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Sudden travel – Tibet
    In China, the closest place to heaven is Tibet. The snow peaks, the stars, the mountains, the Tibetan incense, and the solemnity are all fascinating. In this 20 days and nights, let us travel through a mysterious paradise.
    If you do it, you won’t say much. Let’s go straight to the topic. Where are you going to go before the holiday this year? Originally set up Daocheng Aden, I found that it was the most beautiful in October. I have not made any specific plans. In July, my friend suddenly asked me: “Is Tibet not going? There is still a vacancy in the car.”啥?Tibet? So the head is full of winding mountain roads, as well as various symptoms of high anti-reverse. Calm is more than impulsive, I just said to go back and think about it. When I went home and handcuffed and turned over the various Raiders written by others, I found that I was impressed by the beauty there. If I want to go there, I will be young and chic!
     Tibet – 20-day trip
    Our itinerary: Wuhan-Guang’an-Chengdu-Kangding-Batang-Zuogong-Ranwu-Bomi-Linzhi-Lhasa-Shigatse-Zhufeng-Lhasa-Naqu-Germu-Qinghai Lake-Lanzhou
    We chose to drive to the newspaper, a self-driving group, nine cars, thirty-six people. Because I haven’t eaten Rhodiola since the beginning, I’m really worried about high anti-insurgency. I heard that the self-driving will be better than the train plane. The result proves that I am still very high, and I can’t escape this, but I’ve come over. .
    Note: Self-driving is more dangerous. If you choose to drive by yourself, it is better to go with the group or find some good friends. The road conditions on the road are dangerous. You often encounter heavy trucks in the corners of the road. The road is also very bad. There are often big pits. I don’t want to give you an experience of a roller coaster in the car. Occasionally, the night train will be opened. It is better to have two or more drivers in the car to avoid fatigue driving. There are two drivers in our car. As a result, just one day, a driver was turned upside down. As a result, another driver drove the car for one day and opened the night road at night. To be honest, the night road in the mountain was particularly difficult to open. There are also no street lights. So go out safe first. With the group driving, each car will be equipped with a walkie-talkie, so every time the other party has a car or other circumstances, the pilot will be reported at any time, the driver of the car has a bottom, will reserve the wrong car or overtaking distance.
     About vehicles
    First of all, prepare your own vehicle or carpool with your friends. It is recommended that the four-wheel drive SUV with a large displacement and a high chassis will be easier to drive on the plateau. We are a carpool with a Nissan 2.5L, and climb at a height of 4000 or above. The power is a bit lacking. However, we met an old couple at the foot of Mount Everest and brought their granddaughter to Sichuan and Tibet. They are older and look very tough. They just drive a Santana and drive for more than 30 days. It is incredible, so everything It is possible.
    Before going to the 4S shop to do a comprehensive vehicle inspection, the road is far away, it is best to be prepared, especially the chassis, tires, brake system, everything related to safety is the top priority.
    Carrying spare tires and basic maintenance tools on the car, such as tow ropes, jacks, etc., accompanying vehicles with punctures, and mountain road stones stranded, are used. Too many tools will take up space and increase the weight of the car. If you encounter a big situation, you can only rely on rescue. You may not be able to handle it well.
    Always pay attention to the amount of gasoline during the journey, because the road conditions are different between different regions, you can not estimate the oil volume according to the normal distance, you may encounter a large traffic jam for several hours or even a dozen hours, if you use air conditioning, the fuel consumption is faster. . Gas stations are not always available, oil prices will be higher than the average city, and refueling requires the identity to confirm the purchase.
    Traffic jams are the norm, remember not to plug, but this trip to Tibet really feels that most of the quality is good, in the face of traffic jams will be in line with the rules, let out a channel. After a time, the leader of the checkpoint wanted to arrange the car order, or to direct his own vehicle into his own team. As a result, the police at the checkpoint found that he had educated him.
    In the face of the checkpoint almost every time except the driver, all other passengers need to walk through the checkpoint. Everyone must get the ID card. The driver should prepare the driver’s license and ID card. If it is a border defense area, you need a border defense certificate. Therefore, these documents must be kept with you.
    During the journey, you will often see cattle and sheep crossing the road. This is where they are free to grow. We must be polite as a guest, and don’t whistle. Actually see groups of cows passing through the vehicleThe scenes of the bells and bells are all rare sights.
    If you see a Tibetan hand holding souvenir crystals and waving to you during driving, don’t stop asking. First of all, it is not treated differently, because I saw with my own eyes that Tibetans hardened the crystal into the window. If you took over, you would not get it back and ask for money. This kind of behavior will be there in any tourist attraction. I personally resist this kind of behavior, so it is better to have more things than to stop, not to take care of it.
    Finally, driving is safe. The driving conditions of this trip to Tibet are the most complicated ones I have ever seen in my life. Although the whole process is driven by two other old drivers, I am looking at the thrilling side. Collapse roads, waterways, mudslides, wall-mounted roads, 72 crazy hairpin bends, mountain roads, undulating waves, etc., coupled with a night bonus without street lights, is definitely an experience that allows drivers to transfer to high-end levels. Listening to the old driver said that you must be bold and courageous. On the way, the co-pilot can chat with the driver to cheer up, and the team should listen to the command to know if there is a car in front of the opposite direction. If you encounter an opportunity, you must decisively step on the heavy truck that exceeds the same direction. I am used to the driving conditions of the previous few days, and I will be much more proficient in the back. Of course, you must play the spirit of twelve points when you go home without the last mile!
     Items to be prepared for travel in Tibet
     Daily necessities
    1. Small dryer The dryer is just like the travel god. Every long trip is very annoying. The washed clothes can’t be dried immediately. The next day, you have to put the bag out, stinky, there is You don’t have to worry about this dryer anymore. Underwear, socks, and T-shirts can be dried overnight. Don’t look at it. Just play your brain, pay attention to the match, put it on the right place, and the next day is thin. Clothes are not a problem.
    2, disposable sheets I am a little allergic to mites, if you live in a particularly dirty hotel, the next day will be a long red spot, because some local conditions in Tibet are more difficult, I brought some, prepared, I found my choice That’s right, because in a hotel in Shigatse, there is a dead worm in the sheets. Fortunately, the location is relatively close, and the sheets are comforted. The size of the sheets can be chosen.
    3, hot water bottle The hot water bottle really saved my world, Tibet is a long way away every day, the climate is very dry, when you are high and uncomfortable, you really need it, because you need to keep drinking in Tibet.
    4, fresh-keeping bags, garbage bags Some places can not be resolved lunch, so we will pack the breakfast better in the fresh-keeping bag, dirty clothes can not be cleaned at night, to avoid confusion with clean clothes.
    5, shoe covers Shoe cover can be prepared for a pair, but we are prepared for the shoe cover with shallow shoes, just thinking about rain when it rains, but when it comes to Chaka Salt Lake, I regret not bringing a pair of higher shoe covers. It is best to go to the knees, because the depths of the lake are different, although the sun goes in the afternoon, but walking on the lake, especially cold, really, I am a cold-stricken person, because of high anti-cough, the cough has not been good, So I dare not take off my shoes and go to the lake. The salt in the lake is actually quite large, and it will be a bit lame.
    6, clothesline, portable drying rack Sometimes when the hotel is too late, there are several times in the early morning, there will be no energy to wash clothes, so will take the next day to wash, but the clothes are a bit, there are not many places What should I do? At this time, you can use the clothes line to find two matching lines to solve.
    7, sunglassesSunglasses are a must-have item for drivers. The sun in Tibet is very strong and will cause irritation to the eyes. It is better to take a safety consideration.
    8. U-shaped pillows The driver who drives the car is particularly tired. However, the person who sits in the car for a few hours is also very tired. If you are just out of the door, you will be able to turn around like a snake. Go, because it is not comfortable, my person with a bad cervical spine, with a U-shaped pillow, the local tyrant does not mind to bring one more, it is best not to let go on the waist and neck, it will be a lot more comfortable.
    9, Umbrella Love is like a blue sky, white clouds, clear skies, a storm, the weather in Tibet is like this lyric, with an umbrella, just in case.
    10, laundry liquid Long-distance travel or bring your own laundry liquid is better.
    11, one dollar bills Many places need to coin, but coins are generally not needed, it is best to change into banknotes.
    12, fruit knife If it is a long time to take a fruit knife, it is convenient to cut fruit and cut fruit.
    13. Hats I think hats are a must. I brought two tops, a fisherman’s hat, daily sunshade and sun protection. There is also a straw hat that can be photographed in a concave shape.
     Document class
    1. Frontier Defence If you need to go to Everest, Dingri, and Shigatse, you must have a border defense certificate. First, go to the police station where the account is located to apply for a certificate for the border defense certificate, and then go to the government center to apply for the border defense certificate. You can get it for half a day. And one inch photo must be carried, the address of the border defense card must be the same as the ID card.
    2, ID card ID card must be brought, Tibet’s checkpoints are particularly large, basically check the ID card is a commonplace.
    3, teacher card, old age card, military officer card This type of certificate can sometimes be discounted, just in case, with no preparation.
     Digital class
    1, Rubik’s cube smart USB socket Rubik’s cube socket is small, easy to carry, the jack is relatively complete, can solve the problem of less sockets in the hotel.
    2, black card How can you not take a beautiful photo to stay in Tibet so beautiful? To be honest, the SLR usage rate is not high, because I am not a special professional photographer. The black card is small and light, and it is not too tired to carry it with you. It is quite convenient to take it later.
    3, mobile power, all kinds of data lines Mobile power is not much to say, must bring.
    4, purple rice mosquito repellent Some hotels live in a leafy place, it is inevitable that there are some mosquitoes, this mosquito repellent is very small, easy to carry.
    5, self-timer, like a photo can take a selfie stick
     Beauty and skin care
    Because everyone’s needs are different, I will write a few items that are necessary for everyone.
    1. Lip Mask The climate in Tibet is dry, and the mouth is often prone to lack of water. It is best to apply a layer of sleep at night, which will be much better the next day.
    2, disposable towels I actually do not like to bring towels, travel towels can not dry, stuffy night is particularly bad smell, so I have a one-off, face towels and towels have a one-time, easy to carry.
    3, sunscreen, sunscreen spray Sunscreen must be brought, if you do not want to tan into black carbon, Tibet UV is particularly strong, if I go to so many days like me, then prepare a few bottles.
    4, lipstick If it is a girl, even if you do not like makeup, it is best to prepare a lipstick, because this will be more attractive.
    5, mask More masks, sometimes in the morning will use the Good Morning Mask, one minute plus the above cream can go out, still not dry.
    6, facial cleanser, face cream, water lotion, makeup remover.
    7, dry hair cap Dry hair cap can be worn after washing the hair, to avoid washing the water everywhere, cool.
    8, lipstick At any time to avoid dry lips.
    9, cotton pad makeup, makeup remover are still more needed
     Pharmaceutical products
    I found that every family who travels to Tibet by car is like a drugstore. Regardless of the three seven seventy-one, with the help of life, my life is only important. I am only writing about this trip. For your reference.
    1. Oxygen Oxygen is a must in Tibet, because if you haven’t been there, you don’t know if it will be high-reverse. It is too late to buy when the high-reaction has already occurred. After all, people are guilty.
    2, Rhodiola, RhodiolaThey are usually eaten one month in advance. It is said to alleviate the adverse reactions brought by the plateau. I didn’t eat it, so I don’t know how it works, but the two people I walked with have eaten for two months in advance, and the high anti-symptoms are lighter than me. It should still be effective.
    3, plateau safety, high anti-positive yuan If you have high anti-friends can take these two, can alleviate adverse reactions.
    4, glucose Glucose is best to buy powder, can be poured in the bottle, add at any time, but I heard others say that the injection is better, I have not tried.
    5, Banlangen temperature difference problem, cold on the plateau is very dangerous, so try not to catch a cold, and some people bring Banlangen to prevent colds.
    6, cough medicine Bronchi or pharyngitis can be used to prepare cough medicine, I have not been good since I came back from Tibet.
    7, cold medicine, antipyretic drugs Tibet, the temperature difference between morning and evening is relatively large, especially in places with higher altitudes, if you have to catch a cold medicine early, stop it, the cold is not only uncomfortable, but also afraid of complications.
    8, headache medicine The most common symptom of high anti-theft is headache.
    9, detoxification pills The sun on the plateau is toxic, many restaurants are also Sichuan cuisine, especially easy to get angry.
    10, antidiarrheal drugs I just vomited and diarrhea a few days ago, regret not taking antidiarrheal drugs.
    11, wind oil, cool oil, great improvement on motion sickness
    12, all kinds of throats The weather is very dry, so you must always throat, can ease the discomfort
    13. Masks I think masks are still necessary. When cold, they can keep out the cold. In many places in Tibet, the dust is particularly large. Some local people wear masks, so it is still necessary.
    Because it is someone else’s car, so in the luggage can only be simple, with too many things, the team leader does not allow the luggage rack on the roof, so I only brought simple clothing, I am this July and August Out, just in the summer, I wrote only the clothes that I personally think must be. Of course, the girls who have more space in the car can bring more beautiful clothes and take photos.
    1, assault clothing Assault clothes and pants is a must, it is best to buy a jacketed jacket with flannel liner, because the weather in Tibet is ever-changing, always suddenly sunny, rain, wind, etc., the jacket can keep warm, keep warm, rain, I basically Wear it when you are cold.
    2, light down jacket I bought the UNIQLO black light down jacket, can be rolled up, does not occupy space at all, can be worn when it is particularly cold, very warm.
    3, dress girls can still prepare some dresses, the truth is that I am more afraid of cold, general style and temperature I will not hesitate to choose the temperature, I have a slight bronchitis, so the cold is particularly troublesome, skirt I only in tea The card salt lake passes through, where the wind is particularly large, it is cold and cool, because I arrived at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, and it was 5 or 6 o’clock when I lined up to the lake. It was cold.
    4, shawl Clothes with a small number of sisters can consider taking a few shawls, prepared in advance or Lhasa local can buy, sometimes feel the role of shawl is quite large.
    5, slippers, slippers must
    6, travel shoes shoes can be with two pairs or three pairs, with different weather wear shoes, one thing to pay special attention to, try not to bring Pureboost this shoe, because the shoes under the hole, you imagine some wear this kind of shoes, then step on What kind of sour is it? Our peers have stepped on it twice, once riding on the Mihei Glacier, stepping on the stables, then going to an unknown small toilet, stepping on the crowd, my It is estimated that this experience is only known to him. Some places in Tibet are particularly dirty when they are not in charge. He said that it is better to find a tree without a person to solve it, so choosing shoes is especially important.
    7, sun protection clothing Tibet ultraviolet light is particularly strong, afraid of tanning can prepare a sunscreen clothing
     About high anti
    I think most people who are going to Tibet are most concerned about high reversal, I onlyI can write what I have encountered and see, just on behalf of personal opinions, for reference only:
    To tell the truth, the high anti-symptoms, our team almost everyone has, nothing more than a serious problem, I count higher and more serious, vomiting, headache, dizziness, fever, fever, cough, palpitation all the symptoms come together, It is said that the high anti-majority is a hint in the heart. If you are afraid, it will look for you. Until now, I don’t know if I am psychologically suggestive. The first time I saw what it means to be “the eyes are in heaven and the body is in hell.”
    If you have just gone to Tibet and found that there are no high anti-symptoms, don’t get it, because its symptoms are not that you will appear as soon as you arrive in Tibet. It will take two days, or it will take a long time to attack. Just go to the plateau, don’t think that you don’t have a high reaction, just run and jump, don’t die, if you are high, don’t panic, it’s time-sensitive, the symptoms will gradually slow down, right, just don’t want to go to Tibet. Take a shower immediately, otherwise you may be deprived of oxygen and high anti-anti, our team leader is recommended to wash your hair for three days.
    Vomiting: Just went to Tibet, overtook a mountain of more than 4,000 meters, and got off the bus, the Sichuan-Tibet line in Tibet is basically a winding mountain road. It’s not unusual to make a one hundred and eighty-degree turn. I started to spit for three days, and I spit it twice a day. People were especially sinned. I always thought it was caused by motion sickness. Actually, it was not. After a few days, the high anti-symptoms disappeared. I found that I was not sick with a car. I have basically not eaten anything during these three days. I have been uncomfortable after eating. I feel that there is no way to alleviate these symptoms. It will be fine in the past.
    Headache, dizziness, fever: from the first day of Tibet, headache, dizziness, fever, not to mention the beauty, even the head is a luxury, driving from Litang to Batang is particularly beautiful, the weather is particularly good, But from start to finish, I am embarrassed. I just want to hurry to the hotel. The sun is very big. I am sitting in front of me. People are already very uncomfortable, but they still have to wear the sun. They are all sunburned. The most painful thing in life. Nothing more than this! Back to the hotel in the evening, it’s often a headache in the middle of the night. I’m already tired and asleep, but because of lack of oxygen, it will make your headache more intense. People need more oxygen when they sleep, so I often I woke up at three or four in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep.
    Insomnia: A small partner with me. She has been eating Rhodiola before. The symptoms are better than ours, but she has been insomnia all night and can’t sleep at all, so she often comes back during the day and the symptoms last for three or four days.
    Fever: There is also a small partner who has a fever at 11 o’clock in the evening. At around 39 degrees, we were scared at the time and quickly sent to a nearby clinic. As a result, I was lying in oxygen, just like it, my head didn’t burn. I took it for an hour or so and went home to sleep. When I went to the Mihei Glacier, I had a fever again. I ate the headache powder given by other teams. I thought that the more I lay down, the more uncomfortable I was. I simply resisted all the discomfort and followed us to go horse riding. The result was good.
     What I think
    I didn’t do much homework in Tibet. I climbed over 4,000 meters above sea level and started to be high-reverse. I spent almost five or six days in hell, and the high-anti-special nights have been retreating. I thought about what this place is. It is simply a crime, but I thought about it. What if I retired my companion? Can not keep up with the team, affecting their mood to play, bite their teeth, and persist. It turns out that persistence is the right choice. I was convinced by the beauty of Tibet along the way.
    During this trip, we saw the Tianlu Road from Litang to Batang, the sacred and solemn of the Potala Palace, and the rainbow that crossed the mountain after the storm. I experienced the freedom to walk in the Barkhor Street, and I felt the peace and harmony in the heart of the lake.
    Do you want to know what kind of interesting things happened in such a far and wonderful journey? What kind of beauty have you met? The next two articles will take you through a trip to Tibet!

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