Come to the southeast and Miao girls together for the New Year [starting]

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From an early age, there was an inexplicable love for the Miao people.
    It seems that the last generation has an inseparable relationship with the Miao people.
    The first understanding of the Miao people came from the excitement of Miao’s women.
    They are unparalleled one by one: Ren Yingying, one of the top ten beauty of Jin Yong;
    Blue Phoenix, the first strange woman in the world of Jin Yong martial arts;
    He Tie, known as the best woman in Jin Yong’s pen…
    They have a moving look, and they are all in the country.
    If you don’t practice high-powered martial arts, you will have a deadly cheat.
    In the chaos of the storm, it’s a wild flower.
    In the martial arts that are upside down in the righteousness, there is an immortal style.
    Jin Yong’s description of them also fulfilled Jin Yong’s forever Miao’s feelings.
    The people who say that Virgo are like a messenger, have a natural strength from the spirit to support their mobility, and every grain in our hands symbolizes the fruits of wisdom harvested from the fields of experience.
    And I like the Miao nationality, precisely because the ethnic group here is a farming nation, and it is also a nation that respects the ancestors and worships the nature. The October of the lunar calendar is the end of the rice farming in the year. In the eyes of the Miao people, the harvest of the fruit is The blessing of the ancestors and the gift of the gods of heaven and earth.
    At the beginning of the new year, the neon lights of the city stayed up all night, and it seemed to be dotted with the brilliance of the “years”. The Chinese have always regarded “New Year” as the grandest festival, but in today’s urban jungle, the taste of the year is getting more and more Light, many people are not even willing to go out of the house, a TV, a table of meals is a New Year.
    But do you know that in the deep mountains of Guizhou, the taste of “New Year” is still so strong, there are a group of people who sing and dance, they are happy all night, they ignite new hope with the greatest enthusiasm, they celebrate their own hands new Year. “The big festival is three or six, and the festival is there every day.” In Leishan, Guizhou, I felt the shocking scene of the parade of thousands of people.
    Leishan County is located in the southwest of Guizhou Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture. It is one of the main settlements of the Miao compatriots. It has beautiful scenery, sunny sunshine, blue sky and white clouds. Thanks to God for the good weather given by me every trip, Amitabha? Hey.
    Struggling for a long time in the smog of the metropolis, suddenly giving a piece of green, people are confused and confused, I close my eyes and breathe the taste of nature.
    The splendid landscape here is like an everlasting scroll. Whether it’s sunrise or sunset, you can experience both things and forget. Like a bright pearl, it is hidden in a beautiful green water. Thousands of scenery, no need to describe too much, just from the United States.
    The people here are very simple, living in their own way every day, they don’t know what the world is outside, but they are not in the world, they live a small day that they think is happy.
    Camel Jun, who is everywhere, is also so spirited.
    Before the start of the intangible cultural heritage tour in Miao, we first visited the handicrafts of the Miao people, which is versatile.
    They can sing and dance, good witches, Miao embroidery, batik, silver ornaments… These are the first impressions of most people on the Miao nationality. They are always mentioned by people. There are many stories about them in the rivers and lakes. Please follow me now. Enter the traditional crafts of the Miao.
    Some people wrote history in the book, some people engraved history on the inscription… The Miao nationality left the history of the nation for thousands of years in the costumes and embroidered into the Miao embroidery. Embroidery is a long-established art of Miao nationality. It is the main decorative means of Miao costumes and a representative of Miao women’s culture. Miao embroidery also represents the highest level of embroidery for ethnic minorities in China.
    While singing, the Miao girls confessed their understanding of nature and the changes in their living environment. They used needles as pens and colored lines as ink. They embroidered hundreds of years of wind and rain history on their clothes and wore them on their bodies. The history books worn by the department.
    The silver ornaments of the Miao nationality in southeastern Yunnan include silver crowns, collars, shawls, necklaces, toothpicks, earrings, bracelets, rings, etc. It is simply a moving landscape, watching the silver headpieces on these girls’ heads and the heavy ornaments on their bodies. Guess how much ocean is worth?
    The beautiful girl wrapped in silver is eye-catching, with a big silver hat on her head. It is composed of numerous silver flowers and various shapes of animals, giving people the feeling of being full of pearls and grace.
    This group of domineering sharpshooters are the people of the sands. The Miao family of the sands keeps the male peasants, the rice as a living, the hunting companion, and the traditional customs of the tree god and the sun god. The clothing of Laksa is also very unique, mysterious and gorgeous: men wear a black high-waisted coat with a left-handed, round-bronze buckle, black straight-legged trousers, women wearing black smocks, pleated skirts, with colorful batik and embroidery. Regardless of men, women and children, they wear a blue-violet light-colored dress, a bit like the popular silk yarn we used to be.
    It is said that this fabric is the soil cloth of Miao’s own textile, plus a plant called blue dragonfly, dyed on the cloth weaved by ourselves, and also added egg white when dyeing, so that the dyed cloth is shiny. It can also prevent rain. There is also a saying that after the clothes are worn dirty, they don’t need to be washed, and they continue to be dyed in the dyeing pot, so they have such a bright feeling.
    At noon, in the city of Leishan County, a fish and sheep fresh, winter is the season for all things to recuperate, ready to go, is also the season of urgent need for energy to keep warm.
    The main ingredients of fish and sheep fresh are fresh squid and cooked mutton. The taste of fish and sheep can complement each other. It has a unique fresh flavor and nutrition. It is a warm choice for many people in winter.
    Satiate and drink, with the friends to attend the opening ceremony of the Miao year, thousands of people singing and dancing, the scene of thousands of people in the sea may be one of the few in the country, super shock and spectacular scenes have seen every year of the Miao A person is very touched, this is the “domineering” of the Miao family’s New Year, not for whom, just to remember the vicissitudes of the ancestors’ 5,000 years of migration.
    In Miao, the most lively is the Miao Nian Festival. In the first few days of the Miao Year, every household must clean the house and actively prepare the new year goods, such as: playing rice bran, brewing rice wine, playing tofu, and generally killing pigs. Or buy pork, etc., wealthy people still have to make sausages and blood tofu, sewing new clothes for the family.
    On the day of the parade, there were high-ranking reeds, palm-handed bronze drums, hundred-bird costumes, Leigongshan Miao Songs, Gongzhong Mid-dressing costumes, and long-bearded old men…
    Thousands of Hmong compatriots dressed in festive costumes, with their singing and dancing, showed us the labor and life of the Miao people for thousands of years.
    The Miao guys blew the reeds, and the Miao girls danced with the music. The small reeds first blew a short twist, and the big and small hands played together. The girls wore a hundred bird clothes, silver squeaks and yangko, intertwined into festive melody. .
    The joyful and full-bodied Miao Year, full of silver light, makes people feel the most grand joy of the festival, simple performance, from the older uncle to the childish children, feel the inheritance of culture from generation to generation, quite moved And shocking.
    On the day of the seedlings, the whole Leishan drums swayed, the reeds resounded through the sky, and the Miao children dressed in costumes, the Miao girls dressed up in a beautiful manner, wearing silver crowns, sending silver combs, singing and dancing, stealing in the endless stream In the middle, like a blossoming magnolia blooms, the silver costumes on the street are like a silvery ocean. The silver bell on the body is “sounding”, like a silver bell ensemble.
    Miao Nian is the most solemn festival of the Miao nationality. Every household in the Miao calendar chooses to kill pigs on the day of the tiger, and the heads are bothMore than a hundred pounds of big pigs, some big families have to kill more than a dozen pigs, and gifts between relatives are at least one pig leg. The whole family is busy and busy, talking and laughing, and the warmth and joy of the Miao Nian Festival are everywhere.
    The cheers of the thunderous ears broke the tranquility of the village, and the tens of thousands of people dressed in costumes danced and danced with great brilliance. This is the opening ceremony of Leishan Miao Nian.
    In the year of the Miao, there are big years, small years and the last year. The Miao people pay the most attention to the New Year. It is the most lively moment of the Miao years. All the traditional activities are held during the “Great Year”, except for bullfights, horse racing, fighting birds, There are a variety of traditional entertainment activities such as blowing reeds, jumping reeds, and bronzing drums, as well as long-table banquets. The long table feast is the highest form and grand ceremony of the Miao banquet. It consists of a few long, long tables that are made into a long table of more than ten meters. The table is full of Miaojia dishes, which is especially spectacular from one end.
    Thousands of long table banquets lined up along the ancient street, bacon, sour soup, white-cut chicken, leeks root, fish sauce… The table top is filled with traditional Miao cuisine, the original taste, mouthful The endless aftertaste is very interesting and worth seeing.
    For a time, toasting songs: you like to drink, do not like to drink, do you like to drink, love the Hmong girls, dance while singing, come to the guests, one person pinches the nose, another Three or five people slammed the pot from top to bottom and poured rice wine into the bowl. The mouth kept flowing and the wine kept going. This is the legendary mountain stream.
    The little friends sipped red and red, the passionate Miao Amei, and the melodious reed sang a cheerful toast song. Several jugs were arranged in the hands of Amei in the upper and lower directions, one higher than the other.The fragrant wine flows into the mouth of the guests like a waterfall. Only after experiencing the mountain stream of Miao, can you truly appreciate the enthusiasm and profound wine culture of a hospitable nation, and it must be thought that only the so-called Miao family would think. Such a warm way of toasting.
    This strong taste is the taste of the year. The Miao compatriots used their sincerity and enthusiasm to paint a colorful picture of the New Year, waiting for you and me to slowly open.
    Leishan, this rich land is the place where the ancestors experienced the migration after the migration. The green hills, the green water, the fields and the villages painted such a wonderful picture. No matter how the outside world changes, there are hundreds of Miao Villages here. Always recording and flowing the ancient customs of the original ecology, interpretation of an ancient national culture is endless.
    Traffic Raiders:
    [Aviation] Arrive at Guiyang Longdongbao Airport by plane, then take the bus to Leishan at Guiyang East Bus Station, and go to Leishan for about three hours. Guiyang East Bus Station is located at the southwest ring road of Longdongbao.
    Guiyang Airport – Airport Bus Route: Airport – Oil Street – Memorial Tower – Qingyun Road Civil Aviation Ticket Office – Stadium Railway Station, fare 10 yuan
    [Railway] Arrive at Kerry Railway Station or High Speed ​​Rail South Station by train. Then take the bus to Leishan at Kaili Bus Terminal for about 1.5 hours. Kaili Bus Terminal is located at No. 25 Wenhua North Road, Kaili City.
    [Highway] Kaili to Leishan’s high speed only takes more than 20 minutes.
    Accommodation guide:
    In Kaili, we stayed at the “Kerry Mid-Levels Hotel”. The hotel is relatively new, the lobby is also very welcoming, and the entrance has a golden feeling. The lobby also has a tea room seating area.
    The hotel is one of the most important elements of the journey, and every stop is to start the next journey.
    You can also sit down and have a cup of warm tea, which can help you eliminate the troubles of the day. May you and I wander the world with the meager baggage and the most plump yourself.
    The room where you stayed was an ordinary standard room. There was electric curtains in the room. The facilities were complete and clean. They went out and had a good night’s sleep to get the energy to walk the world.
    The breakfast area of ​​the hotel, although not many, is enough to eat, the day is in the morning, let my day be full of energy, continue to the next stop.
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