A short trip to western Sichuan, meet you in the most beautiful season

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During the trip to Daocheng, it can be said that I left and went. My friend asked me if Daocheng was going to go. If I didn’t think about it, I would go back and go. I have booked everything, only to find that I am a “wolf into the tiger’s mouth”, the climate is bad there, there is a high anti-revolution, my heart began to retreat, my friends said that the snow is better to see, then daring to squat ~
     Chengdu, hot pot, I am coming.
    We started from Shanghai, one day in advance to Chengdu, just to eat a hot pot in Chengdu, and set off the next morning to start our trip to Daocheng Aden.
    It’s just around 3 pm in Chengdu, just have time to go to Chengdu. I’m very strange to Chengdu. Although I saw a lot of Raiders before, but because of the time, there is not so much time for me everywhere. Go, randomly selected Taikoo Li.
    I haven’t taken two steps yet. Peng Ge ran to buy a ghost that I didn’t know. It’s delicious. It’s probably hungry. It’s delicious.
    When I was in Taikoo, it was already raining. I felt that I couldn’t go shopping. I started looking for a hot pot. I asked a few friends in Chengdu, there is a recommendation for Xiaolongkan, and there is a recommendation for Dalong, how can I not recommend the local hot pot in Chengdu? If you eat these two hot pots in Shanghai, can you still eat them in Chengdu? Unwilling to turn us for more than 20 minutes, and finally the stomach began to resist, then find more people, it is so casual to choose big! Dragon! Hey!
    It tastes great and is more delicious than Shanghai.
    When you are full, it is best for bending, and when it comes out from the hot pot restaurant, it is not raining. It seems that Dacheng is still very fond of me.
    Follow the navigation and walk from Taikoo Li for twenty or thirty minutes to the riverside. The night view of Binjiang is beautiful.
    Opposite the road is Lan Kwai Fong. There are a lot of bars here. I am also the first time I saw my little brother coming out to pull the guest. I always feel strange.
    Lan Kwai Fong came out and went on, it was the Jiuyan Bridge.
    After crossing the Jiuyan Bridge, I went to Guijie Street. The bar was a street. I couldn’t borrow it. There were a lot of people. Is there a ringing bell ringing my ears?
     The next day, Chengdu to Xinduqiao
    Finally embarked on a short road to the westbound
    Because there was some late departure in the morning, and the distance was a little far away, there were too many stops in the first place on the first day.
    (I said that innocent and beautiful, I want to pat and slap, and the driver laughs at me. “Where is this, the day behind is a hundred times better than this.”)
     Flying over the Luding Bridge
    The initial memory of Luding Bridge was in the elementary school textbook. At that time, the sinister feeling of flying the Luding Bridge was felt through the lines of the word. The bigger the point was, the text was transformed into a picture in the TV series, and the momentum was still extraordinary.
    When I was standing on the bridge, I repeatedly asked Peng Ge, “Is the Red Army really attacking here?”
    Peng Ge said, “Otherwise, we have a way to go now, there are chains to support. At that time, the Red Army had only two chains under the feet, two wooden boards, no armrests. They changed one by one with two pieces of wood. To avoid the rain of bullets on the opposite side, the people in front are being knocked out of the rushing river, and the people behind are to make up immediately. So, cherish the peace life now.”
    Thanks to Peng Ge for a history lesson, let me have a red trip.
    Seriously taking pictures of Peng Ge.
    It is not because of ignorance, but because the environment is too dangerous to be trusted. The bridge is now very safe, but the staff still only let us walk the three planks in the middle, looking down at the rapids under the bridge is a little soft, and some people choose to give up without taking two steps on the bridge.
    Watching the lifeboat under the bridge is always ready, I hope not to use it.
    A brief introduction to the iron chain, there is also an introduction that is to use egg white and glutinous rice as a binder, forget to shoot, if you go, you can look for a description, have to admire people’s wisdom.
    The little brother on the bridge wore the clothes of the Red Army and stood on the bridge with the Luding Bridge. Perhaps the red color in his heart is more vivid.
    Tip: After passing the check-in, turn left onto the bridge, there is a temple on the right, and it is also an exit. (The logo is not obvious. After going out, you need to re-open the gate. We just didn’t see it just over a minute and passed it again. The younger brother who checked the ticket had a good temper and used the staff certificate to help us brush it.
    The five-star red flag fluttering.
     Kangding not only has the running horse mountain, but also the folding pond
    Passing through Duotang, at an altitude of 3200m, in the morning at 20°C in Chengdu, in the afternoon, it will run near the snow-capped mountains near 0 °C. The thick clothes are in the trunk, and the altitude is rising all the way. It is afraid that the high fever will cause a cold and fever. After the impact of the trip, there is not too much to take a photo.
    The top of the tunnel has a flag painted by neon lights. I feel that China’s five-star red flag is really good.
     Khampa First Pass: Folding Mountain
     Fold mountain
    Folding Mountain is the first mountain on the G318, with an altitude of 4,298m.
    I am very curious and clearly called “Folding Mountain”. Why is it that the monument is engraved with “Western Folding”? After checking the information, I understand what is going on.
    Folding Mountain is the key to the “Khampa First Pass” and the first pass into the Kham Tibetan Area. Therefore, there is a special place in the stand.The meaning.
    West: All the way to the west, the geographical position points to the far side of the G318 national road.
    Out: Take the Foldan Mountain as the starting point, walk out of the plains and officially enter the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in the true sense.
    More folds: not only the place name “folding more mountains”, but also full of dangers and meanings, “folding more” in Tibetan is the meaning of bending more.
    The sun here is late, and the moon can’t wait to come out and change the shift. The snow-capped mountains are golden in the setting sun, and it looks like a snow-capped mountain like a golden layer. It is very spectacular.
    The winding mountain road of the Duoshan Mountain is really a nine-curve 18-bend. It is like a “multiple” word. It is bent and bent. Looking up at the car above seems to shift up. As a result, we have to go far to get up.
    Starting from Chengdu, it is recommended to put thick clothes directly on the car. Don’t be too lazy to take out the clothes from the suitcase. As a result, I missed a lot of scenery because of the cold.
     On the third day, Xinduqiao to Daocheng
    Xinduqiao is about 350 kilometers from Daocheng County, and the distance is not too far. Start early in the morning, have a good time all the way, you can pat in the beautiful scenery.
    Early in the morning, the clouds are still resting between the mountainsides. We feel that we will drill into the clouds in the next second. Is it possible to go to the heavenly court of the Jade Emperor?
    On the second day, we stayed at six spectacular places: Tianlu 18, Xiongzongka, Kazila Mountain, Sky City, Rabbit Mountain, and Haizi Mountain.
    Along the way, there are also the Daocheng White Pagoda and the Red Grass. The energy is spent on the front scenery, and it is necessary to go to the horse farm before the dark, and there is no stop in these two places.
     Tian Lu 18
    After driving for a few hours, the car can finally get off and rest. I feel that the bend of the 18th bend of the Tianlu (the shearer bends the mountain) is more than the previous day’s “folding mountain”, but also steep, all this roundabout The road is actually not far away, but the mountain roads are mostly hovering, and there are relatively many roads to go.
    The scissors are curved in the northern Sichuan-Tibet line of G318, in Yajiang County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province.
     Xiong Zongka
    I didn’t go far to Xiong Zongka Mountain, but also in Yajiang, at an altitude of 4281m. There is no signal on the mobile phone. I can’t send a photo of Meimei. Fortunately, I don’t have obsessive-compulsive disorder: I have to send a circle of friends when I take a picture, otherwise it’s true. It’s going to collapse.
    Remember to bring some change, it will be used in the bathroom, ranging from 1 yuan to 2 yuan. The bathroom in this place didn’t have to pick. After a few hours of driving, I couldn’t see a family, or I could solve it with a toilet.
    Local residents make their own sinks.
     Kazila Mountain
    Then came to Kazila Mountain, a mountain located at the boundary between Yajiang and Litang in Sichuan Province. It is 4,718m above sea level. It is cold and oxygen-deficient all year round. The mountain surface is mainly alpine meadow with few trees.
    The scriptures that can be seen everywhere.
    Because it is close to the clouds, the clouds are covered by the clouds, and the vegetation on the mountains is bright and dark. It looks like a Chinese soldier.
     Sky city on the plateau
    Not far from the Kazila Mountain, it has reached the sky city grassland, and there is a kind of beauty that “the wind blows the grass and the cows and sheep are low.”
    People are picking stars, I am picking marshmallows, I really like them.
     Lovely rabbit mountain
    The city of the sky continues to go to the rabbit mountain, at an altitude of 4696m, you can see a pair of rabbit ears standing on the opposite side of the hill.
    There are large and small gravel along the way, as if descending from the sky, the top of the gravel is not the mountain, if it is a mountain, you can guess that it is a falling stone, let us guess it is the strange stone from heaven.
    There is also a legend in Rabbit Mountain.
    The altitude here is already very high, but we don’t have too much time to drive all the way, so there is not much feeling about high anti. However, people who are sensitive to high anti-sensitivity may feel ear pain or headache. They are not allowed to be sensitive to high anti-intelligence. Only when they come will they know.
    The net uploads, people who usually have physical fitness here are basically nothing high, and people with good physical fitness will feel high. In fact, there is no basis for it. It depends mainly on the mood. After coming, don’t worry about it.
     Haizi Mountain
    The place where the rabbit mountain climbs up to the top of the mountain is Haizi Mountain, which is located between Litang and Daocheng counties. The average elevation is 4,500m. There are more than 1000 Haizi large and small, and its scale and density are unique in China. The name “Haizi Mountain”. (OS: So many Haizi, I know which one can take me to the real ancient Shujing~)
    The wind is really big, watching my hair messy in the wind, there is no image at all.
    We also met a very beautiful road. Who said that only the most beautiful roads are available in foreign countries.
    From the rabbit mountain, there are many Mani piles piled up with stones along the way.
    Peng Ge is in the pile of Mani.
    Mani heap, Tibetan language called “Duo Bang”, is the “stone of the base.” “Duo Bang” is divided into two types: “Break the gangs” and “Zhen Xie Duo Bang”. In the mountains, intersections, lakes and riversides of Tibet, almost all of them can be seen in the altar of stone and stone.
    The altitude here is very high, and it is crazy for a while, a little heartbeat, let me breathe oxygen.
    Riding under the dusk
    In order to catch the horse before the sun goes down, go to the hotel and drop the luggage and come to the racecourse.
    White Dragon Horse 哎~, how do you feel like you are learning from the West, all the way to the west, and the heaven and the white dragon horse, plus the driver Zhou Jie, we are just four people, you can get on the road.
    Horseback chasing the sunset, the picture is so beautiful, but unfortunately I am not riding the horse.
    The horse here is not very big. If it is ok, can it be like the romantic shot in Qiong Yao’s drama, the five princes riding with little swallows, hahaha…
    Peng Ge is very happy to ride.
    All the way to the sick Peng brother riding the horse, the whole person turned out to be refreshing, but also said: “I don’t hurt now, the heart is not mad, that is, can trotting and jumping.” We all Jokingly said: “It seems that the horse is the most high-ranking.”
    Peng brother was disgusted by the dog.
    I lived in Daocheng County at night, went out for dinner after dinner, bought some cola and fruit. I thought that the things here would be more expensive than usual. The result is not only expensive but also cheaper. Zhou Jie said: “The government here is relatively strict. And there are so many government subsidies, there is no need to sell high prices.”
    Daocheng’s night is full of romance.
     Fourth, five or two days, visit Aden Scenic Area
    There are holy snow-capped mountains, yellow meadows, colorful valleys, colorful seas and Daocheng Sanshen Mountain. We went to the end of October, and we are very lucky.
    Daocheng Aden scenic spot is very big, we are on the first day of the short-term, and the altitude is not very high, the road is also good to go, it is not so hard to walk, but the long line of the next day, walking too tired, walking 6 or 7 Hours, plus strong winds, high reversals, almost gave up several times, thanks to the encouragement of strangers along the way.
    Because the content of Daocheng Aden is more, I wrote it out separately, and interested friends can open an article.read.
       Jinqiuchuan West | Going to Daocheng Aden to go to an autumn fairy tale
       The two-day journey is only for Daocheng Yading, which is a “county” under the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province. Aden is a village in Daocheng County, in the scenic area. When we came, it was a working day, there were still many tourists, and there were many photography teams.
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    Everyone said, “Love ta takes ta to Daocheng.” After I came here, I found out that you hate someone who can bring ta to Daocheng. Just kidding, here is just to emphasize that Daocheng is actually a paradise for the eyes and a hell of the body.
    But you must come once in your life and look at this beautiful scenery.
     On the sixth day, Daocheng to Seda
    It was another morning, and Seda was more than 600 kilometers away from Daocheng. It was almost a day to open. This time it was a real experience that “the journey is the hardest and the happiest.” Hard work is to hurry, happy is all the way without having to think about the various trivial things of work and life, only eating, drinking and having fun, this time is the happiest.
    The number of cars on the way is obviously much less than that on the G318. There are probably more people going to Daocheng than there are people from Seda.
    There will be a lot of signs on the road and the vivid image of “ignoring safety, car crashing”, it can be said that the visual impact is very strong, especially when I am timid, I am afraid.
    Therefore, we must remind everyone to drive carefully on the road, control the speed, and must check the car before going to the Sichuan-Tibet line. Our driver will once give the car a maintenance every time he runs the Sichuan-West line back to Chengdu.
    Just a few minutes after the warning sign, I saw a more real dangerous scene, and I hope there are no casualties. It is not recommended to take the light body of the car to the Sichuan-Tibet line, which will increase the risk factor.
    Or change to a more relaxed topic.
    A few days ago, Zhou Jie also said that he was going to the west of Sichuan or the Sichuan-Tibet line. The most feared thing was that he encountered sheep or cattle on the road. They were very overbearing and occupied the road, and they used strength to prove what is the more slow”.
    We also secretly glad that we did not encounter them. As a result, let us catch up today, or two, first, after the flock, it is a herd. Leading them is a 15-year-old boy, and it will not be rushed.
    I have seen traffic jams, and it’s really the first time I’ve seen a blocked cow.
    We just followed the buttocks of the flock, this flock was like deliberately messing up, and it was hard to see some hope, and the other bee was stuck in front of the sports car, tossing back and forth several times, when it was about to give up, from the back Come up with a “God car.”
    The driver was also fierce, and Wuling Hongguang was on the sheep’s buttocks. We saw the stitches in the back and finally stood out.
    When the morning came out, the sky was blue and blue, but I still like the sky with white clouds, so that it is more attractive. I don’t know when I look up again, the clouds have come out in pieces.
    Especially to the Lake of Casa, the clouds are dazzling.
    Located in Luhuo County of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Casa Lake is the largest waterbird habitat in Northwest Sichuan.
    Continue to go, to an unknown Chinese road that feels more beautiful than the US Route 66, can’t help but take a lot of photos here, although there are not many vehicles, but still pay attention to safety, do not always occupy the road affecting the vehicle .
    After visiting Daocheng Aden, the whole person is just like alive. Not only can he go fast, but he can also trotting and jumping. It is really more and more crazy.
    Finally, I want to enter Seda. The first level is to check everyone’s ID card and register it. If it is strict, it can guarantee everyone’s safety.
    Not too far from the registry to see an interesting scene: Is this brother dei in the Hummer? We are also joking whether they are on a grassland and take a picture of riding a horse. This road is not only the driver but also the “props horse”.
    The closer you feel to your destination, the darker and grayer the sky. It’s been a long time since I came out, and it’s the first time I met a cloudy day.
    It didn’t take long for the snow to float, and it was all the way from the bright sun to the heavy snow.
    I believe that the weather forecast is 6:30 and the snow stops. We think that we can sleep late the next day. Then go to Seda Wuming Buddhist College to see the night scene at night.
    You can take the bus to walk up, we can choose to take the car to save time because of the late weather.
    I used to know only the word “outcoming family”. Today I really have a long experience, and I learned “in the family”. If I really saw the text prompt, others told me the word, I was afraid to say that the other party had compiled it.
    The cost of “going monks” going down the mountain is cheaper than our “family” and can be paid by WeChat scan code.
    After going up, I found that the snow was getting bigger and bigger, and even the lights in the distance could not be seen clearly, let alone the house. However, it is good to play snow, but it is like a child who is drenched into a snowman.
    There are gains and losses, no spectacular red houses, no fat groundhog, because the early ground of this year’s Seda, the woodchucks hibernate early. In order to make up for my regret, Zhou Jie sent me a few of the groundhogs she had taken before.
    You are so cute, you still fight.
    Leaving with regret, I must remember with my thoughts, I think I will come back to Seda.
     On the seventh day, Seda to Bi Penggou
    This is the only day in the itinerary that doesn’t have to get up early. According to my own schedule, I don’t want to go to the red house of Sida Buddha College. I don’t have to get up early, sleep naturally and wake up to see the celestial burial ceremony.
    Before I came to Seda, I didn’t know what “day burial” was. Listening to the driver and talking to us along the way, and then I checked some related content on the Internet: Tibetan areas due to geographical and cultural relations, Tibetan people will die after the death of the people (the death of the disease is not allowed, the fear of vultures eaten Will get sick).
    From the stone on the side of the road, you can see the traces of snow that had passed the previous day.
     In Seda, see a sacred celestial burial
    The celestial burial is a traditional way of burial of the Tibetans. It is also a very sacred thing, and “giving” is one of the symbols of believers. The highest state of giving is to give up.
    After the death, the body is taken to the designated place for the vultures (or other birds, beasts, etc.) to be swallowed. The core of the celestial burial is the immortality of the soul and the reincarnation. Death is just the soul that is not destroyed.Separation from the old body, so there is no deafening crying in their family here, and some are solemn and solemn. Being able to carry out celestial burial is also a glory.
    We arrived at the celestial burial platform at 11 o’clock in the morning. At that time, there were not many people coming, and the sky was gray.
    The celestial burial ceremony of the day began at 2 pm. Later, I learned that the daily burial time is different. It is usually held between 13:30-16:00, and the time is selected by the celestial burial master.
    In the past, the celestial burial platform here was without walls, and visitors could witness the entire burial process. Some friends who have seen it say that the five-layer mask still can’t cover the taste of the carrion, and it will seriously affect the appetite after reading.
    At the side of the celestial burial platform, there is a special tourist area for tourists. The working area of ​​the celestial burial master is about 60 meters away. There is a reminder board on the side that says “No photo or camera is allowed.”
    From here, the left side is the celestial burial platform, and the right side is the silent tower where the raft is stored.
     Tian burial detailed process
    Out of respect for the deceased, no photos were taken throughout the journey.
    When the celestial burial ceremony is about to begin, the celestial burial master will cover the curtains in the wall, one is to respect the deceased, and the other is to avoid the vultures from injuring the tourists, and at the same time avoiding the tourists seeing too bloody scenes.
    After the body was transported up, the family successively held the wrapped relatives or held them, and placed them on a carved circle under the altar. It was super-degree, then carried to the altar and circled again, and finally sent to the celestial burial. station.
    The viewer can determine from the volume of the shroud whether the deceased is an adult or a child. A total of 10 were sent on the day we watched. The last one was a 7- and 8-year-old child. All the people present felt sorry.
    Before the celestial burial, the families of the deceased would burn butter tea in a place not far from the celestial burial platform. Then bear the dead into the celestial burial platform, the celestial burial ceremony of the celestial burial master of the palm of the hand, the celestial burial in the celestial burial ground, before the ceremony begins, the family will ask the lama to recite the undead. Wearing a Tibetan robes, the celestial burial master stood in front of the celestial burial platform with a clean costume. While reading the over-curse, he took out the Tibetan knife and cut the shroud.
    The celestial burial master unveiled the shroud and did not dismember the body, but directly cut the person. Let the back of the body face the sky, cut it from the neck to the waist; then cut it to the head and cut it. The first knife falls on the back, first three knives, then three knives, meaning: “Repose it!” . Then, with a force, the scalp will fall, the hair will be thrown next to the scalp, and then the hands and feet will be cut. (These details are spoken by friends who have seen the whole process before.)
    On the same day, there were two celestial burial masters. When they finished all the corpses, they would tell the vultures to start eating them in their own way. At this time, the vultures would swarm.
    When the celestial burial master handled the corpse, I began to walk down. As long as I saw the spectacular scene of the vulture eating, it was enough to shock, and the scene was as clear below.
    When Peng Ge came down, one of his eyes caught a hand inside, and the stomach began to feel uncomfortable. Therefore, if you can’t see the scene, you can look far away.
    Don’t think about the whole picture, but think of them as a kind of ritual for reincarnation.
    For the first time, I saw the vultures in such a big scene gather together. Some of them fly very low. They can see the feathers on their wings. It is said that they can stretch their wings up to two meters. No wonder it is known as a condor. It is very powerful and very sultry.
    Adult vultures can weighIn order to reach 30 to 40 kilograms, I have never heard of “vulture”. I don’t know if you have heard of “mountain mountain carving”? The eagle is one of the aliases of the vulture.
    The vulture waiting for the command of the celestial priest.
    Tibetan Buddhism believes that vultures are the embodiment of empty mothers. After death, the soul leaves the body and enters a new cycle. The body becomes a useless skin. After the death, the body is fed to the vulture. It is also the last good deed of life, and the deceased can have a good life, and also have a good life. For other animals to avoid being eaten by vultures, in exchange for more living opportunities.
    Almost no one has ever seen a vulture. When it knows that it is about to die, it will vacate thousands of miles and desperately fly toward the sun until the sun and airflow dissolve its body, leaving no trace in the world.
    The friend stood at the door of the silent tower where the skull was placed. I don’t know if the non-Tibetan can enter. I happened to run into a Tibetan who could speak a little Chinese. Seeing that she had been standing there, she said directly to her, “Go in and see.”
    Inside is the skull of the person who donated the corpse to the celestial burial. The inner space is a curved dome, filled with skulls, and everyone who comes in will be respected. The friend said that there are many skulls in the teeth that are intact, and it can be seen that they are young people.
    Since Tianzongtai built a tourist area here, I think they also want to spread their culture and let more people know about it.
    I hope that everyone who visits can respect the local culture and not look at it with awkward or ridiculous attitude. Being is reasonable and can not be understood, but please respect.
    May every deceased rest in peace.
     On the eighth day, Bi Penggou to Chengdu
    After watching the celestial burial, we drove to Bi Penggou and stayed near the scenic spot that night. The original route was to reach Danba from the color, Danba was traffic control due to road repair, traffic jam was serious, and it would seriously affect the itinerary. Therefore, it was decided to change the road to the shack ditch, although I could not go to Danba and live in the Tibetan village, but come to see it. Bi Penggou is also a great experience.
    The scenery is really a must, the morning is a world of silver, and by noon, it becomes colorful.
    Therefore, I wrote the Bi Penggou separately and wrote it.
       Bi Penggou, both colorful in the late autumn and silver in the deep winter
       The unexpected surprise after this time in western Sichuan was Bi Penggou. The original route was to reach Danba from the color. Danba was traffic control due to road repair. The traffic jam was serious and would seriously affect the itinerary. Zhou Jie asked if we would go to Bi Penggou. Look, here is their little Jiuzhai. Check it online, there are mountains and water, just like what I like, of course I can’t refuse.
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    Because our time is not plentiful, so the whole car rides up and down, although it saves time, but also missed a lot of beautiful scenery, suggest friends with time, you can put a day in the scenic area, stop and go, enjoy every scenery.
    In Chengdu, there are friends around you who will also choose to go to Bi Penggou on weekends.
     Night tour Jinli, feel Chengdu culture
    It’s already 1 pm from Bi Penggou. It’s about 7 pm driving all the way to Chengdu. It’s still a few hours away from sleep. Of course, you can’t waste a good time. Simply choose to go to Jinli.
    Before coming to Chengdu, I had three thoughts, hot pot, skewers and ice powder. The hot pot had already been eaten on the night of Chengdu, so the string and ice powder would be solved on this day. After all, I made an oath. “I can’t eat ice powder and never return to Shanghai.”
    Peng Ge took me all the way to find the ice powder. I almost gave up in the middle of the trip. There are few re-samples of the food here. Fortunately, Peng Ge found a friend recommended ice powder under the unremitting search.
    The value of the face is high and the taste is good. This is called ice powder. The top of the food I eat in Shanghai is the ice powder with brown sugar water. There are various ingredients here, which are all like to eat.
    A small bowl of ice powder is about to gather my heart. It is no wonder that everyone says that they are all “the land of abundance”, a city that does not want to leave when they come.
    Jinli and Shanghai’s Tianzifang are somewhat similar, but they are more fun than Tianzifang. The Jinli booth is orderly. The net red products will not be as full of Tianzifang, and many non-legend artists can be seen.
    Pastries are also dazzling.
    There are also stalls and ears, Chengdu people will not only eat, but also enjoy life.
    After the walk, my stomach began to remind everyone to eat. There is a string on the door of the hotel where we live. It looks good and there are many people. After eating back to the hotel, I will leave the dream city and return to the real city the next day. Struggle.
     Food on West Sichuan Road
    Starting from Chengdu is the beginning of a trip to western Sichuan. Although it is only seven days, it is enough for me to fall in love with it.
    Before I set out, I thought that I could only eat fruit because of high anti-reverse, so I could complete my weight loss plan. I am still too young. I used to be obsessed with Sichuan cuisine. I came to the birthplace of Sichuan cuisine. How can I control myself?
    【first day】
    Starting from Chengdu, on the way to Xinduqiao, lunch was settled at the first farmhouse in the next high speed.
    Boiled fish (fish is 3 kg 6 two), potato silk, fried eggs, three people have lunch, and finally the fish eat half.
    When I walked to the mountainous area in the afternoon, I actually sold barbecued meat. It looked like it was selling well, the price was not expensive, and the taste was not bad.
    After arriving at the inn in the evening, I was planning to go around and find something to eat. I was so cold that it was too cold. At that time, the temperature was minus 3 °C. I ordered a plateau special yak soup pot at the inn. The boss warmly reminded us. There are meat and vegetables inside, we only need a single dish to eat, and then it is not enough to eat.
    【the next day】
    From Xinduqiao to Daocheng, there are few hotels in the whole journey, but there are many views.
    Lunch is still eaten at the high-speed farmhouse. The road is far away. It is already 2 o’clock in the afternoon when I have lunch. I ordered a piece of fragrant pig stewed potatoes, the speciality of the peppers here, and the chopped green onion is basically every meal. Must be, because there is a companion who especially likes to eat scrambled eggs.
    In the afternoon, when I was in Xiong Zongka, I also encountered the sale of barbecue. It is a little more expensive than the mountain, but it is relatively meaty and tastes good. You can add it yourself.
    In the evening, I went to eat the wild mushroom soup recommended by Zhou Jie. The boss said that the soup can be effectively adapted to high anti-inversion, and the inside is pork, but for me, the wild bacteria inside is super tender and tastes good.
    [Day 3]
    On the first day of going to the Aden Scenic Area in Daocheng, I ate a string in Daocheng County in the evening.
    [Day 4]
    I climbed the mountain for a day and walked for 7 or 8 hours. At night, I could finally eat a whole roasted lamb. The sheep was baked from the afternoon. The meat was very fragrant and very tasty, and it can be eaten here. The mutton can be used as a soup, but if you eat meat, you are already full.
    [The fifth day]
    After eating meat for a few days, I feel that I have more meat than I usually eat for half a year. I want to eat something at noon. For the northerners, I need a bowl of noodles to adjust.
    It looks delicious, numb and spicy, not bad.
    When it arrived at Seda, it was already snowing. There are many Tibetans here. Everyone thinks that it is a bit unreasonable to not eat some Tibetan food in Tibetan areas. I chose a local famous Tibetan restaurant and asked the guests at the next table which dishes were delicious. As a result, the guests at the side table also recommended it enthusiastically. Therefore, except for the butter tea, it is our own point, and the others are “spelling”. Take a dish that everyone thinks is delicious from every table.
    My favorite is the cover (the consumption of cattle), the potatoes and beef inside, the top of the cake, and the Tibetan special chili sauce, perfect. There is also a white cloud tofu, I usually don’t eat tofu. I feel like eating small crispy meat. It is a bit sweet for me. If you like sweets, you can try it.
    The earthen pot (beef) that must be ordered at each table is also good, but I have already eaten before eating this.
    The decoration is very special. It is recommended to eat in the lobby after going to the lobby, and the lobby is warmer than the private room. The key is that it is so delicious, the per capita is less than 100 yuan, it is really delicious and affordable.
    [sixth day]
    This is the first restaurant that came down from the celestial burial platform. Just after taking a cumin beef, I have not waited for a photo. A group of evil spirits have already dried the dishes. The cumin beef is not the same as the one I imagined. This is a lot of water, and the taste is a bit faint. It is recommended that friends who like spicy food order braised beef.
    Standard fried eggs, potato silk, potato silk is my favorite.
    At night, it is already 11 o’clock in the evening near the Bi Penggou scenic spot. Just eat some potatoes and stewed sirloin.
    [Seventh day]
    To return to Chengdu, let us eat the last meal in the plateau area and buy a bottle of local drink “sea buckthorn”. The first one is hard to swallow. It tastes weird. Friends say good, but drink a few more. The mouth is really good after adapting to this taste, sour.
    These are the above things, I have made a stumbling block to lose weight all the way, please condemn them together.
    Day 1: Depart from Shanghai, go to Chengdu (overnight in Chengdu Red House), visit Taikooli, Lan Kwai Fong, Jiuyan Bridge, Guijie Street, eat hot pot at night.
    Day 2: Departure from Chengdu, Luding Bridge, mountainous: 4750m above sea level, Xinduqiao Town: 3350m above sea level (overnight Xinduqiao)
    Day 3: Xinduqiao Town, Yuyao County, Yulitang County, Judacheng County: 3740m above sea level (night in Daocheng)
    Day4~5: 2 days tour of Daocheng Yading Scenic Area, Day 3 Night Stay, Day 4 Night Stay Daocheng
    Day 6: Daocheng ➡ 217 Provincial Road ➡ Litang County ➡ Xinlong County ➡ G317 ➡ Color: 3700m above sea level (overnight)
    Day 7: Seda ➡ G317, Lili County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture (near the neighborhood of Bi Penggou)
    Day 8: Bi Penggou, Wenchuan, Yingxiu, back to Chengdu in the afternoon (overnight at Chengdu Shuangliu Airport), go shopping in Jinli at night, eat ice powder, eat skewers
    Day 9: Depart from Chengdu, return to Shanghai
     About the fee
    Number of people: 3 people + 1 driver
    Cost: 7,000 yuan (including Shanghai-Chengdu round-trip ticket, chartered, eat and live, other)
    Itinerary: 9 days and 8 nights
    Time: Shanghai to Chengdu on October 20, flying back to Shanghai in the early morning on October 28, 7 days in the middle is the trip to Daocheng Aden Seda
     About high anti
    High anti-recurrence will occur: headache, chest tightness, rapid heartbeat, nausea, vomiting, etc. Listening to friends saying that eating Rhodiola in advance can reduce high anti-inversion. I eat it 10 days in advance, but after that, it is still more or less high. On the first day, I entered the Yading scenic spot and jumped on the mountain. I went down the mountain and had a fever. It was not serious. I took a little cold medicine and slept well (it seems that it is useful to inhale oxygen at the hotel at night).
    During the trip, drink plenty of hot water, do not overeating, ensure sleep, do not exercise vigorously, add clothes, do not catch cold.
    1. From Chengdu, take the West Sichuan route and go to Daocheng to play. It can be said that it is very fast in 7 days. When you return to the hotel at night, you don’t want to eat. In the morning, you have to get up again. Each attraction is far apart. Travel between counties, towns, and autonomous prefectures. If time is sufficient, the choice of trips can be longer and not too tired to play;
    2. Enter high altitude areas, remember not to exercise vigorously, and prohibit big jumps;
    3. Enter the Daocheng Scenic Area of ​​Daocheng with less dry food. There are few shops in the scenic area. Don’t expect to buy food in the scenic area;
    4. If you enter the scenic area and take a long line, you are not recommended to ride a horse. If you want to ride a horse, you can talk to the driver. If you want to ride a horse, you can help the driver to find a place where you can ride. The price is also cheap, 180 yuan/person.
    5. Enter the Daocheng scenic area of ​​Daocheng. You don’t have to wear the same thickness as the polar bear. The mountain climbing process will be very hot. It is too thick to wear and it is very convenient to climb the mountain. The warm baby is also very warm. The most important thing is to protect your head. It is slightly slight. High-reverse, the top of the head is pressed like a heavy object. It climbs into the sea of ​​milk and the sea of ​​five colors. The wind is huge, and it is easy to catch a cold.
    6. Don’t plan to save trouble and fly directly to Daocheng Airport. Several friends thought that there was an airport flying directly. After the plane landed, they couldn’t stand the high-reverse direct ticket purchase. There was a serious problem. They went to Chengdu Hospital and stayed for a few. The sky went straight home. In fact, the high counter is not terrible, but we need to adapt slowly. It is an adaptation process to go by car.
    7. High-altitude ultraviolet light in the highland area, we must do a good job of sun protection, and hydrating, if the mushroom is not tired at night, it is best to apply a mask, lipstick must be brought, my lipstick is applied once every hour, still can’t keep my lips peeling ;
     Must bring items
    1. Cash, most of the scenic spots only receive cash, a small part can be scanned for payment will also affect the payment due to network problems; (if it is not directly flying to Daocheng, it is best to bring some change, may go on the way to Daocheng Two days, the bathroom will be used in the middle, ranging from 1 yuan to 2 yuan)
    2. Snickers, hose and glucose, do not take too much to eat when climbing, reduce the weight;
    3. Oxygen cylinders are also a must-have item;
    4. Commonly used drugs: cold, fever, diarrhea, enteritis, etc.;
    5. A friend of motion sickness is advised to bring a motion sickness sticker and motion sickness medicine;
     Written at the end
    This trip to western Sichuan, although it has been on the road, has also harvested the scenery along the way, not only the scenic spot is beautiful, the most beautiful scenery is always on the road.

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