And Miss Sisters, Hong Kong, Hong Kong – sit on the autumn leaves of Zhangjiagang

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    Zhangjiagang I am not actually coming for the first time. Last year, I have been to Yonglian Village, which has been rated as the “National Civilized Village” for five consecutive years. Thirty years ago, Yonglian was a poor village that could not be found on the territory of Suzhou. The population was only three or four hundred, and the per capita annual distribution was only 68 yuan. Thirty years later, Yonglian became a well-known village in the country. The impact of Zhangjiagang in the early years is the number one modern city in the county-level city, a textile-related port city, and a clean and clean new city. But only when you have been here can you truly understand the charm and connotation of the city. Zhangjiagang people also like to call their city “Hong Kong City.” It can not only give people the feeling of the Yangtze River harbor, but also make people feel that Zhangjiagang people want to make their city the same as Hong Kong, one of the four Asian dragons.
     About Zhangjiagang
    Zhangjiagang, formerly known as Shazhou, (Zhangjiagang’s most famous yellow wine is called Shazhou Youhuang) is a new port industrial city on the south bank of the Yangtze River. In addition to industry, Zhangjiagang’s tourism resources are also very rich. There are “three mountains and one garden” in Zhangjiagang (Shuangshan , Xiangshan, Fenghuangshan, Dongduyuan and other major scenic spots; Century Square, Jiyang Lake Park, Shazhou Park and other playgrounds; and the country’s first Jiangdao-type water golf course tourist resort has been built… At the same time, here There are Xushan’s three visits to Xiangshan Taohuayu, Jianzhen Dongdu sailing station, ancient Huangpupu, Nansha Dongshan Village ruins and other places of historical interest, as well as Su Dongpo and Meihuatang, Xu Xiake and Sanxiang Xiangshan and other legends. These mountains, water, islands, temples and sites all constitute the splendid history and culture of Zhangjiagang City and the fascinating scenery.
     Travel information
    The airports near Zhangjiagang are mainly Shanghai Hongqiao, Pudong and Nanjing Lukou International Airports, as well as Wuxi Shuofang and Changzhou Benniu two regional airports.
    1. Shanghai Hongqiao Airport to Zhangjiagang
    You can take the special line to Terminal Zhangjiagang Station in Terminal 2, and there are multiple departures from 9:50 to 22:00. The fare is 84 yuan.
    2. Shanghai Pudong Airport to Zhangjiagang
    There is a bus directly to Zhangjiagang in the airport. The departure time is 12:50, 14:40, 15:40, 17:40, and the fare is 120 yuan.
    3. Nanjing Lukou Airport to Zhangjiagang
    First take the airport bus from the airport to the downtown area of ​​Nanjing, take the 13th road from Shanghai Road, take the 11th stop to the central gate, take the bus to the central gate bus station to Zhangjiagang, the fare is 83 yuan.
    4. Wuxi Shuofang Airport to Zhangjiagang
    You can take the bus directly to Zhangjiagang at the airport, but there are not many trains. You can also take the bus to Wuxi Railway Station, where you can take a bus to Zhangjiagang, and there are many trains.
    5. Changzhou Benniu Airport to Zhangjiagang
    You can charter to Zhangjiagang, about an hour or so, the price is about two or three hundred yuan, you need to bargain.
    Zhangjia is close to the surrounding large and medium-sized cities, and the farthest is no more than 100 kilometers.
    Zhangjiagang Gangcheng Bus Station and Long-distance Bus Station are relatively large passenger stations in the city. They have opened inter-provincial long-distance buses to Shanghai, Anhui, Henan, Hubei, Beijing, etc. There are also many flights to Suzhou and Kunshan in the province. Changshu all over the place.
    There can be bus No. 18 or No. 2 between the Hong Kong City Bus Station and the long-distance bus station. The fare is 2 yuan. There is a discount for students and the elderly.
    There is no train station in the urban area of ​​Zhangjiagang. If you choose to take the train, you can take the Wuxi Railway Station or Suzhou Railway Station. After getting off the train, take the bus bound for Zhangjiagang to Wuxi Long-distance Bus Station next to Wuxi Railway Station. There are many trains, every 20 minutes, and the operation time is 05:30-18:00. The journey takes about 1.5 hours and the fare is about 18 yuan. Wuxi Long-distance Bus Station is located at No. 114 Tonghui East Road on the west side of the railway station. From here, take a taxi to the urban area of ​​Zhangjiagang for about 100 yuan.
    Suzhou Railway Station, Suzhou High-speed Railway Station, South Bus Station, North Bus Station are all available, large passenger cars, carrying 45 passengers, full speed, from 6 am to 7 pm, 15 minutes a year, one hour later to Zhangjiagang long distance bus Station.
    Jiyang Lake Park
    It is a playground in the city, with more than 20 large and medium-sized amusement projects such as Torrent, Perfect Storm, Mine Car, Ferris Wheel and June Po. It can meet the needs of entertainment and consumption at different ages. It is a comprehensive amusement park with children as the mainstay and suitable for all ages.
    Opening hours: 09:30~17:30
    Ticket price: adult ticket 72 yuan child ticket 45 yuan
    Xiangshan Tourism Scenic Area (including Xiangshan Lake Scenic Area)
    4A level scenic spot. The environment is very good, the air is fresh, and it is a good place for a weekend outing. In the March-April season, the plum blossoms and cherry blossoms are open to the public. From May to October, the Xiangshan Lake scenic area has verbena flowers, pink and purple, which is very beautiful. There are also attractions such as Meihuatang, which is said to have written a plaque in Su Dongpo, and Shengchaotan, which is a hydrolyzed thirsty place. It is also a place of great historical significance.
    Opening hours: 09:30~17:30Ticket price: 50 yuan for adult tickets
    Shuangshan Island
    Shuangshan Island is located in the Yangtze River waters of Jingang Town, Zhangjiagang City. It is known as the “virgin island” in the Yangtze River because of its calm and simple scenery, water town customs and farming ecology. The island has built an international standard golf course and has the reputation of “the first pole of the Yangtze River”. The ferry has a three-storey gatehouse with a height of 14 meters. It can be seen on the island, rolling over the Yangtze River and the opposite port. On the east side of the gate, a lake park is built. The pavilion and the bridge are red and the leaves are full of fragrance.
    Opening hours: 08:15~17:30
    Ticket price: free (on the island need to go back and forth 8 yuan ferry fee)
     About the author
    A gourmet uncle who likes to take pictures of the beauty of the sky must be a good designer. The world is big, but we will meet at the corner.
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     first day
    Yangzhou is driving to Zhangjiagang for about 2 hours.
    First came to the Jiyang Lake Ecological Park, which is the urban living room of Zhangjiagang. It uses the most advanced ecological concepts and technologies to introduce nature into the city, artificially creating the most beautiful and natural ecological wetland scenery. It can be described as a city and a half city. Lake, lake to city show, city to lake beauty. The woods in Jiyang Lake Park are basically yellow, and the colors of autumn should be so. The earth has knocked over the palette, so the little friend can’t miss it. The autumn portrait photo begins…
     Guanyue Mountain Villa
    Lunch came to Guanyue Mountain Villa in the Nansha Xiangshan Scenic Area of ​​Jingang Town. Because it was not in March-April, it was not the time to eat puffer fish, but the hotel’s dishes still left a deep memory on my taste buds. Hotel Address: Nansha Xiangshan Scenic Spot, Jingang Town, Suzhou, Tel: 0512-58392000
     Haha, the two beautiful little friends looked at the table full of such beautiful food, laughing and closing their mouths!
     Xiangshan Park
    Xiangshan Scenic Area is located in Nansha, Jingang Town, Xiqiao, Zhangjiagang City. According to research, it was born about 300 million years ago.In the late generation, the history was long, the scenery was beautiful, the monuments were numerous, the resources were rich, and the cultural heritage was profound. In the old days, it was one of the ten famous mountains in Jiangyin, and it was known as the famous mountain in the south of the Yangtze River. Xiangshan North is located in the Yangtze River in the north, Pingxiang in the south, Jiangyin in the west, and the sea in the east. “Left control Gusu Xiong, right according to the victory of Piling”, “Prominent Pyongyang, high and magnificent, A mountain.” Xiangshan, because of the legendary spring and autumn, Wu Wangfu sent a beautiful woman to go up the mountain to collect incense and get its name. The natural scenery is beautiful, the human resources are rich, and the confusing and legendary stories have always attracted scholars and visitors to this sightseeing tour. The Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo visited the Xiangshan Mountain for the title of Meihuatang. The Ming Dynasty geographer Xu Xiake repeatedly boarded Xiangshan. The mountain and water scenery here left poetry and essays. He praised in the “Xiaoxiangshan Plum Blossom Hall Preface”: “The millennium is cold and deserted, once the fragrant and fragrant jade, not the flowers, the fragrance, the dream Xiang, can not be said to live up to this mountain!” Xiangshan has a well-known “eighteen views”: Diaoyutai, Caixiang Trail, Meihuatang, Washing Pool, Shihumen, Shengchaotan, Guanyin Temple, Lotus Tea Hall, Round Tower, Listen Songsong, Taohuayu, Shengqingchi, Pilingo, Wushan Night Rain, Tiantai Stone, Guiyun Cave, Fenghuo Pier, Tibetan Army Cave. However, the years have passed, the vicissitudes of life have changed, and most of the legendary sights have disappeared.
    Xiangshan covers an area of ​​4.37 square kilometers and has an altitude of 136.6 meters. The mountain is in the shape of a diamond, composed of large and small Xiangshan, and is the crown of the city. There is a wind tower at the highest point on the top of the mountain!
    Soon after entering the door, you will see a group of statues, which were built to commemorate the three brothers of Liu. From the “May 4th” period to the historical span of more than 60 years in the 1980s, Liu’s three brothers went on and on, and they worked hard to promote and develop the national culture of the motherland, reflecting the noble character of Chinese outstanding intellectuals and artists. Their immortal performance has won people’s respect and love, and is known as Liu’s three masters. Although the “Liu’s Three Masters” has long been ancient, the descendants of “Three Jie” can also be described as Wenhai Xingguang, and Xue Tan, who is famous as a translator, Liu Xiaoyu, architectural structure expert Liu Yuyi, violinist Liu Yuxi and other famous scholars, professors and musicians.
    Liu Bannong, known as “Liu’s Three Masters”, is a famous writer, linguist and one of the pioneers of the Chinese New Culture Movement; Liu Tianhua is the founder, composer and performer of Chinese national music; Liu Beimao is the master of modern Chinese folk music. , composer, educator.
    I came to the lake, but I felt that the lake was like a dye, and it was long. The trees of the various colors along the river swayed slowly in the autumn wind, seeming to confide in the lake. The lake is as calm as a mirror. The water reflects the shadows of the water, arches and green hills. The hills and the pagodas are like the brides covered in light veil, and they are charming and beautiful in the vague.
    The Wind Tower, which stands at the top of the Xiangshan Mountain, was completed in 2007 and is a pavilion-style Jiangnan ancient pagoda in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. About a hundred meters northbound, the pagoda is full of flying horns, golden tower brakes, eight sides and nine levels, the tower is 49.8 meters high and the tower top is 64.8 meters high.
    After the completion of the wind tower, the top of the tower is just 188 meters above sea level. It can be used to listen to the wind from all directions. You can also enjoy the full view of the Zhangjiagang and the rushing Yangtze River. The wind tower: for the Ming and Qing dynasty-style Jiangnan ancient pagoda, it is above the tiger’s back. The pagoda is full of flying horns, golden towers, and eight-faced and nine-level. At the top of the tower, you can listen to the wind from all sides. Wind tower.
     Xiangshan Lake
    Xiangshan Lake is the largest artificial lake in the south of Zhangjiagang. It is adjacent to Meiyuan, surrounded by Xiangshan, with beautiful flowers and beautiful seasons! Nowadays, it is the season of the transition to the early winter in late autumn. The colors of autumn, layer by layer, pieces, undulating and patchwork, the tension of a season, so it is more full! Zhangjiagang people seem to have a special liking for water. In recent years, several artificial lakes have been excavated, such as the now mature Jinyang Lake, Liangfeng Lake, Shazhou Lake, Phoenix Lake… especially Jiyang Lake and Fenghuang Lake. Today, every holiday, the popularity is definitely a lever, almost no loss to those attractions with a few A.
    Closed management is here, only open from 8am to 5pm! As a resident of Jingang Lake, the resident of Jingang Lake can use this ID card to play this lakeside park for free.
    Aerial view of Xiangshan Lake, colorThe colorful, semi-arc-shaped covered bridge is as romantic as the bridge across the Milky Way.
    In Xiangshan Lake, you can overlook Xiangshan Park, and the green lake reflects the wind tower, which is especially beautiful.
    Xiangshan everyone knows that the most famous one is definitely Xiangshan in Beijing, but in the Xiangshan Mountain of Zhangjiagang in the south of the Yangtze River, the beautiful landscape of the mountains, red, colorful and layered forests is spectacular. It’s just unfortunate that when I came, it was not the best time for the sun, the weather was a bit gloomy.
    The red color is not necessarily all maple leaves, and there is also a plant that is very stylish – black scorpion. The genus eucalyptus is a deciduous tree, a kind of colored leaf tree species, and the leaves are red and dazzling in spring and autumn. It is a unique economic tree species in China.
     Shuangshan Island
    Shuangshan Island is located in the northwest suburb of Zhangjiagang City. The island is surrounded by water, beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, clean and elegant, is a small island with no pollution and natural ecological balance. In today’s smog, such a clean island is called a “worldly paradise”. We stayed at Shuangshan Golf Hotel this time, soYou can take a small boat for you free of charge. If you only want to go to Shuangshan Island and do not need accommodation, you need to take a large ferry boat and go back and forth for 8 yuan.
    Shuangshan Golf Hotel is located on Shuangshan Island near Huandao Road, with a building area of ​​3,700 square meters. It has Chinese and Western restaurants, cafes, multi-functional conference rooms, business centers, dressing rooms, golf supplies stores, etc. There are 6 villas in the landscape and a room center with more than 40 rooms. It can accommodate 100-150 people at the same time. There are also some leisure and entertainment facilities, so you can forget the world and spend a leisure time at the Shuangshan Golf Hotel in Zhangjiagang. A pleasant and enjoyable holiday.
    When you come to Shuangshan Island, you must taste the exquisite dishes of the Shuangshan Golf Hotel, especially the local cuisine of Zhangjiagang. The biggest surprise is an oversized Jiang Baiyu. The arms of Miss Taiwan’s sister can’t hold such a large plate. Haha!
     the next day
    It was too late to stay at the hotel yesterday, so the curtains were not opened. When I got up in the morning and opened the curtains, I shouted, wow, the golf course on the green lawn outside the balcony was so beautiful.
    After breakfast, everyone can’t wait to come, the driving range begins to practice the golf ball.
    Everyone learns very quickly. Under the guidance of professional coaches, they will be played in a short time!
    Sunshine, lawn, golf, the lifestyle of the once nobles is so close to everyone, because everyone has the freedom to enjoy life.
    After the practice field is finished, you can also go to the mini greens field to experience it once. Can you enter the hole once?
     Da Bo Dun Wetland Park
    Da Bo Dun Wetland Park, built on the tidal flat outside the river embankment. The park was first started in 2011 and opened in September of the same year. The entire park plus the surrounding reeds area of ​​about 2,000 acres.
    There are leisure facilities such as sightseeing trestles and gazebos in the park. Autumn is the best time to watch the wetland park. The reeds bloom and the birds flock to take off. From the trestle, countless small rafts climb over and the scene is beautiful.
    What is Da Bodun? According to legend, in the 1930s, the Yangtze River tide alluvialed Shuangshan Island into two pieces, and the middle water flow became a large trough, which is still faintly visible. At that time, a peasant planted eight piles of reeds on the east and west sides of the trough. The west side of the trough was relatively large. Everyone called it the Dabodun. The small east side of the trough was called Xiaobodun. Today, Xiao Bodun has disappeared, and Da Bodun is a trace of history that can be found.
     Shuangshan Old Street
    Shuangshan Island is not only a beautiful place, but also a good place for personal and outstanding people. Young writer Song Haohao, born in Zhangjiagang City, Suzhou, is his hometown. As one of the representative figures of the “post-80s” writers in mainland China, Han Han and Guo Jingming represent different roads for literary creation. Among the young writers in the contemporary era, Song Haohao is unique in advocating the classical aesthetic and cultural conception of literature. At the invitation of Song Haohao, the famous writer Yi Zhongtian also personally inscribed for Shuangshan Island. “Looking at the five lakes and the sea, I often have a double mountain.” A few words hide a kind of chic and atmosphere. The vast river of water, the light wind, and the wide field of vision of the Haohao soup can not help but go.
    Shuangshan Old Street is not long, surrounded by small restaurants where local residents live and open. Here you can taste authentic farmhouse dishes and the surrounding villagers are very simple. The specialty products sold here are Shuangshan Island grass poultry, various grass eggs (am…that is, eggs of various free-range poultry), as well as lobster, crab, Yangtze River fish, shrimp, Malan head, etc. The price depends on everyone to “cut”.
    When shooting the Shuangshan Tower, there was a pair of elderly people who supported each other. Although they were faltering, they were calm and calm. They have been together for the rest of their lives but have been living so happily, and we are also jealous of our juniors. When you want to come, there is only a beautiful place where people are living and living. People live and work in peace and contentment.
    Zhangjiagang has a natural harbor in Zhangjiagang Port, which is not frozen or stagnant, and is deep in the water, safely sheltering from the wind. There are 34 10,000-ton berths with an annual throughput of over 40 million tons. It has opened 19 international routes, more than 40 international flights per month, and has freight traffic with 150 ports around the world. Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone is the only inland river port type bonded zone among the 15 bonded zones in the country. With an area of ​​4.1 square kilometers, the main functions are international trade, export processing and bonded warehousing.
    At present, Shuangshan Island does not charge tickets, only the cost of the ferry. Visitors outside the island will return 8 yuan per person, and they will not have to pay again when they return. They are sitting on this large ferry boat. Only the island’s residents and service vehicles can be boarded, and the tourists’ cars can only be placed in the dock parking lot. The ferry takes an average of one hour. Friends who want to ride on the island can choose to rent a car on the island or bring their own bicycles. There is no extra charge for bringing your own bicycle. In addition, children have free tickets and child tickets depending on their height.
     Panoramic aerial photography
    Want to fully understand Zhangjiagang’s friends, welcome to scan the QR code on the picture and directly learn the beautiful autumn colors of Zhangjiagang through 720 panoramic pictures.
     Written at the end
    Jiangnan is good,
    The scenery of the old Zeng Yi:
    Sunrise Jianghuahong wins fire,
    Spring is green and blue.
    Can you not recall Jiangnan?
    Jiangnan recall,
    The most memorable is the port city:
    Xiangshan Cui Song Love Tao Li,
    Shuangshan white shrimp, Hulutan.
    More day to visit

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