Beijing-Tianjin Shuangchengji, round the mother’s emperor dream [Tour cow first]

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    When I was very young, my mother often mentioned the Great Wall, the magnificent palace, and the magnificent Tiananmen Square.
    It is a pity that in the past decades, my mother has not been to Beijing.
    On the arrival of the small holiday, mother, son took you to Beijing, you do not bring dad, I do not bring a wife, it will be two mother and child.
    Photo: Small stones
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    [Photographic equipment]
    Camera: Nikon D5200
    Lens: Sigma 17-50
    Backup machine: Canon IXUS125
    [trip route]
    DAY1 Huai’an-Beijing (Aircraft), Shichahai, Qitian Chain Hotel (Beijing Shijingshan Ancient City Subway Station)
    DAY2 Badaling Great Wall
    DAY3 Tiananmen Square, National Museum of China, Palace Museum, Jinjiang Inn (Tianjin Hongqiao West Station)
    DAY4 Tianjin Ancient Culture Street, Italian Style Street, Tianjin Eye Ferris Wheel
    DAY5 Zhang Xueliang’s former residence, porcelain house, Tianjin-Huai’an (aircraft)
     Mito is the first to see
     Eat and play practical guide
    [practical guide]
    #交通# Beijing is the capital of China. Tianjin is also an important city in Beijing-Tianjin, with convenient transportation. It can reach Beijing from anywhere in the world. There are many high-speed trains between Beijing and Tianjin, and the travel time is short and very convenient. According to the Tuniu Travel Network, Railway 12306, Baidu Map and other apps, you can easily find the best way to travel.
    #住# There are many hotels in Beijing and Tianjin. From tens of yuan youth hostels to thousands of five-star hotels, you can meet your travel needs. It is recommended that you book the hotel in advance on the tourist website such as Tuniu. The earlier the time, the cheaper the price.
    # Attractions# Ming and Qing Dynasties Beijing, there are many attractions, many world cultural heritages, world wonders, such as: Badaling Great Wall, Forbidden City, National Museum of China, Gongwangfu, Bird’s Nest, Water Cube, Nanluoguxiang, Yuanmingyuan, Summer Palace, Jingshan Park Shichahai, Shisanling Scenic Area, Peking University, Wangfujing Food Street, Tiananmen Square, etc. There are also many Tianjin attractions, Tianjin Ancient Culture Street, Italian Style Street, Tianjin Eye Ferris Wheel, Zhang Xueliang’s Former Residence, Porcelain House, etc. It is recommended to book tickets and check practical information in advance on the Tuniu Travel Network.
    #美食#Tianjin Ancient Culture Street, Beijing Wangfujing Food Street, snack place, but the stone has passed most of the country’s provincial capitals and historical and cultural cities, each city has its own snack street, personal feelings are similar, the price is expensive . If you want to taste local food, you can go to a restaurant frequented by locals or according to beauty.Group reviews.
    [Travel Tips]
    1) The Forbidden City in Beijing is now fully online. Tickets are no longer sold on the spot. The daily limit is imposed. Tickets must be booked in advance and can be booked on the way. In particular, it is hard to get a ticket for the National Palace Museum.
    2) Beijing, low-cost group advertising, do not want to be cheap, in case of being deceived. Beijing traffic to any place is quite convenient.
    3) It is relatively inconvenient to go to the Badaling Great Wall. There are direct subways to other scenic spots in Beijing. Beijing Badaling Great Wall is outside Beijing, it is recommended to first take the Beijing Subway to the Huangtudian Station, and then take the suburban S2 train.
    4) Beijing security check is more strict, ready to receive ID card and accept security check.
    5) Tianjin attractions, concentrated in the city center, it is recommended to take the subway, of course, the price of the drip taxi is not expensive.
    6) Accommodation in Beijing and Tianjin is more expensive. It is recommended to book in advance.
     DAY1 Beijing, Beijing, the dream is coming!
    Beijing, no stranger to the stone, this is the third time that the stone has gone to Beijing to play. For the first time, after the college entrance examination, I went to Beijing with my brothers and let go of my pride. The second time, it was a trip to Beijing with a daughter-in-law. The last trip before marriage was also a honeymoon trip. The third time, this time, the stone took the mother to a dream journey.
    In the morning, Dad personally drove my mom and me to Huai’an Lishui Airport, and repeatedly took care of my mother. Take the MU5635 flight of China Eastern Airlines and arrive at Beijing Capital Airport around 12:30, one and a half hours.
    My mother was very excited when she was on the plane for the first time. When she said that the plane was really like a bird, the wings of the wing like a bird have been swinging. Because today is a rainy day, there is no usual white clouds in the whole process. It may be a small disappointment for my mother. I hope that the flight back to Surabaya will encounter blue sky and white clouds.
    After arriving at Beijing Capital Airport around 12:30, there was not much luggage due to the summer. Beijing City is very big. If you go to the hotel first, it is estimated that it will be wasted today. After discussing with my mother, the stone will take the subway directly to Shichahai. Shichahai, the feeling of returning to old Beijing in an instant. In the evening, the weather in Beijing is not bad. The Shichahai Lake is a day of color, and the trees and alleys on both sides of the Shichahai are reflected in the water.
    The Shichahai scenery is beautiful. It was built in the Qing Dynasty, including Qianhai, Houhai and Xihai. It is one of the scenic spots of Yanjing. The ancient buildings near Shichahai are best known as the Gongfu Temple and later the Gongwang Palace and the Garden.
    In the Houhai Lake of Shichahai, children’s innocent laughter came from time to time. When I look back, it’s not that the person is still there, but the parents of the children in the lake are rowing and enjoying a happy holiday.
    In Shichahai, there are many old people fishing and enjoying the joy of fishing. Of course, in addition to the mountains and seas on both sides of Shichahai Street, there are tempting nightlife bars.
    The sky is getting darker, leaving Shichahai Sea Area and taking the subway directly to Qitian Chain Hotel (Beijing Shijingshan Gucheng Subway Station). Seven Days Hotel is located at No. 45, Nanli, Gucheng District, Shijingshan District, Beijing. It is close to the Metro Station of Metro Line 1, and is only 100 meters from the C station of the subway station. Going to Beijing, Tianjin and other big cities to play, it is recommended to live near the subway station, travel is convenient.
    When you go out for a trip, you will usually choose a fast hotel. The hotel is the same everywhere. If you want to experience a hotel holiday, you don’t have to travel far, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai can solve it. Going out, it’s OK to sleep well. Economic chain hotels are suitable for young white-collar workers, if students can of course live in international youth hostels.
    For a good stay, take a break and take my mother to a nearby restaurant for dinner. During the day, I asked my mother to eat the old Beijing crab yellow bag in Shichahai. My mother always said that it was too expensive. Then, please ask my mother to eat fried rice and noodles tonight. A poached egg.
    My mother is very satisfied with eating, saying that she will eat this for a few days, eat well, and the price is not expensive. The stone wants to ask the mother of the stone to take you out for a trip, don’t need to save it.
     DAY2 is not a great man in the Great Wall, it will go to the Badaling Great Wall.
    The Great Wall of Badaling and the integral part of the Great Wall of China have fulfilled the majestic and precipitous features of the Great Wall. Chairman Mao once said that “not the Great Wall is not a hero” is famous in the world.
    My mother had a dream of climbing the Great Wall from an early age. The first stop of our Beijing tour chose the Badaling Great Wall and the Badaling Great Wall. On the outskirts of Beijing, the road was far away and the traffic was not convenient.
    My mother took a car motion sickness. We gave up the plan to take the bus and chose to travel by car. Specific route: Take the Beijing subway to the Huangtudian subway station, then take the suburban S2 train to the Badaling station, get off the train and transfer to the Badaling scenic free bus, and send it to the Badaling Scenic Visitor Center, which takes more than three hours.
    Suburban S2 Road to Badaling Station train, not the same as other trains, the ticket does not have a designated seat, just sit in the seat, stand without a seat. Train ticket,Not the same as the usual train ticket.
    The Badaling Great Wall was built in the 18th year of Hongzhi in the Ming Dynasty. It has been built for more than 80 years. The mountains overlap and the situation is dangerous. It is more than 1,300 miles long and is part of the Great Wall of Great China’s ancient defense project.
    So far, more than 300 world-renowned people including Nixon and Margaret Thatcher have boarded the mountains and rivers of the Badaling Great Wall. It is a must-see for domestic and foreign tourists to Beijing. The stone holds the Badaling tickets, overlooking the spectacular Great Wall, and it is steep and beautiful, with a vast expanse of the Great Wall.
    Stone mother finally came to the Great Wall, how to take some pictures to leave the best memories for my mother Beijing travel. Of course, on the way, I met a Yancheng fellow. They were also mother and son. They played like us for a long time and took a lot of photos with each other.
     DAY3 Meet the dream palace in the Golden Palace, visit the National Museum
    On the third day, take my mother to Tiananmen Square and the emperor’s Forbidden City Forbidden City. From the ancient city subway station next to the Seven Days Hotel (Beijing Shijingshan Gucheng Metro Station), you can go directly to Tiananmen Station, no need to transfer, you have to praise the hotel location is still quite good.
    Tiananmen Square is the main entrance of the Imperial City of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is located on the central axis of the Imperial City of Beijing and consists of two parts: the city platform and the city tower. Tiananmen Square, together with the Monument to the People’s Heroes, the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, the Great Hall of the People, and the National Museum of China, form the Chinese symbol of the world.
    In Tiananmen Square, I took a photo with my mother and went to the Forbidden City behind Tiananmen Square. This is the third time that the stone has come to the Forbidden City. For the first time, I took my girlfriend for the second time, brought my mother for the third time, and maybe brought my son for the fourth time.
    The Forbidden City, now fully using online ticket sales, no longer sell tickets on the spot, limit the flow every day, must book tickets in advance, you can book in the cattle network. In particular, it is hard to get a ticket for the National Palace Museum.
    In today’s world, there are the five most famous palaces, the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Palace of Versailles in France, the Buckingham Palace in England, the White House and the Russian Kremlin.
    To make the Chinese proud, the Forbidden City has been hailed as the world’s five largest palaces. There have been 24 Chinese emperors living in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is the largest and most preserved wooden structure in the world.
    From the Forbidden City, walk for forty minutes to reach the National Museum of China. In fact, the stone has a tour error, the National Museum is opposite the Great Hall of the People. If you visit the National Museum of China and then visit the Forbidden City, you don’t have to walk forty minutes. The Forbidden City in Beijing is the south gate and the north gate.If you want to go to the National Museum of China, you can browse and visit the Forbidden City. There is still time. The North Gate of the Forbidden City is the Jingshan Park. It is on the top of Jingshan Park and overlooks the Forbidden City.
    The National Museum of China is the largest comprehensive museum of the Chinese nation. It is a collection of the essence of the Chinese mountains and rivers. It houses treasures from all over the country, such as the head of the Yuanmingyuan, the mask of the Sanxingdui in Sichuan, and the terracotta warriors. The museum is large, with 48 exhibition halls and a large number of exhibits, in addition to displaying Chinese culture and cultural relics, as well as treasures from Africa and other parts of the world. If you appreciate it, it will take at least one day. However, after the experience of the stone, in fact, the ancient Chinese culture is not as good as the Shaanxi History Museum, perhaps related to the thousands of Chinese capitals in Xi’an, and Xi’an is full of treasures.
    Of course, the National Museum of China also collects the history of the development of the Chinese nation, from the evolution of bronzes to the evolution of ancient coins and the development of porcelain, and the exquisite and subversive works are concentrated here.
    After visiting the National Museum of China, I went to Tiananmen Square next to it. Mom, when I was young, my biggest dream was to sit in Tiananmen Square and eat bread and watch the national flag.
    Leaving Tiananmen Square, we set off for Beijing West Railway Station to take the high-speed train to Tianjin, and then transfer to the Jinjiang Star (Tianjin Hongqiao West Railway Station), which took more than two hours.
    Jinjiang Inn (Tianjin Hongqiao West Railway Station), Address: 105 Guangrong Road, Hongqiao District, Tianjin, close to Honghuli Station of Tianjin Metro Line 1, a few hundred meters walk. Jinjiang Inn (Tianjin Hongqiao West Railway Station), clean and convenient environment, convenient transportation, stone is scheduled in Tuniu Tourism Network.
     DAY4 left hand ancient culture street, right hand Tianjin eye
    I got up early in the morning, and the stone took my mother to Tianjin today. I planned to go to Tianjin Ancient Culture Street, Italian Style Street and Tianjin Eye Ferris Wheel. We had breakfast at a fast food restaurant and took the subway to Tianjin Ancient Culture Street, one of the 10 scenic spots in Tianjin, from Honghuli Station of Tianjin Metro Line 1 to the southeast corner station of Tianjin Metro, and then walked for ten minutes.
    Tianjin Ancient Culture Street, with Tianhou Palace as its center, does not require tickets, Tianjin’s most famous ancient street. In the morning, the ancient street is still relatively quiet, there are not many tourists, it is suitable for taking pictures. Tianjin Ancient Culture Street has hundreds of Tianjin old-fashioned shops, such as Sugar Candy Zhang, Kidney Bean Zhang and Clay Man Zhang. Visitors here can fully experience the traditional folk characteristics of old Tianjin.
    Ancient Culture Street, as the old street, is the same as most ancient towns in the country. Apart from traditional culture, there are many similarities. There are many snacks, famous foods, special costumes, and cloisonne, Suzhou embroidery, and interior painting crystals.
    Under the stone tablet of “Hometown of Jinmen”, take a photo of your mother and leave a photo to commemorate it.
    Take the Tianjin Metro to Tianjin Italian Style Street, get off at Jianguodao Station of Tianjin Metro Line 2 and walk for a few hundred meters. Tianjin Italian Style Street, too, does not require tickets; the small attractions in the scenic area are charged tickets.
    Tianjin Italian Style Street, once Italy’s concession in China, has more than 200 Italian buildings, which is also a shame for the Chinese. More than two hundred Italian buildings contain many celebrities’ former residences, such as Zhang Xueliang’s former residence, Liang Qichao’s former residence, Yuan Shikai’s former residence, etc., which are some of the people who used to be in China.
    Marco Polo Plaza is a symbol of Tianjin’s Italian style street scene, and the stone also gives moms some beautiful photos.
    Tianjin Italian Style Street is also the location of many excellent film and television works, such as: “Golden Powder Family”, “Founding the Country” and so on.
    Of course, the Italian style street scenic spot sells all kinds of gadgets and handicrafts like Tianjin Ancient Culture Street. However, the stone is not recommended to buy, but it is better to buy it from the Internet, almost all of them are from Zhejiang Yiwu.
    Tianjin, printed in the picture of the people, is the famous symbol of the TV station “Tianjin Eye Ferris Wheel”, which straddles the Haihe River. At present, there is no direct subway to the Tianjin Eye Ferris wheel. The stone comes directly with the mother with a drip taxi. The price is reasonable.
    With my mother sitting in the Eye of Tianjin, I can slowly watch the scenery of Tianjin around me. In an instant, when my mother returned to her twenty years ago, she could not help but feel the joy of happiness. Of course, in such a beautiful place, how can I not leave some beautiful photos to my mother?
    Dragging the tired body, directly hit the car to the Jinjiang Star (Tianjin Hongqiao West Station), a dozen dollars. In the restaurant next to the hotel, fried tomato eggs, hot and sour potato silk, celery and dried three dishes, eat full, take a bath, and quickly fell asleep.
     Watch the magical porcelain house on DAY5 and visit the former residence of Zhang Xueliang
    In the morning, I had breakfast, from Honghuli Station of Tianjin Metro Line 1 to Tianjin Metro Peace Road Station, and then walked to the porcelain house of “Zhemei Meilou” in a ten-minute walk. It is a century-old French-style old building.
    Tianjin, like Beijing, shares bicycles everywhere. Sharing a bicycle is still quite convenient.
    Porcelain house, tickets required, adult ticket 50 yuan. Mom, it’s too expensive, it’s not interesting, just take a photo outside.
    The porcelain house is a century-old French-style old building, which highlights Chinese culture, feels the charm of Chinese porcelain, and combines French romantic architectural style. It uses tens of thousands of ancient porcelain, white marble stone, crystal stone and agate. Luxurious porcelain room French-style building.
    Former residence of Zhang Xueliang
    Mom, may be the reason for the film and television works, Zhang Xueliang is interested. Zhang Xueliang is a controversial figure. He is generally a love general. The Xi’an Incident launched by him and Yang Hucheng has allowed the Chinese nation to end the civil war and unanimously resist the Japanese and make great contributions to the Chinese nation.
    The former residence of Zhang Xueliang is a small sample building where the young masters Zhang Xueliang and Miss Zhao Si lived and lived.
    Former residence of Zhang Xueliang, adult ticket 35 yuan / person, online booking price of 33 yuan / person. Every day, a special person can explain the life story of Zhang Xueliang. Mom, especially listening carefully to the explanations, is very satisfying. Seeing that my mother is so satisfied, Zhang Xueliang’s former residence ticket is not cheap, it is worth it.
    Zhang Xueliang’s former residence also has a performance living room. Zhang Xueliang often asked Mei Lanfang to perform at his house. It can be seen that Mei Lanfang’s personal relationship with Zhang Xueliang is good.
    The former residence displays a lot of historical materials of Zhang Xueliang’s body. From Zhang Xueliang’s childhood, juvenile, middle age, etc., Zhang Xueliang’s historical data is recorded in detail. The former residence has a restaurant, military and political conference room, office, Miss Zhao Si bedroom. Zhao’s four bedrooms are photographs of young Zhang Xueliang and Miss Zhao Si. They are really male and female, especially Miss Zhao Si is really beautiful, just like a fairy.
    Go back to the hotel, pick up your luggage and go straight to Tianjin Binhai International Airport, pick up tickets, security check, eat, and prepare to return to Huai’an. Unfortunately, unfortunately, the plane was late and it was late. I don’t know how long it took to notify the check-in boarding. The weather is good, the sky is blue sky and white clouds, my mother is very happy, my mouth whispering to the blue sky, full of white clouds…
     Journey chicken soup
    The flight time was very short, and it took about an hour to successfully land at Huai’an Lishui Airport. The mother and son took the bus from Huai’an Lishui Airport to Lishui, five yuan, arrived at home at 40, and the Beijing-Tianjin Shuangchengji was successfully concluded.
    Beijing has gone three times, each time riding a different kind of transportation, and different people, there are also different travel moods. For the first time, the stone and the brothers took the train to the seat, and they spent the night, a journey of youth without passion.
    The second time, with the female ticket, take the train soft sleeper, the last trip before marriage. For the third time, Stone took her mother for a dream trip. In short, the Beijing-Tianjin Shuangchengji, the dream of the mother Beijing and Tianjin, is a journey of extraordinary significance.

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