Bring your parents to vacation, Sanya food tour

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Blue sea and blue sky,
    The coconut wind bursts into the horizon,
    I look to the front,
    Azure sea,
    Dive seagull,
    Happy people,
    The sky is long and blue,
    Bougainvillea is quiet and beautiful,
    Tropical capital,
    Colorful pearls of the South China Sea,
    Fall in love with this moment,
    Have a good mood.
    This article is to bring your parents to Sanya, and divide it into several parts:
    1. Destination introduction
    2. Itinerary
    3. Hotel information
    4, play in Songcheng
    5, welcome hotel food
    6, traffic information
    7, Raiders tips
    This article has a long length. If you have any questions, you can go straight to the end to understand and ask questions like me.
    I walked through many islands. Every time I walked through a beautiful island, I always unconsciously compared them to each other. Which island is my favorite. Every island has its own characteristics and charm. If you have enough time and holidays, you can have a lot of choices.
    But for most people, Sanya is a good choice. The diving ticket in September, the barrier-free communication, the holiday is just lying down and blowing the sea breeze, feeling the temperature lower than Shanghai, warm. This station, take your parents to vacation and enjoy a perfect holiday.
    A long-lost family trip, feeling the island style, watching my parents smile, enjoying the good times at the moment, I am very satisfied.
    [Take a fine sand at the beach]
    [Looking into the distance in the villa room]
    [Playing a play in Sanya Songcheng Paradise]
    [Walk around the color zoo]
    [Intimate interaction with gorillas]
    DAY1: Shanghai direct flight to Sanya, take the hotel’s free pick-up at the airport, stay at Sanya Guest House (30 minutes), enjoy the fine hereSoft beach, beautiful 360-degree pool.
    DAY2: Get up early in the buffet breakfast at Hailan Restaurant, go to the Songcheng Scenic Spot in Sanya, and enjoy a lot of fun in the scenic area. You can play at the Color Zoo – Songcheng Scenic Area – Waves and Waves Park – Ice World – Eternal Love, and return to the hotel for dinner at night. Enjoy a perfect day at the Hainan Restaurant.
    DAY3: Sleeping naturally wake up, after breakfast, visit the hotel’s chocolate waterfall, enjoy the seafood restaurant at noon, enjoy the sea animals, play in the children’s play park in the afternoon, and sweat in the gym at night. I want to be beautiful.
    DAY4: In the morning, when you push the balcony door together, you can see the invincible seascape and the whole boundless seascape. The legendary negative oxygen ions will help you clean your lungs, taste breakfast, play various entertainment facilities in the hotel, and fly in the afternoon. Return to the warm home.
    There are many hotels in Sanya. How to choose a hotel that has its own beach, can taste the cuisine of various countries, and is close to the airport. After the Raiders have finished the Raiders, we strongly recommend the Sanya Huayu Yalong Bay Guest House in Yalong Bay. The concept of accommodation is popular all over the world.
    Name: Sanya Huayu Yalong Bay Guest House
    Address: Yalong Bay National Tourism Resort, Jiyang District, Sanya, near Love Cube Binhai Park, Baihuagu Commercial Street
    Facing the 7-kilometer stretch of South China’s most beautiful coast, the hotel is adjacent to Yalong Bay Coastal Park, Art Season and Yalong Bay’s largest cinema, just a stone’s throw from Baihuagu Town and Yatai Commercial Center.
    Because the hotel is very large, from the housing to the lobby, you can have a caring butler to serve you, and you can reach any place in the hotel by car.
    The exterior is white, and the interior is mostly white. The giant LED lighting in the lobby is a rare alien shaped light array in China, creating an interactive visual feast from five sides.
    Different from the traditional LED single-sided screen presentation, it is surrounded by 53 small and different shapes of independent light boxes. The interactive effects of the three images of front, back, left, right and bottom are constantly changing. Stars, aurora, underwater world and other three-dimensional renderings on 53 independent but unified light boxes, very dazzling, this is the first point of attraction, rarely in China.
    The little brother of the shuttle bus was actually a glutinous nut, and both of them took our luggage to the villa area.
    This stay is a view of the pool villa with iPad smart internal control system, the space is full of 230 square meters, and there are flowers and beds are lovely.
    Turning around and seeing the pillows on the art-style sofa, the bathroom has a lot of space, and it’s a double guard. It’s so great.
    The atrium also has a variety of exquisite paintings to enjoy, sofa lounges are optional, immediately open to eat and eat mode.
    Fresh tropical fruit, rich in mango, raisins, bananas, dragon fruit, passion fruit, carambola, apple.
    The perfume lily is fragrant and fragrant, and it tastes a cup of Chinese tea.
    Right, I have to say that there are cute little turtles to welcome me. My parents say that they are small frogs. What do you say?
    The 3,000-square-meter seven-color Symphony Pool has a 9-meter-high water interactive complex called “Pirate Ship”, which opens the children’s fantasy adventure.
    The delicate elegant white and the surrounding mountains are merged with each other, and the blue sea and the blue sky are intertwined with each other. Inadvertently, there is a sense of sight in Greece. It is cleverly placed on the shore of the sea and in the garden. It is not unobtrusive and is displayed in a natural low-key manner. Luxury connotation.
    Strolling through the hotel, you can find that there are not many exaggerated decorations, but the works of contemporary and original artists from home and abroad, each of which is a unique personality, like an exhibition, interpretation of the new luxury, is a holiday It is also art. The big black bear turned out to be the newspaper rack.
    The gym is also very childish and has a good daylight.
    Opposite is the billiard area where you can watch TV while having fun.
    There are also many lovely little plants planted here, and the decoration is also very watery.
    Children can also find their own world here, and a variety of cartoon characters in the children’s paradise welcome you.
    I have been to Sanya N times. Basically, every attraction has been visited. This time I went to Songcheng, not far from the hotel.
    Why did you choose Songcheng instead of other scenic spots? The reason is that you just said that it is not far from the hotel, so you don’t have to work in a boat. The second is that a pass can be used to play the five scenic spots in Sanya Songcheng – color zoo – Songcheng scenic spot – wave wave water park – ice world – old age, is not very good value. Third, the scenic spots are basically indoors or in the rainforest, so that they are not afraid of being exposed to the sun. Will the people who love beauty give me a perfect score?
    Under the shooting of the enthusiastic staff, I left this beautiful photo.
    The Songcheng Tourist Area in Sanya is a large-scale integrated park. The first place to come here is the map. However, the park has such a map in every area. You won’t get lost when you go. It’s awesome.
    The online booking of the pro can take tickets outside the door, convenient and fast, of course, you can also look around the location of the scenic spot.
    Each scenic spot is relatively independent. Guests who buy a pass will have a hand strap with a stamp on each scenic spot. Each scenic spot is the same. Just look at the staff and you can swim freely. Of course, the premise is that you can’t drive the gate, so you can’t enter the park again.
    Saying that the little brother sitting at the entrance of the color zoo is very handsome, hehe.
    The girls in the scenic spots are wearing local costumes and will patiently explain your questions for you.
    For the love of animals, I first entered the Sanya Songcheng Color Zoo. There are many kinds of animals here, and the mini small, medium and large size will appear in front of your eyes.
    The birds of all kinds are the first to see, the colorful feathers, the slimStanding on the branch, hi hello.
    The peacock greeted me with a head, but unfortunately I was not ready yet, and it was lazy.
    The most interesting thing is to come to the clever monkeys, and play them from time to time.
    This monkey has a special preference for my lens. I stretched out my hand to grab my SLR and play it high.
    This monkey is a brain that climbs up the coconut tree and plays on its own.
    Hello, gorilla, you will still scream loudly, and you will have the most interaction time.
    It’s a conversation with the funny parrot, but it’s just looking into the distance.
    Hello, what are you looking at, I am going to shoot you to interact with you.
    I didn’t see you at the beginning, Mr. Chameleon, many children didn’t move and saw that you were fake.
    The lazy large animals are resting here, yawning from time to time, and you are the boss. I will withdraw first.
    The sheep came out of the head and thought that I would have grass to eat it, but I didn’t, but your ears are really cute.
    Some of the sika deer are eating, some are watching, some are playing, and enjoy themselves.
    The zebra has developed the same standing position as the chameleon. It is sunbathing at all, and it has killed my horse.
    Giraffe couple, what are you talking about? The zoo is not big, you can go shopping in an hour. It is a good place to bring children to see and see, and to return to the children’s interest. It is also a good place for fun and education.
     Sanya Songcheng Color Zoo
    Opening hours: 11:00-18:30
    Address: 333 Yingbin Road, Sanya City
    After visiting the zoo, I came to the wave and wave park, just show the bracelet and you can enter the park easily.
    When you come to Sanya, how can you not get wet? There are a lot of amusements in the Waves and Waves Park. There are dozens of large-scale amusement equipment such as Happy Water Village, Mountain Crossing, Jungle Drifting, and Sliding Road.
    Because after the summer vacation, there are relatively few tourists coming here, so you can play without having to wait in line.
    You can travel through time and space and enjoy the cool on the reclining chairs.
    Many of the rides here are done by two people, such as the 鸳鸯 slide, which brings you closer to ta.
    In the water world wrapped in the tropical rain forest, the shape of each ride is a big attraction.
    Here is a paradise for children, cute caterpillars, embarrassing shells, and unique fish appear in front of us.
    As the most exciting project in the park, the big horn must weigh the weight before playing. It must be ensured that the total weight of the teammates playing does not exceed the regulations, otherwise it will not be with this screaming project.
    Rainbow slides, with the patient guidance and safety facilities of the staff, play a high up.
    Every project needs challenges and courage to come and play with girlfriends, friends, and loved ones.
    The red and yellow match bands are not like tomato scrambled eggs. I am a little hungry because there are so many items to play.
    You can lie in the pool like this beautiful woman and enjoy the sunbathing time.
    You can also enjoy the coolness of the breeze from the sun loungers.
    The supporting facilities in the scenic area are very complete, and the life jackets are rented for free. The storage place of the shoes is also very interesting.
    The water park’s signboard is made up of a row of paddles. With the mermaid, let us wave together.
     Sanya Songcheng Waves and Waves Water Park
    Opening hours: 12:00-20:00
    Address: 333 Yingbin Road, Sanya City
    I feel that there is a person who rushes around in the form of a slap in the face, and looks back at a “wild man” holding a spear like me. As he screams, Emma scares the baby, what is it?
    Originally, the interactive performances in the Songcheng Scenic Area of ​​Sanya began. The locals who can sing and dance have performed the original dance for us. They also invited tourists to interact together, but they are tanned and are all eight abs. Handsome guy.
    After a wave of interaction, Chengfu’s enrollment reminded me of the sound of music, and everyone looked up and watched.
    The walls are all the best, and the fullness is full of happiness.
    Cheng Fu’s hustle and bustle debuted, and a welcome dance was very lively.
    Missy appeared, a hydrangea dropped, in the end, which groom officer received it, I took a little girl next door, the exact is found, and the result was immediately taken away!
    The groom’s official dressed in neatly debut, why did the bride change people and become a flower? Funny interpretation of a marriage, right, like us sprinkled with candy, eat a sticky and happy, oh also.
    A mother-in-law sells melons and attracts everyone’s eyes. It is indeed hot and thirsty. Come to a bowl of watermelon to solve the heat.
    Just eating watermelon, the dynamic rhythm sounded, it was a street impromptu performance, appeared in front of our eyes – flashing.
    In a blink of an eye, we came to Li Village, which is also a shopping street, interested parents.You can buy some good things here.
    Walking through Li Village, we strolled here, the entrance to the South China Sea Goddess Square, on the top is the South Sea goddess statue 28 meters high and 100 meters wide. She is the patron saint of Sanya, the spiritual totem of Sanya people, the embodiment of the great women of Sanya. .
    If you are tired, you can take a cool ride under the thatched cottage. Once you walk into it, you will find that it is a water project.
    When I walked through the thatched cottage, I found a big clock. Next to the bell, I wrap the bells around the house.
    It takes a lot of skill to play in the waters here, so don’t be too careful to get into the water.
    Special children are having fun here.
    Is it a little tired to play, you can rest here, the ancient style is this old-fashioned inn.
    It is also a good choice to taste a freshly baked noodle from the Museum of the Ages.
    Have fun with the outdoor interaction, let’s take a look at the indoor games and those?
    My dad proudly said to me that this little labyrinth was played. The result was that I entered the mouth from the entrance. I was still waiting for my dad to wait at the exit.
    In the house, the lights of different colors are transformed, and I will try to see how it looks good.
    You have to master the skills in the sloping house to get inside easily.
    The storm eye is a bit like an interactive game on the water, you need to wear poncho to avoid.
    The Cape Shipwreck is like this, but when I was playing, I just didn’t line up, so happy.
    A boat that has been sleeping for thousands of years with a lot of treasures has sparked adventures.
    Closing your eyes, everything is reaching out and seeing the five fingers, simulating the sound, movement, and closing your eyes.
    I put the Sanya Songcheng Ice and Snow World in the end for two reasons. First, if you come in and play in the first place, then go to a hot place and you will definitely not play. Second, a cold and a hot lens will paste.
    After experiencing the outdoor project, I came to the ice and snow world of Songcheng in Sanya, and I really realized what it means to be a double-fired day. Down jackets can be rented for free, but warm equipment such as hats and insoles need to be purchased by yourself.
    As soon as I entered the door, I saw the naughty Santa Claus greet us. I can see you in high summer. I am so happy, my gift.
    A piece of ice and snow cake stands here, and the king is waiting for the people who come to watch it.
    You can experience the snow and ice here, and feel the thrill of the moment.
    There are sea lions and penguins in the polar pavilion, which is really cold.
    who are you? Isn’t Qitian Dasheng? It should be that the Eskimos are holding the spears to capture the animals.
    You can choose to pick up the stairs and walk into the ice and snow kingdom here to play around with each space.
    Suddenly the beautiful woman screamed and sat down on the tire.
    Colorful ice sculptures make us play a big heart, you are so red to burst the little yellow man.
    In the melodious music, I was frozen first, and I’m right.The cabin at the door is also very characteristic, refill.
     Sanya Songcheng Ice World
    Opening hours: 11:00-20:00
    Address: 333 Yingbin Road, Sanya City
    A pair of sand paintings opened the visual feast of Sanya. The ancient times have been hailed as one of the top three famous shows in the world. I have also had the privilege of watching the other two places. This time I experienced the local performance in Sanya.
    The enthusiasm of the ages and the weekend plus the choice of the Internet now, I am sitting in the 11th row to watch the show, but the design of the stage can be seen from all directions.
    The first act, “Luhuitou”, is a beautiful story of love story. In order to be with a mortal elder brother, the fairy is finally turned into a sika deer. From encountering love to change, we follow the hero and heroine for a thousand years. Beautiful love.
    I have to say that the sand painting is also the finishing touch of the whole drama. The music mix, the overall conception and the shock of the actor dance, I have to say that Sanya has an ancient love, a performance that must be seen in life!
    The second act, “Lady the Lady,” is the first person to be the hero of the Chinese scarves. She established the first political institution in the history of Sanya, Yazhou, to return to Hainan Island, the 600-year-old overseas. History is always full of magic and coincidence. Today, the Grand Theatre where we are located is built on the land of Mrs.
    Suddenly, lightning and thunder, fire and fire, there are pirate raids, no timely support for reinforcements, the generals killed the battlefield, washing the tears of the ladies led the soldiers to kill the encirclement, defended Hainan Island, is the decent female hero, It is admirable and impressive.
    A peach rain, bringing the soldiers back to their hometown, detonated the audience cheering.
    The third act, “Sea Silk Road”, according to the “Yazhou Zhi” records, Sanya Port has become a transit point of the “Maritime Silk Road” in the Song Dynasty. Chinese porcelain is shipped from here to overseas. Spices from the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf are also Here, the “Maritime Silk Road” is also known as the “Ceramic Road.”
    The messengers greeted the dancers from Persia and the flying carpet that descended from the sky.
    On August 15th of this year, the prefecture of Yazhou in Sanya hosted a grand Mid-Autumn Festival to meet the guests, and the celebrities and friends of Su Dongpo and other celebrities were invited to make poems. The dancers from Persia let us feel the exotic style of the sea silk road.
    In the fourth act of “Zhenzhen Dongdu”, Tang Tianbao, Gao Zhenjian, in order to carry forward the fifth Dawa Fuso in Dharma, suffered a hurricane at sea and drifted to Sanya. During the stay in Sanya, Jianzhen built the Dayun Temple and spread the Central Plains culture and farming techniques in the local area, winning the love of the local people of Li and Miao. But he did not forget his mission for a moment. In 753 AD, he once again embarked on a difficult journey.
    Also immersed in the historical story, suddenly the sea is rising, the acrobatic show begins, the acrobats complete a group of thrilling performances, and people are shocked.
    In the midst of the dynamic music sound, the performance of the mermaid wiping the window, and the waving of all the actors, the 60-minute Sanya eternal love came to an end. It is possible to build a huge pool on a stage. It can be seen that the exquisite requirements of Sanya’s ancient feelings for the performance, the beautiful and seamless performance of the lights, to Sanya must see a Sanya thousand ancient feelings.
    Ticket price: 260 yuan for the auditorium, 280 for the VIP seat, 480 yuan for the luxurious sofa with table
    First game: 14:00–15:00
    Session 2: 17:00–18:00
    Session 3: 20:00–21:00
    Take the 1st, 7th, 9th, 23rd, and 27th roads and get off at the Sanya Ancient Love Station.
    The food at the guesthouse is wonderful. I don’t sleep until I wake up naturally. I come to the limited area of ​​the villa area to eat. There are not many people who can taste all kinds of Chinese and foreign food.
    In the current stall, you can taste rice noodles, powder and various kinds of ground food.
    The rich fruit is the most appetizing, and I like the passion fruit.
    Cantonese cuisine is the key point, and the various foods such as chicken feet, steamed pork ribs and pork belly are really great.
    The shape of the biscuits is varied, the garlic butter bread is the best, and the twisted finger cake.
    At noon, when you come to Sanya to enjoy the blue sky and blue sky, choose a place to eat. The Hailan Restaurant meets all your needs. You can swim tropical turtles like turtles and sharks while you taste the authentic food. The ultra-large glass curtain wall will make the sea bottom. The colorful landscape of the world has been shared without any cover.
    It’s like being in the ocean, enjoying the fish while enjoying the delicious dishes. Enjoy the deliciousness in Dubai’s lost space, such as the “airborne” from Dubai to Sanya’s chef lineup, delicious and exquisite dishes, and the ocean-themed dream dining environment… all can’t live up to it! What’s even more amazing is that there are more than a hundred kinds of delicious food in such a fantastic dining place, and the tropical coastal tour begins with a romantic dining time.
    At noon, you can choose the mode of the spot and the package, and you can enjoy the buffet at night. Must-order: French spinach mushrooms, Boston lobster, fleshy fat sister, rich sauce, really delicious.
    French cheese is awkward, and a bit of happiness is going to go down.
    South American-style grilled seafood platter with a combination of prawns, scallops, oysters and saury, rich in juice and full of elasticity.
    American Hawaiian pizza is 6 inches, just 6 pieces and 2 pieces. The tasteful thin cheese is brushed.
    French fruit pancakes with a choice of ice cream, wrapped in banana filling with crispy crust, plus a touch of matcha ice cream is really great.
    A selection of flavored ice cream, a total of three large balls, vanilla, chocolate, matcha full of good taste.
    The tiramisu cake is really a big piece, at least 15cm or more. The layer is really rich in flavor and coffee pudding. This price is only half of the usual price.
    After eating seafood dinners and various delicacies, I found a Japanese teppanyaki in the guest house, and it was very close to the villa area where I lived.
    The rich Japanese style, the white crane’s rice and traditional geisha dolls can be found here.
    The menu has a family meal and a zero, the variety is very rich, this is the sashimi in the set, very fresh.
    When the master used the spray gun for the first time, I had not had time to prepare for the filming. Then the master told me that it would be OK to wait, and wait for me to call you.
    The prawns are roasted, and the asparagus is really delicious.
    The squid is one of my favorite items in the Japanese, and the rich sauce makes me want to stop.
    Beef with carrots, topped with seasoningJuice, tender and elastic.
    Australia belt Q bombs and vegetables, a bite to eat!
    The scallop Q is quite satisfactory, but the taste of teppanyaki is very good.
    Grilled silver carp, crispy and pepper sesame perfectly matched.
    The foie gras is thick and big, and it is really good to be served with crispy bread.
    The fruit platter is in the family package, and the guava, orange and passion fruit are very hard to use.
    Teppanyaki is making ice cream. Does the master say that he is ready? I am going to start. Bui has a flame and the flame ice cream is driving.
    Combine with fried banana and almond biscuits and vanilla combined with delicious and delicious.
    In March, the ticket was a big dip. After the winter vacation, there were fewer people here, and it also belonged to the off-season of Sanya.
    The ticket has been selected for a new one.
    Shanghai-Sanya: Eastern (Shanghai Airlines) Aviation FM9521, 16:50-19:20, go to the late point 1 to enjoy, one out of the airport to see the beautiful rainbow, great!
    Sanya-Shanghai: Jinpeng Airlines Y87502, 22:00-00:55, the return trip is normal.
    The ticket plus a round-trip tax-included infrastructure is a total of 1,625 yuan, including meals.
    The weather is good these days, you can see the panoramic view of Sanya on the plane, the food is not bad, the economy class food you know.
     1. Traffic
    I went out all the taxis this time, and I went to the Internet to look at the distance first. From the hotel to Songcheng should be about 45 yuan, I went to play 71 yuan, thinking that the Internet is wrong? The result returned 49.5, I later asked the master, the blue taxi that I used to sit before is expensive, so I have to choose a yellow taxi in Sanya.
     2, hotel
    This stay is the villa of the Yingbin Hotel, can accommodate 4 people, including breakfast, the price is 2000+, if it is a parent-child, friend, family travel is a good choice, spread to everyone. It takes only 30 minutes from the airport to the hotel, which is very convenient.
     3, seafood
    Many people who taste seafood will think it is expensive, but this meal only costs more than 1,000 yuan. I can see that I have eaten ten varieties, and the taste is optional, full of weight and especially fresh.
     4, tickets
    Songcheng’s package is very cost-effective. If the children are no more than 1.2 meters, they can buy a package. Four attractions + performances can choose 14:00. It is cheap and can be booked online. You can choose tickets at the entrance of the scenic spot. The total number of tickets is also 430, which can be played for a full day.
     5, summer
    Come to Sanya to play, in time, it is also necessary to apply sunscreen on cloudy days, this can protect the skin, right, don’t forget to bring a swimsuit.
    This is the first time this year to travel with my parents, and enjoy the good times.

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