Come to Meili, go to Meili, find yourself

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Foreword: To [all people with the same feeling]
     Main peak of Meri [Kavagbo]
    Just because I saw you more in the snowy mountains; I have never forgotten your face since then; I dreamt that I will meet you one day by chance; from then on, I will start to be alone; in my life, at least two times like this. a love that doesn’t care for oneself, a trip that says go away
    Note: This photo was taken by Canon 600D, and the original camera is not processed.
    Starting from the plan; reaching the destination, it took only more than a week to prepare. On the way to the trip, there were also many episodes and comparisons of dog blood; there is not much to say here, just step into the topic. As shown in the above picture, this is the first stop in my Yunnan plan; the iconic building of the Lijiang Old Town; the first photo of Lijiang’s passengers, the first photo is here to commemorate, and also a lot of silk They and their sisters meet, meet, meet, and meet, if you go shopping in the ancient city; you must remember the direction and location of the big waterwheel when you go in, otherwise you will have no access, (but these are For those who come to Lijiang for the first time and compare the road idiots, many people will say that he has a Baidu map; however, there is time when Baidu maps will go wrong; (because I have experienced such a thing), so everyone says no matter Where to travel; be sure to remember one of the landmark buildings in the area; when you are really lost; when you ask for directions; faster and more efficient, here are a few photos Enjoy it, because it was already late in the evening when I went to the ancient city of Lijiang; so I just took a few pictures.
     Iconic building [big waterwheel]
     The water of this river is said to be snow water melted from the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Iceberg.
     Occasionally a photography brother
     Ancient City Snack Street
     I can often see the sun and the moon in Lijiang.
    Days gradually got the taste of the evening; the people on the street slowly grew up, just strolled around and went to find a place to eat; there were so many places to eat in the ancient city; (just forgot to introduce the sisters together) I hope that the girl will not be angry, this is going to go back; the sister was met at Lijiang Airport; it was also in Lijiang; it was similar to my route; then it was a hit; the car came to the ancient city; the sister was from Anhui; from Shanghai Flying over; alias called Tingting), there must be a lot of children’s shoes here, I can’t hold it, then I will take it.
    After dinner, we just turned around in the ancient city, we went back to the inn; the inn was booked before I went; the environment was good; outside the ancient city; near the north gate of the ancient city; hot water; air conditioning; wireless; separate bathroom; Feeling is good; the boss is northeast; more bold; economical and affordable; returning to the inn is almost 11 o’clock; scrubbing a lot; falling asleep and falling asleep; wake up is already more than six in the morning ;suddenlyI remembered yesterday’s plan; I quickly rushed to wash it out and went out; but when I got out of the door, I knew that the plan for this morning might be lost; because yesterday’s plan was; I went to take the Sunshine Snow Mountain in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain this morning; At first glance, it was all foggy; there was no way to get out of bed; simply walked all the way to the ancient city, the air in the morning was still relatively fresh; but occasionally it smelled; the smell of a trace of alcohol left in the air; Here is the evening; the inn bar is a paradise for people coming and going here; a few pictures of Lijiang’s morning are shared with children’s shoes.
     Come and rush, go and rush
    There is a way to go; this is travel; seeing the back of their hurried leave; suddenly a little touch in my heart; Lijiang in the morning is still quiet and deserted; occasionally there are one or two pairs of locals running in the morning And the smuggled foreign tourists, strolled for a while in the ancient city; the sky gradually lighted up; the weather turned cloudy again; Lijiang was a bit cold in the morning; when he got up in the morning, he only went out with a shirt; The temperature difference between Lijiang and Lijiang is relatively large; especially from May to August; the temperature difference is 5~10°; so friends from Lijiang this season; it is recommended to bring a few coats, especially long-sleeved jackets; UV is relatively strong; the first can play cold and warm; the second can play UV protection, which is the strongest in the country; I was too confident at the time; what preparations were not done, the result is as shown below Show
     Before travel
     After travel
    So remind all of them; whether you are ready to go; or have already gone to Lijiang; sunscreen, sunshade, sunscreen, lipstick, windshield; if you don’t want to be the next landlord; then you can’t be less Especially the girls; because I was very dark; I strolled for a while in the ancient city bar street; I was already at ten o’clock; I suddenly remembered the sisters together; Tingting had not yet got up; pick up the phone Hit the past; the result is heard: cow brother; you will go shopping again; I still want to sleep; well; women are born like this; love to sleep, (here is the cow brother refers to me; because I am doing a miscellaneous thing; so the sister called me a cow brother) I continued to walk along a bar street alone; today’s weather is good, a few panoramic views of the ancient city
     I met a Malaysian Chinese brother in a clearing
     Telephoto machine sneak shot sister
     I was prepared to take a few more shots; I suddenly found that my sister was looking at me affectionately; so I was too embarrassed to take a photo.
    At around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, we returned to the ancient city of Lijiang by car; check it on the Lijiang official website; in fact, there are still many fun little places in the ancient city of Lijiang; the first place to open our official website is the word of Mufu; Three consultations; get up immediately; tickets for entering Mufu are 60 yuan; if you buy online, you can buy 40 yuan.
    Here is a brief introduction to the source history of Mufu; Mufu is the common name of the Lijiang Mushi Tusimen; it is located under the Lion Rock in the ancient city of Lijiang, which is the Daguanyuan Mufu Scenic Area of ​​Lijiang Old Town covering an area of ​​40 mu; the central axis is 369 meters long. The whole building group sits west to east; it is a model of brilliant architectural art; at the same time, it preserves the Central Plains architecture in the Tang and Song Dynasties; the quaint and rough flowing wind, the Yugou in the Fuzhong; the layout of the living water and the Bai and Naxi Traditional national characteristics, Lijiang Mufu is located in the ancient city of Lijiang; it is the palace of Lijiang Mu’s toast in Lijiang; the Naxi national leader Mu Shizi (1253) has inherited Lijiang Tuzhifu; experienced the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, 22nd, 470 years; Mufu is the political and cultural center of Lijiang, and is now a national aaaa scenic spot.
    After dinner, I strolled around the ancient city for a while; the phone suddenly rang; I saw it every day; (In this brief introduction: Everyday: Guizhou’s sister works in Shenzhen; I know it in Baidu Post Bar; we have an appointment today. Collected in the ancient city) She has already arrived in the ancient city; just got off the bus; ask us to pick her up; come to Zhang Meizi’s photo; let everyone know
    After three days, we returned to the inn; we put things in the inn; we just got ready to go out for dinner; then the phone came again; the phone was called by the leader of Yubeng; he said that the other two friends have already To Lijiang; call us three past; everyone meet each other; familiar with each other; (to give you a brief introduction to these two friends; these two brothers are men; brother; is a man from Gansu; working in Xinjiang; As shown in the figure below, it is more burly and 彪悍
    The other one is a Korean man from Yanbian, Jilin; he is called Xiaojin; he is relatively cute; he is a freelancer; he works on a business trip in Korea all the year round; he is a literary youth (the name here is the abbreviation of a friend)
     Let’s take a photo of us.
    It’s been almost two days since I came to the ancient city of Lijiang. In fact, I really went to the ancient city of Lijiang; one day is enough; now it’s big.The family has arrived. The team leader simply told us about the time and place of our departure tomorrow. (In fact, the place we went to this time; the place we will leave tomorrow; Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture; Tibetan meaning: auspicious The place is the only Tibetan autonomous prefecture in Yunnan Province; it is located in the northwestern part of Yunnan Province: the junction of the three provinces of Yunnan, Tibet and Sichuan; the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau extends the horizontal and horizontal sections of the Hengduan Mountains, Jinsha River, Minjiang River and Nujiang River. The scenic hinterland hinterland, the Lancang River and the Jinsha River run through the whole territory from north to south; the total area is 23,870 square kilometers, which is briefly introduced here. We will introduce it in detail below because it will start early tomorrow; so everyone can be casually together. Talked for a while; they all went back to the inn to rest
    Wake up in the morning was awakened by the alarm of the mobile phone; I saw the time at six o’clock; I quickly got up and washed it; we set the departure time at 7:30 in the morning; the meeting place was very close to the inn; five minutes everyone They are all together; even the team leader and the driver we have seven people; it is an off-road vehicle; it is just full; it is not loose or crowded; the car leaves at 7:30 on time from Lijiang Old Town; the car is all the way high; half an hour has already come out Lijiang Ancient City; at noon we arrived in Benzilan Town, Diqing Autonomous Prefecture; there is a bridge in Benzilan Town, spanning Yunnan and Sichuan provinces.
     Benzilan Town
     Moon Bay
    The Jinsha River, the Lancang River and the Diaojiang River, and the formation of the Sanjiang Alpine Deep Valley in Deqin County are an important part of the magnificent mountain river in Diqing Prefecture; leaving many mysterious and dangerous landscapes; the picture Moon Bay is located in Deqin County, Yunnan Province. The boundary between Zilan Town and Geng Township, Derong County, Sichuan Province; from the north to the south, the Dingqu River runs through the whole territory; after accepting the Maui River Shuoqu River; the water of the Three Rivers has been invested in the embrace of the Jinsha River; The formation of the three walls and the two waters; however, due to the special shape, it is often mistaken for the first bay of the Yangtze River more than 100 kilometers downstream, which is part of the Baimang Snow Mountain Nature Reserve; It is also part of the world’s natural heritage, the Three Rivers
    At this time, the team leader reminds us all; to be spirited; don’t fall asleep in the car; because the altitude has slowly risen; it is impossible to sleep in the car; (because the altitude is only 4,000 meters; people are in the car It is easy to lack oxygen; the words of Uncle Zhao Benshan are: You have closed your eyes; it may have passed.) Now the altitude has reached more than 3,500; the driver is small Zhaxi Ayong; the music on the car is placed at the highest Everyone is also very excited; because you can see the snow-capped mountains that you have been waiting for for a long time.
    To Moon Bay is about 3 pm; the next stop is Baiji Snow Mountain; there are probably more than 2 hours away; the place where we take pictures; the observation deck of Moon Bay; as shown above; the altitude is already fast 4000; on the way, I will occasionally encounter one or two friends who are riding together; seeing the backs of them riding one by one; there is a kind of unrecognized spirit in the heart; people have a lifetime; the heart has two places to live. One is at work; the other is on the road; the car is halfway up the mountain; there is a circle in a circle; there is occasional mudslides along the way; so remind friends to go on a self-driving tour; be sure to pay attention to the weather ahead of time. If you are not familiar with this route is very dangerous;
    A few days before we arrived; it was still snowing; so avalanches and mudslides often occurred here; the car finally hovered in the mountains for more than an hour; it came to the long-awaited Bailu Snow Mountain; Around the point; we parked the car in the rest area; everyone came out to take a picture; breathable; get out of the car; there is still a sleet outside; several sisters quickly put on the down; the current temperature is minus 5 ° ~ 8 ° ; and the temperature below the mountain is 10 degrees more than
     White Horse Snow Mountain
     White Horse Snow Mountain
    It is located in Deqin County, Yunnan Province; it covers an area of ​​190,144 hectares; it was established in 1983 by the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government; in 1988, it was promoted to a national level; it is a well-protected primitive forest zone; it is also the highest altitude and largest area in Yunnan Province. protected area. The main protection targets are alpine coniferous forests, vertical landscapes of mountain vegetation, and golden monkeys; they rest for half an hour in Baiji Snow Mountain;It began to move on; it is still 2 hours away from the next station, Feilai Temple;
    Because after the White Horse Snow Mountain; the road here is very good to go; so it is less than 7 o’clock to reach Feilai Temple; the 7 o’clock is still very bright here; the night is the Feilai Temple Hotel, the rooms are basically Viewing room, the environment is very good; and the upstairs is the observation deck; more economical; dinner is in a local Tujia restaurant; eating beef stew hot pot; taste is very good; this is the best to come to Yunnan One meal; (we have five people eating together every time; they are all aa; I am their logistics leader; I generally order something; everyone eats; very good service never picks food) after dinner; everyone I went back to the hotel to rest; because I was sitting in a car for a day today; let’s introduce you to Feilai Temple.
    Feilai Temple is located along the Yunnan-Tibet Highway; it is 10 kilometers away from Deqin County; it was originally built in Ming; Wanli forty-two years; (AD 1614) has a history of 385 years; Feilai Temple covers an area of ​​1500 square meters. m; built in the mountains of Yizhengyi; ancient pine forest along the way; day shadow mottled; creek twists and turns; jumping beads splashing jade; cloth valley sound; light wind Xulai;; mountain gate couplet: ancient temple without lights by moonlight; Do not lock the cloud seal;
     Meeting you is my fate
     Sunrise looming
     Legends of good-hearted people can see Rizhao Jinshan
     After only six minutes, the snow-capped mountains slowly faded away from its golden light.
     The sky is getting brighter
     Snow Mountain slowly leaked its shy face
     Kawag, the main peak of the highest snow mountain (Meri Snow Mountain) in YunnanBo
    At five o’clock in the morning, I and Xiaojin children’s shoes next door; arrived at the observation deck of Feilai Temple on time; two sisters together; said good morning last night to see Rizhao Jinshan; the result is still in the week convention; It was Jiang Ge who was together; I called him when I got up; the result has not come yet; (I only know when I go back and forth; it turns out that Jiang Ge went to the top of the hotel to shoot; and it was very beautiful)
    The sky is bright; the clouds are like a Hada around the snow-capped mountains; under the sun; the snow-capped mountains are bright and white again.
    Here is a brief introduction to the Meili Snow Mountain; this is the holy mountain that humans have not climbed so far; the picture is on the altar of Tibetan Buddhism; the Meili Snow Mountain is the head of the Eight Great Mountains in Tibet; the Meili Snow Mountain is in the Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. It is in the territory of Deqin County; it is bounded by Mount Adongni in Tibet in the north; it is connected to the blue snow-capped mountains in the south; it is 150 kilometers long and 40 kilometers wide; there are 13 peaks above 6000 meters above sea level; therefore, the friend said: Prince Thirteen; The Kawagbo peak is the highest; the altitude is 6,740 meters; it is the main peak of the Meili Snow Mountain; it is also the first peak in Yunnan. Kawagbo; Tibetan means the god of snow-capped mountains; every autumn and early winter; pilgrims from Tibet, Yunnan, Sichuan, Qinghai, etc.; must be the god of snow-capped mountains to worship this soul.
     At the Feilai Temple Observation Deck, we are all kind people; because I have seen Rizhao Jinshan
    It is said that Meili Snow Mountain is in all seasons; in total, only 10 times can see Rizhao Jinshan; when we arrived in the first afternoon, it was still raining and snowing; we did not have much hope; but in the morning; Meili Snow Mountain gave We are a surprise; (so warn all here; friends who are coming and ready to come; if you want to see such a sacred landscape; from now on; be a caring, filial, sincere person; because only sincerity Good people; can see Rizhao Jinshan) eat breakfast in the morning; everyone came to the observation deck of Feilai Temple; breakfast was local butter tea and steamed bread; photographed at Feilai Temple; continue to prepare for the next stop; Xidang Village, the Yubeng Village on foot is the starting point from the Xidang Hot Spring in Xidang Village.
     There is a bridge for more than 50 years on the road to Xidang Village. At present, a new bridge has been built, and the road has gone a lot.
     Here is the Lijiang River
    Along the way, the car was upside down; an hour later the car arrived; the place of the West Hot Springs; it was about to hike from here; the car can only be opened here; the leader sent a trekking pole to everyone; the real walk Let’s start; let’s give you a brief introduction to our hiking route and time and our ultimate destination; rain collapse; a paradise for hikers; a picturesque Tibetan village hidden in the hinterland of Meili Snow Mountain; The sense of the Taoyuan Taoyuan; the epitome of the real Shangri-La; and the rain-falling waterfall has always been the end of the Tibetan Buddhism pilgrimage and the turn of the mountain.
     Love someone to take TA to rain, there is heaven
     Starting point on foot
     There are many warriors on the road.
     Hurricane’s little Tashi
    Yubeng Village is located at the foot of the Meili Snow Mountain; the village surrounded by snow-capped mountains is magnificent; the ice of the lake flows quietly through the village after melting; the scattered houses; the naughty children; the women returning from farming; the free-spirited cattle Sheep; its beauty is more sacred than Shangri-La; the power of nature in this village; all of them are shocking. . . .
     let’s work hard together!
     a sister’s bag; I can’t move in less than 10 minutes; I only have a hard time.
     It is said that the cattle are in the people; in fact, the real cattle are in the mountains.
     This road is hard to go; this brother is arrogant all the way.
    According to legend, a long time ago, Yubeng Village was not known to the outside world; later, because a mysterious old man often went to Xidang Village on the banks of the Li River to borrow food; no one in Xidang Village knew where the old man came from; sometimes They secretly tracked; but the old man always walked away and disappeared; then someone thought of a way; when the old man came back to borrow food next time; we did not lend him green barley and wheat; lend him Xiaomi; Then put a small hole in the bag of rice; if it is true; when the old man carries the borrowed rice, the thin millet keeps leaking out; the villagers follow the traces of Xiaomi; In front of the stone; when they opened the stone; surprised to find that there is actually a village below; this village is now Yubeng Village
    From Xidang Hot Spring to Xanadu Taoyuan, there is 18 kilometers; in the middle, it is to cross the Zongla Pass of 4000 meters above sea level; the hot spring is 2800 meters above sea level; the rain collapse is 3200 meters above sea level; the rest time is connected; the walk takes about 6 hours; there are three on the road. The tea shop is available for rest; there is a commissary; things are a bit expensive; (but it’s normal; because it’s all made up of scorpions a little bit) If you foresee your own physical strength beforehand; you can ride from the hot springs; halfway is Can not find horse riding; from the hot spring to the rain collapse 235 yuan; to the mouth of 125 yuan; it is recommended to ride to the mouth; from the mouth to the rain collapse (hot spring to the mouth of the mouth 12 kilometers rises about 1300 meters; mouth to rain collapse is all under slope)
    At 3:30 in the afternoon, I arrived at the Yubeng Inn on time; I calculated the time; from the departure; I arrived at the inn for a total of 5 and a half hours; compared to the online and the team leader said; more than half an hour ahead; a break at the inn When I came out, I saw a shower outside; I suddenly remembered that my teammates and the team leader had not arrived yet; I quickly found the hotel owner to find a few umbrellas; I ran all the way; at the entrance ticket to the rainy collapse; I met our The team leader and the team members; fortunately, it didn’t take long for the rain to stop; otherwise, it was all in the soup; a mountain ridge was covered by Shangcun and Xia Cun; the inn chose a lot; each had its own characteristics; but don’t extravagantly stay in a single room; The inn is before the trip; the team leader has already booked; the environment is not bad; facing the snowy mountains; the innkeeper is very enthusiastic; the room is simple and yet warm; economical and affordable; dinner at the inn at night; A few of them are often fried; the taste is not bad; the price is small; everyone eats dinner at night; they boil for a while; they go back to the room to sleep; because everyone walked for one day; Son has been swollen leg; tomorrow we still have to travel the frozen lake; did not know her son can not go; tomorrow, hope all is well now; sleep; but also to get up early tomorrow morning sunshine Jinshan shot
    To see and photograph Kawagbo; have two points: first: the morning must be fine; second: must be before 6 o’clock in the morningBecause Rizhao Jinshan is about 5~10 minutes; if this time period is passed; the snow-capped mountains are covered with clouds; it is difficult to see the snow-capped peaks; the hotel we live in is just right across the Kavagbo At 6 o’clock in the morning, I was woken up by the alarm at the same time; the inn we stayed in was in the village of Yubeng; in the morning, I could take the Rizhao Jinshan without getting up; the pictures above were all taken in the bed in the bed; so remind everyone! If you have a bed and wake up phobia in the morning; it is highly recommended that you live in a room that can be viewed in the room.
    Breakfast in the morning; everyone’s spirit and interest are not bad; mainly two sisters; because yesterday when I went to Yubeng Inn; her physical condition made us very worried; for fear that we can’t go to the ice lake today; Everyone is very strong, according to the original plan. Today’s plan is to go to the icy lake; it’s coming when we are going to start; it’s raining in the sky; but it doesn’t matter; it won’t affect my trip; because the weather of the rain falls like this all the year; than the child’s face Changed faster; before the departure, the team leader sent us a raincoat and briefly talked about the source of the glacial lake and the safety knowledge on the road.
    Let’s take a brief introduction to the lake ice; the picture icy lake is located in the northwest of Shangyuupu Village; it is a dark green lake formed by the melting of snow water after the melting of the Meili Snow Mountain glaciers; because the icy lake is also the main source of water in Yubeng Village. So it is called the holy lake of Meili Snow Mountain; at 8 o’clock in the morning we leave from the inn on time; there is a characteristic in Yubeng Village; that is, you can’t see the running water; but you can always hear the sound of running water; when we probably walked 20 About a minute ago; when entering the dense virgin forest; the sound of the water is louder; it is said that everyone in Yubeng Village is drinking this icy lake; today’s road is obviously more difficult than the road to rain; it is just because The reason for the rain; the withered leaves all over the road are everywhere; so it’s a little hard to walk
    Around 10 o’clock; we arrived at the Laughing Farmers Base Camp; laughed at the Peasant Base Camp; it was the base camp of the Sino-Japanese Joint Mountaineering Team that climbed the main peak of the Kali Gebo in Meili Snow Mountain; in fact, before the rain collapse, I saw the Sino-Japanese Joint Mountaineering Team twice. A documentary that climbed the Meili Snow Mountain; rested in the shed of the base camp; the snow-capped mountains that were covered by the clouds; could not help but feel the sorrow; suddenly found how small people are on this earth; but always heard a voice in the ear saying: I want Conquer xxxx, ask humans; can you conquer nature? ? ? The result of the conquest is to destroy yourself and see more and more smog on the land of China now; how can humans not conquer the smog? ? Forget the words that you hear: People; treat our nature with awe, especially on the road; Awe: My personal understanding is to give nature enough respect and kindness ( Regarding the content of the documentary, I will not tell you more about it in detail; I am interested; I can go back and check it online.)
     This is the starting point for the mountaineering team in the same year.
    Here is the closest place to the main peak of Kawagbo in Meili Snow Mountain; at about 11:30, we arrived at the long-awaited icy lake on time; when it reached the icy lake; it suddenly snowed down
    When we arrived at the icy lake, there were many people on the top; the team leader took us a few men; came to the lake of the icy lake; because there was deep snow under the icy lake; so several sisters did not come down. To the icy lake; the leader Soron follows the clockwise of the icy lake; while walking, he reads the six-character mantra; he does not know what the chanting is; listen to the leader Sorang; he will recite and worship every time he comes to the ice lake. Something; this is awe and respect for nature and the ice lake! Buddhism has not yet been introduced into Tibetan times; Tibetan Buddhism is very popular in Tibetan areas; in the religious rituals of Bon religion; there are customs of turning mountains and turning lakes; it reflects the worship and awe of nature on the plateau; until today, Tibetans still There are turning mountains, turning lakes, parallel and looking up to express the awe and admiration of the mountain spirit and the lake god; they will not easily move the grass and trees in the mountains; let alone use the way of climbing to conquer the mountain; This is why the Sino-Japanese joint mountaineering team was preparing to climb Kawagebo at that time; the reasons why the surrounding Tibetans united against it; because; their holy faith! Here we would like to thank the local Tibetans; their beliefs have prevented the desire of human beings to be swiftly conquered; now, standing in front of the icy lake, looking up at the peak behind the thick clouds, even if they can’t really see her face At the moment; I can’t help but think of the legend of Kawagbo [King of King Gesar]; friends who are interested can go and see
     Return to a ranch on the ice lake road
    At about 1:30 pm; we started to return from the icy lake; everyone didn’t eat at noon; everyone ate a little instant noodles; so at this point; everyone was a little hungry; (there is only one break on the way to the icy lake) Station; it is laughing at the farmer’s base camp; only the green barley cake and instant noodles to eat) the road to go back is relatively better to go; everyone talks and laughs along the way; less than 3 hours we return to the rain collapse inn; afternoon The sky has already cleared up; the rain after the rain falls, the fresh air, the dew after the rain, the various scenery; you also absolutely want to talk to the rain collapse the spirit of love.
    At 4 o’clock, we have all returned to the inn; dinner is still a five-in-one soup; everyone eats extra fragrant at dinner; because from morning to noon, everyone has no food; after dinner; everyone uses hot water; Bubble; because today I went to the ice lake road; the snow was too deep; all the shoes were wet; the feet were soaked; everyone went to sleep early; because the next day’s trip went to the waterfall; tomorrow we are in the rain The last day of the collapse; the last itinerary.
     Xiao Tingting and Xiaojin spirit look pretty good.
     Recent photo
     It is said that a woman who drinks water from the waterfall will accidentally become pregnant.
    The following is a brief introduction to the Shen Waterfall; Shen Waterfall is located in Xia Yu Bian Village;On the south side of Kawagbo Peak; the waterfall that hangs down the rock; it is called the rain collapse waterfall; the Tibetans bathe under the waterfall of the rain and collapse; as a kind of cultivation of the cleansing mind; the rain falls is the elevation of the Meili Snow Mountain The highest one village; the rain collapse waterfall changes with the seasons; the spring and summer ice and snow melt; the waterfall water flow increases; falls into the ground; splashes flying; the rainy season is more spectacular
    Therefore, regardless of the age of men, women and children; they will drink a bite of this snow; then they will take a bottle when they go; there is also a saying that the water of the waterfall is the holy water that Kavagbo retrieved from heaven. Can be a fortune-telling person; can also eliminate disasters; kindness
     It is said that men who drink the water of the waterfall will walk the peach blossoms.
    After playing for a long time; we started to return to the waterfall; today’s weather is very good; the road is much better than yesterday’s icy lake; and it is also close; many more than 1 pm we return to the inn; back on the way; Did not stop; counted the time; we spent about 5 hours back and forth; because this afternoon we have to depart to fly to the temple
    We started the next stop tonight; we went to the tour of the Solang family to be a guest; this is less than 20 minutes away from our team leader; so we will soon arrive at the Solang family; before we did not go; Solang already Asked his sister to prepare the food; the dinner is very rich; the Tibetan barley wine, butter tea, and the wine grapes of the Sorran sister’s own wine; the taste is very good; the dishes will not be introduced to you; We ate almost all natural foods; after dinner we started the most exciting activities tonight; that is, everyone played a poker game together; whoever lost, drunk; Solang told us the rules of the game After that; then I started the sleepless night tonight; when I was halfway through; I sneaked away; the reason was simple; I couldn’t play with them; especially two girls; every time I lost; I used to drink it; then I couldn’t stand it anymore; so I started to slip; when I woke up in the morning; I knew them; I drunk until I was almost dawn; I finished breakfast in the morning; I said goodbye to Solang. Family; we began to depart; to continue to the next stop before the line; here we want to sincerely thank; Sonam Sonam sister’s family and their affectionate hospitality; we will come again; Tashi Delek! Next stop Songzanlin Temple;
    Songzanlin Temple was founded in 1679. It is the largest Tibetan Buddhist temple in Yunnan Province and one of the famous monasteries in Kang District. Songzanlin Temple is also known as Guihua Temple, 5 kilometers away from Shangri-La County. Diqing·Shangri-La, Dandan Songzanlin is one of the thirteen forests in the Tibetan area and the largest Tibetan Buddhist temple in Yunnan Province.
    In 1674, the fifth Dalai Lama invited the Emperor Kangxi to approve and personally selected the site to guide the construction and gave the temple name “噶丹·松赞林”. Emperor Qingzheng gave the name “Planning Temple”.
    In the history of the temple, there have been many high-pitched virtues in the Tibetan area. From Zhongdian County, you need to look north. At the end of the broad grassland, there is a town-scale building complex between the mountains. The roof of the extremely high place has gold and bronze tiles, which are eye-catching. This piece of nearly ancient castle is Songzanlin Temple. When the site was chosen for the temple, the Dalai Lama’s divination was revealed: “The forest is deep and quiet, and the Qing Dynasty is in the middle of the day.”
    There is a clear spring in the Songzanlin Temple. It does not overflow in spring and summer, and it is not awkward in autumn and winter. The two main temples, Zhacang and Jikang, were built at the highest point and lived in the center of the temple. The Great Temple is north to south and is a five-story Tibetan-style carved building. The upper part of the main hall is gilded with copper and tiled tiles. The temple’s corner beast kisses the flying dragonfly, and it has a Chinese-style temple architectural style. The lower hall has 108 pillars, representing the Buddha’s auspicious number. The hall can accommodate 1600 people in the chanting. The left and right walls are the “10,000-volume cupboard” of the Tibetan scriptures. The front seat of the main hall is dedicated to the bronze statue of the fifth Dalai Lama, followed by the remains of the famous sorghum. The apse is provided with Tsongkhapa, Maitreya Buddha, and the 7th Dalai bronze statue. There are eight Lacan in the middle, which are the Temple of the Gods, the Temple of Protection, the Canbery Room, the Quiet Room, and the Dining Room. On the top floor, there is a special decoration hall dedicated to the 5th Dalai Lama, the 7th Dalai Buddha statue, and the Bayeux scriptures, Thangka, and the passing instruments.
    Because of the holy place of Buddhism; it is impossible to take pictures; therefore; there is no picture taken; this is still notBefore arriving at the Buddhist temple; the only one that was photographed outside; the leader took me around the Buddhist temple; told us some Buddhist customs; the most important point is that the temple must be done; left to right Out; can’t take pictures, don’t shout loudly; stroll through Songzanlin Temple; take a break; start the next stop; next stop Shangri-La; a legendary name and place
    Shangri-La, formerly known as Zhongdian. It is said to be the paradise on earth described in James Hilton’s novel The Lost Horizon. In 2000, the name was changed to: Shangri-La. Shangri-La means in Tibetan: the sun and the moon in the heart.
    “The place where the sun shines first is the Jiantang in the east; the most outstanding place in the world is Shangri-La on the banks of the Milky Way.” The beauty of Shangri-La is beyond imagination: between the snow-capped mountains, large and small meadows and dams are dotted. Numerous beautiful and quiet sea sons, like the treasures in the hands of the goddess, are scattered and scattered on this land. Under the blue sky, the flying colorful enamel makeup points to the sacred temple. The pure and sincere people have lived here for generations, and this is their most beautiful home. Everything is like the kingdom of freedom in people’s dreams – Shangri-La.
     Pigeons on Shangri-La Square
     Alley in the ancient city
     The world’s largest prayer wheel
     Prayer wheel
     Tibetan-style house
    More than 4 o’clock in the afternoon has arrived in Shangri-La County; to tell the truth, Shangri-La now; is not the former Shangri-La; may be the cause of a fire last year; all in front of everyone is a piece; modern architecture is; ancient city three In two parts; almost no one has burned; so the ancient city has only a small piece left to stroll; there are also some Tibetan features. In the evening, we stayed in a Tibetan-style special inn, the environment was very good; dinner was a local hot pot restaurant; we ate the pig’s foot hot pot; the team recommended, the taste is not bad; after dinner, everyone went to turn Tube, pray for family and friends, to tell the truth, at least 5 people can turn it around, tomorrow is the last stop of our trip; Tiger Leaping Gorge
    Tiger Leaping Gorge is 60 kilometers away from the county town in the northeast of Longyu Township in Yulong Naxi Autonomous County of Yunnan Province (formerly Lijiang Naxi Autonomous County). This canyon is located in the upper reaches of the Jinsha River, 25 kilometers from the winding road. The east is Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and the west is Di The Haba Snow Mountain, with a vertical height difference of 3,790 meters, is one of the deepest canyons in the world.
    The narrowest part of the river in the Tiger Leaping Gorge, only about 30 meters, it is said that the tigers went down the mountain, and a little on the reef in the river, you can vacate, so it is called Tiger Leaping Gorge. There are 21 reefs in the gorge, and there are 21 shoals and 10 waterfalls.
    The Tiger Jump is the narrowest section of the canyon. It is 9 kilometers away from the Tiger Leaping Gorge on the side of the road. Its Jiang Xinxiong is a huge stone, lying in the middle of the stream, such as a waterfall falling high and steep, standing in front of the rapids, splitting the rapids into two, Jingtao Earthquake. Legend has it that a tiger plucked the boulder of Jiangxin, jumping from the side of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain to the Haba Snow Mountain, so the stone was named Tiger Jumping Stone.
     Rough river
     Photographer’s paradise
     a paradise for hikers
    If you have a small partner to go to Tiger Leaping Gorge alone, introduce and recommend the specific road for everyone.
    Picture 1): By car: Lijiang – Tiger Leaping Gorge Town (Qiaotou) – Tiger Leaping Gorge Ticket Office
    On foot: take the high road – Naxi Accord – 28 turn – Tea Horse Inn – half way – tina & amps – Zhang teacher’s home – Tiger jump – ladder (back to the road)
    By car: Tiger jump – Tiger Leaping Gorge Town (Qiaotou) – Lijiang.
    The first day: Depart from Lijiang at noon and live at Qiaotou at night. Departure from the bridgehead before 6:30 the next morning (19:00 – 6:30 in the morning, this time period can be evaded) – half way – tina & amps – Zhang teacher’s home – Chinese tiger jump – ladder
    The time required is two days.
    (2): By car at noon: Lijiang – Tiger Leaping Gorge Town (Qiaotou) – Tiger Jump
    On foot: On the tiger jump – take the 40-minute path to the Naxi Accord (accommodation) – 28 roads – Tea Horse Inn – half way – tina & amps – Zhang teacher’s home (accommodation) – Tiger jump – – First-line days – Walnut Garden – Xindukou crossing the river – parking lot back to Lijiang. (You can go to Yu Niuping or Yunshanping in Yulong Snow Mountain, but there is no ticket!)
    One: two and a half days of travel:
    Day 1: Car at noon: Lijiang – Tiger Leaping Gorge Town (Qiaotou) – On the Tiger Jump: On the Tiger Jump – take the 40-minute walk to the Naxi Accord (accommodation)
    Picture Day 2: On foot: Naxi Accord – 28 Roads – Tea Horse Inn – half way – tina&aposs – Teacher Zhang (accommodation)
    Day 3: On foot: Zhang teacher’s path – the tiger jumps – the first line of the day – the walnut garden – the new ferry crossing the river – the parking lot back to Lijiang, and the way to the Yulongping of Yulong Snow Mountain. (That’s no ticket!)
    Two: Two-day trip:
    Day 1: Car in the morning: Lijiang – Tiger Leaping Gorge Town (Qiaotou) – Tiger Jump
    On foot: on the tiger jump – take a 40-minute walk to the Naxi Accord – 28 turn – Tea Horse Inn – halfway (accommodation)
    The next day: on foot: half way – tina & aposs – Zhang teacher’s home – Zhang teacher’s road – the tiger jump – first-line days – walnut garden – Xindukou crossing the river – parking lot back to Lijiang, Take the opportunity to go to Yu Niuping or Yunshanping in Yulong Snow Mountain. (That’s no ticket!)
    The reason why it is the “best” hiking route through the Tiger Leaping Gorge:
    (1): Take the beautiful scenery of Tiger Leaping Gorge and don’t miss the beauty of mountains, rapids, canyons and snow mountains. (The average hiking route is going high, and this misses the most famous tiger jumping.)
    (2): Go through the route and don’t go back.
    (3): From Lijiang, first go to Tiger Leaping Gorge Town (Qiaotou) and enter the Tiger Leaping Gorge. This will save 80 yuan of Yulong Snow Mountain tickets and Lijiang ancient city protection fees. After crossing the Tiger Leaping Gorge to the big one, on the way back to Lijiang, you can take the road to the Jiulongping or Yunshanping of Yulong Snow Mountain. That’s no ticket!
     Next stop, Penghu daughter country
    After swimming over the Tiger Leaping Gorge; it has been more than 12 o’clock; we just ate some lunch near the Tiger Leaping Gorge; we started to return to Lijiang at 2 o’clock in the afternoon; today’s weather is very good; the leader Solang is all the way in the car. Gao Ge; singing their local Tibetan songs; unusual excitement, but we are different, because this is the last stop of our itinerary, we will be disbanded with the team leader in Lijiang, we arrived on time around 4 pm Lijiang; returned to the strange and familiar place; the car slowly stopped at the place we first saw Lijiang, the north gate of the ancient city; everyone reluctantly got out of the car, packed up their own things, with the leader, the driver Brave, say goodbye to each other
    Here, I would like to thank the organizers of the Yubeng organization, the team leader Solo and the driver A Yong, and the friends who have accompanied them all the way. Thank you, Meri, thank you for the rain, thank you Kavagbo, and your support and shelter; Only make this travel plan; the end of a smooth and successful!
    We ended up with the team leader; we each returned to our inn; we prepared the next station plan preparation; I lived with Xiaojin in the inn outside the ancient city; or I stayed in Lijiang when I first came to the inn, back to the inn, the proprietress I recognized me at a glance, although I am very dark.More, because when I left, I booked the room with the boss; so I came back directly today; still the original room, or the familiar environment; at 7 o’clock in the evening we gathered together outside the ancient city; eating a local Tujia hot pot; light Taste; most of the hot pot restaurants here seem to have a lighter taste; this has something to do with the local people’s living customs; but the taste is not bad; we have planned and discussed the trip to Penghu in the dinner room; To the inn; I and Xiaojin set the itinerary and ticket for tomorrow; the departure time is 6 o’clock the next morning; the location is at the intersection of the ancient city north gate; because the road to Wuhu; now in the rebuilding stage; the road is more difficult to walk So most drivers; they will leave early in the morning
     Penghu Rige Island
     To be continued

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