Chongqing’s three-day tour to eat the most representative food, play the most scenic spots

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a paragraph written before the article
    Because of the love of hot pot, Chongqing has always been a special place in the resignation of the heart, and has always been looking forward to the opportunity to go shopping. Resignation Jun believes that if you are traveling to Chongqing, in addition to eating the most characteristic old hot pot in the local area, take a look at those famous scenic spots, such as Hongyadong, Ciqikou, Jiefangbei, etc. Oh.
    Ok, let’s not say much, please come to Chongqing with me.
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     Hongyadong Commercial Street
    Whenever you travel to Chongqing, you will never be able to get around a well-known place. That is Hongya Cave. Indeed, in the tourism circle of Chongqing, Hongyadong occupies a very important position. Therefore, after the resignation arrived in Chongqing, he had played twice in Hongyadong.
    It is said that in ancient times, Hongyadong was not called Hongyadong, but it was called Hongyamen. It was one of the most important gates of ancient Chongqing. However, when it came to modern times, it gradually evolved its role, and it became a city defense. A place for sightseeing. From the bustling Jiefangbei, about a dozen minutes walk, Hongyadong is very close. According to resignation, the business district of this film should be one of the most popular business districts in Chongqing, because there are so many tourists here. Of course, walking between the bustling, in fact, has a different experience and feeling.
    When standing on the edge of Hongya Cave, the biggest feeling is actually as if you came to Miyazaki’s “City of the Sky” and “Spirited Away” and many other buildings built on the cliff. It looks very spectacular.
    Standing here, in addition to the spectacular view of the building, you can also see the passing train passing through the city, as well as the majestic natural scenery. The Jialing River and the Yangtze River meet here.
    When standing on the observation deck, the resignation suddenly remembered a scene: the son was on the river, and the deceased was like a husband, staying up late. Life is short, and the scenery will be unrecognizable because of the sacred fields. Only Hongyadong still maintains its original charm, which makes people feel involuntarily.
    After seeing the observation deck enough, you may wish to go down the escalator and go to the lower level to see it. The lower level of Hongyadong is also very interesting. For example, the sculpture full of old Chongqing style, one by one vivid sculpture, as if you are visiting tourists. When the ancient times were introduced, how did the older generation of Chongqing people live?
    In addition, there is a small, similar to the park below the Hongya Cave. This place is built on the mountain. Although the area is small, it is very innovative and the pavilions are very interesting.
    In this way, while playing and looking down, after a short while, Kung Fu resigned and arrived at the bottom of Hongya Cave. Standing here and looking up, it is also very interesting. After all, when the angle of appreciation is different, the scene seen It is different.
     Ciqikou Ancient Town
    In the western part of Chongqing City, there is an ancient town called Ciqikou. For many people who have come to Chongqing or have never been to Chongqing, they almost know this place. Nowadays, the resignation will lead everyone into the Ciqikou to experience it.
    The Ciqikou is located on the Jialing River in Shapingba District of Chongqing. It has the unique landscape of “One River, Two Streams, Three Mountains and Four Streets”. From the geographical point of view, the Ciqikou can be described as a natural port, so it became an important part of the Jialing River in the Song Dynasty. One of the water and land terminals.
    According to historical records, in fact, the earliest time of the Ciqikou was not called the Ciqikou, but it was called Baiyanchang. It was built in the Song Dynasty of the Northern Song Dynasty. It was named because of the incense temple Baiyan Temple.
    Into the Ciqikou, you can see the shops in the ancient town. These shops are particularly eye-catching in the crowds, because almost every shop owner is showing the uniqueness of his shop.
    As the intensive crowds move forward, there seems to be a wonderful feeling that it is not moving by themselves, but passively moving forward under the push of crowds. I have to be sighed. As one of the most famous scenic spots in Chongqing, the flow of people is too great.
    The reason why the Ciqikou is famous as it is today is that more elements are because there are rich Ba Shu culture, religious culture, sand magnetic culture, Hongyan culture and Chongqing folk culture, each with its own characteristics and mutual influence. Inclusive, thus creating a magical Ciqikou culture.
    In Chongqing, there is such aA proverb: “A stone road, the Millennium Ciqikou.” Ciqikou is not only an ancient town, but also the epitome and symbol of ancient Chongqing. Walking in this quaint ancient town, it seems as if it came to Chongqing in ancient times. It can be said that today’s Ciqikou is yesterday’s Chongqing City.
    With the resignation of the retreat, a more complete culture of Ciqikou gradually appeared in front of the resignation, and traditional performances such as oil, silk, sugar, kneading, and Sichuan opera seemed to be tourists. Brought into another world.
    Walking inadvertently, I walked to the end of the ancient town of Ciqikou. Here is a river flowing in the river. This pool of water has gone rolling and has not changed for thousands of years.
    Looking at the hanging foot building built by the river, the quaint hanging foot building has not been known for many years, but it still stands on the waterfront and has not wavered. Then turn your eyes to the tourists who have a tea break on the stilts. They enjoy leisurely and leisurely enjoy the holiday. Perhaps the beauty of life is so present in our eyes.
     Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street
    Since it is a tourist trip to Chongqing, some landmark attractions, such as Hongyadong, Jiefangbei, Ciqikou, etc., should still go shopping. After visiting Hongyadong and Ciqikou, Jiefangbei became The only obsession in the resignation of the heart.
    Like most monuments in Chongqing, Jiefangbei is a building during the Republic of China. The only difference is that Jiefangbei was built on the anniversary of the death of Sun Yat-sen, the founding father of the Republic of China on March 12, 1940. At that time, Jiefangbei was also known as the “spiritual fortress”, which inspired countless Chinese sons and daughters to fight and fight.Take the final victory of the war of resistance.
    As the most representative landmark building in Chongqing, the Jiefangbei has a unique significance. With the establishment of New China, Chongqing has gradually ushered in new development opportunities. Today, Jiefangbei has become one of the most important central business districts in Chongqing. .
    It is said that as early as the Qing Dynasty, the Jiefangbei area was called “Supermarket Street” because it was said that there was a government-run post office named after it. At that time, there was not such a lively place here. There were only a few pharmacies, satin villages and shops selling four treasures. Others are residential areas such as Yang Family Courtyard and Zhou Family Courtyard.
    Take the subway, and then exit the subway, you will come to the commercial street near Jiefangbei. Although this day is just an ordinary day, there are still dense crowds on the street, which is very lively. .
    Visiting the streets, looking at the crowds, the crowds are holding hands, the faces are filled with happy little couples, and the family of three who are hanging out, as well as the rushing office workers, this ordinary and ordinary day It seems that this eternal stay in the heart of resignation.
     Red nine old hot pot
    When you come to the mountain city of Chongqing, in addition to visiting some of the more well-known scenic spots, it is also an important part to experience the local food culture. So, what kind of food does Chongqing have to experience? Resignation Jun thinks it must be an old hot pot.
    The old hot pot restaurant that resigned this time is the old Jiuji old hot pot located in Hongyadong Scenic Area. This old hot pot restaurant is very interesting. They also have a very loud slogan. It is said that many people in Chongqing have heard it: “We don’t sell shabu-shabu, and it is our last compromise.”
    After seeing a lot of people recommending this restaurant on the Internet, resigning Jun also had a strong interest in this restaurant. Just came to Chongqing and definitely went to Hongyadong to visit, so I came to the store to taste. delicious.
    Geographically speaking, the advantages of Hongjiu Restaurant are quite large. Almost every visitor to Hongyadong can see this restaurant, and the location of the restaurant itself is also good, especially by the position of the window. Clearly see the beautiful scenery of Hongya Cave. Although resigning Jun and friends come during the day, imagine that if the night is definitely better than the day, it will be several times better.
    As for the decoration in the store, it is more inclined to the retro style. There is an ancient pub feel. The restaurant is divided into two floors, and the floor space is still quite large.
    In terms of dishes, since it is a hot pot restaurant, it is naturally based on hot pot food, but since it is a net red restaurant, it is natural to have its own unique dishes. The old hot pot restaurant of Hong Jiu Ge naturally has its own unique features. The vegetarian dishes and drinks in the store are quite creative, and most of them are not bought by the supermarket, but the store itself is based on raw materials, handmade. Processed.
    For example, the double pepper beef, the sizzling meatballs, the big knife waist and other foods are all very creative. After the hot pot is burnt to the hot, the foods that have been marinated in advance are put into the pot, and after a while, you can taste. La.
    Resignation Jun prefers the sound of the meatballs. This dish is made with some chopped diced meat in the traditional meatballs. In addition to the scent of the flesh itself, there is also a scent of scent. For one, it is really very rare.
    While eating an authentic red nine-character hot pot, chatting with friends is actually a very pleasant time. Well, the next time I come to Chongqing, I will definitely come to Hongjiu to eat hot pot.
     All aspects of Chongqing tourism
    About the trip
    Many friends who travel to Rizhao will wonder how to experience the local customs of Rizhao, which must be experienced and which can be omitted. Let’s take a look at the resignation schedule:
    Day1 Nanjing→Chongqing
    In the afternoon, Lukou Airport Feijiang North Airport.
    In the evening, stay in Chongqing.
    Day2 Chongqing
    In the morning, visit Jiefangbei and Hongyadong.
    Lunch, red nine grid.
    In the afternoon, the magnet mouth.
    In the morning, Chongqing High Speed ​​Rail went to Chengdu
    About Chongqing’s worthwhile experience and explanation
    Chongqing is a mountain city and a relatively well-known city. The most worthwhile experience in Chongqing is to eat the hottest hot pot and see the most representative scenic spots. The old hot pot, resigned, recommended the red nine old hot pot. Scenic spots, resignation Jun recommended Hongyadong, Ciqikou, Jiefangbei and so on.
    About scenic spots tickets
    Hongyadong, free to visit, the flooding of Hongyadong was very hot, but in the end there was no charge. I feel that there is no reason to charge here. After all, it is not easy to build a net red scenic spot.
    Ciqikou, free to visit.
    Jiefangbei, free to visit.
    About food
    In terms of food, there has been a detailed introduction in the previous article, and it will not be described here.
    About accommodation
    As a big city, Chongqing has a lot of accommodation resources, so many choices can be made without worrying about finding the right one. Such as high-end hotels, express hotels, homestays, youth travel, choose what you like. Of course, it is recommended to be under the premise of convenient transportation.
     Postscript, a paragraph written at the end
    After the trip, I feel that all the trips will go through the beginning, the beginning and the end. I think the travel is no exception. Then at the end of the story, thank you all, and willing to take the time to see my travel experience. I hope that this article of mine can help everyone, thank you~

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