Cycling by car: stepping on the sea to find Buddha

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[I huchichi, bicycle self-driving 12 years 300,000 kilometers, Tuniu tourism expert]
    Don’t ask me why I went to Mount Putuo again. If you have a wife who can’t help but make a wish every time, you will also go to Putuo Mountain, Jiuhua Mountain, Wutai Mountain, etc., as well as the Potala Palace. Well, I have been to the Potala Palace three times.
    If you haven’t been to Putuo Mountain yet, and you don’t plan to go there at all, there are generally two reasons.
    One reason may be that Putuo Mountain is a place to burn incense and worship Buddha. I don’t believe in Buddhism, don’t ask God, what are you doing there? Then you are wrong. Putuo Mountain is not just a simple mountain of Buddhism. It is said to be a mountain. It is actually an island.
    In addition to being the dojo of Guanyin Bodhisattva, and having the reputation of the Haitian Buddhism, if the weather is good, the scenery here is not bad. It is true that most tourists go to Putuo Mountain to burn incense and worship Buddha, ignoring the beautiful scenery here. Moreover, Putuo Mountain is just one of the small islands in the Zhoushan Islands. The surrounding tourist resources are extremely rich. Take the nearest Zhujiajian, there is also the reputation of sea geese, Xiuyanyu, strange stones and various reefs. Not to mention the Laoshan Island, which is known as the “Penglai of the Sea”, the Donghai Guanyin Mountain, which is known as the “Twenty-Five Buddhism Mountain in the East China Sea”, and the “Shanshan Island”, which is known as the “Shangri-La Island”. The island of Xianshan, which is known as the sea, can choose several to visit together. Even the places I have visited this time are all unknown, and there are so many beautiful places in this place, there are many places here, waiting for you to slowly explore.
    Another reason may be that it is influenced by the bad name of Putuoshan or the outrageous price, and I don’t like it very much. China is so big, there are many good places to go, why bother to get angry here. There are still foreign countries in the country, so many places can not finish this life, this place does not have to be considered. In fact, such an idea is a bit extreme. As a representative attraction, Mount Putuo is surrounded by the sea, with beautiful scenery, a long history and a strong religious atmosphere. Although it is indeed very commercial, it is still a place worth visiting. The price on the island is really outrageous, but you don’t have to live on the island at all. You can live next to Zhujiajian. It’s enough time for two days to turn around the island’s big and small attractions.
    In the morning, I came by boat and left by boat at night. The two meals on the island were eaten in the temple. I didn’t delay the time, didn’t spend any money, and played very special. Why not?
    In fact, travel is also a matter of learning. Sometimes, try new ways of playing and look at the scenery that others have overlooked. You will find that such a trip can really make you gain, not just a visit. Even a poor travel trip takes time and money. It takes both time and money. Why can’t we make our trip unique, unforgettable, and interesting?
    I would be very honored if my travels can help you travel, or just make you feel a little touched and change your little ideas and ideas. I built the Putuoshan self-help tour group, and exchanged the accommodation, catering, transportation, attractions, photography guides, anti-slaughter attention and other matters of Putuoshan tourism. I did not expect that it has now developed into 8 groups, which can help thousands of people. People who travel to Putuo Mountain and worship Buddha Putuo Mountain, I think this should be considered a merit. Putuoshan self-help tour 5 groups
    547301106, Putuoshan seeking subgroup 2 group 107508263, Putuoshan Jinxiang wishing wish group 234925297 (please choose according to needs, do not add each, and only add Putuoshan worship Buddha or travel two purpose netizens, so please indicate the way The netizen of the cow, and explain the intention, otherwise refused to pass).
    There are many places that Putuoshan can’t miss, that is, the must-see attractions of Mount Putuo.
    As one of the four famous Buddhist mountains, even if you don’t believe in Buddhism, the three major temples of Putuo Mountain, Puji Temple, Fayu Temple and Huiji Temple on Mount Foshan cannot be missed. Putuo Mountain also has very famous Sanbao, Sanshi and Sandong.
    Pagoda, Yangzhi Guanyin Monument and Jiulong Caojing, Sanshi is the Vedic stone, Yunfu stone and the second turtle listening to the stone; the three holes are Chaoyin Cave, Fanyin Cave and Chaoyang Cave. In addition to this, there are Nanhai Guanyin Statue, Guanyin Jump, Zizhulin, Nantianmen, etc.
    Etc., as well as some of the attractions that I think are worth a visit, can be included in the seven scenic spots on Mount Putuo.
    codeHead Scenic Area: Short Aunt Road, Short Apostle, Coastal Arch, Nantianmen, Longyan Spring;
    Xitian Scenic Area: Mustard Bottle, Guanyin Ancient Cave, Second Turtle Listening Stone, Vedas, Saitai, Lingshi Temple, Meifu Temple, Lingyou Cave, Yuantong Temple, Tong Dian, Yiye Pingzhou Stone, Xitianmen, Heart Word stone, millennium ancient
    Zizhulin Scenic Area: Nanhai Guanyin Statue, Western Jingyuan, Guanyin Jump, Zizhulin Temple, refused to go to Guanyinyuan, Chaoyin Cave;
    Fayu Temple Scenic Spot: Fayu Temple (the Jiulongjing Well in the Jiulong Treasure Hall), Yang Zhiyu (the Yangzhi Guanyin Monument behind the Guanyin Temple), Qianbusha, Wanghai Pavilion, and Dacheng Temple;
    Puji Temple Scenic Spot: Puji Temple, Haiyin Pool, Duobao Tower, Tianhua Baizi Hall, Baibusha, Lion Tail, Shishi, Xianrenjing, Chaoyang Cave, Guanri Pavilion;
    Foding Mountain Scenic Area: Zhanfoting, Huiji Temple, Knife Stone, Xiangyun Road, Yunfu Stone, Haitian Buddha National Cliff, Xiangyun Pavilion;
    Fanyin Cave Scenic Spot: Xianghui Temple, Shancai Cave, Fanyin Cave, Fanyin Cave, and Zhansheng Pavilion;
    Fodingshan Cableway Station Scenic Spot: Gufo Cave, Tianzhu Reservoir, Baotuo Temple, Pumen Thousand Buddha Pagoda, Foding Mountain Cableway.
    These include all the attractions that are worth visiting in Putuo Mountain. Those small temples and observation decks that pass by will not be listed. It is worthwhile to go, but I don’t find any places to welcome. In fact, there are some good places that I have discovered exclusively, which are not attractions, but I will explain them in detail in the travel notes. If you are interested, please read the travel notes carefully. There will be many eggs.
    It is definitely not enough to visit these attractions in one day, unless you are a superman, running faster than the car, because it takes a long time to sit in the scenic spot without waiting, and it is more time-consuming. If you are visiting the islands in two days, if you are in the middle of the island, you should check the ticket in a room next to the dock when you are away from the island (the specific location and method will be fine when you leave the island).
    [Putuoshan two-day tour recommended trip]
    The prices on Putuo Mountain are outrageous. Even if the room price is not expensive, the food and beverage costs are not low, and the traffic is very inconvenient, so the overall consumption is still very high. It is recommended to live in Zhujiajian. The round-trip ticket is only 50 yuan. It is convenient to leave the island before 9:00. In Zhujiajian, accommodation is good, food and shelter are much cheaper than the island, and the taste is much better. It is much more lively than the island at night.
    The two-day schedule of Putuoshan is most suitable because the tickets are just two days (48 hours). There are many combinations of two-day trips, and there are not many differences. The main reason is the order of the car and the meal time. My trip was started because of the exploration mode, which delayed the time, so it is not recommended. The following recommendations are the ones I originally planned, the most reasonable arrangement, the most cost-effective car, the most convenient meal.
    Luojia Mountain is also a part of Putuo Mountain. If it is to burn incense and worship Buddha, it must go (64 yuan, 18 yuan ticket + 46 yuan round-trip ticket), you can give up thousands of sand, Guanhai Pavilion, Baibusha, Scenic spots such as Chaoyang Cave and Zhanri Pavilion. If you mainly travel to see the scenery, then there is no scenery in Lushan, and you give up directly.
    It’s early to go to the island, otherwise you won’t be able to catch up with the vegetarian meal at 10:30 in the morning. In the parking lot next to the pier, take the scenic spot to the Foding Mountain Cableway Station (10 yuan). This is the farthest place where the terminal can directly reach the scenic spot. There are Baotuo Temple and Pumen Wanfo Pagoda. Great. Moreover, you can take the cableway to Mount Foding Mountain (Foding Mountain can also walk up the mountain from Fayu Temple, and then return to the original road, but it takes a lot of effort and walks back. It is better to watch the Baotuo Temple and the Wanfo Pagoda and take the cableway up the mountain. It’s more reasonable to walk down the mountain to visit Fayu Temple. When you arrive at the end of a kilometer or two kilometers, you must tell the driver to get off at Gufo Cave. This place is very good and worth visiting. See below for details. After visiting the ancient Buddha Cave, you can only walk to the Baotuo Temple, so you can visit the plank road on the roadside. The scenery is excellent, and there is a very beautiful hidden spot, Tianzhu Reservoir. After the tour, the Baotuo Temple walked to the side entrance to the climbing steps at the foot of the Pumenwan Buddhist Pagoda. It is sure to go up here, because the hillside where the Wanfo Pagoda is located is excellent and the scenery is infinite.
    On the gentle slope of the side slope of Wanfo Tower, return to the station at the Foding Mountain Cableway.
    Parking lot (here I went to explore a place with a great view, and write down in the travel notes, but if you want to go, you can’t catch up with Huiji Temple to eat the morning meal), from the cableway (40 yuan) to the top of the Buddha Mountain scenery, the scenery on the ropeway is good. There are three viewing platforms on the Foding Mountain. Two of them are before the cableway into the Huiji Temple. One is the Foding Mountain Observation Deck, which is very obvious on the roadside. The scenery is general; one is to go a little more hidden.
    Looking at the Foshan Pavilion, you can see the South China Sea Guanyin. Huiji Temple (5 yuan for incense coupons) morning meal (10 yuan) is 10:30, toIf you are in the past, you can catch up. After dinner, visit the observation deck and Huiji Temple. Behind the Huiji Temple, there is also a nice viewing platform with the only one of the world’s only hornbeam mother trees. It is also said that this is one of the three treasures of Putuo Mountain. There is also a knife stone, to go around a little road, not much meaning, and then walk down the mountain from Xiangyun Road, passing through Yunfu Stone, Haitian Buddha National Cliff, Xiangyun Pavilion.
    The Foding Mountain is down to the Fayu Temple. First visit the Qianbu Sha and Guanhai Pavilion. The Qianbu Sha is the beach. It is enough to have a look. There is no special feature.
    Guanhaiting doesn’t know why almost no one is going, it is almost deserted. There are many rock carvings here, the scenery is particularly beautiful, and it is the best place to look at the whole thousand steps of sand. It is definitely worth a visit. Then go to Yang Zhiyu to see Putuo Sambo
    One of the Yangzhi Guanyin monuments is not far from here, but it is hard to find, even I am lost. Finally, visit Fayu Temple (5 yuan for incense coupons), because it is almost 16:30 in the afternoon (5 yuan). Fayu Temple feeling
    It is the most distinctive and beautiful one of the temples in the Three Great Temples. There is the Kowloon Treasure Hall. The Kowloon Algae at the top of the main hall is one of the three treasures of Putuo Mountain.
    Fayu Temple can walk to Puji Temple, not far away, passing the Dacheng Temple (2 yuan for incense coupons) on the way. It is also a large-scale temple, next to Puji Temple and Fayu Temple in Putuo Mountain. When you arrive at Puji Temple, you will pass through Xianrenjing. You will go to Chaoyang Cave and Guanri Pavilion. Although you are watching the sunrise, you can see the Baibusha at sunset.
    At night, there is no car in the scenic spot, but the scenery at the seaside is very good. It is very comfortable to stroll and walk back to the dock. It also saves the ticket money. You can pass the short aunt, the short aunt and the coastal archway. The night scene is more beautiful than the day.
    After going to the island, we will first visit the West Sky Scenic Area. From the pier, we can only go to the Xitian Scenic Area. There are no scenic cars. There are many attractions here, and several viewing platforms can also see good scenery. Mustard bottle, Guanyin Gudong, Ergui listening stone, Vedas, saying Taiwan, Lingshi Temple (reconstruction closed), Meifu Temple, Lingyou Cave, Yuantong Temple, Tong Dian, Yiye Pingzhou Stone, Xitianmen, The heart stone, the millennium ancient urn, etc., pass through the Xitian Scenic Area, and then walk to the Puji Temple.
    To Puji Temple (5 yuan for incense coupons) just to catch the vegetarian meal at 10:30 (10 yuan). After visiting Puji Temple, the Haiyin Pool, Yubei Pavilion, Tianhua Baizi Hall and Duobao Tower can be visited slowly. The Duobao Tower will never open the door, but you can see the multi-Pagoda of one of the Putuo Sambo, which is exquisite and well-deserved. Baibusha is the most beautiful place in Mount Putuo. There is a reef-lined area on the shore, called the lion tail.
    Spectacular, the most striking rock here is Shishi, covered with stone cliffs, and one of the Putuoshan stones.
    Puji Temple takes the scenic spot car to Fanyin Cave (10 yuan). There is a Xianghui 之前 before the terminal. If you want to go, you can get off early, but there is nothing special here. The only characteristic is quiet, because no one comes. So you can’t come. Xiang Huiyi walked out to Shancai Cave and Fanyin Cave, not far from the distance, and the mountains were quiet. Shancai Cave, Fanyin Cave, Zhan Shengge, Fanyin Cave.
    From the Fanyin Cave, take the scenic spot car (10 yuan) back to Puji Temple (5 yuan for incense coupons), which is exactly the vegetarian meal at 10:30 in the afternoon (10 yuan). Puji Temple can hike to Zizhulin, not far away, Zizhulin Temple, refuse to go to Guanyinyuan and Chaoyin Cave. Going out and not far away is the famous Nanhai Guanyin. Don’t miss the Western Net Garden and Guanyin Jump. On the roadside, there is a natural reclining Buddha overlooking the Loka Mountain and a viewing platform that refuses to go to the panoramic view of the Guanyin Temple. It is very good.
    Then I went to Nantianmen on foot. At this time, it was late, there was no scenic car, there was a small road, not far away, the scenery was good, and it was very quiet, and I could appreciate the real attraction of Mount Putuo. Passing through the sands
    Beach, Xinluo Reef, Coastal Island, there is no such thing as Nantianmen in the evening. Grand View opens the door and climbs the Lion Rock next to Daguan Peng. There is a magical Longyan Spring on it. There is water all year round. The scenery here is particularly good. Sunset also
    Very pretty.
    [Accommodation and Dining Guide]
    Putuoshan is now less expensive than the price of the passengers, the small slaughter continues, the price is too high. Of course, many people on the island say that the price is not high at all. If you say it is not high, it will not be high. Anyway, the price on the island is up to you. It is said that the government rents a storehouse for 20,000 people, and then the locals rent it again and the rent becomes 320,000. I don’t know if it’s true or not. If it’s true, it’s so easy to make money. You certainly feel that the price is not high. It is.
    So this is just my point of view. I don’t recommend living on the island. Everyone is free and no one is forcing you. Zhujiajian’s accommodation and food and beverage prices are much cheaper than the island, and it is more real than Shenjiamen. Zhujiajian’s pier is closer to Mount Putuo, PutuoThe mountain airport is also in Zhujiajian, where transportation is more convenient. Moreover, when the weather is not good, all the other routes of Putuo Mountain are closed. Only the route to Zhujiajian can be navigable only if the visibility is slightly better. Zhujiajian itself is also a beautiful island. You can visit the beautiful Zhujiajian by visiting the Putuo Mountain.
    The Lotus Road of Zhujiajian is the center of Zhujiajian Town. It is quite bustling and busy, and accommodation and dining are concentrated here. Recommend Xiong Brothers Chuan Xianlou, Ayong seafood stalls, and there is a quiet hotel next to the upstairs, we have come here to eat and live several times in Putuoshan. These shop owners are veterans, and they are soldiers in Putuoshan. People are really concerned about evaluation and repeat customers. This is not too much seen in Putuoshan and surrounding areas. Now the tourism environment here is better than before, but because they are all doing tourist business, there will still be businesses that don’t care about word of mouth, only do the water,
    Although it is not to say that it is a high price, but it is short of two, it is very common to pretend to use seafood as a seafood. The price will be much higher than normal, and it will not be able to talk about the price, so it is hard to prevent.
    The leisure hotel is also very good, looking at the inconspicuous, but the configuration is complete, the room is clean and tidy, air conditioning, cable TV, wireless WIFI, 24-hour hot water, accommodation conditions are much better than the island, affordable. There are not many rooms here and need to be booked in advance.
    If you eat and live in Zhujiajian, it is worthwhile to spend 50 yuan for a round-trip ticket. It is 6 kilometers from Lianhua Road to Zhujiajian’s winding pier. If you are driving by car, it is not recommended to drive to the pier because the parking fee is extremely high. You can park your car at the free parking lot opposite the Lotus Road Accommodation Hotel. Although there are not many locations, it is easy to wait until you live here. It is not necessary to take a taxi to get to the pier early, and it is convenient to take the bus. A few steps down the hotel is the station. It is called Dadongyu Station, Zhu 1 Road to the pier, ten minutes, 2 yuan. You can also take the bus back when you come back. If you are late, you will take a taxi. The driver does not ask for a price of 30. Yuan, but we are 20 yuan for two days.
    Come back, because the tourists are gone, the driver has to come to the town to pull people, cheaper and willing to pull.
    On the island, you can taste the vegetarian food in the temple. It is cheap and distinctive, and it is a rare experience. The three major temples of Putuo Mountain are vegetarian, the Fayu Temple is 5 yuan, the Puji Temple and the Huiji Temple are 10 yuan, and the Mahayana Temple also has it. I don’t know how much. Meal time is 10:30-11:00 am, afternoon
    16:30-17:00, be sure to pay attention to the time, miss it, there is no more. The vegetarian restaurant in Fayu Temple is the cheapest, but it is best to eat, and it is still the only one that does not need to wash the dishes by himself. I am not too lazy to wash the dishes. The only housework I will do is to wash the dishes. With the experience of my professional dishwashing for 30 years, it is sure that the diners will not wash their dishes. Many people are fooling, even washing the spirits. Not clean.
    An old grandmother on Dapeng Island
    Local sunset at the Moon Bay of the Book Island
    Xiqiaomen Bridge in the night
    Tianzhu Reservoir next to the Foding Mountain Cableway
    Huludao with only two ships a week
    Foding Mountain Cableway overlooking Putuoshan faucet
    Looking at the Nanhai Guanyin statue in the middle of the twilight
    Longsha New Village, Putuo Mountain in the morning
    Guanhai Pavilion, which has been abandoned by Qianbu Sha
    The Zhoushan Cross-sea Bridge spans four islands, namely Jintang Island, Manila Island, Fuji Island and Liyu Island, including Jintang Bridge, Xiqiaomen Bridge, Taoyumen Bridge, Xiangjiao Bridge and Dagang Bridge. . Crossing the bridge fee of 110 yuan, just passing by is too inconsistent with my style.
    Driving on the bridge across the sea feels great, both sides are sea, the cable is majestic, but unfortunately it is impossible to take pictures. After several passes, I saw the exit of the observation deck of the cross-sea bridge, but several times were taken at night, and there was no time or mood to look at it. Unfortunately.
    This time I stayed in Ningbo for one night and got up early to take the cross-sea bridge. I was going to take a few turns along the way to see if there were any surprises.
    There are almost no information on the Internet, and there are few information on the Internet. There are few poor materials on Jintang Island and Book Island. This time, I went to see it and it is worthwhile.
    The first stop is from Jintang Island’s exit to Jintang Island. There is a signpost for the Xiqiaomen Bridge Observation Deck, but I have to go to Dapeng Island first. That trip we started with this 5 cents Dapeng Island.
    You are not mistaken, from Jintang Island to Dapeng Island is to take this Li Pengdu, the ferry fee is only 5 cents, and it is still round-trip. Although the distance is indeed very close, about 3 minutes of voyage, but this is near Putuo Mountain, and this price, I can only hehe. You also know that if Putuoshan does not engage in tourism, what kind of consumption should be here?
    Remind that the car can be ferried for 20 yuan, I made a mistake, because there is no information, I don’t know how to play, thinking that the island is very small, there is no car to drive up, and the result is exhausted. The island does not look very big, but it feels big when you walk up. It has been repaired and you can save a little effort by driving.
    After going to the island, you will see a brand of “Zhejiang History and Culture Village” and a brand introduction of Dapeng Island. The colors are almost letting the rain fall off.啥 Historical and cultural villages, it is estimated that few people will come in a year. There is a narrow road that can be opened to traffic and the left side of the road leads to the left. You can go to the Taipingshan Lighthouse. If you look at the dwellings, you will go straight to the island along a narrow concrete road. At the end of the road, you will face two choices: one left and one right. Go to the old houses and go left.
    This Dapeng Island is the only independent island in Jintang except the island. It has a total area of ​​4 square kilometers. Because it is like Dapeng, it is also called Dapeng Mountain.
    Dapeng Island has a very original style because it is relatively closed. There are 5 villages in the village. The villages have more than 100 years of ancient residential buildings. The larger ones are Hujia, Liujia, Jinjia, Yangjia, Shen. Home and other big houses.
    During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, many large households built a courtyard house here, which is the “seven-corner house” of the Dapeng population. However, this old house with western-style walls and Chinese arch courtyards has now begun to be defeated.
    Here, the spring and summer southerly, the autumn scenery will be better, the winter will not be too cold, the island is rich in huanghuali, Wendan, plum, vegetables, as well as sea cucumber seeds, yellow mud snails, jumping fish and other agricultural and sideline products.
    According to historical records, Dapeng Mountain was once the residence of many wealthy merchants in the Song Dynasty, and it was the “rich area” of Jintang at that time. Look at this aunt, in such a place where it is isolated, it is still so temperament, it can be seen that there is a historical origin.
    Remind that this Dapeng Island is really very primitive. There is almost no excursion value in the original. It is tattered and has people living in it. Therefore, if you don’t have special tastes, you should check your travels for addiction. Don’t come in person. The province got me when I got it.
    On the Taiping Mountain in the center of Dapeng Island, there is also a lighthouse that guides the fishing boat. The island also asked the locals, saying that the scenery there is particularly good, that is, going far below the mountain, and climbing the mountain. If you don’t drive, you must have at least two. Hours. Look at the mountain is not high, since the scenery is good, then let’s go.
    As a result, I didn’t mad at me. I walked for an hour. It was really just a lighthouse, but the location was particularly bad. I turned around and I couldn’t see the scenery. Don’t come, don’t even have anyone who has such a connoisseur, because it takes an hour to walk back. The lighthouse is a cultural relic of more than one hundred years. It is the Dapengshan people Yang Xidong and his son Yang Shengbo. In order to understand the suffering of the rescuers, fishermen and passengers, they invested in the construction of the Qing Dynasty.
    It is said that it is planned to create a business and leisure resort that integrates leisure sightseeing, holiday and entertainment into one, forming a pattern of echoing the Putuo Mountain in the east and Dapeng Island in the west. However, it is difficult to see this situation. I don’t know if it will be the Year of the Monkey.
    In fact, it is also very good to return to this place quietly, although the villagers have a hard time.
    Returning to Jintang Island, you can still take a boat trip. Because it is very close, you don’t have to wait for a long time. Next to it is the port of the cross-sea bridge and Jintang Island.
    Near the pier is Lekgang Down Street. There is also a cultural relic of the Ming Dynasty. It is said that it has been standing on the streets of Ligang for nearly four hundred years. Unfortunately, we did not find it. Then go to the highest peak of Jintang Island, the fairy mountain, the road on the island is very well repaired. From the foot of the mountain to the top of the fairy, a new winding mountain road is also built, which can directly reach the crane on the mountain.Hey.
    The cranes on the top of the mountain are being built. They are all construction sites. There is nothing to see. It is because this is the highest peak of Jintang. So at the top of the mountain overlooking the mountain, you can see the beautiful scenery of Jintang Island.
    Jintang Island is the fourth largest island in the Zhoushan Islands. It is separated from Zhoushan Island by a water. It is the grain-producing area of ​​Zhoushan in history and the first food self-sufficient island in the vicinity of Zhoushan. The special product of the island, Jintang Li, is famous for its red skin, red fruit, small fruit and juicy juice.
    Since ancient times, the islands of Jintang Island have been on a boat trip. It takes about 45 minutes to take the ordinary ferry from Jintang Island to the island of Zhoushan Islands. It takes about 1 hour to go to Ningbo Zhenhai, and encounter a typhoon or cold current. In the days, the people on the island could not leave the island. Now that they have a cross-sea bridge, they finally bid farewell to the sea age when the weather depends on ferries.
    Under the auspicious ridge of Shantan Village in Jintang Island, there is a temple built into the temple. The temple is built along the slope. The scale is very spectacular. After entering the Jintang territory from the Zhoushan Bridge, you can see the majestic from the bridge. temple.
    Huacheng Temple is one of the earliest open monasteries on Jintang Island. The original temple was built in the first year of the Houhan Dynasty (the fifth generation was 948 AD). It was originally called the Luohanyuan. The morning bells and gongs and pilgrims continued to prosper, and the incense was booming all year round.
    The original foundation of the Zen Temple is under the auspicious ridge. The temple has three ridges and nine ridges surrounding the Shantou Mountain. It is like the nine green dragons flying down from the air to compete for the pearl of Shantou Mountain. Therefore, there are folk legends about the robbing of the Pearl.
    In the hilltop behind the Chengzen Temple, a seven-storey multi-tower pagoda was newly built in recent years. Unfortunately, although we opened the gate when the tower was opened, the tower’s door was locked and it was impossible to climb the tower. It is said that it was on the seventh floor. The majestic position of the Xiqiaomen long-span cable-stayed bridge can be seen in the eye.
    The viewing platform of Xiqiaomen Bridge on Jintang Island is not far from the entrance of Zhoushan Cross-sea Bridge at Jintang Island. There is a large open space before the bridge. There is a Zhoushan Cross-sea Bridge Exhibition Hall and a large parking lot. field. But today I don’t know why, the exhibition hall is not open, and the observation deck is next to it. I have to climb up from below and climb to the heights. The majestic appearance of the Xiqiaomen Bridge can be seen at a glance.
    The Xiqiaomen Bridge is the second of the five bridges of the Zhoushan Sea-crossing Bridge. It is connected to Jintang Island and Manila Island. Therefore, there is a viewing platform on Jintang Island and Book Island. There are almost no tourists here, and it is estimated that most of the tourists are going to the viewing platform of Book Island.
    At night, you can only enjoy the night view. You can also see the sea view during the day. As long as the weather is good, the sea view here is also superb.
    Xiqiaomen Bridge is brightly colored and is dominated by cable styles. It ranks second in the world in suspension bridges and the first in China. The full length of steel box girder ranks first in the world.
    Continue on and enter the Zhoushan Bridge. After driving through the Xiqiaomen Bridge, the bridge exits from the booklet island and goes to the book island. The book island is separated from the phoenix mountain by the south and the north of the island.
    So get it. Here is an island with more information, because there is a Moon Bay scenic spot, which is the original Xiqiaomen Bridge scenic tourist area, so it is still a bit of a well-known, self-driving across the sea bridge to Putuoshan,
    Some people will come over to see the panorama of the bridge. Don’t worry, go to Guangfu Temple first. Wait a minute and you will know why I am not in a hurry.
    Guangfu Temple is located in the north of the book, and it was formerly known as the Baiyun Temple built during the reign of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty. It is said that the temple of Guangfu Temple is tall and magnificent, but when we went, the walls were demolished. I don’t know if it is being maintained or renovated.
    The book island has rich historical and cultural tourism resources. It was inhabited as early as in the Song Dynasty. It was ridiculous in the early Ming Dynasty. After the lifting of the ban in the Kangxi reign of the Qing Dynasty, the fishermen relocated. There are three ancient temples on the island: Beifu Guangfu Temple, Nanxun Miaowan Temple and Dawanwanglongwang Palace, but now the Dragon King Palace and Miaowan Temple have been abandoned or idle for various reasons.
    Originally, I wanted to see the Ding Guangxun ancestral home of Dingjia in Taoyumen. It is said that the house has been preserved for more than 170 years. But looking for it did not find it, the time is a bit late, don’t look for it, go to the nearby port of the sea to see the Taoyumen Bridge.
    This is not the observation deck. It is purely my own. Whether it is this port, the big ship moored in the port, or the majestic Taotaomen Bridge, it feels very good.
    The Taoyumen Bridge is the third of the five bridges of the Zhoushan Cross-sea Bridge. It connects the booklet island and the rich-wing island, and the twin-tower double-slot super large hybrid cable-stayed bridge has a clean color, but it is also very spectacular.
    Why don’t you worry about going to Moon Bay? First, because it is ready to go to Moon Bay to watch the sunset, the time is still early. Second, because the Moon Bay scenic spot is charged, it costs 50 yuan. If it is late, wait for the scenic spot to get off work, you know. As a result, I was too anxious to come. It was a bit late. I was going to watch the sunset on the observation deck on the Moon Bay Mountain, but I was afraid that I couldn’t wait until I could watch the sunset at the seaside next to the mountain.
    I didn’t see a bridge as a sunset in the foreground, unfortunately, but this sunset is already a very luxurious sunset I have seen.
    Slightly a little pity, there is a cloud in the sky, and this luxury sunset is given to the eunuch.
    The bridge looks good again during the day, and the blue sky and white clouds are still not as beautiful as the night view. All the bridges are like this.
    The bridge at night, like a fire dragon against the light, straddles the sea, not to mention how spectacular it is.
    Say something hard, the scenic area really got off work at night, the door did not close, just go take a photo. However, there are no lights in the scenic spot, and the entire scenic spot is a stepped and plank road built by the mountains. My wife, of course, is waiting in the car and I will not go up.
    When I went up, the sky was quite bright. When I finished the night scene, it was completely dark. When I came down, the plank road in the woods reached out and I couldn’t see my fingers. I almost didn’t fall to me. The most important thing was to scare the dead. Pity me, the most afraid of ghosts. Obsessive-compulsive disorder, I will not dare to do this again next time.
    Finally arrived at Zhujiajian. After crossing the bridge, the high speed was over, but there was almost no car in Zhoushan. It passed through Zhoushan Island and passed the Guanyin Bridge. It reached Zhujiajian Island and continued to Lianhua Road. This is just beginning to be full of voices.
    It’s lively. This is the center of Zhujiajian Town, which is quite busy, and accommodation and dining are concentrated here. I booked the room of the leisure hotel on the upper floor of the Ayong seafood stall. I feel a little home here, even the aunts of the canteen are still remembering.
    Get me, say that I last promised to live in her house this time. When I promised, I don’t remember, and Auntie did not have a single prostitute.
    Familiar places, familiar tastes, and I like to chat with the boss, and the Shaanxi veterans who have been soldiers in Putuoshan, what are the benefits of chatting, that is, knowing a lot of hidden spots in Shaanxi and Zhoushan, of course, I know this place. A lot of hidden market, or else my IQ is so low, why knowledge is so profound, and almost never being slaughtered.
    After tomorrow, I have to be vegetarian on Putuo Mountain, so I have to eat better. Ah Yong’s family seems to change the chef. This taste is better. The salt and pepper skin shrimp is superb, almost the third best I have ever eaten. Eat salt and pepper prawns.
    The third reason is because this season the Pipi shrimp is a bit small, seriously affecting the ranking.
    This crab rice cake is highly recommended. The rice cake fully absorbs the rich flavor of the swimming crab. It is both enjoyable and affordable. It is definitely one of the must-have dishes.
    Get up early to take a look at the location of the hotel, this time the luck is very good, God is finally open, the two days on Putuoshan Island is the best two days of our weather in Putuo Mountain.
    Opposite the hotel is the parking lot, which is a few steps away from the road, and it is completely free and can be used for a long time. As for the parking space, although there are not many, there are many parking lots in this way. They are connected in a row on the side of the road. Anyway, I have a position every time. You see that there is a free position at 7:00 in the morning. If you have lunch at noon and in the evening, it must be full, but as long as you wait patiently, there will be empty parking spaces.
    It is not necessary to take a taxi to get to the pier early, and it is very convenient to take the bus. A few steps down the hotel is the station. It is called Dadongtun Station, Zhu 1 Road to the pier, ten minutes, as long as 2 yuan. I can take the bus back soon, and take a taxi in the evening.
    Coming to Zhujiajian Wharf, Cihang Square, stone wall and blue tile, built on the mountain, patchwork, and organic combination with the two cliffs behind it, simple and simple yet magnificent, here is known as Zhoushan Budala Palace of Putuo Mountain Visitor Center.
    Putuoshan is very popular. In the non-weekend period in May, the electronic screens in the ticketing and waiting halls showed the number of people entering and leaving the island. Now there are nearly 10,000 people on the island, and many of them are going in yesterday. The people on the boat are not too many, and the queue time doesn’t take long.
    Take the scenic spot car from the terminal parking lot to the Foding Mountain Cableway Station, which is the farthest place from the pier to the scenic spot. Near the end of a week or two, there is an ancient Buddha cave, which is worth a visit. If you want to go here, you must tell the driver to get off at Gufo Cave. Otherwise, if you walk back one or two kilometers from the finish line like me, it will be hard.
    This ancient Buddha cave is one of the eighty-eighths of Putuo Mountain. It is quiet and quiet. There are almost no tourists here, to what extent? It’s just that the weather is particularly good today. It’s so dry here. Have you seen the scenic spots with tourists so bold?
    There is a beautiful reef in the sea in front of the ancient Buddha Cave. The scenery is good. There are steps to go down and play. There is no road on the reef. It is completely original and it is necessary to pay attention to safety.
    The weather is fine, looking back at the temple where the ancient Buddha Cave is located. It is solemn and solemn. This is the only temple in Putuoshan where the body of the Buddha was born. It was once in the Republic of China. After the founding of New China, it was abandoned for half a century, and now the mountain gate is reopened.
    Of course, the ancient Buddha Cave is just a natural cave. The Putuo Mountain is like this one with a long history and a Buddhist cave. The temple above the ancient Buddha Cave was rebuilt in recent years.
    In the middle of the temple yard, this is the ancient Buddha cave. The vines are entwined and lush. From the steps, you can enter the ancient Buddha cave to visit or visit.
    At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Lishui Renguang of Zhejiang Province was the founder of the mountain here. When he was fifty-four years old, he went to the lion cave on the east side of Putuoshan Feisha. He was hungry for wild vegetables, thirsty to drink rock springs, and then moved to the sea cave in the west side of the Lion Cave. Since the ancient Buddha.
    When the 96-year-old was dead, let the apprentice seal himself in the tank and open it three years later. Three years later, the apprentice opened the tank and found that the body was not bad, and it was lifelike. So it was painted with gold paint and was in the cave. This hole began to be called the ancient Buddha cave, and it was once a mountain talk. Later, the apprentice built a plaque on the hole and gradually became known, so the incense was blazing.
    The Feishayu, where the ancient Buddha Cave is located, was the place where the soldiers were stationed in the Ming Dynasty. It is known as the desert in the island. There have always been merchant ships collecting sand here. After the liberation, the Putuo County mineral sand company entered the ancient Buddha cave, and the monks were forced to leave. The sands of the sands were collected for nearly 30 years, and the ancient Buddha caves died in name only. The Buddha Bodhisattva, which was proud of the ancient Buddha Cave, was also thrown into the sea during the Cultural Revolution, which made people feel bad. Now that the ancient Buddha Cave was rebuilt, I am afraid it is difficult to restore the old Sanskrit.
    After visiting the ancient Buddha Cave, you can only walk to the Baotuo Temple, so you can visit the plank road on the roadside. The scenery is also quite good.
    Here is the Feishayu where the ancient Buddha Cave is located, but I don’t know if the sand has been mined. There are no beaches here. The shores are covered with reefs of different shapes and the scenery is particularly beautiful.
    Here I found a very beautiful hidden spot, which was completely misunderstood. When I didn’t walk back to the parking lot, I saw a small road leading to the jungle. I just got tired and wanted to see if there was a small road that could be inserted. The result was that I found this hidden place.
    Later, I asked later to know that it is called the Tianzhu Reservoir, just an ordinary reservoir. The water quality is clear and the weather is good, so this ordinary reservoir does not look so ordinary.
    The location is very good, you can see the panoramic view of Baotuo Temple, built on the mountain, backed by the leader of Putuo Mountain, very majestic.
    The Pumenwan Buddhist Pagoda and the Baotuo Temple are echoing each other and constitute the new scenic spot of Mount Putuo. The characteristic here is that it is located at the leading position of Putuo Mountain. The scenery is particularly good, and it is not inferior to other famous scenic spots.
    Going to the end is Tianzhu Mountain Villa. It looks like it can lead to the Wanfo Pagoda, but it is a military forbidden place. It is not allowed to pass. You know. Or go around the bend to go to Baotu to speak the temple, but the road is not far away.
    The construction scale of Baotuo Temple is no less than the three major temples of Putuo Mountain, so it is also called the fourth largest temple of Putuo Mountain. Although the site is located on the site of the Qianggan Temple, it is not as famous as the three famous temples with a long history. It is mainly based on the teachings of the Fa, and it is not possible to burn incense and worship Buddha. Therefore, the pilgrims and tourists are obviously much less than the three major temples.
    But the architecture here is very grand and magnificent, the style fully reflects the solemnity and atmosphere of the royal temple, the imposing and exquisite and meticulous, so it is still very attractive.
    It’s also because there are not many tourists here, soRarely so quiet in the bustling Mount Putuo. My itinerary is a place with few people to visit during the day, and many places to go in the evening, so it is more comfortable to play, the scenery looks much better, I don’t know if you have the same feeling.
    Passing through the Heavenly King Hall, you enter the temple of the Baotuo Temple, which is surrounded by a large number of halls, such as the Yuantongbao Hall, the Pumen Lecture Hall, the Baotuo Grottoes, and the Dabao Loft.
    Even in the hot summer season, you can walk along the promenade on both sides of the Baotuo Temple, from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, not afraid of the sun. The glazed tile of the promenade twists and turns like a wave, and like a bay of nectar from the mountain, reflecting the dazzling golden light in the sun.
    The architecture of Baotuo Temple is very characteristic. The main building of the central axis is the archway, bell and drum tower, Tianwang Hall, Yuantongbao Hall, Pumen lecture hall, Dabao loft, etc., and most of the northern Ming and Qing Palace styles are used; the east and west buildings are abbots. The courtyard, the warehouse, the round ring, etc., adopt the southern architectural style.
    This Baotuo Grottoes is modeled after the Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang, so the shape is very beautiful.
    The highest point of the Baotuo Temple is the Dabao Loft, which is the Tibetan Buddhist Pavilion of the general temple.
    On the right side of the mountain, the left side down the mountain, after the largest building on the side of the Baotuo Temple, the ring of the ring, the ring of altar, is the altar of Buddhist gangsters.
    The omnipotent Pumenwan Pagoda is the clearest on the hills of the Baotuo Temple. Of course, the best place is the roundabout.
    The outer corner of the pagoda is simple in shape, with a clean wood-like structure, an octagonal double-decker pavilion, a blue glazed corrugated spire, a tower with nine layers and thirteen ridges, and a layer height indented at equal intervals to form an overall spatial change of the pagoda. The rhythm of beauty.
    From the side door, the Baotuo Temple can directly lead to the climbing steps at the foot of the Pumenwan Pagoda. This step is steep, but don’t be lazy. It must be up here, because the hillside where the pagoda is located is excellent and the scenery is endless.
    generalIn the middle of the steps of the door pagoda, this exquisite archway is very eye-catching, and the carving process is complicated and exquisite.
    Ascend to the square in front of the pagoda, look back at the Baotuo Temple, and enjoy the panoramic view of the entire temple. It can be clearly seen that the entire temple is backed by the leader of Putuo Mountain, surrounded by the sea on three sides, and the location is excellent.
    The temple is dedicated to the Golden Buddha with the name of the pilgrim. I don’t know if it’s already filled with 10,000 people. It seems that it’s more than 10,000 donations to offer one. How many 10,000 are, I can’t figure it out. . I wanted to go to the landscape, but I don’t seem to be able to climb the tower.
    From here you can see the Housha sand of Mount Putuo, where people are also inhabited, there is a small island opposite, and the Housha is the hidden place of Mount Putuo, and there may be no tourists paying attention to it.
    The Tianzhu Reservoir that I just discovered can also be clearly seen from here. It is just an ordinary reservoir.
    You can clearly see the unique architectural style of the Baotuo Temple. The north and south buildings are completely different, but they are merged into one, and the momentum is extraordinary and unique.
    From here, you can see that there is a road leading to the back of Longtoushan. Looking at the distance, I have planned to eat the morning meal at Huiji Temple, which was originally planned to be on Mount Foding. Because I played too slowly, it is too late, so I decided to take a while. Take a walk and look at it, maybe there will be new discoveries.
    Passing through this small bay, there are also nice beaches, and the water here is much clearer than the water on the pier.
    Behind Longtoushan, it should be the Hexing Village belonging to Putuo Mountain. It is also called Hexing Xiyuan. There are some villagers’ houses, and there are two roads ahead, leading to the Xiangsheng Hotel at the end. Above the main entrance to the hotel and the lobby, below the hotel rooms, you can go anywhere.
    The location of this hotel is really unique. If you stay at the hotel, there is a special bus to pick up from the pier. The minimum price of online booking is more than 700. If you are interested, you can consider it. The scenery here is really excellent.
    Pass through the hotel lobby and walk down the stairs to the hotel’s open-air restaurant, which is also a good viewing platform, the beautiful East China Sea, which is the most beautiful place in Putuo Mountain.
    The small island opposite me is very interesting. The houses above are densely packed and covered with the whole island. And this is the house built by the indigenous people on the island. It is primitive and natural. It is really very distinctive.
    I asked the local people of Putuo Mountain. The opposite island is called Huludao. There are only two boats per week. If you want to go to play, you have to stay there for a few days, but this island is not for tourism. There is no accommodation on it. And there is no entertainment, it is very human to go.
    Going back to the parking lot along the road below the two roads just below the beach, it is really beautiful everywhere. This reef island is connected to the island. I really want to go to play, but unfortunately not enough time.
    Go back to the parking lot of the scenic car and take the cableway to Mount Foding. Of course, Foding Mountain can also walk up the mountain from Fayu Temple and return to the original road. However, it takes a lot of energy to go back to the road. It is better to take the cableway up the mountain and then walk down the mountain to visit Fayu Temple. This arrangement is more reasonable.
    The Foding Mountain Cableway reaches the height, and you can take a panoramic view of the entire Baotuo Temple.
    As for this photo, I think I have already returned to the fare of 40 yuan.
    There is a sky lantern on the top of Foding Mountain. It used to be open and a good viewing platform. Unfortunately, it has now become a restricted area. There are also three viewing platforms on the top of Mount Foshan, two of which were not ideal before the cableway came out into the Huiji Temple. This is the first, the Fodingshan Observation Deck, which is very obvious on the roadside, should also be the most important viewing platform, with the worst position.
    Ordinary cameras simply can’t take such a view, because the seascape is very far away, only telephoto can barely see some.
    It is also very strange to say that today’s weather is already very good, but I don’t know why the visibility is not high, and it looks foggy in the distance, not very clear.
    Going aside to the side is a relatively hidden Jade Pavilion viewing platform. I thought it was a bathroom. I walked over to discover this statue.
    Although the location here is not good, it is much stronger than the observation deck just now. The reason why it is called the Buddha Pavilion is because it can overlook the Nanhai Guanyin.
    That’s really a far cry, it’s a test of eyesight. If you have good eyesight, Qianbusha, Zhanri Pavilion, Baibusha, Zizhulin and Nanhai Guanyin can all be seen here.
    If the eyesight is better, you can see more scenery. The scenery on Zhujiajian Island can also be seen from the leopard.
    It is a good place to watch the sunrise, but so early, then climb up with the camera, it is how majestic men and women.
    Foding Mountain is also known as Baihuading and Bodhisattva. This is the main mountain of Putuo Mountain. The so-called Putuo Mountain and the mountain are supposed to come from this Buddha Mountain. If you don’t go to Mount Buddha, It can be said that it is the White Mountain.
    Although Huiji Temple is one of the three major temples of Putuo Mountain, it is built on the top of the mountain and is limited by geographical conditions. The scale is the smallest, but it is also because of the geographical location.
    Putting two pictures, in fact, there is no other meaning, the so-called Buddha in the heart, everything is just illusory.
    The Huiji Temple tour in Foding Mountain is also not going back. From the back door, there is also a viewing platform.
    This viewing platform has a wide view, but unfortunately the location is not good, the scenery is general, only the opposite Zhujiajian can be seen.
    This should be the Guanyin Cross-sea Bridge that Zhujiajian leads to Zhoushan Island.
    There is also a Putuo horned tree tree on the west side of Huiji Temple, which is very precious. Foding Mountain is a protected area for the rare population of Putuo horns in Zhejiang Province. The wild mother tree of the hornbeam is only the Putuo Mountain in the world. It is about 200 years old, so it is said that this is one of the three treasures of Putuo Mountain. Because it is rare and precious, the seedlings cultivated by Putuoshan Forest Farm and Zhoushan Forestry Branch in 1983 were planted in Fodingshan Tea Garden and Nanshanpo, respectively. The protected area is 15 mu, with a total of 79 trees, nearly 30 years old.
    There is a shovel on the top of the mountain, but it doesn’t mean much. Such stones are everywhere. Walking down the mountain from Xiangyun Road, it is much easier to go down the mountain than to go up the mountain, and it will pass through Yunfu Stone, Haitian Buddha National Cliff and Xiangyun Pavilion.
    This stone standing on the boulder seems to be very unstable, but it does not fall, and there are often clouds and mists, so it is called Yun Fushi.
    The four characters of Haitian Buddhism are vigorous and powerful. They are the books of Hou Jigao, the anti-defense general of the Ming Dynasty. Since these four words summarize the characteristics of Putuo Shengjing, they become the pronouns of Putuo Mountain.
    The stone above the sea and the Buddha is Yunfu Stone. This is one of the three strange stones of Putuo Mountain. Some of the sayings are that the three strange stones are the heart stone, the second turtle listening to the stone and the Vedas, but in that case all three stones are in the west. The scenic spot is not scientific, and there is nothing strange about the stone of the heart. It is not a strange stone.
    Xiangyun Road is not long, but it is very steep. The stone level that was built in the 30th year of Guangxu Guangxu, a total of 1087. It’s a bit difficult to walk on the mountain. Don’t say that these believers are coming up from the footsteps of the mountain, and the difficulty is quite high. It is not just during the fragrant meeting. Every day, people go from the footsteps of the mountain to the pilgrimage of Mount Foding, which is very devout.
    Xiangyun Road came to the end and went to Fayu Temple. The Haitian Buddha State Archway stands tall in front of Fayu Temple, and there are many couplets written by Zhejiang calligraphers.
    Passing through the release pool in front of Fayu Temple again, the year has not come, the water has cleared a lot. I remembered the buddies who saw Wang Fang release here last year. I don’t know how the business is doing, helping so many people to do good deeds and merits. No amount, I don’t know if it’s a big fortune.
    Fayu Temple is one of my favorite ones in the temple of Putuo Mountain. The building is very characteristic. From the outside to the inside, it gives people a very good feeling. The smallpox rain, the deep mountain Tibetan temple, the winding path to send the Zen sound, it really is The name is well-deserved.
    Entering the mountain gate is the empty world of Fayu Temple. It is only the outermost temple of the king, it has already been imposing, the pines and cypresses, the stone towers, the flagpoles, the incense burners, and the tourists are all hidden. On the wall of the Tianwang Hall, there is a huge “Fa Yu Chan Temple”. The calligraphy is simple and simple, and there are chapters and grasses. It is a fine in Putuoshan calligraphy.
    In the layout of the architectural complex, Fayu Temple is also a pattern that rises and follows the trend of the mountains. From the Heavenly King Hall, the Jade Buddha Hall, the Jiulong Guanyin Temple, the Imperial Monument Hall, the Daxiong Hall, to the Fangzhang Hall, the Temple Hall rises, the temple Great and high, the weather is extraordinary.
    Yuantongbao Temple is the main hall of Fayu Temple, also known as the Kowloon Hall. It is the most beautiful place of Fayu Temple. When the Emperor Kangxi gave the “Fa Yuchan Temple” plaque, he approved the abbot of Fayu Temple, and the Ming Palace Jiulong Temple was built with the materials of the Jinling Forbidden City. It is the highest Buddhist temple in China.
    The Kowloon Hall is 22 meters high. The inner top is the Kunming Well, and the outer cover is yellow and yellow. This is one of the three treasures of Putuo Mountain. It is exquisite and amazing.
    After watching the Jiulong algae well, don’t rush to go. The large island Guanyin and the good fortune boy on the back wall of the Kowloon Hall are also exquisite. These groups are wonderfully shaped and are a major feature of the Buddhist statues of Fayu Temple.
    At 4:30, you can eat vegetarian food at Fayu Temple. The price of Suzai in Fayu Temple is the cheapest, as long as 5 yuan, and Puji Temple and Huiji Temple are 10 yuan. It is understandable that Huiji Temple is inconvenient to transport at the top of the mountain, but Puji Temple does not know if it costs 10 yuan. Why, it may be because there are too many tourists.
    But these are not important, vegetarian is very cheap and tastes good. I think that the vegetarian restaurant in the Fayu Temple is the best, and you don’t have to wash your own dishes. Puji Temple has to wash the dishes yourself. In fact, it is not that I am lazy, but many people are not clean.
    Don’t look at the good looks, the taste is really good, black fungus and tofu are very delicious, and you can also add and fill.
    Sometimes the pilgrims will be invited to eat and help to count the money. They are basically piece by piece. It is very fun, but I have not invited me. Maybe it is not like a pilgrim because I look at it.
    After eating a full meal, I continued to visit Fayu Temple. This Imperial Palace is very beautiful. It is so long that I thought it was the Kowloon Hall. The travel notes have not changed since now, it is really shameful, but it is estimated that no one looks at it.
    The opposite side of Fayu Temple is Qianbu Sha. The characteristics of Qianbu Sha are larger than Baibu Sha, but there is no Baibu Sha because it has no reef. The long sandy beach of Qianbusha, the sand is very good, it is a very good bathing place, swimming in the summer is also very good. However, there are very few vacations in Putuo Mountain. The price of such expensive hotel accommodation is not as good as going to Sanya.
    On the north side of Qianbusha, it is a sea gaiting that is almost ruined. It is actually very good. I don’t know why almost no one is going. Maybe it’s not too many people who come to Mount Putuo to see the scenery.
    From the place where the Qianbu sand is near the cliff, there is a plank road leading to Wanghai Pavilion. There are many stone carvings here. This “satisfied” does not know who wrote it. So I know how to show off so early, but unfortunately, when it’s not at the right time, then No friends circle.
    In fact, the location is excellent, the scenery is particularly beautiful, but it is completely deserted. If you look at this long grass, you can play football.
    The sea is muddy, but barely can be considered a wide sky.
    This is the best place to look at the whole thousand steps of sand. The entire bay where the thousand steps sand is located can be seen in the eye. It is worth a visit.
    Well, say goodbye to this place that most people ignore. If you come to Mount Putuo to see the scenery, it is very good.
    The time is late, the scenic car is gone, but it doesn’t matter, Fayu Temple can walk to Puji Temple, which is the distance through the thousand steps of sand, not very far. There are great Mahayana on the way, and it is also a grand temple. It is second only to Puji Temple and Fayu Temple in Putuo Mountain. The photos are ugly and they are not released. There is another very good viewing platform, Chaoyang Cave, when it comes to Puji Temple.
    Chaoyangdong is quite famous here. There is no ruin. It is a good place to watch the sunrise. Whenever the rising sun rises, the scenery is beautiful and the scenery is beautiful.
    When you come to Chaoyang Cave, you will pass by Xianrenjing, just a well. Above the Chaoyang Cave is the Guanri Pavilion, which is adjacent to the Bohai Sea.
    Although it is a sunrise, but look at the sunset, Baibusha is also very beautiful, but also very unique, can show the force.
    Baibu Sha is much more beautiful than Qianbu Sha. It is because there is such a reef. There are many strange stones on it. There are many stone carvings on the cliff. The most prominent stone is the “Shishi”. Go here tomorrow.
    The Guanyin of the South China Sea is lit up. The Nanhai Guanyin in the light is a bit more mysterious. In the distance, the Putuo Mountain is quietly watched, and the guardian Putuo Mountain.
    Walking to the pier, not living on Mount Putuo, you can also see the beautiful night of Putuo Mountain.
    At this time, there are no tourists and pilgrims on the island, especially quiet. The moon in the sky is brighter than the street lamp. It is a memorable night, and we are quietly walking in the most authentic Putuo Mountain..
    Passing through the short aunt, it is already darker. Only the coastal arches are more eye-catching under the light, and look more beautiful and beautiful than the day.
    Soon I arrived at the pier. In fact, it is not far away, because the scenic spot to the Puji Temple is only 5 yuan. At night, the beach is particularly cool and the air is fresh. Although it has been going all day, it feels not tired and comfortable.
    Back to Zhujiajian Wharf, there have been no buses, and there are only taxis. There is no table here. The asking price is 30 yuan. I feel that various policies and rules can’t be managed here. Maybe it is really a bodhisattva. We walked slowly, and finally came out, because the time was too late, the ship had few tourists, and all of them had already left. Running a driver to go to the town to pull people, 20 dollars will pull us back.
    Back to the quiet hotel, because the Buddha worshiped these two days, can not eat too embarrassed, so I just ate a little light in the Ayong family.
    Drink some local Zizhulin beer. Although it is very tired today, I feel that I have gained a lot. I don’t want to feel comfortable. Although it is very tiring to run around on the island, nothing can hold us happy.
    Going up early on the island, today’s weather is slightly worse than yesterday, but it is still very good.
    Tickets for Putuo Mountain are valid for two days (48 hours), so if you want to enter the island again the next day, you should sign a ticket to a room next to the dock when you leave the island last night (the specific location and method when you leave the island) The staff will be fine.)
    Because the Xitian Scenic Area can only be hike, it is decided today to visit the Xitian Scenic Area in the opposite direction and pass through the Xitian Scenic Area, just to reach the Puji Temple. Of course, the Xitian Scenic Area can also be seen at the end, from the Puji Temple through the West Sky Scenic Area back to the dock. From the pier, you can only go to the Xitian Scenic Area on foot, there is no scenic car.
    There is a Xishan New Village in Xitian Scenic Area. There are many people staying here, but the location is a bit biased.
    When I arrive at the entrance of Xitian Scenic Area, I feel that I can continue to move forward, but there should be a residential area, and the distance is also very far. Next time I must bring the folding bicycle to Putuo Mountain and take a turn.
    There are many attractions in Xitian Scenic Area, such as mustard bottle, Guanyin Gudong, Ergui listening stone, Vedas, saying Taiwan, Lingshi Temple (reconstruction closed), Meifu Temple, Lingyou Cave, Yuan Tongyu, Tong Dian, Yiye Pingzhou Stone, Xitianmen, Xinzi Stone, Millennium Ancient Shu and so on. The temples here are all places to worship Buddha. There is no scenery, but there are several viewing platforms, and the scenery is not bad.
    Here is the observation deck next to Guanyin Ancient Cave. There is a naval base that can’t be photographed, but the scenery next to it is not bad.
    This viewing platform has gathered a lot of tourists, and it seems that beautiful scenery is always attractive.
    The second turtle listens to the stone, one of the three great stones of the Putuo Mountain, and the two turtles have a special image, which is amazing.
    This Vedas may be the most famous stone in Putuo Mountain. Many people may think that the Vedas are the small stones above, but they are wrong. The Vedas are made up of two stones, the boulder below. The bottom is wide and pointed, and the middle bulge will support the stone, 曰 “磐”; the upper stone is much smaller, the upper width is narrower, the diamond shape, the 陀 “to”, together called the Vedas.
    Don’t just look at the front of the Vedas, there are also many stone carvings on the back. The words “Vedas” are also written by Hou Jigao. It seems that this guy is not only a civil and military, but also a very accomplished calligrapher, except for the “Vedas Stone” and the “Haitian Buddhism” next to Xiangyun Road, in Putuo. There is also the inscription “Baihua Mountain” in the mountains. It is said that there is also the inscription “Sea Mountain Wonders” in Yeouido. The works are quite a lot.
    Next to the Vedic stone, there is a huge stone called the saying platform. Don’t miss it here. The boulder is like a big drum, and a platform of more than 30 square meters is formed on the top. According to legend, this is where Guanyin said. The good boy was worshipping the twenty-seventh tour of the Tuas.
    Lingshi Chanyuan is being closed and remodeled. It has not been opened for more than a year. There is also a viewing platform overlooking the Putuoshan block at the foot of Xishan Mountain. The left side is Putuoshan administrative and dining district, and the lower part is Putuoshan Hotel and Xishan New Village. The middle right is the financial district, the far right is the Putuoshan pier, and the Nanhai Guanyin statue is faintly visible in the distance.
    Here is the Longsha New Village in Putuo Mountain, which is where I wanted to go, but gave up, this is the residential area of ​​Putuo Mountain.
    There is a small road at the entrance of Yuantong Temple. It is very inconspicuous. There is a deserted stone in the spot, and almost no one will come. It may be because the stone is ugly.
    Continue to move forward, Xitianmen, heart stone is on the side of the road, very common. There is a small road to Puhui Temple. Now it is the Putuo Mountain Sanatorium. It is worth seeing a thousand-year-old temple at the entrance. There are several acres of shade in the shade, covering the sky.
    Passing through the Xitian Scenic Area, it is not far from the Puji Temple. It is almost 11 o’clock. It is most important to go to vegetarian food first. If you miss it, you will not have it. Here visitors are washing their own dishes, so it is best to take the dishes and wash them again.
    Puji Temple’s vegetarian meal is 10 yuan, and the dish is given a small spoon. There are a lot of people here. I don’t have any good intentions to go. I am a jealous person.
    This is the restaurant of Puji Temple Su Zhai. The Fayu Temple forgot to shoot. There is no such area as Puji Temple, and there is no such decoration here.
    After the meal, I slowly walked through Puji Temple. The area of ​​Puji Temple should be larger than that of Fayu Temple. It is the first of the three major temples. However, the building does not have the characteristics of Fayu Temple. It seems that there is no Fayu Temple that is spectacular and there is no atmosphere. The rain temple is as far-reaching as it is.
    The Haiyin Pool outside the Puji Temple is the biggest attraction of the Puji Temple. There are three stone bridges running through it. The middle one is called Pingqiao, the north is the Puji Temple, the middle is the Dingxiang Pavilion, and the south is the Imperial Pavilion. .
    The Haiyin Pool is a release pool. The large temple has a release pool in front of it. However, this Haiyin pool is very large in size and has an area of ​​15 mu. It was built in the Ming Dynasty and is surrounded by antique stone carving columns. The scenery is very beautiful.
    The Haiyin Pool is also called the Lotus Pond. Now the Haiyin Pool looks a bit ordinary, but if it is in the summer season, the lotus flower in the Haiyin Pool blooms and the lotus leaves are fragrant, it will be a very beautiful scenery.
    The stone tower at the southern end of Haiyinchi is one of the legendary three treasures of Putuoshan Town.More treasure towers.
    This multi-treasure tower seems to never open the door, but it is hard to beat me, because the wall is not high, it is not very meaningful to open the door.
    Duobao Tower, commonly known as the Prince’s Tower, was built in the Yuan Dynasty and is almost 900 years old. It is one of the oldest buildings in Putuo Mountain and the only Yuan Dynasty stone tower in Zhejiang Province. It is very precious.
    This multi-treasure tower is indeed well-deserved, exquisitely carved, unique in style, quaint and elegant, and the Buddha statue is gentle and dignified, giving a feeling of intimacy and dignity. The unique Breguet-style style is also rare.
    Puji Temple comes out and takes the scenic spot car from the parking lot to the Fanyin Cave. There is no direct train from the pier to the Fanyin Cave. You can only transfer to Puji Temple or Fayu Temple. There is a Xianghui 不 in front of the Fanyindong parking lot, but I have heard the name for a long time.
    Because I was far away from the Fanyin Cave, I was too lazy to go. I have not been to it several times. This time I decided to go and see, just like going to the ancient Buddha Cave, let the driver stop at Xianghuiyu before coming to the terminal.
    This Xiang Huizhen is really ordinary and can no longer be ordinary, you see this Wangcai looking at our look is clearly saying, I rely on, can be counted personally, I am really lonely.
    This is very small, just a main hall, the only feature is quiet, very quiet.
    Xiang Hui came out and walked to Shancai Cave and Fanyin Cave. He walked the mountain road, not far away, and the mountain was very quiet.
    The scenery here is also good. You can see the Putuoshan faucet that I went to yesterday. The Baotuo Temple is not obvious, but the Pumenwan Buddha Pagoda is clearly visible.
    Yesterday, the mysterious Huludao can be seen clearly here.
    After the good fortune, and not far away is the Fanyin Cave. The Fanyin Cave built on the cliff of the Fanyin Cave, the yellow wall and the black tile, is particularly eye-catching.
    Under the cliff is the legendary Sanskrit Cave. You can’t see the Fanyin Cave here. You can only see the gazebo and the roof of the Sanctuary.
    The Fanyin Cave is far away because of the distance, so visitors are much less than Puji Temple and Nanhai Guanyin. However, the scenery here is beautiful, and it is also a good place to watch the sunrise, it is recommended.
    The Fanyin Cave was built in the second year of Ming Chongzhen. There is a floating sea Guanyin statue in the temple. It is hand-held with a clean bottle and a foot on the squid.
    In the waist of the Fanyin Cave, which is a few feet from the top of the cliff, there is a horizontal stone like a bridge. There are stone platforms between the two steep walls. There are double-storey Buddhist altars on the stage. This is called the Qiong Pavilion. It can be seen in front of the sea and can be seen in the back. .
    The Qinggu Base Mountain is located in the easternmost part of the Putuo Mountain. It is directly inserted into the Putuoyang. Here, the cliffs are smashed by the waves all the year round, and the sounds of the waves are smashing, and the sound of the night and the night is like a gong and drum, so it is also called a drumstick.
    Because the Fanyin Cave is said to be a place for Guanyin Tuas, this sacred pavilion is a place where believers chanting the Fanyin Cave and praying for Guanyin. The two floors above and below the pavilion are crowded with the Fanyin Cave. Look for people on the wall to see the true body of Guanyin.
    I heard a lot of people say that they saw the Guanyin image on the stone wall, but I can’t see it anyway. I will take it for everyone to see if I can find someone who has a good relationship.
    Fanyin Cave came out and went back to Puji Temple to see Baibusha. I think Baibusha is the most beautiful place in the Putuo Mountain, because the shore reefs here are very spectacular.
    This reef rock slope in the middle of Baibusha stretches into the sea and divides Baibusha into two, commonly known as the lion tail.
    The most famous here is this stone, which is strangely shaped and washed by sea water. It is also one of the Putuo Mountain Stones. The word “Shishi” means that this stone can grind iron and can anger the Tao. Its spirit can be a teacher.
    This is only half of the hundred steps of sand, it is far fromIt’s only a hundred steps away. It may be just to correspond to the thousand steps of sand in the north of Chaoyangdong. Because it is on the seashore in front of Duobao Tower, it is also called Taqiansha.
    In the distance, it is the Guanri Pavilion above Chaoyang Cave. If it is not enough time, although I have been there last night, I still want to go there again, because this can not only see the Baibu sand here, but also see the other side. The thousand steps of sand, the location is excellent.
    This pavilion in the southeast of Shishi, some people say that it is called Shiting, and some people say that it is the Shiyue Pavilion. No matter what the name is, it is a good place to watch the sunrise, listen to the tide, and enjoy the moon and the sea breeze.
    This is the other half of Baibusha, which is divided by the lion’s tail. On the hillside, it is Zizhulin and Nanhai Guanyin.
    This reef on Baibusha has a unique shape and a small area. It is not only in Putuo Mountain, but also in China. Such sea erosion landforms are very rare and beautiful.
    Continue to Zizhulin, not far away, you can walk over. Zizhu Lin, as its name suggests, should be Zizhu Chenglin, but because of the destruction of several disasters, it is no longer possible to see such a scene.
    On the top of the Zizhulin Mountain Gate, the words “Buy Zizhu Forest” are the subject of Kang Youwei’s autograph. It may be because of the recent departure from the dock. There are many pilgrims here, and it is difficult to photograph the Zizhulin door without the pilgrim.
    Opposite the Zizhulin, it is a vast expanse of valleys, where the flowers and trees are lush, the sweet springs are clear, and the famous refusers to go to the Guanyinyuan and Chaoyin Cave are here.
    It is also a prominent geographical environment in which the ridge extends into the sea. The three faces the sea and the scenery is excellent.
    Looking back at Zizhulin Temple in the pavilion by the sea, although the scale is not large, the entire temple is located in the forest, the environment is elegant, simple and solemn.
    Reluctant to go to the Guanyinyuan is said to be the first temple of Putuo Mountain. The original three-sided Jianwa powder wall is surrounded by a small courtyard. There is a small bungalow inside. It is a small and delicate Buddhist temple. The area of ​​the Guanyin Academy is now restored. Not too big, simple and elegant.
    This reef beach is a strange rock, and the Chaoyin Cave is hidden. The name of Chaoyindong is a pun, on the one hand, because the caves are swallowing the tides day and night, the sound seems to be thundering. On the other hand, the “tidal tone” is used as a metaphor for “Buddha”, as if Guanyin is speaking in the scriptures, and as millions of monks are present. through.
    The Chaoyin Cave is formed by cracks in the mountain rock. It is about 10 meters deep from the top of the cliff to the bottom of the cave. The bottom of the cave is through the sea and half is immersed in the sea. The two gates formed by the two gaps above the cave are called “skylights”. The tide flooded into the cave, and the sound of the waves and the stone collided like a thunder, forming the ancient cave tidal sound of one of the 12 scenic spots of Putuo.
    Legend has it that this place was the place where Guanyin Bodhisattva lived and practiced. Since the Song Dynasty, Guanyinyan Temple has been built here. After several times, it has been destroyed and reconstructed, and it has become the current Zizhulin.
    It’s too late to come to the Nanhai Guanyin image. It’s closed at 5:45. Everyone should pay attention to the time. Otherwise, it’s white. This Nanhai Guanyin image has become an extraordinary symbol of the Putuo Mountain.
    There are a lot of tourists during the day, and basically all of the thousands of square meters of the Buddha’s Square are crowded with people all day, and the incense is lingering. Perhaps only this evening, the pilgrims will be so rare, it is already very rare and quiet.
    The Western Net Garden where Guanyin hops is closed at 18:00. If you go late, you can only look at the wall at the door like us, but how does this location feel better?
    The Guanyin jumping sea stone is huge and flat, and it is on the side of the cliff. It is said that the stone is the holy land of the Putuo Mountain in the beginning of the Guanyin Bodhisattva. From the Luojia Mountain to the time of the borrowing stone, look carefully at the top of the Bodhisattva foot. Printing and sinking the stone surface is a great victory. It is one of the pilgrimages of the Guanyin.
    Looking at the Nanhai Guanyin from a different angle, the treasure is solemn.
    Here you can also clearly see the whole picture of Mount Luojia. It seems that a Guanyin Bodhisattva is lying peacefully on the lotus ocean. The head, neck, chest, abdomen and feet are clearly visible, so the Luojia Mountain has a sleeping Guanyin and a large reclining Buddha at sea. statement.
    The last stop, Nantianmen, is of course a deliberate arrangement. It is the least late in the evening and the most beautiful scenery. My itinerary is a precise design, with a ring. At this time, the scenic car is gone, you can only walk, but the distance is very close, you can also pass the beautiful Longwan Village Sands Beach.
    After the Xinluo Reef and the Coastal Islands, the Putuo Mountain in the evening is not so quiet. It is very quiet and you can appreciate the true beauty of Mount Putuo.
    Finally arrived at Nantianmen, where the two stone walls are opposite each other, and a stone is placed on top of it, like a natural stone gate. Because it is located at the southernmost tip of Mount Putuo, it is called Nantianmen.
    There is almost no one in Nantianmen in the evening. The main hall of Daguan Peng has been locked, but the gate is open, and the lion stone rock next to it is the essence of the landscape. The stone steps can climb the top of the boulder and the scenery is unlimited.
    The top of the Lion Rock is flat and the area is huge. The scenery here is particularly good, especially at sunrise and sunset. It is especially beautiful. There are also stone carvings such as “Longhua Conference”, “Shuzhu Nantian” and “Coast of the Coast”.
    There are two magical small pools on the rocks. They started to think that they were hoarding rain, but they have been exposed for several days and should not be done yet. When I saw the “Longyan Spring” inscribed on the side, I realized that it was actually a spring water, so I didn’t dry it all the year round, and the water quality was very clear.
    In the distance is the Longwan Village that has just passed, the golden sand paved land in front of the bay. In the past, the sand was very yellow, and there was no ground. The sun shines and the golden light is shining. The Buddha called it the “Golden Sands” of the Buddhist scriptures, so it is called here. Sands, even in the tourist season, is also a clean place.
    Introducing a big sister who was unexpectedly encountered today, Taiwan Hualien, still working, actually went to Putuoshan to play for a few days, and the gameplay is similar to me, not taking the usual path, the foot force is amazing, very powerful. From the Guanyin jump, I went to Nantianmen together, and finally left at the pier, and I was very happy. I heard that I have not been to Taiwan, I introduced the beauty of Hualien, and said that I will go to Taiwan to pass through Hualien and borrow my locomotive to help me plan the route. I am afraid of forgetting this, first write it down, haha.
    Because the island of Putuoshan is basically facing the east, and the south gate is heading north into the sea. With its unique location, it is one of the few spots on the island where sunsets can be photographed.
    There are still many stone cliff carvings in Nantianmen. It is also the best scenic spot of Putuo Mountain and the best of humanity. Don’t miss it.
    Finally, I went back to the shore and passed the short road. There was no light at night. Today is not too late. The sky is not completely black, so I can still see the whole picture of the pier.
    The short sacred sacred trace is also a famous legend about Putuoshan about Guanyin.
    It is now a dedicated wharf to Luojing Mountain. It used to be the old pier of Putuo Mountain. Before the Putuoshan Ferry Terminal was built, all the tourists who came to Putuoshan to burn incense and worship the Buddha and the Range Rover tour were all on the way. The night is getting thicker. This is the last photo of Mount Putuo. It is time to leave, not to say goodbye, because my wife and wife refused to tell me whether she made a wish this time.
    Back to Zhujiajian Lianhua Road, I went to the Xiong Brothers’ House for dinner today. Xiong Daxiong’s two bosses are there. The background is Xiongda’s boss. This time, we were shocked. This guy actually didn’t see it for a year. Losing weight 60 pounds, it looks like a young man in his 10s, but also dyed yellow hair, temperament has also changed greatly, from the fat boss into the appearance of killing Matt.
    How much do we like to eat shrimp, mainly because the shrimp here is cheap, and it is worth selling.
    Good luck is running out. Today’s weather is not as good as the previous two days, but I have already booked the tickets for the room and the evening “Impression Putuo”, or I will turn around in Zhujiajian as planned. Zhujiajian itself is also a beautiful island, many people
    The Putuo Mountain often ignores this place. In fact, from the perspective of scenery alone, Zhujiajian is much more beautiful than Putuo Mountain. Here, Xiuyan is a rock, a strange stone, a reef, and a reputation as a sea geese.
    There is a Valentine’s Island between Nansha and Dongsha on the east coast of Zhujiajian. Tickets are 50 yuan. Although the scenery is still very good, if you can get a ticket, you are advised to turn around. If you can’t get a ticket, look at me. in the afternoon
    The itinerary, along the Zhujiajian’s beachfront, beautiful scenery, not spending money. The gate of the scenic spot is still far away from Lover Island. It is necessary to bypass a small hill to get to the Lover Island behind, but the environment is not bad.
    Turning around, I finally saw the whole picture of Lover Island. The name of Lover Island is a small island. There is a bridge connecting Zhujijian Island. The area is small, and the tour is a week around the island. When there was no bridge before, the water could pass through after the ebb tide. Now there is a bridge, there is no need to wait for the tide, but it also has a lot of fun.
    The first half of the tour is in the woods, but it doesn’t mean anything, but it will be good if you insist on it, because the second half of the tour is on the edge of the cliff, and the scenery is beautiful.
    There are also recruitment activities here. For the next time, you can go to the island for free for a lifetime. The welfare of the friends who have the literary talents comes. Think about it, you can come here for free for the rest of your life.
    This is for everyone to refer to, this can be, I am optimistic about you.
    Lover Island is a coastal eroded landform, with many cliffs, caves, and caves and terraces. The cliffs are steep and the caves are deep and deep, forming a strange mountain landscape.
    This peculiar towering pinnacle is called the Eagle Peak. It is the place where the sea eagle gathers. It is said that the sea eagle who reported to the Dragon Prince lived here.
    Not far from there is an independent island, there seems to be a house, I don’t know what it is.
    Turned around and saw the bridge just on the island, the island is really not big, and soon turned around, this half of the plank road is under the cliff, the mountains and the sea.
    I thought that I could go back to the bridge just on the island. Who knows that it is nowhere to go. I have to go through a tunnel and go back to the other side of the island. Here is a sea view, overlooking the vast East China Sea, Shili Jinsha, close to the clear waters of Qingshan, sparkling.
    This tunnel is a former military project. It is really cool, it is sinister, and it reminds people of the underground fortress of the Kwantung Army in the ghost blowing lamp.
    There is a magical attraction in the tunnel. This reef is sandwiched between two rock walls, as if a dragon was probed out of the cave, so it was called the dragon and the dragon. It is said that it was the incarnation of the Dragon Prince, and he was not loyal to the girl of Haitong. He insisted that the island and the girl of Haitong be permanently associated.
    Next to the dragon’s exit, there is also a very nice observation deck, where the sea is overlooked and Dongsha is not far from it.
    After visiting the Lover Island, cross the bridge and return to Zhujiajian Island. The location is truly unique, highlighting the sea and separating the beautiful Dongsha and Nansha on both sides.
    The return journey did not go back, but walked back from the area of ​​the resort. Of course, there are people guarding it. The tourists are not allowed to go from here, but when he talks about the Nansha on the pier here, it still won’t Blocked.
    Here you can clearly see the whole picture of Nansha. Nansha Beach has the best quality, the sand is pure and delicate, and the slope is gentle. It is the first of the seven famous beaches of Zhujiajian.
    The sand sculptures in Nansha are also very famous. Here you can also clearly see the sand sculptures on the beach. The famous Zhoushan International Sand Sculpture Art Festival is held here.
    At noon, I went back to the bear brothers’ house to eat. It was troublesome to stop at the meal. I had to stop at the side of the road. It also made me look at the handsome car that has now fallen to more than 20,000. I don’t know if I have run all the provinces in mainland China. There are several cars in the car now.
    Can’t eat boiled shrimps, it will get tired, then okay. Then stir it up.
    In the afternoon, the free exploration mode is started. The first stop is Dongsha.
    Although the beach in Nansha is the best, it is charged, and it is not cheap. It is 60 in the peak season and 30 in the off season. But Dongsha is free, so it can attract a lot of tourists.
    The beach here is actually very good, and the few people will be quieter, it is a good place to relax and gather.
    Here, the night barbecue party to see the stars, watching the sunrise in the morning and strolling along the beach are all good choices.
    It has not been developed before, and the conditions are relatively simple, but now it has been developed more and more mature, and it is estimated that it will soon become a prosperous scenic spot like Nansha.
    In the west bank and south bank of the Yinzhou Bay in the east of Zhudongjian Town, there are two oolongs, which are known as the Wushi Gravel Pond. Big Wu Shi Tang to tickets, this small Wu Shi Tang do not, you can go and see.
    The entire seawall is made up of black-brown pebbles that are naturally leaning against the slopes. The momentum is huge and spectacular. The cobblestone pattern here is gorgeous, cute and small.Oh, as big as a goose egg, it can be compared with Nanjing Yuhua Stone.
    The fishing village where Xiaowu Shitang is located is very remote. It is not eye-catching, but it is surrounded by mountains on three sides and facing the sea on the east. The scenery is actually very good. It is also a good place for a holiday.
    Here you can see the whole picture of Xiaowushitang. Dawushitang is more than 500 meters long, nearly 100 meters wide and about 5 meters high. Xiaowushitang is 350 meters long, nearly 100 meters wide and about 3 meters high. In fact, Xiaowu Shitang is only slightly smaller than Dawushitang, the others are the same.
    Due to the serious decline of fishery resources in Zhoushan fishery and the inconvenient transportation of Xiaowushitang Village, the young and middle-aged villages have moved to other places. Now only the ten fishing boats have long been docked at Shenjiamen Fishing Port. A veritable stay in the village.
    However, it is precisely because of the inconvenient traffic, and the lack of fame, there are almost no tourists, so that Xiaowu Shitang has maintained a very primitive state.
    Now the sightseeing road of Zhujiajian Roundabout has been completed. This area has beautiful scenery, and the scenic spots along the way may be developed one after another.
    With the completion of the round-island road, the Zhujiajian Island riding system has been gradually improved. The whole system runs through the Zhujiajian Island, from the “Special Island Reef Adventure”, “Suburban Romantic Experience”, “Medical Culture Tour”, etc. 7 It features a series of riding routes, connecting the main attractions of the whole island in series, with a total length of more than 80 kilometers. Later, Zhujiajian will attract more people to visit.
    There is a place called Dashan Tail, overlooking the East China Sea, you can feel the vast sea and sky, the charming sea and sky, the giant waves and the reefs are the best natural viewpoints between the most beautiful coastline and the Shili Golden Sands.
    Opposite this tranquil bay is Zhuzhoujian’s Zhangzhou Bay. There are also attractions such as Zhangzhou Harbour, Reef Promenade, Turtle Cave Day, Yujia Style, Zhangzhou Bay Beach, Yunwu Tea Garden, etc. It feels more primitive and natural. The opportunity is to come and have a good tour.
    Go to see at night”Impression Putuo”, this performance is not really want to see, because the scenic performances have seen a lot, not very satisfactory. However, I have come to Mount Putuo several times. If I haven’t seen it, I won’t have a voice. If I don’t look at it and I’m not convinced, let’s take a look. Ordinary seats 238, you can let the bears of the Xiong Brothers Chuan Xian Building help you get tickets, which is cheaper than online.
    You see that this child has never seen the world, my brother is a handsome man, you don’t have to look at me all the way.
    I have to say that as a large-scale live performance of the Impression series, “Impression Putuo” can only be said to be a good rule. It is not good or bad, because the whole performance is the elaboration and display of Buddhist culture. It is impossible to simply use dance design and actor performance. The storyline is measured by these factors.
    So calm down, as a journey of spiritual retreat, may be the significance of watching this show.
    As a live performance, the location of the Putuo Theater is still remarkable. It is at the foot of the Baishan Mountain Scenic Area. The huge painted Guanyin statue mural on the rock wall serves as the background of the stage. With the high hanging moon, the whole picture is very shocking.
    The comparison is that on the basis of the 360-degree rotating auditorium, eight pieces of detachable flaps are added in front of the stage, so that the limited scenes in front of the scene can be changed at will, creating a very shocking and magical effect. A unique visual experience.
    The Baishan Mountain Scenic Area is also known as the Guanyin Culture Garden. Because of this 69-meter-high, 2,000-square-meter painted mural statue, there is also the reputation of “Mogao Grottoes at Sea”. There are many strange rocks and strange caves on the Baishan Mountain. The forests are verdant, the white stones and the green trees are opposite each other. The green and the blue sky are surrounded by each other. It is precisely because of this that Zhujiajian has the reputation of “sea geese”.
    The show uses the big love, goodwill, virtue and self-realization in the Buddhist culture as the theme element, expressing the common emotions in human society in all ages, and experiencing the beauty of life through different angles of thinking and discovery. It is also a perfect ending for our trip.

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