Crossing the old Changsha in the Republic of China, looking for the taste of the old Changsha…

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    As the neighbor of Jiangcheng, the Changsha of Hunan Province has the same climate and similar historical origins as Wuhan. It also has very similar eating habits and preferences.
    In today’s Wuhan cuisine, duck neck, hot dry noodles, crayfish must be able to enter the front row.
    In the vast ocean of Changsha cuisine, stinky tofu, rice noodles and crayfish will surely win a place.
    You see, just say three things, there is one thing,
    This fate is really amazing.
    The crayfish in Wuhan originated from Qianjiang, Hubei Province. After years of double testing of the market and food, these years are getting more and more popular and more and more popular. The understanding of Changsha crayfish is more from the famous entertainment programs and famous entertainment hosts of Mango. In the past few years, whether it is He Wei, Xie Na, Hai Tao, Wu Hao in “Happy Camp”, or Wang Han, Zhang Wei, Qian Feng in “Daily Brothers”, mentioned that they must mention crayfish, SO, and also I have a heart that is eager to eat.
    This time, a special, deliberate and serious plan for a culinary beauty tour of Changsha crayfish.
     Travel guide
    Shrimp Xiaolong Laochang Salon Shrimp Museum
    Address: 1st Floor, Grand Mercure Hotel, Wuyi Square, Huangxing Middle Road (Exit 7 of Wuyi Square Station, Metro Line 2)
    Orange Isle
    Tickets: Free
    Take Changsha Metro Line 2 to the Orange Island Station; Metro Line 2 will operate from 06:30 to 23:00.
    Sightseeing car: 20 yuan / person (up to 5 times in the middle, do not need to re-purchase tickets)
    yuelu Mountain
    -Address: Opening hours of Yuelu District, Hexi, Changsha 06:00–23:00
    Famous attractions: Yuelu Academy, Aiyue Pavilion, Lushan Temple, Yunxiao Palace, Huangxing Tomb, Cai Yu Tomb, etc.
    Sightseeing car: 20 yuan / person; cableway: up 30 yuan / person, down 25 yuan / person, the whole package of 50 yuan / person
    Take the Changsha Metro Line 2 to the Tsuen Wan Town Station.
    1, can take 6 Road; 12 Road; 18 Road; 63 Road; 303 Road; 309 Road; 312 Road; 314 Road; 315 Road; 325 Road; 902 Road; 903 Section Line; 908 section line to Tsuen Wan Town Station ;
    2, can take 63 Road; 106 Road; 132 Road; 202 Road; 305 Road; 309 Road; 315 Road; 318 Road; 325 Road; 902 Road; 903 Road; 908 Interval Line; Lishan Line; The hospital stands.
    -Yuelu Academy
    -Address: No. 273, Lushan Road, Yuelu District, Changsha City
    – Opening hours: May 1st – October 31st 07:30–18:00; November 1st – April 30th: 08:00–17:30.
    – The opening and closing time of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is extended by half an hour.
    – Tickets: 50 yuan (including the main building of Yuelu Academy and the Chinese Academy Museum)
    – Preferential policies: Students enjoy a half-ticket discount for their certificates. Hunan University teachers, students and new parents are free.
    – Traffic information by bus 63, 106, 132, 202, 305, 908, Lishan Line, Brigade 1 and other buses get off at the City Fourth Hospital Station, enter from Dongdaemun; or take 132, 202, 305, Lishan special line, brigade 1, brigade 3 line get off at Yuelushan South Station, enter from the South Gate.
     [Eating in the Changsha Cards Network Red Crayfish Special]
    There are so many trains from Wuhan to Changsha, the departure is as dense as the city bus, the driving time is not long, the high-speed rail is 1.5 hours, the express is 3 hours +, and the travel is very convenient. In the morning, I ate a bowl of hot dry noodles at the door of Wuhan, and then slowly set off to the train station, and went to Changsha for a long time, and lunch was just right.
    The train deliberately checked the Raiders and went straight to the “Shrimp Xiaolong Old Salon Shrimp Museum”, which is the first place on the evaluation website of Changsha Crayfish.
    As a main crayfish restaurant, the decoration layout of Shrimp Xiaolong can be said to be very style. Everywhere in the store, the memory and history of the city are revealed.
    The front desk of the people’s commune’s texture is full of words: Changsha people are very good!
    Mottled cement wall, deliberately created a unique texture of the years.
    Glittering red stars and Mao Zedong quotations are everywhere.
    The charm of Changsha Old Street, the old-fashioned stone tables and chairs of the city’s people, the old bus station, the old pier, and a green train that is full of history.
    This is a real green leather train. As a post-80s, we sit on the hour.The green-skinned train went out to see the world; now, in the shrimp dragon, sitting in the green leather train to enjoy the food, the old Changsha historical feelings.
    Standing in front of the barbecue
    Photo Wall
    Xiaowumen sugar shop
    In addition to the old Changsha style layout, there is also a special attraction here: the visible kitchen.
    The shrimp diners and the kitchen are separated by a transparent glass, behind the glass, the chefs’ every move, the cooking environment, the cooking details at a glance, if you look at it carefully, what kind of oil can be used in the kitchen? Seeing clearly, in such an open atmosphere, you can eat extra peace of mind.
    On the dishes, crayfish is the mainstay.Their crayfish ingredients are all from Qianjiang. As a native of Hubei, there is enough confidence in the quality of Qianjiang crayfish, clear water, high quality, big, and fat, and now there is a special introduction in the “Flame Life” that is just in the fire. If you are interested, you can go over it.
    In terms of taste, it is the strength of Wanjia. In addition to the traditional original steamed, garlic, oily, spicy, oily five flavors, there are also old Changsha tastes of unique skills, black pepper sauce and steamed taste.
    Isn’t this a big part of the end up?
    The original steamed shrimp is the original flavor, from which you can eat the “soul” of crayfish, the meat is tender and smooth, Q-bomb, no need to adjust the seasoning, can eat the sweetness of high-quality crayfish.
    The taste of old Changsha is higher. This is a wonderful journey of the tip of the tongue. The entrance, the spicy taste of Hunan takes up the entire mouth, bites a bite, and the full fragrance of the basil spreads out, lightly jumping, teasing Your taste buds.
    The surface of the garlic prawns is poured with a lot of garlic, and the rich aroma of garlic comes from the nose. Garlic and Xiaolong Spicy are really perfect CP, such a taste, like the taste of garlic will certainly be unable to extricate themselves.
    In the black pepper sauce, the thick black pepper flavor wrapped in the shrimp, sip a bit, as if eating a high-class French meal.
    Oily prawns, the sauce is rich, the shrimp is super-tasting, and eating a bite will be addictive~
    The taste of steamed prawns is also impressive. Is this taste inspired by the steamed fish head? There are similarities in the practice, taste, it is said that this Hunanese people have really tasted the “spicy” taste, it is also spicy, each kindHave different charms. This taste, the entrance is slightly spicy, the smell of pepper is on the face, and then, it is the sweetness of the shrimp, the layers are distinct, and the taste buds are hooked.
    The steamed prawns in the tangling sauce are cooked on the table, fresh and delicious.
    Taste shrimp tail
    Spicy prawns
    In addition to crayfish, there are Hunan dishes.
    There are Chairman Mao’s quotations on the wall, and there is Chairman Mao’s favorite braised pork on the menu. Large pieces of cooking, the color is red and bright, the meat is fat and not greasy, and the entrance is instant.
    Classic Hunan flavor ginger spicy chicken feet, slightly spicy, taste, boneless, eat a little bit chewy.
    Taste flower & taste crab, charm small yellow croaker
    Sugar oil, etc.
    In particular, let’s talk about its stinky tofu. Although the streets of Changsha are really stinky tofu everywhere, the taste of the stinky tofu of Shrimp Xiaolong is quite outrageous, the smell of scent is fragrant, the taste level is many, and the entrance has surprises.
     [IFS International Finance Center & Taiping Street]
    After a meal, go shopping and go to the IFS International Gold Center as the new landmark in Changsha.
    Before going to Chengdu, Chengdu IFS’s net red cute fun, and the two giant cartoon dolls on Changsha Guojin, hey, I don’t know. Regardless of whether you know it or not, the style is still cute. This small two can count the mascot of Wharf.
    Changsha IFS International Finance Center is located in the Wuyi Business Circle and Changsha Central Business Core Area. It is the tallest building in Hunan Province. The main tower is 95 stories high and the annex building is 63 stories. The main building is 452 meters high. It is a place for entertainment, fashion and life. Culture, as well as catering, is the absolute new network in Changsha.
    Every time I go to Changsha, I will go to Taiping Street.
    If IFS is a new fashion, then Taiping Street is definitely old and prosperous.
    It is located in the old city of Changsha, and it is also the most complete street in the original street and lane pattern of Changsha Ancient City. After more than two thousand years, it has maintained its original appearance and gave the people of Changsha a more real experience.On the street, Changhuai, Jiayi’s former residence, Wangfu Xipai Building and other sites were preserved.
    The bluestone road of Taiping Street, every stone slab, is a microcosm of the years.
    All kinds of snacks on Taiping Street are also popular, stinky tofu, Shaoji Meicai patties, glutinous tea, etc., eat carefully, walk slowly, time passes very fast.
    In the evening, stay at the Grand Mercure Changsha Hotel.
    The hotel is not too big, but the room is quite reliable relative to the price.
    The rooms are small in size, clean and tidy, the items are all available, and the bedding is very comfortable. It is a good night’s sleep here.
     [Gan Changshun breakfast + punch card Orange Island, Yuelu Mountain]
    Early in the morning, I had a simple breakfast at Gan Changshun.
    The store said: Sorry, Gan Changshun does not provide MSG and chicken essence. This is very consistent with my family’s eating habits.
    There is a patio in the store, and it feels very good to see through the patio.
    Rice noodles and noodles are the protagonists.
    It’s memorable to stop eating and not eating, my rice noodles, miss your lips.
    After breakfast, go to the orange head to make a card.
    The name of Orange Island is not necessary to say, even if it does not understand its history, its geography, but we must have read it when we were young: independent cold autumn, Xiangjiang North, Orange Island head. Look at the mountains and the red, the layers of forests are dyed; the rivers are transparent, and hundreds of battles. “This verse.
    The most striking and dazzling signs of Orange Island are a few. Everyone who went to the head of the Orange Island had a picture here. I didn’t have it this time, but I used to.
    It is still a little laborious to walk in the Orange Island. The small train that passes through it can buy 20 yuan at a time, and can go up and down 5 times in the middle. There is no need to re-purchase tickets.
    Orange Island has the symbol of Changsha, and Yuelu Mountain is the signature of Changsha.
    Yuelu Mountain is named after the “Nan Yue Ji” famous sentence: “eight hundred miles around Nanyue, back to Yan, headed for Yuelu.” It is located in the scenic spot of Orange Island, which is a scenic spot of the city’s mountains and the last peak of the 72 peak of Hengshan Mountain in Nanyue. Yuelu Mountain has an altitude of 300.8 meters and covers an area of ​​35 square kilometers. The environment is refreshing and the scenery is pleasant. In the scenic area, there are Yuelu Academy, Lushan Temple, the site of Xinmin Society, Huangxing Tomb, Cai Yu Tomb and other attractions. In addition, it is also one of China’s four major scenic spots.
    Far from the cold mountain stone path, there are people in the depths of the clouds.
    Parking is sitting in love with Fenglin, and the frost is red in February.
    The name of the love night pavilion comes from this poem.
    This season’s Yuelu Mountain, Maple Leaf has begun to turn red. From a distance, the maple leaves are red, yellow, green, and layered, which is very beautiful.
    Look at the mountains and the red, the layers of forests are dyed.
    It is a lake halfway up the mountain of Yuelu Mountain. It is named after the famous stone-slope attraction in Yuelu Mountain Scenic Area.
    According to legend, during the Western Jin Dynasty, after Tao Xun shot and killed the demon, he followed the wishes of the white crane girl and met again in 50 years. In the year of the dynasty, Tao Shu was delayed by the government affairs. At the meeting place, Tao Xun struggled to wait for 981 days, and sincerely, he was finally seen. In order to stop the white crane girl from recreating the feelings of Sifan, the Bodhisattva called Tao Shu from Shimen. Tao Xun was forced to wear the stone and turned around and saw only a stone wall standing in front of him. Therefore, it is called wearing a stone slope.
     [Say goodbye with Hunan cuisine and Changsha]
    Yuelu Mountain came down and deliberately went to the shrimp dragon dragon salon to eat a lunch before going to the train station, so at the end of this article, let me use Hunan cuisine to say goodbye to Changsha~
    Old Changsha sausage
    Burning chilli preserved eggs
    Hot brine four in one

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