[2017, Inner Mongolia Hulunbeier] self-driving pursuit of grassland autumn

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    Inner Mongolia, where the land area is wide and the sky is high, the national folk customs are bold. Here in the northernmost part of the motherland, Hulunbeier north of the northeast is bordered by Russia. It not only has numerous natural landscapes, but also has a Russian-style exotic atmosphere in its jurisdiction.
    From the ancient town of Ewenki in Lulu, to the Russian national village in Shiwei, and then to the well-known Manchuria, every step is like crossing. The wooden cabins that appeared in the snowy forests of the movie, the Russians with yellow hair and big noses walking on the streets, and the lovely animals, can be seen here. Looking at the photos now, like rewinding, every frame is clearly reproduced.
    WeChat: 1067175546 (about the trip & Raiders & chartered car consulting know nothing, words are inexhaustible).
    (9.30 Jinzhou – Shenyang)
    The first day 10.1 Shenyang – Yakeshi
    The next day 10.2 Yakeshi – Erguna – Lulu Guya – Ergun
    The third day 10.3 Ergun – Linjiang
    The fourth day 10.4 Linjiang 屯 – Shiwei – Heishantou
    Day 5 10.5 Montenegro – Manzhouli
    Day 6 10.6 Manzhouli – Aershan
    Day 7 10.7 Aershan National Forest Park
    The eighth day 10.8 Aershan – Shenyang
    (10.9 Shenyang – Jinzhou)
    Spelled two panoramas. You all say big blockbusters, is it just that the photos are big enough to be called big movies, I don’t know if my photos are big enough.
    The cows on the side of the road, the cattle lover, told me with great enthusiasm that the milk you drink is the kind of cow. Suddenly, I didn’t know what to say. I still have some common sense. Reply to him: Yes, this cow is amazing. The highest state of sorrow is just that.
    The biggest hero along the way is the white of Yangzi. The displacement of 1.5 is a little small horse-drawn carriage. When climbing the slope, there is a sense of sight of the old man going up the mountain. If there is a small partner who is playing, It is recommended to contact Yangzi for a big car, space and horsepower. Although you can’t afford a few dollars, you really feel worth it in many places.
    The hometown of the reindeer in the quaint, Ewenki, is in the woods, just like in a fairy tale.
    Just eat the fresh mossy reindeer, don’t underestimate this guy, and it is not unambiguous to start tempering, not only with antlers, but also with kicks. So if you want to take a photo with him, you must communicate your feelings, buy a basket of moss and bribe it, or stand silently behind him, and pay attention to its movement from time to time. However, if you eat enough, you buy it and you don’t buy it any more. If you are tired and tired, drink Red Bull, oh yeah, when you are tired and tired, you will be tempted to touch it.
    I want to blend in with this piece of golden.
    These two horses are in a good mood, flirting with the bright side of the road, and do not care about the feeling of the single dog. Hey, I said you are in the mirror! Putting you on the mosaic and writing three big characters, this is good!
    The Ergun River, a river is the boundary between China and Russia, and the opposite side of the river is the fighting nation Russia.
    Riding up the hill to watch the sunset. When I mentioned horse riding, I was really a nose and a tear. I wanted to see the story and pay attention to the details.
    Have you seen the sunset without clouds? Of course you have seen it, you are not watching it now~
    Originally I was planning to stand on top, but this grasshopper was too high and too high. . . And it is active, and it will roll when you accidentally. I am afraid that I will become a circus clown when I go up. I don’t know if you played a game when you were a kid, called a circus, and stepped on the ball and jumped on the fire circle. . .
    What are you thinking about? Didn’t wash your hair for a few days? It’s going to be felt!
    “Every day, the wind blows you to try? The night before, there is no hot water, cold, bones, you wash one for me?!”
    A family watching the sunset in Montenegro.
    Basically, I rarely watch the sunrise, all of them are watching the sunset, because I can’t climb the morning when I watch the sunrise, slightly.
    The people and cars watching the sunset accounted for three whole hills, and the wind was constantly changing, and the hair style was constantly changing, and it could not stop our enthusiasm! There is a fire in my heart burning, I am not cold!
    What kind of cow is the cow that produces milk? Cow! Awesome, you are smart. The most encountered along the way is the flock of cattle and sheep, really can not help but sing the wind and grass to see cattle and sheep.
    When I came to Manchuria, the temperature was much higher. The wedding palace was on the way to Manchuria. I could see it all the time, and the back was like a deformed King Kong.
    Mammoth Park is the most conscience in the scenic spots that have been visited throughout the trip. The oversized park does not require tickets. It is only necessary to pay a parking fee of 5 yuan per car.
    The mammoth life was about 11,000 years ago. It originated in Africa. It was distributed in the northern regions of Europe, Asia, and North America during the early Pleistocene. It can adapt to the grasslands, forests, and tundra snowfields. A few species such as the real mammoth Long hair, a layer of thick fat can be separated from the cold, also known as mammoth, in the summer, grass and beans, and shrubs and bark in winter, mainly in groups. The last batch of mammoths was extinct around 1670 BC.
    Tickets for Hulun Lake are 40, and the parking fee is 5 yuan. There is nothing special inside, it is a paste, a lonely side of the lake.
    Russian tiramisu, not bought in Russia, is delicious and tastes very low.
    Aershan, the smallest city in China, is known to the people of the country because of the reputation of a national forest park.
    The characteristic Aershan Railway Station, thinking about pushing the door of the waiting room to look inside, push and pull the half-day wooden door silk is not moving, hehe. . . retreat. . .
    Dushan Lake in Aershan, the lake is in the shape of a moon bud. It is a dammed lake formed by the lava blasting river in the volcanic eruption period. The southeast is the water inlet, the southwest is the water outlet, the upper reaches is the pine leaf lake, and the lower reaches is the Hala. The Ha River has an average water depth of 2.5 meters and a depth of more than 5 meters.
    Du Fu Lake is a flowing living lake, and the scenery of the four seasons is beautiful.
    Occasional wild squirrels. Baby, you are too cute.
    There are two Tianchi in Aershan, one is called Aershan Tianchi, which is closer to the visitor center. The other is the Humping Ridge Tianchi, 40 km from the visitor center. From the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, the vertical height is about 400 meters. The average tourist goes less. But the scenery is very beautiful.
    The love we want is nothing more than this.
    There are many service areas in the Aershan National Forest Park. The Xing’an Service Area is one of the most distinctive. At the entrance to the Turtle Rock Scenic Area, there is a small train for people to take pictures. The real use of the train is to store the sundries.
    On the last day, the return journey was on the road all the time. Aershan had a light rain on this day, and the mountains were foggy, but I liked the feeling of misty haze.
    The most beautiful scenery has been on the road. This sentence is not a fake. In many cases, the scenery on the roadside will be much more beautiful than the scenic area where the money is collected.
    If it is not the wrong intersection, you will not meet this small railway station and this bright yellow train. See you all the way, goodbye all the way. Even if it is wrong, it may not be all wrong.
    It is not the old driver of the old driver and the photo of the uncle White.
     Crossing the three eastern provinces, just to meet you.
    For the chartered car, the initial wish was to be able to go to Qinghai Lake with the friends of the three or five, but unfortunately has not been able to do so. Although Inner Mongolia is not far from Liaoning, it is always the place that I want to go (where is the place I don’t want to go?), but I have been stranded in the plan, I have thought of many versions into Inner Mongolia, but I have never imagined it. Free to come here, is the first free destination.
    Insert some extra-topics here, and see your friends in the travel notes. Thank you for choosing this one in the thousands of travel notes. If you have any questions, please feel free to read the text. If you can’t find the answer to your doubts, then no matter what method you use to ask me, I will know all the words. If you don’t look at it and ask questions that I have clearly written in the text, then please forgive me for not replying to you. I have always hated the party. Copying and pasting is easy, original is not easy, please contact me for authorization. The code word is not easy, respect the author, but also hope to understand.
    I am no stranger to Hulunbeier. I have basically walked through most places. Although I have walked through, the scenery is very different from this time. Before departure, repeatedly entangled with self-driving or chartered, considering that the journey is far away, self-driving is very hard, plus the mobile phone there is basically no service, and there is no way to navigate. If you go the wrong way, it is very troublesome, and finally decide to charter. . After screening + friends introduced Hulunbeier’s chartered car master Fu Yangzi, the most grateful for this trip is our ground connection and driver guide Yang Zi, in order to catch the most beautiful autumn before departure, help us to call local localities People confirm the time; in order to take us to see the most beautiful scenery, drive around the road every day, take the most difficult to take the most risky car border; help us to book the most comfortable room in the hotel, help us to mention a lot of luggage; we see you along the way When I saw it, I asked to stop and take pictures. He was very happy and didn’t have any complaints. Before leaving, I asked us to have a authentic and authentic meal.
    The most memorable thing on the road is not the picturesque scenery, nor the fullness of the dishes, but the rare and strange roads of warmth, just like the Xiaoyang of this trip to Hulunbeier, as a guide – teasing, as a driver – – Sincerely, as a friend – refreshing. Long journey, warm and touching people… If you go to Hulunbeier’s little friends, you can search Baidu (Hulunbeier leader outdoor club), you can also add me WeChat I will recommend to everyone, you will find your Hulunbeier trip will be especially exciting.
    Everyone’s love for me has changed from the past Xuxu and Xiaoxu to the old horses and horses… There is a saying that it’s not a good traveler. That’s right, I am such a woman who loves to travel, loves photography, loves food and loves to share it. As long as you can walk outLive, go wherever you want!
    No matter from the appearance of the body or the internal character, it will not leave the impression of being a soft sister. There is a 360-degree female man with no dead ends, and sometimes even a man who is more than a man.
    However, if you are driving back here, you should be careful, especially pay attention to the cows and horses that cross the road. If you hit these animals, your troubles will be great. It’s not really a bad time to go to Inner Mongolia without being blocked by cattle and sheep!
    Inner Mongolia has vast land. However, there is usually only a car in Yangzi on the road. Only the sky and clouds are left, and there are infinitely copying and pasting grasslands on the roadside to accompany you. Occasionally, you will encounter passing cows and sheep, not a little bit of fire in the car. The music is very easy to cause visual fatigue. The entire Hulunbeier ring road has been down, and the number of kilometers has exceeded 3,000 kilometers (excluding the round-trip from Jinzhou to Shenyang). Then, when you see this travel note, you should congratulate Marco for the first successful return of the triumphant journey. When you are half-dead, you will be able to pretend that you are sitting in front of the computer with a scent. At this moment, you should applaud!
    Yang Zi said: Before going on a trip, especially to places where people are sparsely populated, you must check the car before you leave. Do not avoid any problems in the place where you don’t have a shop before the village, and pay attention to the observation during the driving process. The oil meter has a service area on the high speed. After entering Inner Mongolia, there are not many gas stations on many national highways. Before you arrive at one place to go to another place, you must fill up the oil and then go on the road.
    10.1 pm at 5 am, starting at 6:30, experienced N car accidents on the high-speed, traffic jam for more than an hour, a total of 15 hours of driving, crossing the three provinces of Heilongjiang, finally arrived at the first stop: teeth Ke Shi.
    At night, Yakeshi was surprisingly cold. At this time, I was only wearing a half-sleeve shirt and a windbreaker.
    I haven’t had any extra experience in the hotel and I went to the restaurant to find something delicious. I took a few photos in the train station not far from the hotel and said that I have been there. I went back to the room and simply ordered the takeaway: big fried skewers! I have to say that Inner Mongolia’s taste is heavier than that of the Northeast. I think that I usually eat salt and I am salty, and the oil is also big. Even the peeled egg porridge on the takeaway next morning is floating on the top. Oil flower.
    The night is deep, rest early, sleep.
     Reindeer, what about your Santa?
    When I arrived in Ergun, it was exactly noon. When I found the hotel, the door was closed and locked, thinking that it would not be closed. As a result, the companion called the boss, and the boss said that on the road, there were more than 50 kilometers to arrive, let us go to eat a meal first. This kind of boss is really the first time I saw it. This is to say that I will leave.
    The urban area of ​​Ergun is not that big, it is more like a county. A western restaurant near the hotel, ordered Leba platter + homemade blueberry sauce, red cabbage soup. The taste of Leba subverts the impression that I have always disdained or even disliked it. It is 10,000 times more delicious than the big Leba bought in Harbin earlier! With blueberry sauce, every bite is fragrant, and the milk of Leba is very rich. With the homemade sweet and sour blueberry sauce, it is a satisfying taste bud.
    The red cabbage soup is very thick, the sourness of the tomato is matched with the spicy black pepper, especially the appetizer.I can’t stop it all at once.
    There is a park and a square on the main road. There is a statue of a great man standing on the square. Who is this great man, I don’t know~~~
    Powerful domineering! There is a name on the pedestal, why didn’t I take it. . .
    Erguna International Hotel, where the luxury is not luxurious, I don’t know, the appearance is enough.
    The photos of the room were taken after the evening, and the boss called to say that he had already returned to the hotel. After checking in and putting down his luggage, he went straight to Luguya. The hotel room is very clean and tidy, the heating is open, 24 hours hot water, the boss is also a very big brother.
    From Erguna to Lulu Quaint, you must take the following road. The road above seems to be near, but it is the old Panshan Road. The road is not so good.
    Whenever I see a scene that can be photographed, I will park my car on the side of the road and take a few shots.
    The color of the green and yellow is the scenery that I really like.
    I met a group of cows and asked the owner if they could take pictures before they pressed the shutter. The herders here are very warm and kind. Here, the herdsmen told me that the milk you drink is the kind of cow. . . At the moment of pressing the shutter, the goods actually sprinkled with urine! Also squinting at me, how to drop, have not seen cattle on the toilet?
    The animals here are much more free than the people. In many places, there is no owner’s care. In the morning, they will let go to eat grass. In the evening, they will go home.
    The more you open the mountain, the wider the scenery and the more intense the color.
    Yang’s little white grandfather also appeared on the trip many times.
    Tickets for the Lulu Guaya Reindeer Tribe Scenic Area are 30 yuan per person. Parking is free and can support Alipay and WeChat payment.
    Lulu Guya is a tribe inhabited by the Ewenki people. It is located on the bank of the Lulu Guya River in the northernmost part of Genhe City, Hulunbeier City, and the western suburb of Genhe City. It is the farthest and most mysterious branch of the Ewenki. In 1965, the Ewenki hunters moved from the Sino-Russian border to the Qigan Township on the Ergun River to the Gulu Quaint, lived a settled life and began a new life.
    Although there are no Ewenki people in the scenic spot, the residences they once lived in have been preserved. After a simple repair, it is what we have seen so far. It is simple and dreamy.
    Before the 1950s, the Ewenki hunters still maintained the production and lifestyle at the end of the primitive society. They ate the meat of the beasts and wore the hides. They lived in the winter without the cold, and the summers were not sheltered from the rain. A spire-style simple house that lives on a domesticated reindeer. Today, the living conditions of the Ewenki hunters have undergone tremendous changes, but the simple folk customs have remained.
    In addition to several reindeer in the scenic area, there are other common animals such as robes, squirrels and rabbits.
    Lulu Guya is the three direct lines of the Ewenki, the Yakut, one of the small tribes, and the Ewenki is the only ethnic minority in China that raises reindeer.
    The state has established settlements for the people of Lulu Guya, but the reindeer can only live in the forest, so in addition to some villagers in the settlement, there are five reindeer stations scattered in the jungle, the farthest is 150 kilometers.
    In the past, the Lulu Guya raised the reindeer only as a means of transportation. A reindeer can carry about 35 kilograms and can walk 5 kilometers per hour. In 1964, the antler was successfully succeeded. Nowadays, reindeer has not been used for transportation, and it has become the main source of income for local people. The only reindeer in China is only about 10,000.
    If Santa’s mount is a reindeer, then Santa Claus must be an Ewenki. Every Ewenki of the reindeer is the Santa Claus of the deer he owns.
    Fortunately, with a down jacket, the coldness of the northern edge can be much colder than I thought.
    It seems that this product is always in my lens. When I change the model, I guess the camera will not get used to it.
    Worried that the yellow down jacket will blend with this piece of gold, in fact, the yellow clothes are still very color.
    The sun began to descend gradually, leaving the last touch of warm sun.
    Out of the scenic area, driving inThe scenery seen on Panshan Road is the same as that of oil painting. I finally know why so many oil paintings are mostly selected for autumn. Are we not marching in oil painting now?
    After watching the sunset here, I walked the wrong way along the navigation at the fork and entered the Panshan Trail. It was a darkening time. It was really open. I concentrated on it, and I really met a group on the dark road. Going home to the herd.
    Going back to the hotel is at 8:30 in the evening, go directly to the nearby hot pot, and which one to go to the nearest one.
    This hot pot can choose to eat a small pot or a copper pot. The hot pot or the copper pot is more interesting. If the chopsticks of a group of people are caught in a large copper pot, then eat a small pot.
    After adjusting the ingredients, the things that are ordered are also on the table. Our slogan is: disinfect before eating! When taking pictures, Lao Lu suddenly knocked his own materials on the ground, and clothes, pants and shoes were spared. . . It’s not just eating a beef and mutton from Inner Mongolia. It’s not so exciting.
    Fried bean skin, it is really the first time to eat, never eaten at home to eat hot pot, surprisingly delicious.
    We are not used for simmering oil, but for eating raw sauce~
    Preserved egg tofu is my favorite cold dish, the taste here is still so salty, the salt is not salty!
     Linjiang, we went to the border.
    Erguna to Linjiang 屯 to the route twists and turns, but the roads are flat roads are very good driving, the most beautiful section is here. It’s been unclear how many times the car has stopped on the road, how many photos have been taken, and the eyes have been in paradise.
    Wear it like a loaf that will move.
    A manor on the side of Ergun, has not yet been fully built, and the scale does not seem small.
    After each corner and corner, it is another, more open view.
    On the way to Linjiang, the autumn is bright, we will walk through the autumn colors, and soon it will arrive. Linjiang Temple is located at the foot of the autumn-colored mountains, and is more concentrated with Enhe and Weiwei. Although the village is somewhat scattered, it is also quite simple and beautiful. The city has been around for a long time, and here is the natural beauty.
    This mountain looks at the height of the mountain, the larch and the birch trees in the mountains, the white and yellow scenery, the depth and the difference are different.
    After passing through a rugged mountain road, Shiwei will enter the border village – Linjiang
    The road from Shiwei to Linjiang is such a dirt road. The road is narrow and curved and must be carefully driven.
    Put your luggage at the farmhouse and walk to the Ergun River. The riverside is not big. It should be said that it is very small. Every street is connected.
    Outside the iron gate is the Ergun River. Standing here for a long time, can you go in, and after asking a big answer from the horse to get a positive reply, you can rest assured. Otherwise, I was really afraid that I would be shot by a Russian sentinel, especially with a big camera. . . I am coming to Linjiang to play, not to come to life~~
    Look, my right foot has gone abroad~ In fact, it is not really a national border. The Sino-Russian border is bounded by the Ergun River.
    The map shows that my location is on the border line~
    The Erguna River has a total length of 970 kilometers and is based on the Hailar River, with a total length of 1,666 kilometers. Another 1,620 kilometers, of which 622 kilometers of the Hailar River. The main tributary is the Krulen River. The total drainage area is 150,000 square kilometers. The right bank of the Ergun River is a mountain forest, and it is the hometown of a generation of Tianjiao Genghis Khan. Located in the Hulunbeier area in the northeast of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, it is a Sino-Russian border river.
    The Ergun River is the source of Heilongjiang Province. It is known as the “Wangjian River” and is the transliteration of the honkirnaur of the Tungusic language (Ewenki), meaning the Ewenki River.
    The meal was already in the afternoon. At the hotel, I ordered a river fish from the Erguna River, and a steamed bread and bread made by the boss. The fish was particularly delicious and smooth, and the burrs were especially small. The fish was swept away by our two girls.
    The boss’s domestic chicken is also very strong.
    In the area bordering Inner Mongolia and Russia, there is a river called the Erguna River. The Treaty of China and Russia is signed with the Ergun River as the boundary and the Ergun River as the boundary. In the world, there is a scorpion by the river. Because the locals call the Erguna River a river, it is named “Linjiang 屯”. The scorpion is not only about 80 households, but two-thirds is Russian. The people there are simple and hospitable.
    For generations, we have been waiting for the most primitive life folklore. Let us avoid the interference of the vulgar world, and enjoy the quiet and peaceful natural light… I am here to listen to the long slang of the birch forest and the black birch forest, in the Sino-Russian world. Run by the river, run through the paradise grassland Hulunbeier and the fairytale forest Moerdao, experience Russian-style architecture, take a sunset on the evening or on the hill, or enjoy the pastoral scene by the river!
    Linjiangyu is located in the deep forest of one of China’s most important original forest areas in the Daxinganling area, which is located in the northernmost part of the motherland. It arrives from Taiwei after passing through Taiping Village. The settlers here are descendants of Chinese and Russian, and the descendants of Chinese and Russian who live here are the third and fourth generations. In addition to retaining some customs of the Chinese nation, they also followed some strong Russian customs, such as the residence of woodcuts, the main festivals of the two ethnic groups. A village with a history of more than 100 years.
    The old man is more athletic, more than I am on Marissa.
    The woodcuts are typical residences of the Russians. They are carved out of wood and hand axe. They are angular and very standardized and neat. The foundations are all stone, and the cement is to be poured, then the thicker wood is placed on the lowest layer, layer by layer, and the second layer is laminated. Usually with wooden wedges, the wood is first drilled into a hole and then reinforced with wooden wedges. The traditional method of building wood carvings is to place moss. Winter is minus 30 ° C -40 ° C, there are moss under the bottom, not air, warm in winter and cool in summer. The more respected Russians love to build a house like a corridor in front of the house. The locals call it a door fight and play a role in wind protection. After the house is built, you can brush the varnish on the outside to keep the original color of the wood. You can also paint your favorite color, usually in blue and green.
    Riding on the north hill, 30 dollars a horse, talking about my horse, I have a bitter tears. If you don’t have the height of others, you have no temper and no one. I have been communicating with it on this road. Come on, listen to the big baby, I believe that you are the best! Frame, take two steps, do you walk two walks? Come on, come on, you’ll be the best! You are a horse with a dream, you must be able to surpass the front! Lao Lu, who was walking in front, heard me smashing a man with a horse in the back, and I was laughing on the horse.
    As a horse, I grew up with a temper! It’s really awkward to be guilty of it. This horse owner did not follow when he went up the mountain. Let the owner of the horse that Lao Lu rides help to look after. Your heart is really big enough. Your family is very angry with your temper. . .
    When I went back, the goods actually said nothing, and I saw that there was a mountain and went straight to the people.The family used to find someone’s horse to chat, smashing, you are mixing in this piece every day, showing that you know who you are mixed with, do you know? In the end, it can be regarded as two steps. I still want to scare me. I don’t want to go out of my way. I want to go straight down on the hillside. I’m on the edge and I’m braking. I’m talking about this big brother, you are still young, and the whip is still growing. !
    This pair of loves to join in the fun of the excitement is really the reins can not come back. You said that if you are an individual, how much do you owe?
    It was hard to ride this hummer to the North Mountain and meet another high horse that made me uneasy.
    Two horses immediately watch the sunset, 150 two people, another mountain is not the North Mountain, it is harder to go than the North Mountain to the mountain road. In the evening, I was riding this brown horse. When I came back, the goods were actually kicking me with my ass, and I was scared to run out. . . The elder sister took a look at the horse’s buttocks, and it was a few times. After loosening the skin, I also let me go. You said this is why, the horse may not know you, I am also surnamed Ma, why is it too urgent? You are using yourself as a textbook, telling us what is owing?
    The elder sister of the horse said that the white horse is one year older than the brown horse. It is more sensible. The white horse is 9 years old and the brown horse is 8 years old. There is a lot of difference in one year. The age of 30 is equivalent to 90 years old. . After an appointment with the older sister, we went to the Ergun River and strolled around, just back to catch up with the appointment time to go up the mountain to watch the sunset.
    The topography of the upper and lower reaches of the Erguna River varies greatly. The Abagai to Heishan Head is a grassland hilly area with flat terrain, open river valleys, many lakes and swamps, scattered water, weeds and wicker.
    Since the right bank of the river, the waters of the Dalbu River and the Haul River have increased significantly. The river valley from the rude chart to the Gilalin section has become narrow, and there are more sandbanks and islands in the river, and the river has become deeper.
    Below Gillalin, the river enters the canyon, the river valley is narrower, the mountains on both sides are steep, the river bed is stable, the water flow is stable, the river water is about 200-300 meters wide, the water depth is more than 2.5 meters, it can be navigable, it is a good waterway, and the water energy resources rich.
    The area along the Ergun River is fertile, with dense forests, abundant aquatic plants, many fish species, abundant animal and plant resources, suitable for farming and animal husbandry, and is an ideal paradise for human beings.
    The good natural environment here has nurtured many ancient ethnic minorities. The ancient Mongolian tribes used to be nomadic, fishing and hunting, and proud of this beautiful home.
    Later, Genghis Khan separated his brother, Hasal, and still has his ruins in the foothills of Montenegro.
    The Ergun River is 970 kilometers long. She is a mother of a “small” compared to several other large mother rivers in the world. Her total drainage area is 150,000 square kilometers, which is equivalent to four Taiwanese.
    Along the way, more than 1,800 large and small rivers such as the Hailar River and the Root River are collected. With so many rivers, can the grassland be bad? Its water system also includes Hulun Lake, Haraha River, Wuerxun River, and Klulun River (most of which belong to Mongolia, and its downstream flows into Hulun Lake).
    You can also drive to the mountains, but you have to go around.
    When you go up the mountain to watch the sunset, you must wear more. There is wind on the mountain, and the autumn is still very cold. Especially after the sun sets, you will feel a cold chill immediately. The temperature difference between Linjiang and Lianjiang is still very large.
    In the northeast of our country, in the past, wearing a bib was such a nephew.
    I went back to the hotel in the evening. Although the heating was hot, the temperature in the room was still not going up. Only one radiator could not solve the temperature problem. The two of us were warming on a bed and watching the video on the radiator. I don’t want to get out of bed, relying on stone scissors to decide who will lose. At night, Lao Lu came to my bed with the quilt and the frozen pillows, and instantly felt that the whole bed seemed to have a vibration mode. . . Said to herIn the evening, if you dare to roll over and push me to the ground, the next day I will drive you to the place where you can’t wait for the store without the store.
    When we finally fell asleep with our body temperature, the two men of the Beijing accent next door shouted loudly in the house. In the evening, I studied the water heater in the house. The first time I was in the house. To the opposite side, can you make a small noise and no fruit. After 10 minutes, Lao Lu reminded him again that there was no result. I got out of bed and took the iron clothes and smashed the wall to the sound source. I only heard one of the men who was chatting loudly across the face and suddenly said, oh, this is what it is. I responded here, and I didn’t have any bishu in my heart. . . To be civilized. . . Didn’t you grow that green tree in your own heart? When are you going to be able to make a small noise, and let others not sleep! ! ! After the call, the whole world is instantly quiet. go to bed.
     Just a glance at the sunset of Montenegro
    After one night. . . This is not snow, it is a layer of frost.
    Linjiang to Montenegro. We chose to take the border road. It should not be the one shown on the map. Yang Zi said that this border road is the most beautiful, not a fake. The road conditions are not bad, it is quite easy to open. In the afternoon, we arrived at the hotel we booked in Montenegro.
    Passing through Shiwei in the town, the weather was gloomy, and the snow fluttered.
    Russian-style room in the hotel of Vesofia.
    Room Wei, the ancient northeastern nation of China. Also lost or lost. The Northern Wei Dynasty was first seen in the records. Originated from Donghu, it is a nomadic ethnic group with Qidan; in the south is Qidan, in the north of Weiwei. The settlement is in the middle and upper reaches of the Heilongjiang River and the Nenjiang River Basin. Hunting for the industry, more fishing, raising cattle and horses, carnivorous skin, also planted wheat, millet; summer time city, winter water plants. The heads of the ministries are “Mohe”, which is not the same. From time to time, I will send a tribute to the Northern Zhou Dynasty and the Northern Qi Dynasty. After the division is divided into Nanfangwei, Beifangwei, Dianweiwei, deep-end diverticulum Wei, and Daweiwei five, each of which is different, and the customs are slightly different.
    Shi Wei, the first to lose the Wei, when the time began to use Wei Wei, after the writing also lost Wei, lost. Originally translated into Mongolian, the meaning of the forest. Used as a family name, meaning “Linzhong people”, Fang Zhuangqi, etc. said that Shi Wei is a “sweet” of the same name or another name.
    The Shiwei people in the north are often cold because of their land. In the winter, they often enter the mountain to live in the cave. In the summer, some tribes are housed in birch. The Shiwei people have their own unique buildings – oblique columns, birch support, covered with birch skins, and heated in a fire pit.
    Get off and get into a small noodle restaurant on the side of the road. Order a lamb noodle for one night.To a real conscience, a person can eat a bowl enough to break the belly. The mutton slices are thin but not greasy, full of the fragrant mutton of the lamb, and there is no smell at all.
    From Shiwei to Heishantou, we chose to take the border road. If you want to enter the Shiwei Port for sightseeing, you need to collect 20 yuan per person. We have a tight time and we have not entered. We only rushed after taking two photos outside.
    There are many observation decks on the border road that can be parked.
    I like these rolled grass rolls, I can’t tell the reason, I just like it.
    A large group of sheep and sheep on the roadside, the animal courage of this group of sheep is really small, the more people like to enjoy a large group of gatherings, the sheep are more powerful.
    We must also keep moving forward against the cold wind.
    The Battle Hotel, the proprietress is Harbin, the hotel looks like it is newly built, the warmth measures are in place, the heating and hot water are all in perfect condition.
    When the sun shines, the light reflects the color of the surrounding scenery, which is very soft and warm. It is also a good natural light for portraits.
    Before going up the mountain, fill it up alone, and eat enough to have enough physical strength to fight the wind in the hills.
    Hand mutton, oh, with the big tooth that I used to hurt, I am very entangled in biting.
    Small bowl of miscellaneous soup, this small bowl is a few laps larger than our big bowl. I seriously doubt if the big bowl is a pot. . .
    I didn’t show how big the bowl is, it’s really not small! It is enough to reflect the reality of the Inner Mongolian brothers.
    Heishantou is an ancient city located in Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The ancient city was named after the head of Montenegro in Ergun. The ancient city is about 10 kilometers northwest of Heishantou. The ancient city is divided into inner city and outer city. The city walls are all earthen.
    There are so many people driving to the mountains to watch the sunrise, and many people even take the car to fill the three hills!
    Standing on the hill waiting for the sunset, the wind blowing hats are not stable, facing the wind, holding the camera with one hand, holding the hat with one hand, the wolf, all for the grassland sunset.
    It was the Mid-Autumn Festival that the moon behind it was big and round.
    After watching the sunset, I turned around and saw that I had already stopped the car. I couldn’t find my car where I stopped.
    The night of Montenegro is dark and cold.
    Cheers, friends.
     Exotic border town Manzhouli
    From Montenegro to Manchuria, the road is very close.
    The same woman as the wind is me
    It’s also the same as Lu’s paper
    The man who chased the cows is all me.
    It should be a dog raised by the herdsmen. This hair pad on the butt is very fashionable~~~
    The flocks that I encountered were originally eating grass leisurely not far from the roadside. Whenever someone took pictures, they walked in and walked around. From time to time, they would look back.Whether the stupid humans have caught up, it is like playing a red light green light with your child to turn off the lights.
    Lao Lu said that we have not photographed the yurts along the way. If we don’t shoot, we won’t have a chance to meet them again. It’s like missing a Mongolian yurt. Well, what you said makes sense, then stop and take a picture, just this one.
    Hongdu Hotel is on the 25th floor of Huadu Building in Manzhouli. The boss is also a very real young man. When we arrived, the boss also went out temporarily, saying that I will arrive soon and tell the service staff that our room owner personally arranged it. Don’t give us arrangements. I didn’t expect the boss to come and said, I upgraded the room to you, upgraded the standard room to the triple room, opened the door and saw it. Wow, this spaciousness, I thought the bed was lost when I finished the toilet.
    Manzhouli is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and a planned city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (quasi-level city), which is the largest land-port city in China and is the national key point determined by the State Council. Develop an open experimental area. The Manzhouli Port in China is the largest land port in China.
    Manzhouli City is located in the northwestern part of the Hulunbuir Prairie in Inner Mongolia. It is bordered by Daxinganling in the east, Hulun Lake in the south, Mongolia in the west and the Russian Federation in the north. It consists of more than 20 ethnic groups including Mongolia, Han, Hui, North Korea, Ewenki, Oroqen, and Russia.
    Manzhouli was originally called “Hollejin Prague”, and Mongolian means “exuberant spring water”. In 1901, the Russian name “Manzhouria” was created due to the construction of the Dongqing Railway. The transliteration into Chinese became “Manzhouli”.
    Manzhouli is a port city with a history of 100 years. It is a “window of East Asia” that combines the three countries of China, Russia and Mongolia.
    Manzhouli wedding palace covers an area of ​​3,000 square meters. The main body is 37.2 meters high, the top of the tower is 57.8 meters high, and the total investment is about 45 million yuan.
    The architectural style is simple, solemn and elegant in Gothic style. Inside, there is a worship hall, a reception room, a sightseeing elevator and a sightseeing building. It is a comprehensive venue that integrates functions such as sightseeing and European weddings. It is a landmark building in Manzhouli. Its construction not only balances the layout of East and West tourist attractions in Manzhouli. It also adds to the beauty of the city.
    Little brother, don’t you wear underwear, chicken is not cold.
    Before entering Manchuria, you can clearly see the wedding palace in the distance, which is the angle on the back of the wedding palace, which looks like a Transformer.
    Leaving the wedding palace and continuing southeast, you can reach Mammoth Park in Zhabeinuo District in half an hour.
    Mammoth Park is the most conscience and most conscience area I have encountered on this trip. The area is large, but I don’t want tickets. I only need to pay 5 yuan for parking.
    The Mammoth Park Scenic Area is located in the Zhabeinuoer New Area of ​​Hulunbeier City, Inner Mongolia, and 7 km north of the 301 National Road from Zhabeinuoer to Manzhouli. It is adjacent to Manzhouli, the largest land port in China, and is about 20 kilometers away from Dahu Lake, Guomen, and Matryo Square. The park covers an area of ​​1 million square meters.
    Mammoth Park is the theme of Zhabeinuoer’s “Malaying Hometown” culture. In 2013, it was awarded the National AAAA Level Scenic Spot by the National Tourism Scenic Area Quality Rating Member Association. In 2013, it won the “Big Mammoth Sculpture Group” of the Shanghai World Cup. In 2014, it was included in the “Key Park” of Inner Mongolia. It is a tourist attraction integrating sightseeing, leisure, sports and entertainment, folk culture display and environmental protection.
    The entire scenic spot highlights the geographical, national and historical and cultural characteristics of Zhabeinuo, highlighting the rich cultural heritage and colorful cultural features, and reappearing and promoting the “Zhainuoer Culture”, which is well-known both at home and abroad. The scenic spot is integrated with the new district of Zhabeinuoer. The city is in the scenery, the scenery is in the city, relying on each other, reflecting each other, the city is more dynamic, the city is more and more intense, and the living environment is harmonious and beautiful.
    When I saw the Ferris wheel turning, I really wanted to give it a delay, let it scream in the video.
    The most unfinished part of Mammoth Park, I don’t know if it is necessary to collect tickets after it is completed.
    There are scenic restaurants, 5D cinemas, and elderly fitness facilities in the sightseeing tower.
    There are 93 ancient creature sculptures in the park, 87 mammoth sculptures, 3 rhinoceros, 1 big horn deer, and 2 saber-toothed tigers. The largest mammoth king is 15.77 meters high, 15.9 meters long and 4.4 meters wide.
    The origin of the hometown of Zhabeinuoer’s mammoth: In April 1980, the Zhainuoer open-pit mine workers discovered the mammoth fossils during the stripping operation on the ancient road of Dalano Luomu, and the propaganda department of Zhabeinuoer Coal Mine and the Hulunbeier League Cultural Relic Station were energized and invited. Two comrades, Cheng Daohong and Chen Fengshan, came to investigate. The staff named the mammoth fossil as No. 1 fossil. In the early morning of May 15 of the same year, No. 2 fossils were discovered in the open pit mine. The No. 2 image excavation work began on May 18. In July 1980, the No. 2 mammoth fossil was officially unearthed, with a completeness of 70%. It is 4.75 meters tall, 9 meters long, 3.1 meters long incisors and 1.1 meters in diameter at the root of the incisors. It is the largest in ancient China. One of them arrived in the United States, Britain, Japan, the Netherlands and other countries. In the spring of 1984, the Zhainnuer Mining Bureau open-pit mine discovered the No. 3 mammoth fossil, and Zhabeinuoer was also known as the “hometown of mammoth”.
    Hulun Lake, China’s fourth largest freshwater lake. Tickets are 40 yuan per person and parking fees are 5 yuan.
    Hulun Lake, the local shepherd called it Dabanor, also known as Dahu Lake, Hulun Pool. 90% of its waters are located in Xinbaerhuyouqi, in the western part of the Hulun Buir Grassland in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is a freshwater lake with a large degree of mineralization affected by the environment.
    Hulun Lake is the largest lake in Inner Mongolia, the third largest freshwater lake in China, the largest lake in Northeast China, and the sister lake in Bell Lake.
    In order to allow visitors to enjoy the extreme scenery of Hulun in Hulun Lake, a small pavilion was built in the lake away from the shore. Tourists need to take a boat to board the pavilion and build two walking ropeways from the shore to the lake. Because the lake is dry, the pavilion is a few tens of meters away from the lake. Tourists don’t need to take a boat to walk; most of the two ropeways have been damaged, because there are only a half of the ropeway still in the water.
    In addition to direct exposure to atmospheric precipitation, the lake mainly relies on surface runoff and groundwater recharge. The main rivers injected into Hulun Lake include the Wuerxun River, the Klulun River, and the Dalano Luomu River. There are more than 10 springs in the lake, with a small amount. Groundwater recharge.
    When the amount of water in the lake increases, the water level rises and becomes a drainage lake. When it is a pool of “live water”, the salt content is reduced and it belongs to the freshwater lake. When the water volume of the lake continues to decrease, the water level is continuously decreasing, and only the water is swallowed, and even the river is connected. When it is interrupted and becomes an inland lake, when it becomes a pool of “dead water,” the salt content of the lake will increase, and it will even become a brackish lake.
    The self-purification ability of Hulun Lake is related to its special geographical position: firstly, the area of ​​the lake is large, and it communicates with many grassland rivers. Secondly, because it is located in the high latitude area, the temperature is low, which has a certain inhibitory effect on plankton in the lake. It is worth mentioning that the structure of the lake is special, revealing more than 30 springs and there is a large supply of groundwater. Therefore, Hulun Lake plays a huge role in maintaining biodiversity and abundant biological resources, and has a special position in regional environmental protection.
    It’s already late in the evening, and the night in the north is always coming so early.
    In order to find this blue church, it is really a ruin of the rut. It is the building that I found, but now both sides are built and the other buildings are connected. There is no way to Looking at the whole side from the side, in fact, these buildings are all owned by the Shiwa Hotel.
    The halo of the city is one I like.
    There is a big goose food downstairs in the hotel. Oh, that’s the feed. . . Great Russian food store, which has a wide range of goods.
    I am a box controller. I can’t move my eyes when I see a good-looking box. Many times I buy things in the box.
    I bought a big bag of purple candy, which is also my favorite Russian candy, no one.
    Manzhouli is known as the city that never sleeps in the north. All the lights in the night are lit up. Every building in the high-rise building is decorated with exterior wall lights, yellow and yellow, and it is a city full of “yellow”.
    On the US group, I just found a rotisserie and ordered a double package.
    The ice cream is made with Russian milk ice cream, which is full-bodied and full of milk.
     China’s smallest city, Aershan
    Before leaving Manchuria, I used the morning time to go to the two places of the Matryoshka Square and the National Gate Scenic Area. The two attractions are in the same direction, not far away. The ticket for the Matryoshka Square is 80 yuan per person, and the two people in the oxen are buying 150 people. Yuan, parking fee is 5 yuan.
    Manzhouli Matryoshka Square is an iconic tourist attraction in Manzhouli. The square reflects the Manchuria, China, Russia and Mongolia.The characteristics of the border area and the blending of the three countries.
    The Matryoshka Square is also known as the Matryoshka Scenic Area and covers an area of ​​870,000 square meters. It is an important part of the Sino-Russian border tourist area of ​​the national 5A-level tourist scenic spot. It is the only large-scale comprehensive project in the country with the theme of Russian traditional handicrafts – dolls. The tourist resort is a large-scale Russian-style customs park that combines the history, culture, architecture and folk customs of Manchuria and Russia. It combines eating, living, traveling, shopping, shopping and entertainment. The scenic spot is covered by the theme park and theme. Entertainment, theme hotel consists of three parts.
    There are a variety of dolls in the Matthew Experience Hall. If you are interested, you can also take a set of dolls to take home with you.
    In addition to the dolls, there are many wooden crafts.
    The Russian Folklore Experience Museum is based on Russian folk culture and is divided into ten parts: legendary stories, religious beliefs, regional scenery, royal architecture, traditional crafts, folk festivals, food culture, customs, national costumes, culture and art. The narrative space design concept combines with the modern technology display method, taking the time and space of the development of Russian historical culture as the context, incorporating the theme, simulation, scene and performance.
    Each set of dolls is set with the exquisite carving skills and profound paintings of the generations.
    The entrance to the Guomen Scenic Area is also charged. We did not go in, took a photo at the door and left, heading straight to Aershan.
    We took a road that was said to be rarely taken by the locals. We started a 20-kilometer gravel road. The national road was badly damaged by the big car. Later, I heard that if the car was driving on the road in the summer, many cars would fall into the mud. But the scenery on this road is really very good. After the gravel road, the road conditions became much better, and the cars were very few. In order to get to Aershan before dark, without monitoring, Yangzi went all the way to 140. . .
    The blue sky and white clouds floated, and the horses ran under the white clouds.
    When the scene depicted in the lyrics really appears in front of the eyes, everything seems too wonderful, sighing the vastness of the motherland and lamenting the magnificent mountains and rivers the motherland has.
    Finally, before the dark, I rushed to Aershan.
    Located in the northwestern part of Xing’an League in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Aershan City is a political, economic and cultural center of the Xing’an League forest area. The geographical coordinates are 119°28&apos–121°23&apos, latitude 46°39&apos–47°39&apos, which is one of the highest latitude cities in the country. It is adjacent to Zhalantun City and Xing’an League Zhazi Special Banner under the jurisdiction of Hulunbeier City, south to Xing’an League, right front flag, west to Mongolia, and north to Hulunbeier Xinbaerhuzuoqi and Ewenki Autonomous Banner. It is 142 kilometers long from east to west and 118 kilometers long from north to south, with a total area of ​​7408.7 square kilometers. The border between China and Mongolia is 93.434 kilometers long.
    At the end of 2012, the city had a population of 48,633, consisting of 13 ethnic groups including Mongolia, Han, Hui, Manchu, North Korea, Daur, Miao, Zhuang and Xibo. It is a multi-ethnic area with Mongolian as the main body and Han majority.
    Due to its special geographical environment, the altitude gradually rises from southwest to northeast. It is mainly affected by the warm and humid air current of the southeast ocean and the dry northwestern cold airflow. It belongs to the cold temperate continental monsoon climate and is also in the continental alpine climate zone. The microclimate is obvious. The annual temperature is low, the frost-free period is short, and the temperature difference is large.
    Built in 1937, Aershan Railway Station is a two-story Japanese-style building with a low-rise spire. The outer wall is surrounded by granite-studded stone walls, and the roof is covered with ochre cement. Now that the entire railway station is well preserved and still in use, it is a key cultural relic in Inner Mongolia.
    The Aershan Railway Station was built in 1937 and was the product of the Japanese Kwantung Army’s stationing period. It is made of brick, granite and reinforced concrete. The outer wall is a chaotic stone wall with rough granite. The roof is covered with ochre cement. It is a Dongyang-style low-lying spire. Building. On one side of it, there is a bunker with a semi-circular apex. It looks like a “grain” in the countryside. It has already blocked the guns at that time and it is estimated to be a warehouse.
    Now that the entire railway station is well preserved and still in use, it is a key cultural relic in Inner Mongolia. This may be the most beautiful of the small train stations in China. It is a bit like a small station in Switzerland. It is very sensation to watch the sunset at dusk.
    There are two rows of orange-red plastic chairs in the waiting room. Each row of eight seats is installed on the two sides of the wall. The ground is a station stove. The waiting room next door is the same as the “VIP room”. There are several sofas in the shape of a U-shaped, clean and simple, and the small exaggerated luggage room seems to be proudly arguing: the sparrow is small and the five internal organs are complete. . . There are no overpasses on the platform, and there is no use. There are only two buses a day, one from Baicheng, and one to Baicheng. There is a temporary market on the square in front of the station, selling some local souvenirs, because the train arrives at 4:59 in the morning and leaves at 5:14, so it is scattered at less than 5:30.
    In the Aershan, the holy water resort hotel, Xiaoyang looking for the boss and upgraded the room, still so big, so spacious, the new four-story small building, the restaurant is on the ground floor, the heating facilities are the floor heating, if the bathroom The water can be more rapid, and this hotel is perfect in the small town of Aershan.
    There are some visits near the hotel, hot pot, stir-fry, Mongolian food, and farmhouse food.
    I have never seen such a large part of the bloody blood, full of pots, the taste is not to say, I am very hearty.
    Ordered a small pot of salty milk tea, the big pot is directly on the warm big water bottle.
     Aershan National Forest Park
    Inner Mongolia Aershan National Forest Park is located in the southwest of Daxing’anling, Inner Mongolia. It was officially approved by the State Forestry Administration on February 22, 2000. The total area is 103,149 hectares, of which 17 hectares are plantations. The vast expanse of the Daxinganling Linhai, the vastness of the sky, the blue waves and the vast expanse of the mountains and rivers. In this green sea is a shining pearl – Aershan National Forest Park.
    The Aershan National Forest Park also has a unique Northland scenery, and its mineral resources are uniquely endowed by the world. The mineral clusters are integrated into drinking, bathing and treatment, and are called the world’s wonderful springs. It has three major elements: “sunshine, air and green”.
    The landscape in the park belongs to the volcanic lava landform on the west side of the Daxing’anling. Due to volcanic eruption of lava and water flow cutting, a series of frustoconical volcanoes with inlaid nature are formed, for example: Tianchi, horseshoe slag volcanoCone (Motianling), Lava Lake (Dalbin Lake) and Lava Basin (Xing’an Shitang) form a special landscape, the ridge is gentle, the top of the mountain is bare, the slope is relatively flat, the slope is short, and the slope is mostly It is flat and wide, and is a typical mountainous landform of Zhongshan. It is mainly composed of granite, and the underground deposits are distributed with limestone and marble.
    There are three rivers in the Aershan National Forest Park, namely the Haraha River, the Chai River, the Yimin River, and many lakes, such as Tianchi, Dufu Lake, Wusu Longzi Lake, Luming Lake, and Songye Lake. The park is located in the continental climate zone of the Mongolian Plateau. It belongs to the cold and temperate zone. It is often affected by the Siberian cold current throughout the year. The winter is cold and cold, the summer is short and cool, and the plant growth period is short, generally 100-120 days. It is a good place for natural tourism, hunting, summer and leisure.
    Before entering the forest area, there are places for forest fire prevention certificates on the roadside. Each vehicle must be processed before entering the forest area. You can get it for free with your driving license. You can’t smoke in the forest area, you can’t carry any kind of fire, and once found, you will be fined and detained for 7 days.
    Tickets for the Aershan National Forest Park are 285 yuan per person, including the shuttle car in the scenic area. Self-driving cars can be directly driven in, but the cost of the shuttle bus must be paid. Even if you drive in, you need to park your car in the service area and take their bus to various attractions.
    Originally planned to play in Aershan Forest Park for a day and a half, the tickets can be played for two days, but the previous day was a bit wasted, it became a day in the Aershan Forest Park, it is recommended to play for two days. The entire forest park is too big, and the distance between each attraction is not very close.
    Opening hours
    High season (June 1 – October 15) 7:00-17:00
    Low season (October 16th – May 31st of the following year): 8:30-15:00
    The first natural landscape to enter the forest park is Wusu Langzi Lake. Wusu Langzi Lake was originally named No. 49, with a water area of ​​135 hectares and an average water depth of 2.5 meters. It is surrounded by mountains, the water surface is like a mirror, the water is plump, and the squid is rich. Cold fish such as white fish. According to the landform and water distribution characteristics of the Wusu Langzi Lake, it may also be a crater lake formed by volcanic eruptions.
    Wusu Langzi Lake is a volcanic dammed lake. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides. The water flows quietly from the south to the far side. The area is about 1 million square meters. It is a rare wide lake in the Daxinganling forest area. Wusu Langzi Lake has beautiful water and grass, and has the reputation of “Daxinganling Xiaojiangnan”. In recent years, it has become a famous fishing hotspot. Wusu Langzi Lake is rich in squid, squid, loach and an intriguing and legendary old fish.
    Continue driving forward, the roadside is the Haraha River. “Halaha” is the meaning of “barrier”. It is also known as the “Hallehin River” and is close to the border between Inner Mongolia and Mongolia. Because the West Bank is taller than the East Bank, the West Bank is seen as a long barrier from the east bank of the river. The Haraha River is named after this landform. Haraha is also the source of the name of the Mongolian Khalkha.
    The Haraha River is the boundary river between China and Mongolia. It originates from the Songye Lake (Dalbin Lake) on the northern slope of the Motianling on the west side of the Daxinganling Mountains. It flows through the Dufu Lake and is also concentrated inThe tributaries of the Suhu River and the Gurban River, the main stream flows from east to west through the town of Irshi into Mongolia, belonging to the Erguna water system, with a drainage area of ​​7,520 square kilometers in China.
    More than 10 kilometers upstream is the dark river, flowing underground in the Shitang forest, only listening to the flowing water, but no trace of the river.
    The Haraha River runs from east to west and flows into the Mongolian Bell Lake. After returning to the Hulun Lake, it can become a “patriotic river” for the Chinese side, but it is a generation for the Mongolians of the two countries separated by the national border. Flowing a river in the Mongolian plateau. The original plant community is clustered on the banks of the Haraha River, and the meandering rivers are hidden between the mountains.
    On the bank of the Haraha River, a group of oxen are grazing, eating and eating and running home. The speed at which the cows run is also quite fast, hehe, hehe.
    After the big troops of the herd went far, I didn’t expect to have a calf in the back. When I ran and ran, I didn’t dare to stop. It seemed to be saying to the big troops in front: Waiting for me, waiting for me, you Don’t know if you lost the cow? I will bow my head and drink my mouth and look up at the day’s sales. How can you all disappear? Oh, I am waiting for you!
    Shitanglin, located in Tianchi East of Aershan, 84 kilometers away from Aershan City, is one of the wonders of Daxinganling. The geological relics of the Quaternary volcanic eruption are the largest recent extinct volcanic basalt landforms in Asia. The geological structures, soils, vegetation, and bio-regions are all in their original state and are biologically diverse, reproducing the succession of lower plants to higher plants. Process, with high scientific research and protection value.
    Shitang Forest is the geological relic of the Quaternary volcanic eruption. It is the largest extinct volcanic basalt landform in Asia. The geological structure, soil, vegetation and bio-regions are all in their original state and are diverse, reappearing from lower plants to higher plants. The whole process of succession has high scientific research and protection value. The Shitang forest is 20 kilometers long and 10 kilometers wide. It is formed by the lava flow after the volcanic eruption. Bare volcanic stones. The formation of landforms of varying sizes and unevenness, strange rock formations, and different postures. There is no accumulation of soil in the pond, but the larch grows tall and tall, and the alpine cypress grows up a few feet; the pines (crawling pines) are green and green; Jin Xingmei and Yinxingmei are long open. In the Shitang Forest, the stone forests are interdependent, and the flowers and grass blend together. When the clear stream is hidden, it is breathtaking.
    After thousands of years of weathering and water erosion, the unique natural landscape of Shitang Forest is formed. It is like a turbulent lava ocean with tumbling stones, lava caves, lava hills, jet cones, lava turtles, underground rivers and other magical landscapes. The leaves of Xing’an larch are flourishing, the alpine cypresses are everywhere, the pines are evergreen, the golden stars and the silver stars are golden, and they are silvery and white.
    I bought a tea egg at the small booth at the entrance of Du Fu Lake, and I ate it regardless of the image peeling.
    Aershan Du Fu Lake is a lake formed by lava flow blocking the valley when the volcano erupts. Dufu Lake is located 92 kilometers northeast of Aershan City, Inner Mongolia. It is 1244 meters above sea level and covers an area of ​​128 hectares. It is named after the lakeside is full of azaleas. The lake is L-shaped, the southeast is the water inlet, the southwest is the water outlet, the upper side is connected with the pine leaf lake, the lower side is the Haraha River, the average water depth is 2.5 meters, and the deepest is more than 5 meters, which is a flowing living lake.
    On May 13, 1998, a forest fire caused by lightning strikes occurred in Aershan, Daxing’anling, and the area of ​​fire exceeded 13,000 hectares. Sen police, forest workers, and officers and men of the People’s Liberation Army have made great contributions to the fight against fire. The total number of people participating in the fire was 5,480 and 327 vehicles were dispatched.
    On May 22nd, after nine days and nights of strenuous fighting, combined with the opportunity to use the raindrops over the forest area to carry out artificial precipitation, the open fire of the Aershan fire scene was all extinguished.
    After the fire, the forest was devastated and gradually recovered after several years.
    This seemingly desolate land is a forest that experienced fire. The remains of the fire have been completely preserved to warn everyone that the fire of the stars can be restored to the forest area. The consequences will be unimaginable.
    Du Fu Lake is a flowing living lake, and the scenery of the four seasons is beautiful.
    When the snow is melting and spring returns to the earth, the azaleas on the lake are blooming, the flowers and trees are green, the red and green are distinct, the lake is like a fire, the lake is wild, the gray cranes and swans are inhabited, and the group of willow fish compete for food. In summer, the lake is floating in the sky, swaying in the wind, fragrant and fragrant, like the beauty of the south of the Yangtze River, the autumn water is as clear as the mirror, the forest around the lake is full of dyed, the lake is golden, the winter is covered with silver, the lake is iced, the crystal is clear, it is a natural Skating rink.
    There are poems admiring Du Fu Lake: “The goddess’ new bath is fragrant, the golden needle is the weaving of the weaving female, the singer is sent to the spring rain, and the Du Fu lake dances.”
    When I got home to sort out the photos, I almost deleted them. I still wondered why I would shoot so many hay and roots. Later I realized that it was the squirrel I shot! There is no telephoto, you can only come back and zoom in and cut!
    Is it too small to see? Come, give you a zoom in ~~~
    The little squirrel grows up~
    Hump ​​Ridge Tianchi is one of the two largest Tianchi in the Alpine area.
    There are two Tianchi in Aershan, one is called Aershan Tianchi, which is closer to the visitor center. The other is the Humping Ridge Tianchi, 40 km from the visitor center. From the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, the vertical height is about 400 meters. The average tourist goes less. But the scenery is very beautiful.
    The Hump Ridge Tianchi is a high-lying lake formed by the volcanic eruption after the volcanic eruption. The water surface is 1284 meters above sea level. The lake is like a human left foot shape. It is about 450 meters wide from east to west, about 800 meters long from north to south, and has an area of ​​26 hectares. The lake also belongs to Malang Lake, which is about 300,000 years old. Here we can see the pumice stone, you can choose one, the stone is placed in the water is not sinking is pumice.
    Speaking of the pumice stone of Humping Ridge, there is a touching legend. According to legend, a long time ago, there was a family living under the foot of Tianchi. The old Eji and his daughter Sangri were living together. As soon as the girl arrived at the age of marriage, the old Eric was very Anxious, where is the smoke? One day, the old Eric took a camel. After feeding, he said something to him. It was a very aura of this camel. It widened his eyes and snorted. The girl knew this and tied a beloved bronze mirror between the hump and the camel. Remember, the first person who can shine on my bronze mirror is my sweetheart, and the camel bell is from near to far. It is getting weaker and disappears in the mountains.
    The camel marched devoutly, through the mountains, and through countless rivers. I didn’t know how many days I went. I was exhausted. When I came down, the camel bell didn’t ring, and it gradually became a mountain, and the bronze mirror rolled down from the hump. It fell to the middle of the mountain and turned into a pool of water.
    A few years later, the people on the waterside of the pool had more people, and the cars came and went. It was so lively. The most promising people in the crowd were the Bao Lige, the hunter who was able to ride the good shots. The young man was full of hunters. One day, when he put the otter that had just been shot into the hunting bag by the pool, the thief Van BarraAppeared in front of me, I couldn’t tell, I hurt the Baoli Pavilion, threw him into the pool, and found that there was no death. I wanted to find a stone. As a result, I couldn’t find it. I couldn’t get drowned, and the thief picked up the prey. I swayed and walked away. The pool water flows down the pool to the bottom of the mountain. I don’t know how long it took. The grass is yellow, the leaves are falling, the snow is falling, the trees are green and red, I don’t know how many years have passed. When Baoli Pavilion wakes up, Lin Haitao He told him to go to the first house in Tianchi. When Baolige stepped into the threshold, he was greeted by a white-haired old Eji. She was the same day, and she was the one who was in charge. The pool has floated for fifty years, and this unfinished marriage has been circulated by people in Tianchi.
    God is the best magician, he can sway any color.
    The love we want is nothing more than this.
    Do not care about the world, how come the world view.
    I used to like spring in the past, and the spring is full of vitality. I always feel that the trees are dry everywhere in the fall, and life is about to come to an end. But now I feel that this is the last glory of life in bloom, and to meet the new spring with a beautiful attitude.
    I didn’t like to have passers-by in my lens before, always thinking that it would destroy the beauty of the picture.
    Now, at the right time, I would like to have more passers-by or vehicles in the picture, so that the photos will look like alive.
    A picture without a soul, what is the difference between kidney and kidney.
    In the Aershan Forest Park, there are many service areas, and in each service area, you can transfer to the scenic area of ​​the car, meals, accommodation and so on.
    Among them, Xing’an Service Area is the most characteristic of all service areas. There is a green leather train at the entrance for tourists to take pictures. The Xing’an service area is at the doorstep of the Turtle Rock attraction.
    I climbed the mountain and walked back to the city of Aershan. I admire myself at the moment.
    Yogurt with fried rice, yogurt tastes very rich and mellow, moderate sweet and sour, fried rice is very fragrant, it is strange and hard.
    A pound of roast lamb chops, the lamb here is thinner than ours, and the meat is not so greasy. This is the difference between strolling sheep and eating feed and raising sheep. . .
    The cabbage is fried with mushrooms. The mushrooms are the unique yellow mushrooms in the area and are very fresh.
     Rainy, foggy and windy way home
    The rugged mountain road not only meets the drizzle, but also has a thick layer of fog in the mountains. There are train crossings on the road and the train crossing in the mountains.
    Suddenly parked the car on the side of the road, endured the cold, and pressed a few sheets.
    When I was taking this photo in the middle of the railway, the uncle in the room came out to me. I don’t have to think that I have to stay here and can’t stay here. I rushed to take it, and immediately rushed back into the car. Leave people.
    White Wolf Town, there is also a deer village in the town, this is not a natural enemy to meet each other.
    The scenery of the observation deck is open on sunny days and sunny days, and there are rainy days on rainy days. What I met was excellent.
    If I have not passed a junction, I will not encounter this small railway station. So sometimes you don’t have to specifically entangle it. It’s right or wrong. All roads lead to Rome. If you don’t, you won’t predict what you will encounter.
    Inner Mongolia not only has summer green grasslands, but also autumn golden eyes. I think that autumn is the most full of color, the most beautiful season.
    In spring, the new grass sprouts and the snow melts. The summer is green and refreshing. The autumn leaves are colorful and the winter is covered with snow. Inner Mongolia, a vast and magnificent country, will welcome you in different seasons.
    Life is precious, I am willing to choose contentment and timely fun.
    The world is big, take a good look.

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