2015.1.6-1.11 Thailand Chiang Mai Tour

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    On the 6th, I arrived in Chiang Mai in the evening. The hotel was very stylish and there was a big lobby with bands and singers. The best part is that the hotel is connected to a huge shopping city and not lost to Bangkok.
    I went in and circled and bought a lot of fruit and food.
    The shopping city only has this thing not closed, but it is a sweet rice noodle.
    Hotel room is really big
    The supermarket bought this, I don’t know what it was. It was revealed the next day. It turned out to be fried pumpkin. They Thai people call it melon.
    The first day of the sun is shining, it is really the summer of the mainland. The activities of this day are full.
    This time riding elephants is different from Phuket and Phuket, riding on rugged mountain roads. The heart and lungs are scared, and the uncle next to me is also scared of cold sweat. My embarrassment, don’t look at the splendour of my smile. In fact, I wanted to die at the time. I won’t dare to ride next time. If you are adventurous, you can try it.
    The tamer boy is especially kind, jumping off the elephant and taking pictures of us without tipping, which reminds me of the elephant tamer in Phuket, which obstructs us from taking photos and asking for more tips (originally 60, he added 100 baht), let the elephant hit us with our nose.
    The elephant was trained to really paint.
    Aunt is rushing to play with the elephant.
    It is really eye-catching for girls who have been wearing a copper ring weighing about 1 kilogram since the age of five. It is said that because their men went out to hunt and feared that a woman was bitten, they put a metal ring on the woman’s main point, and the long-necked family was born. Ugh! It’s a pity that those girls in the flower season. . . . . .
    Then take a bamboo raft and take a trip to the unforgettable bamboo raft, follow the jungle creek, and enjoy the tranquil valley river and the panoramic view of the surrounding jungle.
    There are a number of orchid farms here, which have cultivated the world famous four season orchid varieties, giving us the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful orchids.
    Lan Garden meets a Syrian couple
    After the Chinese food, they followed the footprints of Wang Baoqiang in the Thai baht and also experienced a tuk tuk ride to the ancient city of Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai City is a famous historical and cultural city built in 1296. It is the capital of the Lanana dynasty, and most of its built cities have been preserved to this day. The city gates at the four corners, the moats around the city, and the high-rise wooden buildings in northern Thailand are all vivid. Then I visited the Great Pagoda Temple built in 1441 AD. This temple is the highest and most important temple in Northern Thailand, where large Buddhist events take place every year.
    The tuk-tuk driver is very beautiful, and the flowers are hanging from the car.
    Then visit the bronze statues of the three kings who built the ancient Lanna—-the statue of the three kings of Jiandu. The three kings have a lofty position in the hearts of the people of northern Thailand.
    When you want to go deep into the life of the local people in Chiang Mai, you have to go shopping.
    Look at the two little girls on the street and have a bowl of rice and have a good time.
    This intestine is made from glutinous rice. I like glutinous rice most.
    Looked at the drooling, a scent of garlic
    Streetside barbecues are everywhere
    The coconut green here is really sweet and the price is very cheap. I drank two in one breath.
    This kind of fruit tastes like the taste of persimmon
    The fruits are very cheap. What you see is the price of the Thai baht. One hundred yuan can be exchanged for 520 baht.
    Their dinners are bought at the market and ready to go home, and they are packed in plastic bags.
    The dishes are all organic and you will know when you look at them.
    I bought a bunch of fruit and brought it back to the hotel.
    Dinner featuring special Northern Thai specialties, the typical meal is a typical Thai court dinner. In the past, only the noble guests were invited to enjoy the Lanna traditional dance performance while enjoying the food.
    Glutinous rice is eaten casually, my favorite glutinous rice —– or Thai glutinous rice bran
    After eating, put a hole in the lamp, I hope everyone will be smooth in 2015.
    This is the address of the 2006 World Horticultural Exposition, a professional international exhibition organized by the International Horticultural Flower Industry and approved by the International Horticulturalists Association. Organized by the International Exhibition Bureau, the International Horticulturalists Association and the Thai Government. This is the first time that Thailand has hosted the World Horticultural Exposition. The expo will end on January 31, 2007. The entire “Expo Park” covers an area of ​​800,000 hectares. All vehicles are prohibited from entering the park. All visitors are required to take a uniform tour bus to prevent traffic jams. In the park, you can see more than 2.5 million mysterious plants and flowers from all over the world, gardens and gardens in many different cities, and many special exhibition gardens. The styles are different and colorful, showing people to the world. A beautiful picture of harmony with nature.
    Midway is not beautiful, it is raining heavily, it is only a few hours away from the rain.
    In the afternoon, head to Suthep Mountain and climb along 306 steps to the most famous Ssangyong Temple in Chiang Mai: a famous Buddhist summer resort named after the idol. The golden glory of the temple is full of incense, and the relics of the Buddha’s Lord are buried in the temple. It is the place where devout Buddhist believers yearn for worship. We watched the panoramic view of Chiang Mai City from the observation deck behind the temple. It was still raining heavily, and the inside was barefoot. It was cold water and it was frozen. Sorry, there are no photos in it, because I don’t follow the Buddha.
    These two sides are the double dragons
    Dinner is very authentic, Tom Yum Kung soup is super delicious. I was dining at an outdoor dining table, facing a small river with lights, listening to the sound of rain hitting the banana leaves, and the singing of a hotel resident girl, so much enjoyment.
    This is the weight of four people, you can.
    After breakfast, drive to Chiang Rai and stop at the hot spring rest stop. The geothermal resources here are very rich and they are full of heat. If it has been developed in China, it is just a temporary shed to sell crafts.
    After arriving in Chiang Rai, visit the White Temple. WHITE TEMPLE, the real English name is Wat Rong Khun, Chinese is Longkun Temple, Lingguang Temple or Bailong Temple. This stunning religious building is a modern building that was built in 1998. The famous Thai architects have exhausted their life and created the greatest work of his life. The appearance of the White Temple has made more and more people know about the small town of Chiang Rai in northern Thailand. More and more tourists are going through thousands of miles like us to see her. It was a pity that it was raining this day, and it was not very clear.
    It is said that the toilet here is a must, known as the first toilet in Thailand, and the slippers are available at the entrance. I waited in line and thought that it would be a good thing to put it in China in the 1970s, but it can’t be compared with the Chinese toilet.
    The so-called Black Temple is actually a black house museum designed and built by a local artist Thawan Duchanee. It is located in the old border area of ​​Thailand and Burma. It contains many precious antiques from his collection, as well as many specimens such as horns, skulls and pythons. The atmosphere is suppressed. People often bring it together with the White Temple. The White Temple is “Heaven” and the Black Temple is “Hell.” The Wat Sii Dam has also been translated into the Black House Museum. It is the home of the ghost artist Thawan Duchanee, whose paintings start at 10,000 yuan. The black temple uses all-wood work, all black background
    I really like the architecture and sketches here.
    The second hotel to settle in was a resort in Chiang Rai. The environment was very good and the room was a little bit worse.
    Opium Museum In 1988, the Thai Queen Mother Srinagarindra created the “Doi Tung Project” in the Golden Triangle to help farmers who used to grow poppy to replant other crops. Since then, poppy cultivation has almost disappeared in Thailand in recent years. This “Opium Museum” (Hall of Opi)Um) is the exhibition venue for the results of this project.
    Large-eyed tools, graded according to their identities
    The Golden Triangle is located in the northern part of northern Thailand, northwestern Laos, and northeastern Myanmar. It is centered on the Mekong River and its tributary to the Meisei River. It covers an area of ​​about 19.5 square kilometers. Most of it is a valley jungle with fertile land suitable for poppy cultivation. The opium produced in the Golden Triangle accounts for more than 70% of global production and was known in the past for drug opium smuggling. After the Thai government implemented the “replanting plan”, the ethnic minorities that originally planted opium were replanted into cash crops such as fruits and coffee. The ethnic minorities living here in Thailand have mostly moved from Laos, Myanmar and even China for hundreds of years. There are Yao, Yi, Miao and Aka ethnic groups.
    Waiting to go to Laos by boat
    Yuanwang Golden Triangle
    Tour guides and team leaders eat powder in Myanmar
    Burmese old grandmother
    Small town of Myanmar
    Foreigners buy things in Myanmar
    Burmese children are covered with this face, it is said that it is not long acne.
    a river across the Thai
    Guided ass Yang all the way funny
    Arrive in Laos
    Myanmar temple
    Thai-Myanmar Pass
    The guides in the city of Myanmar introduced the shopping point of the city, looking very funny, how can Chinese people now see such shopping places and shopping quality? The whole group did not go, and ended the day’s itinerary early. I rushed back to Chiang Mai in the evening and stayed at this hotel.
    Visiting the largest handicraft village in Thailand: The craftsmen here continue the unique skills handed down from generation to generation, creating a wide variety of Thai silk, wood carvings, porcelain, lacquerware, paper umbrellas, latex pillows, crafts, and exquisite workmanship. In particular, the paper umbrella process is world-renowned. 50 baht can be painted on the phone or clothes, not bleached. I let the masters draw pictures on the shoes and on the phone case. Very value. Some people painted on brand-name bags and became a limited edition bag.
    In the end, each of us booked a box of ten packs of mangoes made by the tour guide Yang, which is super delicious.
    The trip to Chiang Mai is one of my favorite trips to Thailand so many times. The impressions of scenery, humanities and folklore are the most beautiful and simple. It is really suitable for a small stay for a while to taste. I will come back to Chiang Mai again.

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