Do a day of Hui people, open the taste buds and eat all over the summer.

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Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture, referred to as Linxia Prefecture, is one of the two major Hui Autonomous Prefectures in China. Because of its high-caliber folk songs, Linxia Prefecture was named “China’s Flower Country” by the Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association. Linxia is a must-see for the returning Tibetan customs line “Da Gannan”. The rich Islamic ethnic customs here make people linger, and I am more concerned about the cuisine under the Islamic style. Each has its own characteristic halal taste. It is simply a foodie. heaven!
    “Three meals a day, one bed at night.”
     Linxia Morning Market
    Food has long been a culture. In today’s era of continuous development, eating is more important. It is not only the taste, but also a kind of memory. Whenever I go to a place, I will always check the food culture there. The Chinese land is full of food, the food is spread all over the corner, I have eaten too much, and I have not eaten more. Every time I walk to a city, the local customs, the ups and downs, are actually included in the three meals of the day. Follow my footsteps, from the early morning to the night, let us use the nose to taste the summer with the tip of the tongue, and taste this unique summer flavor.
    In the early morning of Linxia, ​​it is refreshing and comfortable. Of course, it is worthwhile to come to the early morning to visit the most lively place in the city. The local market in Hongyuan Square, where the locals gathered in all directions, is full of fireworks. This is the beginning of a brand-new day. Every day, everyone comes one after another, big bags and small bags come empty, bargaining and tasting, full of rewards or no purpose to hang out, all for this day’s table ingredients, for the family Own, add a rich and healthy flavor to a beautiful day.
    Here you can buy a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as the large potatoes that Gansu produces. Hui people have chosen the colors in their hands and look forward to turning them into delicious dishes on the table like magic. At nine o’clock, the crowds swayed and shouldered, as if it was the peak hour of the morning market. As I expected, the vibrant day began.
    In one place, especially when it comes to ethnic minorities, there are more unique recommended dishes. The cows that had been planted before the coming were finally tasted. It is said that this home is quite authentic, and it is full of people early in the morning!
    The beef is cut and cooked with the internal organs of cattle and sheep. It is a delicious and affordable Hui traditional snack. It has a long history and is well-deserved. As early as the Ming Dynasty, the Hui people’s skills in cooking and cutting were very exquisite. In the “Xu Xiake’s Travels”, geographer Xu Xiake recorded the situation of tasting cattle and sheep in the Hui people’s home. In October of Chongzhen (AD 1638), he inspected in Kunming, Yunnan, and was friendly with the Hui poet Ma Yunke of Xundian. At the beginning of November, he wanted to transfer the location and continue to inspect. Ma Yunke left him at home for hospitality. Every day, “cutting chickens is a simmer, and the dishes are cooked and boiled, and they are very clean.” Not only the southern Hui people loved it, but the north also praised it. There is a poem in “Dumen Miscellaneous”: “And the throat is bad.”
    The two masters cut one and cooked, and they were seamlessly docked. The technique was quite skilled. The big guys came from hungry belly. One eye knew what to eat. This must be a regular visitor. You can have a beef or a pure tripe. Sprinkle with plenty of pepper, the spicy taste is full of fragrance, instantly open the taste buds that have not woken up in the morning, drink a soup, and immediately warm from the head to the toes!
     Fried fruit
    Fried fruit is a traditional fried food carefully crafted by Muslim women in the Linxia area with unique craftsmanship, clear patterns, sophisticated materials, sweet and crispy. There are many kinds of fried fruits, such as: peach, chrysanthemum, plum, lotus, peony, willow, pomegranate, gourd, bergamot, peach, ginger, dragon, phoenix, sparrow, etc., there are also regular round, always form Too much to do. Its ingredients are mainly: superior powder, cooked flour, eggs, sugar, brown sugar, honey, food color. When making, adjust the dough into various doughs according to the variety. After simmering, put them into the oil pan and fry them through several processes to form a variety of unique fried fruits. Fried fruit will appear in three meals a day.
    If you meet someone who will eat, you will put the fried fruit into the cow’s chopped and soaked in the beef, so that the richness of the beef miso soup will penetrate into the crust of the fried fruit. The combination of the two is even better!
     Three fort
    In Linxia and even Gansu Province, the biggest feature before dining is the “one bowl of people” three fort. In the mid-summer trip, there are tons of meals, and all the meals are the essence of the first appearance in every meal.
    Linxiang Dongxiang people love to drink tea, and they must strive for perfection from the combination of tea sets, tea and ingredients. Tea sets must choose “three forts”, “three fort” as the name suggests, it consists of three layers of cover, samovar and palm. The requirements for tea are even more stressful. Yunnan Chunjian tea and glutinous tea are the highest grade. When drinking, put the tea in the “three fort” tea pot, pay attention to brewing with the boiled “peony” boiling water. Then, use the lid to gently go to the back, slowly scrape from shallow and deep, let the tea slowly sink into the bottom of the tea bowl. At this time, the smell of tea scented, and you couldn’t help but want to take a sip. First use the left hand to pick up the bowl chassis, use the thumb of the right hand, the index finger and the middle finger ring to form a bowl of orchids, and scrape it on the tea bowl obliquely. The juice is clear and blue, the water vapor is simmering, and the chew is slow, a pure The rich tea fragrance penetrates the internal organs, which is a great enjoyment among the people.
    If you are a guest at home, you should also include Sanxiang Tea, Wuxiang Tea and Babao Tea to express your welcome and respect to the guests. In addition to good tea, it is also served with rock sugar, longan, red dates, dried apricots, dried raisins, raisins, figs, etc. It is sweet and bitter in the bitterness, sweet and sour, not so diverse today, a wide variety of beverages can be comparable . Every household has a different set of dishes, which has become a major attraction on this summer table.
    When the car is on the streets of Linxia, ​​the words that appear most in front of the eyes are not “hands”. Although I had eaten a lot in the northwestern pavilion in Beijing before, it was really out of the hands of Linxia, ​​which is quite what I yearn for.
    Hand-caught lamb is a representative food in Linxia. There is a kind of rumor that “speaking, grasping Linxia”, “guests come, don’t eat, grab, come to the summer”… the hand-caught lamb has almost become the generation of Hezhou food culture.table. According to research, Linxia was called “枹罕”, and Hezhou sheep was also called “stack sheep”. It used to be a tribute to the court, and “the stack of rare red mutton mutton” has always been famous. The Dongxiang Autonomous County has a deep mountain ditch, arid and little rain, and the grass has less water content, is rich and nutritious, so the Dongxiang mutton is tender and tender, the meat fiber is less and delicate, rich in protein and various micro-nutrients, and long-term food can enhance resistance. Force and immune function, with kidney and health, spleen and stomach, beauty and beauty, longevity and so on. It is said that the girl’s skin is delicate, beautiful, and her face is exposed to water. The hand-caught lamb usually has bones and is cut into strips or blocks. It is named for directly eating by hand. Most of the sheep used to make hand-caught lamb are yaked, which is best for lambs.
    The practice of grabbing mutton and eating a lot of famous dishes have their own characteristics and different flavors. The most famous ones are Dongxiang hand grabs, barrel meat, and mutton mutton. When entertaining guests, if you highlight the local ethnic flavor, you should generally use a series of hand grasping. With garlic, eat with hot sauce, sprinkle with dried chili and eat … a variety of ways to eat each has its own fragrance!
     Hair dish
    I went to the eight squares of Bafang, and I was fortunate enough to come to the local people and eat an authentic Hui family food. This bowl of vegetable soup made me impressed. According to the owner, the sound of the dish is like “getting rich”, so the soup in Linxia, ​​whether it is a banquet or a Chinese New Year, is a must-have dish on the table. It is worth mentioning that this dish is only available in Linxia, ​​and it is unique from practice to eating. It is a “patent” belonging to Linxia people.
     Facial intestine
    A dish that looks like Korean rice cake comes up, and when you hear the introduction, you know that it is called a noodle. Wash the small intestine, then stir the flour into water and stir it into a paste. Add the appropriate amount of starch and other seasonings, fill it into the small intestine and seal it. Then steam it on the steamer or cook it in a pot. Finally, put it in a frying pan until the skin is crispy. Plated, served with beef balls, served with oily chilies, garlic, vinegar, etc. The taste is mellow but not greasy, delicious and delicious, and it is economical.
     Stuffed skin
    The stuffed skin is no stranger, but the white skin that we brew here and the day we eat it is not one. The stuffed skin is a specialty of the Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture of Gansu Province and one of the unique flavors of the Hui people. Place a few gluten on the chopped stuffed skin, accompanied by green garlic, salt and pepper, mustard, spicy oil, vinegar and other condiments. It looks bright and bright, tastes soft and gluten, salty, sour, fragrant, spicy, and fresh. It makes people appetite and scent. The stuffed skin is cheap and delicious, and its taste is unique. It can be used as a snack or as a staple food. This kind of cold food noodle, in the hot weather in summer and autumn, is very popularLove. The reason why the wine skin of Kangle County is famous is that it is soft and moderate, crystal clear and translucent; then it is cool and refreshing, and it wins with aroma.
    Oily fragrance is the traditional food of the Muslim masses and is a special name for the Hui people. Every Eid al-Fitr, the Eid al-Adha, and the Holy Day, every family must fry the oil, and in addition to their own consumption, they also give gifts to relatives or friends. “Oil” is a holy food of Muslim tradition. It should be opened when eating oil. If there are people around you, it should be divided into several parts. According to the “Sunnah”, it cannot be eaten directly. The oily fragrance is added with flour and yeast, and warm water is used. After the fermentation, the surface is mixed with alkali and then mixed with eggs and other auxiliary materials. After being smashed on the chopping board, it is spread into a bowl-shaped round cake. The surface is cut into two or three knives, and then placed in the pot with frying and cooked. Red and soft, delicious and mellow. The oily skin is easy to fry, so there is a saying that “slow-burning oily fragrance, both sides are bright”, “explosive fried oily fragrance, and the raw skin coke is not bright”.
     Hezhou Buns
    Hezhou Buns is one of the specialties of Linxia. It has good noodles and elegant stuffing. There are buns, zygotes and horns. The stuffings are exposed to zygotes, mostly filled with sugar and walnut kernels. The shape is triangular, half-moon shaped and angular. They are horned horns, sugar horns, jujube horns, vegetable horns, etc. Mix the beef and mutton with leeks or carrots or white radish and mix well. Stir the cage and steam it into the pan. Serve with pepper oil and look crystal clear. With vinegar to eat, the smell of scent in the mouth, so you can’t help but want to eat more!
     Warm pot
    The weather is cold, Linxia people will also eat a hot pot to warm up – warm pot. Most of the hot pots are made of copper. In the old days, people in the Linxia village would first put a layer of cabbage on the bottom of the copper pot, then put a proper amount of noodles, spread a layer of tofu, and cover a few pieces of meat. Heat the fire in the middle of the pot. After the boil, the bubbling bubbling in the cold weather will allow you to stretch your muscles to the extreme. Now the standard of living has improved, and there are more types of meat. Each one is put aside, and it is rich and warm.
     Hezhou noodles
    Linxia people take the noodles as the main food, and they will train the daughters who will marry. In the old days, there were “shangyu tailors, squatting cooks”. After marrying, the bride will do a “testing face” in her husband’s house to showcase her cooking skills. Hezhou noodle is the most common pasta in Linxia. It is easy to make, not limited by location, and can be used for home gatherings and travel. The dough can also be divided into soup noodles, sour soup noodles, riverside noodles, fried noodles and so on according to the production process.
     Sweet wheat
    Sweet wheat, also known as sweet glutinous rice, is a traditional snack in the Linxia region, which has the effect of digesting the stomach and refreshing the skin. The method of brewing is to soak the wheat or barley or small oats with water, remove the bran in the plate or the stone reef nest, cook and cool, add the sweet rice and mix well, and mix the grass with the grass or the hot pot inside the tank. After two or three days, there will be aroma of wine. Sweet wheat is sweet and fragrant, mellow and mellow, a bowl of entrance, summer heat and thirst, fatigue lost, sour and sweetSweet, refreshing.
    Another explanation for the scorpion is roasting. This kind of smashing method is different from the pot helmet. It is to make the dough and baking soda with a rolling pin into a small pot cake. Put your hands off and put them in a hot iron pan, simmer the yellow side with a simmer, then turn over and bake. the other side. Then use the thimble and bracelet on the pastry to press the shape of the stars and the moon. Today, the pots and pans of aluminum cast pans are used, mostly with fermented dough. Because it is a steamed dumpling, it is easy to digest, and it is possible to make more pieces. Every morning, you can buy a large, thick white-faced scorpion on the street in Kangle County and take it home to eat breakfast.
    The yellow and white two-color flower 馍馍 馍馍 馍馍 馍馍 馍馍 馍馍 馍馍 馍馍 馍馍 馍馍 馍馍 馍馍 馍馍 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄 黄The block is called the hoe.
     Sprinkle rice
    Aunt Hui of the Hui people said it several times, I just understood that it was called “salted rice.” Sprinkling rice is a bit like the porridge we drink every day. It is also adding food such as potato chips and diced meat. It is poured into a bowl, poured with spicy oil, and served with vegetables. It is delicious. Especially in the rain, or in the cold winter, eat a bowl of hot rice, the whole body feels hot, the spirit is a vibration, it is an excellent winter food.
     Slurry surface
    The water surface can be eaten in a variety of ways. It can be used as a vegetarian food. It can also be matched with beef. The fresh beef is minced into minced meat. The onion and beef are also fried with clear oil, and then poured into the slurry to boil the noodles. Large, watery and cool, the two are one, just neutral, especially in the midsummer, do not eat meat mouth, want to eat meat and tired, so the recreational people came up with a unique way of eating beef water, The greasy contradiction is solved by the slurry.
    Hazelnuts are delicate fried foods. Muslims in Jishishan County will make a scorpion to entertain guests and give gifts to relatives and neighbors during festivals and festive days. The scorpion is divided into two types: “Puzzle” and “Crisp”. The shape is beautiful, the color is yellow, the bar is symmetrical, sweet and crisp. When making “Crisp”, add clear oil, egg white, and sugar when you adjust the noodles. Cut the noodles and cut into round bars. After the nest is well, the clams are squashed, and the pan is fried. It is loose and soft, and the entrance is instant. tasty. Making a scorpion is a complete set of complex process systems. It is all about the “degree” of experience, and it is necessary to master the heat. Only in this way can we make a good product.
    Potatoes are also artichokes. For every Linxia person, there may be a unique emotion. The artichokes, the roasted artichokes, the artichokes, the artichokes, the artichokes, the stir-fried vegetables, the fried artichokes, etc., the artichokes can do a lot of tricks. However, the most eaten steamed artichokes, which are staple foods, are better in the Dongxiang County of Linxia. The taste is better, soft and soft, and it tastes like mousse. This is the most incredible potato I have ever eaten in Linxia.
     night market
    At the beginning of the Hua Deng, night falls,The night market, a place that is warm and happy, has appeared. The snack night market in Linxia City is on the north side of the square on the north side of the square. The night market is in the downtown area. It is a long street. It is full of lights all night, and there are countless kinds of snacks gathered here. From about 7 o’clock in the evening, it began to stir up slowly, grilled kebabs, casseroles, dumplings, pulp noodles, fried noodles, various types of barbecue, lamb chop, French noodles, boiled artichokes, boiled corn, etc. Every evening, nearly one hundred booths are arranged in a neat line of things. The screams of the merchants are attracting the passing pedestrians. The scene is spectacular. The people who come here are all pouting diners. No matter how high or low you are, how much money you make, no matter how critical you are about food, there are always snacks you like.
     to sum up
    In our daily meals, local customs do not understand, the meals on the table are also very different, here may not be the big fish in the bustling city, there may not be fine details of small dishes, but here are the simplicity of the Northwest Enthusiasm, their simple smiles, passionate personality, brought me unlimited touch on the road. The dough that they personally took out, the food they personally brought, they introduced their own characteristics in the region… From their eyes, they can feel that our love for food is the same. On the same piece of land, let the taste record different places, so there is temperature and taste.
    Beef cuts, fried fruit, three forts, hand-caught lamb, stuffed skin, hairy soup, noodles
    A large amount of dishes, please pay attention to a la carte

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