At the foot of Longcheng | Apricot Village outside Jiajiazhuang, more than 100 snacks always satisfy your taste buds

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    “Xiahua Village is outside Jiajiazhuang, and the red flag is held high in Fuyang”
    A generation of writers such as Mr. Guo Moruo praised this, and it can be seen that Jiajiazhuang is not ordinary. It coincides with the fact that this time in Taiyuan is still relatively long, and it has caught up with the 18th Rural Tourism Culture Festival in Jiajiazhuang, and one can taste the whole country. Jia (gu, 3 sounds) street of local cuisine, then there is nothing to discuss, walk up?
     Traffic Guide
    how to get to? A good strategy will not let you check it out. I suggest that you arrive around noon on the first day and leave on the afternoon of the next day. This will not be very fast, and you can experience Jiajiazhuang perfectly.
    1. Public transportation (affordable price)
    Train (K1573 or K1081) + bus (train station line)
    K1573 (consuming 1.17h, starting from Taiyuan South 09.32, arriving at Fuyang 10.49, fare 15.5 yuan)
    K1081 (time 1.10h, starting Taiyuan 11.14, arrived in Fuyang 12.24, fare 15.5 yuan)
    Railway station line (takes 1h, start: Fuyang Railway Station, arrive at Hongsi Temple, walk 1.5km)
    2. Easy ride (convenient travel)
    Taiyuan City – Jiajiazhuang (consuming 1h, price: 2 yuan 100 yuan)
    Tips: Make an appointment 1 day in advance.
    We personally recommend the second way
    Advantages: fast and convenient, you can go directly to the hotel or your own home directly, eliminating the various turns on the road
    Disadvantages: the price is slightly more expensive, the safety factor is not the first high
     Jiajiazhuang Tourism Scenic Area
     Accommodation guide
    Four-star high-end: Jiajiazhuang Yuhe Garden Hotel (close to Jia Street, less than 200 meters) Per capita: 300 yuan
    Samsung Economic Chain: Per capita: 120 yuan
    Everyone can order according to their own consumption level.
     Travel essential
    Cold medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, band-aid, Huoxiang Zhengqi capsule and other medicines, umbrellas, toiletries, sunscreen spray, sun protection clothing, etc., do not have to prepare too much cash to prevent loss, charging treasure must be prepared, the phone must not be out of power!
     The beginning of the text
    Speaking of this short trip around Taiyuan, my mouth is often hanging [Jia Street Snack Street], I came here to slip around here, thinking that this must be a wonderful journey.
    When I was thinking about it (cough, that is, the previous year), I went to Xi’an and went to the local hot-selling Yongxing Square. The health, management, architecture and atmosphere of the people are quite good, so I usually consult. : What is worth going to in Xi’an? I will say, Yongxing Square,
    Don’t feel it, let’s get started.
    The overall style of Jia Street is a building in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is approaching a large archway, which reads [Jiajiazhuang]. Today’s Raiders will start here.
     Jia Street Entertainment
     Bowl of wine
     Big swing
     Jia Street Food
    Yongxing Square is full of Shaanxi specialties. There are many kinds of restaurants in Jiajie. Shanxi, Shaanxi and Sichuan are the most popular. More than 100 special foods are dazzling. Who are you eating?
    Leaking fish
    [Evaluation] The fish is not the same, but the shape is a bit like a fish. The translucent food made with long yam and pea noodles is served with the sauce. The taste is sour and not hot, but the taste is really good. Great, soft and smooth.
    [Recommended] ★★★★★
    Spiced trotters
    [Evaluation] Soft scent is slippery, extremely boneless, and there is a lot of meat. The five flavors are rich, not salty or light, and the boss is very enthusiastic. It can be seen that the folk customs here are very simple.
    [Recommended] ★★★★★
    Tear rabbit
    [Evaluation] This shredded rabbit is made entirely. On the opposite side of the purchase, loading the opposite side of the spiced trotters, as the name suggests, the meat fiber of the shredded rabbit is very slender, tastes spicy and tastes a little bit of wood.
    [Recommended] ★★★★☆
    Lamb mutton fire
    [Evaluation] You can see the production method of Auntie by hand. Of course, this kind of fire is different from that of Hebei. The meat here is soft and tender, and the cake is different. My companion After eating it, unfortunately I forgot to take a photo. Listening to her is really good.
    [Recommended] ★★★★☆
    Beef meat noodles
    [Evaluation] I have been to Linyi a few years ago. This beef meatball noodle is my only memorable food. The yellow and yellow alkaline water surface matches the spicy taste, together with the soft beef balls, the wonderful experience. Let me stop, but this shop is listening to the boss saying that the practice is completely different from the Linfen beefball noodles. The beef noodles are quite delicious.
    [Recommended] ★★★☆☆
    汾阳 Mung bean powder
    [Evaluation] The local specialties of Fuyang, made of mung bean starch, are rolled into a long cylinder, then cut into small pieces, sprinkled with peanuts and cucumber, accompanied by local secret sour sauce. Shanxi native acid, not spicy mouth, eat a bowl of super smooth in summer.
    [Recommended] ★★★★★
    [Evaluation] It is also a local speciality food of Shuyang. It is made with glutinous rice. The snack series features soft, warm, cool and sweet. It is also a snack that the people of Fuyang love to eat in summer, but I think many cities have similarities. Food, it feels almost the same
    [Recommended] ★★★★☆
    Tiled sweet potato
    [Evaluation] We did not eat the same when we were in peace. This sweet potato is baked in a large tank until it is baked to the outer skin. It is full of sugar, and the taste is soft and sweet. It is very good, but it seems that there is nothing special.
    [Recommended] ★★★★☆
    Shennong potato
    [Evaluation] A snack that we had eaten in Wuhan, Hubei, was selected from Shennongjia small potatoes, fried in a pan, served with seasoning, spicy and soft, sometimes I was imagining, if the local snacks can be combined with local Is there a better choice of taste?
    [Recommended] ★★★★☆
    Golden nest
    [Evaluation] This food is common in the north. It was eaten by the poor people. It has now developed into various snacks and promotes a healthy age. People prefer this kind of coarse food. This is a good thing. A sugar-free but sweet, listen to the boss said that there is sweet potato powder, the elderly can eat, the word that is baked is: crisp, invincible crisp
    [Recommended] ★★★★★
    Handmade yuba
    [Evaluation] His family is in the remote area of ​​Jia Street, handmade yuba, can also see the production process, see? This one is drying one by one, and there are two kinds of selling methods in his family. You can buy yuba directly, or you can buy a cold yuba.
    [Recommended] ★★★★★
    Water surface
    [Evaluation] Shaanxi Yangling’s water surface, wide noodles and rapeseed in twos and threes, accompanied by a bowl of sour soup spicy sauce, sandwiched the noodles into the seasoning, must be filled with noodles, so delicious It is very satisfying, smooth and tender noodles, sour soup with spicy and mellow taste, first-class stick.
    [Recommended] ★★★★★
    Scissors face
    [Evaluation] Shanxi’s specialty noodles, as the name suggests, this face is cut out with scissors, and the shape cut out is very similar to fish, so it is also called chopping caviar, but unfortunately the noodles are refrigerated, and the process of not cutting his face is not seen. Here, I would like to make a small suggestion. The curiosity of the tourists is very heavy. If the business can tirelessly repeat the process of this food culture, then you can really reunite [Jia Street]. This sentence also applies. For other merchants, you can experience the rich flavor of Shanxi at the entrance of this noodle. The thick taste of vinegar and soy sauce matches the smooth taste of the noodles. Anyone must try a wave.
    [Recommended] ★★★★★
     Jiajie Foods Gifts
    I have been to the country’s gourmet snack street no less than 30, every food and snack street has its own unique food with gifts, if you come here do not know what to buy back, we must look below!
    Wen Xi, cooking cake
    [Evaluation] Shanxi Yuncheng The characteristics of Wenxi County, in fact, he was fried, and the Jinnan area was extremely fried, not wonderful? The cake has 3 layers, a layer of sesame and a pastry. A layer of filling, this taste is varied, the taste is firm, you can taste
    [Recommended] ★★★★★
    Yongchun paralysis
    [Evaluation] Fujian’s specialty snacks, just the opposite of Wenxi’s boiled cakes, this snack is particularly soft, the entrance is instant, and there are many flavors. Would you like to try it?
    [Recommended] ★★★★★
    a piece of sesame
    [Evaluation] I don’t know where it is. I feel that the ingredients are very rich. Black sesame seeds, maltose, and honey are compacted and cut into pieces. I feel a little tired.
    [Recommended] ★★★★☆
    [Evaluation] glutinous rice noodles, wrapped in sugar, crispy taste, sweet taste
    [Recommended] ★★★★☆
    Sesame strip
    [Evaluation] It feels like a lot of sesame wrapped in twist, it is very crisp and delicious, no sugar, can be eaten by men, women and children.
    [Recommended] ★★★★☆
    Multigrain rice cake
    [Evaluation] Multigrain rice cake, rice cake made of various miscellaneous grains, this is a purple rice cake, sweet and soft, no special, when the snack can be eaten
    [Recommended] ★★★☆☆
    Sugar candy
    [Evaluation] Shaanxi Sanyuan A very soft snack, it must not be like sugar. I heard that this snack was very popular at the time of Cixi, and the soft entrance was a bit like the previous Yongchun numbness, sweet.
    [Recommended] ★★★★☆
    Five kernels
    [Evaluation] This snack can be said to be very nutritious and can be common to everyone. [Five kernels] peanut kernels, sesame kernels, walnut kernels, almonds, melon seeds, the shell is a very crispy pastry, can give the family a little bit .
    [Recommended] ★★★★★
    Lushan Twist
    [Evaluation] The specialty of Shanxi Yuncheng is very brittle twist, and the oil smell is very heavy. Then, um, it is actually a twist.
    [Recommended] ★★★★☆
    Dwarf pie
    [Evaluation] Hubei Jingmen characteristics, said it is a pie? What? This is obviously a snack, haha, and Tianjin, Beijing, the snacks are very fragrant, layered, soft and incomparable, as many as 9 flavors, to meet the taste needs of different groups of people.
    [Recommended] ★★★★☆
    There are too many snacks in Jiajie. With our appetite for one day, we can’t taste it for everyone, so you can recommend it to me with delicious food.
     Jiajie night view
    The reason why I recommend everyone to spend the night here is because the night view here is also good, and there are many citizens in the evening, you can also experience the local folk customs.
     End of the text
    Jiajiazhuang, do you think that only Jiajie? No, no, no, industrial culture and creative park, village history museum, folk culture park, etc.
    If you come to Taiyuan or Taiyuan people want to travel around, then Jiajiazhuang must go there and will not let you down.
    Looking out the window on the way out of the carIt seems that at this moment, Jiajiazhuang, who is far away, may understand the praise of Mr. Guo Moruo to Jiajiazhuang.

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