Changsha City Walk, feel the multi-faceted star city in 54 hours

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The city of Changsha has been remembered by more people for its entertainment. Especially the children who grew up watching Hunan Satellite TV like our generation seem to be familiar and extremely strange to Changsha. This time, I decided to use 54 hours to get closer to the city and discover more different faces of Star City. The itinerary starts at 12.16 12:00 and ends at 12.18 18:00.
     Visual Arts·Xie Zilong Video Art Center
    The Changsha Xiezilong Image Art Center, which was opened soon, has grown into a new destination for Changsha in Changsha. Frequently brushing screens on social networking platforms such as Weibo and Xiaohongshu are the destinations for young people to come to Changsha.
    The minimalist beige appearance, the architectural design is full of sense, every corner is art, no matter how you shoot it is easy to produce. The minimalist geometrical structure is sharp and angular, and the reflection of the water surface seems to blur the boundary between the virtual and the real. Coupled with the cool colors of the sex, it is difficult to take photos that are not good to look at.
    The interior of the building is also very suitable for taking pictures. The central area “light canyon” is even more beautiful. When the geometric lines filled with texture meet the sunlight, taking pictures in this kind of scene, you can make a big shot if you pat. Of course, such a good place, there are many people taking pictures, especially during the holidays.
    Regarding the internal exhibition, the Video Art Center is of course not only suitable for photographing, but also an exhibition of many photographic works. In the art gallery, there are not only video art history exhibitions, video technology and equipment exhibitions, celebrity famous works collection exhibitions, but also regular domestic and international top art exhibitions.
    Many people actually came to take pictures, but the exhibition of photography inside is also worth visiting. You can see the precious historical images of the past years through photos, and learn the composition and color of photographers’ works. Most of them are realistic photographic works, and many of the photographic subjects are ordinary people in a certain era, thus reflecting the characteristics of that era.
    And I prefer to aim the camera at those who watch the work than the photography itself. I don’t know how the TA feels at this time and how it is going to talk to it.
     City of Remembrance·Wenheyou Lobster Hall
    Wenheyou is the iconic brand of Changsha cuisine, and it can always be seen on the streets where people are moving. Wenheyou Lobster Museum, Wenheyou Fried Restaurant, Wenheyou Stinky Tofu and Mom Tea are just a powerful army in the Changsha food industry. The business of Wenheyou Lobster Museum is even better, and it feels like it is always in line. This time I went to the Wenheyou Lobster Museum Hisense, because this shop was planted by many people, and the space of the 5th floor restored the appearance of the old Changsha. It is said to be a city of memories of Changsha. .
    I once saw someone on the Internet saying that I was queuing for one hour in Wenheyou, eating for one hour, and taking two hours of photography. It can be seen how attractive the environment of this store is. As soon as you enter the door, it is like crossing the old Changsha in the 1980s. The old objects in the old days seem to be hidden here, and they are alive. The dilapidated corridors that leak outside, the retro-inspired signs and neon, the square tables are arranged on each floor, presenting the entire old Changsha community.
    The details were also great, the clothes hanging out on the balcony, the old documentary on the TV, and the previous news on the radio. I also deliberately opened the closed closet and found that there really was clothes hanging inside. Just like a real life community, you will be immersed in the ultimate.
    Let’s talk about eating, order the most classic taste of shrimp, stinky tofu, sugary oil, and the pork that I love to eat. The taste of the shrimp is delicious, but I am not very spicy, so take a break for a while. Shrimp is also particularly good to peel, and the shrimp line is very clean. The stinky tofu here is the best stinky tofu I have ever eaten, and it is very fragrant. The main reason is that the soup is very much. It is very satisfying to bite down. Let me turn the powder on the stinky tofu road. Now I think I am swallowing. Lard bibimbap is also a must, don’t look at a small bowl of rice is very inconspicuous, it is the sign net red. Be sure to mix it with hot food. The rice is well-divided and the sauce is delicious.
    In addition, the service here is not to say. Although it is a red shop that is planted by many people, there is no shortage of passengers, but the service has not slacked off. At the time of the equivalence, there is a stove outside to keep customers warm. When dining and peeling shrimp, the waiter will also ask if you need to clean up the table and help us to remove the shrimp shell. After we finished eating, we planned to take pictures. The clerk did not give the face like other online red stores. They also registered clothes for us, and also saw pictures for other customers. Perhaps the combination of these factors is why this store is so popular.
    If you have dinner, you can only queue up on the spot. If you don’t eat, you can go in and take pictures. It is best to go early on weekdays and will not wait for a long time. We only waited for about 10 minutes at that time, and the people who were in front of us gave us the number, which is very lucky.
     Comfortable small hall, noodle iron man
    The noodle iron man is a Japanese-style ramen noodle that I used to be a Raiders. It is located at the entrance of Baiguoyuan Alley in Changsha’s historical cultural relics protection area. Among the alleys that are quiet in this trouble, there are many buildings in the Republic of China. The appearance of the noodle iron man retains the traditional architectural style and is perfectly matched with the surrounding environment. The store is not obvious, the signboard is placed on the outer wall, and a warm white curtain that is not eye-catching is its entrance. In the autumn and winter seasons, the golden ginkgo beauty outside the store is so popular that many people come here.
    It is said that the owner of the shop used to study in Japan and often traveled to and from China and Japan, so he was also very knowledgeable about Japanese culture and design. Unfortunately, the boss was not in the store when he went there. The design of the store is also full of Japanese style, with many Japanese elements, a very comfortable and seductive environment, and a sense of confusion in Japan. The shop is not big, and the entrance is 8 seats connected to the bar. Open the file on time at 11:30 every day, because the seats are relatively small, so if you are a little later, you may have to line up.
    The recommended dish is of course ramen, and there are several ramen to choose from. Because I was going for the first time, I ordered a signature ramen. The soup is really delicious. It is said to be a porridge soup that is 15 hours a day. It tastes very mellow, and it is sprinkled with sesame seeds. Fry until the golden pork roast, crispy outside, a bite is also very satisfying. My favorite thing is to swear by the heart, you can taste the store’s taste in the details. And to eat Japanese-style ramen, of course, the combination of fried dumplings, the bottom of the focus, and eating is also very fragrant.
    In addition, my partner and I also ordered a Japanese-style fried noodles and Tang Yang platter (fried platter). The fried noodles are stir-fried with pork, chicken, and cabbage. The taste is sweet and there is a little bit of lemon sour. The taste is also very good, but it will feel a bit tired when you eat too much. In the Tang Yang platter, there are fried chicken nuggets, fried wings and fried squid whiskers. The outer layer is very fluffy, and we usually eat it.There is a difference in the frying, squeezed a little lemon juice, dipped in sauce, and the taste is not bad.
    Although the environment and taste are very good, but feel that the store lacks some human touch. When the door and the walker did not speak, the clerk may not be able to speak, but this is not in line with the Japanese ramen noodle restaurant.
     Xiangjiang Sunset·Innocent Dessert
    For me, dessert is one of the most important foods that make people happy. If you have time to have afternoon tea desserts during the day, then this whole day is light and enjoyable. Therefore, in the past few days in Changsha, I have arranged tea time for myself even if the itinerary is full. When doing the Raiders, I saw someone recommending a dessert shop with a beautiful view of the river.
    This dessert shop is called Innocent, located at 2703, Block C, Chaozong Yuyuan. The location is not very easy to find, after entering the door of the C, the elevator will arrive at the 27th floor. At that time, my partner and I were ready to go to see the sunset river scene, so we went to 5 pm. When you enter the door, the biggest feeling is that the light is very good. Sunlight shines through the entire floor-to-ceiling glass, adding a touch of warmth to the cold winter.
    The innocent sound is “no worries”. It may be that the boss who wants to come here can forget the troubles and enjoy the pleasant time. The shop is not too big or small, and the decoration layout is relatively simple. A row of table seats next to a window is the best location for viewing.
    Let’s talk about desserts, the main thing in the store is French desserts. We ordered the original layer cake and red velvet cake. I personally prefer the layer, and the red velvet is a bit tepid. Melaleuca is very delicate and not very sweet, just the right taste. Compared to desserts, drinks are not very distinctive.
    The biggest surprise here is to watch the sunset. Through the floor-to-ceiling windows, the scenery of the Xiangjiang River is unobstructed, and the Orange Island is also clearly visible. The evening sun will not be as dazzling as the daytime, the light is very gentle. The sun is reflected on the river,The ripples of the river made the river glitter. It seems to understand why this store can be called innocent, and who will be troubled by seeing such a landscape? While tasting the delicious dessert, watching the sun slowly fall until the darkness comes, it is enough to forget the sorrow.
     The scenery is good, Orange Island
    Orange Island should be regarded as one of the most popular and representative tourist attractions in Changsha, and the young sculpture of Chairman Mao on the sandbank is also known as the landmark building in Changsha.
    Independence and cold autumn, Xiangjiang North, Orange Island, see Wanshan red, and the forest is gradually dyed.” Chairman Mao used to think about how to build a new world here, and is also attracted by the scenery here. Nowadays, many tourists are also the same. Being attracted, not far away, came to Chairman Mao’s youth sculpture, took a group photo and remembered.
    The scenic spot is free, take Metro Line 2 to the Orange Island Subway Station. Orange Island is a big sandbar island, so it is recommended to take a sightseeing bus to various attractions. The sightseeing ticket is 20 yuan per person, which is the style of this small train. You can go up and down at the main site, but each location can only be used once, but it doesn’t matter. It is enough to sit once and be able to finish the scenic spot.
    But presumably most of the tourists will be like me, mainly to the young sculptures of Chairman Mao. After all, this is a landmark building, and it must be punched. (The sun is too glaring, can Grandpa wear sunglasses?)
    The environment above the Orange Island is also very good. It turns out that there are so many orange trees on the island and it is full of fruit. There is also a large grass field inside, which is perfect for a picnic and sun, for a pleasant afternoon. At the same time, I also saw local people running along the Orange Island. It may be the same park for them.
     Leader’s Seal · The original site of Chengnan Academy
    The old campus of Hunan First Normal School is located on the original site of Changsha Chengnan College. During the period of the Republic of China, talents came forth in large numbers, and Mao Zedong, He Shuheng, Ren Bishi and other revolutionary leaders and state cadres were trained. It has the reputation of “a thousand years of school and a hundred years of teachers”. During the period from 1913 to 1918, Chairman Mao studied in the eighth class here, and there were many imprints for the president to study here. Therefore, the current exhibition and introduction of the school is also carried out around the president’s study here.
    It is free to enter the school. You can go in and visit by swiping your ID card. The main area of ​​the school is on the first floor. It is best not to enter the second floor or above because there are students in class. On the first floor, there are several exhibition halls about the historical revolution, as well as eight classes of classrooms and student residences. The school environment is elegant and comfortable, very quiet, it is very suitable for calm down, shuttle the campus to find the historical mark of the revolutionary leader.
    The large auditorium on campus is a relatively iconic building. Once inside, it is infected by a solemn and quiet atmosphere. Behind the auditorium was a picture of the young Mao who had spoken here, sitting down and staring quietly. It seems that the era of the great change has been infected by the enthusiasm of those who are passionate about the country, and cherish the peace and tranquility of today.
    The school’s architectural style is a combination of Chinese and Western styles, European-style colonnades and arches, traditional Chinese patios, gates and roofs, which are a good blend of Chinese and Western cultures. This also reflects the fact that the school was uneasy and actively introduced Western culture, especially advanced educational concepts, which created so many young talents to promote China’s rise.
    The school’s retro architecture is also perfect for taking pictures. The arches of the style, the columns of the columns, have a sense of depth. The sun shines through the shrubs in the courtyard, and the light and shadow are cast on the wall, which is quite beautiful.
    From time to time, a student in a school uniform walks through, a campus full of history, full of youthful atmosphere. It is the combination of history and modernity, simplicity and youth that makes this school unique. I also hope that the students here can use their outstanding alumni as an example to contribute their talents to the new Chinese dream.
     Fashion Trends·International Gold Center
    The Changsha IFC Center took seven years to build and finally opened last year. As soon as it opened, it attracted the attention of all Changsha hipsters. There is not only the most fashionable trend brand, but also the most fashionable place in Changsha.
    The KAWS sculpture on the sky garden has become a new landmark in Changsha. Perhaps KAWS itself represents the street fashion culture, which has attracted many young people to take a photo. It is similar to the giant panda sculpture in Chengdu and has become one of the symbols of the city. However, it should be noted that it is best not to take a SLR camera to shoot the sculpture, there will be staff to ask if you will have a photo certificate. (Yes, I was the one who was questioned)
    In addition to KAWS, there are many art sculptures in the sky garden, which is also very interesting.
    Here, walking down the street, you will always see young people dressed up nicely, which is a trend resort in Changsha.
     Old Changsha·Chaozong Street
    Chaozong Ancient Street, the old Changsha street that is about to disappear. Chaozong Ancient Street should be the representative of the old Changsha Street, retaining the appearance of a city with a long sandy taste. Low-rise small buildings, you can see the clothes that the residents in the upstairs are drying out when they look up. It seems to be out of place with modern buildings that are not far from being built.
    Chaozong Street Church should be regarded as the most important building in this street. The churches of Chinese and Western fusion have a unique charm.
    When I went, many places in Chaozong Street were under construction. It turned out to be a unique ancient street, but I was wondering if it lost the original taste of this street.
     eat and drink
    Changsha is a food capital, with snacks and foods all over the street. The distinctive Hunan cuisine is always mouth watering. So how can you afford to have your mouth and stomach when you don’t go shopping in Changsha? In addition to the rewritten ramen and Wenheyou Lobster Museum, below are some of the food we have eaten in Changsha.
    //Hunan rice noodles
    When we arrived on the first day, we ordered the hotel in Taiping Street. Taiping Street eats a lot, but many places are lined up. Because I was too hungry, I went straight into a rice noodle shop in Hunan, where I had a relatively small family. I didn’t expect it to be unexpectedly delicious. The rice noodles here are wider and the food is very smooth. Whether it is mixed with miso, or beef soup powder, the taste is very good.
    //four hi wonton
    This store is simply an old treasure store that was discovered unexpectedly. We played for a day and came out from the subway exit of Huangxing Road Pedestrian Street. Looking up, I saw the conspicuous signboard of this four-year-old Wonton. Without much thought, I followed the guide from the side of the alley to the upstairs. As soon as I entered the door, I saw that the store was quite lively, filled with people, and suddenly found that I did not go to the wrong place. Later I found out that this house seems to be a famous old shop.
    We ordered four magpies and bridge rice noodles. The soup of Sixi is very delicious, the skin is thin and fleshy, and it is very satisfying to eat it. Crossing the bridge rice noodles is also more authentic, and I am eating in Yunnan, almost all the ingredients are put into the hot, the taste is also very good.
    //Wenheyou fried society
    Walking along the Huangxing Road Pedestrian Street, it is the Fire Palace and Pozi Street. I have heard of the name of the Fire Palace, but it seems to be a commercial snack street. There are very few authentic foods, so I took a photo outside and didn’t go up.
    Pozi Street is a bit more delicious. Even if the stomach is full, you still want to try it if you see so many snacks. So I went into a Wenheyou fried restaurant to eat fried. I ordered the big picture in the picture, and it was about 40 yuan. But fried is not bad, there is no distinctive taste, it is generally delicious. I personally prefer to eat chicken wings and vegetables.
    //Tea color and mother tea
    Tea Yanyue and Mom Tea should be regarded as Changsha’s net red milk tea, which can only be obtained in Changsha. Even if I don’t like milk tea, I also tasted the mentality of “I didn’t have that shop after passing this village.”
    The tea color is said to have always wanted to create a new Chinese milk tea. Therefore, compared with other milk teas, the proportion of tea seems to be a little more. Therefore, the taste is relatively light, no other milk tea is so sweet, it is very suitable for eating in the streets of Changsha. I like it a little bit of taste, because I don’t usually drink milk tea. I think that milk tea is too sweet to be unhealthy.
    Let me talk about packaging. When you get the milk tea, you will find that the packaging of the cup is very different. It is an illustration with a very Chinese style, and people can’t help but take a look. It is said that the packaging of the tea color is selected from the Chinese famous paintings and will be replaced from time to time. I am very much in favor of their approach, which is more innovative and Chinese cultural.
    Mom Tea is a milk tea brand owned by Wenheyou. Winning with the value of the face and the environment, is a real network of red tea shop. At present, Mom Tea has three big flagship stores in Changsha. This time I went to a family near Wuyi Square. Going in, the environment decoration is really good, with a modernist design and simple style. The puppets hanging in the center of the store are also very eye-catching.
    The environment decoration is really good, but the taste is very general, there is no special feature. The last thing I like is the packaging and capacity of mom’s tea. First, there is no special feature in packaging design. It does not make people feel refreshed. Second, the cup is a bit too high. It is not very good. After all, milk tea is generally used while walking on the street. Third, the amount is relatively large. Although I knew that I didn’t fill the whole cup, only two-thirds of the cup was milk tea, but I still felt a lot of it. For me, people who don’t like to drink milk tea are a waste, because they really can’t finish, and the price is not cheap.
     Transportation and accommodation
    Nowadays, in the era of mobile payment, it’s really a little cash that I don’t bring. So every time I go to other cities, I will always find a way to brush the bus and subway. The Changsha subway is more convenient, and there will be brush gates. The next Changsha subway app, you can do it according to the inside operation. However, I didn’t find a way to scan the code in Changsha Bus. Both Alipay and WeChat programs were found, but they were not found. As a result, the bus was changed to the store several times.
    I booked the B&B inside Taiping Street, just in the small alley next to Jia’s former residence. The location is very convenient, but because Taiping Street is an old street, the surrounding buildings are relatively narrow and simple. Of course, our homestay is narrower than I thought, so I don’t recommend it to everyone.
    Taiping Street also eats a lot, but also has the taste of ancient streets. At night, Taiping Street is still crowded, and it is full of market atmosphere, full of neon signs, quite tasteful. There may be unexpected food in the alleys that break into the room. We lived in Taiping Street because we thought about it, so we could go shopping at any time, so we didn’t stay at Taiping Street and headed for a farther destination. As a result, this was the last regret of my trip to Changsha. I didn’t have a good time to eat snacks at Taiping Street. I didn’t have time to go to Taiping Street after the trip was too tight. I just rushed in and hurried away.
    Changsha is a multi-faceted city, and every person who has been to has a different impression and evaluation. For me, there are many faces in this city, and there are many places that I didn’t know. It is a city that won’t be tired of shopping. So I still have to finish when I leave. I hope I will have another chance to go there again and feel her more. Different faces.

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