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    Inspiration from a ride
    As Beijinger, I have not been able to record the city where I grew up, but I have time to collect some materials from the beginning of this year. Of course, this travel note is not complete, because there are too many stories to tell, and there are countless pictures to be recorded. The works presented at one time are the behavior of tourists. Your own city can put aside the troubles of spending time, and don’t worry about the lack of time, so this is not a very aggressive article (but it will give you some little Tips).
    Before writing this, I thought a lot of themes. Is it to show the city in the four seasons, or in the way of modern or old Beijing? A FAW-Volkswagen cycling activity has given me a little more inspiration: the peers have the same all-natural hutongs as me, talking about Beijing, of course, there are endless topics.
    Beijing’s neighbourhood neighbourhood’s customary greetings may be: “Hey, have you eaten inside?” (feeling the lord said more
    Our generation of 21st century new humans (allowing me to dress up tenderly) basically surrounds the way: “Which area do you have?” “Hey, I am there, where do you study?” Blabla opened his voice. .
    When you talk about the end, you must “get you! Thank you! See you!” (“The” voice is here to read neì)
    This is the courtesy and face of the Beijingers. There are many rules of life at the foot of the emperor, and the courtesy and face are also the most concerned by the Beijingers.
    Let me talk about why write the central axis? Because this is the dragon and heart of the whole of China! There is a saying: “The emperor and the court of the emperor” said that the royal family and the court in the Forbidden City, the old Beijing people should be able to experience.
    BUT! I said earlier that this is not a travelogue based on the Raiders. Therefore, Baidu, such as the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven, can be solved by one-click. It is not the protagonist. The officers also ask Haihan~ Maybe the later travels will write them in a different angle.
    >> 39.87°N Yongdingmen – the beginning of a hundred years
    In the past, Yongdingmen was the “Nantianmen” of the capital, and the largest of the seven gates in the outer city. Unfortunately, it was demolished in 1957, and the city towers that have been seen are restored. On the wide square, you can see many local citizens flying kites, the moats on both sides of the square, and the Yandun on the south side of the square. The weather is fine and you can climb to the front door.
    If you come here to look at it for tourism, it may not really mean anything, but as the starting point of the old Beijing central axis, the deposition of that age history may only be better understood after understanding it.
    The most beautiful scenery of the square all year round is these kite-flying people. Looking around, the old man is the most, this is what the old Beijingers are most willing to do in their spare time.
    Standing on the central axis in front of the Yongdingmen Tower, looking up at the plaque on the tower, a sense of history arises.
    A long strip-shaped park north of Yongdingmen Tower is Yongdingmen Park. Now it is also a gathering place for all kinds of kite lovers. People who fly kites can be seen day and night.
    STOP.1 First Agricultural Altar – Farming Ceremony
    firstThe agricultural altar is on the west side of the central axis. Although it is not a famous royal garden, it is full of royal atmosphere. Here is the place where the emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties sacrificed the gods and the pro-cultivation ceremony, one of the famous “Nine Temples and Eight Temples”. The Xiannongtan now exhibits only a small part of the remains, and the temples are unified as the “Ancient Architecture Museum.” It is not far from Yongding Gate and can be reached along Yongdingmen Street. It is far from the city and is integrated with the key middle school Yucai School in Beijing.
    Opening hours: 9:00-16:00, closed every Monday and New Year’s Day, New Year’s Eve, first day of the first month
    Ticket price: 15 yuan / person for adults, 8 yuan / person for students, free of charge for 200 viewers before every Wednesday
    Free time for individual customers: 9:30-10:30; 13:30-14:30
    Audio guide (Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean, German, Italian, Western, A): 10 yuan / Taiwan; deposit 100 yuan
    Website: http://www.bjgjg.com/
    The Museum of Ancient Architecture consists of the Taiyue Temple, the worship hall, the Shencang, the kitchen, the service hall, the Guantengtai, the Xiannong Temple and the Qingcheng Palace. The entire museum is not closed, and the restored physical buildings make people feel the atmosphere of the emperor’s sacrifice to the first peasant.
    Red wall green tiles are a model of royal architecture.
    Incinerator: A place where the gods of the old age burned the sacrifices.
    God altar: the collective name of the altar of heaven and the altar of earth. Tianshentan is dedicated to the altars of clouds, rain, wind, and thunder, and is dedicated to the Five Sacred Mountains, the Five Towns, the Wuling Mountains, the Four Seas, the Four Miles, the famous mountains and rivers in Beijing, and the famous mountains and rivers in the world. The ancients still pay attention to it.
    Close to the Mid-Autumn Festival in Beijing, the climate is very comfortable, the clouds are light and windy
    When worshipping the temple, the emperor will pass through here when he goes to Taiyue Temple.
    Passing through the worship hall is the atmosphere of the Taiyue Temple courtyard, the right side is being repaired, although there is no momentum of the Forbidden City, but the empty feeling of the courtyard is also really clean and clear.
    Taiyin Temple Courtyard: Sacrifice to the Taishen God and the place where God will be in December.
    The Taiyue Temple courtyard contains: the worship hall, the Taiyin Hall and the Xidian Hall, and now also serves as an exhibition hall. It mainly introduces the development history of ancient architectural history, the skills of ancient architecture, the display of Taishen altar, ancient Chinese cities and ancient China.Generation type.
    God’s Kitchen Courtyard: Store the place where you first get the cards and prepare to sacrifice the sacrifices. There are 4 exhibition halls here: God Chef, West Ear Room, God Chef Hall and Shenku
    Compared to the courtyard of Taiyue Temple, there is an increased version of the old Beijing courtyard house feeling, close to the people!
    Jingting in the courtyard: the water intake when making sacrifices
    Ancient timing instrument
    In the exhibition hall, the instrument of ancient times – Zhonghe Yule, is the etiquette of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.
    The main hall of the kitchen, you can see that the sacrifices of the year are exquisite.
    Shenku, the real warehouse
    A group that I like very much, the Longfu Temple algae in the treasure shop of Taisui Temple Town. This is preserved from the Longfu Temple. It has 4 floors and the carvings are very beautiful.
    The ridges in the Taiyue Hall can be seen in the exquisite carving patterns of the year.
    STOP.2 Overpass – civilian art gallery
    Nowadays, the flyover has long existed in name only, but the old Beijingers should have some feelings about it here. It can best reflect the folk customs of old Beijing: juggling, martial arts, cross talk, singing, and various arts and crafts, so they also have a group of folk artists. And the theater. There are many restaurants in the past. Although it was not a place on the countertop in that year, it was Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Nowadays, in order to protect the folk customs of old Beijing, the government has refurbished and refurbished this area, and the streets are neat and tidy, but they are also a bit less of the atmosphere of the year.
    Skybridge Civic Square, a good place for local residents to enjoy the cool summer night.
    The most striking of the Tianqiao Civic Square is this four-sided clock. This is also the landmark building of the old bridge. It was destroyed after liberation. This is the rebuilt product in 2003 (the position has moved and the height has been reduced).
    The Tianqiao Theater is the first theater after the founding of New China. The old Tianqiao also has the famous “eight big blame”, referring to the eight artists who are famous for their stunts and strange words and deeds. Of course, these “eight monsters” will also refer to each other in different periods.
    Deaf people Jiao Jinchi, nicknamed Dajinya, professional Laiyang
    Cao Mazi who is a rapper (now Rap?), whose real name is Cao Dekui, is full of pockmarks, but because the performance is different (a narrow band on the head, a copper ball behind, a ball ) makes people laugh
    Poor and not afraid of Mr., the founder of the comic dialogue, Zhu Shaowen, is mainly based on stand-alone comic dialogue. Do you want to talk about the source of art, but also from the folk! Every time he says, he will use the white sand to write on the ground.
    Wang Xiaoyu plays in the middle of the bridge. It is a unique program in the flyover. There are two strings of copper bells in the middle, which add up to a few pounds. When you practice, you slap it, throw it up and put it on your hand, on your shoulders, your head, your chest. After the chest, I finally threw the lieutenant up and pressed it against the front teeth. . . Think about how difficult it is!
    Shen San (formerly known as Shen Yousan): People who practice Qigong and wrestling, see the above picture
    Cheng Ruozi, stunts and bears, and solid bowls, thirteen bowls on the top, can bend the legs and put a few tricks
    Often idiots, you can smash large pebbles with your palms, and you can prick the stones with your fingers. After the performance, the audience will sell “Baibu Zengli Pills”.
    The game is live, his name is Guan Dejun, he has a scorpion-type prop, and he wears it on his body. During the performance, a three-story, three-legged bench was placed on the field to form a “dry bridge”. Then his wife Guan Jinfeng put on his back and walked on the back of the bridge to perform various actions with a lot of difficulty.
    After the renovation and reconstruction of the Tianqiao area, a small street garden was opened up in the middle. When it was a child, it was a noisy station area. The opposite was a small commodity wholesale market.
    Nowadays, the flyover, I may have the impression that it is the flyover mall, even the old Guo’s Deyun Society is later. When I was a child, when I mentioned the flyover, it was the best place for Taobao for Nancheng children. Around the Tianqiao shopping mall is filled with a variety of small wholesale markets, selling clothes to sell stationery to sell gadgets, who often go there are one or two familiar stall owners. The most famous one is Dan Yuhua, remembering that there is still a paragraph in the student era: Yang has been swimming, guessing a Beijing shopping mall haha, very image. The price bargain and Taobao in that era are also the things that our girls are most happy to do.
    This is also the construction of the Tianqiao Art Center. This area is the gathering place of the small commodity wholesale market.
    STOP.3 Natural Museum – Understanding the Ancient World
    Speaking of the Natural Museum, the children’s schools in Beijing are basically organized to study here, mainly to broaden their horizons and understand the world. The deepest impression I have is the three-layered female corpse nude specimen. . . . There are also specimens of various bottles and cans. I haven’t been to it for almost 20 years, so I’ve been revisited here. It’s still a science paradise for children and students. The construction of the Natural Museum is much more advanced, and it’s starting to focus on interactivity. It’s no longer a specimen canister with various human organs in the past. It is.
    Address: 126 Tianqiao South Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
    Transportation: There is no direct subway. The bus is the most convenient. The station is Tianqiao Shopping Mall, Tianqiao Road East, and Tiantan West Gate.
    Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9:00-17:00 (closed on Monday, closed at 16:00).
    Ticket reservation: In order to ensure the safety of the audience and the quality of the visit, the public must visit the museum to reserve free tickets in advance. However, I did not have an appointment to go directly to the on-site appointment window with an ID card.
    Website: www.bmnh.org.cn
    The first floor includes: invertebrate exhibition hall, origin of life, ancient mammal exhibition hall, ancient reptile exhibition hall, temporary exhibition hall and animal human friend exhibition hall.
    The second floor is: animal beauty, plant world, animal mystery
    The three floors are: exploration corner and 4D cinema. Suitable for children, very interactive.On the B1 floor are: Dinosaur Park, entertainment and recreation area, walk into the body exhibition and aquarium.
    The dinosaurs were basically extinct in the Cretaceous Period of the Mesozoic, and the geological years learned in the Natural Museum represent many eras that are far away from us but familiar, such as the Cambrian in the Paleozoic, the Cretaceous and Jurassic in the Mesozoic. Haha is not associated with movies and songs? When I saw the Quaternary of the new generation, I remembered the Ulan Qab volcanic line in July, which is a typical Cenozoic Quaternary product. At that time, the data was still far away, but from the geological year. The Quaternary is indeed the latest era, the most remarkable feature is: human beings are born!
    These are models
    Dinosaur fossils are the museum exhibits of the Natural Museum
    Big eye bubble goldfish
    Blood parrot (the god of wealth) knocks on the blackboard! ! ! There are four famous fishes in China: four famous freshwater fish: squid, grass carp, squid and squid: Yellow River carp, Songjiang carp, Xingkai Lake carp, Songhua River carp
    Turtles are really cute creatures, and the sea is full of cuteness. There are also two natural museums. We look at them from outside the glass cover. They also look at us from the water. It seems to be rushing to us with the turtle language: “Take me out. Go out. Go out. Go. Go. Go.
    Tiger shark, this is a freshwater fish. It is not a tiger shark in the sea. This is a dessert from the top of the head.
    The aquarium has always been the fantasy world of children, and it seems to have opened a mysterious door.
    Did you come to the analog world of Africa to think about animal migration? Bingo classes continue to start classes! ! January and February are the seasons of horse racing and wildebeest calving. The migratory teams gather in the Serengeti steppe in Tanzania. The migration team in May and June migrated to the west, the northern corridor and the Grumiti River. Serengeti The rainy season of the grasslands is over, but the animals are still crossing the Kenyan border and entering the Masai Mara in the territory of Tanzania in September. Because of the abundant water, the Serengeti grassland has entered the driest period of the year.
    >> 39.90°N Zhengyangmen – Qianmen Louzi
    Zhengyangmen and the Forbidden City are buildings of the same period. There are two buildings, one is the Zhengyangmen Tower and the other is the Arrow Tower. (In fact, there is also a city that has disappeared, but in the exhibition hall in the tower, you can see the superimposed effect of these three buildings.) In the past, the Zhengyangmen Tower was the place where the officers and men stood on the lookout and commanded the battle, and also in the various gates. The biggest one. So in fact, the front door = Zhengyangmen, but Zhengyangmen is the official official title in the past, because he is in front of the Forbidden City and the Imperial City, so it is called the front door.
    The Zhengyangmen Tower can be climbed. After going up, there is a exhibition hall. There is a map of the “Qianlong South Tour. Qijing Jingshi”, which can be used to understand the social form of the Qianlong period. The original picture is collected in the National Museum.
    Address: No. 2, Qianmen Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
    Transportation: Subway Line 2 Qianmen Station, Bus Front Gate Station
    Opening hours: 9:00-16:00, closed on Monday. Due to the special geographical location, there are often private activities, and the specific opening hours can be inquired in advance.
    Tickets: 20 yuan
    The Arrow Building is not yet open to the public. It is understood that 2018 or 2019 will be available to the outside world.
    Zhengyangmen City is very well ventilated under the building, with the opposite grandfather’s memorial hall say hi~
    The zero-kilometer mark downstairs of Zhengyangmen City represents the starting point of the Chinese highway and represents the road traffic radiating from the center of the capital.
    Longitude and latitude of Zhengyangmen Tower
    Old Beijing’s inner city nine gates: Zhengyangmen (walking dragon car), Chongwenmen (walking cart), Dongzhimen (walking wooden car), Xizhimen (walking water gate), Deshengmen (walking car), Xuanwumen (going Prison car), Chaoyangmen (going grain car), Fuchengmen (going coal car) and Andingmen(going the manure truck). I am very honored that I am one of the disciples. Anyway, I am not a drunk car.
    The seven gates of the outer city are: Yongding Gate, Zuo’anmen, You’anmen, Guangqumen, Guang’anmen, Dongbianmen, Xibianmen
    Four gates of the Imperial City: Tiananmen, Di’anmen, Dong’anmen, Xi’anmen, etc. It can be seen that the old Beijing is the exhibition hall in the “Gate” character building and the electronic interactive screen. You can inquire about the sights and museums of the old city of Beijing.
    Old Beijing layout of the light box wall and the ground, this design is very intuitive
    On the official website of the city tower, the nearest distance is the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall. I have lived for decades and have never even been to it.
    STOP.1 Qianmen Pedestrian Street – Centennial
    The Qianmen Street is now remodeled and has become a must-see for tourists coming to Beijing. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the emperor went to the Temple of Heaven to worship the heavens or went to the Xiannongtan to demonstrate farming. Qianmen Street is the only way to go, so there is also the title of “Tianjie”. The whole street is also a collection of hundreds of years of old brands, just go to a purchase is definitely a handful of gifts!
    Address: No. 2, Qianmen Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
    Transportation: Subway Line 2 Qianmen Station, Bus Front Gate Station
    At 8 o’clock in the morning, Qianmen Street, the voice is still not boiling!
    Past cars and horses. . . Very slow. . mail. . Also very slow
    The most famous car, 20 yuan a glimpse, listening to its sound of jingle, as if that is the voice of the old Beijing collection ~
    Starbucks coffee at the entrance to Qianmen Street, in fact, as an American restaurant, Starbucks is mixed in China. Some people think that a few dollars of roadside coffee in the United States let the Chinese people get to this point; some people think that the taste is very good, they themselves Just be happy. One of my favorite Starbucks is that it can combine Chinese and Western characteristics according to different characteristics of different regions in China. In many ancient cities, you can see the architecture of Starbucks, or the concept store. I think this is also the brand he can start in China. A very important factor.
    Qian Xiangyi Silk, the first silk cloth shop downstairs in the front door, one of the famous “Badaxiang” in Beijing
    Opening the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum for a few years, I remember that it was my birthday on the opening day. I came here with my girlfriends to celebrate Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum.There are also many homes in the ball, and each has its own characteristics.
    Dabei Photo Studio, which is also the old name of Beijing, has become a chain store with scale. In the era when my mother and I were young, the one-inch photos of the newborn and the wedding certificate of the newlyweds will choose Dabei.
    Xiaojiang Hutong, the architectural style is already European.
    There is no hole in the sky, like Taiwan’s ancient taste station.
    Return to Qianmen Pedestrian Street and walk on the central axis. At this time, you can see one or two tour groups, and the lively day is open!
    After the renovation of the entire Qianmen Pedestrian Street, each shop or building will be pasted with old photos of past stores. If you look closely and understand it, you will certainly feel the prosperity of the year.
    Red Star Erguotou, the people love to drink! Its predecessor was the Yuansheng, a famous wine shop on Qianmen Street. It was the famous four major companies with Tongrentang, Rongbaozhai and Wangzhihe.
    Chinese bookstores have not changed too much since now
    Beijing’s famous old tea house, the front door sculpture shows the scene of tea sales at that time: an abacus scale, a bundle of paper rope, a tea bucket, two bags of tea, three feet counter. Special recommendation: Wu Yutai green tea / flower tea ice cream
    Inline 陛, the famous shoe store in old Beijing, originally dedicated to the court business, so called “inside”
    The status of Quanjude has not been shaken!
    The Dajie (shi) column area has a history of more than 600 years. When you come to the front door, everyone will go there to see it. Now it has been transformed into a new pedestrian street combining quaintness and fashion. In the past, there were Lantern Street in Langfang, Dashilan Commercial Street, Jewelry and Silver Furnace in Jewelry City, Snack Street in Door Frame Hutong, and Silver Street in Shijia Hutong.
    In the Qing Dynasty, there were guard gates at the Hutongkou of Beijing City Street, all of which were guarded by officers and soldiers and closed at night. Although it has not existed yet, it has left the place name of “Dashilan”
    The Xiangyi, which sells satin, is still being sold. It was originally funded by a small eunuch of the Inner Palace.
    Tong Ren Tang, needless to say, famous in China and foreign countries and the north and south of the river ~~
    Rui Yuxiang, also an old name, China’s first silk brand
    Wang Mazi scissors, there is one in the Hutong mouth where I live.
    These shops are all in Dashilan Street.
    It turned out to be a theater
    The fresh fish mouth pedestrian street corresponding to Dashilan Street, to say that the main restaurant of the Dashilan, the fresh fish mouth is the main food.
    Xinghuayuan bath, a typical mid-Ministry building, the marble looks very textured, and it was originally a cloth shop.
    Jinfang snack bar, this is a local state-run old Beijing halal snack shop. When I was a child, I would eat a Jinfang noodle tea in the morning. When I arrived at the Lantern Festival, I would go to Jinfang to queue up to buy Yuanxiao. I still remember Jinfang’s mountains. The stuffing yuan is the best! Now Jinfang snacks can still see Beijing’s grandfather sipping and selling, which is probably the only one I have seen in the Qianmen Pedestrian Street area, and the shop that Beijing people sell. It is very intimate to hear the sound of the sale~
    Pot stickers, creamy fried cakes, sweet-scented osmanthus mung bean porridge are the classic snacks of old Beijing, of course, the most not to be missed is the noodle tea.
    Tianxingju, famous for its fried liver
    Fresh fish mouth corner building, corner building, this form of building mostly appears at the intersection, now is the shop of gold cake Zhang
    Hidden in the pot shop in the depths of the Humen in the Qianmen area, the diners in the store mainly come from the neighboring neighborhoods. The store is small, the location is not very good, the environment is very old, there is no staff to help, and the old feelings are eaten. There are many types of pot sticks. The pot sticks that have just been fried smell more fragrant and taste very delicate, but the taste is salty.
    Address: Middle section of the door frame Hutong (near Dashilan Pedestrian Street)
    Transportation: Bus Dashilan, Qianmen Station, Subway Line 2 Qianmen Station
    Tel: 010-63083213
    Category: Beijing snacks
    Recommended dishes: pot stickers
    Per capita: 39 yuan
    Recommended index: 50 points
    Nearby attractions: Qianmen, Tiananmen, Dashilan Pedestrian Street
    The pot stickers of the store are all sold on the same day. I have three fresh stuffing and celery stuffing. The taste of the pot is not bad, but eating too much will be a bit salty.
    STOP.2 Yang Meizhu Inclined Street – Wen Qing walked
    Yang Meizhu’s street, where Shen Congwen once lived, is located in a dead end on the west side of Qianmen Street. It used to be full of bookstores during the prosperous period and has a strong cultural atmosphere. Now there are not only some creative shops and restaurants that Wenqing likes, but also the scenes of Hutong residents standing in the streets and chatting or sunbathing. The life of Hutong still remains. There is a department store opposite the soloist coffee: Qingyunge, Mr. Lu Xun really likes to visit this shop, often to shave haircuts and tea.
    Recommended shop: book design book design shop, twelve moons, Suzuki store, soloist coffee, model bookstore
    A courtyard in the entrance of the alley, Japanese-style decoration, it is not difficult to guess that it must be a Japanese shop, it is really quiet here.Shop Name: Suzuki Canteen
    Most of the shops in Yangmeizhu Xiejie opened in the afternoon, which is very similar to the artist’s wayward style.
    These ornaments are the things of an old Beijinger’s family.
    The bike and the courtyard are the best match
    This home should be a plant studio
    This pattern of flowers and plants is the look of the old Beijing Hutong~
    There is also a flaw that doesn’t bother me, I want to hold a claw with you~
    STOP.3 Front door story to eat old Beijing flavor
    The front door story is an old Beijing specialty restaurant in Dashilan. The location gives the restaurant a lot of points and the price is also approachable. It is a classic of Beijing cuisine represented by Hutong culture. The decoration layout of the restaurant reflects the typical life of the old Beijing civilians. Address: West Gate (McDonald’s), 39 Dashilan, Coal City Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
    Transportation: Bus Qianmen Station, Exit C of the front door of Metro Line 2
    Tel: 010-63186383
    Opening hours: 10:00-23:00
    Category: Creative Beijing Cuisine
    Recommended dishes: honeycomb coal fried rice, fried enema, greasy, old Beijing camellia
    Recommended index: 75 points
    Per capita: 101 yuan
    The interior of the restaurant is very old in Beijing style, and the private rooms are named after the hutong.
    Honeycomb fried rice is made from black rice. The taste is sweet but hard. The waiter will cooperate with the open fire to symbolize the fire.
    Jingcheng aftertaste cool spell is a typical Beijing specialty cold dish, the sale is very good, but the taste is general
    “Catty” is the restaurant’s main dish, tender tofu with fried fritters
    Casserole with chestnut chicken, tastes more general
    Must-eat Beijing-style snack fried enema, crispy and delicious
    Homemade yogurt and oily tea, old Beijing feelings
    STOP.4 Railway Museum – Tracing the history of the train
    There are three railway museums: Zhengyangmen Pavilion, Dongjiao Pavilion and Zhan Tianyou Memorial Hall. The front door was remodeled on the basis of the old site of the old station. When you walk to the door of the Railway Museum, you can see the white marble stone monument standing at the entrance: the former site of Zhengyangmen East Railway Station of Jingfeng Railway. It is still a noisy market before 2010.
    Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 (stop booking at 16:00) closed tickets on Monday
    Price: Tickets: 20 yuan / Zhang. Discount ticket: 10 yuan / Zhang (railway workers, students, teachers, active military personnel, low-income personnel with their valid documents to enjoy preferential fares), simulation cabin experience driving separate ticket purchase: 20 yuan / Zhang, 3D cinema separate ticket purchase 10 yuan. There is another 40 yuan pass. Free visits: the elderly (with the elderly card issued by Beijing), the disabled (with the disabled card) and children under 1.2 meters accompanied by adults.
    Traffic Guide: Take Subway Line 2 and get off at Qianmen Station. Bus Station Front Gate Station
    The railway station was built in 1903 and was the largest railway station in Beijing in 1958. At that time, the Daqianmen area had such a European-style building, which may be related to the adjacent embassy district. 3 floors above ground and 2 underground floors
    Before 2010, the most impressive thing on this side was a McDonald’s. Next to the museum is the Beijing Urban Planning Exhibition Hall.
    The railway sign on the entrance of the museum is a bit like the logo of the Beijing subway.
    “China Rocket” steam locomotive
    The history of the development of China Railway
    Old photo
    Seat of Qinglongqiao Station in the 1940s
    High-speed rail show
    High-speed rail simulation cabin experience
    Sand table display at some high-speed rail stations
    Zhengzhou East Railway Station
    Guangzhou Station
    Chongqing North Railway Station
    Wuhan Station
    Chengdu Station
    Xi’an North Railway Station
    >> 39.91°N Forbidden City – Royal style
    The Forbidden City is not introduced here, the landmark building of Beijing City. Tiananmen Square is one of the largest squares in the world. The square can visit Tiananmen Square, National Museum, Zhengyangmen and the Great Hall of the People clockwise. The center of the square is the monument to the people’s heroes designed by Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin. The south side of the monument is the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall.
    Transportation: Bus 2, 5, 120 [Tiananmen Square West] station or [Tiananmen Square East] station; Metro Line 1 [Tiananmen Square East] or [Tiananmen Square West] station. Opening Hours Tiananmen Tower
    Opening hours: off-season (November-February): 8:30-16:30, 16:00 stop ticket sales season (March-October): 8:30-17:00, 16:30 stop ticket sales
    Tiananmen Square opening hours: 5:00-22:00
    Tickets: 15 yuan in Tiananmen Gate
    TIPS: 1Tiananmen Square needs security screening now, please bring your documents in advance.
    2. Flag-raising ceremony: To see the flag-raising ceremony, you need to arrive at the square before dawn. You can check it at http://www.tiananmen.org.cn/flag/index.asp.
    3. The security check on the Dengcheng Building is very strict. It needs to be dressed properly. It is necessary to present an ID card when purchasing tickets. Photographs are forbidden inside the castle building, and the carry-on baggage must be stored. The deposit is charged according to the size of the package, which is about 2-8 yuan.
    The biggest sign of the Tiananmen Gate is the portrait of Chairman Mao, the first great man in China! The first portrait was hanged in 1949 and is now updated almost every year.
    The National Day flower beds, stone lions, Jinshuiqiao and Huabiao in front of the Tiananmen Gate have become the most representative buildings in the region.
    STOP.1 Dongjiaominxiang – crossing the embassy district
    This area is a place that was very foreign in the past, and certainly a place that has humiliated China. The United Kingdom, France, the United States, Russia, Japan, Germany, Belgium and other countries have established embassies here, so this is the embassy district of old Beijing. Now walking here, in addition to the quiet, you can deeply feel the historical and cultural charm that is revealed here. I used to live here in the year before the college entrance examination. At that time, the feeling was safe except for the quiet. The four organs are all state organs. The most important people are armed police, plainclothes and soldiers.
    The former site of the French Post Office, after the establishment of the embassy district in that year, in order to facilitate the residence and office of foreigners, there are also many supporting facilities in the surrounding area. This is one of them.
    The former site of the French Embassy, ​​the main entrance is similar to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The courtyard has a central fountain and four annexes arranged symmetrically. The ground floor is two floors and the design style is French country villa style. I don’t know what institution is now, it should be the central government’s military restricted zone.
    St. Michael’s Church, the European Gothic-style building, was founded by a French missionary. Often the door is locked, not open to the outside world, often through the door to secretly observe haha
    When I was looking for a “seam” photo, a black car was parked at the door waiting to enter. At the moment of opening the door, I signaled that he wanted to take two photos, so he had the true face of the church.
    At present, Dongjiaominxiang is the place where all kinds of central organs are stationed. The end of the alley is connected to Tiananmen Square, so it is also the seat of the High Court. This court museum is also a fetish and has never seen it open.
    It used to be the old site of Citibank, and it is also a Western classical style building with three floors above ground. It is now the base of patriotic education and the base of the Public Security Bureau. Address: No. 36, Dongjiaomin Alley, Dongcheng District Traffic Route: Get off at the South Exit of Bus Justice Road or take the Zhengyi Road Station. Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9:00-16:00 Tickets: Free collection with ID card, need security screening 1st floor: Beijing office history 2nd floor: Criminal investigation 3rd floor: Police function 4th floor: Police equipment
    Police Soul Pillar with five shields on it, symbolizing the power of the people’s armed forces
    Old police show
    Wax figure of modern police
    In the 1950s, the simulated landscape of the “Account Registration Office” of the Beijing Public Security Bureau police station was used for the office.
    Found something! ! The process of the last emperor Pu Yi from China to the emperor to the citizen
    Puyi’s account information
    Modern police work items
    Various old antique cameras
    Various license plates
    Tips: There are all kinds of guns on the 3rd floor. I remember that I once came to school once, I can still spend money to try it. Now I don’t have this project.
    STOP.2 Beijing Mix – Laoxiangzi Restaurant
    Located in Dongjiaominxiang, the old embassy district, adjacent to Qianmen and Wangfujing, a quiet restaurant. It manages Beijing, Cantonese, Northeast and Hunan cuisines, so it can cater to most people’s tastes. In order to match the name of “Old Alley”, the store specially arranged the waiter wearing the Qing Dynasty costumes in the store, which is also a scene. The clerk’s service attitude is very good, but if you recommend tea, it is best to ask the price in advance.
    Transportation: Bus base factory or just under the road
    Tel: 010-65258019 65243311-2108
    Opening hours: 11:00-21:30
    Category: Beijing cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, Northeastern cuisine, Hunan cuisine
    Recommended dishes: three cups of chicken, Qianlong cabbage, and grain harvest
    Per capita: 159 yuanRecommended index: 60 points
    Nearby attractions: Qianmen, Wangfujing
    Restaurant located in Dongjiaominxiang Hotel
    Fengdeng is a variety of staple foods from all over the country. It breaks through the traditional pumpkin, corn, yam, purple potato and peanuts. It is replaced by red bean nest, innovative smashing, mashed potato package, black rice cake and jujube.
    Casserole squid is an innovative approach, but the fish is not too fresh
    Casserole health black fungus, belonging to Hunan cuisine, because it can not eat spicy, to avoid spicy, very refreshing
    STOP.3 Nanchizi Street – Strolling the Forbidden City Corner Building
    From the gate of Nanchizi Street, you can walk all the way to the Forbidden City turret. The most interesting thing along this road is to find the name of the old hutong, including the Shouku Hutong, the Lantern Gallery Hutong, the Pudu Temple front lane, etc., from the literal meaning, you can guess the hutong before. use.
    South Chizi Street Gate Tower, this intersection connects Chang’an Street, is a T-junction.
    The Changpu Riverside (Zhangpu River Park), with a total length of 270 meters, is a restricted area during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.
    The Forbidden City turret is a place where many photographers in Beijing like to take pictures. There are two turrets in the northwest and the northeast. It is necessary to stand in different directions before taking pictures of the sunrise and sunset. Standing at the intersection of the northwest corner building, you can not only enjoy the reflection of the turret, but also the surrounding royal atmosphere: the ancient temples of Nanchang’an Street, the Zhonghaihai of the North Sea in the west and the Jingshan Wanshou Pavilion in the north (the commanding height of the old Beijing central axis).
    Tips: The northwest corner of the building shoots the sunset, the northeast corner of the building shoots the sunrise, of course, if the luck is bursting, you can take the beautiful sunrise and sunset, then it’s too profitable.
    >> 39.94°N Drum Tower – Centennial End
    The Bell and Drum Tower is the bell tower and the drum tower. There is a square in the middle. It used to be the time-keeping center of the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, and the standard “Beijing time”. The Beijing Drum Tower is a wooden structure building facing south, and the clock tower is a full brick structure, both of which are about 47 meters high.
    Address: Beijing Gulou East Street and Di’anmenwai Street Intersection
    Transportation: Bus Drum Tower Station
    Opening hours: peak season 9:00-17:30; off season 10:00-17:00, 16:30
    Tickets: Drum Tower full price 20 yuan, half price 10 yuan; clock tower full price 15 yuan, half price 7 yuan; pass 30 yuan, half price 15 yuan (over 60 years old, large and middle school students, military officers and men’s police card half price; 70 years old or older, active duty Military, disabled card, free of charge for children under 1.2 meters)Drum Tower Drum Performance Time: High Season 9:30 10:30 11:30 13:30 14:30 15:30 16:30 17:15 Low Season 9:30 10:30 11:30 13:30 14:30 15:30 16:50
    Drum tower, wooden structure
    Exhibition hall below the Drum Tower
    Looking across the mountain
    Ascend to the tower and see a drum. There used to be 25 drums, the main drum, and 24 drums. Now there is only one drum. Picture This is the 1987 National Musical Instrument Factory copied according to the original main drum, the whole piece is made of cowhide.
    Clock Tower, the northernmost point of Beijing’s central axis, the last stop of this trip! The ancient building with full brick structure, like the Drum Tower, can be seen on the 2nd floor, where the view is better than the Drum Tower.
    The ancient clock of the bell tower weighs 63 tons, and it will hit the bell 108 times when it is reported. The 108 sounds mean that the ancients mean one year. The ancients divided the night into five, one is an hour, one more (twilight) and five more (Tianming) will hit the drum first and then hit the clock, while the second-four only hit the clock.
    China’s respect for the CBD in the east
    In the north, you can directly see the Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube, as well as Beijing’s largest illegal building “big nails”.
    In addition to the bells and drums, the most memorable thing is the steep high steps. It’s really trembled when you climb up and go.
    Drum Tower Square is also a casual scene, you can look at the life of the surrounding residents.
    STOP.1 Bell Hutong – Memories of Baimi Hutong
    On the west side of the Bell and Drum Tower Square, there is an alley called Bell Hutong. You can see some royal charters on the street. It is said that it is a memory of the 100-meter alley, because the total length of this hutong is only 167 meters. In the Qing Dynasty, it belonged to the territory of the yellow flag.
    Bell 铛 Hu will not miss the Andingmen Jingcheng old object showroom, here is a privately-built museum, you can see from the door, but unfortunately I went to the day to close. It is said that there are only a few dozen square meters of small houses in the collection of real folk babies, you can know how much time their owners spent. Address: No. 4, Wulu Hutong, Old Gulou Street
    TIPS: You need to make an appointment in advance to visit here, phone 13936616767
    At one end of the bell hutong, there is a theme restaurant with a very 80s. The interesting painting surface on the wall and the design of the store must be a gathering place for young people. The Scorpion Revolution, it is not difficult to guess from here that it is to eat barbecue.
    STOP.2 Huide Zhenjun Temple – worshipping God
    The Temple of Fire, the Taoist temple, which is dedicated to the Emperor Zhenwu. It is said that the Empress Dowager Cixi was frail and sick in her later years. The palace was too medically ill-free. Later, Cixi took the palace girl to the Temple of Fire and asked for help. The abbot of the Temple of Fire was used to regulate the body. Later, the body of Cixi miraculously improved, and then the body of the palace was not good. Comfortable to go to the Temple of Fire to seek worship.
    Address: No. 77, Di’anmenwai Street, Xicheng District. Jinsuo Bridge in the Shichahai area goes east, the former Hainan goes north, and the northwest side of the Wanning Bridge
    Transportation: Subway Line 8 Shichahai Station Tickets: Free
    entireThe temple is not big, it will come out in a circle for 10 minutes, but it is also difficult to hide the commercial atmosphere here.
    Cihang Hall
    STOP.3 Dianmen food delicious
    After Di’anmen was located in the imperial Forbidden City, the scene of prosperity in the past, the so-called “before and after the market” probably means this.
    Autumn chestnut, the old shop selling roasted seeds and nuts in Beijing, talking about it, who does not know the chestnuts here is the most famous! If you are tired of visiting a bag of chestnuts or going to the opposite side, Bao Shi buys a fluffy bun, which is simply happy. However, there is a psychological preparation for queuing here.
    Address: No. 2, Di’anmen West Street, Xicheng District, Beijing (Di’anmen Crossroads)
    Eatalia Italian Restaurant
    The restaurant created by the Italians is just a short distance from the next door of the autumn chestnut. Although the location is very advantageous, it is easy to be missed. The decoration in the store is full of Italian romantic feelings. The second floor is a sun room, sitting between the tiles of the old alley, bathing in the afternoon sun to eat an authentic Italian meal, whether it is spirit or taste buds is a good Experience. The store is known for its ultra-thin Italian pizzas, which are crispy and medium-bodied. Of course, you can’t miss the desserts and pasta in the store, sweet but not greasy, fresh and delicious.
    Address: No. 18, Xilou Lane, Xicheng District, Beijing (West side of Qiu Lixiang, southwest corner of Di’anmen Crossing)
    Phone: 010-64013263
    Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11:30-22:00
    Category: Italian cuisine
    Recommended dishes: pasta with basil, Italian cream pudding, assorted vegetable salad with chicken and tuna
    Per capita: 105 yuan
    Recommended index: 70 points
    Nearby attractions: Shichahai, Drum Tower
    Restaurant environment
    There is a small courtyard and you can dine on the terrace in summer.
    Assorted vegetable salad with chicken and tuna
    Smoked ham fried onion pizza
    Italian cream pudding
    The end
    This 7.8-kilometer central axis was also considered a journey of wading through the mountains in the same year. Now the convenience of transportation is basically a small case for this single-digit number of kilometers. If the central axis is all played, it is recommended to arrange at least 4 days. You can choose according to your own hobbies. As the old filmmaker in Beijing, I have always been looking for the most fun and interesting place in the city. I hope everyone will pay more attention to it.

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