All the way north, I came to your city | Dalian & Shenyang

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    This travel note is an original work, and it is strictly forbidden to reprint it without my permission. It is strictly forbidden to intercept the content and prohibit it for commercial use. Thank you!
    In the summer of 2017, the high temperature in Guangzhou continued to fall, and the heat was so breathless. It coincided with the 9-day holiday, holding Mr. Qi’s hand, and a southern girl once again accompanied him to the land of the north and went to see places that had not been visited.
    The journey is as follows:
    8.12-8.13: Dalian
    8.14: Shenyang
    8.15: Changbai Mountain, Songjianghe Town
    8.16: Yanji, Tumen
    8.17-8.20: Changchun
    Mainly divided into two provinces of Liaoning and Jilin, the travel record is also divided like this ~
    [Day 1: Dalian, Russian Style Street, Donggang Business District]
    D1: Guangzhou-Dalian, Russian Style Street, Donggang Business District (Venice Water City)
    On the morning of August 12, starting from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, after more than three hours of flight, we arrived at Dalian Airport~
    This time in Dalian, the hotel-style apartment booked on the ant short-term rent, near the Zhongshan Square, from the airport, directly on the second line. There are a lot of delicious food nearby, as well as a food street. Both the Russian-style street and the Japanese-style street are within walking distance, and the tram also has a route, which is very convenient to go anywhere.
    By the way, the original subway in Dalian also has a Korean newspaper station, is it because there are more Koreans and Koreans here?
    Kitchen utensils and tableware can be used free of charge. If the cooking is good, it is recommended to buy seafood and cook it yourself. Super!
    The washing machine is also free to use, just the clothes of these days are washed here~
    When I booked, I told the landlord’s brother that I wanted a high-rise room. It was said that I could see the sea. The little brother helped us arrange 24 floors, and then the window was like this.
    A lot of delicious downstairs. Hi Jia De Dumpling House, skewers, sushi buffet, Burger King, all.
    Packing up the luggage, our family, Mr. Yan, took me to the downstairs of Xijiade to eat a dumpling. The dumplings from his family are really good. It is said to be the giant of the Northeast Dumpling House.
    There is also a Carrefour supermarket downstairs, a full food street near Carrefour, and a 24-hour Korean fried chicken restaurant.
    After eating the dumplings, it is nearing the evening, because the place to live is only about one kilometer away from the Russian style street. We found the bus stop opposite, and the two-station car arrived. If you have a good time, it is very convenient to walk. After the fall of Dalian, the temperature in the evening is just right, suitable for hand-to-hand.
    When you see the iconic Russian architecture, you know that the Russian style is here.
    [Dalian Russian Style Street is the first street in China with Russian 19th and 20th century architectural style. It is located in the northwest of Shengli Bridge in Dalian, also known as Tuanjie Street. It has preserved 38 buildings from the former Far East of Belarus. It has a history of 100 years. 】
    It is said that it is a Russian-style street. In fact, I think it is more like a commercial street. Shops on both sides of the street are selling Russian goods or northeast goods, huge Russian dolls, malls selling pearls and furs, and small cranes from all over the world. The guides of the flag.
    We are not planning to buy anything, just take advantage of the sunset, stroll here and see the architecture. The Russian style street is not long. It takes a trip from start to finish to digest the dumplings that have just been eaten.
    After visiting the street, we will go to the next stop, Venice Watertown. In fact, the original plan was to use the famous Donggang Fountain, but it is said that the fountain needs rest this year because of the municipal work. If so, then let’s go see the sea.
    Dalian’s Didi is super cheap, only 10 yuan from the Russian style street to Donggang, which is only the starting price in Guangzhou. When the arrival of Donggang, the sun has not completely gone, there is still a trace of afterglow on the sea. Time is just right.There are small bars by the sea, many people sing and drink and chat here, very relaxed lifestyle.
    Going along the coastline is the Venice Water City. Originally thought that only the architectural style mimics the Venetian style, it is surprising to find that there is actually a gondola. Due to the European style of architecture, there are many newcomers to take wedding dresses here. You can see several pairs as you walk along the way.
    Walking back to the beach in the water city of Venice, the sky is completely dark, and the lights on the building are lit up, which is particularly sensational.
    Here is the famous Dalian International Conference Center. The night view is particularly beautiful and has been changing colors. There are also a lot of Dalian citizens walking here.
    [Day 2: Dalian – Japanese Style Street, Shengya Ocean World]
    Day 2: Japanese Style Street, Dalian Shengya Ocean World, Xinghai Square, Cross-sea Bridge
    After getting up in the morning, I ate a brunch at the Korean Seaweed Restaurant downstairs. As a food control person, I have been thinking about it for a long time. I sat down and ordered a table. The amount of fish cake soup here is huge, only 17 yuan. Are the people in the Northeast so honest?
    After eating brunch, we walked past Nanshan Japanese style street. Going past the apartmentLess than a kilometer, it’s time to walk. [The villa area at the foot of Nanshan has hundreds of Japanese-style buildings, which is the gathering place for Japanese senior staff. Dalian Japanese Style Street is located in the prime location of Dalian and is one of the key tourism projects in Dalian. 】
    Compared to the noisy and lively streets of the Russian style street, the Japanese-style street is very quiet and quiet. When we arrived, it was close to noon in the morning. There were basically no tourists. It was very comfortable on the road.
    And the old buildings here look more chronological, and many of the walls are peeling off. Moreover, there is no commercialization of the Russian-style street, many residents still live in the old house, and their own vegetable fields are also growing.
    This seems to be the former site of the German Consulate, which has now been transformed into the Wenbo Art Museum in Dalian.
    Taking advantage of no one, sprinkle here~
    I walked through the Japanese-style street, just until noon. Let’s go to the sea world to avoid this noon sun.
    You can buy tickets online in advance, and you can exchange tickets with the QR code at the ticket office. We bought tickets for the five halls, which coincided with the summer vacation. Many parents took the children to see the sea world, so there were so many people.
    When you enter the aquarium, you first see two super cute beluga whales. There is a very affinity. The more people there are, the closer they will be together, and they will also accompany people’s movements. The other one is a bit of a way to go, and has been swimming around behind.
    There are polar bears, penguins, snow foxes and other polar animals in the polar pavilion. I don’t know if it was because of noon, everyone was taking a lunch break and they were all sleeping.
    The most funny thing is that these penguins are all sleeping, and they are standing still. Like fake ones, we are still saying which one is true and which is fake. Later, I saw that my eyes were sleeping in a closed position~
    After visiting the Polar Pavilion, the kung fu walrus performance preparation is about to begin. There were so many people waiting in line, we just rushed in when we let go, and we found a good location. Before the performance, there will be staff who buy half a hour of drinks and snacks. Every performance is estimated to be a big source of income here. Soon, the performance began. Although I have seen similar sea lion walrus performances in Changlong, Zhuhai, the hosts here are just as interesting as the cross talks.
    The walrus is too embarrassing, and his trainer has a body shape, and will continue to applaud.
    I have always liked to watch jellyfish. I think it is a very magical creature. It is so transparent and so soft. It is especially beautiful when you swim.
    The most famous of Dalian Shengya Ocean World is the 118-meter-long undersea tunnel. It is said to be the longest in Asia. It can walk on one side and the elevator on the other side. When you look up, you can see marine life swimming around the head.
    The Dolphin Bay lovers should be the most popular performances in the Sanya Ocean World, and we have to stay an hour longer to wait for this performance. This is more of a human performance component, and the performance of the dolphins is not that much.
    When it was in the Ocean Park, it was raining outside. After the rain came out, we just stopped. We took a shuttle bus to Xinghai Square to see. Xinghai Square is the largest city square in the world, four times as big as Tiananmen Square. There are a lot of tourists and citizens here, as well as rides, but according to the reminder of our guide next door, it is best not to play, each item is charged.
    When coming to Dalian, of course, you must blow the sea breeze and listen to the sound of the waves. Xinghai Square is just by the sea. The rain that has just been finished is a bit cool, and the summer heat is washed away, and the sea breeze is very comfortable. Walk around the beach, listen to the sound of the waves hitting the beach, holding hands and stepping on the sand, feeling super happy~
    Do you still remember the little fat man~
    The coastal bridge in the south of Dalian is about 6 kilometers long and the main bridge is 820 meters. The main bridge is 460 meters long and the sides are 180 meters. It is the longest cross-sea bridge project in the Northeast, China’s first offshore anchor-suspended bridge.
    Staying at the beach until the sun slowly falls, we will end the day’s itinerary and go back to the Zhongshan Square for food. When I came to Dalian, of course I had to eat seafood. We accidentally found a Dalian cost-effective restaurant near the apartment, and immediately called the car straight. This restaurant is called Jiajia Restaurant and is said to be a restaurant known to all in Dalian. Not only the food is cost-effective, but also the service attitude is super good. When the door is out, the lobby manager smiles and says hello. The male ticket says that it is no wonder that his business is so good.
    The flower is 6 yuan a pound, so that the big plate is only 12 pieces, we have not finished eating.
    His family’s seafood dumplings are very famous, they are looking for this dish. The test was really delicious, full of seafood and hazelnuts, and the food was super satisfied.
    Super-sized scallop steamed garlic fans are only more than ten dollars, the price is not too high.
    After eating Dalian seafood, walk back to the apartment, pack your luggage, and prepare to go to Shenyang tomorrow. Maybe because the expectation of Dalian before departure is not great. This trip, Dalian became a city with the most memory. . Dalian, we will see you again next time~
    [Day 3: Dalian-Shenyang, Zhongjie, Shenyang Imperial Palace, Grand Mansion]
    At 9 o’clock in the morning, we drove from Dalian to Shenyang. Because the train took you directly to Changbai Mountain at night, the luggage was directly stored in the station, and then went out for a stroll.
    Arriving in Shenyang is just at noon, let’s put our luggage and we will take the subway directly to the middle street for food. I saw the famous Zhongjie Freezing Point City, which is said to be very famous. I went in for a lap and didn’t see anything I wanted to eat. I came out. Go here and have a card.
    Lunch at Fu sister. It was found that the amount of rice in the northeast became larger, and the two of us ordered another dish.
    The Middle Street is a walking distance from the Forbidden City. After a few steps, I saw the red wall and walked along the red wall to see the gates of the Forbidden City. I have been to the Forbidden City in Beijing and the Forbidden City in Taipei. Now I am coming to the Forbidden City in Shenyang. Is it possible to summon the dragon?
    [Mukden Palace is one of the two remaining palace complexes in China. It is also known as the Shengjing Palace. It was the royal palace of the early Qing Dynasty. It is nearly 400 years old and was built in the post-golden life of ten years. 1625). Before the Qing Dynasty entered the customs, its palace was located in Shenyang. After moving to Beijing, the palace was called the “Public Palace” and “Liudu Palace”. Later it was called the Shenyang Imperial Palace. 】
    The opening hours of the Shenyang Imperial Palace are: April 10th – October 10th opening: 08:30 Stop ticket sales: 16:45 closed: 17:30 October 11th – April 9th ​​opening: 09:00 Stop ticket sales: 15:45 closed: 16:30 Note: Closed every Monday morning (except statutory holidays and July and August), opened at 13:00.
    Compared to the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Shenyang Imperial Palace appears small and depressed. Compared to the National Palace Museum in Taipei, the treasures of the Shenyang Imperial Palace are also rare. However, the strong eight-flag culture has been preserved here. The male ticket is just the Manchu inlaid yellow flag. You can see a lot of their history and culture here.
    Because many places are being repaired, the Forbidden City is also relatively small, and it takes too much time to walk around. But if you look seriously, you can still find a lot of interesting places, that is, Nurhachi established the history of the Qing Dynasty, Huang Taiji, and went to the series of historical stories before moving to Beijing.
    The inscription on the inside is engraved with the four books written by Ji Xiaolan.
    One of the representatives of the Shenyang Imperial Palace, Phoenix Building.
    Take a closer look at the Shenyang Imperial Palace and forget about time. After reading it, I found out that it was time to stop selling tickets near Dashuaifu. All the way to the past, I found that it was a step late. No way, you can only look outside, leaving some regrets. The friends who are coming to remember to watch the time, the closing time here is too early.
    [English: Commander Zhang & aposs Mansion, also known as “Da Shuai Fu” or “Little Shuai Mansion”, located in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, is the official residence and private residence of Zhang Zuolin and his eldest son Zhang Xueliang. Zhang’s Shuaifu was built in the third year of the Republic of China (1914), with a total area of ​​36,000 square meters and a total construction area of ​​27,600 square meters. In 2002, it was renamed as Zhang’s Shuaifu Museum and Liaoning Museum of Modern and Contemporary History, mainly including Da, Xiaoqinglou, Xiyuan Red House and Miss Zhaosi. 】
    Come to Duan Niang’s commentary. [English: Commander Zhang & aposs Mansion, also known as “Da Shuai Fu” or “Little Shuai Mansion”, located in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, is the official residence and private residence of Zhang Zuolin and his eldest son Zhang Xueliang. Zhang’s Shuaifu was built in the third year of the Republic of China (1914), with a total area of ​​36,000 square meters and a total construction area of ​​27,600 square meters. In 2002, it was renamed as Zhang’s Shuaifu Museum and Liaoning Museum of Modern and Contemporary History, mainly including Da, Xiaoqinglou, Xiyuan Red House and Miss Zhaosi. When I looked at the map, I found that Zhao Yizhen’s former residence was outside the Shuaifu House. It is said that there is no kitchen inside. It means that there is no stove and no main entrance, indicating that she is not the main room. This intriguing story is quite worth knowing.
    After reading the main entrance of the Shuai Shuai, there is still a distance from the time of leaving the car, then we want to fill the stomach, lest you be hungry on the train at night. I have always heard of spicy sauce before coming to the Northeast. As a non-spirited person, this food is not to be missed. Just found a high-spirited spicy mix near Zhongjie, and immediately took the male ticket and went straight to the past. It turns out that this spicy stir is really delicious! Really, delicious! I ate a plate by myself, and the male ticket was also packaged for a train to stay up late. Please, when will you open a restaurant in Guangzhou, I will eat it every day.
    With a bottle of Northeastern White Pear, this dinner was completed.
    After dinner, it was just dark, and then went to the middle street to see the night scene. It was almost time, we went back to the railway station and went to Changbai Mountain. Liaoning trip, first come to an end~

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