Deep in the secret world – Balaguezong: take a step in the sanctuary, take a glimpse of ten

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Foreword: The sun and the moon in the heart
    On that day, I closed my eyes in the mist of the temple and suddenly heard the truth in your chanting.
    That month, I shake all the prayer wheels. It’s not super-degree. Just touch your fingertips.
    That year, I was squatting on the mountain road, not seeing it, only for the warmth of your face.
    That time, I turned to the mountains and turned to the stupa. I didn’t want to repair the students. I only met you on the way.
    In the early years, Wenqing did not love the North drifting loves to hide, and wrote love songs and stories in the songs. In the poems, they wrote from the snow-capped mountains to the rising and falling moons, from the long-headed pilgrimage to the scriptures. I know each other and write about it. The Tibetan domain itself is a poem, engraved in the mountains, on the stone sarcophagus, where the story of the eternal moments is happening all the time. In the second semester, I coincide with this blog, and the literary works prevail, unconsciously. In the heart planted the seeds of fantasy in the Tibetan territory. The highest area in the world, the head is the eagle eagle, the bow is whispering. Coupled with the blessing of the most beautiful Tsangyang Gyatso poetry, which was popular among young friends at the time, the curiosity there became deeper and deeper.
    When I was up, I thought about the sound of the Vatican Palace, and I thought about it.
    Balaguezong is located at the junction of Sichuan and Chongqing, deep in Shangri-La, an ancient and young scenic spot.
    There are snow mountains, lakes, canyons and villages. It is old because the ancestors of the Bala people lived here many years ago, saying that it was young because it was separated from the outside world by many years, so that it was isolated from the world until 2007, when the road to Shangri-La was officially opened. . And this ancient mysterious sanctuary has not fully revealed its veil.
     Asahikawa: Footprints in the canyon
    The traffic from home to Balaguezong is a bit complicated. There are no direct flights from Nanning. Some cities have direct flights to Shangri-La Diqing Airport, and I need to take a flight from Nanning to Kunming and then transfer from Kunming to Kunming. Shangri-La Diqing Airport. It takes approximately 1.5 hours to drive from the airport to the scenic spot.
    From morning to sunset, I saw the morning of my home. I went to the sunset of my hometown. The sun went with us for a day.
    From the Shangri-La city, there is a special line to reach the scenic spot. You can also drive to the scenic spot by yourself. The ancient city bus departs at 9:15 every day, and only one time every day. After the scenic spot, there will be a sightseeing bus that will specially pick up and drop off passengers to visit. Passengers need to set a tour package on some travel website platforms in advance. The scenic spots will be arranged daily to include sightseeing car transfers, scenic spot tickets and excursions. One day group and two-day group can be purchased according to their own needs. There is also a form of walking, but this is a professional walking tour. The inexperienced tourists should not try it easily. I heard that the walking route and the general sightseeing route of the walking enthusiasts are different, and the terrain is complicated. It is also a plateau, so it is not recommended for ordinary tourists to take unguided walks.
    The Balagzon Scenic Area is a large comprehensive scenic spot, similar to Zhangjiajie, with several large scenic spots. There are five-star hotels in important attractions, which are convenient for tourists to visit. We are staying at the Barragong Tibetan Ecological Hotel in front of the scenic spot. Backed by the mountains, the river is in front.
    Due to the rainy days before the coming, the river in front of the door turned yellow and turbid, and it will change back to a turquoise color in a few days after the weather.
    There is also a portrait of Grandpa in the hotel lobby, which reminds me of the lyrics of “I stand in the grassland and look at Beijing”.
    The decor of the hotel is still very Tibetan.
    Our room
    The uncle who took me to take a bath with a wretched teacup, but unfortunately I broke it when I came back _(:з”∠)_
    After a day of travel, it’s great to have a cup of tea to ease the mental exhaustion. Ming knows that I will go to visit early in the morning, but when I arrive at a new place, I still habitually sleep late. Sitting on the sound of running water outside the window, drinking tea for a long time.
    The next day, I got up for breakfast. The breakfast provided by the hotel is still very rich. There is basically no problem with the taste, and I am not used to it. The coarse grain rice noodle porridge has a steamed bun. Tiannanhai The tourists in the North Sea and the Eight Seas can adapt.
    The breakfast also provides milk and butter tea, which is delicious.
    Opposite the hotel is the plank road built by the Bala ancestors before the passage. The past caravans used this narrow and dangerous road to communicate and trade with the outside world.
    The plank road is halfway up the mountain. Below is the newly built road. It is flat and wide. It is hard to imagine how it was built in the mountains. Especially at such a high altitude.
    One of the great characteristics of the food in Tibetan areas is meat, meat and meat, which is suitable for me who only eat meat and do not eat vegetables.
    And the meat here is mostly domesticated livestock, stocked, and tastes very good.
    Today’s arrangement is a tour of the Barragozong Grand Canyon. Take the sightseeing bus to the meeting place. You can see the plank road at the entrance of the attraction. You can walk along the plank road.
    Due to the rain in the past few days, the water in the canyon has become cloudy and yellow. In a few days, the green will come back. I think it will look better at that time.
    Far-reaching mountains and continuous rivers, plus the weather that clears the sun, this is the landscape of the plateau.
    The photo can’t be taken from the stalwart of the mountain. The mountain here is much higher than the karst landform in my hometown. It seems to be straight up the sky.
    When you get to the upper reaches of the river valley, you can choose the rafting project to return to the place by kayak (this package is not included in the project, please see and buy it again) If you do not choose this project, you need to return to the original route, that is, you have passed The road is going to go again. This road is not too short. It is also a plateau area. (High-altitude sports in the plateau area are prone to lack of oxygen and are more likely to be tired than flat land)
    Open wildflowers can be seen at the roadside
    We went down for a few days before the rain. At the end of August and early September, it seems that the whole country is raining. This is no exception. The days when we arrived were beautiful, but it was a continuous sunny day. The temperature difference here is large, the weather is cloudy and uncertain, and you even need to bring enough clothes for the four seasons. I have brought a lot of it, though not all of them. At the same time, the ultraviolet light on the plateau is also very strong, so pay attention to sun protection. Although the temperature is not high when the weather is out, the temperature is much higher than the weather forecast. And the sun is also more glaring, it is best to wear sunglasses
    The cloud of tofu brain, the innocence here is very blue and very clean
    The ruthless white hair, the thorns can not open your eyes. But because it is so beautiful, I still took a lot of sunshine against the scorching sun. (I heard the old Master said that the lens is often not very good for the sun, so pay attention later)
    Various small waterfalls are very common in mountain valleys. I heard that some are shunts from the source, and some are from the melting of snow-capped mountains.
    After landing, take the sightseeing bus again to another scenic spot, Tongtian Gorge. It is also a canyon. The terrain is high and you need to climb some slopes, but there will be more waterfall streams and you can see the scenery of the first line.
    Natural stone wall Guanyin, do you know if the officials can see this statue?
    When I passed by, I bowed sincerely, not for the Buddha’s edge, but for the sake of that wall, it was cool and beautiful, and the tourists were beautiful.
    The points are trickle and the flow is combined. Seeing the thousand gestures of water flow along the way
    You can see a small waterfall and a line of days
    After returning to this attraction, drive back and dinner.
    Tonight is still meat and meat as always, but half of it can not resist the appetite, then throw the camera and eat it.
    In the evening of 8:00, there will be cultural performances of Tibetans, starring in the local Khampa and the beautiful Zhuoma, jumping in the pot and singing songs. I have to say that their values ​​are so high.
    After the end of the song and dance party, the lights outside illuminate the river under the night, I can shoot the slow water without the mirror.
    Going to the square and having a bonfire party, visitors can dance with the Tibetans.
    It’s still a slow door, and the visitors’ participation is very high. It’s about two cups of barley bars when you watch the party.
     Hawthorn: Turning the mountain and turning to the stupa
    At the end of the first day of the canyon tour, several of the attractions to be visited today are places of different styles and different projects. Still taking a sightseeing bus, I arrived at the first attraction, “Pagoda.”
    The mountain is steep, but the mountain road that has been repaired is stable but it is dangerous. Because the mountain is too high, the altitude difference is too big. The winding mountain road is heavy and heavy. It has been turning and walking. It is complicated, let alone before road repair. The exploration, let alone the time when the road was really repaired, I heard that this road has been repaired for many years.
    The scenery is infinite all the way, and the shutter keeps holding it up.
    At a viewing platform on the mountainside, the view is still relatively wide. The foot is surrounded by mountain roads, behind which are the mountains. It’s really cool to take pictures here. In order to make a cool atmosphere, I turned to the skirt and started to pant without turning two laps. Our trip was to go all the way to the sacred “stupa” in the heart of the Bala people. So the altitude will be higher and higher.
    Tibetans mostly believe in Tibetan Buddhism, where traces of faith can be seen everywhere. Buddhism spreads and develops in Tibetan areas, and gradually forms a religious culture with its own characteristics, which is both beautiful and mysterious.
    The car parked in front of a meadow at an altitude of 4,250 meters. This is today’s first attraction “Buddha”
    The infinite open scenery and the infinite plateau of the sky make people want to run against the wind when they get off the bus, but the plateau area really can’t do such an action.
    Theory Shanghai takes more than 4,000 meters to produce altitude sickness. However, it is relatively mild. The situation is that it is easy to pant and dizzy when doing strenuous exercise. Basically, don’t go too fast or run, it will be fine. Anyway, we have no obvious altitude sickness in this trip. I heard that before There are no tourists.
    Here is the sacred secret of the Bala people. The ancestors of the Bala people migrated to escape the war thousands of years ago. At that time, the wife of the tribal leader saved a blind-eyed monk, and the blind-eyed monk got the Buddha dream, and he led the whole tribe. Look for the wonderland in the gods. Until they found this place, there were rich meadows, distant rivers, dense jungles, and a natural “stupa”.
    The left-hand mountain in the picture below, resembling the white pagoda in Tibetan Buddhism, was regarded by the Bala people as the god mountain of generations of faith. The mountain of God blessed the generations of self-sufficient life and inheritance here.
    When we went, it was only in early September, the leaves were not red and the snow was not there. If it was cold, watch it when it snowed. It should be more spectacular, but even now, we can enjoy the fun on the grass. As for thousands of years, Shenshan looks at everything quietly, and does not increase or decrease. Let it move to the stars, the seaSang Tian, ​​no matter who is facing it, will give birth to respect.
    The sun is shining, but this piece of tourists is scarce. On the open grass, you will not be able to catch your heart, even want to open your arms and embrace the passing wind.
    A long row of roadside roads that look very spectacular
    The shawl was specially bought before going, and the high cold plateau is always suitable for the strong red.
    An oversized prayer in the distance
    The colorful scriptures are filled with scriptures, bringing beautiful meanings and blessings to the distance with the wind.
    The cabins on the grass are very cute and super suitable for taking pictures.
    The altitude of the plateau is low, the sun is big, and the wind is big. You can’t figure out whether you are cold or hot, but if you go up to such a high place, it is best to do a good job in cold work. Try to bring a coat, I will bring the warm baby. Finally, no use
    Balaguezong has a deep canyon, a sacred mountain, and a natural stupa. This is the real picture of the song “turning the water and turning to the stupa” in the lyrics of the opening song.
    After visiting the pagoda, take the sightseeing bus to the next attraction.
    Today’s mountain road is also nine turns and eighteen bends.
    Is this mountain road particularly cool and so cool from this perspective?
     Cloud: There is one of the highest glass walkways in the country on the plateau.
    Today’s second attraction, after getting off the bus, you need to take a regular plank road to the last glass path observation deck. The ropeway on the way is a newly developed project. It is still under commissioning. We haven’t officially opened it when we went, but it should be shortly. I thought I thought I was afraid to play.
    Experiencing this zip line at such a high altitude is probably the feeling of flying over the clouds and the mountains. It’s just that you don’t have the courage to have a heart.
    My camera doesn’t take a complete top and abyss. Let’s just feel it.
    The weather is so good, the days are mint blue
    It takes about 40 minutes to make a rest adjustment while walking on the plank road. There are but many climbs, and you can enjoy many beautiful scenery along the way.
    On the heights, you can see the canyon river that we visited yesterday (almost said to be a canyon pioneer)
    The color of the river today is obviously much greener than yesterday.
    The platform in the distance is the glass viewing platform. Is it exciting and spectacular?
    As usual, I still need a shoe cover when I walk on the glass path. When I go there, there are a lot of tourists who are afraid of heights. I still dare not try it. It’s a pity.
    In fact, as long as you don’t stare at a single piece of glass, look at the height of the people below it, but look at it in a whole piece. This is a reverse sky cloud. The clear blue sky and white clouds are completely reflected on the glass, beautiful. Romantic again.
    This is a bed made of white clouds.
    New photo scene get
     Deep: the dream home of the Bala people
    Today’s third stop, I went to my favorite lunch time. Forget to remind friends who have not eaten to watch this article carefully
    Going down the hill by car, you will arrive at the village of Barra, the home of the Bala people. Today’s lunch is settled in the village. It is also a hearty meat and meat, a Tibetan hot pot, and it is a very fresh, especially tender local animal, yak, and pig. It is a wonderful day.
    One person, one pot, squatting with a small fire, quite style
    After eating and drinking, I walked out of the restaurant to watch the village of Bara. For the millennium, the Bala people lived here and were isolated from the rest of the world. Only the horses coming in and out brought something outside, which can be said to be a real paradise. But as the world around the world changes, it is also eager to communicate with the outside world, and people want to see the world outside. Some people struggled to explore the new world of colorful, some people also wanted to live a more modern and richer life and left their homes. Today, there are only 30 families left in the village.
    When the natural barrier that blocks the outside is opened, the people here go out after the day, and the things outside are coming in. Bala Village, which began to develop tourism, tried to keep up with the outside world in all aspects, such as this ultra-wide terrace, the panoramic view of the distant mountains and flower fields, drinking afternoon tea, watching the beautiful scenery, and infinitely stirring in the heart. Be calm.
    A Tibetan-style door below the restaurant feels great and captures the opportunity to take pictures.
    It’s still very tiring to climb this layer of people, but it’s helpless to see this stone-built Tibetan village.
    There are some sunflowers in this yard, which is very emotional. This courtyard is the home of Mr. Sna Dingzhu, the developer of the Balagzon scenic spot. He grew up here. It is also the hero of Barragong today.
    Thousands of years ago, the heroes of the Bala people, the first ties of the tribes migrated to the people, and opened up a peaceful and peaceful homeland, which created the millennium peace of the Bala people. After the millennium, Mr. Sna Dingzhu has invested in his hometown to build a road leading to Shangri-La. This repair is more than a decade, and he has invested a lot of money, manpower and energy.
    Mr. Sna Dingzhu accidentally injured his eyes when he was young. His father took him for five days and five nights to Shangri-La to seek medical treatment, but because of the long time delaying treatment, Mr. Sna Dingzhu’s eyes were blind. Seeing the ever-changing world outside, I also saw the hometown that was thrown into the old age. When he was 13 years old, he decided to go out to the world outside. After experiencing the tempering of the outside world, decades of hard work have become a millionaires that everyone envy. In his eyes, there are not only the red and green of the big world, but also the slightly embarrassing figure in his hometown. Some people here have not stepped out of their hometowns, and some people are struggling with life. So he decided to use his family to help build a road in his hometown. More than ten years later, the rugged mountain road that had been going out for five days turned into a smooth road for more than an hour.
    The sunflowers that face the sun symbolize the thriving and self-improving meaning. This road to the outside world is actually the road to the outside. From the very beginning, I only hope that there is a road in my hometown, and now I hope that my compatriots from all ethnic groups can see his secret hometown named Balagzon. Like the treasures buried deep in the millennium, there is a low-key brilliance.
    Now that the road is open, the hotel and the scenic spot have been built. The hometown people do not need to escape from the village left by this ancestors. Today, many residents of the Bala Village are doing tourism construction and service work, and they are poor and single. Life is different, they have a better tomorrow.
    The home of Sna Dingzhu, the traditional Tibetan style, shows the devout heart of Tibetans everywhere.
    Who used to turn the wheel without stopping, whispering the six-word mantra.
    Outside the window is the creature of all things, a sun is coming in, dissipating a gust of wind and birds singing
    The simple and beautiful village is very cute in the embrace of the mountains.
    Below is a green and green sightseeing car.
     Pure Land: Yamanaka
    The last stop of the attraction today, the once-changed temple was built into the Tibetan Culture Museum.
    In front of the door you can see the village not far away
    Many years ago it was a temple, and now it has been transformed into a museum of Tibetan culture. In fact, it is also the nature of the temple. It has a solemn treasure and a long lamp. Tibetan clothingThe decorative fabrics are made by hand, used for gold thread and mineral pigments, and they are all devout hearts.
    These are Tibetan cultural collections, written in their own language and Sanskrit, with a lot of Dharma and preciousness.
     End: dust outside
    After the last attraction and leisure time, I went to another hotel in the mountain, which is also a five-star hotel. This hotel is located in the middle of the mountain, far from the village of Bara, and the scenery outside the courtyard.
    Open the window and face the village of Bara
    There is a yoga room in the hotel and the terrace of the yoga room is a great viewing platform.
    Finally, it is my favorite dinner time. Today’s chicken soup is the most powerful chicken soup I have ever tasted. Several chickens are stewed with a pot of chicken soup. The soup is full of meat. The soup still needs to hide from chicken. It is delicious and delicious. But not greasy, because the chickens are used, there is not much fat. After the evening, you can sleep beautifully.
    The fragrant but untouchable Shangri-La beer is very special. After enjoying this dinner and sleeping in the rushing river, this journey of secrets is over.
     Raiders and tips
    1. From Diqing Airport to Dukezong Ancient City, the journey takes about 13 minutes. If you need to go to Balaguezong, you can take the special line in the ancient city. The special line departs at 09:15 every day, only one shift a day. You can also drive by car
    2. The scenic area is a five-star hotel in Balagzon. The accommodation and eating conditions are very good, but there is no inn and 7 days of accommodation. If you want to come to Barragoz to play for a few days, it is recommended to be optimistic about the package on the platform. Different packages contain different services. Some will include hotel tickets for pick-up and drop-off tours.
    3. The weather in Shangri-La is cloudy and sunny, it turns sunny and sunny, and there are some heavy rains in the sunny days. The wind is very strong at night, and the temperature difference between day and night is also very large. It is recommended to bring enough clothes, or bring some hats and shawls. . Personally, Shangri-La’s somatosensory temperature is very different from the real-time temperature written by the weather forecast. You still need to pay more attention to yourself. Ultraviolet rays in the highlands are also very strong, so be sure to pay attention to sun protection. Sunscreens should be carried in any season.
    4. Balaguezong is still under development, and now the area that visitors can reach is less than one tenth of the entire Barragat. Barragoz is a comprehensive scenic spot with many different landscapes and landscapes. However, because of the steep terrain, even the local villagers have not arrived, and they have not seen the whole picture. The geographical information about the Balagzon area is still being improved and explored. Perhaps some of the scenery has only been seen by friends on foot. I heard that there are many lakes and snow-capped mountains in the depths of Barragat, and I can look forward to seeing its deep side in the future.
    5. There is a custom in the Balagzon Scenic Area that does not raise dogs. Visitors who like to travel with dogs need to pay attention. It’s not that the scenic spot or the local people discriminate against the dog, but it is related to their culture. The rest of Shangri-La is a dog, and there is nothing to bring a dog. However, because of the fact that Barragh was started many years ago, the village people shared mutual trust with each other, and they were good at people and closed at night. It is considered that it is completely unnecessary to raise a dog to guard against the thief. If a dog is a dog, it is a precaution against other people. With the intention of resisting each other, in order to express mutual trust and mutual trust, each family no longer has a dog. . Gradually this custom has been preserved until now, forming a customary custom. Although the rules are in good faith, everyone should try to comply.
    6. The local Tibetans basically believe in Tibetan Buddhism, and they are very religious. Therefore, they are also very kind and the folk customs are relatively simple. The hotel’s waiters, security guards, drivers of sightseeing cars, etc. are all local Bala people. They believe in their gods, they are awe-inspiring, and they have always insisted on some religious customs. Visitors can appreciate and experience it, touch the prayer wheel, and read a good idea for Zhaxide, and also respect the gods. It is best not to shoot the Buddha statues in the temple.
    7. We went to the beginning of September, and the coolness of autumn has arrived, but the grass in Barragong has not yet turned yellow. If you want to enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery, you can choose to travel after mid-September, but the days we went are not too cold or hot, and it is more comfortable in the experience. There was no snow in September, and there was no white snow on the top of the mountain. It was only in November when the Balaguez was snowing. When it was time to take the sunset or the sun, it was very beautiful to be photographed by the sun. beautiful. But it will be very cold.
    8. The direct flights to Diqing Airport are Kunming, Xishuangbanna, Chengdu, Lhasa, Chongqing, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai Hongqiao and so on.
    These cities are very convenient to fly to Shangri-La, but some cities do not fly directly to Diqing every day. Other cities that do not have direct flights will need to transfer in Kunming and Kunming to Shangri-La Diqing Airport for about 1.5 hours. Diqing Airport is relatively small, there are not many flights, it is the only airport I have been to check-in without waiting in line.

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