Changbai Mountain, the wind of 22 °C brings the possibilities of summer

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This is a travel note that is one month late.
    I have always preferred to commemorate the card at the end of a trip, and the so-called “Raiders” or “Travel Notes” must be a certain moment after returning to the daily life. The moment of commemoration naturally flows to the tip of the pen.
    Thus, from the tail of July to the end of August, a journey of 22 °C, which escaped from the high temperature and rushed to the eternal summer, was recorded in the late summer and early autumn when the wind fell. This embarrassment with Changbai Mountain recorded the infinite possibilities of summer travel.
    For example, a cool night with a mix of beer, food and music.
    For example, taking a cableway to overlook the entire greenery at high altitude, the moment the picture freezes, it looks like a Swiss town.
    For example, come to an authentic Northeastern cuisine feast.
    Or, a satisfying dessert meal.
     Talk about myself
    After the 90s, a woman, a Gemini who is easy to get a three-minute heat, either wandering around, or staying at home.
    I used to travel around the country for 14 months, worked as a housekeeper, a barista, set up a stall, and sold it. Now I am a travel experience and a sleeper.
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     Travel traffic
    Compared with airports in many other cities, Changbai Airport is really small and poor. But this is the nearest airport to Changbai Mountain, quite a taste for tourists.
    Starting from Chongqing, turning around in Tianjin, it is already at night when it is at Changbai Airport.
    Walking out of the airport, I was blown by the wind, and I couldn’t help but shudder. It really was a summer resort.
    When the place of life is not familiar, fortunately, there is a free bus to the major hotels at the airport gate.
    Regular departures, from major hotels to the airport, free shuttle bus to the airport and hotel entrance.
     Travel Accommodation – Changbaishan Wanda Holiday Resort
    A wonderful vacation time, the most indispensable is a comfortable and relaxing hotel.
    This trip to Changbai Mountain, I chose the Changbai Mountain Wanda Holiday Resort. It is located in the resort town of Wanda, next to the Wanda Suites Changbai Mountain Holiday Inn, Wanda Holiday Inn and so on.
    Check in at the hotel, it is already after 9 o’clock, after a long flight, the body is exhausted, just want to throw yourself into the soft big bed, sleep until dawn.
    Fortunately, the bed style of Wanda Holiday Resort is properly prepared for my dishes.
    The hardness of the big bed is just right, the pillow is very intimate to indicate the degree of softness and hardness, and there are cute little elephants folded on the sheets.
    In addition to the appropriate bedding, welcome fruit plate and welcome card, it is even more intimate.
    In the fruit bowl above, the little bear made of white chocolate is the hotel’s cute mascot BOOMi.
    In addition to the rooms, BOOMi’s image also penetrates into every corner of the hotel.
    The family room of the hotel is based on BOOMi’s theme image, which is especially popular among children.
    Next to Wanda Holiday Resort, Changbaishan Wanda Suites Holiday Hotel is also occupied by the lovely BOOMi.
    If the whole family is out together, come to Changbai Mountain for a holiday, a suite is the most cost-effective and the most pleasant choice.
    Bedroom, living room, bathroom, open kitchen, refrigerator, cable TV, free high speed internet, individual air conditioning, etc.
    If it is caused by Xingzhi, buy food and come back to cook for yourself, both leisurely and leisurely, and home warmth.
    If you like to drink tea, then the tea set in the room does not have to be idle.
    The small surprise is that I strolled through the room and saw the foaming basin full of vitality. If you are coming to vacation with your parents, you can have a day and come to a Chinese medicine to soak your feet in the evening.Rescuing the body and mind, it is very appropriate.
    Also, if you can’t give up your pet dog at home, you can take it with you for a holiday.
    Changbaishan Wanda Suites Holiday Hotel has a special pet room, like a 100% pure cat slave like me, next time to Changbai Mountain, of course, with the master to come together happy.
     Northeastern food to eat in the Northeast
    When you come to the Northeast, you will have to punch a card of northeastern cuisine.
    The first northeastern dish was chosen for the coffee at Changbai Mountain Wanda Holiday Resort.
    Known as a coffee shop, it is actually an all-round restaurant with a variety of things such as Northeastern, Sichuan, and Western food.
    The representative of the northeast dish in my mind – pot meat, sauce squid, fragrant pork ribs, Di San Xian, big dish… all eaten it all over.
    In addition to the large variety of Northeastern cuisine, Changbai Mountain cuisine has its own unique ingredients and flavors.
    The Changbai Mountain speciality restaurant selected for the second meal, the favorite of this is the tofu soup, because of the strict requirements of the living environment, avoiding pollution, the meat is fresh and delicious, and the tofu is a synonym for deliciousness. .
    A special third meal, selected in the garden food of the Holiday Inn Express next door, opened a happy barbecue dinner.
    What is commendable is that the fruits and vegetables on the table are all produced by the pick-up hotel. The hotel has a special person to plant and maintain, to ensure that the ingredients are pure and natural.
    If you are interested, you can also pick your own fruits and vegetables in the garden. This is a fresh and rest assured diet experience for the small partners who are used to the urban life of reinforced concrete.
     Wanda resort town – the breeze green trees of the Swiss town
    When I sat on the cable car overlooking the earth, my mind suddenly burst into the sights of a Swiss town.
    In the winter, when the eyes are snowy, it is more like a ski resort in Switzerland, not to mention the Wanda resort town has its own mountain ski resort. Once in winter, it turns into a grand snow and ice. city.
    Take the cable car to the top of the mountain, the cool wind will blow.
    There are many food and beverage outlets and souvenir shops on the top of the mountain. The building is neat and beautiful.
    Overlooking the hilltop, it is lush. The flowers and trees are in harmony. The clouds seem to be at your fingertips, and the world is far away, and I am indulged in it.
     Wanda Holiday Beer Festival – Occasional encounter
    At the end of July, it is the most intense summer time. And with the summer, of course, there must be beer.
    Just the hotel had a Wanda Holiday Beer Festival, which was like a surprise into the playground.
    I am not a big drinker when I drink a lot of alcohol. The festive atmosphere of Oktoberfest cannot be missed.
    In the afternoon, the hotel has been repackaged and beautifully dressed.
    In the evening, the buffet is to be opened, and the food and food are on the table.
    Hearty and fresh international cuisine, beautiful and delicious desserts… my stomach has begun to shout.
    The hotel is also ready to welcome guests.
    When the night is not coming, the singer will start singing.
    The IGGYSTONEALPENROCKER band from Ireland opened the scene to the high point. At the end of the sing, the band members and the guests made a group.
     Lake Fukulun – leisure time in the afternoon
    Sleeping in a natural wake-up, shouting a small partner to stroll.
    In the summer afternoon, if you want to find a trace of cool, of course, you must be accompanied by water.
    On Lake Fukulun, in addition to being cool, there are many fun water projects. I am very adventurous, and I am most looking forward to this water zip line. Be well protected and slid along the strop, stimulating and refreshing.
    Pedal boats, electric cruise ships, you can slowly and leisurely swipe, close your eyes and enjoy this quiet afternoon.
    The scenery on the lake is also excellent, under the blue sky and white clouds, surrounded by all the beautiful scenery.
     Heaven and earth long white – Changbai Mountain sleepless night
    The night of Lake Fukulun is another kind of style.
    As night falls, the light kneads the dark lake into its own shape. On the night of the night, the Fokulun night market, selling a variety of snacks, I would like to see a new temptation after a meal.
    The favorite is the dance of the night. The last moment before going to sleep at night is so wonderful.
    Such a wonderful night, in addition to enjoying the quiet time by the lake, you can also find a lively.
    For example, go to the theater to watch a dream show of the dreamy scene – “Heaven and White”.
    This stage play tailored for Changbai Mountain is based on the love story of young people and fairies. The songs and dances are intertwined, leading the audience to the eternal years of Changbai Mountain.
     Changbai Mountain One Day – Long journey of 1442 steps
    Looking back on this journey, the most memorable thing is of course the one-day journey of Changbai Mountain, which was exhausted and pleasantly surprised.
    It is a journey, worthy of the name, because the route we walked – the west slope of Changbai Mountain, from the bottom of the mountain to the top, there are a total of 1442 steps.
    Early departure from the hotel, half an hour drive to the scenic spot, still did not avoid the turbulent summer flow.
    More than a year before the winter, I had the opportunity to get close to Changbai Mountain, but because of the sudden low temperature, I stopped at the foot of the mountain. In addition, the climate in Tianchi in the winter is too uncertain, and it is not known on the day of the trip that Tianchi is open on the same day.
    So, the Tianchi in the winter is so proud, can you see the whole world.
    In the summer, Changbai Mountain is more accessible, and as long as you climb to the top of the mountain, you can get close contact.
    I thought that the 1442 steps would be very difficult. When I really climbed the slope, I found myself too worried.
    The steps are smooth and easy, and every step has counts. When you are tired and don’t want to stick to it, your heart is silent. I have already gone a third, will the victory be far behind?
    If it is difficult to adhere to the physical discomfort, you can also take the artificial soft sedan, 400 uphill and 300 downhill.
    However, after more than an hour, I reached the top of the mountain with my little friends, which was a lot shorter than the time I had expected before. Sure enough, everyone will climb harder and will be more energetic.
    The Tianchi pool was already crowded with people, and it was only before the crowd that people were able to get a glimpse of the whole picture.
    As the country’s largest volcanic lake, the world’s deepest mountain lake, the boundary lake between China and North Korea. Tianchi has long surpassed the reputation of “beautiful, majestic” and has become a more meaningful existence.
    Say goodbye to Tianchi and go down with the little friends.
    It is still a full step, much easier than going up the mountain. All the way in the eyes are green grasslands, blending with the blue sky and white clouds. The line of sight is wide and the mood seems to have become wider.
    It’s like a fulfilling wish, and it’s like a chilly summer, and the 5th Changbai Mountain tour is fleeting.
    At this moment, I have been in Qingdao, the first silk autumn in the late summer and early autumn. In the days that follow, the weather will get colder and the clothes will be thicker and thicker. I do not know when, the green grass of Changbai Mountain in the distance will slowly be yellowed by autumn, and then the leaves will fall, and then covered by heavy snow.
    Perhaps, in the near future, my winter appointment with Changbai Mountain will also begin, and I look forward to a successful conclusion.

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