Changyou Xihaikou, Weihai, the end of the day

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    First, the general outline of the catalog:
    I. Impressions: Impression Weihai – Xixiakou
    Second, preparation before the trip:
    1. Access to large traffic:
    2. Small traffic in cities and scenic spots:
    3. Work to be prepared before travel:
    Third, Xixiakou accommodation articles:
    Fourth, Xixiakou food articles:
    Five, travel travel articles:
    Day1: Haitang Island Scenic Area
    Day1: Shendiao Mountain Zoo
    Day2: Chengshantou Scenic Area
    Second, the opening of the travel notes: Impression Weihai – Xixiakou
    Travel all over the world, or Weihai! This is the words of Weihai City’s publicity!
    Thousands of miles of coastline, a landscape painting! This is the word of the tourism industry to evaluate Weihai!
    To me, Weihai is an eco-seaside leisure resort city with mountains and seas embracing each other!
    As the most beautiful city in the northern coastal city of China, the sea area resources in the eastern part of the Bohai Sea and the northern part of the Yellow Sea are shared with this! It is also the place where I came here for leisure and play for the second time. August 2014 was my first visit to Weihai and I fell in love with it! Today, I am here in June 2015, my soul is broken! So, I was out of control and regarded this place as my favorite city. I also hope that I will have more opportunities to come to Weihai in the future! Because, so far, no seaside city has such charm to attract me!
    The tide of the sea!
    The fishing village that has risen to the sun!
    Unchanging, simple Jiaodong fisherman’s feelings!
    Beautiful blue sea and blue sea!
    ………………………………………….. .
    All this is an irresistible factor that makes people like the roots here!
    Third, necessary preparations before travel:
    1. Weihai External Transportation:
    1. Railway passenger transportation: There is a railway line between Weilan and Weitao (Weihai-Yantai Taocun) for passengers and goods. The speed of passengers on this route is no more than 120km/h, all of which are based on the beginning of K, mainly to Beijing. In the direction of Jinan, the train schedule is as follows:
    Weihai Station has only left these 4 times Pudong trains.
    Weihai Station booking telephone and consultation telephone: 0631-5928593.
    The intercity railway line that has just been opened to traffic this year is the west line and the east line of the Qingyan Weirong intercity railway line: the station set on the west line is Weihai North Station, and the east line is the Weihai South Station, which is the Xinweihai Station. The number of trips has been dominated by D and G characters.
    Weihai Station, Weihai North Station Train Timetable 1
    Weihai Station, Weihai North Station Train Timetable 2
    Weihai Station, Weihai North Station Train Timetable 3
    Weihai Station, Weihai North Station Train Timetable 4
    2. Highway passenger transportation:
    The highway industry in Weihai is relatively developed, and many highways cross the border. Rongcheng-Wuhai Expressway G18 Rongwu Expressway, Shenyang-Haikou G15 Shenhai Expressway and Changchun-Shenzhen G25 Changshen Expressway three national expressways and a number of Shandong provincial high-speed highways throughout the city, linking Weihai to all parts of the country Traffic artery.
    Attachment: Car timetables from Weihai Bus Terminal to major cities (regions) across the country:
    Weihai→Qingdao: 06:15-17:50 running line
    Weihai→Laiyang: 06:30-14:15 running line
    Weihai→Weifang: 07:30-17:30 running line
    Weihai→Jinan: 07:30-17:00 flow line starts
    Weihai→Beijing: 11:00, 14:45, 17:00
    Weihai→Tianjin: 15:30
    Weihai→Shanghai: 13:30, 16:00
    Weihai→Hefei: 17:45
    Weihai→Yangyang: 08:30
    Weihai→Zhangzhou: 06:30
    Weihai→Hangzhou: 17:00
    Weihai→Ningbo: 10:00
    Weihai→Rui’an (Wenzhou): 10:45
    Weihai→ Zhuji (Shaoxing): 14:00
    Weihai→Huai’an: 06:45
    Weihai→Nantong: 08:15
    Weihai→Nanjing: 08:45, 17:30
    Weihai→Yangzhou: 09:00
    Weihai→Yancheng: 09:15
    Weihai→Changzhou: 16:30
    Weihai→Wuxi: 17:45
    Weihai→Harbin: 09:30
    Weihai→Yanji: 10:30
    Weihai→Fuzhou: 07:45
    Weihai→Xiamen: 11:30
    Weihai→Xi’an: 11:30
    Weihai→Zhengzhou: 08:30
    Weihai→Shenzhen: 09:00
    Weihai→Taiyuan: 16:00
    Note: Other non-lined lines can be consulted by the bus terminal: 0631-5969369.
    3. Civil aviation passenger transportation: Weihai International Airport, also known as Wendeng Shuibo Airport, has opened domestic and international flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Harbin, Guangzhou, Jinan, Changchun, Hangzhou, Dalian, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Taipei and Seoul, Korea. Class line.
    Address: Dashuibo Town, Wendeng District, Weihai City, about 40 kilometers to Weihai City
    Airport Inquiries: 0631—5317915, 5317515
    4. Shipping passenger transportation:
    Mainly with Liaoning Dalian and South Korea. Ro-Ro ships can be equipped with cars. If you are driving by car, you can take a boat from Dalian to Dalian. The car is checked in the cabin and transported to Dalian. This way you can travel to the Northeast.
    Weihai Port has six flights a day to Dalian, with a range of about 8 hours, about 10 hours to Incheon and Pyeongtaek, South Korea.
    There is an international liner to Incheon, South Korea every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
    Weihai Passenger Transport Center Center Information Office: 0631-5233220.
    2. Traffic between Weihai and Xixiakou:
    1. Departure from Weihai Ferry Terminal can take the Xixiakou Line to tour the bus to reach the scenic spot;
    From Weihai Bus Station, you can take the Weihai Xixiakou Line to reach the scenic spot. The one-way fare is 15 yuan, which is 90 minutes. The fare of Weixia to Xixiakou’s Boxia Mountain Villa is 13 yuan, and the time is about 85 minutes.
    2. The departure time of Weihai Bus Station is: 6:10-18:10 every 30 minutes.
    The time to return to Weihai from Chengshantou is: 8:45, 9:15, 9:45, 10:15, 14:30, 14:55, 15:20, 16:30. In addition, if you missed the direct train, you can also take the ride to Longxu Island (Weihai to Mid-Baddo on Long Island), and Longxu Island is only about 2 kilometers away from Chengshantou.
    3. Departure from Weigong Liugong Island: Liugong Island ships to Chengshantou at 11:00 every day, and returns to Weihai at 18:00;
    4. Self-driving: Jinan Expressway/Vilaix Expressway/Tongsan Expressway/Weihai Exit—Shichang Avenue—Beach Road—Daqing Road to Huanhai Road, according to Xixiakou Road Sign, 40 minutes Arrive at the scenic spot.
    In addition, according to the comprehensive optimization of route and the maximization of economic efficiency, I designed my transportation plan as: from Zhejiang Anji → Anhui Ningguo → Hefei → Shandong Yantai → Weihai. Since both Weihai North Station and Yantai South Station are far away from the urban area and the traffic is inconvenient, the Yantai will be temporarily brought to Weihai.The traffic was changed to the bus way.
    3. Work to be prepared before travel:
    In addition to the physical senses, travel also has the feeling of the soul! Therefore, the items you carry with you must be complete!
    1, digital camera:
    Going to the most beautiful spots and attractions in the motherland, the camera is definitely indispensable. Especially if you are such a beautiful seaside city like Weihai, you will regret it if you don’t take the camera to record this beauty! Therefore, it is recommended that the mid-range SLR is the best choice. In addition to the first time, you need a large-capacity SD or CF memory card. It is recommended to have a minimum of 2-4 cards with a capacity of 16Gb. The camera that is carried this time is NikonD7000 (18- 105mm), Sony α5000 L (16-50mm) two cameras and Tamron 70-300 lens and Nikon standard tripod.
    2, identity documents:
    To travel to a place, you must take a train or a car, and you must use it when you live in a hotel. Therefore, ID cards are indispensable!
    3. The necessary change:
    The effect is not much explained, everyone understands.
    4, laptop:
    Because there are many photos taken during the day, I can’t see the quality of the photos when I receive the LCD screen of the camera. I can only check the quality of the photos through the laptop when I am at night, and choose to keep the good photos according to the actual quality of the photos. Waste tablets. Moreover, the laptop can be easily accessed online, and can express feelings and feelings on the way, and share it with the majority of friends in Weibo, WeChat and other media.
    5, luggage bag:
    The bag includes a wash bag, and it is necessary to have your own toiletries. Therefore, there is a need for a wash bag that can conveniently store toiletries. The large luggage bag is convenient for loading the necessary items for travel with cameras, computers and so on.
    Fourth, hotel accommodation articles:
    This time, the hotel to stay in Xixiakou is Boxia Mountain Villa.
    Boxia Mountain Villa is the most convenient three-star hotel in the Xixiakou tourist area. It is only connected to the Shendiao Mountain Wildlife Park. It is only a few minutes drive to the Haitang Island Pier. The transportation is very convenient!
    The hotel’s appearance, environment, services and related facilities are very good. Then introduce the details of the hotel one by one!
    After getting off the bus, you can see Boxia Mountain Villa along the road. The whole floor looks tall.
    The other two stores newly opened next to Boxia Mountain Villa are probably too hot for business. Just next to the construction of a second store of Boxia Mountain Villa.
    Entering the hall, the feeling is still very good. The attitude of the front desk staff is quite good.
    The entrance to the hall is the exclusive throne of the emperor made of bronze.
    Opening the door gives a good gas field. The first is that the lighting is very good. Entering the room is bright and full of yang, which means that it is very suitable for human habitation. Secondly, the room was very grateful. Again, there is no smell in the room, and sometimes there is a faint scent. The overall impression is very good!
    After entering the room, it is spacious, bright and atmospheric! The room number is 711.
    The atmosphere in the room is still very good, and the environment is absolutely up to the three-star standard.
    As it is an experience activity, of course, choose a double room.
    Standing in the room window to see the entire room, the layout is very good. Moreover, the aisle between the indoor furniture and the bed is very large and does not appear to be very crowded. This is quite a force! Like it!
    Looking at such a spacious aisle will still be more satisfying.
    The mahogany furniture table and the soft seat chair are perfect for travellers like us. I think that such a table and chair is very suitable for surfing the Internet, retouching, and organizing documents.
    Open the window of the room to see the view from the outside.
    On the ground under the macro lens, can you prove the health and environment of the room?
    The bathroom in the room is also relatively clean, the only shortcoming is that the space is too small, much smaller than the average three-star or even the bathroom of the hotel. And there is no bathtub yet, this may be a small regret!
    The equipment and utensils of the bathroom are very complete, it seems a bit crowded, and the others are quite satisfactory.
    The bathroom is equipped with its own logo for toiletries.
    Even the four boxes of Bo Xia Villa are written on the soap box.
    Breakfast voucher at the hotel restaurant.
    Fifth, food and food articles:
    When I came to Weihai, I had to mention food, and it was an indispensable part of Weihai to travel food. We must pay more attention to Weihai cuisine, and we must also explore the factions in Weihai cuisine: the old Weihai faction dishes and the new Weihai faction dishes. As for the faction between the old and the new, it is still reserved for professional and financial resources.Deep food experts go to research and study. This is even more true in Xixiakou!
    I am only responsible for eating and then recommend it according to my own experience!
    Let me briefly introduce Weihai cuisine:
    Weihai, Weihai, close to the sea. Therefore, seafood is the protagonist of Weihai cuisine.
    Weihai cuisine is one of the birthplaces of Lu cuisine. It pays attention to the original flavor and the characteristics of “clear, fresh, crisp and tender”. Its representative dishes are:
    Seafood hand-baked noodles, big stuffed squid dumplings, onion-burned sea cucumber, shrimp paste purple dumplings, oily prawns, fish pot cakes, salted sea bream fish, silver fish steamed eggplant and sweet potato bean noodle soup.
    The restaurants we have at this time are: Boxia Mountain Villa Restaurant, Jiaodong Yujiale Restaurant and Xiaoxia Lake Restaurant. The tastes are similar.
    Come to Weihai Xixiakou, you must try it. Not to mention all taste, at least one-third of the species is worthy of your own mouth.
    Ok, let’s take a picture first. These are all I have tasted.
    Sixth, travel travel articles:
    Day one: Haishu Island Scenic Area
    Suddenly, there are Xianshan on the sea, and the mountains of Weihai are definitely the reputation of Xianshan. As the core of Chengshantou, Xianshan-Haicang Island is well-deserved as the ancestor of Xianshan because of its unique natural landscape, good ecological imprint and various original biological species and the amazing scenery of the Haitian line. !
    In the summer, take a speedboat ride from Chengshantou Tourist Pier to the sea on a 10-minute sea trip to Haitang Island. Experience the coolness of the summer sea breeze while experiencing the true ocean! I suggest that all the friends in the summer to go to Haitang Island is the best season!
    The entire island of Haitang Island is not very large, but there are quite a few slow-paced points to watch. Through my own experience, it will be better to play Haishu Island for 3 hours. If it is a photography enthusiast, it will be fine for a whole day. Of course, there are no people on the island and no hotel. You must leave the island before 17:30 in the afternoon, otherwise you will have to sleep on the island for a while!
    Tickets for Haitang Island are purchased at Xixiakou Scenic Spot, including the tickets are together. The price is: 100 yuan, the online price is 90 yuan. Can be booked online, and then the on-site payment is also 90 yuan. It is also worth noting that the cruise ship needs to be over 5 people and can be sailed above it. It is not allowed to sail in windy weather. Free ticket policy: Children with a height of 1.3 meters or less but need to pay an additional 5 yuan insurance fee to enjoy the preferential policy. The opening hours of Haitang Island Scenic Spot are: 07:30-17:00.
    Day two: Shendiao Mountain Wildlife Park
    Shendiao Mountain Wildlife Park is right next to the hotel, Boxia Mountain Villa. It is very convenient to go to the scenic spot.
    Shendiao Mountain It is said that the Emperor Qin Shihuang shot the god of the gods on this mountain and was named Shendiao Mountain. The present Shendiao Mountain Zoo is a zoo that has been artificially reared and opened to visitors in a variety of natural wildlife under the original natural landscape. So far it should be the largest wildlife park in the entire Shandong Peninsula and even in Shandong Province.
    The park is divided into monkey gardens, tiger gardens, lion parks, wild animals, birds and beasts, tropical reptiles and aquariums. The entire zoo is quite large and built according to the sea. There is a natural marine life museum, which is worth a visit. A variety of small animals are so cute and cute that people really want to touch them with their hands.
    The scenic spots are suitable for tourists all year round, but I recommend that it is best to play in this zoo in summer, because the animals in summer are more active, especially monkeys, squirrels and tigers.
    The whole zoo is very large, and the natural marine life museum is still worth taking the time to play. It is recommended to play for about 3 hours.
    The ticket price is 150 yuan, and the online price is 138 yuan. Both online payment and on-site payment are available. You can choose your online booking method according to your actual situation. The preferential ticket policy for the scenic spot is: Children under 1.3 meters can purchase the 5 yuan insurance to enjoy the scenic spot for free; other people need to purchase the full price ticket.
    The opening hours of the scenic spot are: 07:30-16:30.
    Day three : Xixiakou – Chengshantou Scenic Area
    At the location of the boundary between China’s ocean and the mainland, there is such a magical and beautiful scenic spot – Chengshantou Scenic Area. As the highlight of Xixiakou Scenic Spot, Chengshantou Scenic Spot has won the recognition of the United Nations with its own historical allusions, natural landscape and humanistic features. It was selected in China National Geographic magazine in 2005. It ranks third in the most beautiful coast of China’s eight seas. As early as the Qin and Han Dynasties, there were Qin Shihuang and Hanwu Emperors who worshipped the sun here. Qin Shihuang, the originator of the Chinese emperor, sighed: the end of the sky. The imprint of the words of the year is still on the top of the sea and the pillars of the sea. After the later generations of the intensification and modification of the posterity, the three characters of “endless head” can be seen.
    In the summer, the mountain is very comfortable and pleasant. The thin sea breeze blowing from time to time is a supernatural enjoyment. In addition, the sunshine in the summer is longer, and the sea and the blue sky are especially beautiful and spectacular! Therefore, it is the best choice to play in the mountains in the summer. Of course, there are many tourists, which may affect the effect of sightseeing.
    The Chengshantou scenic spot itself is not large, but there are many affiliated scenic spots in the surrounding area. You can play together, so that it takes 2 hours to play the entire Chengshan scenic spot.
    The opening hours of Chengshantou Scenic Area are: 7:30-18:00.
    The ticket price for the scenic spot is 180 yuan, and the online reservation is 165 yuan. You can prepay online or pay for the scenic spot.
    Tickets related preferential policies: Children under 1.3 meters can purchase free insurance for 5 yuan to purchase scenic spots; other people need to buy full price tickets.
    From Weihai City, Rongcheng City and other places directly to the mountain bus, you can also take the Xixiakou Tourism Commuter. Related other more detailed traffic travel conditions can reach the consulting staff of Xixiakou Scenic Area.
    The Motianling scenic spot is within the Chengshantou scenic spot. Because of the terrain, the Motianling is like linking the sea and the blue sky. As the name suggests, it is Motianling. The range of attractions in Motianling is small and it takes only one hour to play a complete attraction. Standing in the Motianling scenic area, you can see that the whole sea is endless, and Haitang Island is close at hand. This feeling is very strange. Can come and experience.
    Due to seasonal and climatic problems, the most suitable play season in Motianling is of course the summer season, especially the midsummer to take the summer vacation as the best choice!
    The ticket for Motianling is 60 yuan, and the online order is 50 yuan. Both online payment and scenic spot payment are available. In addition, if you pick up the ticket, you can go directly to the self-service ticket machine to collect the ticket, which is very convenient.
    The opening hours of Motianling are 7:30-18:00.
    The relevant preferential policies for the scenic spot are: Children under 1.3 meters can purchase the 5 yuan insurance for free to visit the scenic spot; other people need to purchase full price tickets, and children under 1.3 meters with a 5 yuan insurance ticket, free ride on the ropeway.
    The Chengshantou Scenic Area has a scenic sightseeing car that directly reaches the Motianling. It is provided free of charge. Of course, if you want to visit more beautiful scenery, you can also walk to it. This is especially true for photography enthusiasts.
    The Xixiakou scenic area in Weihai is a rare island tourist area in the country. The photo display is more attractive than the text explanation. Therefore, this travel note uses a non-textual explanation to record everything. I hope to help your friends!

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