84 hours to play Guilin landscape, refusing to play with the big stream is youth

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     About youth
    Youth, what is it?
    Vibrato? quick worker? Driving? Learn how to bark together?
    Maybe everyone has their own label for youth, and my youth is ultimately a sentence: a yearning for freedom, a passion for life!
    As a post-95s year of college graduation, I have a free heart since I was a child.
    After graduating from junior high school, a person who bought a ticket with a hukou book went to Lushan, thus knowing the true beauty of the human world, but also the poison of travel, and it was out of control. From junior high school to college graduation year, I played 187 cities around the world. I like to ride and travel in various ways. I used to take a fifty-hour train from Chongqing to see Harbin in order to see the snow. I have been to Vietnam, in order to see the mountains all the way to the land of Nepal ~
    After graduating from college, I watched a piece of paper that I had exchanged for my life for more than ten years, gave up the opportunity of bank internship, and chose a road that was not accepted by people around me: the interval year!
    I changed the WeChat name to “Lamb on the road”. From July 2017 to 2018, I have been traveling on the road. It has already exceeded the 12 months of the interval, but I still appear on the land of Guilin. This beautiful landscape is the best response to youth. It is my style to travel when I leave.
    Youth is not going to go, I am still moving forward
    This is me, a 95 years of restlessness.
     About Guilin
    In fact, this time is not a good season for Guilin travel. The Lancang River has less water flow and the exposed riverbed area is large. The background picture of RMB 20 yuan cannot be reflected on the river heart sandbank. The Jiu Ma painting mountain river channel has only the middle three or five meters wide channel. The sightseeing boat can only be seen from afar; the rainy weather makes the journey more variable. Most of the time, there are no blue sky and white clouds visible in the rain. These are the reasons why people do not recommend traveling to Guilin this month!
    However, as a young boy after the 90s, the most dislike is to follow the rules. Tourism only depends on the mood rather than the so-called season. As long as there is a smart heart, the rain has different beauty.
    Guilin landscape is the best in the world!
    Presumably, this sentence has long been heard by the ears, from the language textbooks in primary schools to the recommendations of travel enthusiasts around, I have heard the word “Guilin” many times, but in fact there should be a sentence behind: “Yangshuo landscape Jia Guilin”! The essence of Guilin’s landscape is in Yangxian County.
    This photo was taken under the Jiu Ma Painting Mountain in Xingping, Yangshuo. When I was out of Xingping, it was still raining. It was still a little sunny day. I took a picture and I was full of my eyes. . Luck is also part of the journey~
    The big environment is sluggish, the work pressure is high, and the holiday time is short. I want to come and go. The journey from the student era has no time to become a money. There is no time for many people. Many people want to go out to travel but they are often used by time. Restrictions, how long does it take to travel to Yangshuo?
    In my opinion, if you just want to see the scenery of Guilin, you can feel the ancient love of Bagui, 84 hours.
    This time, the Lamb travel of Guilin has a purpose to make up for the regret of traveling to Guilin four years ago.
    The last time I came to Guilin for a long time, but no one was accompanying me, and no one shared the beautiful scenery. The lonely one’s travel was always worse. At that time, there was no Guilin ancient love, and I didn’t see the impression of Liu Sanjie. I didn’t know much about the history and humanities of the land of Bagui. So this time, with a lover, come to a trip with both landscape and humanity.
    Yangshuo is the essence of Guilin’s landscape. There are so many tourist attractions. Fortunately, the attractions are concentrated. Therefore, renting a battery car along the Shili Gallery is the simplest and direct way to play. There are many shops renting battery cars on the street in Yangshuo. The rent is 50 yuan per day and the deposit is 600 yuan. If you don’t want to go out and find a store, it is not convenient to give so much deposit, then you can choose to let the hotel you stay in as a guarantee, the front desk to contact the cooperative car rental, there will be the car to the hotel door, the car is also in the hotel , do not need a deposit, do not have to go out to find a car, a more humane service ~
    In addition to water, Yangshuo and Mountain View are famous in the world. For example, the Moon Hill at the end of the Shili Gallery is more shocking than the Elephant Trunk Hill. The top of the mountain suddenly pops up a large cave with a shape of one and a half moons. There is no stone in the middle, and the lightness of the sky is artificially polished. People have to sigh the wonders of nature~
    It is known as “one of the most popular scenic spots for foreigners” and is also the most concentrated neighborhood for foreign tourists. Known for its prosperousness that is completely out of line with the regional level, the street is on the water and the mountains are on the street.
    Here is one of the representatives of Yangshuo – West Street!
    The [Guilin Eternal Scenery Area], which opened in July 2018, has become a new tourist landmark in Guilin since its opening. In just two months, it has been on the Internet for countless videos about the ancient times. The cool stage effects, the perfect cabaret performance, the grand garden landscape, and the intuitive historical display all make me yearn for my heart. Therefore, half of the expectations of this trip to Guilin are placed in the ages. Facts have proved that this time the choice is not wrong, full of harvest, the following details for everyone to share
    D1, Xi’an – Guilin – Guilin Rice Noodles – Guilin Ages – Xie Dajie Beer Fish – West Street – Old Street District – Mango Meishu Hotel
    D2, Guilin rice noodles – Shili Gallery – Yulonghe first drift – Gongnong Bridge – Moon Hill – Qinglong Bridge – Huazhu Hot Spring Villa Hotel – West Street
    D3, aerial photography west street – to Xingping – Liuzhou lion powder – old local international youth travel – Xingping ancient town – Xingping wharf – Hexin Shazhou – roadside snacks
    D4, Laozhai Mountain – 20 Yuan RMB Background – Jiu Ma Painting Mountain – Lijiang River Grilled Fish – Aerial Shooting Xingping Ancient Town – Beer Fish – Xingping Bus Terminal – Guilin Liangjiang Airport – Xi’an
     Trip cost
    Big traffic:
    Xi’an – Guilin 700 yuan x 2
    Guilin – Xi’an 550 yuan x 2
    Small traffic:
    Home – Xi’an Airport: 25 yuan x 2
    Guilin Airport – Yangshuo: 50 yuan x 2
    Yangshuo – Xingping Ancient Town: 10 yuan x 2
    Xingping Ancient Town – Guilin: 50 yuan x 2
    Xi’an Airport – Home: 25×2
    Yangshuo taxi: about 60 yuan
    Mango Meishu Hotel: 500 yuan
    Flower Building Luxury · Yangshuo Xingshe Hot Spring Holiday Villa: 648 yuan
    Old Place International Youth Hostel: 120 yuan
    Xie Dajie Beer Fish: 124 yuan
    Guilin rice noodles: 18 yuan x 2
    Beer fish: 98 yuan
    Other about 300 yuan
    Guilin Qiangu Scene Area VIP Package: 270 yuan X2
    Others: I brought some sweet-scented osmanthus cakes and sugar to my family, I bought some chili sauce myself, and I bought a special product for 100 yuan.
    Total: about 5400 yuan per capita 2700 yuan
     Preparation before the trip
    Shooting equipment: Electronic products are more and more good, and if you have money, you will have less money. Haha! However, personal recommendation is to carry a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens. The wide-angle shot of the Lijiang River is very easy to use, and the telephoto is the stage when watching the performances of Guilin’s ancient love show. The equipment carried this time is the Nikon D750 and the Dajiang Royal Pro. There is no limit to flying along the Lijiang River, but it is easy to fly due to signal reasons. Everyone still pays attention to safety. The mobile phone is Huawei’s Mate 9 and iPhone 8p. Now the picture quality of the mobile phone is also very good. One third of my photos are taken by mobile phone. Huawei can use RAW format for shooting landscapes, and the iPhone is more beautiful.
    Sun protection products: Guilin’s autumn and winter is relatively cool, so this can be taken with or without the capacity of the personal luggage.
    Toiletries: The quality of the toiletries provided by the hotel in Guilin is not bad, but I am used to using my own things, so I also brought some commonly used items.
    Rain gear: I feel that there is a lot of rain in Guilin. Everyone must bring an umbrella or raincoat to meet the needs of the time.
    Thick clothes: The temperature difference between morning and evening is large. In the morning and evening and afternoon, it is the room temperature of two seasons. If you don’t have thick clothes, it is easy to get a cold. This should be noted, don’t affect the mood of the trip because of a cold.
    Documents: The first thing that goes out every time is to check the documents. After all, if you don’t have an ID card, it’s hard to move. In addition, there are many scenic spots in Yangshuo, and the student card can save a lot of gold coins.
    Standing medicine: I have a habit of taking a few stomach and cold medicines regardless of where I go, because these two conditions are easy to appear when the soil is not acceptable. It’s best to be prepared~
    Flight time: Be sure to control the flight time, not just the navigation time on the map, but also calculate the traffic jam.
     Guilin cuisine
    Guilin is also considered a food sanctuary. Because of the influence of tourism, there are many local foreign merchants, so you can eat food from all over the country in Yangshuo. Among them, the local taste of Guilin is of course a project that must be punched. Then, is it the first time that people think of beer fish?
    As the signature dish of Guilin tourism, although the beer fish is already a street full of shops, we still have to talk about this dish. [Beer fish] is characterized by its delicious meat, so the choice of raw materials is very strict. It is necessary to use the squid that grows in Yangshuo and Lijiang, and then use it to make it into a five-paste and then use it.[漓 Beer] is cooked and served with ingredients. The personal feeling is that the best is the skin of the fish. The skin of the sauce is full of all the taste buds.
    [Bamboo Chicken] As the name suggests, it is a dish about chicken cooked with bamboo.
    The bamboo chicken of Yangshuo is made into chicken pieces, which are mixed with Cordyceps flowers, delicious mushrooms, jujube and other ingredients into the blue bamboo. The bottom is heated with flame. After cooking, it is really delicious.
    [Ding pot rice] This dish may be seen in many places, but some places are called iron pot rice?
    Yangshuo’s ding pot rice is a dish cooked with local smoked bacon and vegetable granules. The weight is really super big, and two people can’t eat a pot of rice. The ingredients inside are very rich, and the individual separation of the rice grains does not stick together. Every bite can make people’s lips and teeth scent. It is a dish I recommend, or it can be called “rice”. If you have this suggestion, you must choose it and try it. You won’t regret it.
    [Osmanthus crisp] This is also the famous snacks of Yangshuo, especially their production methods, each operation will cause tourists to watch. Because they used a wooden stake to continually hit the sweet-scented osmanthus in the pot, and in the process, the two staff members will carry the expenditures on the left and the right ends, and the music will not sway as the music swings around~
    a kind of street food
     Guilin Traffic
    The opening of the high-speed rail has made Guilin travel more convenient. There are dozens of high-speed trains every day, allowing passengers to freely reach the scenic spots of Xingping Ancient Town in Guilin and Yangshuo.
    In addition, although Guilin Airport has a small area, there are many cities that are open to navigation, and there are many flights and perfect construction. The air transportation capacity cannot be ignored.
    Guilin Bus Terminal has a tourist bus that is sent to all parts of the country. It is really described in all directions, and there are many direct train routes between the scenic spot and the scenic spot, so that free travellers can also have the convenience of traveling with the group.
     On the first day, start the trip
    07:10 – 09:15
    Xi’an Xianyang Airport – Liangjiang International Airport
    Flight time: 2 hours 05 minutes
    Capital Airlines JD5123
    As a city with five lines, it would be nice to have a train station. However, Guilin is an exception. A town has built a high-speed rail station. The airport is small but it is open to dozens of cities at home and abroad. It has become a famous international airport. The number of inbound and outbound flights per day is even higher than that of other cities. More big airports.
    The shipping of Guilin Airport is very busy, especially in the peak season. Domestic and foreign tourists are pouring into tens of thousands of people every day, which is easy to delay. Everyone needs to be mentally prepared.
    The bus transportation at the airport is very convenient. After the flight, you can buy long-distance buses to Liuzhou, Yangshuo, Zhangpu and other places in the arrival hall. The number of trips to Guilin is rolling. Like tourists, come to Guilin to play directly to kill Yangshuo, so you can buy tickets here, 50 yuan a, the journey is about 90 minutes, arrived at the Yangshuo bus station, get off the train and walk for ten minutes to enter the net red The originator of the street – West Street
    The airport facilities are very complete. dropBehind the ground is a row of food and beverage outlets. The most surprising thing is that there are beauty salons open at the airport’s domestic arrival port. After so many years, the plane is indeed the first time to meet. It is also a kind of intimate configuration. The tourists of the boat and the Lawton can dress up beautifully after landing, and then they can go directly to the beautiful scenery of the scenic spot.
     The third hour in Guilin: Come to a bowl of Guilin rice noodles
    When you arrive at Yangshuo’s first meal, do you want to eat Guilin rice noodles? Don’t think it’s not enough because of the word rice noodles. In Guilin, there is nothing that a bowl of rice noodles can’t make you happy. If there is, then you can eat two bowls – Nicholas Zhao 4
    As a traditional snack with a long history in Guilin, it can be traced to the era of Qin Shihuang’s army levying Nanyue. Known for its refreshing taste, exquisite soup, and excellent rice noodles, I wanted to eat a bowl of Guilin rice noodles when I was in Xi’an, and I couldn’t find an authentic taste. When you come to Yangshuo, you must eat a few more.
    [Drawing Mountain Road] This rice noodle shop on the left side of the mouth is the closest one to the airport bus. And the female ticket two people ordered a big one and a small two rice noodles. Looks like local people like to eat dry powder? Anyway, we have to pour soup to eat.
    Each bowl of Guilin rice noodles has a row of pork slices on the surface, and then add a little sauerkraut and pepper, and eat delicious.
     5th hour in Guilin: Arrival at Mango Meishu Hotel
    A satisfactory stay for one night is a guarantee of the mood of the day.
    This time, [Guilin Mango Meishu Hotel] is located on Longyue Road, Yangshuo County, just on the way to Guilin’s ancient scenery area, which is convenient for my trip. The hotel’s dark green American pastoral look is presented to the guests, making the first impression of the passengers very comfortable.
    From the airport bus down the road to walk more than a kilometer away, like our lazy passengers take a taxi directly, almost nine dollars to arrive, very convenient.
    The hotel is an independent small building. The restaurant on the first floor is completely open, so the area is very large. It is served here in the morning. The dining environment makes people feel very relaxed. The good lighting effect of the glass exterior makes the whole morning. The restaurant is bright and transparent, giving a good mood early in the morning.
    Mango Meishu Hotel not only has American modernity, but also has vintage storage. Every item in the store has its proper place, and it collects many old things of the age, which makes people think it is to the museum.
    This time I stayed in a duplex room with a loft. The upstairs and downstairs areas were large together and the room was well lit. I liked this place at first sight.
    The details are the biggest feature of the hotel.
    There are no smells and stains in the bathroom, and the floor drain is very strong, and there is not a little water. Hot water comes very quickly, and it takes 15 seconds to take a bath and enjoy it very comfortably~
     The 6th hour in Guilin: Guilin Ages
    Before I went to Guilin, I only looked at the scenery of the mountains and rivers, but it was difficult for the tourists who did not understand the local culture to understand the customs and customs of Guilin. Now, the “Guilin Eternal Love” of Songcheng Tourism Group has been debuted, giving visitors to Guilin to Yangshuo. A new place to punch in.
    In order not to disturb the travel experience of other passengers, I did the aerial photography the next morning. From another perspective, I can see that the park area is very large, except for the red theater area, and the indoor park below the four-faced statue. The parking lot and the water area are very large, giving visitors a lot of space.
    The Zhuang goddess of the four faces, as the truth says, I have checked a lot of browsers and have not found her identity. I can only ask the scenic spot when I come back next time. The goddess is a charity, in stark contrast to the fierceness of the statues on the two pillars. The eyes of the four sides look down slightly, seemingly watching the visitors.
    There are two performances every day, 15:30 and 20:00. I am watching this game at 15:30. I have already been shocked by the beginning of the performance: the stage effect is not too good, and it is connected to the historical story of Guilin in the narrative way, with a beautiful stage effect, simple Direct flight for visitors to explain the history of Guilin, a word: praise!
    The voice of the narration is very good, the tone is also very accurate, give him a chicken leg~
    Everyone who saw this picture guessed it?
    he justIt is the most famous fisherman in Lijiang River, which was photographed by countless photographers [漓江灯火]
    The scenery of Bagui land is very high, and the requirements for the stage effect are very high. Whether it can reflect the beauty of the scenery is the key to the beauty of the humanities. Therefore, I really admire the stage effect of the ancient times. Whether I have seen Lijiang or this time in Guilin, I have never let me down.
    In particular, the Lijiang River is the most attractive to me. A wooden boat is drawn across the water. The handsome man and the girl are on the boat. The back is the moon, and the front is the green hill, beautiful!
    Moreover, this picture is not all special effects. The biggest advantage of the series is the pursuit of reality. For example, the water and wooden boats on the stage are real items, giving the audience the best experience.
    Qin Zheng Nan Yue, Ling Qu three years nowhere. The soldiers of the Daqin Empire miss their hometown, want to eat the noodles of Xianyang, and a row of noodles down the stage, so that the audience can feel the feelings of their hometown.
    The performance of the stunt actor is to make the applause not stop. Where can I see all kinds of difficult movements? The true value of this ticket
    [Guilin’s ancient feelings] The cool and cool stage effect is the place I like most. Every scene is a visual feast~
    The perfect combination of lighting, sound and stage, and the movements and expressions of the actors in place, this is also my favorite place. Although the actors may have performed this program many times, they are not slack, every action and expression are stuck. Very accurate, dedicated
    As a rain god physique, it has been a rainy weather for a few days in Guilin, which is really depressed. Fortunately, the indoor project of [Guilin Qianguqing] is also very rich, and the harvest on the first day is very big~
    [Qingming Shanghe Map] Dynamic version, the long banner screen played the whole river map, or dynamic effect.
    Who said that Guilin’s love for the ages can only watch the show? In the scenic area, eating, drinking, shopping, shopping, everything, very convenient ~
    Especially the haunted house is very exciting, but you can’t try it easily!
    There are many local specialties in Guilin Street. Some children in the city are not expected to have seen it. It is also a card check here. For example, the windmill in Figure 4, I have not seen it for many years.
    There is also an indoor amusement park in the park. It is convenient for parents with children to have a place to rest. After all, give children a place, they can have fun.
    And my big boy, of course, prefers the art bookstore. The best thing is that the bookstore staff is also wearing very distinctive clothes. The atmosphere is good~
    There are many food courts, Caishen Temple, Wishing Bridge, amusement park and many other places in the scenic area. You can play all day.
    Water park, as well as show performances, very shocking
     The 10th hour in Guilin: Xie Dajie Beer Fish
    Take a taxi to the beer fish shop on the anti-war road
    Everyone knows which places to visit, but the tourists come to Guilin. How do you know if you have ever seen them? Presumably, when you look at the Raiders online, you will scan for a gourmet name “Beer Fish”.
    Luo Han Guo Hua Tea, really very fragrant
    As the gourmet signboard and net red head of Guilin, beer fish is indeed the best food business card in Guilin. Strolling through the streets of Yangshuo, you will find a beer fish shop on every street. What Xie Dajie, Liu Sister, and Master Zhang Li, all the shops said that they are Yangshuo Authentic and Guilin No. 1, making Tourists are also very awkward~
    This dish may be seen in many places, but some places are called iron pot rice?
    Yangshuo’s ding pot rice is a dish cooked with local smoked bacon and vegetable granules. The weight is really super big, and two people can’t eat a pot of rice. The ingredients inside are very rich, and the individual separation of the rice grains does not stick together. Every bite can make people’s lips and teeth scent. It is a dish I recommend, or it can be called “rice”. If you have this suggestion, you must choose it and try it. You won’t regret it.
    The radish strips soaked in apple vinegar, I actually ate tears: it was so delicious.
    Many people come to Guilin to stay in Yangshuo for a long time. After all, the essence of Guilin’s landscape is in Yangshuo. However, many people did not eat too much food when they were playing in Yangshuo. [Bamboo Chicken] is one of the neglected delicious ones.
    Bamboo chicken, as its name suggests, is a dish about chicken cooked with bamboo. When we arrived, there was no fish in the store, so I ordered a bamboo chicken to taste it. I didn’t expect this to be a horror. I didn’t expect that the chicken without the seasoning would be so delicious. Some people may say that bamboo chicken is not a dish in Yunnan? In fact, the bamboo chicken here is very different from Yunnan.
    The bamboo chicken of Yangshuo is made into chicken pieces, which are mixed with Cordyceps flowers, delicious mushrooms, jujube and other ingredients into the blue bamboo. The bottom is heated with flame. After cooking, it is really delicious.
     The 12th hour in Guilin: Wanghong West Street
    This bustling and fascinating commercial district has a long history of more than 1,400 years. It also has a name called Foreigner Street! Because the foreign tourists here are all over the street, it is one of the favorite tourist attractions of foreign friends.
    The bustle of Yangshuo can be seen from the corner of the street. The night is already deep, but the tourists are still coming from a constant stream. The square at the entrance of the ancient street is full of tourists, so a lively scene~
    Yangshuo West Street, all paved by slate, the most striking is a row of beer fish shop in the street, a variety of Liu Master, Master Zhang, Master Li put the store here, the taste is actually roughly the same.
    What is the density of foreigners in West Street? The number of foreigners who come here every year is three times that of the resident population. Is it horrible? Moreover, West Street is the most popular area for foreign language penetration in China. You will find that a mother who sells mineral water on the roadside can copy a fluent English and talk to the guests.
    Like Lijiang, West Street is a sacred place for literary youth, now a representative of commercialization. But the most popular thing about West Street is that it retains the original feeling behind commercialization. For example, street singers, backpackers selling souvenirs, and craftsmen can all operate on the streets without being driven away.
    The most lively snack in Gujie is like a sly in the process of making, and it’s swaying with the rhythm of music.
    Beautiful night in West Street
    There is a Starbucks in the middle of the street. It turned out to be an ancient stage, so everyone can look down at the West Street night view from the stage. It is also a good viewing platform.
    The bar street in West Street is also very famous. Most of the buildings and decoration styles are Chinese and Western and have foreign language services, so many foreigners come to play at night.
     14th hour in Guilin: Cat’s Sky City
    How many cats have been punched out?
    Suzhou, Shanghai, Qingdao, Wuhan, Fuzhou, Xi’an, Chengdu, Lijiang, Yangshuo, looking forward to the day when all the cats are empty, the city of the sky like cats, from their home philosophy: a bookstore, warm a city
    The location of the shop is on the left side of the stone bridge next to the entrance to the West Street. The area is small, but the decoration is good and people like it.
    The size of the store is small, but the decoration is very good, this is also the style of the cat’s sky city: small and exquisite!
    Tourists who write postcards, here write a letter to the future, to commemorate the trip to Yangshuo
     D2, the 22nd hour in Guilin: hotel network red breakfast
    The floating breakfast of INS can be eaten in this store. If you are interested, you can contact the store to arrange it and go to the swimming pool of another store. Glass ship+ Floating breakfast = big circle of friends!
    Very exquisite package, the most favorite of which is the rice, the taste is first class~
    The breakfast room environment is still very good, it is good to have a look after eating.
     The 26th hour in Guilin: the hotel eats chicken
    Yes, you didn’t get it wrong. After breakfast, we went back to the room and played for hours, until the end of the check-out. Hahaha~
    A little leisurely on the way to travel. Moreover, I found the scenery in the game very good.
     The 27th hour in Guilin: Riding Shili Gallery
    “Get on the bus, get off the pee
    I went to the scenic spot to take a photo, and I didn’t know when I got home.”
    This sentence is a summary of the status quo of netizens on domestic tour groups. I wonder if you have traveled with the tour group? Anyway, I don’t like the full schedule of the arranged trips. I feel that we generally don’t like to be arranged after the 90s? Haha
    As the essence of Guilin’s landscape, Yangshuo is really a tourist attraction. It takes time to see it all. But fortunately, the attractions are concentrated, so renting a battery car along the Shili Gallery is the easiest and straightforward way to play.
    There are many shops renting battery cars on the streets of Yangshuo. The rent is 50 yuan per day and the deposit is 600 yuan. If you don’t want to go out and find a store, it is not convenient to give so much deposit, then you can choose to let the hotel you stay in as a guarantee, the front desk to contact the cooperative car rental, there will be the car to the hotel door, the car is also in the hotel No need for a deposit, no need to go out to find a car, a more humane service
    However, there is a problem that the battery car here likes to add that kind of umbrella column. When you ride, you must pay attention to safety. Once the car is easily hit by the column, it is dangerous.
    Riding a battery car along [Longyue Road], the first one is the [Guilin Qianguqing] scenic spot that I played yesterday. So if the time is early, you can play the ancient times and then ride the Shili Gallery. Within a day, This line is finished
    The second attraction is the [climbing base]. The Guilin Mountains are numerous and straight and steep. Many of the peaks are the holy places in the eyes of climbers. At present, some rock climbing bases have been officially developed, and the construction is perfect, so there is no need to worry about safety. However, if you go privately to the undeveloped mountain rock climbing, it is very easy to accident, and all consequences need to be conceited.
     Yulong River first drift
    Lijiang River, as a must-have for Guilin tourism, basically has beautiful scenery everywhere, so everyone can go to the riverside on any road. However, if you go directly to Yangshuo, then the first section of the bamboo rafting in the Yangshuo section of Guilin is located at the entrance of the Shili Gallery. It is the first place in the Yangshuo River section and the Shili Gallery. It drifts down here. [Work and Agriculture Bridge], just watch the scenery along the river in Shili Gallery~
    This 30-acre terminal has excellent facilities, such as ecological parking lots, tourist corridors, and 5-star public toilets.
    There will be a lot of local aunts at the parking lot outside the pier to sell the drifting ticket. The price is 400 yuan, a bamboo pole, with a battery car or bicycle, and the bamboo pole is sent to the end of the Gongnong Bridge. . If you are a tourist on public transport, there are 370 scorpions, and each bamboo raft is limited to two people. In fact, the price is the same as that of the ticket office in the scenic spot. It is just that the role of this group of aunts is to make the visitors who are not willing to sit on the bamboo poles feel the heart and create income for the scenic spot. Basically, they are very polite, and everyone doesn’t have to be too disgusted~
    The rice is ripe, a bumper scene
    Aerial photography ten miles gallery view
     Workers and farms bridge
    [Worker and Agriculture Bridge], which is the end point of the drifting of the Shili Gallery. Visitors gather here, and there are many people. It is close to the dam, the place with the widest water surface and the deepest water depth. The peaks on both sides of the river can be reflected on the water surface, and the bamboo rafts are constantly coming down, which is the best place for viewing.
    The bamboo raft in the Yangtze River looks very artistic. You must know that the bamboo raft in Xingping is already an electric boat, haha~
    Minjiang River, one with water
    This beauty is worth a visit~
    漓江筏, picturesque scenery
     Moon mountain
    In my opinion, the scenery of the Moon Hill is not lost to the Elephant Trunk Hill, and it is even more magical. However, because of the traffic and geographical location, the tourists are particularly rare, and the tour group is not willing to bring people. It is really a failure. A world of paradise, a beauty that can be seen by niche travel enthusiasts
    This place is the Moon Mountain at the end of the Yangshuo Shili Gallery. It is about ten kilometers away from Yangshuo City. The motorcycle rides along the road of Shili Gallery and walks past the Gongnong Bridge. The road will take more than two kilometers, and after passing through the big banyan tree scenic spot and Jinshuiyan, you will be able to reach the ticket office of the Moon Mountain Scenic Area. To be honest, this is the most simple ticket office I have ever seen, haha.
    Although the ticket for Moon Hill is only ten yuan, I don’t recommend buying it. Because you can’t see any scenery after going up the mountain, the best way to watch Moon Mountain is in the distance. Its mountain is only over 380 meters high, and the Moon Hill Villa next to it can be seen in front of the entire mountain.
    The Moon Mountain Scenic Area has built hiking trails. Visitors can follow the hiking trails directly to the Da Yue Cave we saw. Although the altitude of the mountain is not very high, this trail needs to climb more than 800 steps, which is a test of the physical strength of the tourists. With endurance. Maybe this is one of the reasons why no tour group brought people here. At least so many tour groups along the way did not see here.
    The moon cave of the Moon Mountain is very large. On this mountain, there is a big hole with a length, width and height of more than 50 meters. Standing here to photograph the village below is also a beautiful attraction. Guilin Although there are many mountains and mountains, most of them are plains. In this season, the fields are filled with rice, and you can see the beauty of the green oil.
    Another aerial photo of the Shili Gallery
    The residents living here are also very happy~
    I can see so many beautiful scenery every day, envy~
    Beautiful scenery, outstanding people
    [漓水古越], a small attraction in the Yangli Shili Gallery. If you ride the Shili Gallery, you will pass by here. The location is about a little bit in the city, about four kilometers.
    This scenic spot is defined as a 3a-level scenic spot on the Internet, but in addition to a show performance, there is actually nothing to watch. Moreover, now there is an ancient theater in Guilin, and other performances are nothing to look at, so there are few tourists.
     The 32nd hour in Guilin: Enjoy the comfort of the spa hotel
    On the Internet, the distinction between travel and travel often causes controversy. The traveler believes that the most authentic way of playing is to go out; the tourists think that the poor family is rich and enjoys life as the first!
    In fact, these two methods are compatible. Take my trip to Guilin this time. It is the most authentic way to go. It is a small hiking route. It is a roadside stall, but it lives. It is a flower-built hot spring villa. In my opinion: eating, playing, and traveling can choose some interesting ways, but accommodation can’t be done. You must choose the most cost-effective one in your own economy. This hot spring resort villa will satisfy my accommodation. Claim.
    “Guilin’s landscape is the best in the world, and Yangshuo’s landscape is Guilin.” As the first scenic spot in Guilin, the beauty of Yangshuo’s scenery needs to be said. But behind the excitement is over-commercialization. It is not easy to find a good hotel in Yangshuo that is close to nature and close to nature. I am a quietly welcoming guest. The West Street is not suitable for me. I chose to give up the main city of the bustling city, but I found the [Flower Luxury Hotel Yangshuo Xingshe Hot Spring Holiday Villa Hotel]. The hotel photo, did not hesitate to place an order.
    The hotel’s main style is a hot spring resort. The rooms are furnished in a single-family villa. The room I stayed in has only two rooms, which is a very good configuration. The hall is 10 meters away from the guest room. It is also the restaurant. Breakfast and afternoon tea are arranged here every day.
    The independent pool layout is a pleasant surprise, especially when the family goes together to take a quiet bubble bath in the evening. It is also a great enjoyment to have a drink.
    Although the main antique decoration, the sense of technology is also full, from the large cold fan at the entrance to the cool air purifier in the middle, to the filter water heating temperature adjustable water heater, are very interesting things.
    The bathtub is on the semi-outdoor balcony, and a shelf and a reclining chair are placed intimately. It is also a great project to take a shower and lie down for a while to see the mountain view outside. Of course, lesbians are careful to go out~
    I took a panoramic view of the hotel and took a look at it. It’s still very powerful. The entire open space behind it is the area where the hotel is built. It is also undergoing major renovations. It will be more beautiful in the future.
     The 35th hour in Guilin: Come back to West Street
    Yangshuo night, no entertainment
    But West Street is an exception~
    Eat and drink
    The price of oysters was very cheap, and I ate a dozen, but it was too messy and I didn’t take photos.
    The West Street at night is really lively.
    If you want to bring a gift, there are many shops in West Street to buy, the price is almost the same as outside
    The snacks on the street are next to one, I want to eat whatever I want, the price is slightly expensive, everyone looks at the situation.
    Some gadgets on the street, you can also take a walk away by yourself.
     The 36th hour in Guilin: How can youth lose the bar?
    The paper is short and long.
    My story is all about you.
    How could I fall in love with him and decide to go home with him?
    Give up all my things, it doesn’t matter.
    The paper is short and affectionate.
    My story is still about you.
    Speaking of it, with my girlfriend walking around the bar, my heart is also strange, hahaha
    A cup of respect for tomorrow, a cup of respected ~
     D3, the 46th hour in Guilin: breakfast can not be separated from rice noodles
    The breakfast at his home was actually a failure. It was too rudimentary and I am completely sorry for this price.
    However, I wanted to give a bad review, but I was conquered by a bowl of rice noodles. You know the mood of eating goods~
    It’s so delicious, the bowl is too small, I have eaten two bowls without eating.
     48th hour in Guilin: aerial photography west street
    West Street seems to not allow aerial photography, so I did not challenge the impossible. Fortunately, the hotel is just across from the West Street, and you can take a picture of the West Street by pulling it up to 200 meters. In fact, the West Street during the day looks simple and simple. I never imagined that the night was so lively.
    The panoramic view of the entire city of Guilin is really a mountain and water. The wonders of the mountains in the city and the mountains in the mountains are very shocking.
     The 51st hour in Guilin: Arrive in Xingping Ancient Town
    Xingping Ancient Town is an ordinary fishing village. It is famous for its 20 yuan RMB. It has become a tourist sign in Guilin and even Guangxi. Guilin, the scenery of the world, is the essence of Xingping
    There are a lot of shuttle buses from Yangshuo to Xingping Ancient Town. Ten yuan is a wave of one person, and it runs for an hour or so. After arriving at the drop-off point, you can walk ten minutes along the street to reach the area where Guzhen Wharf is located. The [Old Local International Youth Hostel] I booked this time is at the foot of the arch next to the pier. It is the best place to stay in the entire Xingping section.
    First come to a bowl of snail powder and cool, then, haha
    This food is really a controversial existence. I like that if I don’t eat drooling a week, people who hate may smell bad.
     The 52nd hour in Guilin: Old Local International Youth Hostel
    A youth hostel with a good environment but a very good location. The 200 meters next door is the pier of the ancient town. There are sightseeing boats leading to the fishing village and an attraction. The entrance to the best view point of Xingping [Laozhaishan Park] is next door to the hotel. When the weather is good, it is also a great visual experience to climb up and watch the sunset.
    The young girl at the front desk is very young. It seems to be an internship here. It is very polite to treat the guests. The boss remembers to add chicken legs.
    The room is generally the same, but the price is also cheap, only 120 yuan a night
     The 55th hour in Guilin: Xingping Ancient Town
    To be honest, I have never been to such a small old town. It feels more appropriate to use the ancient street to enter, from the entrance next to the inn, you can walk through the ancient town in twenty minutes.
    But the advantage is that [quiet], there are not many tourists during the day, and the shops in the town do not have the kind of big sound. In the evening, there was no bar in the whole ancient town. It was closed at 8 or 9 in the evening. The only cafe that was open was still rebuilt from the ancient stage. There were no singers singing in the evening. Only a few people in the store sang and played. The nightlife was really monotonous.
    The most valuable thing in the ancient town of Xingping is the engraved version of this “sacred decree”. It comes from the sacred gift of the two locals in the Kangxi period. In order to remember this glory, the word “the sacred” was engraved. For easy storage
    Ancient town cuisine, chili sauce
    The natural scenery of Xingping Ancient Town is beautiful, and the cultural landscape is not bad, including the fishing village. Xingping Fishing Village has a little road from the ancient town, so it is necessary to take a boat trip and the ticket is 68 yuan. The fishing village once received Clinton, but now it’s ragged, but it’s a bit of a feeling of humanity.
    And this pier is on the mouth of the ancient town.
     5th in Guilin6 hours: first encounter 20 yuan back
    Because a background picture of the renminbi is famous here, it has become a place where countless tourists are scrambling to come to check-in. Especially foreign friends are more obsessed with this place, which directly leads to the foreigners who work as volunteers in Xingping Ancient Town. There are many, and it’s amazing.
    However, the rainy weather is really close to the feeling, and now the water is shallow, the river heart sands occupy a large area, which also affects the visual effect. The second picture below is taken in the “best view point” of the scenic spot, so Going to the middle to shoot
    To the river heart sandbar, only a small wooden board can be bridged. When you go, you must pay attention to safety. The stones in the river are a little loose. This season is very cold at night. If you drop the river, it will be more uncomfortable.
    It takes about ten minutes to walk from Xingping Ancient Town. Therefore, you don’t have to choose the battery car in Guzhen. Although the car is only ten yuan a person, it feels that the scenery along the river is more beautiful than the road.
    The cruise ship departs from Guilin every morning and goes back at this time in the evening. There are dozens of cruise ships in a row. It is spectacular from the air.
    However, in this season, the amount of water in the river is really small, and the navigation channel is the middle point.
    It’s not realistic to watch the sunset in this weather, so I didn’t climb to the Laozhai Mountain. I have to hit the flashlight and it’s trouble~
    The drone is pulled to about 300 meters, and the visual effect is almost the same as that of the old village.
    Looking at the panoramic view of Xingping Ancient Town, wait until tomorrow if the weather is better, come and shoot again.
    River course, there are direct cruises to Guilin, and there are also close fishing village routes and Yangdi scenic boats.
     The 58th hour in Guilin: the roadside booth is actually great
    In fact, during the journey, there can be no nightlife.
    After visiting the river, I went to the new district in the town to walk around. I found that the street was very deserted. It was quite far away to find a few barbecue stalls. It was also quite depressed. There is no store opening on the top of Xingping Ancient Town. If you want to eat, you still have to come to the boulevard.
    I found a barbecue stall, one person, one claw claw and one dish of fried noodles, beautiful~
    Yanquan 1998, Guilin’s local beer
     The 59th hour in Guilin: Don’t go to Xingping Ancient Town in the evening
     Xingping Ancient Town
    Many ancient towns are full of excitement at night. It is the night of happy life, but in the ancient town of Zhaoxingping, I advise every single woman not to go inside after 7pm. There is no smoke in the night of the ancient town. I am afraid when I am walking in the autumn. It is not good for single women to go in. If the trip is not good, the journey is safe.
     D4, the 70th hour in Guilin: riding Xingping
    Get up the first sentence every day, first give yourself a meal
    Really like Guilin rice noodles too much, add more sour beans, taste better
    Renting a battery car at the hotel, the price of 60 yuan is more expensive than Yangshuo. But it doesn’t require a deposit, which is good.
    Riding a battery car to the [Jiu Ma Painting Mountain], passing the 20 yuan background map and some small villages along the way, but also have a landscape. Today’s luck is better, the weather starts to clear, and when you take the parameters, you can take a look at the photos.
    There are a lot of cars, battery cars and scenic sightseeing cars. When you go to the river to take pictures, you must pay attention to stop the motorcycle, stop the road, or you will lose money when you are hit.
    Look at the photos on the Internet. In the season when the water is abundant, the river below is all water. I look at the feeling of 20 yuan.
     71 hours in Guilin: Jiu Ma Painting Mountain, the most beautiful scenery in the itinerary
    Jiu Ma Painting Mountain, a comprehensive large-scale scenic spot. It is a cliff on the edge of the Lancang River. The 300-meter-high mountain stands on the river. There are not many trees on the river surface. On the other hand, the stone wall has become eight horses. Where is the ninth horse? ? Opposite the river, called “returning horse”
    This brings true heart and loss, is the most beautiful scene seen in this trip.
    Here is the truth of Guilin’s landscape.Portrayal
    Look at this scenery, is it very beautiful?
    This is the true portrayal of Guilin’s landscape, and I want to know how beautiful the season is.
    Can you see if you can count out eight horses?
    It is said that smart people can all see it! I can only see four horses, haha~
    漓江烤鱼, ten dollars three
    The taste is still very good, but unfortunately it is all thorns, too much mouth
     The 72nd hour in Guilin: aerial photography of Xingping Ancient Town
    Although it is a small town, but look at it from a different perspective.
    I also took a lot of videos, but the memory card is broken and the data has been delayed for too long. I haven’t cut it yet. I will have the opportunity to send it to you next time.
    In fact, the area of ​​Xingping is still quite large. The whole valley is the town.
    The road to Guilin
    Between mountains and rivers, paradise on earth
    I came back with a beer fish, but unfortunately the photo could not be found anywhere, sad~
     In the 78th hour of Guilin: leaving Xingping, full of reluctance
    The journey always goes very fast, and you have to face the end if you haven’t played enough.
    Xingping back Guilin’s bus has three cars every afternoon, three o’clock at this o’clockGood enough for my flight at night. At two o’clock, I walked slowly from the hotel to the station. When I passed through the ancient town, I saw the fisherman’s bird. I took a close-up shot and looked very handsome.
    A particularly small passenger terminal, but particularly busy, short-distance buses to Yangshuo and other places are endless
     The 80th hour in Guilin: When I said goodbye
    After two hours, I arrived at the Guilin City Station. After getting off the bus here, you need to walk about 800 meters to the [Civil Aviation Building] of Shanghai Road and take the airport bus to Liangjiang International Airport. Ticket 20 yuan a person~
    There are a lot of black car drivers at the door telling you that they are also pulling away for 20 yuan. Don’t believe that some will increase the price halfway. For their own safety, they still take a regular bus.
    Guilin’s car can not only use Alipay and WeChat, but also can charge USB, good high-end ~
     The 84th hour in Guilin: Guilin, see you next time~
    Hainan Airlines HU7540
    Liangjiang International Airport 21:20 – Xianyang International Airport 23:15
     84th hour: End of the journey
    You are afraid that there is no sense of security in the long road.
    You are afraid that it is difficult to block the mountain.
    Can live, it is challenge again and again
    You have to work hard to make yourself fresh.
    It only takes 84 hours to give yourself a romance.
    Always happy, just need to change at some time
    At the end of the trip, I wish you a pleasant trip~

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