Anonymous City, ancient Pingyao, the legacy of the independent Kirin Court

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The bank of the Yellow River, the bank of Lishui, the millennium Pingyao City, and the majestic, purple gas in the east of the city, the Kirin Court is also said.
    Qilin contains Ren Huaiyi, in the ancient Chinese culture, was given the noble, benevolent, auspicious meaning, “Book of Rites, Li Yun, Ninth”: “Lin, Phoenix, Turtle, Dragon, the four spirits”, Kirin is The old star is scattered and generated, so the main auspicious, is one of the most famous Swiss beasts. There is a poem: “The unicorns are in the clouds, and the world is in a difficult situation.” The Tang Dynasty Du Fu’s “Teaching the Brothers and Opening the House” poem “This time the Qilin Pavilion, who is the first merit” in the “Kirin Court” for the Han Wudi hunting unicorn The name of the meritorious service refers to excellence or the highest honor. In the Tang Dynasty, Shi Bai, Li Bai, “The Book of Nanling Chang Zanfu”, “When you go to the Kirin Pavilion, you will go to the city,” and the “Kirin Court” will be used as a “Hanlin Court”. The “Kirin Court” will be sung in the literary world, and the unique Kirin Pavilion Hotel It’s a natural name to get it.
     The literary architecture
    Qilinge Hotel is located in the southeastern city of Pingyao Ancient City, facing the south of the city, facing north to the south, east to the ancient city of Xindongmen, Xiqiao scenic area Chenghuang Temple, south to the Temple of Literature Temple, north of the Qing Dynasty Taoist Temple, gathering the aura of heaven and earth, according to the back of the Temple of Literature Built on the street, it is full of Confucius and Mencius style, and it is in line with the Temple of Literature. According to legend, there are allusions of “Qi Lin Sui Yu Shu, Confucius descending to the human world” and ” Confucius is the best in the world”, which are the evidence of the deep relationship between Kirin and Kong Sheng. There are two traditional ritual buildings in front of the Kirin Pavilion: Wenting and Wuting. In the long history of Chinese history, “Teaching the world with culture and teaching, using martial arts to blame the chaos” Wenneng ruled the country, Wu Neng Anbang, complement each other. On the left is the Kuixing Building with an octagonal spire, the top is pen-like; the right side is Wenchang Pavilion, and the hexagonal ridged spire. This second loft echoes the Kuixing Building and Wenchang Pavilion in the southeast of the ancient city wall. It is decorated with red walls and glazed yellow tiles. It is the same as the Forbidden City. The main text is prosperous and the status is noble. On the opposite side is the landmark of Pingyao Ancient City, which is the best of ancient Chinese wall-plastic art. It is the wall of the gate of the Taizi Temple. It is made of clay pottery and wrapped in colored glass. The main body of the Kirin Pavilion Hotel is the former site of Pingyao Middle School, a century-old school. The history of Pingyao Middle School is traced back to the Chaoshan Academy, which was founded in the 40th year of Kangxi (1703). It has been more than 300 years old and is now the fourth courtyard of the Pingyao Confucian Temple. The name of the Chaoshan Academy is 25 kilometers southeast of Pingyao City. There is a famous mountain in the 12th position of Pingyao (super peak moonlight, Yuquan medicinal trace). Known as “the pioneer of cultural exchanges between the East and the West”, and “one of the representatives of the modern Chinese new trend of thought”, the old Wuzi of the Wutai County of Shanxi Province, served as the head of the mountain in the Chaoshan Academy for ten years, for the development of Pingyao and the development of Shanxi merchants. Trained and educated a lot of talents. Today’s Pingyao Middle School won many titles such as “National Top 100 Middle Schools” and “First Batch of Provincial Key Middle Schools”. The aura is dazzling, and there are no shortage of champions in the college entrance examination every year. Tsinghua University students account for half of the city’s leadership. It is too numerous to enumerate. In terms of geographical location, the Kirin Pavilion Hotel has been given a very rich cultural connotation.
     Halo enveloped “Guo Guesthouse”
    The Kirin Pavilion Hotel has won many international and domestic design gold awards for its exquisite indoor and outdoor architectural art design. The first phase of the building is second to none in the city and covers an area of ​​about 20,000 square meters. It is the only five-star hotel in Pingyao Ancient City with large parking lots and presidential suites. It is built on three floors, which is in the feudal ethics of the ancient city. In the background, it is also unique. The structure of the building is changed, the height is low, and the left and right are combined. Qilin Pavilion opened its doors to welcome customers for ten years.There are countless VIP names. In 2017, the 5th China-Mongolia Russian “Wanli Tea Ceremony” (Jinzhong·Pingyao) Mayor Summit and previous international photography exhibitions, etc., the opening ceremony of “Seeing Pingyao” and the large-scale variety show reception star It has become the “national hotel” of Pingyao City in the local area.
     King of the Winds
    The Kirin Pavilion Hotel engraves the elements of Chinese traditional culture in every corner of the hotel. Stepping on the platform of the stone pillar slab, there are stone unicorns on both sides of the tower, not arrogant, but not violent, and the top of the mountain is covered with a shed, and the front is out of the three buildings, and the gold-plated “Kirin Pavilion” plaque Between the hanging flower columns, the carved beams of the painted arches are painted as backgrounds, and the left and right sides of the carved columns are made of jade and red columns. The elegant and noble aristocratic atmosphere comes from the face. Pushing open the eight-story two-story copper door that welcomes the guests from all directions, the 7.2-meter hollow luxury shocks the high-rise lobby, which is full of Chinese royal charm. The traditional brown-red wooden art is decorated with blue bricks as the color tone and decorated with noble and beautiful. Gold, the front two Optimus wood carvings, the dragon pillars are imposing, the pillars are auspicious, the golden dragons are circling like a living, the pillars are topped with a bucket arch, the face is wide and three, the woodcarvings are hanging between the lotus columns and the golden clouds. Symmetrical inlaid dragon flying phoenix dance unicorn chasing embossed, well-made work, full of royal style. The middle of the screen is dedicated to the Guan Yunchang of Yiwu Yuntian, and the back is a circle of five different styles. The entire lobby floor is dominated by blue bricks. The center is decorated with brass motifs. It is sleek and solemn. It is equipped with an algae-style ceiling. The pendant is a golden member with some hollow clouds, or a cylindrical or cubic shape.
    The front side of the lobby is the front desk, and the other side is the unicorn gallery. The eight great things of life – piano, chess, books, paintings, poems, wine, flowers, tea, are all the way of life, revealing the ultimate in life. . Fuqin a song, heart return to the 兮; black and white chess pieces hidden mystery, especially a move to decide Qiankun; books, is to write, write, write people, words such as their own; poetry, painting, ink rhyme; flowers, with rhyme, rhyme Good; tea ceremony, self-cultivation and nourishment. From the elegant to the ultimate Kirin Gallery tea, the world is beautiful, and the piano, the game, the paintings, the poems, the drink, the flowers, the tastes, the world are confusing, and there is a simple hidden under the majestic atmosphere. The seclusion is serene. In the lobby, there is also a non-negligible Pingyao element, which is a lacquer ware. The decorative paintings on the sides of the two sides of the door: the “Yu Gong Gui Gui” and the harmonious harmony of the “Hehe Erxian”, all of which are the treasures of lacquer ware. ,Precious. In addition, the lacquer ware and jewellery boxes displayed in the exhibition halls are all famous products of Pingyao.
    There are many rohan couches and Taishi chairs for guests to take a nap, and there are mint green cushion pillows, fresh and elegant. Classical brick carving culture is also reflected. After entering the lobby, the corners of the corridors on both sides are plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum, meaning the high clean and clear. In the wall decoration, there are traditional brick carvings that are beaming and multi-child, and the charm is vivid. In the back hall, the hollow sun roof, with a pool of elegant and elegant Qinglian for guests to watch, and echoes with the Buddha’s heart and Zen everywhere, the elements of Buddhism, clear, concise, simple, forbearing, indifferent, etc. In the meantime. In the ancient Confucianism, many of them were subordinated to the Buddhist studies. The hotel also has a lot of exclusive exhibitions of ancient city paintings, large-scale landscape paintings, calligraphy works, etc., all of which are valuable in the city. The left and right wings of the back hall are: Western restaurant, banquet hall. The Western Restaurant has more than a hundred comfortable dining places and a kitchen-making concept restaurant. The open kitchen offers a variety of creative cuisine, or a bench of eight-story tables, or a Tai Chi chair table, an elegant dining environment and high-quality food. A guest who walks into Kirin Court can be satisfied and have a good aftertaste. Hotel accommodation with a complimentary breakfast for $68 per person is also available here, as well as more than 30 kinds of dishes to fully satisfy the taste buds of the guests in the morning. The banquet hall can accommodate 260 people. It can undertake mid-to-high-end weddings, dinners, receptions, conference meals, etc. It can present the layout effect of various layouts, allowing guests to enjoy the perfect banquet experience.
    The long-standing series of Wenlin Pavilion, which has been linked to a series of cultural buildings, has been carefully restored and reshaped for many years, and its two wings have become the elegant guest room department. Passing through the orange-colored corridor, the carpeted ceiling door decoration is a Chinese character with a four-character pattern. It is pushed in. The rich Chinese traditional culture comes in, and the simple and tough lines perfectly fit the temperament of the ancient city. The interior of the room after the screen is still half-faced. The first phase of the 68 rooms is based on the Ming and Qing Jin Merchants style, equipped with five-star hotel hardware facilities, as well as traditional Ming and Qing simple solid wood furniture: ancient lamps, table cases, cases, jewelry boxes, grids, etc., the most value One mention is the zero-pressure bedding: a mattress and pillow with pressure-relieving function carefully designed according to the ergonomic principle and the physiological curve of the human body, that is, the whole set of memory cotton bedding is added on the original high-quality mattress, including Mattresses and pillows, these memory foam products have the same blood pressure as the human body, so they can produce a zero-pressure effect, providing guests with the most luxurious and comfortable experience. In this regard, Kirin Court is also known as the “deep sleep hotel.” The simple color matching in the room is a good interpretation of the Ming and Qing styles of home furnishing, and there is no exquisite style in the elegant. The poetic and ingenious layout allows guests to experience a simple, simple, free-spirited, and natural understanding. The cloakroom is fully stocked with recessed door handles, and the bathrobes are soft, comfortable and clean, and the slippers also allow the feet of the day to relax. The options for the mini tea bar are quite satisfactory. As a Chinese-style hotel, the ceramic tea cans here are very suitable. Double-screen curtains with all-shadowed Jin Shang elements add extra points for a comfortable sleep. The room massage service is an unexpected surprise for Kirin Court, including meridian massage, Chinese massage, Thai massage, partial massage, foot bath and so on. The bathroom is full of Italian marble veneer wet and dry separation bathroom, rainforest-style shower, extended version of the bath minutes to fade your tiredness all day long. Open the gauze, look out through the window, the opposite of the ancient style of Confucianism, quiet and harmonious.
    There are 11 kinds of suites, family rooms and standard rooms headed by the Presidential Suite, which can meet the needs of different groups of guests. The Presidential Suite, under the name of “President”, allows people to enjoy the noble, majestic and mysterious while enjoying the top luxury. It is the most luxurious and top-class service room for the most distinguished guests.
     Advance with the times and business
    The Kirin Pavilion Hotel also has an important identity – the business hotel, in the west wing of the second floor, with 4 meeting rooms and 224 square meters of large multi-purpose conference hall, equipped with independent centralized control room, with advanced multimedia audio-visual equipment It can provide advanced technical support, free combination of venues and flexible spaces, and the design style is classical and beautiful. Can undertake a variety of modes: desk, back, theater, elliptical, U-shaped, island-style, card-style annual conferences, speeches, seminars, training seminars, business negotiations, product sales, event launch, Various conferences such as academic reports create a more comfortable and modern information meeting environment.
     Zhen Zhen Cheng Centennial
    “You can enjoy the most authentic Pingyao Qing Dynasty food culture in the Chinese restaurant of Qilin Pavilion”. The well-known Pingyao County Department is different from the general Qipin County-level government department and is located in the Sixth Product. In order to implement the “Lianqing System” implemented by the Qing government in the second year of Yongzheng (1724), a banquet was formulated according to the local food culture characteristics. The special recipe of the boss has been more than 300 years old and is still preserved in the Daxianlou cave dwelling of Pingyao County Office. According to this recipe, the top chefs of the Kirin Pavilion Hotel visited the folks, and studied the county records to promote the new “Kailin Department Banquet”.
    Zixia Palace, which is a collection of delicacies, is located on the second floor of the hotel. The Chinese VIP boxes are named: Huan Cai, Shi Yan, Yi Jun, Liu Yi, Guang Yu, Zhi Yuan, Discretionary Xuan, Zhixiang, and some sets of Pingyao ancient city long yam. The lacquerware and the culture of Shanxi merchants are integrated. The theme of Zen vegetarianism is poetry, paintings, styles and functions. It can meet the needs of groups of up to 8 people and up to 20 people to eat and family dinner.
    The style of the restaurant of Kirin Court has always adhered to the original flavor, restored the original taste, and constantly promoted the new style of Pingyao ancient city to meet the taste experience of guests at home and abroad. Zhang Xiaopeng, the chef of the leading chef team, a member of the Shanxi Chefs Association, the teacher of the Jincai Taidou Fangming Lock, has participated in many food programs in the province, and relied on the experience of cooking for 15 years in the Jin cuisine and painstaking research, to “Wang Family Courtyard Merchants” The feast won the gold medal in the 2017 National Steamed Food Competition. He will lead the team of Qilinge chefs to continue in the direction of the inheritance of Jin cuisine, aiming to promote the profound Jin merchant culture and its simple Sanjin food culture.
    The Kirin Pavilion Hotel perfectly integrates the elegance of the elegant temperament into the ancient city of blue brick and gray tiles. It stands in the long history of the sound of still water and the ancient monuments. In the variation of time and light and shadow, the classical traditional culture is passed down, just like the northern beauty, and it is independent and independent.

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