Beautiful and elegant, hidden in the elegant atmosphere of the West Lake

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Written before the trip
    Like Hangzhou, the literary and romantic Hangzhou, never lost the delicate and elegant aura, the poetic landscape and the human history that has never been broken, of course, there is no lack of quiet and comfortable Hangzhou Meisu, all said that there are many hotels in Hangzhou. There are countless speedy chain hotels, but if you want to choose a hotel with beautiful scenery and very quiet, you have to mention the long-awaited secret of the West Lake, the beautiful and elegant West Lake shop.
    On the bank of Xizi Lake, you can take a quiet courtyard-style leisure place, quietly Jiangnan Water Village, and pursue a leisure life with natural ecology as the scene and oriental culture as the heart.
     [The beauty is elegant, stepping on the mountain and coming to the water]
    From the lively streets into an alley, through the densely covered groves, the breeze passes by, the green shades sway, the white walls of the Wuwa folk houses are scattered, the taste is elegant; the town style and the rural scenery Interspersed here, the winding path is secluded, and here is an unexpected leisure.
    The beautiful and elegant side of the ancient dock of Maojiatun is across the lake. The opposite side of the hotel is a green lake. It is very convenient to take a boat trip. The shape of the beautiful courtyard of the hotel is also in the shape of a lake. The advantages;
    Pushing the door, the antique wooden home will make the whole beauty and elegance of the natural comfort, spacious and bright, focusing on the Chinese style, elegant and not old-fashioned, the classical and romantic Chinese style decoration is exquisitely presented; the table several cases and decorations The cabinet is embellished with a partition screen with a strong Chinese style, with a simple and fresh attitude, telling the soft feelings of Jiangnan West Lake.
    The front desk of the hotel will also specially prepare some accessories and common items, and have a variety of accessories such as toilet water, charger, antipyretic stickers, thermometers, etc., which can be used free of charge, no matter how incomparable.
    From the front desk, head to the face of a delicate and meticulous garden courtyard, the old-fashioned old courtyard, quite a winding path, a high-pitched roof, and a gatehouse in the south of the Yangtze River. The slate paved curved bridge is a road connecting the courtyard with a step by step courtyard, step by step, Jiangnanmei.
    It is quiet and aura, the wooden fence is small, the stone wall of the courtyard is covered with green plants, and the courtyard in front of the garden is surrounded by greenery, covered with luxuriant trees, and various green branches intertwined with each other. Low hanging, some heads up, some bend left and right, accompanied by the sound of birds singing, more and more quiet; want to come to the courtyard to drink tea in the afternoon, the sun shines on the ground in the forest, watching the water flow slowly The drooping green trees slowly flow through the midsummer light years that are coming to an end, and it is also a leisurely feeling.
    One side is a pure land, a smile and a dusty edge, a thought and a quiet.
    Like a pure land, isolated from the world, quiet and romantic, low-key and literary, can make a displaced heart, find a sense of belonging, can let people passing by, return to the origin, and start again.
     [Jiangnan Meizhai, inadvertently looking back]
    When the prime year is good, the years are quiet;
    A touch of freehand, a few Zen hearts;
    The beautiful wooden door of the door is beautifully walked on the log-colored floor, and it feels quiet and elegant;
    The large area of ​​the room and the color of the wood make up the entire space color. The furniture style is as simple and generous as usual. The lines are flowing and the carpet is more natural.
    The decorative lamps of the rattan and the elegant and contrasting sofas are ingeniously blended with the local cultural elements. With a unique sense of history, the world has a pure body and mind, fresh and natural.
    Meihao’s home style blends with the landscape and scenery, and can enjoy the beauty of the West Lake without leaving home.
    There is a courtyard inside, there is a balcony outside, or you can play chess, or tea, or you can talk about your family. If you are interested, you will drop a piece of paper, write a few poems, fill in a lyric, and give a song. Hengyiqu flute is one of the most romantic enjoyments, with occasional haunting music, leisurely afternoon time, like the West Lake water quietly flowing.
    The large-screen LCD smart TV allows travelers to have a better relaxation;
    The shower toilet and the vanity are separated, and the wet and dry isolation is very good.
    The toiletries are equipped with Meihao’s own products. When you open the smell, the fragrance of the herb is refreshing.
    Exquisite decorative objects, intimate various configuration equipment, even the tea bags prepared for tea, are the same local models that were previously seen in Sri Lanka, and the masters are careful and meticulous;
    Different kinds of green plants also completely “breath” the room.In the afterglow of the setting sun, the quaint and quiet meaning of the Jiangnan water town will be more profound, and there will be a forest humming, Tianjiao frog sound, accompanying you to sleep; taste the pastoral food, talk about trivial things, and enjoy the fireworks. The idyllic life of sunset and sunset is the most authentic look of happiness.
     [Taste the elegant home, enjoy the beautiful life of Jiangnan]
    Exquisite tea break, picturesque courtyard, quiet scenery, elegant music, sultry incense, if it is beautiful in the whole day, I am afraid that it will not be boring~
    The front door is the place where you can enjoy the food, and it is also the Zen realm separated by the beautiful and elegant area.
    Old Hangzhou’s elegant atmosphere is full of emotions, all kinds of juice tea, fresh melons, cake snacks, mung bean cakes, twisted cakes, black tea cakes, etc., exquisite tea breaks are placed in the middle of it, it is full of people, can not bear Lower mouth~
    Time flies, the warmth and comfort of a cup of tea, enjoy a beautiful scenery, enjoy a good time, is also happy ~
    Hotel breakfast is a buffet style, both Chinese and Western styles can be selected, the variety is relatively large, rich and delicious; Chinese style with rice noodle soup noodles, sweet porridge and a variety of side dishes; Western style with bread, eggs, ham and yogurt fruit, I heard Update the menu as the season changes.
     [About Meihao Elegant]
    Shanghai Meihao Hotel Management Co., Ltd. is a fast-growing cross-regional and group-oriented hotel management company in China. It has four exquisites such as “Meihao”, “Meihao Lizhi”, “Beautiful Hao” and “Meihao Elegant”. The brand of business travel chain hotel; nowadays it has become a Chinese-style humanized hotel with many tourists choosing to rest.
     [Maojiatun, hidden in the West Lake of the South China]
    Said that the beauty of Hangzhou, wins in the West Lake;
    And Maojiatun, which is separated from the West Lake, has a beautiful view hidden in the world; if you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the West Lake, if you want to avoid crowds and crowds, it is a good place to go here;
    From Meihao Ya, you can take the bus along the way. You can see the beautiful scenery of Maojiatun and the beautiful landscape in ten minutes. According to the villagers, the name of “Maojiatun” originated from the village of Shantou in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is full of thatched grass and is famous for its wildness. It is also the starting point of the famous “Shangxiang Ancient Road”. It is bathed in golden sunlight, and it is more peaceful and peaceful.
    Looking out over the village of Maojiatun, accompanied by green mountains and green waters, the morning breeze is lightly followed, looking at this piece of green Maojiatun morning color, like a spotless worldly Taoyuan, clean people can not marry her beauty;
    Looking around, it is full of duckweed, reed, weeds, bitree, weeping willow, remnant, distant mountains, near water, all kinds of green, and inadvertently formed a complete splash of landscape painting.
     Meihao Yazhi Hangzhou West Lake Shop Raiders tip:
    1. Address: No. 2, Xiamaojiao, Longjing Road, West Lake Scenic Area, Hangzhou, near Meiling North Road and Lingyin Road.
    2. Transportation: If you are coming to Hangzhou from Hangzhou Station or Hangzhou East Railway Station, you can take the subway line 1 Fengxiangqiao Station and get off at No.27 bus or take a taxi to Xiajiajia. Get off the archway and you will be beautiful. Hotel.
    3. Surroundings: The hotel is adjacent to “Huagang Guanyu”, “Quyuan Fenghe”, “Maojiatun”, “Yuewang Temple”, “Su Di”, “Yanggong Dike”, “Tiger Run”, “Longjing” Tea “Song City” and other famous West Lake attractions, adjacent to Zhejiang University Yuquan Campus and Huanglong Business Circle.
    4. Check-in time is after 15:00 pm and departure time is before 15:00 pm;
    5. In the summer night, it is inevitable that mosquitoes will be disturbed, and the intimate hotel lady will already have mosquito repellent in the room. The hotel front desk will also have a variety of other living items that you may use.
    6. Breakfast is served until 11 noon, basically satisfying all kinds of guests who like to sleep late.
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