Belong to our cruise holiday, feel the extraordinary ocean quantum number

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How are you going to spend this holiday? It’s a visit to friends & amp; potato & chasing the genius…NONNO, and bring your family and me to the Royal Caribbean Ocean Quantum Cruise to experience the wonderful sea journey.
    Turn off your mobile phone and don’t be a low-headed family, chat with your family; enjoy the best song and dance performances of Xinghai Legend; of course, choose a gift to send yourself and your family, so you can buy and buy it as well; taste a global flavor for every meal. Taste buds; exercise to play surf, wind tunnel, bumper cars; of course, experience the Polaris is also an indispensable part, there is always a suitable for you in the Ocean Quantum.
    [On the cruise ship, looking forward to the boundless sea]
    [Taste a mellow and delicious chocolate cake]
    [The American performance of the dance of the songs won the applause]
    [Get up early and go to a sea sunrise with you]
    [The sunset at dusk is also beautiful]
    [360 degree glass viewing cabin “North Star”]
    [Royal Avenue Duty Free Shop offers more discounts]
    [Makr Shakr Robot as Bionic Bar for Bartender]
    [Deck swimming pool, feel the sunbathing moment]
    Cruise Name: Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Seas
    Route: Shanghai – Fukuoka – Shanghai
    Schedule: September 23 ~ September 27 (five days and four nights, coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival)
    Landing Port Location: Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal (1 Baoyang Road, Baoshan, Shanghai)
    The Ocean Quantum is listed as one of the top ten cruise ships in the world. The luxurious facilities are well-deserved and the rooms are also a variety of praises. This time, the balcony room was chosen. There is a sofa that can be reclined in the room, there is no crowded feeling, the blue and white color is pleasing to the eye, the LCD TV in the room, iceThe box and dressing table are all available, and the two impressionist paintings hanging on the sofa are also very good. The chair sitting in the balcony room faces the sea and blows the sea breeze. This feeling is unparalleled. You can read the daily cruise daily to easily understand every moment of leisure on the entire sea holiday.
    Ocean Quanju has as many as 19 restaurants, a total of 10 free restaurants and 9 paid restaurants. It offers Chinese, American, Italian, European, Japanese and other international cuisines. You can eat six meals a day. Don’t worry about so many foods. Fat.
     Free restaurant
     Silk Road Restaurant
    Located on the 4th floor, the restaurant is full of red Chinese style elements, mainly Chinese cuisine, as well as Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean and other flavors.
     American Aiken Grill Restaurant
    Located on the 4th floor, the rich American style, the restaurant is simple and generous, and many American elements such as the American flag are hung on the wall.
     Glandi Restaurant
    Located on the 3rd floor, the Glandi, which is famous for its European style, is famous for its elegance, and the light-colored decoration is very good.
     Geek Restaurant
    Dine in the exquisite three-dimensional space of brilliant, crystal clear and milky white
     Sailing cafeteria
    Located on the 14th deck, 24 hours dining (note that it is not a 24-hour continuous meal, there is a corresponding supply time in the morning, evening and night), offering a variety of bread, cold dishes, salads, hot dishes, cooked food, fruit, desserts) There are also porridge suitable for Chinese stomach.
     Sunbathing restaurant:
    Located on the 14th floor sunbathing area, there are not many people and the environment is idle.
    270 degree cafe:
    Located on the 5th floor, drinking coffee and eating toast looking at the sea view
     Sports Hall Hot Dog House:
    Located on the 15-story multi-purpose sports hall, delicious sausages and hot dogs from the American flavor.
     Royal Avenue Cafe
    On the 4th floor boat, 24-hour espresso coffee and delicious cookies, sandwiches and desserts are available.
     Sorrento Pizza House
    On-site baking of thin, thick-bottomed pizzas with classic sausage flavors, fresh and sweet Hawaiian flavours, and refreshing spicy sausage flavors.
     Paid restaurant
    Da Dong Yi Jing Fang, creative cuisine, is also the latest restaurant in Michelin China, worth a try.
     Kung Fu Panda Noodle Restaurant:
    Located on the 14th deck, the main pasta, snacks and milk tea
    The Ocean Quantum is a collection of Chinese and Western cuisine, from breakfast and dinner to afternoon tea to supper. Of course, when you take food, you have to line up. More importantly, you must have a CD.
    The dinner menu of the Silk Road Restaurant has a unique logo and is the main choice for Chinese and Western cuisine.
    Delicious shrimp meat can be tasted directly, or you can add lemon sauce to taste different flavors.
    For the first time, the taste of the gourd-flavored soup is really rich and delicious.
    Beef Massaman, beef imported from the United States is super delicious, not fat or not, just right.
    Is your stomach ready for a very chic and super-large pork rib row, plus cut and flipped potatoes and corn kernels?
    A plate of three dry-fired Thai prawns, if you like, you can add a meal, just eat it.
    Lemon-flavored cheesecake, a spoonful of fun, a piece is just right!
    The chocolate mousse and strawberry embellishment relieve the sweet taste and taste.
    For the first time, taste a set of three flavors of dessert, red, white and green, each time a small mouthful of sweet and sour taste.
    My biggest love is still every night, dinner at the five main restaurants, the daily menu is different, and the waiter is super NICE, and from time to time still come to Chinese, very humorous feeling.
    After a night of hot soup, open our western dinner today.
    The starter of melon ham starts to look good and delicious.
    The delicious lamb legs are super big, the meat is very good, and the sauce is very tasty.
    Remember that it should be silver carp, the tender size is also suitable, plus the side dish is big.
    Apple pie plus vanilla ice cream wow, I haven’t eaten food for a long time to lose weight.
    American desserts are very solid, and the layers of chocolate, cream, and jam are really mellow in the mouth.
    Of course, friends who like the buffet can go to the 14th floor to enjoy it. This is the most varied variety.
    Of course, in the afternoon tea and the nightingale, you can find delicious moments here.
    Have a taste of so much food on the cruise, you can exercise! Fitness is not dull – surfing, swimming, climbing, gym, sweat everywhere!
     Indoor and outdoor pool & turbo pool
    On the 14th floor, you can swim in the pool or relax in the massage pool. The glass roof is retractable to withstand the cold wind.
     Deck surfing
    It doesn’t matter if you can’t swim. You can choose to be on the 12-meter simulator, squat on the surfboard, or challenge yourself to ride on the waves. Don’t be afraid that coaching is very safe.
     Deck parachute
    It is also exclusive to Ocean Quantum. If you want to try extreme sports, don’t miss it. Experience the extraordinary experience of flying over a cruise ship while overlooking the sea. Advance reservations are required, with professional instructors to guide and provide equipment such as jumpsuit goggles, safe and secure while experiencing excitement.
     Witley Fitness Center
    With professional spinning training, US Navy TRX resistance training and Beachcamp training system, but most of the exercises here are foreigners, watching the sea when running is also a flavor.
     Sea climbing wall
    I want to go, but I miss the time every time, waiting for the next time to experience it. It is safe to have a professional coach at the side.
     Robot bar
    In the space full of technology, experience the Makr Shakr robot as the bartender’s Bionic Bar, and make my own special drink.
     Scuano Bar
    In the nautical-themed bar, play a live piano and sing along with your favorite songs.
     Yueyin Hall Bar
    Strolling on the dance floor, or listening to the melodious blues and blues, or a romantic trip.
     Star Bar
    It doesn’t matter if you don’t take the Polaris, come here and enjoy the cool world!
    “Xinghai Legend” is a song and dance drama created by Ocean Quantum. VistaRama digital projection technology, 270-degree large screen, plus superb lighting, beauty, and performers’ superb dance skills and singing. People can’t help but wonder if they are watching the musical illusion on Broadway.
    Like the goddess of the gods, the dream blue of Xinghai, the fascinating performance, can not stop the applause
    The legend of Xinghai is already a business card of Ocean Quantum. You must remember to make an appointment in advance.
    This time it was the Mid-Autumn Festival, and it also staged a holographic projection of the sea rising moon.
    In addition to the legend of Xinghai, the song and dance drama [Charming] is also a performance not to be missed. I arrived half an hour earlier, and I can only sit next to me.
    With fashion and humor, you can tell the story of a beautiful girl’s elegant transformation, bringing you a must-see visual and auditory feast.
    The lineup has world-famous dancers, the essence of dance in Los Angeles, Paris, New York, and Las Vegas, gorgeous costumes, and beautiful props, just like visiting a Wei Mi show.
    At the end of the performance, the actors took the stage to thank them, and the audience stood up and thundered.
    [Le Dance Odyssey] is a new work created by the American master William Close for the Ocean Quantum.
    The combination of novelty instruments, modern music, harmony and dance makes you marvel at not only the beauty of music but also the imagination of human beings.
    The highlight is the golden strings across the theater, the earth harp, the royal giant bow, the cloud drum…
    There is also interaction with the audience, and the whole audience is turned over to the entire performance period.
    The Polaris, which needs to be reserved in advance, is already very popular. I took a step late. When I opened the APP, I found that there was no location. Once I took a Polaris for 14 people, I had to go to the official website to make an appointment in advance.
    The Polaris, which has won the Guinness World Record’s highest cruise ship viewing platform, has two basic and panoramic experiences. The gem-shaped glass cabin transports visitors to a new height of 88.6 meters above sea level. During the day, you can look like a seagull overlooking the endless blue sea, and at night you can enjoy the dazzling neon on the quantum.
    If you don’t take the North Star, let’s take a photo with it in front of the Star Bar.
     Jogging track
    Wear a SINCE THEN original design vintage dress on the 15th floor and take a relaxing walk around the jogging trail while enjoying the spectacular sea views.
    In the evening, you can sit here and feel the difference from the daytime scenery.
     Electronic Entertainment Center
    In the 15-story boat, riding on a motorcycle, playing a game machine, and driving an electronic car, every experience is extraordinary.
     Seaplex Marine Multi-purpose Activity Center
    The most fun one is the bumper car, but this is a queue, there is no reservation system, you can experience it at 6 o’clock in the evening. Of course, there are also table tennis, ice skating, hula hoops and other experiences.
    When riding the cruise ship, it was the Mid-Autumn Festival. The staff of the entertainment department began to prepare for us the game of Mid-Autumn Festival riddles.
    On the Ocean Quantum, the ubiquitous art can be enjoyed at the Royal Art Gallery.
    There are dozens of boutiques, duty-free shops and a variety of beauty and skin care, jewellery on the Royal Mile, discounts and cost-effective.
     Vittoria Spa
    Amateurs can come here to enjoy the comfort and various treatments that the spa and spa bring to you.
    After drifting for two days at sea, I finally got off the boat and landed. This time we went to Fukuoka and went to Dazaifu.
    There are many snack bars and shops along Dazaifu Road. There are so many restaurants that you can stop to buy and eat. Very good.
    The well water here can be washed or washed, it is very clear, there are too many tourists on the lookout, just take a look.
    Just in the face of what rituals the locals held, they stopped to watch, and they all felt very solemn in their national costumes.
    Of course, if you feel that you are not interested in visiting the shrine’s pro, you can find authentic Japanese food, special hand-made, and a variety of wishing cards on both sides of the street.
    The most famous plum cake here, I have eaten it since I came last time. I can try it if I like sweets.
    Of course, there are also some traditional Japanese dishes such as octopus balls, sushi, tempura and ramen noodles.
    Recommend to kiss the 50 lemon refining CC, very good to drink, I found it for a long time to find!
    Driving all the way, you can see the city of Fukuoka, the airport, the elevated, the seaport and other places.
     First, the visa
    If you take a cruise to Japan without a visa, you only need a passport that is valid for 6 months from the date of arrival. The entry is based on the Temporary Landing Permit. The procedure is much simpler and more convenient.
     Second, consumption
    Currency: The common currency on the cruise ship is the US dollar. You can bind the credit card and debit card to pay for the payment. The credit card is pre-authorized, and the UnionPay card is paid for $150.
    Downside trip: You don’t need to change too much Japanese currency, you can buy some snacks and snacks, and you can swipe your card at duty-free shops.
    You need to go to the 24-hour service desk yourself.
     Third, WIFI
    With it, don’t worry about “missing”. The WiFi on the Ocean Quantum is super-fast, and you can send your friends to the circle of friends anytime, anywhere. I heard that the WIFI on the cruise ship is a sky-high price. The WIFI package of Ocean Quantum can be said to be very favorable. It is very affordable to buy two wifis that can be sent to the shore.
     4. Transportation of Wusong International Cruise Terminal:
    The cruise terminal can only enter after 11 o’clock. Taxi and private cars need to take the reservation number to enter. Quantum has a pay bus shuttle bus to the airport. There is a free bus on the return journey to take the passengers from the terminal to the 3rd line. Baoyang Road Subway.
    Subway Line 3 arrive at Baoyang Road Station, then transfer to the bus near Baoyang Road Station (Baoshan 9th Road, 160th Road, 508 Road) to reach the terminal, or take a taxi and go straight along Baoyang Road to the east. in the end.
     Five, escape demonstration
    I have to participate, especially the escape video of the Royal Caribbean Ocean Quantum is a big demo. I really haven’t seen it.
     Six, photo gallery
    Every night in the restaurant or in the hallway, professional photographers will leave you a shadow, you can see your own beauty here. I can also get a photo when I pay with UnionPay. I also know when I bind my debit card.
     Seven, the captain welcomes the reception
    You can see the captain of Hehe and his pro, he also showed a Chinese, and the vice captain or the Chinese, gave you a thumbs up.
     Eight, Porello Lounge
     There is a photo in the back of the Apollo Lounge. You can take a big shot on the left and right mirrors. You can try it.
     Nine, wear tips
    A modified version of the SINCE THEN cheongsam dress with a camel top hat is a unique sea style.
    Contrast color matching, also the SINCE THEN blue printed backless dress and the flaming on the Ocean Quantum.
    When I watched the sunset, I chose a leopard dress that was swaying and swaying. It was beautiful when the sea breeze blew.
    The pink tie is more beautiful at the 270° sea view of the Fukuoka Seaport.
     Ten, future holiday reservation center
    Next year, the Royal Caribbean will have a new ship to come to Shanghai, remember to get a look at the reservation in advance.
    Of course, the Royal Caribbean Ocean Quantum has more wonderful moments, waiting for your discovery, where is my next stop, and I look forward to meeting you…

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