[Compared with the tail of the field] Gulangyu in Shenzhen–Let me meet you

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[Talk about this trip]
    Crossing the rolling hills, only to find the fields of the hometown, the fragrance of the soil. When does it start, when the night is quiet, my eyes can be remembered when I am closed, and I can even interpret them to form new scenes and memories.
    In the past year of working in Shenzhen, the circle has become narrower and narrower, life is no longer as colorful as before, and there is no smashing journey, but the short-haul weekend of petty bourgeoisie must be there. Recalling these months, every time you travel far away is almost a weekend, or Hong Kong, or Guangzhou, or Macau, or Zhuhai. . .
    Then, every trip can’t be as “the desert is solitary, the long river falls into the sun”; it can’t be as experienced as the year, “Where is the wine waking up, Yang Liu’s shore is Xiaofeng’s moon”; it is not the first time on the Yellow Crane Tower. “The sorrow of the sorrow of my life, the endlessness of the Yangtze River.” The journey after work is more of a joke, coming and going, so that they do not use a slow-paced attitude to appreciate the moment of “the sea is bright and the moon, the end of the world”, even if the wild goose returns will not go I realized the scene of “falling clouds and loneliness, and the autumn waters are always one day.” In fact, I hope that the stories that are far away, the easiness of disappearing, can meet me on the road at any time. Who can conclude that these short-lived weekends are not an extension and continuation of spiritual baptism.
    However, in the end, I still came to a conclusion ——- youth, arrogance!
    There are quite a lot of choices from Shenzhen to the end of the field. If it is Shenzhen, then there are two common ways.
    Option 1: If you are in trouble, you may wish to find a tour around the major tourist platforms, which is to the end of the field, the typical kind is only chartered back and forth, only the kind of fare, about 60 yuan. There are usually several places on the train. Of course, the North Gate of Shenda is definitely inside.
    Option 2: Free travel, you can take the subway to get off at the Cuizhu subway station, take the e11 road or H92 travel line to the Dapeng Central Station, and then go straight 200M at Dapeng Wangmu Station, take M471 to Dapeng Get off at the city. In general, it is the Tsukuba subway station->H92/E11->m471. This program can be said to go away, but also the most cost-effective, the fare adds up to 15 yuan, which lasted 2 hours.
    Of course, if you are in a city around Guangzhou or Shenzhen, you can take the Shenzhen North Railway Station and take the subway option 2, or you can navigate to it yourself.
    When it comes to the end of the game, it will take 4 hours to go back and forth. If you are in a hurry, you can go back to Shenzhen directly, but this is suitable for Shenzhen. If you are in the surrounding area, you may wish to stay here for one night. The house is roughly divided into two categories.
    One type: In the city of Dapeng, it is a little farther from the sea, but the overall price of the house is as high as the seaside, and the environment looks a bit like Dali. Weekend prices are concentrated around 150, it is recommended to book in advance.
    The second category: next to the shoreline of the field, most of them are sea view rooms, you can go out to see the sea, be quieter than the city of Dapeng, and listen to the sound of the sea may be able to sleep more. Weekend prices are concentrated on 200, and bookings in advance are cheaper.
    We lived in the city of Dapeng, and chose a Maoyan Inn. The outside environment looked very good. It was a bit noisy at night, and there were mosquitoes on the night of December. This made me unacceptable.
    Therefore, when it comes to accommodation, I still recommend going to the sea view room on the shoreline of the end of the field. It is recommended to have a house and a cold room and other things you can see. This area will not be very tight, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to live.
    Mao Wei Inn stayed at the time
    Speaking of eating, since the front said, here is a bit like Xiamen Gulangyu and a bit like Yunnan Dali, it must have the smell of Dali, out of the living, how can we eat less.
    Since it is the seaside, of course, seafood is indispensable. I have come here for 2 days and have experienced a great restaurant. Among them, I saw the shrimp in the public saying that this restaurant has the highest score. But maybe he is not the style I like. In addition, the price is too expensive, per capita consumption of 120, the buddy next to me said, did not eat enough. I am dizzy.
    Whether it is Dapeng City or the end of the coast, eating is countless, not enumerated.
    Since it is going out, how can the necessary things be less?
    List again: mobile phone, camera, mobile power, charging cable, if it is not necessary to change clothes in winter, the most important thing is to bring a card or money. Remember to bring your ID card.
    In addition, it is recommended to make a simple route plan before you go. Don’t find a place when you don’t, but I believe that as long as you have a heart to go, it must be arranged properly. As long as you are a human being, the place is still very good.
    After arriving at Dapeng City, it is necessary to introduce the itinerary:
    Visit Dapeng City->Dongshan Temple->Dongshan Temple Peak overlooks the end of the field->
    Accommodation: 150.
    Rowing: 30 per person
    Eat: Shrimp said & other shops that have forgotten their names are almost 300 yuan.
    Round trip fare: 35 yuan.
    The total cost: 500 yuan can be fixed.
    How can you believe what I said without a few pictures?
    [Day 1]Dapeng City + Dongshan Temple +
    Dapeng City:
    The end of the field is a good place, Dali in Shenzhen! Quite Lijiang and Phoenix style, it is recommended not to go with the group, from Shenzhen to the subway to Huangbeiling or Tsui Chu, these subway stations have a special line to Dapeng, ten get, accommodation hotel here a lot of weekends, the price is moderate . It was dark at eight o’clock in the evening. SeparatedThe sea can breathe through the air to feel the quiet time.
    “The warmth of the world” is warm, always in my heart, never left!
    “One encounter” all encounters in the world, are long-lasting reunion!
    “All the way to the dust” always believes that to maintain the mentality of the current, the life can be carried out!
    “One Leaf Bodhi” is a simple life, doing a strategy in the middle of the night, not taking the usual path.
    Stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and embrace the shoreline of the sea.
    Here to explain, after the city of Dapeng, there are a total of 2 most of the need to finish, indispensable, if there is no way to explain that you are white.
    1: Dapeng Ancient City, there are too many delicious things to play here, and of course there are beautiful women. As long as you have the courage to talk, you can definitely succeed. Don’t tell me to pay you. Hahaha. The ancient city of Dapeng is very small. Of course, he can’t compete with Dali, but there is a small tone of Dali. I don’t know if you like it.
    2: Did you see the usual seaside end? I guess the reason why he is called the end of the field is because it is like the tail of a regular coastline, and it has the feeling of being long and flowing. It is also a must go here. Ok, let’s look at the picture first.
    From the Dapeng City bus station, I got off the bus and went straight to the left. After I entered it, I went to the inn before the 150M. The style of Dali was small. It seems that it is a bit noisy. After all, it is not really Dali. As soon as I walked into the inn, I felt that this style was not bad.
    We got off at the Dapeng City by car, got off the bus and then went straight for a while and then left and went in and found their home at 150M. They have a total of 3 floors, and the rooms are not many, but they are very literary. It looks like Dali’s feeling. When we went there, there were not many people, and we didn’t live that night.
    [Service] Service is still possible. Basically, you ask him what he has. The most important thing is that when I call to ask where he is, he can pick you up. This feels pretty good. In addition, we added a quilt that night, so I went to the second floor.
    [Hardware]: The hardware facilities are lacking. We live on the 3rd floor. Although the room is small, the balcony is relatively large. It can be seen as far away. In addition, there are too few equipment in the bathroom, and there is no hair dryer. This is not very convenient. In addition, small cracks can be seen on the wall and a yellow color that is rubbed by something. In addition, the 3rd floor we stayed in and the 3rd floor balcony next door are connected, and the feeling outside the door is always available. When it comes to security, I feel that there is a lack of it, but the style of the front of the donkey and the style inside the yard is a little bit reasonable.
    [Appearance] Appearance: The appearance has not been said, this is simply Dali in Shenzhen, the room price is much more expensive than Dali, ha ha ha.
    [Personal feelings] Personal feelings are not good, because the mosquitoes bite for one night, and there is always the sound of the outside car on the third floor in the evening. When the sun comes out at 6 o’clock in the daytime, the sun can directly shoot into the room. This is also good. However, with the arrival of the day, the sounds of all kinds of segregation outside, I can’t sleep without sleep, and the next day I got up and basically didn’t listen to myself. The overall feeling is okay. It is a bit noisy.
    Their home balcony
    Public area
    After that, we walked along the ancient city of Dapeng and saw the lively and prosperous sight of the ancient city called the first of the eight scenic spots in Shenzhen.
    Because of the age, many things in the ancient city will naturally corrode. Some people live in, but it is actually a better protection of cultural heritage. When the ancient city begins to show signs of corrosion, people will find it in time and protect it in time. If you don’t live, the ancient city will slowly corrode, and the consequences can be imagined.
    I bought this 10 yuan 3 string
    They live for their dreams
    The city plane has an irregular quadrilateral. There are three main streets in the city, namely Dongmen Street, Nanmen Street and Zheng Street. The main buildings are Zuoying Department, Shenhui House, Guarding Department, Military Service Bureau, Gunpowder Bureau, Guandi Temple, Zhao. Gongs, Tianhou Temple, etc. The original pattern was basically preserved, and the east, west and south gates were still intact.
    This handsome guy is sitting on the wall and looking up at the sky. I guess he must have a dream in his heart.
    He also has a dream. Is painting beauty
    After that, we went down to Dongshan Temple after being introduced.
    Along the way, you can see many such antique buildings and inns that are quite fascinating in Yunnan. I regretted that I could make a reservation at the time, because you can always see a place where you want to stay more than your room.
    looks familiar
    Dongshan Temple:
    Dongshan Temple is a concrete structure building, the outer wall of clear water stone, yellow glazed tile roof, divided into four according to the mountain from low to high, separated by a patio between the front and back.
    We left the ancient city of Dapeng, and we walked to Dongshan Temple after about 500M. With the blue sky and white clouds, the temple was exceptionally dignified.
    In front of the door was a small copper man. I also met a child’s paper. At first I thought he was a little monk. The result is wrong.
    Feeling very domineering
    I am compassionate.
    After that, because I saw that there are still roads to go on the mountain, I have to go up.
    So came to this stone
    Overlooking the crowd
    I went down the mountain again and saw this Dongshan Temple.
    Still quite brilliant
    When I walked, I saw a lot of such small suits in front and came one.
    [Comparative tail]:
    Finally came to the end of the field:
    She is the only village in Shenzhen with a coastline. The beach at the end of the field is relatively narrow, and the beach is divided into several levels. The sand near the sea is very thick and very tight, and the sand above is very thin and soft. Because I went together in December, so it is a bit cold, not easy to get into the water, please understand.
    However, on this lonely night, listening to the roaring sea of ​​songs, taking a turn around, smashing the Dapeng Ancient City and the Changchangwei Inn group at the junction of Dongshan Haitian.
    I don’t know the palace in the sky, what year is it today, and suddenly I have been working for two years. Time is like a shuttle. I am afraid that one day we will no longer look. In this ancient city alley, there are many lost historical times hidden; just like the inns that bloom on the coastline like flowers, what kind of unique style and twisting story are blooming. At this moment, I can vaguely see the head of the mountain through the sea, clearly printed in four big characters – Tianshui color! Here, I began to believe that for travel, fascination is the beginning of attachment. Love, only hope to have it at all times. And life is full, and I can really do it.
    It’s not long, it’s a few hundred meters in total, but it takes about half a day to taste it.
    There are too many food, drink, and play here, especially the seaside inn is enough to make it difficult to find this style in Shenzhen. It’s better to see it, follow me to see the picture.
    Twilight time
    As soon as I arrived here, many of the passengers let us take the boat, 30 yuan a, did not go, because it was a bit cool. Or there is no such impulse.
    Seafood is still pretty good.
    This piece of house is this colorful style.
    I am surprised not only by the weather here.
    But feelings.
    I couldn’t help but sleep with her.
    Roadside snacks.
    Five pieces, eight pieces.
    See the handsome guy by the sea
    at last
    It’s time to eat.
    I found the shrimp and said that the family is spending a little high.
    I think 120 per capita. The price is not high, and you should change your place to eat next time.
    Seafood has not been my favorite. But the effect is good.
    After dinner
    See a long hair beauty
    Passing by
    Life is like chocolate, you never know what happened next.
    Meet your tail
    Many of these hotels here, the forks of Nari, the kingfisher, are very styled shops. I really want to be one.
    Passing through such a small bar
    This is the original appearance of life.
    [Day 2]
    The next day, the sky crossed a ray of sunshine.
    Filled with our dreams.
    I got up very late and got up at 9:30. The sun is big.
    So we came to the end of the game again.
    Take a look at the scene of this combination of sea and sky.
    Tourists by the sea
    Breakfast is eaten here, and the meal for 2 people is very simple.
    Buns, gut, price 38. When I came out, I asked the opposite buddy.
    Is the intestinal powder here made of gold? So expensive.
    Shenzhen eats a bowl only 4Block.
    I don’t feel like picking up something.
    Why is it so expensive? More expensive than Lijiang. There is no blue there.
    Later I understood that this is the law of the market.
    Am I so indignant?
    This place was last night.
    They all came last night,
    But the scenery is different during the day.
    In the contrast of the sun and the moon, there is a sharp contrast
    Walk into an ice cream shop.
    Sitting and watching the flowers before the court
    Came to the beach again
    This picture is good.
    Then I went back.
    Sky blue is good.
    Like what
    Small handsome guy
    Passing bookstore. Before I changed, I would not leave. Stay and chat with the boss.
    Also saw the painter, this time is still a woman.
    Then we returned to Shenzhen and got off at the convention center. I found a restaurant called squid. I feel very good. The taste can be recommended. Then I went home. Feeling a little tired. But this fish must be recommended to everyone. Remember, the exhibition center – squid!
    On the way home, I saw a small restaurant called Nan Xiao Guan, although I was full. Sorry to go in again, but here is a foreshadowing for future gatherings. Because I looked at it and felt that it must be very emotional. It is the style I like. Must come next time!
    the meaning of traveling
    Someone always asks me inadvertently, what is the meaning of people on the road, I can’t think of it. But I have thought about it recently, as follows:
    When we were 20 years old, we were full of blood and were curious about the world;
    At the age of 20, we love to play crazy and bravely challenge the future;
    At the age of 20, we sometimes feel awkward, but still believe in freedom;
    Do not forget the initial heart, the king returns!
    People are on the road, I hope we will be 20 years old.
    As you climb the snowy mountains and walk through the desert;
    I have seen the scenery that ordinary people have never seen before;
    Comprehend the world that ordinary people have never felt before;
    There is nothing to stop your steps.
    However, this is not the case. Even if you go more than one way, you can’t add a lot of color to your whole life.
    So, when you return to nature, please remember to work hard and step by step!
    Living in a home-like city like Shenzhen, don’t forget to relax while you work. Sometimes, the journey is very tired, but it has a lot of taste. He is different from work and different from computer! Good night in the world! !
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