A wonderful journey, the Natural Museum in the downtown area of ​​Guangzhou

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    You may not know that you are just shopping in the bustling shopping mall, Zhengjia Square, which is a super large playground. It is also a national AAAA scenic spot. The first natural science museum in Guangzhou is actually opened here. In addition to shopping, Indoors, avoiding the summer of the stove, you can eat, drink, and play, you can also explore science, understand the mysteries of nature, and create high-tech means to create an immersive experience. China is the first to collect the most complete Medusa horn skeleton in the museum. Fossil specimens, eight themes, become the family’s parent-child punch card, come to Zhengjia Plaza, a wonderful museum tour
    Zhengjia Plaza is located in the core area of ​​Guangzhou Tianhe Road shopping district in “China’s first business district”. It is the only AAAA-level tourist attraction in South China. There are Zhengjia Polar Ocean World, Zhengjia Natural Science Museum, Zhengjia Rainforest Ecological Botanical Garden and Guangzheng Street. Tourist attractions such as Zhengjia Performing Arts Theatre, Hi Department Store, Angel Facet Experience Hall.
    Zhengjia Natural Science Museum is located on the 6th floor of Zhengjia Plaza, the national AAAA-level tourist scenic spot. It is a new natural science museum built with reference to international standards and concepts. The museum houses nearly 1,000 rare fossils and mineral specimens. “The Treasure of the Town Hall” is a specimen of Medusa horned fossils from Montana, USA. It is the first original Medusa horn fossil collected in a museum in China.
    As the national 4A-level tourist scenic spot, Zhengjia Plaza has many business styles such as Zhengjia Polar Ocean World, Zhengjia Performing Arts Theatre and Hi Department Store. With the pace of Guangzhou becoming a world-class metropolis, Zhengjia Plaza is the benchmark for the world’s top business district. , tourist attractions, complete the Zhengjia Rainforest Botanical Garden, the Natural Science Museum, the Guangfu Cultural Street and other “two halls and one street” new business travel articles, towards the “national 5A level tourist attractions” and “urban world-class tourism destinations” goals Stride forward.
    Guangzhou’s first natural science and technology museum, beyond imagination to create a fun immersive experience
    Zhengjia Natural Science Museum is a new museum of natural sciences that is built with reference to international standards and concepts. It is located on the 6th floor of Zhengjia Plaza, a national AAAA tourist attraction. Zhengjia Natural Science Museum has created a unique exhibition form of the National Natural Science Museum. It combines high-tech interactive display and static physical exhibitions, from the birth of the earth to the formation of life, from the Ice Age to space exploration, creating an immersive experience through time and space. Various high-tech exhibition methods and interactive devices allow viewers to passively accept the content of the exhibition, but to enjoy the fun of a museum paradise through interactive experience.
    Big surprise
    In the vast ocean, swim the largest vertebrates on the planet – whales! Where did the ancestors of the whale come from? At the entrance of this exhibition hall, under the overlook of the giant whale skeleton, listen to the self-reports of the ancient ancestors of the giant whales and see the mystery of the whale family.
    The Zhengjia Natural Science Museum, which has been warming up for a long time, has finally been unveiled by the uncle of the food, and is in the bustling Zhengjia Square.One second through the distant fantasy Jurassic, exploring the birth and evolution of life, intimately embracing the rare dinosaurs of prehistoric times, feeling the earthquake and volcanic eruptions, touching the meteorites in the universe, intoxicating like a child of two hundred kilograms
    Zhengjia Natural Science Museum uses the advanced science, innovation and scientific expression techniques to describe the birth of the earth and the evolution of life. It combines static exhibition objects with dynamic interactive experiences. Create an immersive tour and let the audience explore the natural sciences in a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere.
    In front of the Natural Science Museum, whales swim in the air, huge bones, from the vast ocean. The ocean is full of fantasy, just talking about a love world with Manado’s underwater world, I did not expect to continue the front here. I like nature, understand science, bring my family and children together, and have fun.
    Beautiful lady sister, take you to the magic of lightning, feel the lightning flashing at your fingertips, this is definitely the excitement of children, calling for the rain, but also summoning lightning, feel that you are arrogant, you can play for a day.
    Fiery fireball
    Walking through a wormhole like a time tunnel, returning to 4.6 billion years ago, when the earth was like a hot chemical hot soup, it gradually cooled down to form a variety of fine minerals and precious stones. The land floor block floating on the magma hydrothermal fluid affects the coordinated evolution of the lithosphere and the biosphere. Here you will be taken to the site to mine the unique mineral gemstones!
    Returning to 4.6 billion years ago, at that time, the earth was like a hot chemical hot soup in the same pot, volcanic eruption, smoke rising, standing in front of a simulated volcano, conducting an immersive earthquake experience through novel science interactive props, using modern Science and technology to experience the original nature, children have been excited to fly, we adults, but I do not know when it has left the imagination of children.
    In the mysterious cave, the stalactites are light blue. The crystal is the treasure of the earth, buried deep in the earth’s surface, and emerges with geological changes. The land floor block floating on the magma hydrothermal fluid affects the coordinated evolution of the lithosphere and the biosphere.
    Ordinary stone, under the illumination of different light, emits a variety of mysterious and beautiful fluorescence. This is a masterpiece of nature. The middle-aged uncle becomes curious baby in front of this mysterious power. The ordinary corner is full of magical power, and it is undeniable that it is definitely a good place to slip the baby.
    In the “Amoy Crystal Music” section, choose a crystal stone, handsome little brother will help you open, full of expectations and surprises, an ordinary stone, inside is a sparkling crystal, experienced a real version of the “golden miners” .
    Before the advent of life, the earth experienced a long period of wildness, and the formation of water brought the opportunity for the birth of life on earth. The earliest life appeared in the ocean 3.8 billion years ago. After more than 3 billion years of evolution, it created a life-threatening Cambrian life 500 million years ago. The radiation evolved a magnificent blueprint for life. The ocean landscape displayed everywhere in the museum, the dream of the ancient underwater world, looking for ancient trilobite fossils, watching the jellyfish dancing, colorful and quiet, wandering peacefully in the water, the little couple came here to talk about a romantic love late I am not willing to walk away. This place is not only suitable for sleeping, but also a good place to take pictures.
    Is evolution accidental or inevitable? Still a series of genetic variations? The three-minute macro evolution theater takes you from the beginning of the formation of the solar system, watching the earth in 4.6 billion years, how life is born and flourished from the wild and dead world, and the great extinction experienced in the middle is another life. The opportunity of big radiation.
    Excavation and exploration
    Here you are a paleontologist: go to the wild to find and discover fossils; transport them back to the Zhengjia Museum to repair them; then use traditional methods and modern techniques to study fossils. Fossils will tell you the true story of ancient earth and creatures.
    Converging prehistoric rare fossils and ore specimens
    Zhengjia Natural Science Museum has many unique high-quality exhibits in China: Here you can see the first comprehensive restoration of the ecological scene of Guangdong 60 million years ago (including cycads, bananas, solo, ancient ginkgo trees); 65 million years ago Survival in the Nanxiong Basin of Guangdong Province, the tooth beast fossils; the museum treasures the “treasure of the town hall” – the first original Medusa horn fossils in China, only three pieces of genuine Medusa horned fossils are found in the world. This is just the most complete skeleton in the Zhengjia Museum of Natural Science. The body skeleton of the 50,000-year-old giant beast cave bear also reappears in front of the world. The original large pterosaur fossil that flew along the African coastline 66 million years ago is the only pterosaur specimen in China. It also reproduces its heroic position at the Zhengjia Natural Science Museum. The museum also simulates the ice age of 10,000 years ago. a hairy rhinoceros, a mammoth,The original fossil scenes of ancient giant behemoths such as the three-toed horse, the saber-toothed tiger, and the northeast bison give the viewer a chance to see the species that disappeared during the Great Earth extinction event.
    Into the Jurassic, the ancient behemoths seem to be still walking. The Allosaurus and Dome Dragons opened up, the duck-billed dragon and the Tyrannosaurus were in a life-and-death confrontation. The 50,000-year-old cave bear reappeared in front of the world, and the fossils preserved these distant messages, pulling every child and big. The delusion of the child.
    Stone mystery
    The fossils and broken fragments reveal the story of the earth and life, and the scientists’ research on paleontology leads us to understand the history of the evolution of life. In the epic of evolution, the rise and fall of the “Dinosaur Dynasty” is one of the most embarrassing chapters. Here, we showcased the world’s most complete and currently the only Medusa horned fossil in China. Let us watch it and appreciate the true meaning of evolution.
    There are also a collection of art appreciation and popular science: such as the rare “art treasures” palm leaf fossils about 50 million years ago, it is also the original authentic palm leaf fossil original in the world, up to four meters, after going through Three years of repairs have come across the ocean. The museum’s collection of sea lilies from the Mesozoic Jurassic period in Germany, the precious thing is that not only the shape is particularly beautiful, but also the body is still shining, its shape resembles two beautiful lilies, elegant form, paired in pairs, meaning reunion Good combination, with a craft aesthetic.
    Kenting Jielong
    The Kenting Xielong interactive project is an extension of the Natural Exploration Center. A 3m long tyrannosaurus skeleton interactive prop is placed on site. The staff can introduce the small tyrannosaurus skeleton through the introduction of relevant fossil knowledge and interactive guidance. With the multimedia animation, AR photo game means, to achieve the effect of fun and education, let the audience experience the fun of learning. At the same time, it can also extend various courses of biological bone comparison, and cultivate the audience’s interest in exploring anatomy and physiology.
    Create Jurassic
    The dinosaurs were extinct because of the asteroids flying outside, and a group of crazy “scientists” tried to resurrect the dinosaurs, and the crazy branch.Explore the secrets of Time and Space capsules together! It will definitely make you excited here, because the dinosaur is really by your side!
    In the experience area, “Kenting Jielong”, hand-assembled a dinosaur, loaded with a four-wheel drive and a transformer, can hold a dinosaur for a long time, through the AR technology, magically restore a skeleton to a flesh-and-blood dinosaur , complete a crossover that spans hundreds of millions of years.
    There are also a large number of exhibits of prehistoric exotic animals: such as the dragonfly (sea reptile), and the swordfish of the most ferocious inhabitants of the ancient ocean; and the duck-billed dragon that lived 100 million years ago. – Edmonton Dragon. This exquisite fossil skeleton was collected in 1991 by a now closed Siebo Museum in Tokyo, Japan, and has recently been refurbished and re-completed. There are also extremely intact Wing Tron skeletons and mammoth skeletons and hundreds of precious fossil specimens from around the world. The precious and rare collections greatly enrich the viewing fun of the Zhengjia Natural Science Museum.
    The rare animals in the pavilion are difficult to distinguish between true and false, and occasionally see one or two parrots, shrinking their heads and shrinking their brains. It turns out to be alive! The lizard lurks on the dry branches and pretends to be a fossil. These two peacocks are real, not specimens.
    Zhengjia Natural Science Museum begins with the theme of life evolution, reviewing the earth’s 4.6 billion-year geological history, geological structure, geomorphology, ore, paleontology, and finally to astronomical exploration, combining sound and optoelectronics and scientific interactive props, so that the exploration of knowledge is no longer static sharing. Instead, learn from the game, unlock the mysteries of the earth, the magic of the universe, and inspire the audience’s infinite curiosity.
    Beginning with the theme of life evolution, it reveals the scenes at the beginning of the birth of the earth, and the formation of the four oceans in the seven continents and the formation of geological structures, mountains and rivers and climatic phenomena. It then introduces how life is formed and evolved. The evidence of fossils illustrates the formation and evolution of life. During this period, the introduction of various prehistoric animals is introduced, and in the creation of the Jurassic theme, the prehistoric legends that ruled the world’s 160 million-year-old super hegemons were concentrated. Finally, it comes down to the grand theme of human exploration of the universe, from time to space, leading viewers to explore natural science in high-tech game interactive devices.
    Here, we can use the MR equipment to shock the resurrection of the largest animal blue whale in the prehistoric period, watch it swim in the museum, show the dinosaur fossil excavation site through landscaping, experience the excavation and restoration of fossils, and enrich the viewer’s experience and experience. A sense of participation. There are also many stereoscopic visual experience areas in the museum, such as cosmic wormholes. The exhibition uses LED light strips for interactive video, animation and music design to reproduce the mysterious cosmic wormhole, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in time and space. The tunnel returned to the scene of the birth of the Earth 4.6 billion years ago, with VR technology, to open up the viewer’s visual experience.
    In the interactive experience zone, the journey of the space exploration is simulated. The viewer can drive the spaceship to touch the meteorites outside the sky, watch the beautiful scenery of the space, cross the galaxy tunnel to visit the future of the universe, and 360 degrees in the beautiful space of the Galaxy.
    There are a lot of high-tech scene interactions in the museum. We can feel the magma erupted by the earth 4.6 billion years ago, and even experience part of natural phenomena such as lightning, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, and the formation of fossils. In addition, the museum has many learning workshops suitable for parent-child science education. Children can come to fossil excavation points with their friends and parents, and feel the work of scientists to repair and repair fossils, and learn common sense of natural life. You can also find a variety of jewels on the spot to learn about the geology of the earth’s geological structure. In the creation of the Jurassic theme unit, children can use the sound and light effects of the objects to complete the small tyrannosaurus assembly and see the resurrected tyrannosaurus in multimedia. It is through these interactive interactive technology devices that the museum stimulates children’s curiosity and interest in learning, thus realizing the kinetic energy of popular science education.
    Flying into space
    From the geological record, the Earth has experienced five major extinctions. Will humanity be the culprits of the sixth mass extinction? Take the spaceship and fly to the vast universe, explore the second earth, and find extraterrestrial life that is more intelligent than us. Touch the rare stars outside the sky – the rock, make a wish, let us explore the mysterious universe world together.
    Walking into the deep blue space, the aliens in your head are waiting for you.
    Scientific fun and art appreciation
    What is the museum of natural science you imagined? Zhengjia Natural Science Museum will redefine your traditional impression of the museum, innovatively introduce a lot of artistic interest means (the combination of technology and enlightening design thinking), and take the lead in the domestic natural science museum to use AR, sound and light combined vision Somatosensory interaction with 3D scenesThe combination of high-tech display means and original fossilized fossils allows the viewer to enter the exhibition scene, watch the prehistoric animal dynamic stereoscopic presentation in front of the eyes, and induce curiosity about the natural sciences in many high-tech scene experience games, let the viewers Combined with the electronic scene, the 3D exhibit image is combined with the visual thinking of the visitors to experience the fun of the museum.
    The aerospace dream of countless children becomes a reality here. Blue space represents an infinite possibility to explore and discover, which is a very interesting thing in itself. A magical alien detection tool that detects your alien genes and sees if you become an alien and you will scare yourself.
    Galaxy Tunnel
    The universe and the Galaxy tunnel have successfully captured the hearts of thousands of young girls. The light of dreams makes you enter a dream and harvest hundreds of beautiful photos. Under the wonderful lighting, the music gradually rises, gentle and comfortable. At this moment, the uncle wants to talk about a love that spans time and space.
    To end this singular journey, I can only solve the inner sadness by buying and buying. In the museum store, pick a jewel, hold an animal, and come back from ancient times.
    The Natural Discovery Center is a knowledge exploration experience area set up in the museum, advocating the exploration of new knowledge in the process of interaction. Through science popularization, we plan science-based educational learning workshops and related activities suitable for parent-child participation. The vivid and interesting science theme will deepen the impression of the audience visiting the museum and inspire the audience to explore the curiosity.Such as the excavation, repair, assembly of paleontological fossils, the microscopic world under the microscope, and the wonderful experiments of the natural sciences. In addition, the center also exhibited a number of interactive exhibits and learning props that can be touched and used, including trilobite fossils, cephalopod fossils such as nautilus, ammonite and arrowstone, as well as exotic shellfish fossils and various ores. specimen. Various pull-and-roller interactive props transform the sturdy scientific knowledge into an interesting hands-on operation; there are also various observation tools that inspire visitors to explore science and understand the curiosity of nature. A fossil restoration room is also installed at the Nature Discovery Center.
    Zhengjia Natural Science Museum Keywords:
    Medusa Horned Dragon: Only three original pieces of Medusa horned fossils are found in the world. The only Medusa horned dragon body skeleton fossil in China is in the Zhengjia Natural Science Museum. This Medusa is the most complete preserved. a skeleton.
    Blue Whale: The largest existing whale, the largest animal in existence… Through the resilience experience of AR shock, the static whales are resurrected and reappeared in front of the audience in a lively form.
    Cosmic wormhole: The wormhole, also known as the “Einstein-Rosen Bridge”, connects two narrow tunnels of different time and space. The exhibition uses LED light strips for interactive video, animation and music design, allowing viewers to return to the 4.6 billion-year-old Earth through the space-time tunnel and visit the future of the universe.
    Cave bear / cave bear body skeleton fossil:
    The 50,000-year-old behemoth reappears in front of the world, and the whole skeleton and body shape of the cave bear fossils are preserved in perfect harmony, as if a life-like cave bear is now in front of the audience.
    Palm Leaf (4*3m) / Short Stem Sabal Palm Tree Fossil:
    About 50 million years ago, it is also the original authentic piece of the world’s largest palm leaf fossil, up to four meters, after nearly two years of repairing far from the ocean. The size of the large (405 * 305 * 20cm) can be said to be unprecedented, placed in front, more human beings and the magic of nature creator, is a rare treasure. The special thing is that there are 23 fish around this beautiful palm tree leaf.
    Sword shot fish:
    The oversized giant fish, the swordfish fossil found in the middle layer of the Niobrara Chalk structure, belongs to the Cretaceous, about 4 meters long and nearly 1 meter wide at the widest point. Together with the dragon (sea reptile), it is the most ferocious inhabitant of the ancient ocean.
    Duck-billed Dragon (Edmonton Dragon):
    The duck-billed dragon survived 100 million years ago in the late Cretaceous period, the peak of dinosaur development. The duck-billed dragon, which is placed in the Zhengjia Natural Science Museum, is also known as the Edmonton Dragon. This Edmonton dragon’s skeleton has about 90% of the original skeleton fossils, which are very well preserved. It can greatly enhance the audience’s aesthetic appeal and the appeal of the exhibits. It excavated in the famous RuthMason quarry in South Dakota. This exquisite specimen was collected in 1991 by a now closed Siebo Museum in Tokyo, Japan, and was recently refurbished and re-completed.
    sea ​​lily:
    In the Paleozoic and Mesozoic ancient oceans, the sea lily is a large number and variety, and is an echinoderm living in the sea. The sea lily from Germany in the exhibition hall of Zhengjia Natural Science Museum is precious and preserved. It is shaped like two beautiful lilies. The roots, stems and crowns are full and elegant. Pairs in pairs, meaning a good reunion.
    Phosphatodraco is a large pterosaur that soars along the African coastline 66 million years ago and may survive by catching fish and other small creatures like live crickets. There are also some large pterosaurs in the Cretaceous China region.
    Three-toed horse: The three-toed horse is a genus of ancient mammals. Fossils are found in large quantities in the Permian strata in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America.
    Saber-toothed tiger: Saber-toothed tiger refers to many different species, living in the Miocene to Pleistocene period. They are characterized by a very long canine tooth. Even if the mouth is closed, the canine teeth are still clearly visible.
    The hairy rhinoceros: also known as the long-haired rhinoceros, the name of the body is covered with thick hair, is the most predecessor of the prehistoric rhinoceros.
    Recommended for the eleven major must-play projects:
    Biological surprise reproduction
    Experience time: 1 minute, charge: 5 yuan
    Where did the ancestors of the whales come from? Let us have a glimpse of evolution. Intimate contact with prehistoric animals, experience the realistic interpretation of 3D stereo, the ancient strange and exotic beasts through the resurrection!
    2. Cutting the thunder
    Experience time: Instant, the amount of charge: 50 yuan
    Lei Gong egg – the crystallization of nature for billions of years, gave birth to the essence of the sun and the moon, to become a small mining expert, hand-cut ore, you can also recruit evil to increase courage!
    3. Amoy Crystal
    Experience time: Instant, the amount of charge: 50 yuan
    With billions of years of crustal movement, the magical nature generously gives human precious precious gems, brilliant diamonds, golden gold, and transparent crystals. Now come and find your own gems!
    4. Macro Evolution Theater
    Show time: about 3 minutes
    With ultra-realistic multimedia animation, the evolution of the earth for 4.6 billion years.
    5. Excavation site
    Experience time: Instant, the amount of charge: 30 yuan
    Mysterious archaeologists, bizarre ancient fossils, walk into the excavation site of prehistoric creatures and explore prehistoric mysteries. Little archaeologists are you!
    6. Natural Discovery Center – Fossil Restoration Workshop
    Course time: about 60 minutes
    Want to be a paleontologist? Take you to experience the restoration of fossils of paleontology.
    7. Kenting Jielong Interactive Multimedia
    Course time: about 30 minutes
    Large 3D tyrannosaurus skeleton three-dimensional puzzle, combined with interactive multimedia fun learning courses.
    8. Dinosaur Lab
    The show takes about 3 minutes
    Look at the little dinosaur baby from the dinosaur egg, and spoof the lab with the little tyrannosaurus, resurrect the cute little dinosaurs to play together!
    9. Medusa Small Theater
    Show time: about 15 minutes
    A dinosaur from the dinosaurs, Medusa, is the incarnation of Dr. Dinosaurs, and you can experience the legendary epic of dinosaurs to answer the prehistoric surprise.
    10. Painted magic
    Experience time: about 30 minutes, the amount of charge: 30 yuan
    Want to be aware of the Jurassic dinosaur era online? Nine cute dinosaurs are available for you to paint and hop on the big screen. The task of resurrecting the dinosaurs will be handed over to you!
    11. Heading to space
    Show time: 5 minutes, the amount of charge: 20 yuan
    Equipped with a spaceship to open the mysterious outer space travel, encounter the alien human sayhello, cross the sky outside the fairy stone array, and quickly leave the surface of the earth to explore the vast universe!
    As an AAAA-class scenic spot, it is also indispensable that it is a five-star hotel package, Zhengjia Marriott Plaza, five-star hotel, luxurious accommodation, superb buffet, can live here, downstairs is super The big shopping mall, in the center of Guangzhou, overlooks the whole city. Whether it is a friend from Guangzhou or a friend from other places, you can avoid the heat wave in Guangzhou and enjoy playing.
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