7 days to take you to Xishuangbanna main attractions

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    Talk about this trip, several times of the trip is not as good as a stop.
    I went to Laos and Thailand many times. Most of them were landed by Xishuangbanna, and once I was driving by Southeast Asia (the travel notes were not yet written). I went through Jinghong City to find a place to add sim cards, but I never stayed in Banna. The only intersection may be that I have been grinding the port several times. It was a wish to catch a chance to play in the Banna for a week. I never thought that this incident completely evoked my heart. It’s not the same as the previous travel deliberate or various reasons. Xishuangbanna, whether or not there are virgins that I have never been to, I will still go on a trip to live!
    Day 1 (2016-06-25) Dali Ancient City
    Resigned from the ict industry,
    Going on a trip, this road of no return,
    Fascinated by the poor three generations of photography,
    The result is,
    Photographers who don’t like to travel are not good cooks.
    The great ideal home. .
    Welcome to Sina Weibo @晓明的小名是小明 More exciting waiting for your interactive comment
    June 26th – July 2nd, 2016, a total of 8 days, which is very compact compared to my other trips. For example, once in Chiang Mai, it is a full stay until the visa expires. Run back to the country.
    D1: Self-contained – ready to go, stay: Dream Inn inn;
    D2: Dali – Xishuangbanna International Airport – Night view, Su: Wanda Mandarin Resort;
    D3: Lijiang River. Mekong River Night Bonfire Party – Binjiang Night Market, Su: Rainforest Love Theme Hotel;
    D4: Jinghong Port – Lijiang River Drifting – Yi Nationality Park, Su: Chun Sabai Inn;
    D5: Tropical Rainforest National Park Wangtianshu Scenic Area – Various Plays – Hangover, Suspension: Wangtianshu Hotel;
    D6: Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences – Shooting fireflies on the Galaxy, and staying at the Botanical Garden Wanglian Hotel;
    D7: Manting Royal Garden – Jinghong Jiangtan North Latitude 21° Bar – Hangover, Su: Bodhi Pasha Courtyard;
    D8: Jinghong, airport, return.
    Here’s a preview:
    Blessing in the scenic spot of Wangtianshu
    The scenery of the Mimi Rainforest Restaurant is a step away from the dining table.
    Looking at the joyful big cup of Tianshu??, although rice wine is the best taste in the whole trip, but can not help but drink too much, you know, this stuff is a big thief. .
    Splashing water square
    Li River drifting
    Wang Lian of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Botanical Garden
    Vast galaxy
    The text will see the magic of Wang Lian
    A small island in Lijiang, the most attractive sister in Xishuangbanna
    Buddhist temple under the green shade
    Night view of Jinghong, the capital of Xishuangbanna
    Pray for the mother
    Xishuangbanna is a plant kingdom
    Natural oxygen bar
    Dream Inn Inn
    I have been staying in the inn for too long, I really want to go out and relax for a while. In fact, I just want to go out for a photo. There is a pertinent interpretation of the trip. Traveling is from a place you are tired to a person. Greasy place. The most worrying thing is that the dog is a lot of this little guy. I entrusted her to the little friend. I simply packed it up, brought a computer phone camera and various chargers. The suitcase is too small to fit on the tripod, but I can still throw in a few pieces to change. Clothing. In the evening, I had a meal with my friends. Because the ancient city of Dali was 40km away from Dali Airport, I had an early morning car appointment. The next day I came to a trip that said I left. Dali Fei Jinghong is not far away, an hour or so of the voyage, the network booking is also convenient, round-trip tax-included thousand, order, payment, broken.
    Typical Bai people’s residence renovation
    It’s very Mediterranean.
    The rooms are comfortable, warm and clean, and the focus is very interesting.
    Day 2 (2016-06-26) Xishuangbanna International Airport
    The flight from Dali to Jinghong was once a day. The plane that said that it was an hour was actually ahead of schedule. Later, chatting with the friends, the conclusion was that Dali’s altitude was lower than the altitude, and the speed of the Banna flight was faster. Climbing up, so time will be long, anyway, I was hanged again that night, and I don’t know who said it. .
    Wanda Mandarin Resort Xishuangbanna
    I took a taxi from Xishuangbanna International Airport and took a taxi to the hotel.Ten minutes, the taxi fare is more than 30 yuan. This time, I went out for the first time without any toiletries. Because I knew the accommodation of this road in advance, Wanda Wenhua did not let me have any regrets. From check in to leading into the guest room, I can use it in every possible way. To describe, after all, the price is here, compared to the sea view inn at the seaside of Dali, in fact, this price is not high. The atmosphere of the whole hotel is very authentic, and the national husband stayed here in Xishuangbanna last winter.
    Independent courtyard, independent swimming pool, enough space to use, this is a pair of non-couples who want to die.
    Bedroom, everything you can think of
    I couldn’t sleep at night. I climbed to the observation deck of the hotel and took a few photos of the stars. At this time, the problem with the tripod was coming. The angle was very bad, because I was relatively more satisfied in the next few days. The photo of the Galaxy Galaxy, so I only put this one here, the friends are slowly browsing, and I had a typical Banna barbecue with a few fellow villagers and friends last night. It was so delicious! I have to strongly recommend the friends who come to play! ! It is a bit spicy, so be sure to have more iced drinks. I didn’t find the photo. I guess it is in a certain corner of the phone. When I find it, I will make it up again.
    Day 3 (2016-06-27) Mekong River Bonfire Party
    Today’s highlight is to participate in the Night Songs and Dances of the Lancang River in the Mekong River, to watch the performances of the six countries (China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia), to participate in the water lanterns and thousands of people, because it is in the evening, So I don’t have to worry about it. It’s really wonderful to come to Man’s Garden to eat. The chef of the restaurant personally fought, and I’ve got a variety of Banna specialties that I can taste in a grand festival. The story of the scent, a bottle of beer Lao black, the contents of the food introduction for me have also entered the stomach, one did not write down, it seems that for the little friends, I have to call again to ask, then write down So that I don’t have to take photos when I go to give orders. .
    A real holiday feast, even if you only taste every dish, you can have a top three meals.
    Favorite Beer Lao Black
    Entering from the Manor Garden, it is a large wave of sisters welcoming, enchanting graceful dance, hate can not be recorded in 3D. .
    All the special loves I have seen in the dance are the sisters jumping.
    This little friend should be common, and all who come in can participate in it.
    Entering the gate of Manting Park, the first thing that catches the eye is a commemoration of Premier Zhou Enlai wearing an armor, a left hand holding a water raft, and a right hand holding an olive branch to participate in the bronze statue of the splashing water. On the left side of the bronze statue are two Bodhi trees that symbolize the friendship between China and Thailand. For the time being, I will call it the admission ceremony. I will divide it into several areas. I don’t want to tell you so much, that is, you have to personally feel the sense of loss that you can’t touch.
    Another big long leg, the girls who will take pictures are big long legs 🙂
    Manting Royal Garden is located in the southeast of Jinghong City, the capital of Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture. It is about 2 kilometers away from the city. It is located in the triangle area where the Minjiang River and the Liusha River meet, covering an area of ​​more than 400 acres. There are more than 500 ancient iron knives and vegetations preserved in the park. There are hills and rivers in the park, and there is a rich cultural landscape with ethnic characteristics. It is a natural village-style park. It used to be the 傣王御花园, which has been more than 1300 years old. history. The scenic spot embodies the three themes of “the royal family culture, the Buddhist culture, and the folk culture”. Manting Park is the oldest park in Xishuangbanna. The Yi people used to call her “Chunhuan”, meaning “the garden of the soul”. In the past, it was the royal garden of Xishuangbanna, the legendary king. When the legend was visited, the beautiful scenery here attracted Wang Hao’s soul is thus named.
    The Yi people are divided into “Water Margin”, Han Yu, and “Hua Yao”. This is a beautiful sister who told me about it. I also told me the difference, but I can’t remember it. I have to blame the hangover.
    This party is the preferred activity for Banna’s night travel. It should be a party similar to Lijiang’s ancient love and Xiyi’s Dali. Why is it similar? Because I haven’t been to this evening in Dali and Lijiang?? However, the night dance of the Songjiang River and the Mekong River must be attended. The singing and dancing performances at the party’s scene are self-evident and very spectacular. It can be seen that it is very hard. The works, the lighting and the scenes are changing rapidly, and the actors are smiling with their performances. It is not easy for the little friends who play two games every day. Moreover, this party is not only for indoor viewing, but also the interaction between the outdoor water-discharging lights and the bonfire activities. The participation is very strong.
    After the performance, start the activity of the water lantern, remember that the water lantern should be lifted over the head.
    I also come to make a wish to put a light, I hope the world is peaceful!
    These two guys are dancing in the square??
    What wishes does Jia Jia wish in his heart?
    Summer, flaming, I try to use more photos to record and restore the beauty of Banna.
    After the show is over, the friends join together to have a cold drink and a summer tea.
    Man listening to the Royal Garden (Manny Park) map
    Xishuangbanna Binjiang Night Market
    Sleeping to wake up naturally is the minimum respect for Xishuangbanna. Although it can’t be done this time, it is a waste of life too early to sleep. I am moving from Dali to Banna, so I call my friends. Come out for a night tour of Banna, this is the most local travel fan.
    Only one-third of this night market has been cut in the picture. It is recommended that the friends spend a night to enjoy the nightlife of Banna, drink a little wine, eat barbecue, buy and buy, and feel cool and cool.
    Take a hand
    Hey, this girl is happy, does she think of the sentence on the blessing card that she wants to marry?
    Sisters are all enchanting, and Qiu Huang has already decided to marry Banna. He wrote a blessing card to have a big fat boy with his sister. .
    The whole country stays up late, but although it is a barbecue, the taste and ingredients are still very different. Of course, if you come to Banna, you must not miss one of them. .
    Strolling into the early hours of the morning, I ate the night and night before returning to the hotel.
    Xishuangbanna Rainforest Love Boutique Theme Hotel
    Rainforest Love Hotel is a distinctive hotel with the theme of natural scenery, ethnic customs, movie plots and national customs.. The hotel has a total of twenty-five rooms each room with a theme, the hand-painted wall is the biggest highlight, it is not easy! The telephone, bathroom mirror and ceramic tile of the room are all unique and unique. It’s normal to sleep on this day. I don’t remember which room I stayed in for the second time in the rainforest. This is the boss’s old Zhao’s unshirkable responsibility. Who told them to give me more. . But fortunately, on the first day, I can still remember that the hotel provides pick-up service. The airport takes about 10 minutes to get to the hotel. Opened last year, the hotel is located in the center of Jinghong, 22 floors of the 3rd building of Xishuang 12th City. Facing the Lijiang River, the nearby living and transportation is very convenient. It takes only one minute to walk to the big night market mentioned above. Quietly tell you to the top of the hotel overlooking the entire Jinghong City night scene.
    Fortunately, I didn’t drink much this night, at least I could take a photo.
    The big bed in the room and the handmade wall painting can be clearly seen.
    Dry and wet separated bathroom
    Day 4 (2016-06-28) Dai Nationality Park
    After breakfast, I went to Jinghong Port to take the express to Xishuangbanna Dai Garden. It is said that this road is the route that once traveled to Wangshui Road. I am joking with the friends. If I keep driving, I can go straight to Southeast Asia.
    I really want to have a chance to drive a boat along the Lijiang River from top to bottom. The friends who listened to Lhasa for the past two years said that there is a friend who used plastic buckets and n plastic water bottles to diy a scorpion and want to drift from the Yarlung Zangbo River in Tibet. When I arrived in India, the result was halfway. .
    The long guns and short guns went to where to take pictures of the little friends who are always taking pictures. .
    Let me have a guessing game. The towering tree in this stupa is the first tree with trees or trees and trees. Guess how this was formed? Guess the right friend, I will personally ask you the address, and then send you a postcard?
    Overlooking all beings.
    Dilapidated stone elephants, prefer elephants.
    Thinking about a twin cat, or is it a place to become a Buddha? In this quiet place, can it also touch the empty door?
    Uncle who took photos seriously. .
    Compared with the demon, the headache hurts the chin and hurts the pose. The contrast is followed up, and I can’t find it. .
    In the distance is the place where monks and laymen practice.
    It is said that there are centuries-old ancient wells that exude the taste of the past.
    If the tree is really towering, the lower right corner is the Qiuhuang children’s shoes.
    Various shots, this tree-lined road is time-sharing portraits.
    Take a photo of this thing, men can also ecstasy. .
    Freshly picked fruit!
    It is still more authentic and delicious to eat locally.
    Favorite elephant
    Splashing water ceremony, too much love sister dance, enchanting!
    When the war begins, whoever splashes, who will bring good luck
    Pig teammates?
    The Songkran Festival is really cool, but it is really tiring. .
    Report leader, I lost.
    Folk musicians, playing very interesting!
    The Bayeux scriptures are written on the leaves of the cypress, and the Bayeux, known as the “Buddhist Panda”, originated in ancient India. The Bayeux scriptures are mostly Buddhist classics, and some are ancient Indian Sanskrit literatures, which have extremely high cultural value. The Bayeux scriptures have a history of more than 2,500 years. They are written in the words “Zhai Zai” and “Wa Du”, and some are needled. It is an important source of information on ancient Tibetan culture, language, Buddhism, and religious art.
    Intangible cultural heritage, Bayeux. A small companion in the stockade told me that when he was born, the family gave him all the information about his “birth of the birth” using the Bayeux scripture. Just listening to him said that he was already cool, and the small play came over. It is more interesting and interesting for partners to know about the various history of Banna in advance.
    In the minds of the Yi people, Bayeux, also known as the “Golan Leaf”, is a god that carries the history and culture of the Yi people to a bright future. China’s Tibet is the most abundant and abundant place to preserve the Bayeux in the world today. It has preserved the ancient scriptures of Sanskrit, such as Sanskrit, Tibetan and Pali, and many of them are isolated, rare and rare.
    This is the raw material of the Bayeux.
    Spinning line
    Hand carved, like foot drum
    I just remembered to see this photo. I still want to learn to make drums with old cats. I mainly want to make a documentary. Which small partner is interested to contact me. Pre-shooting, post-editing, and text editing are all needed. .
    I am going to wander
    Xiao Mengwa
    Textile women workers 🙂
    Weaving, if there is no such strong protection of culture, it will be lost in a few years.
    Little loli
    Handmade potter
    Guess what I am doing?
    Man Chun Man Ancient Buddha Temple
    This is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Xishuangbanna. It has a history of more than 1,400 years and is also the center of the olive dam. It is rich in rich and rich Buddhism culture of the Southern Passage. It is famous in China, Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. . The Manchun Man Buddhist Temple was included in the seventh batch of national key cultural relics protection units by the State Council and included in the national cultural relics protection unit roster.
    The architectural style of Southeast Asia is similar to that of Xishuangbanna, giving a very special sense of weight.
    Long legs
    Golden stupa
    I met all kinds of elephants? I will take pictures.
    Take a photo with my sister
    Rubber boat login battle
    Let’s raise our eyes underneath, and be graceful!
    Dinner sister’s toast song, only hate that it was too short at the time:
    In Xishuangbanna, beauty is called a whistle, handsome guy is called a cat lick, you know, I did not say that I am a cat lick, see a group photo.
    The recreation of the Li River is very entertaining. It not only enjoys the natural and ecological three-dimensional landscape of Xishuangbanna, but also enjoys the scenery of the rainforest on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Experience the most popular features of the “Jiangzhong Songkran Festival” (halfway beach volleyball, badminton, beach tug-of-war, Taoshajin) I can enjoy the fun of playing in the water and feel the unique blessings of my family.
    Everything in the water, the water is square, the river is more urinary, and the six countries are raised in one water. It may be because I have been in the Songhua River for the rest of my life, so I have always been intimate with this environment. Will go to Dalian to stay, and eventually settled to the seaside of Dali.
    In addition to sisters, Xishuangbanna is more attractive to these super-fresh tropical fruits. It is not enough to eat and eat every day. In Thailand, I remember to eat a durian every day.
    Some people feel that there is a good thing to shoot in the distance, just to take a motorboat to swim in the river, and quickly get up.
    I also don’t forget all kinds of mutual shots. There is a small partner who can take pictures during the trip. It should be regarded as a happy thing. If everyone will shoot it, it will be perfect.
    According to the locals, the eternal life of hundreds of clusters of tongs (scientific name: tongs) is a testament to the local ecology. The scorpionfish inhabit tropical wetlands, including paddy fields, shallow beaches, estuarine wetlands, freshwater and brackish lakes. Paddy fields are often agricultural areas and rice fields. These wetlands have an average elevation of 385-1100 meters and a depth of 10-50 centimeters. The jaws are waders and therefore require relatively wet and well-preserved foraging grounds. From the Internet, we can find a lot of news about the jaws. It is not easy for Yunnan to appear in this country to protect the endangered species of animals. It is said that it is seen once less.
    Unfortunately, the big three yuan is not yet available, and the 70-200 medium telephoto is the most suitable for this kind of scene, but I can only catch such a child with 24-70. The jaws are largely habitat-deprived, and these threats exist, leading to a decline in their population. Alien invasive weeds can degrade wetlands, thereby reducing water flow and dry habitats in wetlands. Large animals, such as buffalo, tend to destroy wetland habitats and consume large amounts of resources. Fishing reduces the source of food for the jaws. In farming wetlands, farmers using pesticides increase the mortality rate of this species. In addition, farmers use rockets, plastic bags and other harmful equipment to scare away. Pliers are often the victims of poaching. Wetlands are also a major threat to the reclamation of the government for development purposes.
    Pliers (scientific name: Anastomus oscitans): Polygons. The wings are expanded to a width of 81 cm. It is large in size and has a body length of 81 cm. The body feathers are white to gray, and the winter feathers are gray. Flying feathers and tail feathers are black. There is a depression in the lower jaw, and there is a significant gap when the jaw is closed. The iris is white to brown; the exposed skin is grayish black; the pale green horny or red; the feet are pink. Apply mollusks to the swamps and along the beach. Recorded on October 3, 2006 in West Lake, Dali, Yunnan, China, for the first time in China. Distributed in India and Southeast Asia. (This picture is from Encyclopedia, I am going to buy a telephoto. I am going to take a photo of this beautiful creature!)
    When my friend saw my friend circle coming to the Dai nationality park, I quickly told me that her grandmother’s house was here. Followed by her guidance, I found the battery car in the park and found the phone. They handed the phone to their grandmother’s grandparents. People chatted, saying that this time because of various hangovers, there is no time to meet friends in Jinghong, but a little regret every trip will become a good excuse for the next trip is not it? I have to sigh that this is a magical trip.
    Xishuangbanna Dai Nationality Park Map
    Xishuangbanna Chun Sabai Tea Inn
    The in-house of the big brother of the Yi nationality is very local and unique. Although it is still rushing to the early morning, it is still the culture of the inn. Especially the collision of this culture, Chun Sabai is almost a brick and a tile. The design is done by the boss alone, full of emotion and painstaking efforts.
    These three photos were taken by mobile phones. .
    The computer power and camera power are all burned. .
    I love this natural and quiet courtyard, which is wide in size and the air smells a lot of comfort.
    Day 5 (2016-06-29) Wangtianshu Scenic Area
    Wangtianshu Scenic Spot is located in the National Key Development and Open Experimental Zone of Mengla (Menglan), 14KM away from Mengla County, 134KM from Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna Prefecture, and 60KM away from the national first-class port. It is the Xishuangbanna National Nature Reserve. The organic component and the most typical representative of China’s tropical rainforest. Here you can challenge the thrilling “world’s tallest, China’s first aerial canopy corridor”; and “rainforest giant” Wangtianshu (the iconic tree species of the tropical rainforest) for a dialogue between heaven and human; enjoy the tropical rainforest The magic of the “five wonders” (roots, strangulation, parasitic epiphytes, dripping tips, old stems and springs); the ecological wonders of the Nanla River, the last tributary of the Lijiang River; you can also enter the original ecological village Experience the folk customs of the most authentic Yi, Hani (Eni, Buddhism, and pilgrim), Blang (Kimu, Kami) Yao and Yi. We took a boat trip to experience the Nanla River sightseeing, watching the rain forest on the water; challenging the thrilling and exploring sky tree canopy corridor, crossing the scenic glass bridge, broadcasting the seeds of the sky tree, flying hopes and dreams; 徜徉 Phillips Trail See the magical tropical rainforest five wonders (strangle, parasitic epiphysis, dripping tip, roots, old stems and spring), rainforest deep breathing, lungs, drunken oxygen; experience Wangtianshu rainforest to expand the tour, visit the Millennium Banyan tree, Meet the strange tropical rainforest vegetation and feel the magic and beauty of the rainforest.
    [Wang Tianshu small Raiders]
    Region: Yunnan Xishuangbanna Mengla County
    Wangtianshu Traffic Information: ★Jinghong City Passenger Transport South Station take the special line through train → get off at the “Wangtianshu” scenic spot
    (Every day at 8:30 in the morning from Jinghong City Passenger Transport South Station, return to Jinghong from the scenic spot around 15 pmcity)
    ★Banna passenger terminal (turning tire factory) take the direct line train → “Wangtianshu” scenic spot to get off
    (During from 9:50 am and 16:30 pm from the Banna Bus Terminal (turning tire factory)
    ★ From Jinghong to Mengla County, you can get off at the “Wangtianshu” scenic spot.
    (Every day from 7:00 to 18:00, there are line cars, every 15 minutes; Mengla County Bus Terminal departs from 8:00 to 17:40 every day to Yao District, partner, one hour per hour)
    Of course, if you like to enjoy the feeling of driving on the road, you can also choose the familiar route to arrive in Kunming, and then arrive at Mengla County via Kunming Expressway and Xiaomo Highway, and drive into the northeast of the city and the direction of Yao District. It takes about 14 kilometers to reach the Wangtianshu Scenic Area.
    Meal: Wangtianshu delicious Yayulin Restaurant Own a la carte, the price is moderate Order: 0691—8175915
    Can also be eaten at a nearby farmhouse, the price is slightly more expensive than Mami
    Tickets: Tickets: 75 yuan / person Air corridor: 120 yuan / person Glass corridor: 120 yuan / person Tel: 0691-8175929
    Nanlahe Sightseeing Cruise: One way 40 yuan / person Round trip: 70 yuan / person
    Package: 198 yuan / person with tickets 75 yuan + air corridor / rainforest covered bridge 120 yuan + one-way cruise 40 yuan
    Tour time: 2-3 hours
    Purchase: Wangtianshu Meisen Shopping Mall National costumes Tourist souvenirs Woodcarving root carving Pu’er tea
    Official website booking: www.ynskytree.com
    Tel: 0691—8175922 0691—2191609 0871—68365707
    Strolling in this ancient and mysterious tropical rainforest, each tree is a legend, every leaf has a passion, the creek sings for you, the birds help you to convey the feelings, warmth and warmth. This beautiful rainforest, with the brightest sunshine and happy birdsong, makes a melody with a fresh wind, and writes a green song of nature, just waiting for you to stop listening.
    Walk down the make-up pier, take a leaf boat and embark on a 4.3-km tour of the Nanla River. Under the blue sky and white clouds, the crystal clear river, the lush vegetation on both sides of the strait, the hustle and bustle of the original forest, mysterious, the sound of birds singing, as if in the paradise on earth, people are enchanted by the hustle and bustle of this “Amazon” river. The poet said: This is a river with a shackle. Nanla River: Proverb, meaning the river of tea. Saying that the Buddha, Sakyamuni, stopped here to tell the scriptures, the devout people offered tea to quench their thirst, and the Buddha of the Lord poured half a bowl of tea behind him, so there was this blue river, for thousands of years, people on both sides of the strait Always worried about the Buddha. The scenery moves with the boat, and the boat sails on the river, stirring up the flowers of water. In the sound of the happy waves, let us stick to a piety, forget the complexity and turmoil of the big city, say goodbye to the nine-to-five, and enjoy the Buddha’s gift. Our one is wonderful!
    The old crab and the little demon saw that the bugs could also be cheered up.
    No need to talk too much, many friends who come to Wangtianshu are directed at this thing, reallyI am telling you that this is the world’s tallest, China’s first canopy corridor completely suspended in the air, abandoning special circumstances (serious fear of height, heart disease, high blood pressure), if you do not go here this extraordinary air corridor Then you have a regret for life!
    ?? Warning, the style must be reversed!
    Do you think this is also called reversal? Oh, look at me too small, keep going. .
    Legend has it that the Buddha came to this forest, was attracted by the beautiful big forest and the sincerity of the people, so he stopped to talk, and people and the rare birds and animals in the forest came to listen. At this time, there was a downpour, and a miraculous thing happened. A seed made by a beautiful peacock grew taller in the lotus-like sound of the Buddha’s lotus, and the crown of the umbrella was covered. The wind shunned the rain, and later the family called it “buried in the middle” (the umbrella handles the tree), today’s Wangtianshu, one of the highest tree species in the world.
    I reminded you that you will not be responsible for spitting me. .
    Looking at the guardian of the sky tree, you can hear its howl after entering it.
    Qiuhuang, who has a strong desire to perform, will go to the studio sooner or later, and we will walk. .
    The entrance to the door, which contains the rice wine of the Yi nationality, has a very good taste. I will tell you how good it is. .
    Don’t forget to try your friends after you arrive here! With the music of the local characteristics along the way, drive away the exhaustion!
    Throughout the food, food, food, important things to say three times, this color is absolutely inferior, if you want to eat this in the Wangtianshu scenic spot, you must recommend it! But do you think that the food is finished?
    There are also fine wines, beauty, mainly wine, try when you type, meijiu, that is to say, it is not saved. . . . . . Here, you can eat the green and ecological mountain wild vegetables, the delicious Nansha River ecological fish, drink the ethnic self-baked wine, and enjoy the original national performance. Yi, Hani, Yao,The songs and dances of the Yi people can be described as sensual. The performers are all ethnic minorities in the nearby villages. Although they are not old enough, they can all dance to be professional. It proves that the Xishuangbanna minority “speaks and sings, they will walk.” Will dance” this sentence.
    Being drunk, repeated hangovers throughout the trip. . When the passionate girls sang Alianya’s wine song and walked up to you, after a few big and small cups, are you swaying, drunk and drunk, for this passionate rainforest, For these gracious fame. .
    Tree totem
    The friend said: You are not going to heaven? It is far from the downtown area, with trees and trees, fresh air, cool, sterile, dust-free, and contains a lot of negative ions. The forest spits out a lot of negative ions, and the negative ions are called “air vitamins”, which can adjust the body’s metabolism and improve immunity. Health care scientists have shown that in the forest bath, the skin temperature can be reduced by 1 ° C -2 ° C, the pulse can be reduced by 4-8 times per minute, so it has good effects on heart disease, chronic bronchitis, rhinitis and so on.
    Rainforest expansion is an aerobic exercise in which modern people are far away from the big cities, ridiculous, challenging the limits, and surpassing themselves. It is a test of the comprehensive qualities of each person’s endurance, confidence, and resilience, and a breakthrough in their own abilities!
    In order to help outdoor enthusiasts explore the original beautiful tropical rainforest, Wangtianshu Scenic Area combines wilderness development with rainforest exploration. Under the premise of maintaining the original natural rainforest landscape and style, walking through and expanding activities is close to the mysterious rainforest. Watching the strange rainforest landscape and feeling the charm of nature, let us welcome the future work and life with a better attitude and fuller enthusiasm. The expansion projects include strop, Myanmar bridge, high-altitude swing, net, and plum Piles, single-wood bridges, etc., show the unique charm of the rainforest.
    Skate, Burma Bridge, high-altitude swing, one net, no plum pile, single-wood bridge… Rainforest expands its unique charm
    I really want to play it again and again. It’s the most enjoyable to come and play.
    Go, I will take you to the big tree swing!
    All long legs
    Which one is your mount?
    Little demon encounters Avatar
    Say goodbye to the rainforest pier, go deep into the rainforest hinterland, breathe fresh air, walk on the wet road, you will feel all the upsets go quietly, only in the heart, only the green trees, the quiet stream, even the mood It also became green and transparent.
    Your wish under the tree of God, hope that Tianshu will help you with the devoutness of the Hinayana Buddhism, the loyalty of the wild bananas, the husband and wife will not leave the waiting to bear witness, the disease tree is warm in front of the green, I am not infernal The master, Panlong Fufeng is not my intention to go to Qin and Chu, I also want to grow a 20-meter-long board, embrace this beautiful rainforest, hate the wisdom of no dripping tip, and the elegance of the rainforest fairy, can only listen to the grandfather The grandmother’s green secret code is tender and sweet.
    Make a wish, go to Pikachu. .
    Following the joyful and beautiful stream of water, through the towering trees and countless vegetation, the natural blue water bathing is in front of you. This is a natural bath that is completely composed of natural spring water deep in the rainforest. The lush time of the tropical rain forest, the water is clear and transparent, it is an excellent choice for the forest bath. There is a special dressing room next to it. If you bring a swimsuit, you can enjoy this free health bath for free. The mother is coming, you What are you waiting for?
    Serious Jia Jia
    Remember to be careful in this position, there are crocodiles
    Have you seen the most poisonous tree in the world? Have you heard that plants have been remarried? The strangulation of eucalyptus, the huge roots of the four cypresses, the tip of the drip with 10 cm, the wonderful parasitic episodes, and the old stems are also spring, and the five wonders of the rainforest are breathtaking, as if inadvertently broke into the planet of Pandora of Avatar. The rain and fog are filled, the ferns are clumped, and the sky trees are towering in the clouds. The shattered sunlight shines on the water ripples through the branches and leaves, and the radiance of the walls makes people feel drunk and forget to return!
    The green forest, the cool stream, the frog called the insects, the clouds change. The content of negative oxygen ions in the forest is much higher than that in the city. Here, the negative oxygen ions that are breathed in one day are more than the ones we have in the big city. The forest also has a variety of plant essences that can sterilize and cure, and can nourish and regulate. The body, in this natural oxygen bar “wash the lungs”, calm the body and mind, enjoy the beauty and magic of the tropical rain forest.
    A video about a mysterious fruit mystery: http://www.miaopai.com/show/Q5pv39zlMegl8ixWDCuoGw__.html
    When you listen to the name of the Tiantianshu, the Meiya Rainforest Restaurant, you have to drool, “Tasteful”, here is the gas station for your rainforest trip, in addition to the feast, there is a passionate national and beautiful style.
    Video of food: http://www.miaopai.com/show/HWeD6qSYQY7GzDE83VoTLg__.html
    Wangtianshu Scenic Area Map
    Xishuangbanna Wangtianshu Hotel
    the Hangover.
    Day 6 (2016-06-30) Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences
    “One river is green and the west is east, and the peninsula is shaped like a penguin.” The image metaphor of Professor Cai Xitao, the founder of this holy land, brought us into the picturesque Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden. The time is beautiful, the years are recorded, and the development of more than 50 years, the joint efforts of several generations has turned this place into a comprehensive botanical garden integrating scientific research, species conservation, scientific popularization, and tourism and vacation. It is the golden gold of Caiyun. A gem of gems on the tourist line is an ideal paradise for self-driving tourists and a veritable tourist paradise!
    Tips: How to reach the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
    1. Many cities across the country (Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, etc.) have direct flights to Xishuangbanna. After arriving in Jinghong, the locals said that they can take the direct shuttle bus to the bus station at the Bunchang Bus Terminal. To the botanical garden (20 points/shift), 1 hour drive.
    2. The Kunlun Town where the Botanical Garden is located is an international shuttle bus from Kunming to Laos, and a long-distance bus from Kunming to Mengla County. You can take the above bus at the Kunming South Bus Terminal and get off at the Kunlun Town to reach the Botanical Garden.
    The two of them rushed to the moth. I took about fifty shots. The 85 manual heads can only shoot art. .
    Tips:1. Please bring summer clothes, swimwear, umbrellas, sunscreen, and cool oil to a complete relaxation of your mind and body!
    2, travel hotline: 0691-8715914 Website: http://www.xtbg.cas.cn
    Sina, Tencent, People’s Daily Official Weibo: Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden Public WeChat Platform: XTBGly
    Can anyone tell me the names of these dishes? I remember the things like the names of the dishes too badly. .
    With the video, it will be more immersive:
    This is the only cool photo of the demon.
    The sample of the domestic 85mm2.0 manual fixed focus head is not sharp enough, and the detail processing is not good. There are several shots in this travel note that are not bad. The careful little friends pay attention to it.
    How can I get less aerial photography?
    Top model
    The primary stage of strangling trees
    At the end of the strangled tree, on the Huludao, various tropical rainforest landscapes make people forget to return. The “big roots”, the cruel “strangles of plants”, the majestic “single forest”, the colorful “sky garden”, the peculiar “old stem blossom” and the giant vines flying between the forests Wonders are amazing. The flowers that will change color, the mysterious fruit that makes the sour fruit sweet, the dancing grass that trembles with the music rhythm, the clock flower that blooms on time, and the sinister flowers such as the bloody throat of the tree pulp make Visitors feel very mysterious and amazed.
    I don’t know what I thought at the time. .
    On the 1,100-hectare garden of Banna Botanical Garden, there are large tropical rain forests, which are derived from nearly 10,000 kinds of tropical plants at home and abroad, distributed in palm gardens, eucalyptus gardens, dragon blood tree gardens, cycad gardens,38 specialized parks, such as ethnic cultural plant areas and rare and endangered plant ex situ conservation areas, are comprehensive botanical gardens integrating tropical scientific research, species preservation and popular science education. By 2013, the digital botanical gardens were at the forefront of the Chinese Botanical Garden, and there are URLs in the tips for everyone to look inside.
    a bit confusing
    Keep on playing cool
    The only one of these seven days was scary, and Jia Jia was also out of the haha. .
    Cool, and more fascinating, did not put it up, see more photos on Weibo 🙂
    Nature’s ingenuity!
    Miraculous: Dashu Waterfall, a variety of tropical plants not only brings us beautiful visual enjoyment, but also provides the best “test field” for science and technology personnel who love nature.
    The group photo was broken, all kinds of shapes
    From the beginning of Mr. Cai Xitao’s creation, this place has become a place for scientists to conduct scientific research under the most natural conditions.
    The colorful scenery makes it impossible to feel the circulation of the annual rings and the change of the seasons. In the 1,100-hectare park, there are more than 13,000 tropical elves in 38 special parks, which are the Noah’s Ark that rescues and preserves the rare and endangered tropical plants.
    Recommended Route 1: All the tourist areas opened by the Banna Botanical Garden include a total of three districts (Western District + Gully Rainforest + Greenstone Forest), which can be purchased for a battery car pass, which takes about 4 hours. Tickets for the Banna Botanical Garden are for the pass, and all the parks can be played with one ticket, but the tickets and tickets are divided into three categories. Please check the ticket information in detail or consult at the door.
    Recommended routeSecond: You can take a battery car to quickly explore the landscape of the West Zone of the Banna Botanical Garden, which is convenient, fast, saves time and effort, and is the recommended route for ordinary tourists.
    Recommended Route 3: Walking to the West End, it takes about 2 hours. Walk along the West Bridge into the Bai Garden, and then enter the Qihua Yihui Garden, Palm Garden, Museum, Aquatic Botanical Garden, Yinsheng Botanical Garden, Guoshuguo Garden, Fujimoto Garden. After visiting Baizhu Garden, you can choose from the West Gate or Suspension Bridge. garden. For details, please go to the detailed page to find out the recommended route for the botanical walk.
    Opening hours 8:00 am – 20:00 pm Holiday extension
    Tickets Full ticket: 104 yuan Half ticket: 52 yuan Online booking is more favorable!
    Looking at the freeze, almost fell, the feeling of floating on the water is great and amazing! This Wang Lian’s weight is 60-70kg. Before you come, please call it first.
    Busy little friends, I finished yoga and hid out to shoot everyone around.
    There is still a tea break in the middle of the day! 100% pure juice! 100% fresh fruit snacks!
    Numerous rare plants here have brought the beauty that nature has given them to the extreme. Among them, the eyes are dizzying, the steps are different, the beauty is beautiful, the beauty of natural harmony is so magical and so moving!
    The Banna Botanical Garden has a Research Center for Conservation Biology, a Research Center for Forest Ecosystems, and a Research Center for Ethnic Botany and Resources. Established wild rare and endangered plant seed bank, tropical rain forest ecosystem positioning research station, Ailao Mountain subtropical forest ecosystem positioning research station, biogeochemical laboratory technical laboratory, tropical rainforest ecosystem research and management open laboratory, tropical Scientific experimental support systems such as Herbarium, Tropical Rainforest National Culture Museum, and Science and Technology Information Center.
    Dedication, monkeys on the tree
    The locals said that we are a rare sunny day in these days. The blue sky and white clouds are suitable for taking pictures. However, God is fair, and happy and sad, these days are rare hot days, even local. People can’t stand it anymore. Every day, I am so sweaty and take photos, it’s a pleasure. .
    Jiajia is always impatient to act as a professional model. The tropical botanical garden has many places to take pictures, especially wedding photography. If you see this travel companion wants to take photos here, remember Contact me or add my Weibo, I will give you a detailed introduction.
    Full of astringency
    This is a domestic 85mm2.0 manual fixed focus shot.
    The little demon exclaimed that this view was awesome, but the wide-angle lens stretched the foot a bit. .
    When I sent a circle of friends, I brought two words: about?
    Well, this is me.
    Not suitable for children
    Hundreds of gardens, I heard the staff introduced that the pink is not the petals but the leaves. I am amazed that my understanding of the world is still very few. I really feel this magical botanical garden. If parents have the opportunity, they should bring more children to stay here. Heaven must benefit a lot!
    Xishuangbanna cuisine is obviously more refined in the botanical garden. This night is not because I have to shoot fireflies and the Milky Way. I think I still get a hangover, but I still drink a little, not much.
    The towering trees are straight into the stars.
    Night is more fascinating than during the day.
    Fireflies are more enjoyable to the naked eye. For the first time, I saw so many fireflies around you. Because of the pileup and the later, the texture of the lens glass has already appeared.
    The first time I fired a firefly, many photos were piled up, and I had to get a background next time, and I was waiting quietly.
    Wang Lian and the Milky Way.
    Taking a photo, the whole world is quiet, only our voices and the sounds from the insect world.
    Taking pictures forever is never tired for us, and always feels that time is not enough.
    Map of Xishuangbanna Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences
    A list of places where you can take pictures of the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
    Xishuangbanna Wanglian Hotel
    Xishuangbanna has no winter, and the most beautiful and comfortable season is winter. Here you can feel the intimate contact with nature at any time, look at the flowers in the garden, walk around, listen to the story of each plant, listen to the sound of insects and birds, and enjoy the beautiful night. Everything is like a “Xanadu”, so that the body and mind get a rare and original relaxation.
    The appearance of the hotel, the staff in the park said that Wang Lian Hotel isThe hotel with the largest back garden in the world, this is not a fake
    Looking up, the bits and pieces are revealed.
    The room we stayed in today is comfortable and comfortable. The writing desk is very convenient for office work. The small balcony is full of green plants. The bed is very comfortable and solves the fatigue of the day.
    After shooting the fireflies and the Milky Way back, I took a picture of the night view of the hotel, but the stay was too short and I didn’t have time to go to the pool to play.
    Day 7 (2016-07-01) Jing Hong Man listening to the park
    Man’s Royal Garden was originally called Manting Park, and Man’s Temple was close to this place. The Xishuangbanna General Buddhist Temple is the center of Buddhism worshippers in Xishuangbanna. The seat of the Buddhist temple is a rectangular compound, and the courtyard door is opened at the western end of the north. At present, the total Buddhist temple covers an area of ​​3,000 square meters, and the construction area is about 1,000 square meters. It is built by the Buddhist temple “Weihan”, the Buddhist college teaching building, the “Bosu” under construction (literally translated as the lotus pole top pavilion), and the boudoir “warm “There are several parts. On the side of the door today, there is a bungalow with a big drum. The inner wall of the room is painted with a picture of the Buddha’s birth, called “Saxi Miscellaneous”, for several Buddha statues. The total Buddhist temple in Xishuangbanna has a long history. It is the supreme ruler of Xishuangbanna in the past – the film leader (literally translated as the landlord or the king of the land) and the holy land of the Tusi leader. Buddhist believers still regard this temple as a holy place for worship. The worship of the pilgrims is broken, and tourists often visit here.
    Man Ting Yu Garden (formerly known as Mang Park) is the oldest park in Xishuangbanna. It has a history of more than 1,300 years. It used to be the royal garden of Xishuangbanna, and in the history of the Yi people, it was once a tour of the feudal lords and the toasts. Flower place. Legend has it that when Wang Hao came to the park to play, the beautiful scenery of the park attracted the soul of Wang Hao, so it was named Spring Huan Park, which means “the garden of the soul”.
    The park has both natural and natural landscapes, as well as artificially cultivated exotic flowers and garden buildings. Visitors to the park can enjoy the quaint natural scenery as well as the cultural landscape with rich ethnic characteristics.
    Insert a fun video: http://www.miaopai.com/show/rgvKk1TUZwSrx2NzEXSk6w__.html
    In-stream video, a slow motion:
    Latitude 21 degrees north latitude
    The dinner was also settled here. The location is very good on the riverside. The environment is also very good. The venue is very large. Next door is a venue football field. When I was eating, there was a group of monks and social groups kicking here. The music here is very Praise, I don’t know why I especially like to listen to the music of ethnic minorities, even the horrible toast songs are loved! Address: No. 9 Bar Street
    On the last night, everyone didn’t drink much, no matter how old or young, but then I heard that my friends were the most powerful. When I didn’t fall, I saw Jiajia drinking, and Qiuhuang had already started dancing. The old crab that has been sick for many days is also playing circles with everyone. The little demon is running because of the flight on the night. Otherwise, I want to drink alcohol. As for me, the feeling of parting is really bad. I don’t know how long it will take. I can see you again, and the sentiment is soaring, so I will drink it without any obscurity. .
    Last night, it was a hangover, a drink at the 21 degree latitude bar, video address:
    The last photo, since then, the West, but often on the road, how can I not meet, haha
    Xishuangbanna Bodhi Pasha
    The hangover was originally set for the Bodhi Passa hospital. As a result, the hangover was carried back to the love of the rain forest.
    Day 8 (2016-07-02) Travel & Photography
    A little skinned partner!
    Introduce the friends who have become attached to this time:
    Left one @吴秋煌: Single, after the camera is fully equipped 90, there are not many words but humorous, love to travel and love photography, but more love shopping, go all the way to buy a slogan is to buy and buy, after the end of the trip to Dali, we again After ten days in Dali, Lijiang Yan met ing;
    Zuo Er @jiajia Zhang Xiaojia: Single, quiet Hubei sister, now a full-time traveler, the writing is a pretty good, also love photography more love to travel, vows always walk on the road, this trip is straight after the trip Laos has played a big circle again;
    Right one @一蟹走田涯: Single, frequent walking on the road can be seen that travel can not be separated from him, obsessed with photography but late illiterate, haha, super love to apply mask, after the end of the trip, went to Shaanxi to go crazy, Now playing in Sichuan, according to him, I have said that the blockbuster has recently been released.
    Right second @娇娇爱旅行: Single, ancestral three generations of botanical garden work, living small encyclopedia, popular super good, is also a travel photography big coffee, now hard to work in the workplace;
    Right three @mon小妖: Meng Meng 哒, long good-looking will forget, but then Loli, it is also so good to talk, even if it is still a good photo, a good picture, even if you still travel Counting countries, annoying. .
    Xishuangbanna International Airport
    Last night, I was hanged. I was knocked on the door this morning and shouted and rushed down the stairs to check out. I drove straight to the airport and returned.Dali Airport
    Out of the airport, drip to the ancient city of Dali, hacked.

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