Chuanxi small ring line, autumn is the color palette that God is over here.

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Have seen more beauty
    The favorite is still the scenery of the plateau.
    It is the favorite season of the year. At this time of the year, I always want to go outside to see the colorful world. It has always been a favorite of autumn, and in the autumn of Sichuan, there is desolateness, beauty, romance, and many beautiful views.
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    It’s not like sleeping or eating, or prefering what you eat.
    I have never seen such a blue sky for a long time, and the whole person is happy to be unable to speak.
    It is said that Xinduqiao is a paradise for photographers, and the villages in the sunset are golden.
    After returning to Seda in four years, it was still shocked by this large red house.
    With a minus two degrees of color, the windows are covered with ice.
    One day, I was on a hurry and had no scenery for a day, but I accidentally met a rainbow.
    The mountains are covered with mist, the mountains are snowy, and the autumn scenery is romantic.
    Surprisingly in a small village, the roadside is full of flowers.
    Even if I went to three places, it was not enough. In autumn, Bi Penggou was as beautiful as a fairy tale.
    Finally, we did not see the groundhog, we came to a show off.
     [day1] Go to Bifengxia only for that one pet
    I always like to travel in the favorite season, but the fall of the year is over, in order to live up to the good times of autumn, simply went out and went to western Sichuan to spend a colorful time.
    This tripThe schedule was quite easy. The first stop was in Ya’an. After lunch, I went to Bifengxia. When I was still studying a few years ago, I had been here with my friends. I couldn’t say that I liked it very much, but I was quite interested in the Panda Conservation Research Center in the scenic area.
    When parking at the gate, there will be local people asking if you need to take the road to drive in. If you want to visit Bifengxia Scenic Area, you don’t need to find them. You can take the elevator directly at the gate and walk to the Panda Institute. Then Take a sightseeing car from the scenic spot. We may be too lazy to let the locals take the Panda Institute, which is driving to the area, without visiting the entire scenic spot.
    Bifengxia Scenic Area is divided into two parts, one part is Bifengxia Scenic Area, which is part of the Institute of Giant Pandas, part of which is a safari park, and two parts are purchased separately. Although I have been there twice, I have never been to a safari park once, so I must check it out next time.
    I drove the car to the park outside the Panda Park. I was going to see the natural scenery of Bifengxia. Everyone was lazy. I went down a downhill road and saw that the “three missing one” pandas played mahjong and felt back to see the real The giant panda is gone.
    How can you beat me with mahjong? This is not gambling. It is just an entertainment to make boring time (speaking so grandly).
    At the first point of entering the Panda Garden, there are several giant pandas, each with a wooden house, commonly known as the Panda Villa. But the status of these few cute pets is that they sleep in addition to sleeping, and the sleeping position is strange. Even so, it still feels cute.
    Ya’an Bifengxia Giant Panda studies all three places to see giant pandas. Each place is actually not far apart. A group of people talk and laugh, and soon they will go to the next point.
    Vaguely remembered that when I reached the second point, it pulled the cockroaches at us, then fell back and fell asleep. We are laughing and saying that we should pay attention to the influence.
    In addition to the cute pets sleeping on the ground, we found one in the tree, and even fell asleep on the tree, and the legs were hanging and swaying, for fear that it would fall.
    The third point is far away. We wanted to leave. We accidentally heard the squirrels on the way. The peers of the same group began to think that it was the voice of the pheasant. I was the first time I heard it.The squirrels’ screams have been harvested so much.
    Compared to the pandas in the first two points, the giant pandas at the third point are much more lively. Perhaps just after eating or just waking up, this panda walks around in his yard and is very popular.
    On the other side, I heard the tourists screaming. In the past, I saw the cute pets of eating bamboo. I took a camera and took a few shots. I also recorded several videos.
    It’s so cute to sit and eat, and it’s still facing us, so I want to take it home. After taking the video and photos, I will go home with satisfaction.
    When the return journey passed the first point, the giant panda seemed to have woken up, and was stretching, and the clumsy body was really cute.
    There is a battery car in the scenic area, we choose to walk to every point, and children can choose to go to the battery car.
    Ya’an has “three ya”, elegant girl, ya fish, and elegant rain, so it is Ya fish that must not be missed in Ya’an. In the evening, we found a shop that eats ya fish. The biggest characteristic of ya fish is its head paradise. There is a sword. According to legend, this sword was created when the son-in-law made up the sky and accidentally dropped the sword into the water. Therefore, this sword has become the biggest symbol for distinguishing the authenticity of the fish. After the fish is finished, the waiter of the restaurant will remove the sword of the yak fish and put it in the box for the diners.
     [day2]The scenery is still unstoppable
    It is said that Xinduqiao is a paradise for photographers. I haven’t found her beauty many times. Maybe every time I’m in a hurry, maybe I really didn’t find the beautiful eyes, but I asked our car to lead the team all the year round. The driver, according to him, did not find out. The impression of Xinduqiao still stays a little headache every time you come here, and you can’t breathe in two steps.
    It seems that the temperature has started to cool after Chengdu, and the morning Ya’an has unconsciously shrunk. After eating breakfast, I set off for Luding.
    When I got out of the Erlang Mountain Tunnel, I started to have a blue sky. I found a wide place to park and rest. How can I not wear the high fence (may be the reason for the short person) wearing a skirt, it took a lot of effort to get the edge of the cliff, opposite the famous Dadu River.
    Passing through many times, I have not been to the Luding Bridge on the language textbook. There is a short distance between the parking lot and Luding Bridge. There are many merchants selling dried fruit, beef jerky, and various small things. What attracts us most is this fairy fruit. The fairy fruit is the fruit of the cactus knot. The taste is not very personal, but the first time I saw it, it was always amazing.
    Luding Bridge is a railway bridge. The bridgeheads on both sides of the bridge are traditional wooden structures and are unique to China. On May 29, 1935, the Chinese Workers and Peasants Red Army marched through the area, with 22 warriors as the pilots of the commando, braving the enemy’s bullets and rain, and the cable-stayed bridge marched forward, killing the bridge guards in one fell swoop. Today, as an important historical monument, many tourists come to visit.
    Even though I have already put a board on the iron rope, I can still feel the rush of the river and it will make people feel scared. I probably got back ten meters after walking. When I walked on the ground, my legs still felt very swaying.
    I have to sigh that the Red Army was brave and fearless. Only when I personally experienced it, I realized that it is not easy to “fly the Luding Bridge.” The bridge deck is very swaying, so be careful when you go.
    On one side of Luding Bridge, there is a Guanyin Pavilion, where you can see the panoramic view of the entire Luding Bridge.
    Going to the Guanyin Pavilion, the entire Luding Bridge, the rushing Dadu River, and the scenery on both sides of the smog.
    At lunch we decided to settle in Kangding, so the time spent waiting for it was very short. On the way to Kangding, I encountered this bridge. The blue sky and white clouds are very spectacular and beautiful.
    As soon as I entered Kangding, there was already a colorful forest on the mountain in front. Yellow, red, green, various colors are cross-mixed into a colorful landscape painting. Regardless of the speed of the car, it is good to stick out from the skylight to freeze the piece.
    This is my favorite scenery, my eyes are on this colorful forest, the color is more vivid.
    After we had eaten the Matsutake stewed chicken that I had been thinking about, and then bought some high-altitude drugs, we set off. From Kangding City, you will see a snowy mountain in front of you. You don’t have to worry about the place where you didn’t take pictures. The local place is very intimate.
    The clouds always block the snowy mountains in the distance from time to time. I took two shots with a telephoto, so I like this picture.
    In the autumn, Kangding, although there are two or three thousand elevations, but there is sunlight in the daytime, it does not feel cold, but the sun shines on the body warm, the most loved when there is sunshine and not hot.
    Going to Xinduqiao will pass through the mountain, and I don’t recommend it. I’m not very recommended, but this viewing platform is quite recommended, but there are local people who come here to charge, it’s not very expensive. It seems to be 5 yuan. The scenery here is much more beautiful than that of the mouth, and the wind is not big, it will not blow people’s headaches, and there is no high altitude at the altitude.
    The small village under the snowy mountains is like a paradise. Backed by the snow-capped mountains, surrounded by colorful forests, the people living here must be very happy.
    The favorite photo of the card is still a photo of the back, through the hustle and bustle, snow mountains, colorful forests, just want to enjoy this beautiful scenery quietly here.
    When you leave the observation deck and go up, there will be a place to park, and no one charges, but there is no landmark, but the view here is more open.
    This parking spot has a stone, standing on it or sitting on it and taking pictures is a good view angle. I have been here with my friends for a long time, and every face that has no face is coming.
    And with the car that accompanied us for a whole journey, I have to say that the shape of this s7 won my heart.
    This road to the mountain is really a lot of viewpoints, and most of them do not charge. We really stopped for a few minutes and it was really fun along the way. Looking at the small partner to take a photo on the car, I also tickle this angle, and I am afraid to sit in the sun, but the men in the same trade are no problem, I will sit up boldly.
    In front of the joy, I encountered a traffic jam of more than an hour in the back. When I arrived at the fold of the mountain pass, it was all fog, and the wind really blows to doubt life. Here, the toilet is located at the top of the observation deck of the mountain pass. The toilet is located at the bottom of the observation deck. It is about two or three stories high. It is already very high. After going down to the toilet, it will come up. Many people are directly High anti. I slowly got up and panted.
    After a while in the car, the little friend said that there is no one in the iconic place now, let’s take two photos. Then there is a photo of this tour, who can help me to drop the next uncle. By the way, here you must bring a hat, a hat for clothes, or you will have a headache.
    It will take a short while to get to Xinduqiao, just in time for a sunset, the sun hits these Tibetan houses, and the golden glow is warm.
    In the evening, I ate beef or mutton soup pot near the hotel, and grilled fish. I have to say that Xinduqiao is really a hurdle to enter the plateau. I just want to lie down all night. I feel tired when I move, and I don’t sleep at night. Practical, get up and take a headache medicine to prevent it. Several small partners have headaches and have not fallen asleep, but don’t have too much psychological pressure. It is also possible to give them a psychological comfort in advance.
     [day3] Returning after four years is still as beautiful as I first saw it.
    It was the only time to skip class when I was studying. It was the same time I went to class with my classmates four years ago. But fortunately, our class teacher encouraged us to go out, so there was nothing to worry about on the whole journey. After returning to Seda in four years, I still remember those roads and those scenes.
    Lived last nightThe hotel is in a Tibetan style and is popular with all the people. Just breakfast on the first floor, no waiter, no lights, the door is open, the wind has been poured in, the porridge that has been swelled is not cold at the end of the table, and after rushing to eat, return to the room to warm up and collect the luggage ready to leave.
    In the morning, Xinduqiao, the sun shines on the river, misty. Tell my fellow friends to take a photo of me, and then let everyone say a word and illuminate your beauty.
    The most loved morning and evening, on the road of the car, a cloud of fog in the distance, as if walking into the fairyland.
    There will be a small river on the road from Xinduqiao to Tagong Grassland. The stones inside are all written with six-word mantras, which are very dense.
    A wooden bridge connects the two sides, and the rafters are hung on both sides of the wooden bridge, adding a color to this stone-filled place.
    Every time I come to the Tibetan area, I always like to watch this article and the wind flutters in the wind. It is not only a landscape, but also a kind of sustenance.
    In addition to the river, the six-character mantra on the stones of the mountains is enough to see how pious the people who wrote them.
    Passing through the Tagong Temple, there was no stop. There was a long row of prayer wheels on the outside of the Tagong Temple. When I came to the temple last time, I only turned to the prayer wheel. This time we went directly to the parking lot of the Tagong Prairie. The snowy mountains in the distance, the nearby white towers complement each other and are very holy.
    The other side of the White Tower is the Tagong Prairie. We didn’t go in time, and it seems that we can ride horses.
    Tacom, who hastily passed, we have to continue on our way.
    a place passing by halfwayWe all feel that it is not bad. The pilot car tells the camera to stop and take pictures, which is exactly what we want.
    Don’t look at the parking place where there are trees and farmhouses, and the scene across the road seems a bit desolate. Only one white horse left to eat grass, feeling a little lonely.
    At this time, some people in the distance came to ride and asked if they would ride horses. As a result, one of our teams was completely uninterested in riding.
    I saw that there were no vehicles on the road, and I quickly took two shots and got on the bus. Although it is not cold, but the wind here is quite big, you still have to wear a jacket to get off. When taking pictures on the road, you must pay attention to the two parties to come to the car, safety first.
    Lunch was settled in a county town. I drank a few bowls of soup at noon and was laughed at and said that I would have to find a toilet later. After lunch, I rushed to Seda, and the car who wanted to sleep after lunch completely affected the driver. Then I was suggested to say that one car sent a person to sing, and I had no choice but to make more drums. In fact, everyone sings very well, but the sound quality of the walkie-talkie is not good, and the dissemination is not satisfactory. But fortunately, singing and laughing, I spent the boring road time.
    On the way to Seda, you will pass a protected area of ​​Tibetan macaques. The monkeys here are basically stocked. When driving, pay attention to whether there are monkeys on the road. Because we didn’t get off the bus, we still feel very docile when we look at them in the car, but after all, they are stocked, so be careful.
    It was already five o’clock in the afternoon when I arrived at Seda. I planned to go back to see a panoramic view and retreat. Can not open a private car, unless the hotel room is set, but also one person to get a reservation information and then come down to the following people to see in order to drive in. There is a bus inside the Seda Buddha College, and it will be open until the evening. When it is full until there are people on the aisle, the car is not fast, but it is basically a winding road, so there is a position or a position. . The terminal is the mandala, and it is usually sitting here and then walking to a higher place to see the panorama.
    After waiting for a while in the mandala, I watched the scene in front of the railing and listened to the sound of the prayer wheel. Even if it was noisy, it felt quiet. Then I went to see the panoramic place. As long as there was a little slope on the plateau, people could not breathe. Stop and walk finally arrived. The viewing platform was already full of various tripods.
    This large and dense red house is still spectacular even if it is viewed for the second time. Last time I wanted to see the Buddhist College in the evening sun, but because the hail had to give up, this time was just the evening, but the observation deck was so strong that it didn’t work. When the little friends took the photo, they returned along the steps.
    Going down the viewing platform, although the location is not high, but you can also see the panorama, and the most important thing is that there is no wind, then decided to take the night scene and then go back. I took a small partner’s mobile phone holder and took a time delay from the evening to the dark Buddhist college. When I saw the finished product, I felt that even if I was hungry, my stomach hurts.
    The first thing that lights up is the temple in the middle, then the mandala, and finally the faint light from the red house. I have been shooting the night scenes all the time, although I can’t record the beauty that the naked eye sees, but as long as these beautiful scenery are in my heart, it is enough.
    Go down the steps, you can choose to wait for the bus to go down the mountain, you can also choose to walk down the mountain. Waiting for some cold, I suggested walking while waiting. As a result, the leader said that he would take another route. He missed the bus without walking the road, walked to the parking lot, and finally walked to the parking lot from the place where he waited for the car. Less than a minute, and the whole journey is downhill.
    After four years of returning, I saw a Buddhist college that I had never seen before. I hope that I will be as good as I saw when I see you next time.
     [day4] I have no chance of a groundhog, but I have seen a rainbow.
    Compared with the scenery in the scenic area, I prefer the scenery on the road, and the most beautiful scenery in western Sichuan is also on the road. This is unadorned and pure beauty.
    In the early morning, the ice was frozen on the window. When I took out the mobile phone and watched the temperature, I found that it was already minus two degrees. After a few tens of degrees of weather, it is acceptable for two degrees below zero. In autumn, the color difference is large in the morning and evening, and the altitude is higher, so be sure to keep warm and don’t let yourself catch a cold.
    The leader took us to the place where the groundhog was seen, perhaps because it was too early, maybe it was possible to hibernate, and the shadow of the groundhog was not seen.
    Then we played a “show off the rich”. On the second day of the journey, someone suggested that you take such a photo, and this day finally satisfied the wishes of the whole team. However, only two people went to shoot. I saw that they were too tired to shoot and they had to give up.
    On the way to Malcom, the colorful forests on both sides of the road have been with us. Now the road conditions are much better than when I came a few years ago, and the cars on the road are not many.
    Although the distance to the color of Malcolm is not very far, but still ran for many hours, lunch we are also eating instant noodles at the roadside rest, ready to go to Malcolm for a good meal. By the way, you must not use Unicom in Sichuan, you really have no signal, and look at the envy of the small partners with telecommunications.
    It’s already two or three in the afternoon, and there seems to be nothing to play in the vicinity. The peers in the field suggest going to Mengbishan.
    Walking through the winding mountain road, you can overlook the city of Malcolm. The height is getting higher and higher. Sitting at the window, I unconsciously fasten my seat belt, and I still have to drive slowly.
    As a city of Aba, the city of Aba, the city is not very large. Overlooking the mountains, the red and blue roofs are particularly lovely.
    On the other side of the city, the whole city is a long and narrow shape. Because the altitude is not high, it is quite comfortable when staying in Malcolm. The mountain we walked was lush, and in the fall, the whole road was walking in the colorful forest. Looking at the opposite slope, the bare, formed a sharp contrast.
    When the weather was just up the mountain, the weather was not very good. It was raining all the time, so the whole day looked cloudy.
    I saw a street sign showing that it was called Chang Lieshan. When I got here, the other cars didn’t want to go up. The driver of our car said that the last three kilometers would not go, and then we went up one car. Sure enough, the scenery after going up is more beautiful.
    It took less than a minute to drive up. The driver said that he seemed to lie and saw the rainbow. We didn’t pay attention to him. Later, after the car went up the mountain and turned in one direction, I saw a rainbow outside the window and quickly let him stop. The rainbow that hasn’t been seen for a long time is always so amazing and surprising.
    At this time, the blue sky also came out, and the scenery after the storm was more beautiful. The eagle hovered in the sky, too far away, and could not be photographed at all.
    At the top of the mountain, it is still under construction, including temples. I don’t know how beautiful it will be after building this place.
    Although there is no plan to come here this day, the places outside the plan are even more joyful.
    When I saw a puddle, I wanted to rush. When the mud splashed, I felt particularly shocked. Finally, I drove a car full of mud and went down to find a car wash.
    In the distance, there are various blessings written in the hills. After the filming, I will be satisfied with the downhill. On this day, I ate a noodles that I hadn’t eaten for a long time, and I saw a rainbow that I hadn’t seen for a long time. Although I didn’t miss the groundhog, it was still a happy day.
     [day5] cloud, colorful forest, snow mountain, autumn of western Sichuan
    My favorite place during the whole trip is the Dream Mountain, not far from Malcolm, which is probably the most beautiful place on the whole journey.
    Early in the morning, we started from the hotel in Malcolm. This place was on the way from Malcolm to Xiaojin. In the early morning, the whole mountain was covered with clouds and beautiful scenery.
    In the autumn, the forest is full of mountains, and God seems to have knocked over the palette here, depicting it as colorful.
    I like this winding mountain road winding in the mountains. There are colorful colorful forests on both sides. Driving in this long gallery, opening the window and letting the breeze pass, this picture is very beautiful.
    The road without “model” seems to be a bit empty, just as our car’s face value is not low, taking the Ruifeng s7 and such beautiful scenery together, it also adds a touch of fun.
    When I arrived at the mountains and walked through the clouds, the scenery was even more intoxicating. However, the only regret of this road was that there was no place to park. Some places still had some landslides. It is very dangerous to park at random. I have to comfort myself in my heart. .
    As you go up, Cailin disappears behind him. There are more and more snow on both sides of the road. There are snowflakes on the branches in front, like a Christmas tree. The city I live in rarely snows, and every time I see snow, I am very excited.
    At the top of the mountain, the clouds have not yet dispersed, and the looming clouds will dress up the entire forest.Beautiful.
    When I got out of the car, I took off my coat, and I was very bright in this white snow. Fortunately, there is no wind here, and even if you take off your jacket, you can still accept the temperature here.
    Standing in the foothills, there is a feeling of a small mountain. I just want to yell at the distance, beautiful, and will come again.
    Then we returned along the original road, and went on to Xiaojin County, and we did not go there. Walking to the top of the mountain, the scenery of all seasons will be seen, let people indulge in this beautiful scenery.
    When I went down the mountain, I was still looking forward to the clouds in the mountains, but I had already dispersed. There is a small stream under the mountain. It is not deep. The car can be driven. We drove the car to the middle of the stream and took a picture like this in the car. The stream is clear and the surrounding colors are intertwined.
    I had already passed the meal after the photo was taken. When I went down the mountain, everyone was already hungry and ate a lot of small snacks on the car. The clouds and clouds dissipated, and the blue sky was revealed. Walking here, it seems to have fallen into the painter’s palette. Whether it is the blue sky or the forest, it is fascinating.
    Going to Gulgou, passing through the Lushan Tunnel, passing through Miyaluo, there will be more and more colorful forests on both sides of the road. Every time I come out to play, I rarely sleep in the car, because the most beautiful scenery has been on the road.
    There are many hot spring hotels in Gulgou. There are hot springs in the hotel room, which is very convenient, but it is necessary to soak at night. Then we put the luggage and then we are going to play around, and it is convenient to drive anyway.
    I was going to look at the road to Miyaluo. In retrospect, it seems that although I had a good view from Miyaluo, there was no place to stop there. Then we decided to go shopping at random. From Gulgou, we went to the right and went to an iron bridge. We went to a place where Dagou Village and Xiaogou Village, Dagou Village went straight, Xiaogou Village went right and saw We went to Xiaogou Village to see this row of white towers in Xiaogou Village.
    From the forked road, a variety of bright colors are presented in front of you, yellow, red, orange, and green. When people see it, they feel that they are bright and beautiful.
    In addition to the colorful forest, you can see such a piece of Gesang flower, which makes people feel comfortable and beautiful.
    Going up the mountain, you will go to Xiaogou Village. This village is a poverty-stricken new village. The village is not big, but a Tibetan-style house in this mountain has made me want to spend some time.
    Seeing that it is time for dinner, I will go down the mountain slowly.
     [day6] Autumn and winter romance, Bi Penggou
    I have been to Bizhugou three times, every time it is autumn, but even after so many times, I still don’t see the beauty here. Bi Penggou is located in the Luoluogou area of ​​Putou Township, Li County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. It is a well-known red leaf viewing place in China. The combination of autumn and snow scenes is like being in a fairy tale world.
    Early in the morning from Gulgou, there was a traffic jam on the road to Bi Penggou. This road was already repaired since last year, and it has not been repaired yet. The parking lot has already been full of cars, and there are long and long queues at the entrance. However, there are quite a lot of sightseeing cars in the scenic area. We did not wait long enough for us to get on the bus.
    In the weekend, it is also the peak season. The eco-cars in the scenic area will not stop in the middle, and will drive directly to the terminal to stop. After you have got an eco-car, you can choose to walk or browse the sightseeing car. The sightseeing car also lined up for a long queue, and we chose to walk to the sightseeing car that we chose when we returned.
    When you get off the bus, you can feel the coolness even in the down jacket. The trees in the distance are already wrapped in silver, which is wonderful.
    Walking up the boardwalk, the first attraction encountered is Zhuoma Beach, which is the third sea. The area is not big, but the scenery is the most beautiful. The water is clear and the colors are colorful. The lake is clear and green, and the colorful forest on the mountain is clearly reflected on the lake, perfectly blending with the color of the lake.
    The vegetation under the hills is lush and the mountains are covered with snow. It is like a natural oxygen bar, which makes people feel relaxed and happy.
    Going forward, you will pass by a forest, and the tourists here are very few. If you want to take a portrait, you won’t miss such a good place.
    Want to avoid the crowd to take a picture of the person, then the lake is also a good choice, take off the jacket, and occasionally the cool breeze can not help but shrink the hand into the sleeve.
    I took a few close-ups with a long focal length, and I liked the combination of snow-capped mountains and colorful forests. The combination of autumn and winter is really romantic.
    I met a tree like this. When the background is good, the second picture is laughed and said to be a little girl selling hats.
    Continue to walk in the woods, many people here snowballs and snowmen, this little snowman on the stool is very cute.
    The last point is the Yanghu Lake. The deep lake reflects the beautiful scenery. The snow that has not melted on the mountain is dotted with green trees. The casual and childlike activities on the other side attract every visitor, so they look and feel their happiness.
    In fact, there will be a point in the future. I have not been to the office three times. I have come back here.
    The sightseeing car is sitting underneath for the eco-car. The time is not long, but it is still a little cold when it is not closed.
    When I was in the eco-car, I was lucky enough to meet a good driver. When I came, I stopped at these stops and let us take pictures. When you get off the camera, you must remember the license plate number of your car, because it is the original car.
    The color forest in the parking lot of Bi Penggou is more beautiful. After getting off the car, I took the photo and walked toward the ancient town of ink and wash.
    In fact, the distance to the ancient town of ink and wash is not very far. After we finished lunch, we arrived at Wenchuan and encountered a traffic jam. It was not until the evening that we arrived at the hotel. On the penultimate day of the trip, we were full of sleep.
     [day7] the last day, next timeEvery time I come out on the last day of the journey, I always have some sadness. After many times in Wenchuan, I have never been to an earthquake site, afraid to see the painful pictures again. It’s been ten years since 512, and I’ve been here to see it.
    From the ancient town of Ink and Wash, we came to the memorial hall of Yingxiu. The “5.12” Wenchuan Earthquake Yingxiu Zhenzhong Memorial Hall is located in Yuzixi Village, National Highway 213. It is complete with rich texts, pictures, video materials, multimedia and dynamic ring screens. It shows the wise decision-making of the Party Central Committee during the earthquake relief and post-disaster reconstruction, the great love of all walks of life, and the great spirit of self-improvement and gratitude for the people in the disaster areas.
    The memorial hall is on a mountainside. There is also an earthquake experience museum in the museum. After the whole museum is finished, the mood is very heavy, and the thoughts are pulled back ten years ago.
    After coming out of the museum, you can see the newly renovated Yingxiu Town, where the Xuankou Middle School site is also located. The trauma caused by the earthquake is huge, and no matter how many years have passed, those scenes of 512 are still vivid.
    Then we came to the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base in Dujiangyan, where the gate is exactly the same as the Chengdu Panda Base.
    After buying the tickets, the environment inside is not bad. You can choose to visit the sightseeing car, or you can choose to walk. We walk directly, because there are not many points to see the pandas. It can be visited in about an hour.
    The pandas here are basically lazy, because the first day of the trip has seen the pandas, so everyone’s interest is not so high. After reading the last point, I went back to Dujiangyan City to eat. The rabbit feast at noon, the rabbit head and the fresh pot rabbit were well received by friends from other places.
    It is said that Dujiangyan must look at water conservancy projects. Dujiangyan Scenic Area is located on the Lijiang River in the west of Chengdu Plain in Sichuan Province, in the west of Dujiangyan City, Sichuan Province. Dujiangyan is not only a world-famous ancient Chinese water conservancy project, but also a famous scenic spot.
    There are a lot of local people in the parking lot asking if they want to guide, and take us to other places to see. Because we thought about driving, we chose the outside guide. She will take us to a commanding height, and said that we must listen to her explanation, not to listen to a river.
    This place is quite good, but our weather was bad and foggy that day. However, these places are private places. If there is no tour guide, it is not allowed to enter. If you want to let them take photos and buy photos after entering, be sure to tell the guides the price at the beginning. There is no extra consumption after the trip, so we have a line. The photo money of the people is responsible for the tour guide.No extra.
    Finally, we will take us to a paragliding base to see the dam. In fact, I really want to try paragliding, but the price is very expensive.
    See if they are free to fly in the air, and then go to experience it next time.
    On the last night of the journey, I went to eat hot pot with my friends. After talking for a long time, I said that it was not easy to gather once. I don’t know when it will be gathered again next time, but it’s always a good time to get together. Really happy.
    I hope to gather again next time.
     [about itinerary]
    Day1: Chengdu-Yaan (Bifengxia)
    Day2: Ya’an-Kangding-Folding Mountain-Xinduqiao
    Day3: Xinduqiao – Tagong Grassland – Daofu County – Seda
    Day4: Seda-Maerkang
    Day5: Malcolm – Dream Pen Mountain – Miyaluo – Gulgou
    Day6: Gulgou – Bipenggou – Shuimo Ancient Town
    Day7: Dujiangyan – Chengdu
    Our car this time is the JAC Ruifeng S7, the performance is very good in all aspects, and there is a explosion-proof tire system, the safety factor is quite high. Because of the hobby photography, many places can’t stop, the car has a panoramic sunroof, and often the driver is allowed to drive a little slower and then take the camera out of the skylight to take pictures. The super version also has a “smart listening” system. As long as there is a network, voice can be controlled, what songs you want to listen to, and what you want to navigate.
     [about living]
    Ya’an, Beth Xingyue Hotel, the hotel is on the mountain, it is not very convenient without driving, it is a garden hotel, the room is not bad, the waiter is very warm. Breakfast and accommodation are not in one building, the environment is very good.
    Xinduqiao, Yangzongling Hotel, the entire hotel is a Tibetan style, with a strong ethnic style, the room is also very unique. Just breakfast was on the first floor, we didn’t turn on the lights when we went, the door was open, very cold, and the breakfast was simple.
    Seda, Yishang Hotel, the room is very good, and there is a free oxygen absorber. There are a lot of breakfast people and the dining environment is a bit small.
    Malkang, Dongzang Rongba Hotel, the entire hotel is also Tibetan style, carved a variety of exquisite, the rooms are large and small, breakfast is not bad.
    Gulgou, Xikangya Hot Spring Hotel, the room is too large, but alsoBring your own hot springs, you can soak in the hot springs without going out, breakfast is average.
    Ink ancient town, ink manor. Living in a detached house-like room with an oversized balcony. Breakfast must wait until the people who come together can eat, and other guests have milk. When we want milk, we say that the meal is different. In the morning, we have heard the meal for the first time, and we watched the price of the room. It is already the most expensive room type in their hotel. There is no elevator in the parking lot to the hotel lobby, and it is very inconvenient to carry luggage.
     [about eating]
    Throughout the trip, we basically eat local characteristics. For example, when I went to Ya’an, I ate Yayu. When I went to Kangding, I ate the Matsutake stewed chicken. The color of these cold places was eaten. Malcon ate a whole banquet. The roasted whole lamb that was eaten in Gulgou returned to the hot pot that Chengdu had eaten.
    Because they are all Sichuan, we are not very picky.
    1. Enter the plateau, don’t be excited, don’t run, don’t jump, walk slowly. Do not have pressure, many high antises are for psychological reasons.
    2, can prepare high anti-drugs in advance, oxygen can also be prepared, but not recommended.
    3. The current road conditions in western Sichuan are still very good, but you must be careful when driving.
    4, the temperature difference between autumn and evening is large, the color must wear a down jacket, when the panorama is very windy. And be sure to prepare a hat, I am basically blown by the wind.
    5, sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen, important things say three times, the ultraviolet rays in the plateau area is particularly powerful.
    6, hydration is also essential, I forgot to bring a mask regretted to die, aloe vera gel is actually pretty good.
    7, the scenery of many places in western Sichuan are on the road, you must pay attention to safety while taking pictures.

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