Behind the net red Chongqing, understand the story of Chongqing

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This year is the second time I have come to Chongqing. The last time I was in Chongqing because of the vibrato, I went to see the Hongya Cave that was played badly in April this year, and the light rail that passed through the building, and the extreme challenge. The Yangtze River cableway. In fact, Chongqing’s tourism resources are very rich. There are Ba Shu culture, world heritage, and the world’s hot springs also have Kanas landforms. This trip is not arranged in the main city, but the world historical site sightseeing route, including the Dazu Rock Carvings. Hechuan Fishing City, as well as Fuling Baiheliang Underwater Museum, of course, hot pot and string.
    Air China’s flight time was very suitable. It took off at noon to arrive at Chongqing at 3:30 pm, and it was just dinner at the airport. This time in Chongqing urban area to catch a Chongqing net red string string shop “angry eight zero full cattle string”, when you know the Chongqing dialect: overbearing old, delicious dog, don’t fall down, tie up, Pakistan Appropriate, all describe this string restaurant with strong spicy culture in Chongqing. The difference here is the perfect match with dessert and spicy skewers, anger and ice dumplings, brown sugar iced bean curd, old ice powder, taste Sweet but not greasy, just to solve the problem, the practice is pure, no wonder so many Chongqing locals have to come here to line up to eat.
    There are a lot of branches in this chain. I went to the Jiujie store. It is close to Guanyin Bridge. This street is full of dining and bars. It is a place that young people especially love to visit. All of them are 20-30 people. In order to avoid the peak of the queue, I arrived at 5 o’clock, and there is just a table empty. I am more keen on the beef and ice dumplings here, a variety of side dishes and beef skewers together, more distinctive is: Houttuynia with beef. In addition, the rice dumpling here can be said to be more delicious than many dessert shops. I have 2 bowls at a time, and it is especially spicy.
    Recommended dishes: beef spinal cord, duck intestines, raging ice dumplings, brown sugar iced bean curd, old ice powder, garlic crispy meat, coriander beef, tribute beef, houttuy beef
    Address: Art Park, No. 42 Liyuchi, Jiangbei District, Chongqing
    The next day is about to start our historical sightseeing tour. In fact, Chongqing 5A is also very much, and it is very scattered. It has different contents in various districts. In the Dazu District, there is a stone carving relic left here.
     Dazu Rock Carvings – Confucian Cultural Wisdom
    Chongqing Dazu Rock Carvings is a world heritage site, one of the eight largest grottoes in the world, and a national 5A scenic spot. The best preserved is the Baodingshan stone carving I visited, which is a two-hour bus ride from downtown Chongqing. Based on Confucianism, it is a mixture of Taoism and filial piety culture. The national spirit of hundreds of years ago is reflected in these stone carvings! It is also a very important student research base in Chongqing. It is not only Chinese students, but occasionally international friends come here to study.
    The layman looks at the excitement and the insider looks at the doorway. Even if you are not an expert in stone carving, many things can be understood as long as you calm down and understand. Buddhism and Confucianism do not need to be deliberately learned in the eyes of our Chinese. The four books and five ethics that we have learned from the process of growing up have been able to interpret the thoughts of the saints.
    It is meaningful to read a few stone carvings in a random way. A complete reincarnation, all the major things that a person’s life and death will go through, go to heaven or go to hell.
    The ancient stone carving skills have also been superb, and even the proportion of the Buddha statues can be controlled to just right. They already know that the Buddha statue from the bottom up needs to “stretch the legs” to look normal. The tower looks like a maximum of 1 meter, but the actual 1.85 meters is very heavy, relying on the cuffs of the Buddha statue to support its weight, let it stand for hundreds of years.
    Another thing worth seeing is the thousand-handed Guanyin statue. This is the stone carving in the room. The posture of the hand of the thousand-handed Guanyin is not the same. The surface is gold-plated and has been repaired several times. It is said that one person to Guanyin birthday here. There will be a lot of incense.
    When the Cultural Revolution broke through the old age, it destroyed many stone carvings. However, because of the mountainous terrain in Chongqing, it was not easy to be discovered, and the protection of the local people, so many fine stone carvings were left to visit today. .
     Fishing City – Historical Battle Turning Point
    Hechuan District is located in the north gate of Chongqing. It is now an important traffic artery and economic corridor. In the Southern Song Dynasty, it was also a very important military site. Because it is located at the intersection of the Three Rivers, when Mongolia wanted to attack Chongqing, it chose to enter by Jialing River, and Hechuan (then called Hezhou) was particularly important. If it was broken, it would be forced to Chongqing.
    How many historical monuments have you left behind in the 36-year-old anti-Mongolian fishing city? There are 8 kilometers of city walls, plank roads, dark road exits, water army piers, military workshops, martial arts gates, military camps, comparison fields, palaces, heavens, and other places of interest.
    Among the 8 gates, the best preserved country gate is the largest one in the 8 gates. The guards used the plank road to enter and exit here. In an emergency, the plank road can be removed to make the passage cut off. The stack of stone caves still exists.
    The name of the Jiukou pot is not to say that there are nine pots. In fact, there are more than 9 depressions, which look like pots, but they are actually used to match gunpowder. It is also the earliest one in the world. Base.
    The wall here is not built in one day, but the result of the hard work of the local residents. The simulation scene of the construction of the wall by the working people was restored here.
    There is a one-kilometer-long word wall on the edge of the Jialing River. It is the transportation channel that Song Jun supports and the peripheral defense of the riverbank assembly and movement. It is now covered with moss and mixed with this river landscape into a new landscape.
    There is a saying in the locals that standing on the Diaoyutai is not a promotion or a fortune! So when I came here, I had to stand up and take a group photo. Just opposite the Diaoyutai, there was a place for cooking at that time. This place is small but the division of labor is clear.
    The ancient military battalion is the residence of the fishing city garrison. It is moderately located and extends in all directions. In any direction, there are enemy situations that can be quickly attacked. Sitting in the south and facing the north, there are two parts of the field and the barracks. The seven barracks are made of stone walls and are now displayed as exhibition halls. .
    During the visit, we have been walking the racetrack with a total length of 8.5 kilometers and a width of 3.5 meters. There was no stone road at that time. It was later repaired. The last time was in 2004. The race track is a military thoroughfare that runs through the whole process. Five people in parallel.
    The Diaoyucheng City is an important turning point in the historical changes of China during the Southern Song Dynasty. It is also a turning point in the division of the world. Let us remember these important realities that change history!
     Fuling Baiheliang Underwater Museum – amazing underwater ruins
    The last stop of this historical sightseeing route came to the tomb (fu). The impression of this area was only preserved in Fuling mustard. The food must know me. Before I went to this attraction, I was also thinking about it. Is it necessary to take a crystal transparent elevator to go directly to the bottom of the sea? The fact is that I am looking at it. Although it is underwater, in reality, this base is much harder to imagine than imagined.
    The last stop of this historical sightseeing route came to the tomb (fu). The impression of this area was only preserved in Fuling mustard. The food must know me. Before I went to this attraction, I was also thinking about it. Is it necessary to take a crystal transparent elevator to go directly to the bottom of the sea? The fact is that I am looking at it. Although it is underwater, in reality, this base is much harder to imagine than imagined.
    The whole project started from 2001 by our Shanghai Jiaotong University professor Ge Xiurun to propose the pressureless container to Premier Zhu. Construction started in 2003 and completed in 2009, which lasted nearly 10 years, costing 210 million, by putting the purified seawater into the The inscribed stone has been isolated to ensure the consistency of internal and external water pressure, and finally built the world’s first underwater museum.
    After the crustal changes, the inscriptions that once floated on the water have now penetrated into the sea, but these famous words are still clearly visible. Baiheliang was once famous for its white cranes. In the 72 years from the Tang Dynasty to the present, the dry water level has an extremely important scientific value of water temperature. The ancients used stonefish as the water meter.Fisheye is the standard for measuring water level, which is the same principle as the establishment of “water gauge zero” in modern hydrological stations.
    The inscriptions are famous for the famous literature and calligraphy, and the greatness of calligraphy is known as the “underwater monument forest”. The understanding of calligraphy may be worth seeing, but for me, the shock is still the process of enjoying these masterpieces underwater. This stone beam is very long, and the underwater museum only intercepts dozens of meters of intermediate text.
    Appreciating this underwater stone beam is still a bit shocking. I don’t want to come to this place, it is definitely the most valuable underwater scenic spot in China.
    After finishing these history and after, I returned to Chongqing to prepare for the next day’s return, but I must have another hot pot before leaving Chongqing. When I visited Chongqing in April this year, I was moved by a store slogan. Do not sell shabu-shabu, the slightest is the final compromise, so this time after meeting this red nine-character old hot pot in Hongyadong, decided to try to see if the taste is the same as the slogan. In fact, this hot pot restaurant learned from the Chongqing friends that it is more spicy, I suggest that I must be a little spicy, or the stomach can not stand, and later indeed, the slightest is the final compromise is really right, can not eat too spicy, you can Dip the oil dish to borrow a lot of spicy.
    The location is on the 9th floor of Hongyadong Scenic Spot. Counting the ground floor is the 11th floor. You only need to go down the 2nd floor from the entrance of the scenic spot. If you look at it from a distance, the number on the right side of the Chongqing Little Swan billboard is the same. 4 look. There are 2 floors in the store. Because we have dinner at 8 o’clock, there is no need to line up there, but there are still many diners. After reading the dishes on the table, we ordered some famous signs in the store. Dishes: signature beef, sizzling meat, crispy meat, tender beef, black hairy belly, duck intestines, small county liver, shrimp slippery tribute, etc., there are many things that are late, such as some special drinks sour plum soup, etc. .
    Therefore, we have a few pots of fruit wine, wine, hawthorn, blueberry wine, mulberry wine, etc., the taste is not bad, personal favorite mountain, the small wine glass is very interesting, there are small fish at the bottom, lively of.
    It is recommended to use more oil dishes here, because the hot pot is very spicy and the cooking is very tasty. The ingredients can be slightly simpler. Add the onion and garlic cilantro and the seasoning salt.
    The scenery of Hongyadong Scenic Area is still very good. You can see the Millennium Gate Bridge and the Chongqing People’s Mother River “Jialing River” in front of the store. After eating the hot pot, take the bridge and take a picture of the vibrato. It is a perfect fit.

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