Close to Zen, reaching the soul, Niu Shoushan Range Rover

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    I like to travel. Experience different people, things, things, create different memory points for life, and when you remember, you will feel “Oh, my life is quite interesting”, instead of “nothing special, eyes closed, It’s been a lifetime.”
    What is sorted out is a record of time. Although some details have been impossible to pick up, all that remains is the most beautiful mark.
    The trip to Niu Shou Mountain is also a good relationship, and it is attached to the Buddha. Therefore, Sanya ended the holiday and flew directly to Nanjing, and opened the two-day and one-night Niu Shoushan Range Rover.
    Look at the trailer first:
     [Playing route]
    Recommended tour route:
    Classic day tour route: Niu Shou Square – Foding Temple – Buddha Pagoda – Buddha’s Palace – Zhenghe Culture Park – Chanlin Road Landscape Belt
    Play time: 5 hours
    Theme tour route:
    Buddha’s Pilgrimage Tour: Niu Shou Square – Buddha’s Temple – Buddha’s Top Tower – Buddha’s Roof
    Leisure and holiday trip: Niu Shou Square – Foding Temple – Buddha Pagoda – Buddha’s Palace – Chanlin Road – Hidden Dragon Lake
    Historical and Cultural Journey: Niu Shou Square – Foding Temple – Zen Path (Yue Fei Anti-Gold Base, Ming Dynasty Cliff Stone) – Buddha Pagoda – Buddha’s Palace – Zhenghe Culture Park – Hidden Dragon Lake
    Sightseeing Tour: Niu Shou Square – Foding Temple – Buddha Pagoda – Buddha’s Palace – Zhenghe Culture Park – Baoxiang Lake – Chanlin Road – Hidden Dragon Lake
    But for the entire scenic spot, the core attractions are the Foding Temple, the Buddha Pagoda, and the Buddha’s Roof. You can play according to your own time.
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     [About photographic equipment]
    Mobile: Apple x mobile phone can shoot some short videos, very convenient
    Camera: Canon EOS5D Mark III (Canon EF 16-35mm f4 L, Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L IS II USM, Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM)
    Late software: Lightroom
     [Practical Raiders and Precautions]
    1. Keep cash as little as possible and keep valuables safe. Now that the technology is very developed, credit card checkout has become a normal state. Therefore, travel as much as possible to choose less with cash. But less cash is not equalWithout cash, otherwise there is no credit card machine in the scenic spot. At the same time, when traveling, the valuables such as cameras and computers should not leave as much as possible and be kept safe.
    2, ticket class: determine the travel time, choose the travel vehicle in advance, the plane or the train, it is best to download a travel app, so booking is more convenient.
    3, digital categories: SLR cameras, mobile phones, laptops, mobile hard drives, chargers, mobile power, patch panels.
    4, go out to see the weather, it is best to choose a sunny day.
    5. If it is a self-driving tour, determine the route in advance;
    6, the traffic car in the scenic area 20 yuan can be taken multiple times, 10 yuan ticket is a single ride, it is recommended to buy 20 yuan.
    7, Buddha statues can not be photographed, the Buddha must not loudly when the Buddha, the Buddha’s heavy mobile phone is best to mute.
    8, the Zen Grand View “Lian Buddha” performance time: 10:00, 11:30, 13:30, 15:00 daily
     [About accommodation]
    Cuipingshan Hotel
    The main reason for choosing Tsui Ping Shan Hotel is that the transportation is very convenient. Take the airport bus directly at the airport. The fare of 20 yuan is 30 minutes and you can reach the entrance of Cuipingshan Hotel. If the baggage is particularly good, it is not far from the car.
    It is six kilometers from Nanjing South Railway Station High Speed ​​Rail Station and can be reached in less than ten minutes. Less than two kilometers from the subway.
    The hotel is about 10 kilometers from Niu Shou Mountain Scenic Area, 15 minutes by car, and about 19 yuan by taxi.
    Hotel Address: No. 168, Tianyuan West Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing.
    Cuipingshan Hotel belongs to the old hotel and should belong to the kind of hotel that is often used for reception. Although it is not as high-end as a boutique hotel, the sanitation is relatively clean. The price is 400 yuan.
    The environment is good, there is a lake in the middle of the hotel. Take a walk in the yard early or after dinner.
     [about traffic]
    Niushou Mountain is about 25 kilometers from Nanjing Lukou Airport, about 20 kilometers from Nanjing Railway Station and about 10 kilometers from Nanjing South Railway Station. Upon arrival, you can choose the subway or taxi to go to the scenic spot.
    Bus: Take 154, 155, 712 to the Niushou Mountain Scenic Area and reach the east entrance of the scenic spot; or take bus 710 to Zhoucun Station and walk to the west entrance of the scenic spot.
    1. Subway S1 line to Hohai University·Focheng West Road Station. After exiting the station, walk west of Yanfocheng West Road for 15 minutes to the east gate of Niushou Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone or turn to Bus No. 154 to the Niu Shou Mountain Scenic Area.
    2. Take Subway Line 1 to Tianlong Temple Station, and exit Bus No. 155 to the north of Niu Shou Mountain Scenic Area.
    1. Shanghai direction:
    Beijing-Shanghai Expressway G2—Hurong Expressway G42—Changhe Expressway S38—Airport Expressway—Nanjing Ring Expressway—Ningdan Road—Niushou Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone.
    2. Nanjing direction:
    Ring Expressway – Ningdan Road – Niushou Mountain Scenic Area or Ring Expressway – Airport Expressway – General Avenue – Focheng West Road – Niushou Mountain Scenic Area.
    3. Anhui direction:
    Hefei around the city – Shanghai-Shanxi Expressway G40 – Nanjing Ring Expressway – Ningdan Road – Ningdan Road – Niushoushan Cultural Tourism Zone.
    4. Zhejiang direction:
    Changshen Expressway (G25) – Changhe Expressway (S38) – Airport Expressway – Nanjing Ring Expressway – Ningdan Avenue – Niushou Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone.
    Scenic traffic:
    Due to the large area of ​​the scenic spot, it is recommended to take a tour bus in the scenic spot to visit various attractions.
     [Eating in Niu Shoushan]
    Niushoushan Canteen
    People eat food for the day, you must not have to eat a meal in Niu Shoushan, maybe, the taste of a certain moment will become your eternal memory of Niu Shoushan.
    Choose to eat in the Niu Shoushan canteen, this canteen is not a canteen, this canteen is tall, the log design style is like a cure for the medicine, the simple temperament, the natural texture, let people eat in the most comfortable state.
    The canteen is mainly based on Nanjing cuisine and tastes very good. A buffet of 68 yuan, we come to more people, just order to eat together.
    Fish head tofu
    Seafood coffee pot
    Hot and sour tomato sauce
    White soup mutton pot
    Jiangning Yipin Xian
    Black-boiled octopus
    Dried plums
    Wooden ear dried duck soup
    Grain harvest
    Tin foil fried shrimp
     [Fo Ding Qian Yuan: The landscape is like Jiangnan]
    When you come to Niu Shou Mountain, most people will choose to take the sightseeing bus all the way to the Foding Palace, and I will start from the Foding Front Court.
    Foding Qianyuan, as the name suggests, is the area in front of the Buddha’s top. This is the closest attraction to the East Gate. Because this is a newly built attraction, and now it is a harsh winter, there are not many people coming, so the fountain on the square is not open.
    Foding Qianyuan is an important passage leading to the Foding Temple and the Buddha’s Roof. It is equipped with Tianzhu Range Rover, Qingshui Guanyu, Yumeixuan, Jixian Bridge, Stopxin Lake, Shi Niu Tuo, Fa Rong Plaza, Fun Cow Park. There are fifteen viewing spots such as the late red trail. The whole three-level scenery, the foreground “Fish Red Lotus Water Reflecting” refers to the lotus pond in front, the middle view “Fog up white rainbow floating jade belt”, the jade belt is the middle Jixian Bridge and the prospect “Tianyu Mountain has Nothing, the layers of scenery are fascinating.
    Foding Front CourtBeautiful scenery, quiet environment, rockery spring pool, stone bridge flowing water, strange mountains and grass, and the distant mountains and temples together constitute a landscape painting, a little small Jiangnan feeling.
    The delicate Yumei Xuan, like the heavenly fairy in the mortal pavilion, the painting and calligraphy of poetry and hops, this kind of life is not heaven and earth. Since we didn’t have a staff member when we came, Maggie played a guzheng and heard such a guzheng in the secluded Foding Dingyuan, as if it were in the sky.
    In the shade of suitable leisure, on the Jixian Jixian Bridge, you can stop the heart between the lakes, and more red dust troubles, you can also throw away the brain, at this moment, only with the autumn water and the long days a total warmth.
    After listening to Maggie’s guzheng performance, we continued to go to the Shi Niu Tuo Shishi scenic spot. This is also the preview of the whole Niu Shou scenery. Step by step, one step, one scene, this garden is buried too much, the moment you It is also an Iraqi who is independent of the bridge, and looks at the style of autumn leaves and fallen leaves. At the next moment, you will become a knight who climbs over the mountains. Can you read the mystery of the ten bulls?
    To Niuzi Mountain, the most worthwhile thing in the front of the Buddha’s roof is the “Fa Rong Square”. The founder of the Niutou Zen Buddhism, Fa Rong, has a scornful look, and the clothes are stunned. Or stand or squat, gathering a variety of animals that are leisurely. This is the legendary story of “Fa Rong, the group of beasts listening to Zen”, which is described in the way of scene reappearance to every passing tourist.
    The scenic lawn is full of small MaitreyaThe sculptures, which read books, knocked on wooden fish, and showed different forms of Buddha to everyone.
    Not far from the building is the Foding Temple, located on the southwest side of the main peak of Niushou Mountain, sitting west to the east, is a Tang Dynasty architectural style temple, starting in the early years of the Southern Dynasties, you can also see two pairs of vivid golden yellow on the roof of the house. Niujiao, a total of seven halls, according to its function is divided into five areas of Li Buddha, Hongfa, Zhaitang, Yi, and Tea Garden, which is the Hongfa Dojo of the relics.
    There are bridges and rivers in front of the door, and there are 10 stone Buddha statues on the walls. The gestures are different and people can’t help but worship. There is a place in front of the bridge with incense and hanging blessing cards. Every year, many tourists come to Shangxiang and pray.
    The Buddhist temple building in the temple runs through the symmetrical layout of the central axis. The typical Chinese ancient architectural culture is symmetrical, showing the majestic atmosphere, and because it is the Hongfa dojo of the relics, so in addition to the atmosphere and elegance, there are other buildings that cannot be cleaned. solemn.
    Foding Temple is also one of the must-see attractions.
    Located in the holy territory of Foding, the Buddha’s Pagoda is one of the landmark buildings of the Buddha’s Holy Land. The tower is nine-level and eight-sided with a height of 88 meters. This is a newly built high tower, echoing the Hongjue Temple not far away. The twin towers reproduce the grand pattern of the “double towers” ​​in the history of Niu Shou Mountain. The drone flies up and puts the Hongjue Temple and the Buddha’s Roof together with the Buddha’s Top Tower, feeling the atmosphere and the spectacular.
    As it is not open yet, it is impossible to visit. It is said that there is a statue of the Vishnu Buddha in the tower. There is also a copy of the Tang Dynasty copper-plated diamond clock and various Tibetan scriptures. If you can climb to the top of the tower, you can overlook the entire Niu Shou Mountain. Of course, the Foding Palace is also the most beautiful and spectacular at the top of the tower.
     [Fo Dinggong: Near Zen, reaching the soul]
    At the top of Niushoushan Park, there is a magnificent huge dome, which is the “Fo Ding Palace.” The entire Foding Palace has a total construction area of ​​nearly 100,000 square meters. The main building has a total of 9 floors. The underground mine has built 6 layers of mines. The scale is huge. It can be said that it is rare in Buddhist buildings in the world.
    Come up from the top of the Buddha’s Victory Road, then take the elevator up to get to the top of the Buddha’s Palace. Here you can not only see the performance of “Daguan Grand View”, but also the only one of the world’s only Sakyamuni Buddha bone relics.
    Look at the report that this is a palace built with 4 billion yuan.
    This huge building is divided into two parts, the Great Dome and the Earth Palace, which are provided for accidental support and internal support.
    The shape of the big dome, such as the Buddha’s ancestors, is overlaid on the small dome, symbolizing the infinite blessing of the Buddha. The lower part of the small dome is the shape of the lotus throne, and the upper part is the shape of the Moni orb, which combines to form the sacred image of the “Lotus of the Lotus”.
    The Foding Palace has a total of 9 floors, so there are three floors above ground and six floors underground. To enter the Buddha’s crown palace, you must first pass through a “entry” channel. Inside the passage are the wonders of the four natural phenomena of earth, fire, water and wind, and the paintings of the Buddha’s eight-phased enlightenment.
    Through the last door, they stepped into the upper floor of the Buddha’s Palace. Every door, every channel, is full of solemn feelings.
    After arriving at the entrance to the Buddha’s Palace, the first thing that caught your eye was the huge dome. Looking up at the sky, the mysterious sky seems to be close at hand, and the little stars seem to be within reach, and the heavens and the humans are one.
    The core of the Zen Grand View is the Zen culture. It consists of three parts. The Zen Garden, where the Buddha was born, the Zen Garden, and the Lotus Theatre in the middle, together represent the story of Buddha’s life.
    At the beginning of the performance, the lights above the sky dimmed, around the reclining Buddha week.The surrounding fountain opens, and the reclining Buddha slowly rises and rises in the rhythm of the music. The believer who came to pay respects holds the lotus around the reclining Buddha for three laps, and the Buddha in his mouth prays for the Buddha to bless and make wishes.
    Remember not to shout loudly here, the phone is best adjusted to silent mode, the scene is more serious, should not play and play.
    The reclining Buddha can rotate 360 ​​degrees with the countertop, meaning the Buddha Faenza.
    At the end of the ceremony, we went to the deeper underground five floors. There is no direct elevator, only the escalator. Step by step, leading to deeper places, more revealing the depths of the palace.
    When I arrived at the fifth floor of the underground, I was shocked when I entered the corridor. It was so magnificent that it was no wonder that the cost was so high.
    Inside the circular corridor of the bottom of the cylinder, the walls are filled with various wooden and jade small Buddha statues, which are spectacular under the illumination of the lights.
    At the center of the floor is a large stupa with a door on all sides, and visitors can enter the tower to watch the relics. However, the relics offered here are imitation.
    The Buddha’s Palace is called the Buddha’s Palace, because the Buddha’s top bone relic is also here. Master of the contemporary Buddhist world, Nebula, once said that China has a Sakyamuni Buddha’s top bone relic, which can stand out from the world.
    According to the records of the classics, after Sakyamuni Buddha Nirvana 2,500 years ago, different types of Buddha’s body relics, such as Buddha’s tooth, Buddha’s finger and Buddha’s top bone, were left behind. The remains of the Buddha were regarded as sacred objects by the believers and they were eager to worship. Among them, the Buddha’s top bone relic is the most precious.
    In 2010, Buddha’s top relics were re-emerged in Nanjing Shengshi, and on October 27, 2015, they were officially greeted for long-term worship in the Foding Palace of Niushou Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone.
    Sakyamuni Buddha’s top bone relic is the most precious of all the relics in the world, symbolizing the most intelligent head.The brain, also the only one found so far in the world, is a symbol of supreme wisdom in Buddhism.
    Listening to the tour guide said that Foding’s relic and small stupa have only seven opportunities per year, except for the Spring Festival, New Year’s Day, National Day and Buddhist festivals (Sakyamuni Day, Nirvana Day, Buddha’s Birthday, and Enlightenment Day). Not open to the outside world, so we have not seen it.
    Murals, Buddha statues, sculptures, and the entire hall. A solemn atmosphere. The heart of the people is quiet…
    In the entire relic hall, people can not only deeply appreciate the unique beauty of the Buddha Temple, but also the infinite solemnity of the relics, and the richness of contemporary Chinese Buddhist art, as well as the beauty of the craftsmanship.
    The four Baltic Bodhisattvas on the Great Relic Tower, as well as the Sifang Buddha, the Huimen Sixteen Buddhas, the Four-Road Bodhisattva and the Eight-Day Bodhisattva, which are symmetrical around the ring corridor, form the Fourth Supporting Society of Buddhism Tantric Circle Mandala.
    It’s really amazing, like walking into a magnificent world of bliss…
    The people who come here will basically wrap around the circle, mourning the wishes and blessings in their mouths, or clasping their hands together or leaning over them to express their beliefs.
    Listening to the tour guide said that it is still very effective. Friends who come to play can come to worship with sincerity!
     [melting coffee: time is light, time is quiet]
    When you are tired, come and sit down with “melting coffee.” Experience a cup of fragrant coffee and delicious snacks to experience the meditation and art of the café, the time is shallow, the years are quiet.
    Sitting quietly in the mellow atmosphere of coffee beans, reading a book or chatting, you can enjoy an afternoon. Nowadays, more and more photographers and models are gradually making the cafe a very romantic location….
    So how do you take a photo of the beauty in the coffee shop? Let me tell you a few points below.
    Pretend to read a book
    There are a lot of cafes with a salon temperament, and there are also many books for customers to read. If you go to this kind of cafe to shoot, then using books to make props is a good choice, pretending to read.
    2. Sitting long legs effect
    The vertical composition shoots the camera close to the ground, the legs will lengthen accordingly, the head will become petite, and the overall look will make the leg curve more slender.
    3. 趴 table
    Not only the table, but you can use the items on the table in the coffee shop to play an unexpected role in the overall picture. It can be used as a foreground for photos to show depth of field and to embellish the picture.
    4. Playing props in hand
    Whether it’s lighting in a coffee shop or a Christmas outfit, hold it in your hand, you can concentrate on playing the light bulb in your hand without having to look at the camera, and you can also discharge good results.
    In addition to the above attractions, there are Zhenghe Culture Park, Hidden Dragon Lake and Baoxiang.Attractions such as the lake can be seen. Due to time, these spots are not visited one by one. I believe that when Foding and Relica were outside, they will return to Niu Shou Mountain.

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