Can Yulonghe drifting children sit? Can Yulonghe Bamboo Raft children sit?

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The Yulong River (ticket) is a tributary of the Lijiang River (ticket). The water here is clear all year round, the water flows slowly, and the scenery on both sides of the river is beautiful. It is known as the “Little Lijiang River.” Can Yulonghe Bamboo Raft children sit?

Can Yulong River drifting children sit? Can Yulonghe Bamboo Raft children sit?

The government stipulates that bamboo rafts that are not allowed to sit under 7 years old or less than 1.2m tall and over 70 years old can be seated by other children.

The most popular way to visit the Yulong River is to take a bamboo raft. Tourists who haven’t come here hear “Yulong River Bamboo Rafting”, which is a bit daunting. They think it is a stimulating fur raft. In fact, this is an extremely gentle river. The water It is very gentle. The movement of the bamboo raft depends on the rafter to support the bamboo pole. Even if the bamboo raft has to flow down the river weir, the journey is very slow. So it is not irritating at all, but an effective way to smooth impetuousness.

The Yulong River bamboo raft is a bamboo raft that is artificially propped up. It does not use a motor and has no noise interference. This is the biggest difference from the Lijiang bamboo raft. Bamboo rafts are divided into double bamboo rafts and eight-person bamboo rafts. The river sections, pier, and rafting time of various bamboo rafts are different.

Can a family of three ride a bamboo raft?

Many families of three travel, think that children can still take a bamboo raft in their arms, but! There are hard rules in the scenic area. Even a child must occupy a separate place. For safety reasons, it is not safe to hold it.

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