Bringing your family to the market and saying that you are leaving, the trip to Shanghai, the Spring Festival is pure play for 5 days.

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    I found that writing a travelogue is addictive. The first time I wrote a travelogue was to go to the Taobao lazy cat’s home. Just order a day trip before December 31, 2015 and write a travel note to mention his home. I can get a cash reward of 500 yuan~ I admit that I was tempted at the time, so I started my journey of writing a travelogue. The first travel is a 9-day tour in Thailand. After I finished writing, I saw the collections, comments, and posts of my best friends. From that time on, I felt that it was quite meaningful to write a travel note. It’s a pity that a wonderful journey has passed away over time. So the above-mentioned writing of travel notes has become a must-have after my next trip.
    Haha.. I don’t have much to say. Let’s take a look at Shanghai’s tallest on the map~~
     Shanghai Bund
     Shanghai Bund
     Thames Town
     Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street
     Shanghai Old Street
     Duolun Road Cultural Celebrity Street
     Duolun Road Cultural Celebrity Street
    Every time I like to plan to travel, I say that Thailand has been planning a full three months ahead of schedule. At the beginning of January, I saw the plane ticket for Angkor Wat. I didn’t have to go straight to 3K. I was not happy at the time. I thought that this Spring Festival can only be at home, my heart is so cold and cool.. Fortunately, God has heard my heart. The shouting, in the penultimate week of January, I accidentally saw Baidu glutinous rice written: Spring Festival ticket a fold. Out of curiosity, I went in and looked at it. I saw Zhuhai flying Shanghai 130rmb, wow, this cabbage price is not buying now when to wait! Then I immediately told this girl the good news. After she heard it, she was very excited to say that she would go, so that I, my sister (ling) and my brother (Tao Ge) formed a golden triangle, flying in this spring festival. Shanghai on the tall. . (color) (color)
    This trip to Shanghai is 7 days of pure play for 5 days, and the play time is from February 8th to February 14th, 2016. Specific itinerary is as follows
    DAY 1: Zhuhai flies to Shanghai Pudong, staying at the hotel
    DAY 2: Lujiazui – Thames Town – Nanjing East Road
    DAY 3: Chenghuang Temple – Duolun Road CultureCelebrity Street – Sweet Love Road – Fudan University – The Bund (Night View) – Waibaidu Bridge
    DAY 4: Chinese Art Palace – Xintiandi Dinner – The Bund – Shanghai World Financial Center (Appearance)
    DAY 5: Madame Tussauds Shanghai – Xintiandi CCP General Assembly Site – Sinan Mansion – Shanghai World Financial Center
    DAY 6: Oriental Pearl – Xujiahui Catholic Church – Shanghai Library – Tianzifang
    DAY 7: Shanghai Pudong Feizhuhai
     DAY 1: Zhuhai flies to Shanghai Pudong, staying at the hotel
    At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, go to the station and take the 207 to the airport. It will arrive in an hour. As soon as you enter the airport gate, the first feeling is bigger than the Macau airport.
    On the 2nd floor, I went straight to the self-service printer printer ticket (I thought I could check on the Internet. I also looked at the website the night before. The result is still not, I am also drunk). I wanted to print the return, but it is not. Yes, it can only be printed on the return journey. What is the bad rule? ? Well, after the spit, you can only store your luggage. Fortunately, everyone has 20kg of unloaded shipping, which is quite good. I don’t know what the consignment at Zhuhai Airport is all about. The consignment can be handled in any window. I only hear the staff say that China Southern Airlines is excluded. It seems that China Southern Airlines has an exclusive handling channel. After going through the consignment, I went to the security check.
    After the security check, I saw the captain of Xiao Huang and the stewardess saluting us. Wow, how can such a cute little yellow man not take it?
    [Little Yellowman Captain and Flight Attendant]
    Continue to go forward, when the waiting time, all kinds of self-timer all kinds of equipment forced to wait ~ until about 19:30 or so we started boarding, on the plane is not allowed to put the handbag on their legs, and the phone opened The flight mode also needs to be turned off. This is the first time I met this wonderful regulation.
    Two hours later, I arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Hey, it is Shanghai. It takes 7.8 minutes to get off the plane, 4 fast belts, and more than 200 boarding gates. After we took the baggage, we went to the hotel on the first floor.
    It doesn’t take long to get to the hotel 35rmb, check in and go straight upstairs, hotel ringThe situation is OK, the focus is on heating. When everything was settled, I found that I forgot to print the return ticket at the airport (it was later found that I had to check in the boarding pass when I checked the baggage on the day of the flight). (Tearful tears) This is really true. Don’t want to be bad.
    [7 days hotel]
    [Transfer to the hotel bus at the subway station]
     DAY 2: Lujiazui – Thames Town – Nanjing East Road
    After 9:00, check out the baggage and check out the hotel’s car to the Lingkong Road subway station. The hotel has a free shuttle bus to the subway station every morning at 9:30, 5 minutes drive. I bought three one-day tickets at the subway station.
    Departing from our next hotel, the hotel is located at Exit 4 of Sichuan North Road, a 5-minute walk away. It is located on the one hand because of the convenient access to the subway station and on the other hand close to the city center. We first checked in (stayed for 4 nights), put the luggage and went to a nearby supermarket to buy water. This is the cheaper of Yibao in Shanghai. We decided to come back to buy the biggest bottle tonight, and the instant noodles can also be used. Haha…
    [Exit 4 of Sichuan North Road Subway]
    Next, of course, we must first look at the representative buildings in Shanghai – Oriental Pearl. Take the subway exit Lujiazui Exit 2 and take a look at a tall building. The height is almost over 300 meters. This is really not covered. Samsung billboards, Apple flagship stores are here, the legendary Oriental Pearl is watching during the day. It is not outstanding. I took a few photos and went to find some food. I wanted to eat Xiao Yang Sheng Jian Bao, and I saw that the long team still gave up, and I will try it later. Forced by the crowds, I finally chose to eat kfc, waited until 2 o’clock, and set off for the Thames town.
    [Three high buildings from left to right: Shanghai World Financial Center – Jinmao Tower – Shanghai Center]
    [Disney flagship store]
    Checked the subway, hey, I went… 1 hour subway plus 15 bus. At the Exit 4 of the subway Songjiang University City, walk down the flyover and walk straight ahead to see the bus stop. Find the 15th bus and watch the fare: 1 yuan. (Surprised) This cabbage price is the price of Zhuhai 10 years ago… I heard the Shanghai News Station in the car, I said that I only understand the two words. (Shy) About 10 minutes to get to the destination, get off at the Samsung North Road of Hongxiang Road and go back to see the direction of the big screen is Thames Town…
    [People’s Square Subway Station, 20 exits]
    [Senjiang University City Subway Exit 4]
    [Going here is the Thames town]
    [Blue Point is a small screen at the intersection of Thames Town]
    When I walked in, I first saw the Catholic Church. I couldn’t help but take a few more pictures. It’s really a feel~
    In the meantime, I went to the shooting place of the small era inadvertently. At this time, the scene inside the movie came to my eyes and there was a wonderful university life. But if you see it in front of you, you can’t see the scene in the movie. Ps moisture is relatively large.
    Then went to Zhongshu, which is one of the most wanted places in the trip. I originally wanted to feel the feeling of being surrounded by books. It is unfortunate that it was closed at 16:00 during the Spring Festival. We found this already 16:40. Missed missed. However, I still can’t stop the determination that I want to take a look at it. I can barely accept it without opening the door.
    It’s almost 5 o’clock after the photo is taken. We are casually traveling in the town, and occasionally we can find some unique places. I have to say that the town is really big, if you want to take a photo, it takes a long time.
    [Graffiti Wall]
    We rely on the Baidu map to navigate back to the original place, wait for the bus to return to the subway station, and proceed to the next scenic spot, Nanjing East Road Pedestrian Street. About an hour later, I arrived at Nanjing East Road. I took a dinner at the b1 floor of Exit 3 of the subway station. Because it was recommended by Tao Ge, we held a try and waited for the waiter to smell the food immediately. The smell is good, the price is reasonable.
    After eating and drinking, we started to walk around the pedestrian street, everywhere is magnificent… Colorful… Strolling around 21:30 we started to go home. Who made the last train of Shanghai’s subway almost 22:00?
    [Metro station civilization slogan]
    [Apple flagship store]
    The lampposts of the entire Nanjing Pedestrian Street are all advertisements for Xibei Valentine’s Day.
    [thermometer lighting]
    [Upper Beach Art Photo]
    [New World 100th Anniversary]
     DAY 3: Chenghuang Temple – Duolun Road Cultural Celebrity Street – Sweet Love Road – Fudan University – The Bund – Waibaidu Bridge
    Get up at 9 o’clock, go out at 40 minutes, take the subway to the No. 1 exit of Yuyuan. When you get out of the subway station, there are a lot of people. It is almost like walking on the back of the chest. When you get to the subway exit, you know that it was because someone was fighting. It hinders traffic. After I came out, I could see the Oriental Pearl Tower. I couldn’t help but took a few distant views. Then I went to the Chenghuang Temple and saw Shanghai Snow Cream. Is a bottle of 10 yuan so cheap? ? I dare not buy it… (I found out that many places are at this price, I still can’t buy it)
    [Fuyuan Commercial Building]
    [Old Shanghai Yogurt]
    I saw that the total number of passengers was scared. Yuyuan Old Street, mosque, Shanghai old hotel, and 10 yuan into the city hall during the Spring Festival, we have not entered too many people.
    【Yuyuan Entrance】
    This traffic, scared the baby~
    【Nanxiang Shantou Store】
    [The entrance to the Chenghuang Temple]
    [Intensive crowd]
    [Telephone booth with wifi]
    Can be seen everywhere in Shanghai~
    Navigation to Shanghai Old Street, maltose, marshmallow, thousand-eyed Bodhi, white rabbit sugar, Tong Han Chun Tang, looks like a long history ~
    [Shanghai Old Street Entrance]
    [Clown and Marshmallow]
    [Thousand Eyes Bodhi]
    Next, take the subway to Duolun Road Cultural Celebrity Street. You can still find it by navigation. If you take the exit from Hailun Road No. 5, you need to walk for about 10 minutes. Through a shop that eats soup, I ate a fried omelet and a crab powder soup. Feeling not the same as Zhuhai, the taste is not bad, at least Tao brother likes to eat.
    [raw fried bag]
    [crab powder soup bag]
    After you have enough, you will continue to hurry to Duolun Road. When you see a threshold saying: Duolun Road Cultural Celebrity Street, congratulations, you are here, dyed with literature everywhere, I stopped and took photos. Reading the examples on the wall or on the ground about the area and the introduction of the characters, that feels very good.
    [Old Shanghai Postcard]
    [Inner Mountain Completed]
    Mr. Lu Xun’s best friend, Japanese
    [mail box]
    Shanghai can be seen everywhere, sending a postcard is a convenient (grimace)
    Famous writer, social activist.
    [People playing chess on Celebrity Street]
    [Ye Shengtao]
    Editor-in-chief of “Fiction Monthly”, creating a novel “Ni Huanzhi”
    [Celebrity Wall]
    [Duo Lun Road Cultural Celebrity Street Arch]
    Appreciate the places where celebrities lived, navigate to Sweet Love Road, these two places are really close, sweet love road has a graffiti wall, I like it, and love wall, but unfortunately I did not see the legendary Love mail box, sorry!
    [very street with feel]
    [Love Wall]
    After strolling through the sweet love road, go to the Hongkou Football Stadium and take the subway to the Wujiaochang exit. From this door, you can see Fudan University for about 8 minutes. When you first saw Fudan University, you didn’t get it. Stunning, I feel quite ordinary, but when you walk into the door of the university, you can see the statue of Chairman Mao Zedong. The feeling of a century-old school has risen one level at a time. Due to the winter vacation, the campus is slightly deserted. Nothing affects our interest in play.
    [Wujiaochang Metro Exit 2 has been going to Fudan University]
    [Fudan University Logo]
    [The main entrance of Fudan University]
    After visiting Fudan, I planned to go to Tianzhu Road to find food and then go to Waibaidu Bridge. When we got out of the subway station, we were all dumbfounded: almost dark in front of us, we found a place to eat for a long time, and were forced to walk in. At the subway station of Sichuan North Road, we found that there was already a subway station. I was drunk when I was looking for a home to eat. I couldn’t just sit on Nanjing East Road to solve the problem of eating underground. This Shanghai people are very good at rice. I almost didn’t open the door during the Spring Festival. I finally found a shop and sat down. I was so tired that I had to find a meal for nearly an hour. Can look for that long. After a short break, I went straight to the Bund. Because there are only about 2 meters of space on both sides of the road for tourists to go, it seems very crowded. Follow the crowd to the Bund. Under the light, the scenery of the Bund is really beautiful. Come to Shanghai. Be sure to come here to experience the scenery of Shanghai at night~
    【peace restaurant】
    We took a lot of night scenes with the Oriental Pearl.
    Walking along the Bund, along the way, admiring the prosperity of Shanghai at night, and unwittingly went to Waibaidu Bridge, saying that it was really a blink of an eye and felt like Yiping’s bridge in the “Deep Rain”, but it was not . But don’t have a taste.
    [People’s Heroes Memorial Tower]
    [Shanghai Post Museum]
     DAY 4: Chinese Art Palace – Xintiandi Dinner – The Bund
    It was late today, and I got up at 9:30. Because I was in a state of violent walking yesterday, I slept very badly last night. After yesterday’s lesson, we decided to go to the Chinese Art Palace in a small restaurant nearby. It was not long after the waiter ordered the food. The restaurant was only available for chickens, and there was no rice. It was magical. I tasted it and tasted it. Is this the level of a chain store? Suddenly I feel that we have a lot of food in Guangdong, and we don’t want to eat anywhere.
    After a few days, I found that in Shanghai, I am really invincible and like to find coins back to customers~
    After solving the problem of eating, go to the China Art Museum. There will be a picture about the Expo under the subway station.
    It rains when I get out of the subway, and I sell umbrellas and passengers. We are all neglecting to continue to go on our own. After walking around, I found the entrance to the Palace of Art and lined up to enter the museum. The staff will send tickets to the Palace of Art to the tourists, and the tickets will be admitted free of charge. After climbing the stairs, I found that I had to queue up once again. Fortunately, the waiting time was not too long. I could go in about 20 minutes.
    [moon boat appearance]
    Let us take a photo with them. .
    [Queued up to the elevator on the 12th floor]
    We stayed here for almost 3 hours, and almost all of the works were viewed once. There were too many works to make one by one, and we could only pick some favorite readings.
    Guess what the name of this painting is? ? ? (smile)
    [Tao Te, who introduced the Opium War seriously]
    [Qingming Shanghe Map Tickets]
    20 yuan / person
    [Unknown building]
    If you know, please go to science.
    【shadow play】
    [The artistic conception of faith]
    Indian art exhibition. In fact, I don’t understand why the Indian art exhibition was placed in the exhibition of the Chinese Art Palace. (faint)
    [The first group of children in the United States]
    After the art museum came out, I went to the Expo Museum. It is unfortunate that it was closed during the Spring Festival. (the rhythm of crying) (Crying bee)
    [Exhibition of the Expo Museum]
    I had to temporarily change to Xintiandi, and I found a restaurant with a feel at the exit of Xintiandi Metro. I had something to eat and eat. Because I ate earlier in the morning, we didn’t have afternoon tea at tea time, and we ordered rice with rice. pie. Seriously, the restaurant environment is good, but unfortunately things can’t keep up~ Not recommended.
    【Xintiandi Subway Station Sign】
    【Truffle mushroom risotto】
    [Italian Pie]
    After paying the bill, I plan to check out the Bund during the day. Although there is no beautiful night at the Bund during the day, the photos are clearer. I took a big close-up of the characteristic buildings along the Bund. I like this ancient building and I feel like a vicissitude. .
    [Yue Shifeng flagship store]
    It is said to be the world’s largest flagship store, but I did not go in. Because my cousin is in Korea, I need to buy directly. (kiss)
    [ICBC Gate]
    [Peace Hotel Exterior Wall]
    [Wanguo Non-smoking Meeting Site]
    [China Foreign Exchange Trading Center]
    [The lion in front of China Postal Savings Bank]
    [Holy Trinity Church]
    【Fresh Meat Mooncake】
    The taste is OK~
    Next, I went to dinner time. My friend recommended to go to the New White Deer Restaurant. I used the US group to search for the nearest restaurant. I found that there was a family on the side of the People’s Square. I found that there were 151 tables in front of me. This means waiting at least 2 hours, well, we choose to change one.
    Since I am going to Guomao at 8:30 in the evening, I am only going to Pizza Hut at 18:30. At about 19:45, we set off for the 6th exit of Lujiazui to collect tickets at Jinmao Tower (tickets for Shanghai World Financial Center). Finally, waiting for 20:30, the tour guide told us that the visibility above is 0, can only see the cloud, ask if we want to reschedule, hey, no way, Tiangong is not beautiful, can only change tomorrow, take some pictures in appearance The photo went home.
    【Lujiazui Exit 6】
     Jinmao Building
    [Jin Mao Building Appearance]
    [Shanghai World Financial Center Appearance]
     Shanghai World Financial Center
    [Oriental Pearl covered by fog in the upper sphere]
     DAY 5: Madame Tussauds Wax Museum – The First Meeting of the Chinese Communist Party – Sinan Mansion – World Financial Center
    [check-in entrance]
    People who go in the morning are not particularly special, they have to queue up for photos, but some people who like it still feel that waiting is worthwhile. This time they are going to the cool magic and Hepburn. They took a lot of shots and can consume at the wax museum. Last 2 hours. (kiss)
    [Kangxi is coming]
    [Happy Camp: Teacher He]
    [Zhang Zhilin]
    TVB TV series “Chong Shangyun” Captain Air in the Sky Air Cool
    [Liu Xiang]
    [Detective Sherlock starring]
    Beauty turned over~
    [Aaron Kwok]
    [Washington Princess Diana]
    【Prince William】
    【U.S. President Obama】
    [Apple founder: Jobs]
    [Mrs. Dusha]
    Madame Tussaud, the founder of Madame Tussauds, has a legendary life like a celebrity who has been waxed for over 200 years. From the housekeeper’s daughter toRoyal teachers, from masters of statues to tireless business women, from escaping the guillotine to making death masks for former royal friends, Madame Tussaud’s legendary life is like a Hollywood masterpiece. ——(Source Baidu Encyclopedia)
    [Yao Chen]
    [4D Cinema in Madame Tussauds]
    Buy tickets for a gift.
    [Sightseeing bus]
    About 12 o’clock, we came out and went to Nanjing Pedestrian Street to eat. The Wax Museum and the pedestrian street were separated by 1 street. I came to the restaurant where I had a soup bag and ordered the dumplings and noodles. The taste is not bad, but I still like our Guangdong Xiaolongbao more points. It is really not wrong to eat in Guangdong.
    [double mushroom large row]
    【 stuffyman’s noodles】
    [Fresh meat dumplings]
    [The masters who make the crab yellow soup bag]
    The next stop is the CCP’s first assembly site. At Exit 6 of Xintiandi, it is the Xintiandi fashion circle. The cafes on both sides of the road and restaurants are quite unique. I walked 7.8 minutes and then turned right and saw it. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t enter the remodeling period. Well, I can only look at the appearance.
    [At the entrance of the General Assembly site of the Communist Party of China]
    [The suspension of the opening of the CCP’s first assembly site]
     Shanghai Xintiandi
    After visiting Xintiandi, I went to the Sinan Mansion, about 15 minutes away. In the movie “Little Age 3”, Lin Xiao, Gu Li, Nan Xiang, and the “Girls’ Apartment”, which are like four girlfriends, are the Sinan Mansion, which is located at the intersection of Fuxing Road and Sinan. So I am more interested in the Sinan Mansion.
    [The CCP’s first meeting site went to the navigation map of Sinan Mansion]
    【Bicycle parking place】
    There is also a road in Zhuhai called Xingye Road, which is so good. .
    【complexHing Park Gate]
    Near Sinan Mansion
    [Valentine’s Day Package Price]
    Local tycoon~
    The Zhougongguan is also here, and the ticket is free to visit at the entrance. The building has a total of four floors, and it still contains things from the Communist Party in Shanghai.
    [Zhougongguan entrance]
    [Old-fashioned lamp]
    [liberation daily]
    【Meeting Room】
    [drinking bucket]
    [wall socket]
    [Revival College Exterior]
    I probably went to Lujiazui at 15:00, because the international financial center that was booked yesterday was changed to 4 o’clock this afternoon because of the fog. After waiting for the gathering place, the tour guide told us that the queue is now waiting for two and a half hours, and it will scare people when they hear it. Is it good to wait for the weather today? Fortunately, I know that I will wait until I get down from the international financial center. So I decided to go to Lujiazui Station to buy food and eat it. I will wait for the time to eat faster.
    [Shanghai Center]
    [Line to the Shanghai World Financial Center tour group]
    [Shanghai World Financial Center Tickets]
    Soon after 18:30, we went in. The tour guide sent us tickets and watched the 492m of Shanghai World Financial Center. This height is dripping. We are taking the team channel, following the guide, and going to the elevator, the ceiling. There is a display of the height of the elevator, the number is a bit fast, the staff said that the elevator rose 8 meters in 1 second, only 60 seconds in the 94 layer.
    [digital display]
    Show the height of the elevator
    The elevator will display the current height when it rises, and it will soon reach the 95th floor. Because the 94th floor is doing activities, it is not open.
    Then we are on the 97th floor of the escalator. The 97th floor can buy souvenirs. If you want to have a good meal, you should continue to take the elevator to the 100th floor. Of course, if you don’t want to wait for yourself to climb the stairs, the height of 100 floors is 474m, which can overlook the whole. Night Shanghai. The value of this money is spent. It is strongly recommended that a SLR must take a SLR to take a photo, and the phone pixel is too bad. After more than an hour of sightseeing, I came down. I don’t know why, when I came down, the tinnitus was more serious. If you feel uncomfortable with your ears, you can swallow water or balance your ear pressure.
    [Get 97 floors on the escalator]
    [97 floors selling souvenirs]
    [Shanghai World Financial Center night view]
    [Police dog in the center of the world]
    [World Financial Center Import and Export]
     DAY 6: Oriental Pearl – Xujiahui Catholic Church – Shanghai Library – Tianzifang
    I checked the weather and knew that it would rain today, so I plan to go to the Oriental Pearl in the morning and come to Lujiazui to have a breakfast.
    Then pick up the ticket at the ticket office. The US class bought the class b ticket, and later learned that the class a ticket had a 351m “space capsule” sightseeing, that is, the small ball on the upper sphere. I thought that it would take at least 2 hours for the Oriental Pearl to go out today. I have thought that I can go in and go directly to the elevator. This rp is not really good~ I asked the staff why, she said that because many passengers are gone today, I I remember that I have to go to work tomorrow. It’s no wonder that there are so few people today.
    [Denta Security Department]
    Each elevator has a staff member who takes visitors and listens to the staff that the elevator rises by 7m per second at a speed similar to that of the Global International Financial Center. The first is the upper sphere, the 360-degree main sightseeing layer. When I got out of the elevator, I saw the counter selling postcards. I asked the staff to send postcards here. The staff would also put a postmark on the “Pearl of the Pearl of the East”, haha, the first time, or the first time, wrote a few Zhang sent it back…
    [High-altitude mailbox]
    Then walked around and recorded the video. Next line up to go down the sphere. To be honest, the full transparent sightseeing gallery of the lower sphere is the most worthwhile place to play. It is recommended that the dwell time in the lower sphere can be slightly longer. Some of the front is empty, so the cool air is coming out. What is the height of the place is not overwhelming. Looking at the transparent glass under the feet, it feels very cool.
    [Lower sphere: full transparent sightseeing gallery]
    [Guests who take pictures on transparent glass]
    In order to take a good photo is also quite a fight ~ (super good)
    Probably stayed for 1 hour and took the elevator to the 1st floor. On the 1st floor, there is the Shanghai Urban History Development Exhibition Hall, which is accompanied by the Oriental Pearl Ticket. The entire exhibition hall consists of seven parts: “Huating Pavilion”, “City of the City”, “Opening the Shadows”, “Shiliyangchang”, “Marine Tracking”, “Architectural Expo” and “Che Ma Chunqiu”. Want to understand the history of Shanghai , here will be a nice place.
    [Shanghai proverb: Xiao Akao]
    A word often mentioned by Huang Qiusheng in the TVB drama “Women Xiong”.
    I went out at 12:30, and then I found a Hong Kong-style tea restaurant in Zhengda Square. I have tasted the best in the past few days. The chain stores came to see the TV when they lined up. The richest man Li Ka-shing, Nicholas Tse and many other celebrities have helped me… I have also been on the “every day” program.
    After dinner, it will be 2 o’clock, then take the subway to Xujiahui Catholic Church. You can see the church at Exit 3. It is unfortunate that the church is being renovated. One of the most wanted spots in this trip can’t be visited. I want to quiet. A quiet. Ok, just open the map and see if there are any attractions nearby.
    [Distribution map of 20 exits of Xujiahui subway station]
    [The weather station displayed in the exhibition hall]
    [Xujiahui Catholic Church appearance renovation ing..]
    Xujiahui Library Building This building was built in 1847 and has a historical taste.
    I just took the information at the visitor center and planned to go to the former residence of Soong Ching Ling. The exit of Jiaotong University has been going along the Huaihai Middle Road. There are still some buildings in this street that still retain the former style. It takes about 8 minutes to go to Soong Ching Ling. Former residence, buy tickets at the door. We didn’t go in, took a few photos at the door and went on.
    Depart from the former residence of Ba Jin and the Shanghai Library. If you only go to these two places, you can go out at the Shanghai Library subway station. You can see the library as soon as you go out. The former residence of Ba Jin walked in the direction of the crossroads of the library. Hey, after I found out, I found the former residence of Ba Jin’s former residence. Closed, I am going, how can these good things catch up today?
    【Midan Apartment】
    Ok, let’s go to the library and see, the Shanghai library is quite big, but the only bad thing is to go to the library to read the certificate. Non-Shanghai Chinese citizens can apply for a reading card with their ID card. Go back, stop after 16:30.
    [Shanghai Library]
    After visiting the library, I went to Tianzifang. At the exit of Dapuqiao, I went out and crossed the road. It was Tianzifang. Tianzifang was like a flea market, and it was a lot of fresh things. We went back to the hotel to take the luggage after a round trip, and then took the subway to the airport for 7 days.
    [Tianzifang entrance]
    [Site clipping]
    [old fashion TV]
    [Shanghai old bean flower]
    Sweet and salty. . .
    [Postcard made by real flower]
     DAY 7: Shanghai Pudong Feizhuhai
    Get up at 4:20 in the morning, the hotel has a free shuttle bus to the airport at 5 o’clock. When you book online, you can see that the number of people who can exceed the room can be increased by 20 yuan per person. However, when checking out, the clerk does not ask if there is a car. How many people, you only need to tell the clerk what day to take the car, let them help you register, it is best to wait 10 minutes in advance to wait for the car, because the slow back can only stand, the hotel to the airport as long as 15-20 minutes By car. When I arrived at the airport, I knew that there was a difference between T1 and T2. We were all blinded at once. I didn’t know where I should get off the bus. But when I saw no one getting off, we came to T2 with the brigade. Looked at the check-in window at 6 o’clock, the wood has thought of more than 6 o’clock, the staff informed that due to too much fog, flight delays, it is expected to take off at 1 o’clock in the afternoon, Mom, long, not so big Delayed by the plane, this delay is 5 hours, I am also drunk. I will not dare to take Yangzijiang Airlines again next time.
    [Pudong Airport T2 District Airlines Check-in Area Distribution Map]
    [Charging treasure can not be checked, you must follow the machine]
    [The staff is explaining the reasons for the flight delay to the passengers]
    The staff said that we would arrange for us to go to the hotel to rest first. Everyone complained, really, the small company should also come up with the minimum service attitude. After waiting for more than one hour at the airport, the bus took us to the nearby hotel to rest. Go to the hotel and take the door card and go straight to sleep. Sleep until 11 o’clock. After lunch, take the bus back to the airport and check in the check-in card when you check in your baggage.
    [Checked Baggage]
    After the security check at the boarding gate c222, it is hard to wait until 13:30, at this time broadcast notice: due to the weather in Zhuhai, the flight is delayed, please pay attention to the broadcast when the specific boarding time, I am going to go ~ Make me play, then I went to see the flight information and changed to 14:30. I hope it will be three. Later, I heard the radio saying that China Southern Airlines also delayed the boarding. I was a little more peaceful. It seems that it has nothing to do with the size of the airline. Because of the flight information, many planes are delayed today. Good thingHowever, the third is finally taking off at 14:30. Goodbye, Shanghai!
    [Domestic departure security checkpoint]
    [After the security check, the elevator board can be seen at each boarding gate]
    【flight information】
     About ticket
    Yangzijiang Airlines, can not be online check-in can only go to the airport after the printer ticket, each person has 20kg baggage check amount. This flight has a total of 2 flights, and the round trip is in Ctrip. Because the price of glutinous rice and Ctrip is almost the same, I want to say that all of them are still in Ctrip.
    Zhuhai fly Shanghai Pudong 600rmb, Shanghai Pudong Feizhuhai 1740rmb, per capita round trip 780rmb.
     About accommodation
    Since the round-trip price is relatively cheap, the time is of course quite amazing. Therefore, this trip is 7 days and 6 nights. The first and second nights live in a 7-day hotel near the airport, 147rmb on the night of the 9th, and 157rmb on the 14th. 7 days is booked on the Platinum app, which can be paid or booked. The remaining 4 nights is a hotel near the Bund. The original price is 188rmb/night. There will be a 50% discount for new users during the Spring Festival. As long as they are checked in on the day of check-in, they will be able to cash back, so my sister will take our 3 mobile phones to check in. .
     About transportation
    Taxi: The starting price of a taxi in Shanghai is 14 yuan (within 3 kilometers), which is more than 2.5 yuan per kilometer. The night service is charged at 30% and the night service fee is 30%.
    Subway: One-day ticket is 18 yuan (valid for 24 hours), and 3-day ticket is 54 yuan (valid for 72 hours). It should be noted that the same subway station needs to be separated by 15 minutes.
     Recommended app
    Baidu map: you can download offline navigation, domestic travel essential navigation app
    Evernote: The phone is synchronized with the computer version, and you can find some information about the travel on the computer webpage.Consultation or play route record here, open the phone to synchronize directly, it is very convenient.
    Subway Daquan: According to the city you go to, download the offline package, enter the starting point and the ending point, it will display the first and last bus time, fare, estimated time and transfer information.
     About tickets
    Shanghai World Financial Center: bought by the US group, 94rmb/bit, purchased by app minus 26, so it is 68rmb/person.
    Madame Tussauds Shanghai: Taobao bought, 149rmb/person
    Oriental Pearl Tower: bought by the US group, 135rmb / person
    Ps: Shanghai World Financial Center and Oriental Pearl Tower are not allowed to bring a lighter, if you bring it to be discarded at the entrance.
     About spending
    The total cost of 3 people in this trip is 5,726 yuan.

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