Danshai on the cloud, picturesque scenery of ink.

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    If life is a vast sea, then travel is a layer of spray that is stirred up by the sea. If on this hot summer day, someone says to you, “Where is it cool, where are you going?”, please don’t rush to get angry. In the weather where you can spread eggs on this road, this sentence is really the most sincere care for you. The most hidden love.
    is it hot? The heat is right.
    Hot fried, hot, hot dizzy, these are all definitions of summer, but also synonymous with summer!
    This time we have to change our views on the summer and go to the summer resort to feel some. It is said that Guizhou is a drunken summer resort, then Danzhai is a summer paradise on the cloud.
    Danzhai County is affiliated to the Southeast Guizhou Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture. Danzhai is a county where the Miao people live together and multi-ethnicity. It still retains a simple, rich and unique ethnic style. The Miao, Shui and other inhabitants have created their own unique culture in the millennium change and prosperity. Danzhai is a rare intangible cultural heritage. It is home to seven national intangible cultural heritages: Miao batik, ancient paper, Miao pheasant, Jia, Miao Miao, Miao costume, Miao The tube reed sacrifices music and dance. In addition, 16 items of the Miao ancient vulpillon dance, the trumpet festival, the Miao calendar, the Miao nationality, the Miao reeds, the four drip reeds, the Miao marriage customs, and the Miao funeral customs were listed as provincial intangible cultural heritage.
    The Danzhai Wanda Town is located on the bank of Donghu Lake in Danzhai County. It is a national customs town based on the traditional characteristics of the Miao and Dong nationalities, with the history and culture of Danzhai as the core.
     About the trip
    15:00 Guiyang East Bus Station
    17:00 Check in at Jufu Lin Inn, Danzhai Wanda Town
    18:30 侗嘎佬 dinner
    20:00 Jinji Square participates in a bonfire party, watching folk dances such as Jinji Dance
    6:30 get up, ring 3000 meters round the lake plank road, view the world’s largest Guinness record waterwheel, thousands of acres of terraced flowers, etc.
    8:00 breakfast
    9:00 Go to Longquan Mountain and explore the legend of the ancient mythology Chiyou
    11:30 A-Heng Miao Village Lunch14:50 Stroll through the four theme squares (Yu Gong, Miao Nian, Drum Tower, Jinji) and visit three non-legacy small houses (bird cage, paper, batik)
    19:00 Dinner at Miaoxiang Village
    20:00 pub room tea, watch bonfire party
    Get up at 6:30, board the suspension bridge, and hang out in the early morning town
    10:00 Return to Guiyang
    16:00 Flower Orchard Wetland Park
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     About transportation
    A number of routes across the country arrived at Guiyang Longdongbao Airport and Kaili Huangping Airport, and then changed passenger cars to Danzhai, or rented a car to drive. Longdongbao Airport is close to Guiyang East Bus Station. You can take a bus to Danzhai at Guiyang East Bus Station. The latest bus is 4:30 pm.
    The high-speed railway station near Danzhai is Kaili South Station, Duyun East Station and Sandu County Station. Then passengers will be replaced by various stations to Danzhai. If you get off at Guiyang North Station, you can take bus 262 to passenger east. Station, bus stop 1 platform, half an hour bus.
    In addition to Guiyang East Bus Station, there are direct buses to Danzhai, as well as Kaili Linqi Passenger Transport Station, Duyun Passenger Transport Terminal, and Sandu Pu’an High-speed Railway Station.
    The following two self-driving routes, such as navigation on the car, can be navigated directly to the car:
    Departing from Guiyang by car: Guiyang East Toll Station or Qinyu Toll Station – Xiamen Rong Expressway – Yu’an Expressway – Danzhai County Toll Station
    Starting from Nanning: G75 Lanhai Expressway – G76 Xia Rong Expressway – G62 Yuan Expressway – Danzhai County
    [County City Traffic]
    After arriving at Danzhai Bus Station, you can take a taxi to Wanda Town for a one-way trip of 10-15 yuan per vehicle, or you can take bus No. 1 to Wanda Town on the bus stop opposite the station. The terminal is Jinji Square.
     About food
    Into Danzhai, indispensable food, Weinan’s taste is quite unique, hot and sour, the typical representative is sour soup fish, three typical shops in the town: 侗嘎佬, Miaoxiang 侗zhai, Aunt Miaozhai . These three stores have to taste, completely different styles of dishes. There is a small stage on the first floor of the Miaoxiang Village, and there is a national performance in the dining hall. Per capita consumption is not high, the basic 40-80 can be fixed, the absolute increase does not increase the price, value. Can you imagine what it would be like to enjoy the food while watching the national performances? Why not explore for yourself!
    The food will be interspersed in the text.
     Town tour:
    Yougong Square – Birdcage Small Courtyard Experience – Viewing Bullfighting Competition – Miao Nian Square – Sister Street Pintan Village Top Ten Foods – Paper House – Experience Drum Tower Observation Deck – Guandou Chicken – Batik Small Courtyard Experience – Beautiful scenery along the lake path – Jinji Square – Suspension Bridge Observation Deck – the world’s largest reservoir – Huahai Huanhua – Ancient Bridge Back
     Travel tips
    1, sunscreen measures must be done, sunscreen must be brought, after all, exposed to the sun during the day is still not good for the skin.
    2, in order to prevent mosquito bites, the dew can prepare a small bottle, but in Danzhai, there is really no mosquito.
    3, umbrella, very important, must be prepared, Guizhou said that “days no three sunny, no three flats” but recently the number of sunny days is still more, but from time to time a heavy rain, but immediately stop it is normal No need to make a fuss.
     About accommodation
    Danzhai Wanda Town is a boutique tourism complex that combines “eat, live, travel, travel, purchase, entertainment and education”. Therefore, there is no need to worry about accommodation. We are staying at Ju Fulin Inn, which is located in Jinji Square. The location is particularly good. If you choose to stay in the room just right in the Jinji Square, you will have a great advantage in watching the bonfire party at night. You can imagine everyone squatting in the square to watch the show. You sit in the room with your friends, make a pot of tea, blow the air conditioner, and see how all the performances are.
     The hotel lobby is also a mix of local features, the hall is placed in the local famous oil paper umbrella, even the staff are all cheongsam.
     No fancy dress, only rustic decoration, the window is facing the suspension bridge, watching the bonfire show in the room at night.
     Day1, 侗嘎佬 (dinner)
    It’s dinner time to arrive at Danzhai Wanda Town, put down your luggage and go straight to the hotel restaurant tonight.
    In Danzhai, you have to get used to the exuberant dining occasions. Of course, if you don’t watch the show, you can also choose the box on the second floor, separated by a door and all the noisy voices.
     Fern and fried bacon, crispy and delicious.
     You know what it is, just listen to the name of the insects. All kinds of bugs, don’t watch the appearance is terrible, in fact, it is still very crisp, do not believe you try.
     侗家羊瘪, “羊羊” is rich in nutrients, healthy and healthy, and tastes sweet and delicious. Locals like to use “羊羊” to entertain guests.
     The family has rolled the powder, eaten the cold skin, eaten the rice skin, and the first attempt of the family powder, its taste is completely different from the cool skin, combined with the special chili sauce, refreshing with spicy and fragrant. Of course, as a Fujianese, I still prefer to eat the original flavor and not spicy.
     侗家腊味拼盘, this kind of pendulum method has meaning, eat this bacon platter should be eaten together, and the sausage is sandwiched in the middle, the entrance is full of teeth and fragrance.
     Vinegar blood chicken, unlike the white pheasant that you usually eat, especially vinegar and blood, the acidity of the sand with chicken blood.
     Sour Tangjiang group, can not help but mention the acid soup. When you go to Guizhou, you can’t help but eat sour soup. Sour soup is not made with vinegar, but riceThe soup is naturally fermented.
    The characteristics are characterized by not only the stage performances of the Dai show, but also the Yi girls taking turns toasting. The Yi girls are warm and generous, and the songs are beautiful and beautiful. This is not only the feast of taste buds, but also the enjoyment of sight and hearing. Do not believe you The boss’s expression will know! When the Dai girls are toasting, don’t touch the girl’s hand, or else you have to drink three bowls of wine~
     Bonfire Party (Jinji Square)
    Every night at 8 o’clock in the evening, there will be a bonfire party at Jinji Square, which will perform a special national performing arts. If you can arrive at the square early, wait for the best. If you can’t be late, don’t be late, don’t miss the features of Danzhai tourism. program.
     Under the leather drum, the Miao girl in the pheasant costume is resting, preparing for a performance of the bonfire show.
    At 8 o’clock, the bonfire party started on time, the square was full of people, the front row of tourists consciously sit on the ground, just to let the audience behind can see, and the first dance is the pheasant dance, the Danzhai pheasant dance has been Listed in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage, the girls wore silver flowers with several golden pheasants, silver collars on the neck, chest totem silver plates, and dressed in their own embroidered costumes, colorful costumes. Like a golden pheasant carrying a beautiful feather
     Day2, Danzhai Wanda town scenery
    As a major innovation project for the Wanda Group to fulfill its social responsibilities and join hands with the Danzhai County Government in poverty alleviation, Wanda Group has carefully created the world’s first truly non-legacy folk culture protection, experience and inheritance. Travel to the characteristic town! An ordinary tour is a good for charity poverty alleviation for Danzhai! The temperature in Danzhai in the summer is basically between 21-28 °C. It is very cool in the morning, the sunrise time is around 7:10, and the sunset time is around 7:30. So I wake up before sunrise and go shopping. It’s really pleasant, it feels like walking in the deep autumn in the south, the breeze is cool, the silk is cool.
     Into the Danzhai town, feel the national characteristics of the culture, the town and Danzhai East Lake combined into one, different style town, different “water people” charm.
     Clifford pavilion, which is full of blessings, has blessings and health, praying for peace, praying for love, and blessing for success.
     The 3,000-meter-long lake path and the thousands of acres of terraced flowers and seas make the town a picturesque ink painting.
     Leisurely fishing on the Bixi, suddenly restored into a dream of the day ~ early morning, the surrounding residents mostly fishing here.
     This is the Guinness World Record Certification and has become the largest diameter waterwheel in the world.
     The nursery’s cultural building “Drum Tower”, I heard that it was built to prevent the enemy in the early years, has 13 stories high and is a unique style building of the Yi people. Now I feel the scene of the daily drinking, chatting and love of the nursery people. .
     Longquan Mountain Chiyou Cultural Park
    Longquan Mountain, also known as Yougong Mountain, is a holy mountain of Chiyou culture and a famous mountain of Buddhism culture. In ancient times, Danzhai was called “Fang You”, which is “a special place”. It is a rare area in the country that is still inheriting the “Special Festival”. The Mt. Festival in Danzhai County is listed as a provincial intangible cultural heritage. Representative list.
    Denglong Spring Peak, panoramic view of Wang Danzhai. Feel the charm of natural landscapes and cultural landscapes. Enjoy the breathtaking air in the mountains, the most beautiful scenery is in the heights! In April of each year, 10,000 acres of wild azaleas bloom.
    Transportation: There is no other transportation from the county to Longquan Mountain. You can only take a taxi. You can take a taxi from the town to the foot of Longquan Mountain for 20 yuan. If you don’t have a driver’s phone, it doesn’t matter. There is a business car on the mountain that can be sent back to the county. However, it is best to leave the taxi driver’s phone.
    Tickets: Free of charge.
     At the foot of the mountain, I met a group of sheep. I was so cute and stupid.
     At the top of Longquan, Buddhism and Taoism coexist. Buddhism and Taoism, knocking on the bell and praying, will knock three times to show the blessing, and there is a box next to it, which can donate fragrant oil.
     Aunt Miao Village (lunch)
    Each special dish is different, so we have to taste the characteristics of Aunt Miao Village at noon today.
     Miaoxiang potato cake, solid, a tube full.
     Wild lily stewed chicken: delicious, rich soup base.
     Miao Wang secret rice fragrant bone: made with ribs, I do not know what is tied around the rope, but also very tasteful.
     After the cottage seedlings fish: noodles Q bombs have a tendon, the fish is sour and delicious.
     Traditional millet slag, this is the first time to eat, a little sticky, slightly sweet taste.
     Small town culture
    Batik small courtyard:
    Batik is an ancient dyeing technique. It is made by waxing a wax and painting a flower on a cloth and dipping it with blue enamel. It dyes the wax, and the cloth surface has various patterns of blue-white or white-blue flowers. In the dip dyeing, the wax as a dyeing agent is naturally cracked, which makes the cloth surface have a special “ice pattern”, which is particularly attractive. The small batik house in the town collects batik works from all sides of Danzhai County and is displayed in batik small courtyards. The batik has unique ethnic characteristics.
    Ancient law paper small courtyard:
    In Danzhai, there is still a papermaking technique that has been handed down from ancient times: the bark is refined, the leaves are made of China, and the springs are made by hand. It is now also included in the first list of national intangible cultural heritage. In addition to seeing a piece of finished ancient paper in the paper mill, you can also experience how to make paper. When the weather is good, it takes about 2 hours for an ancient paper to dry.
    Bird cage small courtyard:
    The Miao compatriots have a long history of compiling bird cages. It is said that there have been more than 400 years.History. The Miao compatriots who have lived in Kara for generations are known for their skill in bird cages. Their bird cages are durable and not deformed. ‘Karala’ means “good” in Hmong, and Kara’s cage is also included in the list of intangible cultural heritage of Guizhou Province.
    Ming Kee Umbrella Shop:
    Mingji Umbrella Shop is a production enterprise that maintains tung oil, lithograph and hand-painted traditional craft paper umbrellas in southeastern Guizhou. Its traditional production process is known as “the living fossil of Chinese folk umbrella art” and the only “national non-materiality in the oil and paper umbrella industry”. Cultural heritage, this umbrella is hand-made, and it takes more than 100 processes to complete an umbrella. Depending on the size of the umbrella, the workmanship varies from tens to hundreds. Looking at this oil-paper umbrella, it is inexplicable to think of the beauty of a woman holding a cheongsam in her hand.
    Danzhai’s whip embroidery is also famous. The mother’s embroidered clothes to her daughter must be embroidered for more than three years. The price is not cheap, a price of a whip embroidered wedding dress is basically tens of thousands. It takes a lot of time and exquisite workmanship.
    Every day at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, there will be a bullfight competition in Niuba. In this one, we will wait another day after we miss it. When we finish the town, we miss it. A little regret, but it does not matter, always leave some regrets before there is a chance to come back next time?
     Miaoxiang Village (dinner)
    The location of Miaoxiang Village is particularly good. It is located in Gulou Square. When you go out, it is the “Drum Tower” building. Every time you eat, the doorway always gathers many tourists. Watching the brother-in-law blows up the reed and dances, if you dine inside. You can watch the Miao performances. At the end of the meal, the Miao girls sang and toasted. The boss is really dedicated to the craftsmanship, in addition to inviting local famous chefs to cook, but also invited the chefs of Guangdong to cook, no matter in the color and flavor, even the set is also the heart.
     Sour soup fish, Miaojia cuisine, put in tomato, soup base is rich, the little friend can drink sour soup can not stop.
     Miaojia ancient Tibetan meat, do not look at the fat, do not dare to mouth, in fact, coupled with the secret chili powder, the entrance is full of aroma.
     Danzhai amaranth root, tastes sour and spicy, but still acidic. Refreshing taste
     Zhushanzhen, with bamboo shoots, wild mushrooms and other soups, tastes very special.
     Hydrangea bamboo flower, did not eat what material was made.
     The pickled fish of the family, like the distiller’s grains, is not like the distiller’s grains. The taste is unique, and the carving and the swaying discs show the intention.
     Fennel black lamb.
     Insect sinks and swinging discs are also unique.
     Miaojiashe rice, the taste is completely different from other glutinous rice, and the grain is full.
     The most distinctive feature is the Miao long table feast, and the longer, especially interesting, family or team trips to experience the long table feast.
     Day3, the town’s four major theme squares
    Still getting up early, never let go of this most beautiful experience. In the dream of everyone, I have already appreciated the beauty of the sunrise, as if I have enjoyed this secret and tranquility.
     The sun has not yet risen, standing on the suspension bridge, watching the scenery of the East Lake seems to have entered the town of Jiangnan.
    The main square of Yougong Square is designed with the theme of “Yuyou Festival”. The Chiyou Festival is an ancient national traditional festival of the Miao nationality. It enters the Yougong Square and feels a strong sense of solemnity and ritual.
    Miao Nian Square carries out design creativity and naming according to the ethnic festivals of the Miao people. Miao Nian is the most important festival of the Miao people in Danzhai and other counties during the year. During the festival, they will hold a variety of activities with ethnic characteristics, such as Killing pigs, playing glutinous rice dumplings, worshiping ancestors, eating “yearly group meals”, jumping reeds, bullfights, etc., is also the most popular traditional festival of the Miao nationality.
    Downstairs is a good place for the nursery people to entertain. When the summer is hot, men, women and children will come here to enjoy the cold. In the cold winter, the fire pit is set in the middle. Everyone gathers here to fire and sing and play.
    From Yougong Square to Jinji Square, all the way to the stone road, staggered in the town, listening to the sound of slate under your feet, such as through the millennium, came here to understand the customs of the Miao and the Yi. Breathing the fresh air in the morning, only a few tourists are slow to swim in it, and feel the charm culture of national characteristics in the aftertaste. End the trip to Danzhai in the cool morning.
     Flower Orchard Wetland Park
    To Guiyang, no one knows the flower orchard, Huaguoyuan Wetland Park, located in the core area of ​​the city of Guiyang, surrounded by three mountains, including the lush vegetation of Yungui Mountain. It is also the most prosperous and most jammed area in Guiyang, within the wetland. The pedestrian promenade, the sparkling lake, the surrounding high-rise buildings, and the Flower Orchard Wetland Park combine to form a beautiful and charming landscape. The most interesting thing for me is the night of the flower orchard. The night falls, the night in Guiyang is particularly cool. Everyone gathers here, sings and dances. The young children are fighting here, so it’s so lively. I saw the night view of Guiyang and left Guiyang.
     It is said to be the largest project in Asia that is built around the mountain. It can be planted on the roof and is quite beautiful.
    Guizhou is really a wonderful place. Whether it is ethnic costumes, ethnic dances or ethnic cultures, it is very attractive to me. Before I went to Guizhou, I only felt mysterious. When I arrived in Guizhou, I felt magical. In a hurry for three days, I only got a little understanding of the fur. I look forward to looking forward to the next trip. Guizhou, see you next time.

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