[China Pei Tian Chun Geng Festival] Liancheng Peitian, Sibao, Guanlu Mountain Tour

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In the northwest of Yunnan, there is a small town—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Although there is no treasure in the city. But this is also a value for the city. Here is the crown of the mountains – the magical work of nature, China’s most beautiful ancient village – Peitian, engraving and printing holy places – four fort, like the dragon’s Kowloon Lake, etc., of course, the favorite of the foodies – Liancheng cuisine.
    This is my second trip to the city. In November 14th, the Liancheng Guanlu Mountain Cycling Tournament showed the dynamic side of the city. This Qingming Festival’s Spring Festival activities, more understanding of the city’s humanities. Ok, I want to say that even the city is a good place to go and come again.
    If you ask how to go in the city – all roads lead to the city. The small town is small and complete. Friends outside the province can take planes, trains and trains. There is also a long-distance shuttle bus from Fuzhou, but it is not recommended. The best way is to take a bus to Longyan in Fuzhou. The fare is about 120 yuan. Then you can take Longyan-Liancheng bus at Longyan Railway Station. It’s about an hour and a half away.
    In the evening, you can live in several hotels next to the Liancheng County Government. You will not advertise here.
    Today’s theme, Liancheng cuisine
    Not to be speculated, the little dragon girl is here to cultivate into a dumpling.
    Therefore, sister paper is careful! ! !
    Liancheng Tour: Peita Ancient Residence, Chun Geng Festival ‍ April 5, Qing, Peitian
    ‍ ‍ I remember the last time I went to Peita, it was cloudy, two toEven the city, the weather is so, the so-called spring is splendid
    Liancheng still retains many traditional folk customs, the ancient things of the first month, the dragons, and so on.
    This is the fourth spring ploughing festival in Peitian. At the beginning of the Ching Ming Festival, the villagers will officially start farming for one year. “The cultivators have their fields, the peasants have their own festivals,” and the Pei Tian Chun Geng Festival originated from the “Putian Festival.” The leader, the transplanter also; “spring planting a grain of millet, harvesting grain in autumn”, spring ploughing is the top priority of farming, it is vital. It is also a feast for tourists. In these two days, we will see traditional farming, various folk activities, and also host the “Damin Folk Festival”.
    The big waterwheel at the entrance of the village seems to be quite old.
    The Enrong Archway of the front door of the village, this is the glory of Emperor Guangxu’s special priest
    The ancient trees in the village are rejuvenated and green. I don’t see these people hugging the big trees. I always hate wide angles.
    The environmental protection of ancient villages is still very good. Unlike some ancient towns, all of them are commercialized. It is still the home of Peitian people.
    This time I took the little princess and went on a family trip. The children saw the water and couldn’t stop it.
    Although it is only 8 o’clock, the popularity of Pei Tian Chun Geng Festival is getting bigger and bigger, attracting many tourists around.
    The weather in Fujian, how to say, let you finish the spring, summer, autumn and winter in a week.
    Little princess and big partner who just met
    Folk activities have begun, the morning dragon activities
    In ancient China, cattle can be said to be the best partner of the peasants. Today, it is also its festival, which is very eye-catching.
    This time, the Peitian activities were arranged all day, so it was more time to start shopping around Peitian.
    The river-like stream, which is clear and jade-like, is surrounded by ancient buildings represented by the “Jiu Hall 18 Wells”. The chic landscape and the patchwork of ancient architecture make the visitors feel that this is a beautiful manor without walls.
    Looking at the beautiful Peita on the observation deck
    The above is a bit messy, find an excuse, I am playing photography, so I understand my laziness.
    Look at the picture directly, huh, huh.
    Tip: There is a direct bus to Litian in Liancheng. At the latest, it usually returns to the county at 5:30.
    The Wu Family Courtyard in the village can provide food and shelter. It should be a great experience to stay in Peita for one night.
    Outside: A girl came from the village.
    In the ancient residence of Peita, it is very suitable to bring a sister paper to the photo tour.
    On this day, a girl came from the village and murdered many shutters.
    Dragon light
    Touring Dragon, this is one of the most popular folk shows I have ever seen. After dinner, I haven’t started yet.
    The night of Pei Tian, ​​away from the hustle and bustle of the day
    At the end of the alley, there is a family carrying a dragon lamp. Under the inquiry, it is necessary to first gather in the ancestral halls of each family to form a complete light dragon.
    The corner, the quiet mountain village suddenly became buzzing
    Peita’s night sky, I want to say that this is hand-held, known as the iron hand
    April 6th, sunny. Four Fort, Luofang, Guanlan Mountain
    The four-town township of Liancheng County, which is located at the junction of Changting, Liancheng, Qingliu and Ninghua, has experienced the prosperous printing industry in history. Sibao has thus become the first historical and cultural township in Fujian.
    The four fort is about 20 kilometers away from Liancheng County. Take the shuttle bus to the Sibao Township Government and get off at the Sibao Engraving Exhibition Hall.
    Sibao is one of the four major Chinese engraving printing bases in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, which are the same as Beijing, Yangzhou and Hangzhou. It is also a rare and well-preserved ancient engraving and printing cultural site. It is now well preserved in ancient bookstores, ancient engravings, ancient books and Ancient printing tools are precious historical and cultural heritages that are rare and cannot be regenerated. They are known as the “Chinese Pearl of Culture”. In 1999, Sibao was approved by the provincial government as the first batch of “provincial historical and cultural townships”. In 2001, its ancient bookstore complex was listed by the State Council as the fifth batch of national key cultural relics protection units; in 2004, the site was listed again. It is a national national folk culture protection project.
    The sister paper is wearing the traditional clothing of Sibao. According to the introduction, it is still very particular, and the cuffs are easy to print.
    Part of the collection of engraved prints,
    Such a small “The Analects of Confucius” is dedicated to the examination room.
    In fact, in Peitian, we have already seen the skills of professionals. The four-carved engraving and printing of the big brother showed us the whole process of engraving and printing.
    Compared with modern prints, it has more charm
    In addition to engraving and printing, Sibao also has a lot of folk craftsmanship, such as tinware. In Sibao, we also visited the traditional tin ware master, and saw the long-lost tin making process.
    In Liancheng, there are also a number of 100-year-old Ming and Qing porch bridges. In the four fort, there is the Yusha Bridge of the Ming Dynasty.
    Yusha Bridge is located on the Huaxi River at the mouth of Mawu Village in Sibao Township. It is said that the sandstone of Huaxi River in the past is glittering and jade, so it is called Yusha Bridge.
    Because of a “dream of the bridge”, each bridge seems to have beautiful legends and become a symbol of romance.
    Beautiful girl looking at the scenery on the wall, embellished with other people’s drawings
    Covered Bridge Tour 2: Luofang Yunlong Bridge
    Yunlong Bridge is located in Luofang Township, Liancheng. Because the various attractions in Liancheng are scattered, you can travel in the local area and it is more convenient.
    The Yunlong Bridge is supported by four sleeper bridge piers, just like the Wolong River crouching on the Qingyan River. There are often clouds lingering between the ancient bridges. The bridge is decorated like a dragon, which is called “Yunlong Bridge”.
    From this point of view, quite a bit of the momentum of the dragon
    Yunlong Bridge connects the banks of the river, opposite to a cliff
    Then let me cross the bridge and find out.
    The ancients cut a cave between the rocks.
    Looking at Yunlong Bridge across the river
    There is also Wenchang Pavilion on Yunlong Bridge. According to the introduction, you can see the scenery of Luofang during the boarding.
    Last stop: Liancheng Guanshan – birth of life
    The time spent on travel is always too hasty, starting the last trip – Guanlan Mountain.
    Guanlan Mountain belongs to the Danxia landform, and it is called “Beiyi Nanxun”. The entire scenic spot is still very large, including Guanlan Mountain, Shimen Lake, Zhu’anzhai, Qishizhai, Jiulonghu and other five scenic spots, totaling more than 100 square kilometers.Area. Just 1 kilometer from the city, it can be reached by the local special tug.
    Generally speaking, Guanlan Mountain and Shimen Lake are connected together for sightseeing. The ideal tour route is the first Shimen Lake after the Shimen Lake, which will be easier than the first mountain. Therefore, our starting point for this time is still Shimen Lake.
    Shimen Lake in the spring, the same place, because different times, the seasons will show different beauty, so I don’t mind going to another trip.
    The four seasons in the south are lacking in change. Only in the spring, the purple leaves are blooming and the leaves are falling, which is the most beautiful season.
    Shimen Lake is not a lake. It is an artificial lake that was later built to build a reservoir. It is said to have nine scenic spots. The most famous attraction is the “gate of life”. It is not to be explained, and it is not explained. There is more to find out by everyone’s imagination.
    This is the door to life. Carelessly, I missed the best shooting angle.
    After disembarking, I went to the Guanshanshan pier, a lot of fish.
    The only black swan is the facade of the Guanlan Mountain.
    On the top of the mountain, there is another “root of life” corresponding to the “gate of life”. In short, these two can be said to be the most resounding selling point of Guanlan Mountain. I will show you all angles later. Ha ha.
    The Danxia landform made the mountains high and quiet, and suddenly it was cool.
    Mining wildflowers on the roadside
    The high-altitude motorcycle performance between the two canyons, though common, still has to be admired, purely technical.
    The people of Fujian Province are really local tyrants, and they can eat eggs everywhere. It is said that they taste good and they have forgotten to taste.
    Thousands of years of rain washed and weathered, creating the wonders of the crown.
    Climb the squid back, this is tired. To praise the little princess, although it was a swindler, even climbing and holding, and finally boarded the most difficult road.
    Girl paper, who are you calling?
    Continue to climb, the front is the root of life
    After the squid back, there is a big platform, viewing, resting place
    It is also the place where photographers create
    Ok, it’s called Liancheng’s 邂逅
    The viewing platform is up, there is a pavilion, the scenery is better, but it is necessary to test the guts.
    “The root of life” is said to be quite different, what do you think?
    During the period, the poor three generations of photographers also sold some equipment in exchange for home tolls.
    Sister paper, good vision. Blue label. Big wet, you will sell it.
    Basically, there will be a “one-line sky” in every scenic spot. The first line of Guanlan Mountain is the widest one I have ever seen. I want to come. There is no pressure on Xiaolongbao.
    There are many college buildings on the crown of the mountain. In ancient China, reading is the best way to change your destiny.
    a small road with a winding path
    Under the mountain, it’s a sloppy
    Guanshan Mountain has an iconic hotel, the first view of the upper reaches
    The children started selling again.
    Watching the sunset on the crown of the mountain
    Arrive at the exit of Guanlan Mountain, a touch of the last sunset
    In fact, on the Guanlan Mountain, I have heard that Fuzhou has returned to the winter from summer. Therefore, I am grateful for the bright sunshine of the city for two days.

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