Beautiful mountains and waters, Dameiyangshan

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This trip
    On weekends, you won’t want to travel long distances. You will only think of a place where you can drive within four hours of your own city. Yangshan is a small place with a mountain theme. If you like quiet, this is the first choice! Good mountain, good water, good people, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy quiet moments.
    There is only one Yangshan, there is no luxury playground, there is no direct traffic, no lights, no high-rises, no green clouds, it has only green mountains and green waters, it only has fresh air, it is only simple. Farmhouse dishes, it is a plain country, it is, the feeling of home…
    Yangshan Attractions
    Yangshan, a livable small town surrounded by mountains, is surrounded by green mountains and green waters. There is no industry, no pollution, it is a good place to maintain health.
    Yangshan Chengbei Reservoir, a quiet and pleasant place
    Xianling Mountain, exercise and run well
    Beishan Ancient Temple, the most temple of Asian Buddha statues
    Real Yangshan specialties
    Demolition of fish: Yangshan is famous for Qinglian River
    Phoenix Crystal Chicken: Made from Yangshan Ecological Farm Local Chicken
    Special beef with beef: beef is delicious, onion is crispy
    Golden juice makes tofu: Yangshan is a household name
    Golden silk glutinous rice shell: fresh and delicious, crispy potato
    New kidney bean curd, the skin is browned and tastes different
    Water soup: Taiping special snacks, good taste
    Jiang Yingmai: It is nutritious, enjoys the mouth, and has a good heart.
    Cold mix three spells: (wild Gan bamboo shoots, Dongshan yuba, jellyfish)
    Garden City Country Garden
    Arrive in Yangshan
    Arriving at Yangshan is already at noon, go to the hotel to check in, put your luggage, we will go to lunch.
    The restaurant is on the second floor of our hotel. The rounded floor-to-ceiling windows are spacious and bright. The green hills can be seen from the window. Sitting here to eat, I feel like I am in the landscape painting.
    The glass bottle on the table is filled with rich bamboo. The green color represents the vitality. When I look at such a plant when I eat, my mood will be much better.
    Eat here at noon, the waiter handsome smiled and asked: What do you want to eat? Xixi baby jumped and said that I want to eat fried rice, haha, eggThe fried rice is coming, and the baby is delicious. Adults also like it here, soft sofas, large dining tables, green outside the window, listening to music, and enjoying a leisure moment.
    The little guy ordered the watermelon juice, the children loved the watermelon juice, the sweet and delicious, the freshly squeezed fresh nutrition, it is recommended not to exceed two cups, because the children did not eat after drinking the watermelon juice.
    Look at the children in a very good mood, it is rare to cooperate with me to take pictures, laughing like a little adult, really give me this face, but also on the head with BGY napkins, she took a napkin as a toy, when the children are happy Pick a toy.
    The small decoration of the restaurant, this is to see, not for eating, the eyes are full of appetite.
    This is a oyster chicken rice, served with green and green cabbage, and the oyster sauce chicken is more delicious. This is also a well-known Cantonese dish.
    A very simple tomato beef rice, tomato is always very appetizing, can also add vitamin C, but also more on the mirror!
    I ordered a stew, a five-finger peach muscle soup, Cantonese people love to drink soup, I also fell in love with soup, but I only drink old soup, this stew is good, beauty and nutrition, women Drink more soup.
    Golden egg fried rice, a big plate, watching if it is very appetizing.
    Look at the little guy’s look, I really want to laugh and spray, the spoon squatting, a very intoxicating look, haha, the child is like this, no disguise, true feelings, no scruples, good writing on the face Eat a few delicious words 🙂
    Yangshan cuisine
    After eating a late lunch, we went back to the room to rest, took a morning car, spent more energy, scented sleep, and then went to have a rich dinner.
    Dinner, where we ate, more Chinese-style decoration, carpets with ink paintings on the floor, orange chandeliers, low-key luxury.
    After a short break on the sofa, the waiter steamed us a small cup of black tea. Wow, this service is really intimate.
    One of the Chinese restaurants, magnificent, eating here is a beautiful enjoyment
    Baby likes this potato silk, fragrant and crunchy.
    Yuanbei fresh sweet, crispy potato silk, clear salad sauce, Chinese style, young and old
    See how happy I am eating
    The ingredients are made from local chickens of Yangshan Ecological Farm. They are prepared with unique noodles. The whole chicken is steamed and served on a dish. The dishes are made with rich chicken flavor and chicken skin like gelatin. In Cantonese, “ Steaming and “crystal” are the same word, so it is also known as “crystal chicken.” It is different from the traditional white-cut chicken. The chicken does not directly transmit the heat medium, so that the nutrient loss of the chicken is less. However, when eating, the chicken skin is not subjected to cold shock treatment, the degree of smoothness is slightly less, and the heat is easier to control. It is a simple, practical, good-looking, delicious dish.
    The ingredients are wild bamboo shoots, Dongshan yuba, and sea bream. Bamboo shoots are fresh mouth-watering dishes. The bamboo shoots are delicious and the nutritional value cannot be ignored. Yuba has a good brain function. Yuba also contains protein and water content. This is dried during the production process, absorbs its essence, and concentrates the nutrients in the soy milk. Haitang has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, resolving phlegm and softening, reducing blood pressure and reducing swelling, so this is a good healthy snack.
    The ingredients are made from yellow beef. This is a simple home-cooked cold dish that is suitable for both wine and rice. It is easy to cook, season, mix well, but it tastes too attractive. The taste of beef is delicious. Crisp, garnished with cilantro, and the rich flavors of the seasonings, you can’t help but sip a little wine.
    Made with chicken broth into a clear soup, sweet and rich. The mustard oil contained in the white radish can regulate the stomach and promote digestion, and the chicken is used to make the soup rich in nutrients, improve malnutrition, and improve beauty.
    Tofu is a well-known dish of Yangshan, steamed with high-quality soy beans and sweet spring water. Tofu tastes light, the mouth is instant, easy to digest, it is suitable for the elderly, people with weak stomach. Salted egg yolk is rich in lecithin and unsaturated fatty acids, amino acids and other important nutrients for human life.
    Sweet-scented osmanthus cake, a favorite snack for children, sweet, and cotton.
    Brine platter: lotus root, pig ears, duckThe palm is very tasty.
    The ingredients are Yangshan Ben chicken wild yellow bone fish, and the rice of the porridge is made of seven arches of rice. The method of cooking porridge with water is based on the porridge. In the past, porridge water is a nutrient that infants or the elderly love to eat. Because the yellow bone fish is tender and smooth, it is more slippery after the combination of porridge and water.
    Jiangying Maihao is a famous food of “Fudi Qingyuan”, which is one of the best health care green foods. It is said that the so-called food, there are 18 words as the standard: this is: “nutritious, health care, rich features, high taste, enjoy the good fortune, good heart”
    Fruit platter, after dinner, fruit, perfect
    Yangshan Country Garden Phoenix Hotel
    How to describe Yangshan properly? Don’t over-exaggerate the bragging. Let me talk about the Yangshan that I feel in my heart. Yangshan is a small county town. There is no fast-paced and high price in the first-tier cities. It is a three-hour drive from Guangzhou. Starting from 4k, there is no industry. The county is surrounded by mountains. When you look up, it is a misty green hill. The air is quite good.
    The scenery here is mountain, there is no scenic spot of 5a, there is no playground, only the smooth street, if you live here for a long time, you will always meet acquaintances when you go out, hello, W, you can see every day. Is it a very kind thing to go to an old friend?
    I know that in my city, everyone stays in their own space, and my neighbors may be able to meet one side in a few months. How do you say that the city gives us enough privacy, but there is less communication. But after living in a small place for a long time, you will have a lot of good friends, think about it, what kind of feelings will be met by everyone in the county.
    I never knew you,
    Just like I never knew myself,
    So I keep walking,
    So I keep looking for it…
    The world is so big, it is always inexhaustible, and the hustle and bustle of the city often has an impetuous mood. Everyone said that to go to Tibet to purify the soul, why I am not so yearning.
    I don’t want to travel long distances on a weekend. I just want to go to the nearby party and relax.
    Maybe there is a hotel, it is located in the green mountains and green waters. The outside of the balcony is full of green. At night, you can’t see the night scenes full of eyes, there will be mosquito harassment, but the serenity and serenity is a precious gift, if you like Such a place, then come over, it is the Yangshan Country Garden Phoenix Hotel.
    When you like someone, it’s not entirely because of the value of TA.
    When you like a hotel, it’s not all because of how luxurious it is.
    Yangshan, not luxurious, when I woke up and saw the green hills full of eyes, my heart was drunk, came to the hotel, so I was so drunk, so my heart warmed up.
    At the entrance of the hotel, I stepped out of the car and saw flowers waiting for me, that surprise, oh oh, I feel so happy, Valentine’s Day did not receive the flowers, actually Country Garden gave me a sly, really laugh I don’t have a mouth.
    Relaxing this weekend, I brought my mischievous little niece Hee Hee, a four-and-a-half-year-old child, wow watching children like Country Garden, usually want to giveShe took pictures, she couldn’t focus at all, because the speed of moving was fast, and this time I actually cooperated specially, and I also put a V-shaped picture for me. It was too much to give face.
    I am a little naughty Xixi child who is innocent and unscrupulous.
    Haha, I don’t lie, I say what I want to say.
    What is the feeling of being at home?
    When you find a welcome letter in your hotel room, that’s how it feels.
    With the baby to travel, she is happy, I am also happy.
    The child’s mind is always very simple. If you ask him, he will tell you that happy is happy, unhappy is not happy, and you will never turn around. I saw that Hee Hee was really very happy. I found a new baby. I am going to see you soon 🙂
    Oh, look at this bathroom space is really big, there is a jacuzzi, it is really luxurious.
    Staying at the hotel, I like the big space, not depressing.
    In the first-tier cities far from the inch of gold, the house price is in the small county of 4k. It has never been cramped in space, and the price is very good.
    Space is king, and the bathroom is no exception.
    Conciseness is beauty.
    Wow, such a beautiful suite, the holiday stay in such a place is high
    No one would like it in the big jacuzzi.
    Small balcony, great view.
    From the balcony, you can see the tennis court, badminton court, children’s playground, the nearby building is the house of Country Garden, BGY is surrounded by green, love the rural life, you will like BGY
    In fact, this is a beautiful hotel. Located in Yangshan County, the scale is small, but it also gives you a beautiful enjoyment. This hall, the decoration is relatively good, the golden tone is good, from the warm little home to an environment, the holiday is to go to other people’s places, feel different feelings.
    The hotel’s meeting room is brightly coloured and the small meeting room can be chosen in such a place to feel the tranquility and serenity of the country.
    Another meeting room, back to the shape of the pattern, suitable for a small team.
    This conference room is relatively large and can be used for the annual meeting. It is an unforgettable memory to hold the annual meeting in such a chic place.
    This is a hall with a lot of space, perfect for wedding receptions and large conferences.
    table tennis room
    In fact, I think it is ok to play a hotel in a day or two. The entertainment facilities in the hotel are enough to help you have a good weekend.
    For example, swimming, billiards, tennis, gym lifts, and soon a happy past, and I feel that time is not enough!
    Wow, playing billiards, many boys are very fond of, I like it too, but my technology is too good, then who will teach me again, let me improve a little.
    Recently, the gym doesn’t look very big, but it is quite good with the size of the hotel. There are a lot of dumbbells displayed here. People who like to lift iron will definitely find the weight that suits you. Haha, but I lift dumbbells too little, fitness. It is a positive lifestyle. When you fall in love with your fitness, your life will be more exciting.
    Look, this is the hotel’s gate. It looks green and comfortable green at a glance. This is the theme of Yangshan, eco-travel.
    Take a stroll on the second floor of the hotel, like the lights here, warm, and continue to charge a good mood.
    There are some shops in this store, such as a tea shop, you can taste the most unique local black and white tea.
    The view from the hotel balcony is also very good.
    Multicolored breakfast
    At night, Meimei had a good night’s sleep. I really didn’t want to get up in the morning. The morning call was set at eight o’clock. I was reluctant to get up. I thought about having a beautiful breakfast and supporting me to get up.
    Colorful meals, um, there are a lot of colorful snacks. This jelly town is beautiful.
    Small cake, delicious meal
    Fried spring rolls, it seems to be a must-have for breakfast.
    Cake with cherries, beautiful match
    Black sesame buns
    Fried fragrant balls, my favorite dessert
    Chef, give me an omelette!
    Self-service, there are many optional dishes, but too many, it is easy to dazzle, do not know what you want to eat, so just take a little, eat well, go out around the hotel to see Yangshan .
    Xianling Mountain
    There are not many scenic spots in Yangshan County. The nearest one to the county is the Xianling Mountain. It is not a mountain. It takes about ten minutes to get to the top, so it is also a good place to exercise.
    Xianling Mountain, also known as Guangdong Yangshan National Geological Park, is enough for a half-hour tour.
    A large archway was built on the mountainside, which read the words of Xianling Mountain.
    The mountain is not high, the trees are shaded, and there is a mountain.From the middle of the road, you can see the scenery of the county under the mountain, such as the house, the road, etc.
    There are also tall buildings under construction.
    Heroes Square
    The Heroes Square is a small square on the top of the county. Here, the revolutionary martyrs in history were buried.
    Pay a visit to the tomb of the martyrs
    The grass is green, the butterflies are flying, the revolutionary martyrs are here, enjoying the peace of eternal. It is a great honour for human life to be short and long, and to give it to a great cause.
    Revolutionary Martyrs Monument
    Han Yu Memorial Hall
    Why is there a Han Yu Memorial Hall? What character is he coming here, I have doubts.
    A tall stone towering with two red characters “Han Yuan”
    Han Yu Memorial Hall
    According to legend, when Han Yu was a county magistrate in Yangshan, he went to Xianlingshan to study when he was free. At that time, it was called Shepherd Mountain. It was a place for farming and stocking livestock. Han Yu was very concerned about the people and arranged to take a sip here. Well, to facilitate the masses to quench their thirst. The well water is very cool and refreshing. Han Yu wrote a poem: “Carrying three volts, try to make a clear glimpse”, so from then on, the people of Yangshan called it “Shen Xianquan” and “Han Gongjing”.
    Han Yu is a calligraphy person. He loves calligraphy all his life, leaving a lot of classic works and becoming the fortune of the eternal generation.
    Han Yu’s calligraphy works arranged in the exhibition hall, as well as the letters of friends
    In 803 AD, during the Tang Dynasty, Han Yu was still a big official, and it was a clean official who loved the people like a child. At that time, a serious drought and hunger occurred. Han Yu was ordered by the people. As a result, he was taken to a remote Yangshan and demoted to a small county magistrate.
    However, Han Yu accepted this gap, as always, for the sake of the people. In the two months of the appointment of Yangshan County, he worked diligently and did a lot of practical things, which greatly promoted the development of Yangshan and won the support of the people. Later, people remembered and built the Yangshan Hanyu Memorial Hall for him. The spirit of Han Yu is a precious spiritual wealth that is admired and carried forward for our future generations.
    Han Yu has received a lot of good reputation in history.
    Yangshan Revolutionary Struggle History Exhibition
    Yangshan, a thousand years old, a hot land of Lingnan and the Central Plains culture, a world of Chinese revolutionary struggle. During the Great Revolution, it was greatly influenced by advanced thoughts. During the Agrarian Revolution, the Seventh Army sown revolutionary fires here; during the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, the soldiers here fought bravely on the battlefield; during the War of Liberation, revolutionary martyrs fought bloody battles. In the historical period of anti-imperialist and anti-feudal struggles and democratic struggles, in order to find a way to save the nation and save the people and the liberation of the nation, the people of Yangshan have fought and fought bravely, and a number of people who are earth-moving and eloquent, Hero warrior.
    One by one moved the name of the people to reverberate in the land of Yangshan. They are courageous and selfless warriors. For the prosperity of the country and the happiness of the people, they use their unparalleled loyalty to the motherland and the people, their persistent pursuit of ideals and beliefs, and their firm confidence in realizing the great dream of national rejuvenation, and have established an immortal monument.
    Recalling the glorious achievements of the proletarian revolutionary predecessors and revolutionary martyrs, and continuing to carry forward the fine traditions of the revolution, taking this as a guide, cultivating and educating people, unswervingly marching along the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, always with the party, and the future of Yangshan It will be even better!
    Here is the historical exhibition hall of the Yangshan Revolutionary Struggle. It shows some historical revolutionary struggles of Yangshan.
    The picture shows the horn conch during the War of Liberation
    Chengbei Reservoir
    Secluded reservoir, full of green
    The summer wind is coming from the water
    I scorned on my face and swayed into my heart.
    Take a walk with the reservoir in the north of the city.
    Until the sun is mild, don’t stop
    You will take my hand, we take a leisurely stroll
    Walk around the water, sitting back on the levee, drunk
    If your home is not in the city, or there is a large reservoir nearby, it is a pleasant place. Maybe it is a place you like to play in your childhood. Generally, the water source of the reservoir is protected and the green plants are kept intact.
    In Yangshan, there is such a place, high reservoir dykes, and it’s wonderful to come here in the summer.
    The reservoir is surrounded by lush green hills where the eyes relax. When I was a child, my father said to me: Don’t let your eyes be nearsighted. After writing for a long time, look out the window and look at the green tree outside, and your eyes will rest. I remember this sentence in my heart, so I have never been nearsighted, far from the trouble of myopia.
    Not far from there, there is an abandoned house. The people who used to live here are the gods who live in the mountains. They think of Tao Yuanming’s verse: picking the chrysanthemum southeast and seeing Nanshan leisurely.
    To be honest, I am a person who likes the city to like the bustle, but this kind of life away from the city, I also want to experience a few days a month, life is colorful, suppressed in the city for a long time, I will definitely think of going to a quiet The place to stay away from the hustle and bustle, relax and enjoy the quiet time.
    The Yangshan in my heart is Xiaojiabiyu. There are many girls like this. She is not the most dazzling, not the most luxurious.
    There is only one Yangshan, there is no luxury playground, there is no direct traffic, no lights, no high-rises, no green clouds, it has only green mountains and green waters, it only has fresh air, it is only simple. Farmhouse dishes, it is a plain country, it is, the feeling of home…
    Beishan Ancient Temple
    Yangshan Beishan Ancient Temple
    Ancient temple of the most Buddha statues in Asia
    a variety of Buddha statues, thousands,
    Mostly made by modern craftsmanship
    The visit is not only about paying homage to the Buddha,
    More is to appreciate sculpture art
    Surrounded by mountains, trees and green onions;
    The temple is full of flowers and trees, and the environment is beautiful.
    Tickets are 10 yuan, located in the center of the city
    There is a temple, located in Yangshan, the first look is pink, so Kawaii, a family of three weekends to visit, enjoy the Buddha statue, pious prayer, pray for peace and happiness
    At the entrance of the temple, there are farmers holding them, special products to sell, and the output is not much, they are all produced by themselves, it is green food. This yellow-yellow pink coke is very attractive. It looks sweet. You can eat it with a powder of banana. It can help digestion. This kind of banana is sweeter than banana and thinner.
    I tasted this peach, washed it with mountain spring water, didn’t peel it, bite it into my mouth, crunchy sweet and juicy, great summer fruit.
    There are all kinds of dry goods, tea, or ingredients used for soup, Guangdong soup is essential
    Enter the ancient temple and see this majestic Daxiong Hall
    The golden Guanyin phase, the devout people come to worship her, ask for help, and bless the peace.
    It’s not just a Buddha statue, it’s a carved art.
    What kind of experience is it for bathing Buddha statues?
    Where is the happiness
    Just in our hearts
    In fact, fortunately, I am not happy, I am not happy.
    Just the expectations of our hearts, a beautiful sustenance
    Daxiong Hall
    Eighty-eight Buddha
    Goddess of Mercy
    Buddha in the heart
    Remember a devout heart
    Love is a belief
    Beishan Ancient Temple Building Exterior
    A smile, a thought, a clean
    Pink façade, golden Buddha statue, this is the ancient temple of Beishan
    The entire wall is full of Buddha statues, large and small Buddha statues, shocking
    Golden embossed murals telling historical stories or myths and legends
    Lotus light
    Buddhism: When you come, you will go, the edge will be scattered, the origin will be born, and the edge will be destroyed.
    Bodhi has no trees, and the Ming Dynasty is not Taiwan. There is no such thing as anything, and it is dusty.
    Wonderful world, never explored in a lifetime
    The world is big, where is the heart?
    One flower, one world, one grass, one heaven
    Yangshan Country Garden
    Yangshan is a livable small town surrounded by mountains and surrounded by mountains and green waters. There is no industry, no pollution, it is a good place to maintain health.
    Beautiful scenery, unpretentious
    The space of life is the real luxury
    Nanwang Yinping Mountain, the north of the country
    The balcony dances with the sky garden and recreates the Babylonian miracle
    Green garden smart home, planting flowers, raising cats, raising dogs
    This is Yangshan Country Garden, located in Yangshan County, Qingyuan, Guangdong Province, far away from the dust, quiet and quiet
    Give you a five-star home
    Starting at 4K, come visit
    Small kitchen, cooking love music
    Warm little home, small space, full of love
    Comfortable bedroom, how to build everyone’s heart has one, their own tone, comfort is king, my home decoration I am the master
    In fact, I really like this Mediterranean style.
    Little dressing table, your beautiful everyday
    A romantic little family, a favorite lover, is perfect
    Going home every day is a warm light, this is the feeling of home
    I like this home, BGY, give you a five-star home.
    There is love in the heart, and the heart has its own
    Good sense of design
    Blue sky, white clouds, green trees, smooth, leisurely, is this your favorite place?
    Yangshan cuisine
    Food, a life attitude
    Yangshan chef fried tofu on the spot, had to say such a simple dish, and ate a pure taste.
    Warm as me, like it, not only its clean and tidy, but also your smile, comfort, relaxation, full of enthusiasm, hospitable Yangshan, the impression is so beautiful.
    Freshly squeezed watermelon juice, children like it very much
    The ingredients are selected from Yangshan, which is famous for Qinglian River. This dish does not require high cooking skills. Demolition of fish carp is to say “slow, slippery, fresh”, generally choose squid with less bone spurs. This dish is most concerned with the freshness of the ingredients. It is necessary to use fresh squid to fry on both sides until golden, and then into a milky white soup. After cutting the carrots, loofah and fungus, cut them into silk, and After the bones are removed, the fish is added to the fish soup. This fish is sweet and delicious, with high nutritional value, especially suitable for children and the elderly.
    The seven-folded dish with the soup is sweet, tender, refreshing and delicious. It has a unique taste and is very popular among the public.
    Water soup waiting for the pot
    The chef put the tofu in the pot and fried it on the spot.
    The new glutinous rice glutinous rice is a famous snack of the local people, but the name is good but the taste is very good. The famous Yangshan tofu is fried, the skin is browned, the inside is still tender, the taste is very different, and the taste is very good.
    Stir-fried sausage is a common home-cooked dish, mainly based on pig raw sausage. Made by stir-frying, it is characterized by crispy and delicious taste, mellow taste, and not too greasy
    The fried beef veggies belong to Sichuan cuisine. It is a dish suitable for all ages. It is simple in production, delicious in taste and rich in nutrition. It is loved by everyone. Tripe contains protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, etc., has the effect of replenishing spleen and stomach, tonifying qi and nourishing blood, replenishing yin and benefiting essence, eliminating thirst and wind glare, suitable for disease After the vain, lack of blood, malnutrition, weak spleen and stomach.
    This practice is very chic. For the first time, vegetables are placed on top of fried fish.
    The water soup is a special snack of Yangshan Taiping, which has a good taste and is mainly made of glutinous rice flour.
    Pork belly with fragrant scent, wrapped up, wonderful
    Steamed baby dish with garlic, the taste is very delicious, very suitable for people with light taste.
    The steamed eggs that children love to eat are simply a versatile home-cooked dish. They are suitable for both young and old. I often steam myself. I like it very much.
    One of the appetizing home cooking
    The children are very happy here, jumping and jumping
    Public transportation to Yangshan
    Yangshan is not a popular tourist spot. Public transportation is certainly not as good as a second- and second-tier city. However, after staying in the city for a long time, I think of a quiet place for the weekend. Yangshan is a good choice. It’s very convenient to drive by car. Guangzhou used to drive for three hours.
    The nearest high-speed railway station is Qingyuan, but the distance is still very far. It is recommended to take the bus to go to Yangshan County Bus Station. Below is the traffic timetable of the bus station. See if your city has direct access, three hours, sleep. I felt that I was in the mountains of the mountains and rivers.
    Thank you for reading it here.
    I am @色影姐, a person who loves to share
    Record every trip, just store happiness
    Every time aftertaste, it is unlimited to extract happiness.
    I love to travel, walk on the road and discover the beauty.
    Touch yourself and enrich your mind
    Thank you for passing by
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