A perfect self-driving tour Huangdao Qingdao Long Island Travel Notes

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    The daughter-in-law’s annual public holiday finally hoped that the 9-day holiday, but this time I can only make two poor days (public holiday ten days, not called rest), combined with the weekend and the daughter-in-law to a “crazy” trip ( It’s crazy for us. The daughter-in-law has been planning for this tour for a long time. Before and after, I studied Jiuzhai, Dalian, Xiamen, Northeast and other tourist routes (aircraft, high-speed rail, self-driving models are involved), and finally chose to accompany the girlfriends. Yantai, Penglai’s self-driving travel. However, some changes before the trip became a parent-child tour between me and my wife and daughter, Huangdao, Qingdao and Long Island. The change is not a bit fast.
    Preparation before the trip:
    1. The car status is OK. Fill up the oil one day in advance and bring two bottles of glass water. If you don’t burn the oil, you don’t need to bring it.
    2, eat, drink, we loaded two full pockets, but also brought a 24L car refrigerator. Cold drinks are always available.
    3, clothes for washing 3, each pair of shoes with two pairs, each of which a pair of kaluochi, another pair of people are free.
    4, money, a lot of cash, two credit cards.
    5, toilet water, summer outdoor travel artifact.
    6, some standing medicine, the beach, pulling the belly is normal, a cold is also common.
    7, the camera, 16G card to protect the capacity of 2000 sheets. charger.
    Zhengzhou – Huangdao
    Accident, accident, at 9 o’clock in the morning, Niu Niu got up, thinking that I had to eat lunch. I am excited to open the big ball at home, carefully calculated, Zhengkai Highway to Kaifeng on the high-speed, save 70 kilometers of high-speed fees (some mistakes, now Zheng driving, the traffic lights are huge, delayed for an hour, I almost tired At 10:30, I only went to the high speed, and I ran for 70 kilometers in an hour and a half. When I got on the high speed, I got up from the new spirit. Every hour, the speed was 100 (fuel-efficient) to 12 o’clock, and the high-speed highway came to the Shandong border. This high-speed just paved asphalt, I feel that the Shandong high-speed than Henan’s fuel, once thought that high-speed quality is not. All the way, laughing and laughing, watching a car in Taiwan’s Yu A go out to spend outside, do you all have a public break? ? At 2:30 in the afternoon, I came to the expected rest point Qufu, ate a bowl of instant noodles, ham, and looked at the innocent people in the service area. The total time is still early, it is estimated that I can go to Qingdao, plus the baby to force, do not cry on the road (noisy children cry all the way, let them stop almost in the service area, opened for more than ten hours) we will go directly. Before the departure, a gas station added 7.1 yuan of 300 yuan 93 urgent, the service area refueling queue, in order to hurry up, directly lined up the 97 team, a box of 97,8 yuan a liter, plus 440 yuan of oil, Local tyrants. (It is said that Shandong is not ethanol, is gasoline really true?) In my heart, after adding good oil, I feel that the big ball runs more briskly. In a hurry, I started the mad dog mode (the mobile phone turns on the GPS speed measurement software). The 120 began to arrogant. Found 120 kilometers of the big ball, shown on the meter table, about 135 or so. So almost the same way, pressing the 135 dial, always watching gps, speed measurement. I feel that the engine sound of the car is getting more and more exciting. The speed is getting faster and faster. Is the oil good? Or is it a learning function of CVT? ? At 120 o’clock, the control is still very stable, the glass deceleration effect is very good, you can let go of your heart, all the way to arrogance (small stupid glass generally exceeds 50 feeling speed is very fast, big ball 120 has not felt, the noise will be 100 The engine is sounding).
    At 6 o’clock in the evening, we finally arrived at Huangdao City in Qingdao. The first stop of the plan, Golden Beach is waiting for us, hehe. Check in at home, the wife of the wife. Look at the map from the three intersections of the sea, it did not come to the roots, so far. The roadside ate a bowl of Shaanxi and solved it. I drove to the beach to explore the road.
    The sea, the very quiet sea.
    On the first night, I stayed at the home of Huangdao, more than 300 pieces a night. The room function is very good, the network, TV, hot water are all, the room is not big. Driving too tired, I quickly fell asleep.
    Last night, I stayed at home and traveled around Huangdao City. The seaside city is not as inland, it is really clean, and it is not a big city with a small population. It is really a good place to live. I ate a bowl of Shanxi noodles, took a photo on WeChat, and looked at the reply. No one found out that we were at the beach…
    In the morning, I feel lazy, light rain, we still plan to start the Golden Beach, usually good deeds and good deeds, God gave face, to the beach, the sky gradually cleared, walking on the soft beach, feeling the waves (a Mi Lang, has not let the sea swim) the feeling of wetness is really good. The first time I saw the sea, I was so happy that I couldn’t hold it. Is this natural? ?
    Playing with sand, the plant sand at home is really weakIt is.
    What are the 4 people in front of? ? ?
    Children are happy
    After playing for 2 hours, I simply ate some dry food at noon, drove through the Cross-Harbour Tunnel (the first time I went deep into the sea), and set off for Qingdao (this would be more stupid, I wouldn’t use navigation, use the pad to open the map function, then All the way to look for the road to open, very dangerous, the middle of the wrong way, but fortunately that road is not a single line, I am open to the direction of the sea, the small alley left and right flash actually succeeded to kill, good character, no way. Qingdao There are many people traveling, and the coastal roads are all traffic jams. Looking at the scheduled hotel building is there, it is not open. The wife is annoyed, I am angry, and I saw an underground parking lot near the Ocean Park. Let’s play first. The parking lot is the first beach, and the baby is excited. So, all kinds of seas, we are wet again. Two hours later, forcibly pull the baby out of the sea and resist the shoulders.
    We are a family of glasses.
    There are more sea people in Qingdao. And the sand is a lot thicker. Hold a girl for a while.
    Take the girl to play in the water.
    When a child sees a sea otter, he doesn’t care. During this time, the daughter-in-law contacted the Home Inn in Polar Ocean World, so all kinds of traffic jams, we went on the road again (Qingdao price is really expensive, parking for 8 hours an hour, today’s light parking fee paid 41 yuan).
    At 7 o’clock in the evening, I came to the polar sea world, lived at home, really expensive, a house without windows, even a small 500, the parking lot is still 8 yuan an hour, let me not pay attention to quickly open out, parked on the roadside Pray in the heart, Amitabha, don’t open a ticket (the penalty is actually cheaper than the parking lot) at 10 o’clock in the evening, come out to eat and sneak a lap, found a hotel door vacant, decisively occupied. Eat Lanzhou Ramen tonight, plus Xinjiang kebabs + oil sac. Taking pictures, no one can see it at the seaside (a lot of people ask, go to Qingdao for a donkey and don’t eat seafood…).
    9 o’clock. Grouped tickets for Sea World. Going to the sea world’s kfc for breakfast (said that the sea world is fast becoming an independent kingdom, it is convenient to eat and live in addition to expensive). Then go to the gate of the scenic spot, there are so many people.
    Enter the sea world at 10 o’clock. People are innocent, too much, watching the animals squeezed in front of us, we are also tired, the girl, no interest, all the way shouting people, really many people. The daughter-in-law also has no feelings, it is all looking at people, it is almost difficult to squeeze into the animals.
    Animal performances are the signatures of the Sea World. The projects and performances I have performed last time are much longer than this time.
    After 12 o’clock, I hurriedly watched it and entered the performance session. I spit it out. When I came in 2009, I performed five shows, more than 40 minutes. There are only 3 left, about 10 minutes, and it feels like it hasn’t started yet. The daughter-in-law is not addictive, and there are too many people in Qingdao. The interest in playing is not great. In total, it is directed to Penglai.
    Qingdao Road has a lot of mouths. I don’t know all kinds of things. I started to learn the navigation function of Baidu map on my mobile phone. It is not bad. All the way along the instructions, smoothly left Qingdao, after various routes, began to rely on mobile phone navigation. In the middle, I turned a corner and opened a section of the newly built cross-sea bridge and felt it.
    From Qingdao to Penglai, after the high speed, there is a provincial highway of 34 kilometers. The advantage of choosing the suv is reflected. The Chinese-style road construction and the flat asphalt have suddenly become the seesaw dirt road. It is still less than 5km, which makes me feel the choice. The wiseness of the big ball. Compared to the carefulness of the car, the big ball can basically rush to the past. At 6 o’clock in the evening, I arrived in Penglai. My daughter-in-law was on the road, and the same hotel, the same facilities, different prices, this time only 200 yuan, of course, there is no window, why? The girl went in and out a few times in the room and felt that the room was a little different. \(^o^)/~.
    At 7 o’clock in the evening, I came out to the beach and went to the beach next to the Penglai Pavilion. I started to step on the water and pick up the shells. The girl continues, see the various crazy rushes of the water, all kinds of running. In order to hold the girl, the underwear was wet.
    Eight Immortals crossing the sea, we are just passing by. Such a small piece, to 30 tickets, said that death does not go in.
    Take the girl to play with the sea.
    Half a night, feel the fun of the shells.
    In the evening, with our bucket of loot, returning to our accommodation, or home, we live in the city is not worthy of attractions, only need more than 200. Downstairs is kfc, very convenient. Take a break and see where you can go tomorrow.
    Penglai – Long Island
    Today is Saturday, all kinds of miscalculations, a lot of people. Drive to Long Island Pier, all kinds of traffic jams, simply park the car to the nearby parking lot, walk to the dock to buy a ticket, queue for more than 1 hour, visitors do not have to say all kinds of additions, only know that the ship can pull the car … no experience to kill people.
    The sea liner has not been done, and the seabird has not seen it. Sitting in the cabin is boring, standing on the deck, all kinds of beautiful, all kinds of wait and see. I got off the boat and played at the dock for a while before I went to the fisherman’s house and went to the fisherman’s house. Because it was the peak season, I was very happy to receive our family for 400 yuan, three meals, and our family of three actually prepared eight dishes, let us know how Finished. (ps, this trip is really expensive, the fisherman is still cheap, eight dishes, too rich. Because of hungry, no photos.). Then we gave us two fishermen’s reception vouchers and told us that we can go to Crescent Bay to see the sea first.
    The harbour, waiting to receive our car.
    Holding the vouchers given by the farmer to the scenic spot to buy a ticket is not cheap, I am thinking about why this coupon is used? ? The beaches of Crescent Bay are the quietest, bluest and most beautiful of the beaches in these days. I can’t help but buy a pair of swimming trunks and rush to the beach. However, things that look very plump are often very daring, and the white sands of the cobblestones on the ground make people walk on the top. Of course, in order to alleviate the pain of tourists, the scenic spot has prepared sun umbrellas and beach chairs. It is only 80 yuan per hour. I feel that the pain points can be tolerated. The girl does not feel pain, but still rushes. This time, in front of the blue water, I am no longer afraid of getting wet in the swimming trunks. I will go out and take the girl down to the sea to play with the water, let the girl experience the feeling of swimming and swimming.
    Crescent Bay, with the flow of passengers, we are here.
    This cobblestone road, dead feet are not worth the effort. Niu Niu is very happy to play.
    The sea breeze is very big and the windmill is very beautiful.
    There are tents in the scenic area, chairs underneath, 80 yuan an hour. This photo is for the scenery.
    This place is not awesome, great.
    Happy daughter-in-law, girl.
    How, how, beautiful, this is called a parent.
    Half night, Xiaguang. Actually don’t want to go
    Afterglow, some people who don’t want to go. Under the reflection, another scene.
    The water in Crescent Bay is very blue, and it is the smallest of the waves in several beaches these days. Swimming is very suitable. The most common sentence of a girl in the afternoon is “not good to drink”. I also took the opportunity to swim in the deep sea for a while, very happy. At 7 o’clock in the evening, in the constant screaming of the scenic horn, the girl was finally pulled to the shore by us. Ten thousand unwilling, earning the withdrawal, the girl burst into tears. We held the child back to the fisherman’s house, only to feel that the girl was crying and not stopping. A good tourist stayed together, and the big hand smacked, and the girl began to jump again and again, and we realized that it was dislocated. The neighbor of the same place is actually the surgeon of Shanxi Children’s Hospital. I thought to myself that I must do more good things and go to good deeds.
    In the evening, the farmer is now advancing with the times, preparing for wifi, and not wanting to watch TV and surfing the Internet. With the ipad, play the big purpose again.
    I only officially observed our small room, only one big shop, then a small room to do the toilet. In other words, entering the house is only on board, going to the toilet, two choices. Put all your luggage on the bed. The conditions are really not good.
    Because Long Island is an island, fresh water should be derived from desalinated water, and the water pipes are very difficult to drink. Brushing my teeth, licking my mouth and washing my face made me straighten my teeth. Their bottled water is used for drinking, and I tried it with a bit of taste. But it can be swallowed. On this bucket of water, it costs more than 10 yuan, and island life is still not suitable.
    In the evening, the farmer booked for us the next day to do a steamboat trip, a boat of 2,000 yuan, this farmhouse lived 5 family members, each of which was 400 yuan. perfect.
    Long Island – Zhengzhou
    At 6 o’clock in the morning, get up, the fisherman is ready for breakfast. The most uncomfortable day of the trip, three meals were served. Today is a sea island tour. Yesterday, everyone let the boat owner help rent a motorboat. Today, the sea is upstream.
    In the morning, the 4 or 5 islands around Changxing Island kept wandering around. The boathouse was still on the boat and looking for excitement. Several times, from the waves that the big ship sailed, it rushed over, letting us feel the thrill of breaking the waves. Passing through the seal reef, luck is not good, we chose to wait a little longer and saw two wild seals. Then drove to the bird island, and all kinds of seabirds flew in front of them. After feeding the dry food in the bird’s hand, I simply went to visit a small island that can be used, and stayed on Baojian Island for an hour. The island simply walked up without anything, but surrounded by the sea, the scenery was intoxicating. Murdered me a lot of shutters.
    The maritime peaceful sea of ​​Long Island, in the morning, came to the pier and watched the quiet fishing boat.
    Niu Niu looked very carefully today.
    Passing through the seal reef, we were lucky enough to see a wild seal. Notice the black dots in the middle of the screen.
    Then drove the boat to Bird Island and saw the seabirds flying.
    Closer to the bird island, you can see the nest of the seabird.
    Very close to us, very close.
    Bring some instant noodles, mash them, throw them out.
    A group of people, all come, really beautiful.
    In front is a boat for another visitor.
    The last attraction is an island. You can go ashore (the boater picks up other tourists and throws us to the island for 2 hours).
    Very happy, here you can see the beautiful scenery, and the surrounding is beautiful.
    The boat that brought us over is slowly moving.
    The distance should be a fishery, the sea and the sky are beautiful.
    In the sea, boating. Endless.
    There is a road on the island, let’s go explore.
    Beautiful scenery, come again.
    The lighthouse is so beautiful.
    The daughter-in-law does not forget to embrace nature.
    Come to, at the end, what will it be?
    The answer is revealed, the logo of Baojian Island.
    After staying on the island for two hours, the boat came back to pick us up. It came out at 6 in the morning. Now it is just 10:30, we will return to Long Island, and then we will return to the farmhouse and start to return.
    Returning, give me a lesson, don’t choose the high speed to the provincial capital. At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Penglai landed and drove to Zhengzhou. The route was Penglai-Jinan-Heze-Zhengzhou. Before the speed to Jinan, the car was dying, and the speed was often 60-80. I encountered a few car accidents at high speed, the traffic jam did not move, and I was open and I couldn’t stand it. At this time, the benefits of driving the wife will be reflected, directly on top. This is the first time my wife opened my car. In the principle of not changing lanes and slowly opening, I helped me open for 3 hours. Let me get a certain rest, as for the girl, this return is very powerful, after getting on the car, 6 points downSleeping, I slept until 2 o’clock in the morning, tired of even peeing, and directly put the map on my car.
    Practical strategy
    The whole process cost: about 5,000 yuan Qingdao accommodation is more expensive than the average price of 400 or more Huangdao 300 or more Penglai 200 yuan, Long Island 400
    The high-speed full journey is about 2,000 kilometers, and the toll fuel fee is about 2,000 yuan. Zhengzhou-Rizhao-Qingdao-Penglai full-speed
    Transportation: Zhengzhou-Qingdao-Huangdao-Penglai Full-speed high-speed Penglai-Long Island Need to take a ferry
    Long Island can also drive by yourself. It takes about 2 hours to get on the boat on weekends. Long Island can also consider renting a car.
    Long Island Island Tour requires a charter boat, the cost is about 1500~2000, about 10 people in a boat, and the group will reduce the cost.
    Accommodation: The whole process is as fast as home, about 360 in Huangdao, about 450 in Qingdao, 280 in Penglai, and a farmer in Long Island.
    Catering: Because the children are small, they don’t try seafood. They are eating fast food, pasta, KFC, MDL all the way. The average price is 70 yuan.
    Shopping: We don’t have shopping. In short, if you want to bring seafood, don’t buy it in Qingdao.
    Matters needing attention: driving at high speed and long distance, you need to pay attention to fatigue problems, and N encounters a car accident on the road. I am lucky, I have escaped.
    All in all, it is self-care and not fatigue.
    Long-distance self-driving, check the condition of the car in advance, all kinds of oil, water, top up.
    Clear destinations, navigate in advance, and don’t stop at the next stop. Traffic jams can also be dangerous.
    There will be serious differences in eating habits across provinces, and bring more foods that you like.
    Domestic travel is expensive, especially for ticket sales in scenic spots, try to buy online in advance, or choose free scenic spots.
    Free scenic tour, pay attention to parking costs, 8 yuan (Qingdao) for one hour, don’t avoid the ticket being scared to death by the parking fee.
    Seaside travel pay attention to mobile phone waterproof.
    Put some small biscuits around, and occasionally feed the seabirds.
    Take a few more clothes to change clothes. The sea is more tidal.
    Long Island is an island, and the tap water tastes very good. If you are driving, you are advised to bring a large bucket of water.

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