Distant ancient country, the disappearing of the ancient city – remember 20 days Xinjiang Grand Tour

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    I think, I am going to go far, to find the disappearing civilization, and to see how many historical civilizations have been bred in that distant ancient world. . . Yes, I think I am crazy. When I finished reading “The Ghosts of the Ghosts”, I was fascinated by this mysterious place, the mystery of the disappearance of the ages, the dragon building lost in the depths of the earth. The treasure hall, standing quietly there, after thousands of years of wind and sand, the dust is scattered. It is located deep in the hinterland of Eurasia and preserves the history of early human civilization. Yes, this is the ancient city in Xinjiang. It is so far away, but it seems to be close at hand. .
    So, we packed the luggage, and a group of six people began the journey of exploration in Xinjiang. . . The irony is that none of our six are senior friends. Maybe even an entry level is not enough, but it is still hot, squatting on a sleeping bag, carrying a 55L big bag, and set off. . .
    We came from afar, and you happened to be there too. The frozen lake, the snow-capped mountains, the colorful land, and the fairy-tale little villages were fascinatingly intertwined in the world. We followed her all the way. Crazy for her
    For us, it is only a thought to enter the desert to find the ancient city. What is more important is that we can walk on this vast and beautiful land, and we will not sing the enthusiasm of this young age. How many years have you been able to sing our youth?
    So, we were holding a big watermelon by the lake in the snow and ice, and in the desert of Taklimakan in the sand sea, set up a small tent; in the sunset of the long river, sang a small song; under the vast stars , blowing his own cattle BI history. . .
    By the way, there are beautiful Uighur sisters’ papers, singing and dancing, unique charms~ Seeing this, will you have a dim?
    Cpt 1 Those memories on the road
    When you really want to start, you will find that the distance is not far away, just a cup of afternoon tea, you can reach a strange but familiar place. If a person’s travel is to enjoy loneliness, the travel of the six people must be used to remember the noise. We come from different cities, but go to the same destination, for the same distance, the same beauty. color. . .
    From Shanghai to Zhangye, a person sitting in the window, the weather is just right, there are not too many clouds, no dazzling sunshine. From the southern city to the northwest, it will always be inexplicably shocked by this vast territory. The endless desert, the rolling snow-capped mountains, the ridiculous Gobi and the red Danxia landforms, live into the line of sight, at an altitude of 30,000 feet, overlooking everything in front of us.
    When I arrived at Zhangye, in the afternoon, everyone was concentrated here, why did you choose Zhang Wei as the starting point, just because of who, in the group, snorted, to go, the most complete northern Xinjiang. . . As a result, everyone bumped 960 kilometers, drove from Zhangye to Xinjiang, and arrived at the first stop in Balikun, just to satisfy the feeling of a trip.
    At the moment I entered Xinjiang, I was a little excited, as if I had reached the dream of Shambhala. Because the distance between Xinjiang’s attractions and attractions is too long, the most suitable way besides the group is to charter a car. We have 6 people, just 2 suvs, on the endless road, blue sky, big The big cotton candy cloud, the flowers on both sides are bright, although the distance is long, but in the beauty along the road, forget the exhaustion
    In the evening, after passing through the city of Hami, began to enter the mountain road. Without the speed of the high-speed asphalt road, there is more natural scenery. Our group of people are all photography dogs. Every time we go to a beautiful scenery, we hope to stop. While urging the master how to get to Barkol, I will stop the master here, stop there, and master the master. Made a fog
    The night in Xinjiang came very late. At 5 o’clock, the sun was still shining very hard. Until around 8 o’clock, the sky began to slowly and gradually faint, dyeing a glimpse of the sky.
    In Xinjiang in April, the chill has not faded. We were originally wrapped in jackets. After passing through a valley called the cold air ditch, it was still cold and chilly. The cold air ditch was located in the Hami area, due to the altitude of 3,000 meters. Naturally, it is much colder than the low altitude.
    Entering the snow-capped valleys, both sides of the alpine meadows, sometimes dense forests, are shrouded in a world of silver-clad, for the city that rarely snows in the south, the white snow is the purest and beautiful scenery. The sky is getting darker, and the sound of the car is gradually stopping. The dark ice is a place that needs special attention during the night driving. It is very easy to slip in the snow and ice. At this time, we are sleeping, this way, Just hand it over to the old driver. . .
    After 12 hours, the long-distance driving, eyes opened and closed, the weightless head swayed from the left to the right, finally at 11 o’clock in the evening, arrived at the destination, Barkol, who. . . I still remember who said that I want to have a sense of travel ritual, give me a stand! Although the scenery is beautiful, but the long-distance bumps, or we are hungry, but fortunately there are lights in the restaurant, a large bowl of ramen noodles, the girl in the store smiled, the southerners are not bad appetite. . .
    Cpt 2 Barkol, returning to the ancient Silk Road
    The night in Xinjiang is particularly late, but the dawn is unambiguous, open your eyes, I am lying in the hotel in Barkol, looking at the weather outside the window, it is a sunny day. Barkol was called the Pu country in ancient times, but now it is an autonomous county and belongs to Hami City.
    The city of Barkol County is surrounded by ancient city walls. The ancient city walls are found in many places, but most of them are ruined and broken, leaving only a short section, and there is no more to watch. The city wall of Barkol is unexpectedly complete, surrounded by the county town. Of course, it is also because of the old town of Barkol, which is surprisingly small, so it is natural, inside, the house is a residential house, living Many Kazakhs, outside the city is a large field of wheat, the breeze smashed, continuous. Here I should have put some photos of the ancient city wall, but I was still crying by myself. In the last few days, because the camera memory was not enough, I deleted the photos in error, leaving only a few photos that were led in the phone in advance. Be comforted. . .
    How small is Barkol County? It may take half an hour to walk around, so I didn’t make too many stays. I took a ride to Balikun Lake, 18 kilometers northwest of the county. Lake Balikun is a plateau lake formed by the convergence of natural spring water. It is 1,585 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and the waters are rich and beautiful.
    Around Balikun Lake is a grass field. The distant peaks and white snow are still clearly visible. Groups of birds fly over the lake and form a dreamlike picture on the lake of Bingling.
    Walk along the floating path to the center of the lake and start to perchThe birds, a group of birds flying out of the grass. It seems that every beautiful lake will have a beautiful story, and Barkol Lake is a story of a Han girl and a Kazakh guy who together defeated the mountain demon and sank into the sea. Well, compared to this story, I still want to quietly admire this beautiful view.
    From Balikun Lake to Urumqi, the whole journey is 500 kilometers, and the journey takes about 7 hours. When it arrives in Urumqi, it is more than 10 o’clock in the evening. As the capital of Xinjiang, it is the beginning of nightlife, and the streets are still lively.
    Cpt 3 Urumqi, short stay
    Every morning, open your eyes, they are all different places. They are all different experiences. Today’s Urumqi, with the most beautiful sunrise, low clouds, still can’t stop the strong sunlight, revealing the red light. I fainted the whole city and saw the burning clouds in the sunset. The sunrise here is so charming.
    Originally thought to be a big sunny day, but when I boarded the Tianshan Tianchi, the sky was abrupt, and the wind slammed into the body. However, as the first business card of Xinjiang tourism, this scenic spot seems to become one of the must-see attractions, so the wind is big, the sky is cold, and the scalp is going up.
    The Tianchi Scenic Area is not allowed to enter by car. There is a parking lot at the entrance for parking. It is necessary to set up a shuttle bus in the scenic area. The shuttle bus does not reach the peak, stops at the mountainside and is about 15 minutes walk from the Tianchi Observation Deck.
    Tianchi in April is still not awake during sleep. The entire Tianchi is covered with white snow, and the millennium ice peak in the distance is covered with silver. The lake is also covered with thick ice, as if it is indestructible.
    The scenic spot is not big, walk along the lake and walk for about half an hour. Looking at the lake and the sky, this is a cloudy weather, but it seems to be somewhat beautiful. If it comes here in July and August, the lakes and mountains, the blue sky and white clouds, the snow-capped mountains, may be another moving scene.
    Urumqi as a city, although the natural landscape is not as close to the surrounding, but the famous Grand Bazaar, as well as the singing and dancing performance of the Grand Bazaar, as the first visitor, it is worth to look at it, but it is also somewhat exotic. However, because we rushed to the itinerary, we did not make too many stops. We went directly to Dabuljin County along National Highway 216. The whole journey was 700 kilometers and lasted for 9 hours. Looking at the distance and time of the monks, who makes us so vast in Xinjiang? . .
    Cpt 4 White Haba, meet the world in fairy tales
    When you see the beautiful scenery, you will feel that all the time spent on the journey is worth it. Hemu Village is located in Burqin County, Xinjiang. It is about 180 kilometers away from Burqin to Hemu. The roads are basically mountain roads. The roads are narrow and narrow. On both sides of the mountain road in April, the snow has not melted, so the distance is short, but the distance is short. It takes a lot of time.
    In Xinjiang, it is not easy to be visually tired, because every time you go, you can see different scenery, from Burqin to Hemu, on both sides of the small road, sporadicly dotted with trees, golden leaves, Black and dark tree poles, as if from the snowy winter, have come to the autumn and autumn, and from time to time, it is a small village, a small house, or a red roof, or a blue roof. In this pleasant scenery, extraordinarily swearing.
    The big advantage of off-season travel is that it is cheap. On the way to Hemu, you will pass the Kanas checkpoint, where you must buy tickets for the Kanas scenic spot. The off-season fare is only 110 yuan (90 yuan Kanas scenic spot ticket plus 20 yuan white Haba ticket), off-season At the time, the self-driving car can drive into the scenic spot. Compared with the needs of the peak season, it is very convenient to take the big scenic bag with the big bag.
    As Kanas is at a high latitude, the slopes on both sides of the road in April are still covered with snow, as if they came to the winter in the North. . . cold. . .
    When arriving at Hemu Village, the inn in the village was almost closed due to the off-season. I looked at the car, um, the space is still big, there are sleeping bags behind, it should not be on the street. . .
    Of course, the sisters of the peers were one hundred unwilling, so in the originally small Hemu Village, a carpet search was carried out, and finally found a newly opened inn.
    The inn has just been opened and there is no food available. In desperation, we can only go to the local market to buy some vegetables and serve as dinner. Because of its remote location, the price of the ingredients here is really amazing. Guess how much a cabbage is. . . 40 oceans, is it even the cabbage can eat the taste of meat? . .
    DIY’s dinner gives our driver Xu Ge a chance to show his talents. On the importance of a driver, he must understand the 18th martial arts, drive, explain, and cook for us. . . Washing vegetables, cooking, and a short time, a table of 40 yuan of cabbage will debut. . . Although there is no big fish and big meat, this table people wants such an atmosphere~ there is no exaggerated ostentation, and there is no meat I love. . . But there are memories, there are you. . .
    After dinner, stroll through the fairytale Hemu Village, the Hemu Village in the off-season, there are no tourists like weaving, and there is no noisy market. The quiet village is more able to show what it should be. The chalet and the snow-capped peaks in the distance constitute the most beautiful and unique natural landscape here.
    The cabins here have become the symbol of the Tuva people. Most of the cabins are buried in the soil to withstand the severe cold of the snow-covered period of nearly half a year, especially the primitive and primitive, with the traditional characteristics of the nomads.
    It is said that the Kanas in the fall is the most beautiful, but the spring Kanas also has its unique charm. The ice and snow slowly melted, and the river flowed quietly. The last touch of the glory, sprinkled in the river, sparkling.
    Cpt 5 Kanas, Lake Monsters infested
    On a cold day, it takes a lot of courage to get up from the bed in the early morning. I slept for another 5 minutes and then lay for 5 minutes. This warm bed was hard to keep me. I was so shaken, but when the scene of Hemu Sunrise appeared in my mind, I resolutely jumped out of bed.
    Fortunately, the sun here has lazy cancer. At 7 o’clock in the morning, it slowly climbed up from the hillside and illuminated the sleeping land.
    The Tuva’s cabin was also dyed golden yellow by the sun’s rays.
    The village is still so quiet, waiting quietly for the arrival of the peak season. It’s hard to imagine a lively and wooden village, will it still give people who come to travel, leaving such a quiet and beautiful impression
    Like the current Hemu, I like to see the first sunshine, shine on the cabin, shine in the quiet lake, shine on my body, the earth begins to have temperature and color. . .
    After watching the sunrise, returning to the inn, packing up the bags, ready to go to the lake to blame, Kanas Lake.
    Before arriving in Kanas, you will pass through the reception station of Jia Dengyu. During the off-season, the basics are closed. After a short stay, continue to Kanas. Due to the off-season, self-driving cars can directly enter the scenic spot. Take the mountain road and drive straight into
    Kanas Lake is another big sign in Xinjiang and has the reputation of Eastern Switzerland. As the third largest freshwater lake in China, the first thing that made him famous is not the lake itself, but the legend of a lake monster. According to local herders, when they saw giant monsters in the lake, they often dragged the stocked horses into the water. The news came out and attracted the attention of people from all walks of life. In such a mountain lake, because the nutrient content of the lake is very low, it will not There are large creatures, but now, the lake monsters appear again and again, but it has raised people’s curiosity for a while.
    However, in addition to the legend of the Lake Monster, Kanas itself is quite a bit of a pose. Kanas is Mongolian, meaning beautiful and rich, mysterious and very good interpretation of her characteristics. There are many bays in Kanas, and the first bay is Wolong Bay. Wolong Bay has a dedicated parking space where visitors can get off and walk along the boardwalk to the lake. Get a close look at the momentum of Wolong Bay.
    Kanas Second Bay — Moon Bay, about 10 minutes drive from Wolong Bay. Moon Bay is also the most beautiful bay in the Three Bays. The entire river channel is s-shaped, the blue sky against the green water, the white snow-capped mountains behind it, and the dense green forest on both sides of the river channel form a perfect natural picture.
    The third bay is Shenxian Bay. The river is far from the viewing platform. The scenery is not as stunning as the two bays before. But the snowy mountains are also very beautiful.
    After driving through Sanwan, the car arrives at the service center of Kanas Tourist Area. The inn, hotels, shops and restaurants are concentrated. During the peak season, the tourists are mainly leisure shopping places. However, in the off-season relationship in April, most of the service facilities here are closed.
    In addition, visitors who need to go to Baihaba need to go to the border police station near the service center to apply for the white Haba’s border defense certificate. When applying for a border defense certificate, a team can only allow one person to enter the police station. Taking advantage of the leisure time of the border defense certificate, in the Kanas scenic area, walk around casually, there is a beautiful picture everywhere.
    After completing the border defense certificate, proceed along the road in the scenic area to the famous Kanyu station of Kanas. Guanyutai is located on the slopes facing Kanas Lake. It is necessary to drive a mountain road first, and then walk for about half an hour to reach the fish watching platform.
    At the middle of the mountain, there is a parking lot, self-driving and scenic shuttle bus, which can only be parked here. The road up the mountain is basically a step road, which requires a certain amount of physical strength. In April, some of the mountain roads are covered by snow. When you walk, the road is deep and shallow. If you are not careful, your feet will fall into the trap. In the snow, the default is that this is the first time I walked over the snowy mountain, although there was no snow on it. . .
    After arriving at the top of the mountain, the scenery in front of me was suddenly open. The entire Kanas Lake is still in a deep sleep. The vast lake is covered with snow and ice, like a white river, lying in the jungle.
    Although I have not seen the most beautiful Kanas, but with the companionship of these small partners, the journey is as memorable as it is.
    When you leave the fish watching platform, you can choose another road down the mountain. The scenery that you don’t want to walk along is still so magnificent.
    Go back to the parking lot and next stop at White Haba. Baihaba is about half an hour away from Kanas. It was already in the evening when I arrived at White Haba, just in time for the sunset in White Haba.
    Known as one of the most beautiful eight towns in China, Baihaba Village is known as one of the most beautiful eight towns in China. It is located on the border line between China and Kazakhstan, only 1.5 kilometers from East Silk, Kazakhstan. The same.
    The white haha ​​in the sunset reflects the golden sunset, and everything seems to return to silence.
    In the middle of the night, everything here is to go to sleep, only the stars in the sky, hanging high-blue stars.
    A glimpse of the Milky Way, lying on the top of the village, the trees on the side of the road also reflect different colors from the day.
    The trees on the side of the road also reflect different colors from the day.
    a quiet night, a quiet white haba
    Cpt 6 Colorful Beach, Overturned Palette
    It is a very tiring job to photograph the stars and the sunrise. After shooting the starry sky, it was almost 2 o’clock in the middle of the night. In order to feel the sunrise of Baihaba, at 6 o’clock in the morning, I carried the equipment to shoot the sunrise.
    At this time, Baihaba, people are still asleep. Although Xinjiang and southern cities use Beijing time uniformly, there are still about 2 hours of time difference, so the 6 points here are very early for them. The village is quiet
    From the inn to the observation deck, walk about 15 minutes. The observation deck is close to the armed police border post, where you can see the panoramic view of the entire White Haba Village.
    At seven o’clock in the morning, the sun slowly climbed over the hillside behind the village, and the sun shone into the sleeping valley.
    As the sun gradually increased, the village slowly began to wake up. On the Tuwa’s wooden house, smoke was raised.
    The smoke and the morning fog in the early morning valley, the whole village is dotted like a fairyland, just like Tao Yuanming’s paradise
    While the sun is spilling over the valley, our soldiers guarding the frontiers have begun their day of drills, neatly lined up, and conducted morning exercises.
    The hardworking workers also started a hard day’s work.
    Along the trail, under the observation deck, the village is already another scene.
    For those who drive to Kanas, be sure to fill the car before entering the scenic spot. There is no gas station in the entire scenic spot. And the distance between the various attractions is also relatively far. Near the White Haba Village, there is also a Grand Canyon in the Sino-Kazakh border, about half an hour’s drive from the White Haba Village. The entire attraction is an observation deck. Here you can enjoy the entire Grand Canyon
    During the trip, there will always be many friends, male and female, old and young. It seems that in this atmosphere, I can always find a common language. So, I have the following photo.
    Ending the play of the Grand Canyon, it ended the trip of the Kanas scenic area. Drive back to Burqin for lunch. Waiting for the beautiful sunset of the colorful beach. At noon, I returned to Burqin County. Compared to the rush in the past few days, I have more time today and experience the cuisine of Burqin. The cold water pike of Burqin is one of the gourmet features here. The pike is the Irtysh RiverThe specialty, the meat is delicious, but did not find that he has any dog ​​characteristics. . .
    Cooked, even if the fish is gone, there is no dog. . .
    After lunch, take a short break and head to the colorful beach resort. Colorful Beach is a typical Yadan landform, also known as the most beautiful Yadan in Xinjiang. The most beautiful way of the colorful beach is at sunset. Under the sun of the setting sun, the rocks here are mainly red, with green, purple, yellow, white, black and transitional colors. The colors are colorful and charming, hence the name Colorful Beach. Due to the early arrival of the scenic spots, the sunset in Xinjiang is generally after 8 o’clock, and can only wait slowly in the scenic spot, waiting for the moment of the sunset.
    At 8 o’clock in the evening, the sun gradually slanted westward, and the rocks began to show different colors in the setting sun.
    The only river in China that was injected into the Arctic Ocean, the Irtysh River is divided into two. Rivers pass through rocks and jungles.
    Being so beautiful, you are intoxicated
    See more couples here, you yell at me, it’s better to look at the funny things about cp spicy eyes.
    The sun slowly disappeared from the horizon, leaving the afterglow, still so shocking and touching the heart.
    When I left the colorful beach, it was about 10 o’clock in the evening, in the glow of the sunset, to the next destination, Urho.
    Cpt 7 Devil City, Nature’s Tianfu
    Devil City is about 100 kilometers away from Karamay City, because it is also called Wuerhe Wind City in the Wuerhe Mining Area downstream of Jiamu River. The wind erosion landscape here is very special, each stone is shapedThe shape is specific and has gone through the millennium sands.
    The Devil City Scenic Area is very large. You can take a scenic train ride between each scenic spot in the scenic spot. You can also choose to walk along the road. You can take more pictures along the road, but in the hot summer, it is also a physical fitness. challenge
    In the Devil City, all kinds of landscapes are full of dazzling, vivid, if you treat him as a pile of stones, then he is really a pile of stones, but if you can be romantic, you will be able to give it to you. Stone gives the most beautiful meaning.
    If you want to see a more beautiful Devil City, be sure to choose to enter the scene at sunset. Under the glory of the setting sun, these amazing Yadan will bring you another kind of stunning scenery.
    As I said before, there is always a story that matches him, and there is a magical legend about the Devil City. Legend has it that this is a majestic castle. The people in the castle are diligent in working and living a life of worry-free life. However, with the accumulation of wealth, evil gradually occupied the hearts of people. They began to become addicted to play and wine. In order to compete for wealth, the city was filled with swindles and bloodshed, and everyone’s faces became horrible. In order to arouse people’s conscience, the gods turned into a ragged shackle and came to the castle. The gods tell people that it is evil that makes him from a rich man to a jealousy. However, the words of jealousy have not worked, but they have been insulted and mocked by the people in the castle. The gods turned into ruins in anger, and all the people in the castle were crushed under the rubble. Every night, the souls of the dead mourn in the castle, hoping that the gods can hear their remorse.
    Opposite the Devil’s City Scenic Area, it is the famous Karamay Oilfield. All kinds of machinery and equipment are constantly running, like chicken glutinous rice.
    Leaving Wuerhe, all the way to the mountains, to the next stop, Alashankou Port
    Sunlight spills on the road, pointing to the direction of the road
    In the evening in Xinjiang, it is generally two hours later than the coastal area. At eight or nine in the evening, the sun will slowly fall.
    The port of Alashankou City is located in the Bortala Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture of Xinjiang. It is the only national first-class port in the western part of China. When arriving at the Alashankou port, the sky has gradually dimmed. The entire port is being rehabilitated, only from a distance, across the gate, to see the true meaning of the Alashankou port.
    It is near late at night when I leave the Alashankou port and arrive at Bole City. The urban area of ​​Bole is already very lively. Look for a good local barbecue, and feel the most characteristic sea, land and air.
    Cpt 8 Sailimu Lake, a tear falling into the mortal world
    In the morning, I started the journey today with the rising dawn. Leaving Bole, the first stop, go to Sailimu Lake, which is known as the last tear in the Atlantic.
    Sailimu Lake, known as the “Net Sea”, is the highest mountain in Xinjiang with the highest area and beautiful scenery. It is also the place where the Atlantic warm and humid airflow finally takes care of it. Therefore, there is the saying that “the last tear of the Atlantic Ocean”.
    I remember the last time I came to Sailimu Lake. The thick clouds covered the entire lake. This time, the Sailimu Lake was still covered with clouds. The difference is that today’s Sailimu Lake is still in the ice-sealing period, and the whole lake is Covered by thick ice floes, you can’t feel the sparkling lake.
    The ice floes on the shore of the lake have begun to melt slowly, allowing people to see the crystal clear waters of Sailimu Lake.
    At this time, the advantages of waterproof mobile phones are reflected. Insert the phone into the icy lake, and fill the clear water of the legendary lake.
    There is a swan water attraction in the Sailimu Lake Scenic Area. In the cold weather, a few swans, leisurely swimming in the water, seem to feel the cold of the weather, still showing the unique noble temperament of the swan.
    The sun shattered through the thick clouds, and sprinkled a ray of light on the snowy mountains far away from Sailimu Lake, as if to see the wonders of Rizhao Jinshan. The frozen lake of Sailimu still has its own unique scenery. However, the most beautiful Sailimu Lake is still in July-August. I hope that when I come to Saimu Lake again, I will be able to get the weather.
    Leaving Sailimu Lake, drive on the G30 highway and continue westward. Soon, you can see the Guogou Bridge. The Guogou Bridge is the first cable-stayed bridge on the domestic road. It spans between the mountain and the mountain. When it reaches the bridge, it rains heavily. Suddenly, the mobile phone can only be taken out of the window and left for a moment.
    Along the high speed, continue westward, about 2 hours, you can reach the end of the G30 high-speed, Horgos port. At the western end of China, he is an important port for trade with Kazakhstan, and an important node for open communication with other countries in the national belt and belt economic belt.
    When I arrived at the port, I was not shocked by everything in front of me. In front of the solemn and mighty country, a small commodity market was set up in a simple shed. The mighty country gate is hidden behind this small commodity market. . .
    The photo below is a state of Horgos port a year ago, solemn and sacred. Compared with today’s Horgos port, it is not awkward. I hope that the photo above is only a temporary sight. I hope that the government here can return a solemn country to all the people who come here.
    Entering the Horgos National Gate Scenic Area, there is a monument pavilion in the scenic area. This is the Sino-Russian No. 18 boundary pillar during the Qing government. This is a boundary pillar based on the inequality signed by the Qing government and Russia in 1881. The Sino-Russian Ili Treaty is said to have been funded by the Qing government and produced by the Russian government. However, when the boundary pillar was buried, the Qing government did not send officials to the scene to supervise. The Russian side took the opportunity to move the boundary pillar to China for 20 kilometers and set up on the Tekelegan Mountain in the Chabuchar County on the south bank of the Ili River. In this regard, the Qing government has not admitted, refused to use stone as a boundary pillar, thus forming a disputed area of ​​more than 40 square kilometers. After the founding of New China, the Chinese government actively defended its territorial sovereignty and made unremitting efforts in resolving territorial disputes. On April 26, 1994, the Prime Ministers of China and Kazakhstan signed an agreement in Almaty to re-divide the more than 40 square kilometers of disputed areas left over from history.
    Along the scenic passage, at the end, you will reach the border of China and Kazakhstan. There is a viewing platform in the scenic area, from which you can see the border post of Kazakhstan in the distance.
    At present, the entire Horgos port is in the process of construction, which is relatively messy. I hope that in the near future, I can see a brand-new and solemn Khorgos port.
    Cpt 9 Kuche Grand Canyon, Chinese-style Antelope Valley
    In April, the Duku Highway was also closed, and the originally planned Kuqa trip had to detour to Korla. The journey takes 650 kilometers and takes 11 hours.
    Today is a long day, over the snow-covered mountains of the sky, arrived at the destination Korla in the middle of the night, and began the journey of Xinjiang in Xinjiang.
    The first stop to reach southern Xinjiang is the Kuqa Grand Canyon, which is located on the National Highway 217 Duku Road, about 70 kilometers from Kuche County. The Kuqa Grand Canyon is a gorge in the Krystal Mountains of the Tianshan Mountains. It is formed by red-brown rocks through the wind and rain erosion of nature for hundreds of millions of years. The reddish-brown mountain clusters are straight into the sky, and under the sun, it is like a cluster of burning flames. The charm of the Kuqa Grand Canyon is not only its majestic and precipitous, but also its depth, tranquility and mystery. Standing at the bottom of the valley and looking up at the mountains, I feel that the steep peaks seem to be pressing down at any moment, making people feel suffocated and dizzy.
    Along the high speed, after arriving at the Kuche, head north to the Duku Highway. The rocks on the side of the road are mostly red and have different shapes.
    After about an hour or so, you can reach the Kuqa Grand Canyon.
    When you arrive at the scenic spot, it is close to dusk. At this time, the light is the most suitable for shooting. Under the sun, the rocks of different shapes have a unique red color.
    The Kuqa Grand Canyon has an open mouth and deep into the valley. It is sometimes wide and sometimes narrow. The entire valley is relatively flat, with high-rise walls on both sides, fine sand at the foot, and a shallow layer of water on some sections.
    Stepping into the depths of the canyon, there will be many landscapes along the way, such as Nantianmen, Ghost Valley, Crescent Tooth Gorge, Huya Bridge, Motian Cave, and Xiongshi Tears. These landscapes need to make full use of your imagination to truly appreciate the depth of the landscape.
    Enter from the scenic valley, walk for about half an hour, you can reach the end of the scenic spot. Here, because there is a falling rock, blocking the road, you must return to the valley.
    The sun is slanting, and the afterglow spills over the top of the mountain, and the golden glow is shining. The Grand Canyon at this time is quiet and magnificent. But there are many chilling legends in the Grand Canyon. At the foot of the Thousand Buddha Caves in the valley, in the morning or evening, a cloud of white smoke like smoke is rising from the bottom of the valley, moving around the mountain; sometimes a misty yin and yang like a gossip will emerge from the ground. The spheres roll up along the cliffs. Of course, these are legends. If you want to verify them yourself, you need a bit of luck.
    Cpt 10 Hetian digging jade, Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Today’s itinerary is from Kuche to Hotan, which takes 650 kilometers and takes eight hours. One of the most exciting is to cross the world’s second largest mobile desert, the Taklimakan Desert.
    Not long after leaving the Kuche, the car began to enter the desert area. There were no villages, pedestrians and cattle and sheep on either side of the road. The rest was just an endless desert.
    The March and April of the Taklimakan Desert is the season of high sandstorms here. The wind is rolling up the dust, like a tall sand wall, closely following us.
    When a sandstorm occurs, dense dust covers the sky, covering the sun, and visibility decreases when driving, just like at night.
    It’s not long before the dust has passed, and a heavy rain seems to be like a contract. In the hot desert, the temperature dropped a lot.
    There are some small attractions along the desert road. There is plenty of time to go and see.
    In the middle of the night, after a day of baptism of sandstorms and heavy rains, I finally arrived in Hotan City. Hetian is located at the southernmost tip of Xinjiang. He speaks about Hotan. The most famous one is Hetian Yu. Here, most people are dealing with jade. The jade here also makes many local people get rich. The city It was also deeply imprinted by jade.
    In Hotan, even if you don’t know jade, it doesn’t prevent you from feeling the atmosphere of the jade trading market. In the early morning, it has already been a crowd of people. The vendors use non-standard Mandarin and try their best to drink their own jade. Water on the jade to maintain the gloss of the jade. If you are a veteran of jade, maybe you can find a good jade here, but for most tourists who come here to play, it is still mainly to look at it, and if you want to buy jade, you still have to bargain, the original price is several hundred. Thousands of jade, after some bargaining, can be sold for dozens of dollars.
    After inquiring about the locals, the jade sold in the market is basically natural jade, but the quality of the color is good or bad, and it needs to be carefully identified when purchasing.
    Not far from the jade market, there is a Yulong Kashi River, which is rich in white jade, sapphire and ink jade. It has been the main river of Hetian jade since ancient times. The rivers in the whole river are wide, but most of the riverbeds are exposed. Many locals and tourists will try their luck in the river. Maybe there will be many unexpected gains.
    Since they have all come to Hotan, of course, they have to experience a jade, take off their shoes, roll up the trousers, and fully arm the river.
    Hetian is located in southern Xinjiang. The temperature in April has been more than 30 degrees high. The sun at noon is so fierce. It has been sweating for a long time, but in addition to picking up a few beautiful stones. Nothing. Coincidentally, when digging jade, I met a local Uighur uncle who introduced us some tips for digging jade and identifying jade. At the same time, I also told us an exciting story, saying that it was here some time ago. In the river, someone has dug a piece of jade worth more than 100,000. So everyone is shaking their spirits and continuing to dig.
    Originally a flat river, the chubby classmate has dug out a huge puddle by hand, but the hard work pays off, and the chubby classmates have harvested two jade pieces. These hours of hard work are still worth it. If you want to really dig into jade, you need not only physical strength, eyesight, but also a lot of luck.
    The jade that the chubby classmate dug
    After excavating the jade, the physical energy is exhausted. Head to the Hotan Night Market and experience the local night market and food culture of Wada.
    Hetian Night Market is different from the night market in our usual impression. Hetian Night Market is in a fully enclosed greenhouse, and there is an armed police inspection at the entrance. However, in southern Xinjiang, the main target of security inspection is Uighurs, and others can directly enter the night market.
    There are many kinds of food in Hetian Night Market, and they are all specialties of Uighurs. Especially the variety of barbecues here, the smell is tangy, stimulating people’s taste buds.
    One of the characteristics of the night market is the baked egg. Eggs, goose eggs, ostrich eggs, large and small, is like an egg exhibition.
    The finished eggs are topped with seasonings and are delicious.
    There are many kinds of desserts in the night market.
    The most recommended is the ice cream cone here, the ice cream in Xinjiang, but all that is made now is made of fresh milk, the taste is mellow, the milk is full, and the price is very affordable.
    Cpt 11 Crossing the desert road to explore the ancient city
    From Hetian to Minfeng, 300 kilometers, about 4 hours drive, which is a step closer to the ancient city we want to go. Minfeng County is a small town that is not well-known. However, due to the existence of the ancient city, the popularity is getting higher and higher. The ancient city is also known as the Niya ruins, located just north of the Niya River Basin in Minfeng County.
    Before I came, I read a lot of relevant materials, but the contents were not too many. Only Stein was repeatedly mentioned many times. He was an archaeologist and an explorer in 1901. At the time, the Niya ruins were discovered, and a large number of ancient artifacts in the Niya ruins were also taken away. In the Taklimakan Desert, which is known as the “Sea of ​​Death”, there is a long, ancient and glorious ancient civilization of the desert. How did those people survive and how the ancient city disappeared overnight? This mystery of thousands of years makes everyone more comfortable about this place.
    Out of Minfeng County, follow the Niya River and drive north. The roadside grasslands, the tranquil lakes and the endless desert of Taklimakan make up a vast and magnificent natural picture.
    Along the 315 National Road, when driving to the desert road, turn to the desert road and drive to the desert hinterland. On both sides of the road, only Populus euphratica survives in such a harsh environment. The spring breath, the touch of green, brings a little life to this vast desert.
    After leaving the county, about 80 kilometers, you reached the entrance to the Niya site near the cannabis. However, there are local village guards who do not allow outside vehicles and personnel to enter. After asking them, they learned that the current Niya site is a key cultural relics protection unit and needs to apply to the local defense brigade.It is possible to enter the Niya site, and unless it is a professional archaeological staff, the general application will be rejected. When I heard this, the heart could be cooled for a long time. . .
    but. . . There are still. . . However, there are still many outdoor enthusiasts who walk directly from the desert road into the Niya ruins. The whole journey takes about 60 kilometers, which takes about 4 days, and chooses to enter as much as possible in the winter when the probability of sandstorms is relatively small.
    We just felt that the hope was ignited, but it was poured down by the uncle, and he licked our equipment. . . Well, well, there is almost no equipment, and the words are very long-speaking. “It’s better to walk in the desert than to hike on the ground. You need to have good physical strength, related professional equipment and outdoor experience. You need to have a lot of hiking before.” “”Climb over a river and a mountain hill is not counted…” “Have you ever been outdoors?” “I haven’t counted a tent camping…” Grandpa opened the flower, “Young people, love life.” During this time, there are many sandstorms here and the climate is not suitable.
    Ok. . . This basin of cold water is a bit cold, and our journey to explore the ancient city is so ruined? But the buddy children and sisters, we are still young, and there are still a lot of days to live, not too tired? Therefore, the decent factions began to clamor for a group, and they insisted on going in and looking at it. If they wanted to go home, they finally reached an agreement. The pilot car returned to Minfeng County, and after learning more information, they would discuss it again.
    Although it did not enter the desert hinterland, the occasional desert sunset brought us some comfort. At this time, I think about a poem. . . The desert is solitary and straight, and the long river falls into the sun. . .
    Although it has not been a long-awaited Niya site, there is a Niya site museum in Minfeng County. On the day we went to visit, the entire Minfeng County was just a blackout. The museum is dark and can only rely on a flashlight to appreciate the historical artifacts. There are also a few dead bodies in the museum. In this dark environment, there is no fear of it. The museum is open from Monday to Friday and is free of charge, but photos are not allowed in the museum, including mobile phones.
    Listening to the introduction of the museum staff, the county town is 40 kilometers east of the 315 National Road. There is a fish lake with beautiful scenery. The fish lake Uighur language is “Bileklik”, which means there is a place for fish. Fish Lake is also an important aquatic production base in Minfeng County.
    I didn’t go to the ancient city, and the time was naturally plenty of, so I chose to go around Minfeng.
    The edge of the Taklimakan Desert is a vast grassland and sporadic lakes, cattle and sheep in the grasslands.Enjoy a free gift of nature
    The pony on the side of the road looked at us as “uninvited guests” with curious eyes.
    The scattered Populus euphratica forest on the grassland is a true interpretation of the spirit of Hu Yanglin. It grows for thousands of years and does not die for thousands of years. After the death, it is immortal for thousands of years. It protects the land from the wind and sand.
    Since the opinions were not consistent, the last way to get the discount is to enter the desert and walk as far as you can. Anyone who is discomfort will have to return collectively. So along the desert road, we once again entered the depths of the desert.
    Not yet selected into the entrance to the desert, this gust of wind began to blow, rolling up the dust, indicating the arrival of a sandstorm. Under the dust of the sky, the sun also lost its original light, and the slight yellow light that passed through it made the people feel its existence. Sandstorms enter the desert, it is definitely the rhythm of finding death. The sand dunes are always like a long look. When the wind blows, it is even more unpredictable, and people can’t touch the direction. At the same time, the Shacheng storm will come with the wind, no one. Old friends bring, general novices are hard to resist sudden natural disasters
    Ok, the desert can’t enter, but since it’s all coming, it’s always close to the desert. Sleeping bag tents can’t be vain. So, on the desert road, after choosing a piece to avoid the wind and sand slope, set up camp, and spend the night here this night, feel the night of Taklimakan. In the desert at night, the temperature will drop to a very low level, and the temperature difference between day and night will be about 20 degrees or more, so the warmth of camping in the desert at night is essential.
    In the morning, still in sleep, the sun has slowly climbed over the slopes. Although the sandstorm has stopped, the dust still fills the air, and everything in the desert seems to be shrouded in a hustle and bustle.
    After a night of breeze, the sand slope left a neat ripple.
    Vigorous Populus euphratica, still standing in the middle of the desert
    Pack up and start the next destination round. Today, we need to cross another desert road in Xinjiang. The journey takes 600, which takes about 9 hours.
    The overall road conditions of desert roads are better, basically tarmac roads, and occasionally there are some small pits. As long as you drive carefully, all types of vehicles can pass. There is a section of speed measurement on the desert road, which is 280 kilometers long and has a speed limit of 60 kilometers.
    In addition, there are almost no gas stations on the desert road. When crossing the desert road, you need to pay attention to the amount of oil.
    Late at night, I finally arrived at today’s destination, the round
    Cpt 12 Turpan, the hometown of fruits and fruits, experience folk customs
    In the elementary school textbooks, I often don’t forget to boast the fruits of Turpan. The famous country of fruits and fruits is here. The last time I came to Turpan, it was the hot sun in June, the temperature above 40 degrees, only people left in a hurry. This time I finally had the opportunity to stop and slowly feel Turpan.
    Departing from Luntai County to Turpan, the journey takes approximately 550 kilometers and lasts approximately 7 hours.
    In the early morning of Luntai County, there was light rain and a little coolness in the air. Today’s itinerary is full-speed high-speed, the road conditions are good. When crossing the Tianshan Mountains, the mountain road section, the road is narrow and curved, and the whole process has a range speed limit, you don’t have to drive by yourself, it is really 100 peace of mind.
    Turpan does not have the title of a stove. When it arrived in Turpan, the temperature has climbed to over 30 degrees. The first stop in Turpan is the grape ditch, but the grape ditch is not only a place to produce grapes, but also a place where the Turfan customs are brought together.
    The mulberry in the grape ditch is the season of harvest. The mulberry trees in the ditch are full of fruit. The mulberry fruit has two colors. Purple is common to us. The green looks sour and cool, but the taste is the same sweet and delicious.
    There are also many local villagers living in the grape ditch. In the evening, the villagers gather in the night market in the village to drink and barbecue.
    There are also some Uighur-style B&Bs in the grape ditch. Although the accommodation conditions are not high-end, they can also experience a strong Uighur style.
    The grape ditch into the night is very quiet. There is no noise in the city, only sweet insects scream. Strolling through the grape ditch, everything seems to be still, let go with the film, feel the rare peace.
    I still remember that there was a collection of “Where is Dad Going”, and I was in Turpan, and I really took it here again.
    The grapevine in the morning is still so quiet. The whole village is waking up from sleep.
    On the village road, two Uighur children, the delicious taste of the mulberry, the small eyes that are longing for, look at the mulberry stalks hanging high, and at the same time, go to the adults who pass by, and look for help.
    The children here are used to crawling and crawling in the ground, so the body is always full of dust, dark skin, and two rams are pulled under the tip of the nose. . .
    After finishing the bag and bidding farewell to the welcoming B&B owner, our car slowly drove out of this beautiful and special small village.
    Leave the grape ditch and go to another scenic spot in Turpan, the city of Jiaohe.
    Jiaohe Old City is located on an island-shaped platform 13 kilometers west of Turpan City. Because the river flows around the city, it is called the Jiaohe River. It was the capital of the former country of the 36th country of the Western Region. Jiaohe Old City is the largest and oldest preserved earth-building city in the world, and the most complete urban relic of China for more than two thousand years.
    To enter the scenic spot, you need to pass through a promenade and two sides of the promenade, detailing the history and development of the Jiaohe Old City.
    In the scenic area, you can take the shuttle bus to various attractions. The first attraction after entering the scenic spot is Jiaohe Ancient Village.
    The ancient village details the local customs and customs, as well as some special lifestyles.
    Leave the ancient village, continue to take the shuttle bus, go to the essence of the scenic area, Jiaohe City. Before entering the ancient city, there are very strict security checks, tripods, drones, etc. can not be brought into the scenic spot.
    After thousands of years of wind and rain, the Jiaohe Old City was completely preserved due to the high temperature and drought in the Turpan area. The buildings were all built from the earthenware version, and the layout was similar to that of Chang’an City in the Tang Dynasty. City towns, pagodas, streets, and mud bodhisattvas in workshops, houses, and monasteries can also be found.
    CPT 13 Bye bye, my Xinjiang
    Visiting the old city of Jiaohe also means ending the 19-day trip to Xinjiang. Although there is no such thing as a true city, the scenery along the way has been beautiful.
    Separated from the friends, I found a chartered driver who was sent to the airport from downtown Turpan for a fee of 30 yuan. Because it was an early morning flight, when it arrived at Turpan Airport, the airport gate was still in a closed state, and the entire airport was not yet in operation. . . Well, this situation is also the first encounter, and at the last moment of leaving Xinjiang, it has gained insight.
    The 19-day itinerary in Xinjiang is over. Hello, Xinjiang. Goodbye, Xinjiang. We will see you again~
    Day1 Shanghai———- Zhang Wei
    Day2 Zhang Wei———Bari Kun
    Day3 Balikun —— Urumqi
    Day4 Urumqi—-Burqin
    Day5 Burqin ——- Hemu
    Day6 Hemu———-White Haba
    Day7 White Haba ——-Ulhe
    Day8 Urho——-Bole
    Day9 博乐———-Yining
    Day10 Yining———-Korla
    Day11 Korla ——- Kuche
    Day12 Kuche———-Hetian
    Day13 Hetian
    Day14 Hetian———-Minfeng
    Day15 Minfeng
    Day16 Minfeng——— Round
    Day17 Round Table———-Turpan
    Day18 Turpan
    Day19 Turpan——-Shanghai
    Is Xinjiang safe?
    Many people will worry about the local law and order in Xinjiang before going to Xinjiang. However, on the experience of two self-driving trips in Xinjiang, Xinjiang is still a very safe place. In every public place in the city, there are armed police patrols on the streets. The time when the police arrived at the scene must be within 5 minutes, compared with some cities in the Mainland. On the highway national highway, there are also security checkpoints to ensure the safety of vehicles.
    Security inspections in Xinjiang are the most common. Anyone entering a crowded place, including airports, hotels, restaurants, markets, etc., must use ID cards for security checks. In addition, when refueling, only the driver is allowed to enter the gas station, and the same passengers can only wait outside the gas station. After years of rectification and crackdown, the travel safety situation in Xinjiang has been greatly improved compared to a few years ago, so friends who want to travel to Xinjiang do not have to worry.
    Xinjiang preparations before the trip
    1. Some areas of Xinjiang belong to the border areas. To go to play, you need to apply for border defense certificates. Generally, you can handle them in advance at the place where you live. Avoid local delays. 2. The area of ​​Xinjiang is 1.66 million square kilometers, accounting for the total area of ​​China. one-sixth. Therefore, the temperature difference between southern Xinjiang and northern Xinjiang is very large. The temperature in the northern Xinjiang is still below 5 degrees, while the temperature in southern Xinjiang is above 30 degrees, and the temperature difference within one day is also around 20 degrees. Traveling in Xinjiang, you must bring enough clothing to prevent heat and cold. 3, photography equipment, the travel shooting equipment, camera sonya72, black card 3; lens fe15-35, fe70-200. Aerial photography Dajiangyu; all major cities in Xinjiang and the surrounding areas of the airport are no-fly zones, and Xinjiang has a long borderline. It is recommended to avoid aerial photography when it is near the border. Traveling in Xinjiang in winter, you need to do warm work of photography equipment.
    About Xinjiang Travel Traffic
    Xinjiang has a vast area, between scenic spots and scenic spots, between cities and cities, and the roads are far away, and some sections are in the mountains, and the road conditions are more complicated. Self-driving tour in Xinjiang requires a long travel time, and it must also have good driving experience and physical strength. Otherwise, driving for a long time will cause fatigue, and the interest in visiting Xinjiang will be greatly reduced. Therefore, if you want to travel freely in Xinjiang, it is recommended that the plane arrive in Urumqi, and then it is more appropriate to charter directly in the local area. Nowadays, the chartered car market is mixed and the service is uneven. To choose a better chartered car company, not only the itinerary is guaranteed, but more importantly, it can bring more joy and more local customs.
    About Xinjiang accommodation
    Compared with southern Xinjiang, the conditions of residence in northern Xinjiang are better. Most of the famous attractions in Xinjiang are located in the northern Xinjiang region. Moreover, the tourism industry in northern Xinjiang is also developing rapidly, and the supporting facilities are relatively complete. And if you travel during the off-season, the price here is even more amazing.
    Burqin Tourist Hotel, a four-star hotel, has a house price of more than 100 during the off-season. The entire hotel is luxuriously decorated, there is a large garden outside, and the facilities in the room are quite complete.
    Accommodation in Kanas Grand Scenic Area is mainly based on famous places, and accommodation conditions are relatively general.
    Most hotels in northern Xinjiang are mainly based on express hotels, with a wide range of choices, and the hotel’s environment and supporting facilities are relatively complete.
    Compared with northern Xinjiang, the hotels in southern Xinjiang are relatively small. For example, in the southern cities of South China, there are not many hotels in the whole city, and the price/performance ratio is relatively low.
    About Xinjiang cuisine
    For meat lovers, Xinjiang is definitely a paradise. The meals here are mainly made up of various meats, but they do not contain pork. Beef and lamb are the main meat ingredients here. The staple food is mostly in the noodle category. Xinjiang catering, the price is not cheap, basically slightly higher than the coastal developed areas. The food in Xinjiang is more salty and spicy, and the southerners may not adapt. There are many specialties in Xinjiang, so you must satisfy the taste buds here.
    Xinjiang large plate chicken
    Xinjiang sac
    rack of lamb
    Sea, land and air summary barbecue
    Shredded lamb
    Hand grabbing mutton rice
    Pepper chicken
    There are many foods in Xinjiang, and the tastes of each region are different. Waiting for you to go to Xinjiang, slowly taste

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