At the foot of the Hakka Mountain, you can explore the Valley of Secrets. The food tour is unusual.

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    Eleven arrived, how to find a beautiful and special scenery, cost-effective and not too many places to vacation has become the trouble of most people. Today, Abby wants to share with you the perfect place to meet the above conditions – Fujian Longyan Hakka Shenshan “Guanlu Mountain”.
    Some people say that Guanlan Mountain is alive, not only because it is a combination of “the door of life” and “the root of life”, but also because it is a mountain with a strong cultural atmosphere. The name of the mountain was replaced by the words “Dongtian Stone” and “Lianfeng Mountain” and was replaced by the word “crown”, which gave the mountain a cultural color.
    The word “豸” in Guanlan Mountain has been read as zhài (fourth sound) in the local area. It is a kind of beast that is loyal, honest, and clear. The judge can judge the right and wrong according to this, so the judge’s hat is called the “crown”, in order to show fairness and injustice. Pictured above is the Guanlan Mountain, which is like an official hat. The name of the mountain “crown” can be seen as profound.
    Train: Depart from Xiamen, there are 4 trains to Guanlanshan Station every day, which are K904\K572\D3145\D6575. The K-head is a long time for ordinary trains and the price is cheap; the D-head is short-lived for the train, and the price is more expensive, but even the second-class seat is only 70.5 yuan. Upon arrival, you can take a special bus to Liancheng Bus Station, which is about 3km away from Guanshan Mountain.
    Aircraft: Optional flight to Guanshan Airport
    [Accommodation] Recommended Longyan Guanyu Migu Xiangxiang Resort Hotel, the price of 688 yuan on weekdays, the holiday will be floating. It’s the hotel in the picture building in the picture above.
    If you have read the “Big Fish Sea Bream” and have the experience of the Tulou, but you have no chance to get in touch, I suggest you come here to feel it. If you love Hakka culture, and you don’t want to arrange your own trip, just want to be good. Vacation, then you should come here more. Believe me because it is more than just a hotel!
    Before coming, my vacation idea was very simple: I went to climb the Guanshan Mountain, swam down Shimen Lake, tasted local snacks, and had a weekend. But when I came, when I stepped into the Longyan Crown Crested Valley Resort, my trip to the crown opened an extraordinary journey. Because the hotel is equipped with a vacation consultant, not only will you introduce the holiday project with enthusiasm, but also tailor the holiday itinerary for you.
    To be honest, when I met the first waiter when I entered the door, I would like to say hello to us with Hakka. The first impression was very good. I saw this whole floor-to-ceiling glass and the subsequent crown of the mountain, and I was pleasantly surprised.After the check-in, the vacation consultant quickly customized the trip for the next three days after understanding my thoughts on the Guanlan Mountain vacation. The wonderful journey kicked off.
    If you don’t have any ideas at all, you can go to the front desk to see today’s event board. There are fixed-time activities. You can participate in the information on the side of the book, which is very convenient. The red kanban on the right is the content of parent-child activities, very thoughtful and thoughtful.
    The Secret Valley Kids Club organizes a variety of activities for children, and Mom and Dad don’t have to worry that children can’t experience the fun of the holiday.
    Day1: Looking for a city
    After a short break in the afternoon, the morning train fatigue has not been completely eliminated. According to the holiday consultant, I went to the yoga class. This course is open to all interested guests of the hotel, regardless of gender. I was lazy in the afternoon and just took a yoga class to stretch my limbs and relax my body and mind.
    To be frank, I refused at the beginning, because I had done yoga once and did not adjust the atmosphere, so my heart was a bit shadowy. I did not expect that the teachers here were very patient from the foundation, and the environment was very smooth. It really hurts when you press the ribs, but once you relax, the sweetness of the bitterness comes with your body. I did not expect that I could do it!
    After practicing yoga, I went to the front desk with the hotel consultant. The discovery of engraving and printing vividly presents the poetic context of Guanlan Mountain and the hotel. To know that engraving is known as the “living fossil” in the history of printing, things that feel far away can not only be seen in the hotel, but also better, I have experienced it personally under the guidance of consultants.
    They all say that the world is so big, they have to go out and have a look. Since it’s a shame to come to Guanlu Mountain without going out. So next we started the city’s gourmet riding tour. I believe that all the food will be excited. For me, the last time riding a bicycle is already a university thing. There is a chance to revisit and it is a good choice to watch the scenery slowly.
    The first stop for the food is the famous local bridge. The meat is thick and thick, and the grains are full. The soup base is made of large bones and is delicious. This is the old site of the flat restaurant, Wenchuan Bridge. The bridge is 50 meters long and 5 meters wide. The structure is rigorous and the shape is beautiful. The bridge head arches inherit the architectural style of the Ming Dynasty and become one of the must-see attractions for tourists. Due to its age, although the bridge arch is still solid, the bridge house has long been worn and decayed, and it is a dangerous bridge. So the store has been transferred.
    This is the boss of the bridge flat food, the owner is Li Wenguang. First of all, the meat is very sincere, and whoever eats is so meaty.
    The price is very close to the small bowl of 6 yuan is enough, the key soup base is too good, the rich bone soup is very nourishing. No loss is the Gold Award for the Hakka Food Culture Festival in Guanlan Mountain.
    [Light cake] is also called frying cake: the method is simple, rice is mixed with water to make pulp, adding minced meat, shallot and other ingredients, fried in a frying pan with a flat spoon, the color can be golden, delicious and delicious.
    Some people say that the best way to understand a place is to go to the market. In fact, the grounds and streets of the ground, the local people’s daily life is the best shortcut to understand this place. I watched the production of local snacks on the bicycle and went to buy and taste. I felt more tasteful from the taste and experience.
    [Golden Silver] A kind of snack in the Chengguan area, with its shape round and golden, and the inside of the sugar cake is white as silver, so it is called “golden silver”.
    [Seven-layer cake] sweet and fragrant, red and white, elegant and beautiful. The vertical section of the seven-layer cake can count seven layers. Take a bite, soft, sticky, fragrant. [object Object] After the visit to the food tour, returning to the hotel is near dusk. The scenery along the way is more and more attractive, and the feeling of riding on the road on the road is superb. [object Object] When the golden sunset illuminates the hotel room area, it looks like a painting, and we live in the painting. [object Object] At the suggestion of the holiday consultant, I went to the hotel’s Luoxia Pavilion to watch the sunset. At that moment, I felt that the sky is a beautiful picture, and the cloud is the most beautiful brush. Everything between the water and the sky exudes a fascinating glow.
    As the night is darker, the charm of the secret valley is more and more endless. The warm yellow light is lit up like a home for our silent waiting.
    What’s more, the hotel also has a dreamy star-watching tent, a curiosity about nature, and a small partner who is eager to get in touch with the night sky. Don’t miss it. Reinforced forests in the city have long kept the stars away from our memories, and here they will be incomparably close to each other, as if they are ready to pick up, as if childhood memories are going back and forth.
    After playing all day, I opened my eyes and enriched my heart. After all, I finally got the time to eat my favorite stomach. To be honest, the feeling of seeing the Chinese restaurant at first sight was impressed by its exquisiteness.
    The strong Chinese style, the immortal feelings, the good atmosphere created always makes the dining people feel good.The appetite has increased greatly.
    That night, I came to the Longyan dish for a close contact with the tip of my tongue. The most amazing is the white duck. The local area is also known as the “black hoe”. During the Qing Dynasty, it was the tribute of the tribute. The only medicinal duck, its duck soup is clean and fragrant, and the duck meat is tender and sweet with the golden lotus. The most taste is the “Chinese name”. The dish of the fish is tofu, the tofu is tender and smooth, the fish is tender and fresh, and the fragrance is rich in nutrients. The most popular place is the nine-headed, also known as a plate of nine crisps. That is, the beef tongue peak, the venetian belly, the cow heart crown, the beef belly tip, the beef ribs, the beef peak belly, the cow cardiovascular, the ox waist, the belly wall, after strict selection of materials, fine knife work, supplemented with adjuvant burst Fried, there is a saying that I have a cow.
    If you think that the good life of the day will end with the end of the dinner, you are wrong. The most warm scene is in the room. Already prepared, almost the rose tea, the leaves of good night, and the lavender scented scented bag of lavender, waiting for a long time at the bed.
    If you haven’t exercised for a long time like me, you can make a reservation for a single foot bath service if you want to soothe your feet. The waiter will come to the tub and the Chinese medicine package to make it for you. Make a foot bath yourself and sleep well in the night.
    Day2: Looking for a find me
    If the first day is to discover a city, the next day I want to find more self.
    In the morning, accompanied by insects and birds, according to the hotel’s hand-painted map, you can start the clear water along the mountains and explore the mountains.
    You can also go to the Migu Mountain or study Taiji directly under the shade of the waters of Mingcui Lake and Taiji. Feel the process of the universe from the Promise and the Taiji, to the transformation of all things.
    Or be more brave to try some basic skills of the mixed fighting that you have not touched. This kind of skill and skill coexistence skills are also very practical in real life. Especially for those who have no power in my hands, I am always on the road all the time.
    It is excellent to replenish energy at the cafeteria after the morning exercise. Because here in addition to the common Chinese food, Western food, Japanese food, but also added local characteristics of Hakka cuisine.
    Hakka wine and beef soup are highly recommended. Alcoholism is a famous Hakka cuisine. It is a processing technique in which meat pieces, fish fillets and the like are placed in a boiling water pot mixed with rice wine. The soup is a broth in the Hakka dialect. In the biography of Hakka snacks, it is extremely important. The unique taste of the soup, from the stomach and heart of the Hakka people of generation after generation, is like bamboo roots, entangled, deep and deep, blending into the blood of the Hakka people, becoming a food culture in the Hakka people. An important component of lack. Therefore, you must try the two dishes of Hakka food culture.
    Next, you can experience the profound tea culture of Fujian in the hotel tea room, such as: Kung Fu tea. The product of Tieguanyin or Dahongpao is excellent. Especially on the wall of the tea room, there are photos of ancient buildings in various places in Fujian. You can taste the charm of Fujian in the aroma of tea soup.
    The choice to slow down the pace of life can also go to the library, where there are a variety of books, and a collection of small books that the previous generation recalled. Forget the city, feel the silence of your own soul, I think this is the true meaning of the years.
    If you are tired, you can relax on the innermost massage chair in the library. Haha, I won’t tell you that there are many “small powder punches” in the chair that will pinch the strength to find acupressure.
    After the lunch break, when the sun was not so strong, I also experienced a refreshing shot of a big bow. I used to resist it, because I always felt that my lack of strength would definitely miss the target. It would only be a joke.
    But the coach has always encouraged me. He said that archery is actually a skill movement. It is not the strength of the arm, but the exertion of the chest. Eyes and hands are combined, and you can use it on the strings.
    In fact, life is not the case. A lot of things we give up without trying, once we overcome inferiority, let go and do it half way. In this way, I made 2 hits from 6 hits and made a hit. I started to like it because it allowed me to discover my unlimited potential and there are many possibilities in life.
    In the evening, there are also well-known local Chinese painters to teach, and even Chinese medicine doctors come to see the pulse.
    These can’t help but evoke my childhood memories, learning calligraphy from the age of 6. If Longyan Guanyu Migu Resort is a school, I think it is a sunny place for spiritual healing. It makes people rich in connotation, not only the body to get the joy and relaxation of the holiday, but also to enrich and enhance the spirit.
    Finally: trueCut a secret valley
    In the above holiday experience project, perhaps you have already felt the corners of the secret valley. However, those are part of the holiday, and the real secret hotel of the Migu Hotel as a place to rest, let me reveal it for you.
    The retro Chinese-style bed and the wooden floor are not enough to reflect its ingenuity. See the truth in the details, let us go closer and feel it.
    Use the bedside cabinet with the chronological lock to make the retro Chinese style deeper into the bone marrow.
    The old-fashioned letter conveys the hotel’s welcome to the guests. In this fast-food era of WeChat, the letter is becoming more and more valuable. There is also a “Secret” brochure to explore you here.
    The small coffee table is a time to blend the hospitality of Fujian people with the tea culture into your stay. It is not too deep but just good. For example, the tea with temperature makes you remember the unique cultural taste here. Although this trip failed to climb the Hakka Mountain, it seems regrettable. But not in this mountain, but seeing this mountain is more clear, because the mountain is in the heart, the meaning of life transmission, the years of the secret valley holiday told me.

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