu Island. It was built in 1921 and was listed as a key historical building by the Xiamen Municipal Government in April 2002. The “Sea Paradise” old villa, which is now open after restoration, is a model of the combination of Chinese and Western cultures. The gatehouse is a typical Chinese traditional style, with heavy arches and cornices. The buildings on the front and rear sides are generally made of ancient Greek columns. Most of the window decorations are Western-style, but the walls and corners are Chinese carvings.
    Here, in addition to enjoying the very unique architectural style, many tourists will experience a dragon vein, which is the continuous stone road in the center of the courtyard. It is said that the dragon veins indicate that they can be lucky. All the best.
    Gulangyu has scenery everywhere, and street culture is also a very attractive highlight. The craftsmen who are everywhere can also play and sing, each with their own stunts. Wherever you go to the beautiful scenery, you can see the couple in pairs to shoot wedding dresses here. They come from the north and the south, and witness the beautiful marriage here.
    At night, we left Gulangyu by boat and after dinner at the pier, we opened another comfortable nightlife.
    Lujiang Night Tour is a trip on the sea that combines culture, entertainment and food. With the night, take a boat and enjoy the beautiful night view of Xiamen. Attractions along the way: Ferry → Lujiang Road → Gulangyu → Zheng Chenggong Statue → Yanwu Bridge → Lantau Island → International Cruise Center → Sea Pearl Tower → Huoyu Island → Haitang Bridge → Dongdu Container Terminal → Xiamen Shipyard → Baozhuyu → Xinglin Railway Bridge.
    On the cruise ship, in addition to enjoying the night view, you can also see the puppet show, the tea culture and the Bo cake culture of southern Fujian. Enjoy a cup of tea, sit on the corner of the boat, feel the cozy sea breeze, very comfortable.
     The old warehouse was whispering, and Xiamen University was drunk in the campus.
    The literary fan of Xiamen has been rooted in all aspects. The creation of the text is one of them, and it has become a very representative content. The old warehouses in the gorgeous space are full of surprises, and countless people are moved to cheer.
    The old things that each of us had discarded were brought back one by one and put together.
    This is the largest old warehouse, let people see the old time again.
    – This is the owner of the old warehouse.
    Here, the space filled with old things is full of retro atmosphere, and it falls into the time of the last century without paying attention. The old sofa, the old coffee table, and the coffin box when the mother was dowry… People just want to sit here and continue to listen to the mother’s past. The old things made us seem to have returned to the window when we were back. Only this time, we started to look inward and backward.
    I really like the layout here, it is very patchy and very layered. And every object, big or small, is full of age. Many times, I will bring myself back to the past. Here, it’s really easy to feel the time flowing, and everything goes back in the past with these items.
    Here is the time to spend time, a cup of coffee, a memory, time is still.
    Reluctant to leave the old warehouse, the thoughts still stay there, for a long time do not want to leave.
    When it comes to China’s most beautiful campus, Xiamen University is the best choice for many people. Therefore, when traveling to Xiamen, Xiamen University has become a must-have punching point for tourists.
    Recently, Xiamen University has also introduced an appointment system, which is to control the visitors to the campus, so as to meet the desire of tourists to enter the school without affecting normal teaching. (Be sure to remember in advance that after the appointment of the Xiamen WeChat public account is successful, you can enter the school with your ID card.)
    When you enter Xiamen University, you can feel the trees everywhere, the vines have climbed up the stairs, and the beauty of the ubiquitous world is unobstructed. Each of the different styles of architectural buildings is also a major feature of Xiamen University. Here you can visit the Jiannan City Hall and the winding court (“Let’s see the meteor shower” once in this selection), Yan Enlou (Jiagenlou Group Main Building), Furong Lake, Qunxianlou Group (the earliest and oldest building complex of Xiamen University), Chen Jiageng Statue (in front of Qunxian Building), Furong Tunnel (China’s most literary tunnel), etc. .
    We walked along the Furong apartment building and took the lead to the most literary Furong Tunnel. Here, the various graffiti on the wall is very shocking. Among them, you can find the graffiti that resonates with you, stop and praise it!
    Strolling through the most beautiful campus, walking freely on the tree-lined path, it seems to have returned to the student era, and remembered the kind of carefree good times.
    Stop and stop, stop at the edge of Furong Lake, watch the black swan in the lake play, and the tourists sit on the shore and rest.
    Every time is the best arrangement, and there are regrets in it. Then, time will not abandon everyone who loves life.
    On the way, on the way to discover beauty, feel the poetic Xiamen in the misty rain at this moment.

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