Astrotec to travel A desert city, still eye-catching

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[Anna Xiaoji: Datong]
    Datong Tulin, a piece of yellow land, vast and innocent,
    This is a masterpiece of nature, a collection of history in the breeze.
    Stay here, you will think that on Mars, endless,
    There are almost no figures, which can be regarded as a source of inspiration for artistic creation.
    However, occasional birds flew, but did not break the silence.
    Even if it is a baptism through the wind and rain, the charm still exists, and it is dizzying.
    The Datong City Wall is built around the city and enjoys its grandeur on foot.
    I came to the Chinese Sculpture Museum, and the exhibition was inside the ancient city wall.
    It can be described as an art palace that presents a peerless boutique.
    What is communication, facing the works in the hands of the sculptor,
    Take a closer look and you will find that they also have a soul, a lifelike beauty.
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    [About the author]
    Anna Qiqi, is a Jiangnan sister paper that looks like a northern girl, loves to travel, loves photography, loves food, loves to read,
    I hope that through travel, I can provide the best help for my friends who love to travel, so that your journey will be more enjoyable.
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    Thanks to the photos taken by the master, always so handsome:
    The idea of ​​self-driving Shanxi Datong is also decided on an ad hoc basis, because every vacation I will not let go of some small partners who work together, this time is no exception, say go and leave, fly from Shanghai to Beijing, in the statutory On holiday, there was a journey of self-driving.
    [Total Itinerary: Shanghai-Beijing-Datong-Beijing-Shanghai]
    DAY1 Beijing-Sanhe Concept Hotel
    DAY2 昊天寺-Volcano Group-Yungang Grottoes-369 Coarse Grain Restaurant-Datong Tangfang Hotel
    DAY3 Hanging Temple / Hengshan – Tulin – Nine Dragon Wall – Sipai Building – Sculpture Museum – Dongcheng Wall – Shunyi Cool Powder – Yuhe Impression Hotel
    DAY4 Oriental Noodles – Returning to the car
    [About Datong]
    From the Jinzhong Plain to the northbound, go to Ningwu, pass through Cangzhou, and Yanmenguan North is already “outside.” Here the sky is clear, the mountains are looming, and the scenery of the frontier is unobstructed. Datong is located between the mountains and the endless grasslands. Throughout the border, it is the vast and innocent Mongolian grassland. So when you see the horses on the streets of Datong, the grass is screaming, don’t be surprised, here is the handover of the farming and nomadic peoples. Because of this, since the ancient northern people went south, they must pass Datong. In 386 AD, even the first minority political power in the history of China that could compete with the southern Han nationality – the Northern Wei Dynasty – was established. At that time, Datong, named Pingcheng, continued its military status from Liao to Yuan to the Ming Dynasty. Datong North Control Desert, Xigong Jingshi, according to Xiongsai North. Therefore, the horse-backed people who have been victorious for generations have left Datong with such famous masterpieces as Yungang Grottoes and Huayan Temple. Their magnificent and long-lasting charm and unrestrained folk customs are their lifebloods. Walking the ancient city, watching the clouds and clouds, listening to the wind and hunting, watching the cattle and sheep pitching, the time and space channel will open…
    Most of Datong’s attractions are concentrated in the urban area, and there are many elites in the counties and suburbs. In the urban area, there are scenic spots such as Huayan Temple, Shanhua Temple, Nine Dragon Wall and Ming Dynasty City Wall; the western suburbs have the most famous historic site of Yungang Grottoes in Datong; the Cailiang Mountain in the east of Datong City is the highest mountain in the suburbs of Datong. In Wuyuan County, southeast of Datong City, there is also Beiyue Hengshan, one of the Five Great Mountains in China, with excellent scenery. The hanging temple at the foot of Hengshan Mountain is exquisitely constructed and amazing.
    [required items]
    Camera body: SONY α7II, lens: ZEISS (f4/16-35, f4/24-70)
    It’s not bad to have a headset on the road.
    [about traffic]
    Datong Yungang Airport has opened routes to major cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing.
    Datong is the intersection of Beijing-Baotou, Beitong and Daqin railway lines. It is one of the important intermodal stations of Beijing-Ulaanbaatar-Moscow International Railway. Datong Railway Station has many trains to Taiyuan and Beijing every day. Hangzhou, Baotou, Shenyang and other domestic large and medium cities.
    [About attractions]
    Haotian Temple [Datong Volcano Group]
    Recommended play: 1-2 hours
    Tips: The road to the road is rather rugged. If you are driving, be sure to pay attention to safety.
    Mount Tianshan is a peak of the volcanic group. It belongs to the Neolithic ruins. It was built in the Northern Wei Dynasty. It was earlier than the Huayan Temple in Datong. It is located one kilometer north of the city of Datong County. There is a strange building on the top of the mountain, breaking into the sky, and Haohao is connected to Tianyu. For the fairyland pavilion, it is the world. In the fine rain of Feifei, it is like a dream, and it looks like a lot of people; in the white snow, Qionglou Yuyu, Baihe is sleeping; in the morning light, shining; in the evening, it is solemn and solemn. This is the famous tourist attraction in Jinbei, the Temple of Heaven. The current temple was rebuilt on the original site. The temple is beautifully built and has a strong Buddhist atmosphere. Every time a Buddhist festival is held, visitors are woven and the incense is flourishing.
    Yungang Grottoes
    Recommended play: 3-4 hours
    Tips: In the evening, it will be cooler, remember to bring a jacket.
    The Yungang Grottoes are located in the south of Wuzhou (Zhou) Mountain and Wuzhou River, about 16 kilometers west of Datong City. They were built in the era of the Northern Wei Dynasty Jiancheng Pingcheng (present-day Datong). Different from the Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang, the Yungang Grottoes not only have traditional Chinese art style, but also blend the artistic characteristics of ancient Indian, Western and Central Plains. The most representative is the 13.75-meter-high open-air Sakyamuni statue in Cave 20 (Baifuye Cave). This statue is still preserved above the chest: the face is semi-circular, with deep eyes and high nose, and the lips are thin and thin, retaining a typical Western minority. The facial features of ethnic and Indian people. The big Buddha in the Longmen Grottoes is close to the appearance of the Southern Dynasties. The clothing lines of Yungang’s statue of Sakyamuni are not as soft as the Longmen Grottoes, but the art of the early Northern Wei Dynasty.
    Hanging temple
    Recommended play: 3-4 hours
    Tips: When I went, it was just a hundred years of renovation. I saw that the temple is on the cliff. It is also very rare. It is very close to Hengshan.
    Located in the cliffs of Cuiping Peak in Jinlongxia, Hengshan, Hangkong Temple is the earliest and best preserved high-altitude wooden cliff building in China. At the foot of Hengshan, you can see the hanging temple hanging over the mountainside. The entire temple is hung on the steep cliff, and the bumps of the cliff are skillfully built according to the trend. It is extraordinarily staggered and rhythmic. When the poet Li Bai visited the Hanging Temple in the past, he wrote the word “spectacular” and wrote that he still felt that he was not enough to express his excitement. He added a little more to “Zhuang”. These two words are still engraved at the foot of the temple. On the rock.
    Datong soil forest
    Recommended play: 2-3 hours
    Tips: Tickets here can be bargained with the guards. This kind of place like going to outer space, don’t go too far, easy to get lost.
    The magical work of nature has created the strange and fascinating landscape of the forest. When you walk in here, it is difficult to understand that you are still on the Mars and still in the magic field. This is the Datong Tulin. The locals are called “Slate Trench” and it is the only known Tulin attraction in North China. Looking at it, the strangeness of the soil is dazzling, like a castle rather than an old castle, like a sculpture and not a sculpture. Some of the canines are staggered to the wall, which must be the boundary of the heavens; some are continuous, such as the ancient Great Wall reappear; some live alone, like a hermit leisure; some three or five groups, like the castle. The south side of the forest extends into a quiet water area, standing on the shore and looking at it. The soil in the reflection of the water is even more confusing, such as the Sanskrit. Under different sunlight, the forests have different styles, or glitters, or red as flames, and are magnificent, which is favored by many photographers.
    Ancient City Wall
    Recommended play: 1-2 hours
    The ancient city wall of Datong was built in Minghongwu for five years. The wall is tall and majestic, strong and sturdy, tightly guarded and well-equipped. It is a famous city in the history of ancient military architecture in China. A major feature of the Datong City Wall is that the outer profile is like a gear, the city pier protrudes, and the trapezoidal structure is a special shape for the Datong City Wall. The city walls are tall and majestic, strong and sturdy, tightly guarded, and well-equipped. They are famous cities in the history of ancient military architecture in China. Because it occupies a very important position in the northern border defense and played an important role in many battles, it has always enjoyed the reputation of “a big town” and a “Northern key”.
    Nine wall
    Recommended play: 1 hour
    Tips: Tickets are bought directly, just in the downtown area, very easy to find.
    Nine-Kowloon Wall is the wall in front of the king of Zhugui in the early Ming Dynasty. It is the earliest, largest and most artistically charming building in the three most famous Nine Dragon Walls. The center of the wall is a dragon, which is yellow. This dragon is facing the central axis of the palace, heading forward and looking at the gods. The dragon body curled up and the dragon tail extended to the rear, as if sitting at the end. The first pair of dragons on both sides are two flying dragons, which are light yellow, with the dragon head to the east and the dragon tail to the center dragon. This group of dragons is very chic and has a sense of self-satisfaction. The second pair of dragons is medium yellow, with head and tail all facing west. The shape is roughly the same as that of the first pair of dragons, forming a substantially symmetrical pattern. The third pair of dragons is purple. This is two dragons flying in the air, and its shape is very different from the former. Its expression is fierce and fierce, and there is a great tendency to turn the river over the river. The fourth pair of dragons are yellow-green, and they are flying and arrogant.
    [About accommodation]
    Beijing Sanhe Concept Hotel
    Tips: The hotels near the university are not cheap. At that time, it was about three hundred, and the environment felt average.
    Located in the center of Zhongguancun, Haidian College Road, it is adjacent to the Metro Line 13 Wudaokou Station, Tsinghua University, Forestry University, Peking University, Language University, Mining University, Agricultural University and other major institutions of higher learning. It is a fashionable new wine.The store brand breaks through the single style of traditional hotel, and integrates many fashion elements such as technology, art and photography into one through the integration of design. Different design styles also embody different fashion art design concepts, which will create a guest for guests. A new consumer situation.
    Datong Tangfang Hotel
    Tips: This hotel is very cost-effective, the environment is good, but also good parking.
    Tang: The dynasty of the world, open and inclusive. Square: Urban habitat, quiet and beautiful. The neoclassical style theme hotel is designed by the famous Chinese original design master Lian Zhiming. It highlights culture, leisure and style. The area is 4000m2. The main floor is 6 stories high. There are 52 sets of comfortable rooms, including standard. Rooms, business rooms, apartment suites and duplex suites. On the first floor of the hotel is the lobby and book bar. The second and third floor multi-function halls and restaurants provide you with nutrition-themed breakfast, casual afternoon tea, national banquet, Chinese and Western style meals, which are placed here to make your artistic concept elegant and beautiful. .
    Datong Yuhe Impression Hotel
    Tips: This hotel is very cheap, the room is oversized, there is a five-star posture.
    An intelligent and stylish theme hotel integrating catering, guest rooms and conferences. More than 100 sets of rooms are luxuriously decorated with different styles. The atmosphere of the Yu River is elegant. It is located in the prosperous area of ​​the 100-year-old city, whether it is a business trip or a holiday trip, Yuhe Impression Hotel can provide guests with a warm and attentive service to create a high-quality food culture.
    [about food]
    Datong cuisine is the representative of Jinbei cuisine. The taste is salty. The dishes are heavy and heavy. The diet is still mainly made up of various pastas. It is famous for its noodles, pea noodles, yellow cakes, buckwheat noodles, and Lingqi soba noodles. Hazelnut powder soup, noodles, Wuyuan jelly and other special names. Shanxi is known as the “hometown of Chinese noodles”, the noodles are called the “king of noodles”, and the Datong noodles are more referred to as “the king of noodles.” The seasoning of Datong’s noodles is commonly known as “toppings” or “harmony”, mainly pork scorpions. When Datong people eat noodles, they like to order small dishes, such as pig hands, delicious meatballs, clam meat sticks, five bean curd, etc., a plate of pickled cabbage or pickles, like a coriander and then grab a small piece of crushed parsley, or a few spoonfuls of oil with saute The peppers, with a bowl of savory noodles, are not too bad for any luxury banquet. In addition, due to the fact that Datong is located outside the country, influenced by the eating habits of the grassland nomads, the beef and mutton dishes are also quite flavorful. Special dishes such as mutton mutton and spiced rabbit head are especially recommended.
    【Specific itinerary】
    DAY1 Beijing-Sanhe Concept Hotel
    Because this is a self-driving tour, I rented a JEEP free light and arrived at the high-speed rail station very early to get the car. The procedures are very convenient.
    Since the place we set off on the second day was close to the high-speed, it was a clear holiday, and there were a lot of people going out. I chose to stay at a hotel near the elevated Tsinghua campus for one night.
    The environment is OK, but the price/performance ratio of more than 300 is how to compare the price in a metropolis like Beijing.
    DAY2昊天寺-Volcano Group-369 Coarse Grain Restaurant-Yungang Grottoes-Datong Tangfang Hotel
    We set off very early. At about 8 o’clock, we started to have traffic jams. Everyone was rushing to drive around Beijing from around.
    It is very early to set off. There are not many people on the road. This kind of holiday should start early, and it is best to have an ETC on the car.
    About four hours away, we came to the volcanic archipelago. The Tianshan Mountain is one of the peaks of the volcanic group. There is a strange building on the top of the mountain. It breaks into the sky, and Haohao picks up the sky. It is suspected that it is a fairyland, but it is a human scene.
    This is relatively biased, the country atmosphere is quite primitive, you need to go up the mountain when driving, you must pay attention to safety.
    Along the way, I also met a lot of teams who like to ride. No matter where I go, I must follow the direction of the map. I feel that it is easy to get lost.
    Jeep’s Freeman is quite comfortable to open, although it is made in China. You can also see the most simple sheepmen on the road.
    Look at me to open a big handsome character, wow.
    All the way to the road, it looks like an alien.
    It’s still not so developed, we just found a noodle restaurant, the taste is a bit heavy.
    The Yungang Grottoes are divided into landscape areas and grotto groups. Among them, the grottoes are undoubtedly the biggest attraction. The entire group of grottoes is divided into three regions, east, west and west, according to the natural mountain. The current opening of the cave is about 40. The more traditional tour route starts from the first cave in the east, and then goes west until the 45th. The end of the cave.
    The 5th Grotto (Dafo Cave) and the 6th Grottoes (Shijia Cave) are a group of double caves that were built before the Emperor Xiaowen moved to Luo, located in the middle of the grotto. A 17-meter-high Sakyamuni statue on the north wall of the fifth chamber of the fifth cave is the largest Buddha statue in Yungang.
    This Buddha statue can stand on 120 people, and only 12 people can stand on one foot. It is very spectacular! The center of Cave 6 is a two-story square tower connecting the top of the cave. The four walls are full of statues of Buddha, Bodhisattva, Luohan, and Feitian. There are thirty-three days in the top of the cave and various rides.
    “Wuhua Cave” is a common name for the 9th to 13th caves of Yungang Grottoes, which is the only painted work in Yungang Grottoes. The most striking of these is Cave 12, which is commonly known as the “Music Cave” and is one of the strongest artistic atmospheres in the Yungang Grottoes. The north wall of the front room is engraved with blooming lotus flowers, the flying sky and the music of the Bodhisattva, which is like a music and dance hall, as if you can hear the music from the millennium.
    “The Five Caves” is the earliest and most discouraged group in Yungang. At that time, Gao Song was entrusted to preside over the construction of the Yungang Grottoes. So he chose the Wuzhou Mountain of Zhongling Yuxiu. He first opened the five grottoes and opened the prelude to the Yungang Grottoes. This is the five large Buddha statues carved by the Taoist, Ming, Taiwu, Jingmu and Wencheng emperors. The open-air Sakyamuni statue in the 20th cave mentioned above was shaped by the prototype of Wencheng Emperor. This Buddha is a must-see for every visitor to Yungang Grottoes. Many tourists even come to Yungang to see its style.
    Visiting the Yungang Grottoes, the more conventional route is: 昙曜 Square – Foguang Avenue – Li Buddha embossed wall – Lingyan Temple (Shantang Water Temple) – Writing Classics – Grottoes – Premier Memorial Room – Yungang Northern Wei Pi Ying, Puppet Hall – Yungang Exhibition Hall – Performing Arts Center – Food Street. If you are interested in Yungang culture, it is recommended to continue to visit the Yungang Gallery on the west side of the scenic spot after watching the cave. In addition, if the tour time is long, you can eatThe goods street solves the dining problem and buys some tourist souvenirs, taking a break.
    In the evening, I found a food in the public comment, there are many locals, so I went.
    In the evening I found a hotel with a good value for money, the environment is very good.
    DAY3 Hanging Temple / Hengshan – Tulin – Nine Dragon Wall – Four Arch House – Sculpture Museum – Dongcheng Wall – Shunyi Cool Powder – Yuhe Impression Hotel
    The temple consists of three parts. The first part is a complete temple layout, built between the cliffs. The second and third parts are really “hanging” on the cliff. The wooden planks connected between the two parts are like floating in the air. The tourists walk on the cliffs below and look at the cliff. stand up.
    Not far from where we live, there is a scenic spot called Tulin, which looks like an alien planet, but it really makes a film.
    After taking photos, many people think it is outer space.
    Although there are mud ditch everywhere, the air here is particularly good, blue sky and white clouds.
    Standing on the edge of the cliff, look around. From time to time, there are a few black birds flying on the water, and the soil around the water is in a variety of poses.
    In the afternoon we returned to the city.
    The building structure of this wall is made up of yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white and other colored glass components. The wall consists of three parts: the bottom is a whisker, the middle is a wall, and the upper part is a wall top. The ends of the east and west are the patterns of the rising sun and the moonlight, and are lined with river cliffs and flowing clouds.
    On the wall, there are sixty-two groups of glass arches with imitation wood structure, supporting the top of the glazed tile wall. The top of the wall is a single ridge and five ridges. The sides of the ridge are high-relief multi-layered petals of flowers and dragons. The tops of the sacred beasts, the sacred beasts and the dragons are all full, and the ends are sculpted and delicate.
    The city of Datong is a quaint taste, and it has a charm at first glance.
    The Chinese Sculpture Museum is free, just give it an ID card.
    The exhibitions in the museum are often changed, so you should be able to find inspiration for artistic creativity here.
    The entire city can be seen on the Great Wall of Datong, and the sunset is beautiful. Many people come here for a walk.
    I ate some snacks at night, watching many people line up for Shunyi jelly, and bought two copies of it.
    The hotel industry that stayed at night is quite real and has a lot of space.
    DAY4 Oriental Noodles – Returning to the car
    The last day was purely for the sake of the road. After eating a bowl of noodles, I went back to Beijing. If it was late, the road was definitely blocked.
    Where will I choose next stop?

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