did not climb Huangshan, unlock Huangshan niche gameplay, get to you

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    Come to Huangshan three times.
    I climbed Huangshan for the first time and went to Hongcun.
    The second time I continued to climb Huangshan and saw the sea of ​​clouds.
    I did not climb Huangshan for the third time, went to Hongcun for the second time, and went to Xixi South for the first time.
    This time, the fourth time, in Qingming
    Unlocked Huangshan’s niche gameplay
    Did not climb Huangshan, did not go to Hongcun
    But I did a cruise on the Xin’an River Landscape Gallery and went to Xixi South for the second time.
    Focus: two days, one of which
    Dedicated to Liyang In Lane, the place where Chinese and Western are combined
    There will be many surprises for you.
    Great for weekend trips
     Liyang in the lane, as seen in the ascent, there is also a landscape.
     In the distance is the church in Liyang in the lane, but it has not been used yet.
     The Xin’an River Landscape Gallery cruise ship, behind the Mercedes-Benz water splash
     Xixi South, children are playing with water
     Xixi South, people walking on the wooden bridge
     Xixi South, walking on the stone bridge, the moss is a little slippery.
     On the Xin’an River, the nine surnamed fish, the scene was shocked.
     On the Xin’an River, you can fish.
     Liyang in the lane, sit and cooperate with coffee.
     Liyang in the alley, the unused church, the western element.
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     About the author
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     Preparation before the trip
    1. Cards: ID cards, bank cards, credit cards, driver’s licenses (if you have them) are brought well, and other special certificates are included. But also pay attention to bring some cash on the body. Although the Internet is very developed now, not all places can be swiped or WeChat pay, so Ma Dad still needs to continue to work hard.
    2, ticket map class: determine the travel time, choose the travel vehicle in advance, the plane or the train, it is best to download an app, you can check at any time, then the map, the drop of the city’s traffic routes and ride routes .
    3, digital categories: including mobile phones, charging treasure, patch panels (especially photographers, a variety of messy devices), a variety of chargers, photographic equipment), USB data cable, if the photographer wants to film the same day If you send it, you can bring a computer. It is best to bring a thin and light book, otherwise it will be a little heavy.
    4, clothes: according to the local weather with clothes, hats and other small accessories can also be considered. The side of March is not very hot, not very cold, and a coat is enough.
    5, cosmetics: lotion, facial cleanser, spray and other large things are recommended to pack, spray is recommended to give up, the aircraft can also be checked, but the train may have a place to be checked (local melon personal experience). The girl prepares sunglasses, umbrellas, sunscreen (small only) and so on in advance.
    6, drugs: with heat, detoxification drugs or granules, band-aid and so on. I have a lot of colds in the season, so pay more attention to it.
    Ps: Although it is rather embarrassing, it still varies from person to person. It is not very suitable for those who say that they are leaving, and everyone still considers Kazakhstan as appropriate.
     Practical information
    [about traffic]
    Big traffic:
    Huangshan Tunxi International Airport is about 7 kilometers from the city center, which is quite close.
    Huangshan Station was originally named Tunxi Station, which is close to the downtown area of ​​Tunxi District of Huangshan City. It mainly stops at the express train. Huangshan North Station is the junction of the Beijing-Fuzhou Railway, the Huanghang Railway and the Chongqing Railway.
    Huangshan City Bus Terminal (Chengxi Bus Station) is the main bus station of Huangshan City, with cars sent to all counties and districts of Huangshan City, surrounding provinces and cities, etc.
    Ps: This time I started from Hangzhou. On the first day, I went to Liyang, so I chose to take the bus. It is close to Liyang, and the North Railway Station is far from here, so I chose the bus. Take a taxi to Liyang for 10 yuan, ten minutes, very close. When you go, go to the North Railway Station with your friends to do the high-speed rail. This should be bought in advance, otherwise it will not be fast. I am turning from Shangrao.
    Small traffic:
    The bus in Tunxi District of Huangshan City is developed, mainly for unmanned ticket sales. The high-speed railway line connects the North Railway Station, Huangshan City Bus Terminal, and Huangshan Railway Station. The 1st road communicated with Huangshan City Bus Terminal, Tunxi Old Street, and some of them travel along Xin’an River.
    The starting price of taxis in the downtown area of ​​Huangshan is 7 yuan / 2.5 kilometers, 2 yuan / km over 2.5 kilometers; 22:00 – 6:00 the next day, the starting price and the super-kilometer freight rate are 20%, after 6 kilometers The return fee is 50%. After waiting for 5 minutes free of charge, the waiting fee is charged at the 1 km rental price every 5 minutes.
    [About attractions]
    1. Liyang In Lane
    National AAAA scenic spot. Relying on the rich tourism resources of Huangshan Mountain, the large-scale tourism complex designed and planned, the scenic area mainly consists of three blocks, namely, Binjiang Bar Leisure Street District, Special Food Street District and Huizhou Cultural Experience Street (Liyang Old Street).
    Tickets: Free
    2. Xin’an River Landscape Gallery
    Xin’an River originates from Xiuning County of Huangshan City, flows through Huangshan City, and merges into Qiandao Lake. The Xin’an River Landscape Gallery refers to the waters from Hangkou Township to Shendu Town. The Xin’an River Landscape Gallery issued by Shendu Town is suspended. 3 points to the tourists to go ashore, respectively, to see the ice sculpture, Miantan, and Yutan in Jiulitan, the journey time of the boat is about 3 hours.
    Opening hours: 7:00-17:00
    Tickets: Tickets 50 yuan / person, cruise ship 51 yuan / person
    Transportation: From Jixian Bus Station to Shendu Port, there are cruise ships to visit Shanshui Gallery in Shendu Port.
    3. Xixi South Ancient Town
    Xixi South Town is located in the west of Huizhou District and is the northern gate of Huangshan New Town. In the quaint Xixi Nancun Xibian Street, the eyes are all green.
    Tickets: Free
     About the camera
    Camera: Canon EOS M5
    Lens: EF-M EF 50mm f/1.8 STM+ Sigma Canon 18-135+ Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8
    Late: PS+lr
    Other equipment: portable tripod, mobile phone delay bracket, video capture stabilizer, Apple notebook, mobile hard drive, card reader, SD card, charger, etc.
     About accommodation
    Day 1: Liyang Hechun Boutique Homestay
    The B&B is located at the end of the alley, next to the cinema, and the location is very good. It is not far from the old street of Tunxi, and it takes almost ten minutes to walk.
    Passing through the long corridor, there is a tea room on the left hand side. Sitting inside, you can see people from outside. People come and go, the sun is good, drink tea, chat, and see people coming and going.
    Walking through the corridor, through the circle in front of me, I saw the inside.
    The seats are neatly arranged and are all wood.
    There are neat books on the closet, and the music played back in the room is very comfortable.
    At the corner of the second floor, the store is intimately placed in the weather and temperature of Huangshan every day, telling everyone to wear more or less wear, prevent it, it can be described as very intimate.
    The room I live in is called Chunchun, a double room, and the room is antique and has a charm of its own, from the decoration to the small details.
    Rectangular wall light
    Separated by wooden strips between the vanity and the bed
    Towels are also specially made, printed with the logo of Hechun
    There is a chair next to the sink, which can be used for a variety of things, it is convenient, and it can be used for rest.
    Even the wardrobe is also a style of antique design, which is printed with the whole.
    Day 2: Huangshan Yijing Holiday Hotel
    This hotel is especially suitable for the sun, the tired birds returning to the forest, with a sense of tiredness, staying in a five-star hotel in the scenic Xin’anjiang collection.
    At the moment of entering the hotel, a faint fragrance made us feel inexplicable. The room we stayed in was a female room. The room is very large and clean, the small mirror for women, the small cabinet, the warm ‘‘Little Bear’’, the beautiful yoga ball…
    All kinds of details are amazing, my heart is full of emotion, I feel back home.
    The facilities here are complete, clean and tidy, and the service attitude is quite good. It is a hotel, but it gives people a feeling of luxury apartment.
    This not only makes every visitor who lives here secretly make a decision that does not regret, and will come to Huangshan next time to live here.
    Unlike other rooms, this is a room specially prepared for women, powdery and tender, to meet the fantasies of girls.
     DAY 1 : Liyang in the lane, play, eat, drink, have fun
    The most beautiful day in April, April, the most beautiful season of the year. Qingming, Gu Yu two major festivals in this most beautiful day, so many people embarked on a short journey of travel.
    In Liyang, there is a saying that the older generation passed down from generation to generation, “Liyang in the Tang and Song Dynasties, and the brook in the Ming and Qing Dynasties”. It can be seen that in the hearts of locals in Huangshan, the weight of Liyang Old Street is comparable to that of Tunxi Old Street.
    In today’s modern atmosphere, the ancient Huizhou-style buildings that have been preserved in Liyang Old Street for more than a hundred years have not been met with cold impressions because of the imprint of the years. On the contrary, its quaint charm is highly respected by modern young people. The old bluestone slabs are paved with streets and striking signboards on both sides, and you will travel back hundreds of years.
    Water Street Archway, purple gas to the east. Ancient Huizhou, the symbol of the highest honor – the archway. After experiencing the washing of history, it still occupies a place in people’s hearts.
    The simplicity is not old, and the romantic style can be seen everywhere. Nostalgia and fashion, tradition and modernity, in Liyang in the lane, one is a modern building, and the other is a Huizhou ancient house that has experienced vicissitudes. The feeling of time and space is really good.
    When the sun sets, walk in the alley, come and go pedestrians, the feeling of the combination of Chinese and Western, there is a moment of crossing time and space.
    This time, the Qingming love wind met the flower festival adult ceremony, and after a wonderful reading by a group of children, the host opened.
    A solemn classical dance opened the prelude to the “Flower Dynasty” adult ceremony held in Liyang In Lane. Vibrant and charming, the graceful and elegant dance of modern girls combines the essence of profound Chinese ancient culture with the spirit of modern young people who are brave in pioneering and innovating. Really attracted countless pairs of curious eyes.
    The elders read the pledge of adulthood and hope that the young people will remember their mission, not forgetting the original heart and not forgetting the ancient teaching.
    The students who came slowly down the stage, their arms were flat and saluted.
    The elders gave them a crown
    The adult students will be devoutly sipping the wines given by the elders. The beautiful picture is their silent answer.
    After the end, I invited three beautiful women, still in the combination of Chinese and Western, dressed in traditional Chinese costumes.
    These foreigners are all students who love to study in Huangshan. This is their 18-year-old adult ceremony. Some of them come to China for two years. For three years, their basic Chinese language is still unobstructed.
    There is no problem in communicating with each other. They have their own understanding of Chinese culture, because China’s profound culture deeply attracts them, comes to China to study and wants to stay in China in the future.
    At night, the flower god contest kicked off. In Liyang, there are countless festivals waiting for everyone every year, each time with a different new experience.
    Spring is the season of blossoming. The spring of Liyang has already bloomed. “Flower full of Liyang” Liyang Huachao Festival and Flower God Contest, a spring feast makes every guest who bathes the sea of ​​flowers feel heartfelt, Li Yang in the lane, worthwhile.
    Every spring, if there is an opportunity, I hope we will meet again here.
     DAY 2: The ancient town of Shanshui, the paradise on earth
    The most beautiful scenery is in Huangshan, yes. As the first mountain in China, the beautiful scenery of Huangshan has attracted the attention of many Chinese and foreign tourists. The mountain is the barrier to the blockage, but the water is the open door. Xin’an River, the mother river of Huizhou people, its unique ecological pattern, seems to lead us into a flowing landscape painting – Xin’anjiang Landscape Gallery.
    The alpine forest, the mountain tea, the bottom mountain fruit, the unique pattern of the fish in the water, and the Huizhou ancient dwellings with the powder wall and the tile in the landscape of the Xin’an River Landscape Gallery are simply a vivid three-dimensional Landscape Chinese painting. Let us walk into the paintings of the green hills and the villages in the water.
    Whether it is spring, summer, autumn and winter, Xin’anjiang Baili Landscape Gallery is an ideal place for tourists to visit. By taking a painting boat, this trip has been stopped for three times, and it is refreshingly refreshed in the mountains and rivers. The first stop to see the green hills, close to the real water show in the gallery, “nine surname fishing.”
    The first is to cast nets. This animal is very good looking and is the best action in the hearts of many photographers.
    Next, the fishermen sat in the Yuanbao ship and stood up to push the boat forward with their feet. It was a real effort, and it was not used for a long time.
    The next step is fishing. The fishermen put the cockroaches down and let them go to the fish. It is quick and accurate. Every time they catch it, they will be applauded. Under the host’s Goldman Sachs.
    After the fish is finished, call them all back.
    In the end, it was awesome. The fishnets that had been scattered underneath were put together. The big fish that lived in the nets all went down. It was really a bumper harvest.
    The ornamental performance “Nine Surname Fishing”,The origins are different. But in our eyes, although he is a performance project that shows various fishing skills, it is a manifestation of Chinese civilization. The inheritance of Chinese culture, at the scene, you can deeply feel the pride of the nation. .
    The second stop, has been full of curiosity and confusion about the talking ancient banyan tree in the movie “Tian Xian Fu”, I really want to see for myself what a thousand-year-old tree looks like. Here, this millennium ancient barrier tree on the bank of Xin’an River, with a height of 26.7 meters, branches straight into the blue sky, and the shade of more than 660 square meters is not so much that the people in his arms are sheltering from the wind and rain. He bears the long history and splendid culture of ancient Huizhou and witnesses the growth of Huizhou people. We are welcoming many tourists from home and abroad.
    There is also a ancestral hall next to the ancient tree, worshipping the past and blessing a lifetime.
    The most beautiful flowers are open to happy people. Come to Huangshan Xin’anjiang Gallery for the last stop – Peacock Garden. Known as the “King of the Birds”, the peacock is said to be the most beautiful ornamental bird. The peacock is a beautiful landscape.
    At first, the high-cold peacocks didn’t understand everything. Even some people waved at him with silk scarves, and they didn’t let it bloom.
    Finally, when I was about to leave, I was fortunate that we saw the moment when the peacock was on the screen. The male peacock was wooing like a mother peacock and showing her own colorful colors.
    Everyone who is watching is very happy.
    Qingshan Green Water, Ink Huizhou, Xin’anjiang Baili Gallery of Xanadu, the sky is extraordinarily blue, the water is extraordinarily clear, and the air is exceptionally fresh.
    Say goodbye to the landscape gallery, we came to the fairyland of the world – Xixi South, reading like New Zealand.
    In Huizhou, there is a kind of beauty called Xin’anjiang Baili Gallery. There is a kind of fan called Xixi South. It is this oasis of Huizhou art and has attracted countless tourists to come and enjoy the beauty of this fairyland again and again.
    On the bank of Huangle Fengle River, there is a “green ocean”. When the breeze smashes, “the sea is rippling” and the undulating “green spray”, a simple thousand-year-old village is looming. This is the original natural ecological garden that many tourists are looking forward to – Xixi South Town.
    The heat of summer can be said to have shaken all the men, women and children who are away from home, but in Xixi South, the hot dragon has lost its power, and the green shade makes her become extremely gentle. People walk on the bench of Fengle River with pleasure. Like the flat bridge, overlooking the rolling hills in the distance, listening to the sound of running water under the feet, refreshing comfort is no wonder that some people bluntly do not want to leave.
    The stream flows, and the green branches of the maple trees on the banks of the river are reflected in the clear water, almost covering the entire river. Innocent adults, like children, walked in the two rows of straight ‘‘square trails’ in the river. The figures, the shadows of the trees, and the natural works of poetry and painting.
    Green and lush, playful teenagers, the beautiful scenery of Xixi South Town, the old “Shou Fu Fu” Hui merchants gathered in the area, surrounded by springs, charming scenery, nowadays called the world fairyland.
     Only food is good
    It is not necessary to eat Huizhou in Huizhou. The first meal in Liyang is barbecue. The owner here is Korean, so his barbecue is quite authentic, with snacks and a flavor.
    A kind of pasta snack, stir it, the sauce is mixed, it is delicious.
    The meat being grilled is fragrant.
    Snow flakes, sashimi, can be eaten raw.
    Mango sauce salad is different from the usual sauce, and the mango sauce has a different flavor.
    Bibimbap, a lot of ingredients.
    A variety of meats to be grilled, ready to enter our belly.
    Dinner is already hungry, and it is a representative dish of Anhui cuisine in a Huizhou restaurant. I haven’t really eaten Anhui food for a long time.
    Still familiar with the taste, heavy oil and heavy salt, had been eating for five days before, and now I miss her taste.
    The last meal was eaten at the Holiday Inn Lai King, where the dishes are exquisite and rich.
    Huizhou specialties eat, glutinous cakes, a variety of fillings, like sweets, I eat sesame stuffing. Originally, dinner was not eaten, but under the temptation of food, I ate three in one breath, and the sweet and sweet taste was great.
    The braised squid, along with the footsteps of {China on the tip of the tongue, became popular in the north and south of the country and became a must-have for every visitor to Anhui. Despite fear of its stench, our dinner still couldn’t help but tempted the first to order this Huizhou famous dish. A “salted fresh fish” that smells stinky and tastes delicious.
    A plate of clear lake shrimp is undoubtedly a beautiful appetizer on the table. The shrimp with good color and flavor is more popular with the food than the greasy fish. Don’t forget that he is the king of calcium.
    The taste of the two-day emblem has evoked the memory of the first time eating Anhui cuisine, which is still the taste of the memories.

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