Don’t bear Fanghua, remember to look at the spring in the winter in the Northland.

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Winter is coming, the city begins to have snow, the flying snowflakes, drifting through the threshold of the season, let acacia fall into the winter window, awakening the beginning of the season. Wrapped in silver, it seems to be in the white fairy tale world. This is the most beautiful and romantic season in Changchun all year round. The beauty is heart-warming.
    Once again, I came to the northeast, this winter, so the winter is complete, and there is only awesomeness between the vast world…
    The temperate monsoon climate creates a warm and short summer in the northeast and a long cold in the winter. The phenomenon of thousands of miles of ice and silver all over the place has also become a highlight of this place, becoming a beautiful landscape. For me born in the Central Plains, snow is no stranger, and the arrival of the cold winter is often accompanied by the fall of large or small snowflakes. However, this familiarity did not reduce my love for this small white substance. Every time there is a world of snow fluttering, there is always a warm current in the heart.
    I want to go back to my childhood, when the world was big and my wishes were small. No troubles, no sorrow. Play in the shade in the summer and play in the snow in the winter. Today, if the winter in Henan ushers in a thick snow, it is even harder than the clear blue sky and white clouds. I stayed in the northeastern region for one month last winter, which made me deeply attracted by this region of the three provinces. Here is the sun, the snow is here, and there are two days of ice and fire.
     Specific itinerary
    Day 1:
    Zhengzhou Airport – Changchun Airport
    Stay at Shangri-La Hotel
    Day 2:
    Jingyuetan Forest Park
    Participated in the opening ceremony of China Changchun Ice and Snow Tourism Festival and Jingyuetan Vasa International Ski Festival
    Northeast National Folk Museum
    Day 3:
    Long Shadow Site Museum
    Changchun World Sculpture Park
    Day 4:
    Puppet Manchurian Palace
    Changchun – Return
    Practical information:
    Scenic opening hours: 6:00-21:00 The scenic spots are open to the public all year round.
    Ticket price: 30 yuan
    Take Bus No. 102 (People’s Square – Changying Century City) and get off at Jingmen Main Gate.
    Take Bus No. 120 (one stop – School of Economics and Information) and get off at the main gate of Jingyue.
    Take bus No. 160 (Changchun Station – Jingyuetan) and get off at Jingyuetan.
    Rail Transit: Light Rail Line 3 (Changchun Station – Changying Century City) gets off at Jingyue Park.
    Address Jingyue Development Zone, Changchun City, Jilin Province
    Northeast Folk Museum
    Scenic Spot Tickets Adult 50 yuan / Zhang
    Scenic opening hours 9:00-16:00
    Take the light rail car line 3 to Century Plaza Station
    Take buses 167, 170, 102, 334, 335, 336, 337, 338, 339, 341, 342, 343, 345, 346, 347, 348, 349,
    Address 21st Century Plaza, Changchun Economic and Technological Development Zone
    Long Shadow Old Site Museum
    Address: No. 1118, Hongqi Road, Chaoyang District
    Ticket price: 90/Bit
    Opening hours: Winter 9:00-16:30 am Summer 9:00-17:00
    Transportation: Take the 52, 80, 230, 255, 267 road and other long shadow stations to get off.
    Changchun World Sculpture Park
    Address: No. 9518 Renmin Street; Tickets: 30 yuan / person; Art Museum tickets: 30 yuan / person / two halls
    Opening hours: Winter 8:00-16:00 Summer: 8:00-17:00
    Transportation: Take bus No. 112, 240, 270 to arrive.
    Puppet Manchurian Palace Museum
    Scenic opening hours 9:00-16:00
    Scenic spot ticket 80 yuan / person
    Transportation: Visitors can take buses 80, 264, 225, 114, 256, 276, 287 and other buses to the Puppet Palace Museum.
    Address No. 5, Guangfu North Road, Kuancheng District, Changchun City
    Warm tips:
    The northeast is worthy of the “ice and fire two heavens”, the clothes must be thin and thick, the outdoor guarantee is not cold, and the indoor guarantee can be taken off. Changchun in early January only called the “cool” season. But gloves, hats, bibs, down jackets, warm babies are also essential for outdoor use. About a lot of friends asked what boots to wear, in fact, ugg boots are properly enough. The weather in the northeast is relatively dry, and the hydrating supplies and vacuum flasks should be brought.
     About food:
    Breakfast, Shangri-La Hotel 6:30-9:00
    Lunch, local speciality restaurant:
    Scorpion iron pot stew (Hefei Road shop), socialist new countryside.
    New Year’s Day (Advance Street), Hanzhuang Korean specialties.
    The northeast is a place full of food and food everywhere. As long as it is a restaurant, there is no particularly unpalatable dish, and the price is very large. Two people must order two dishes. It’s easy to eat fat!
     About the hotel:
    For a good trip, be sure to have a warm and comfortable hotel. When night falls, dragging the tired body back to the hotel, music, bathing, big bed, soft and wonderful, there is a kind of urge to spin on the tiptoe is my biggest compliment to Shangri-La Hotel.
     The glamorous Changchun, the passion of Vaasa
    The northeast gave me a splendid winter, the endless silver, the ice and the temperature from the sky, the cool and infinite skiing…
    When it comes to skiing, the Net Moon Lake Vasa International Ski Festival is the premier annual skiing event in China. Along with the festive atmosphere of the New Year, the Jingyuetan National Forest Park also welcomed the Vasa International Ski Festival. The giant snow sculptures seen in the park are said to have been carved since December.
    The history of the Swedish Vaasa cross-country skiing festival dates back to the early sixteenth century, when Sweden was forced to form a national alliance with Denmark. Vaasa called on people to rise up against Danish rule and oppression. He did not find like-minded people in Mora, so he skied to Norway for assistance. At this moment, the news that the Danes slaughtered the Swedes reached Mora, and the Dalarians decided to unite with the fled Vasa. So, the best two skiers in the local area to catch up with Vaasa, this is the historical origin of the Vaasa International Cross Country Skiing Competition. In 1520, Gustav Vassa was elected as the King of Sweden. In 1922, journalist Anders-Pierce proposed to commemorate Gustav-Vaasa and his achievements, and to create an annual run according to the route of the national heroes such as Vaasa in Mora and Salon. The 90km ski race is the later Vasa Ski Festival.
    Before the start of the game, the performances of the gongs and drums, the local sings, the characters, the drums and drums… added a lot of lively atmosphere!
    The Changchun Station event was broadcast live for nearly 3 hours. More than 1,000 Chinese and foreign athletes from more than 30 countries and regions participated in the classic ski events, Vaasa 50 km race, 25 km race and other professional events, including off-road. The ski world champion and the FIS registered athletes, foreign athletes, the number of entries and professional level reached a record high.
    It is worth mentioning that in the large-scale skiing competition, the groove called “Snow Road” will be made in advance on the track, which acts like a train track, effectively avoiding the chaos caused by collision between people, and this is also The necessary track environment for traditional skiing.
    After watching the wonderful game, the enthusiasm in the snow and ice could not help but make me happy.
    I want to go back to my childhood, when the world was big and my wishes were small. No troubles, no sorrow. Play in the shade in the summer and play in the snow in the winter. Today, the winter of Henan ushered in a thick snow more difficult than the clear blue sky and white clouds. On December 2nd, a trip to Changbai Mountain made me deeply attracted by this area of ​​the three eastern provinces. Here is the sun, the snow is here, and there are two days of ice and fire.
    Jingyuetan Forest Park
    A piece of pure land in the city, with the reputation of “Asia’s largest artificial forest sea”, “Green Sea Pearl” and “Urban Oxygen Bar”, is the ecological green core and city business card of Changchun City. Jingyuetan Scenic Spot is everywhere, with different seasons. The ecological scene of Asia’s largest artificial forest, which is dependent on mountains and water, constitutes a picture of the changing seasons of Jingyuetan. Jingyuetan has become an ideal place for spring, summer, summer, autumn and winter. When the snow flies away from the distant sky, a worldly encounter is a smile between heaven and earth.
    I can’t remember how many times I was so happy in the snow, forgetting everything between heaven and earth. Only the laughter in the Jingyuetan Forest Park.
    The sun is shining, the tree-lined path, in this cold winter day, in the Jingyuetan Forest Park, it is very cold, picking up the hands, looking at the sky, the warmth of the heart, the warmth of the colder than the thick cotton coat, the footsteps The land on each side seems to be full of temperature. This road took half an hour and felt like I had been through my life.
    A short article published in the snow, readers comment: the frozen snow lock is now beautiful, I am the next link: Chaoyang Bailu has a good time.
     Folk museum
    I don’t know if you are curious about how the Northeasters who have no heating have been through the winter. Here we have explained this problem to us in the exhibitions. Users in the Northeast have lived in ethnic minorities, including Mongolian and Manchu. In fact, the Manchus were actually Manchus, and later they became Manchus.
    Each miniature landscape shows all the northeast life here. In order to meet the winter heating, people will burn firewood before going to sleep, and the hot air will smother the underground tunnel, and the heat will fill the whole room, maybe the heating will fill the whole room, maybe Modern floor heating is based on the inspiration of this talent, and has to admire the wisdom of the Northeasters in ancient times.
     Long Shadow Site Museum
    There is a rich connotation here, which condenses the history and culture of the film. The popular film culture has touched my movie complex. An open door, the exhibition of a picture is a mark of time, let me move from the past to this diversified modern. It seems to be a paradise for finding memories of movies.
    Pushing open the museum’s heavy doors, the lights are confusing, like a maze-like corridor with pictures and texts on both sides. The history of Changchun Film Studios, from the “full screen” in 1937 to the “Northeast film production in 1946” “The factory”, and later became the cradle of the new Chinese film, a lot of movies, a lot of actors, I watched seriously, but I don’t know the movies and actors. I learned about the first puppet film “Emperor’s Dream” by the digital introduction, the first animated film “鳖中鳖”, the first science and education film “Prevention of Plague”, the first remake of “Ordinary One Soldier”, the first Multi-set news documentary “Democracy Northeast”, etc.
    As the first film studio in New China, Chang Ying, founded in 1945, created the “seventh first” of the new Chinese film. It has produced more than 1,000 story films, translated more than 1,000 films from various countries, and is a new China. The film industry has cultivated and delivered a large number of film talents, and has written a glorious chapter in the history of Chinese film. The Long Shadow Site Museum is an art palace that records the long shadows, progress, prosperity and change.
    From the moment I entered the door, I seemed to be trapped in the reincarnation of time. Here, I showed the scene of the filmmaker’s script creation in every era. Photographs on the walls, bookcases, desks, newspaper racks, and even stationery on the table reflect the creative passion of the dramatists at the time. The combination of these old newspapers with ulterior motives on the ground gives a unique sense of time, and it is easier to evoke the special complex of the movie.
    Do you know what these orange boxes are? It uses the most common film box in the movie, placed along the wall, the bright color of the film box itself, forming the overall color atmosphere of the area, using the film box modular form to transform into a light box to display the content of the film. Wouldn’t it feel like taking a photo here?
    The black-and-white photos displayed by these prayer wheels, in the light of the setting, make people feel calm, as if the years have passed on the photo. At this moment, I told my little friends around me that I wanted to make a group of such photo walls at home, and I took the road I had walked through, the scenery I had seen, and the interesting people into this growth record. The advantage of photography is that when life is cool, you can use memories to warm up. The books I have read, the roads I have walked through, the people I have seen, and the things I have experienced will be transformed into the power to change me.
    There have been many museums of all sizes. The Long Shadow Site Museum is definitely worth seeing. When a person visits, they always want to bring grandparents or parents to visit together. In the era when they used to live, they are so straightforward to spread their eyes, just like time passes, and return to themselves with countless times. The place in the dream.
    The museum searches by time, and according to several modules, it introduces the history of Changying to the visitors, and it is a review of the history of Chinese movies. And I really like their exquisite design sense, it is from the film art professionals, rich in content, art, beauty, and historical materials. Walk through it and travel through time and space.
    The long shadow has changed from “Fu Ying” to the long shadow received by the Communist Party of China. How many hardships and twists and turns have passed in the middle, and the selfless efforts of countless outstanding film talents have achieved today’s achievements. By understanding history, I feel what I have learned. Knowing that it is so small, what you learn from visiting museums is something that exam-oriented education can’t teach us. By understanding the history of the development of long shadows, I can better understand the history of Chinese film development, and let me know how Chinese classic old movies are filmed. There are many movies and animations that can be said to accompany me. Big, I felt a lot during the visit, so this trip to Changchun made me quite successful. I think the museum should not be completed in just 2 hours. It should really be a museum a day, let the time slow down, and taste the exhibition, history, design and furnishings of a museum. In the exquisite tidbits, I sighed the mark left by the time, and paid tribute to the older generation in the acting!
     Changchun World Sculpture Park
    I have traveled through countless parks and seen countless exhibition halls. Only here has made me deeply fall into the fog of Africa. Travel is practice, and it is no exaggeration to say to Africa. Just the word “Africa” ​​is a mystery to a majority, a dream, a place that often leads to infinite delusion, where the dense tropical rainforest, the vast Sahara desert, the quaint and rough customs, and There is a mysterious totem, like a huge magnetic field that deeply attracts me.
    When I saw this piece of woodcarving forest, when I saw this long line of people standing up, I knew that there was a place that grew into my heart, and the mysterious culture slowly swallowed me. The erratic traction of the fate will lead me one day.
    Here I have seen more than 10,000 pieces of exquisite African sculptures and gorgeous paintings from Southeastern countries such as Tanzania, Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia. It is also the gathering place of the horse sculpture art of Maconde in Africa. At present, it is the largest number of woodcuts in China.The museum with the highest level of art.
    The Maconde woodcarving is the essence of modern African woodcarving art, embodying the unique mystery of the mystery, and has a place in the modern art hall with its brilliant artistic achievements. I carefully admire every piece of art. Its simple and simple style, rich imagination, strong expressiveness have deeply attracted me, and I feel shocked, unparalleled and difficult to add. Beauty gives me the urge to put it home. Until I left, I turned back and looked back, but I still regretted that I could not take it away. Let the best art stay and shock the generations of the world.
    The reason why the Maconde woodcarvings are precious is that the selection of sculptures comes from a tree called “Granidilla”, which is also called “ebony” in business. Its wood is fine, the texture is delicate, wear-resistant, anti-mite, a few It is hard and is one of the rare and rare species in the world. The second is that the carving of the works is entirely manual. They do not refer to any real objects when they are carving. They only rely on their own artistic feelings, and then slowly process the finished works through frustration and grinding. Therefore, the Maconde sculpture not only has high artistic value, but also has a high collection value.
    Songshan Hanrong African Art Collection Museum, located in the northeast corner of Changchun World Sculpture Park, was designed by the Chinese Academy of Engineering and famous architect He Jingtang. This is the most shocking venue for my soul. The floor area of ​​more than 5,000 square meters is said to be The woodcarving forest is not too much. The museum uses three different exhibition halls, “Different Theme Art Africa”, “Charming Africa” and “Black Africa” to showcase the unique African culture.
    A piece of exquisite art, scrambling into my eye, art is too attractive, so I have no choice but to be willing to take it.
    The museum houses more than 100 classic works of dozens of Chinese and foreign sculpture masters such as Pan He, Cheng Yunxian, Wang Keqing, Cao Chunsheng, Hectoro Roman Lat, and the nine songs and mountains ghosts created and donated by Mr. Ye Qishan. 》. The “Wang Keqing Art Museum” in the museum houses the sculptures, some manuscripts and paintings of Mr. Wang Keqing. “Peng Zushu Art Museum” has collected the precious collections of the precious collections “Meng Kee” donated by Mr. Peng Zushu and a large number of manuscripts. And a large number of exquisite sculptures by famous Chinese and foreign sculptors.
    The art gallery is built on the slopes, with unique design, rich and varied, and benefits from the sculptures displayed in the park.Zhang. Its novel concept, unique shape, and the sun shining itself is a huge modern sculpture art. Walking in the hall of art, studying the mysterious culture, I stare and meditate, relying on my own feelings and understanding, jumping out of the old thinking mode, and trying to bring myself close to the Maconde craftsman…
    The concept of gardening combined with Chinese and Western culture, the harmonious unity of nature and humanity, and the layout of complement each other, make the whole park so harmonious and warm under the sunshine. Every winter night comes to the northeast of the night, it becomes a colorful world of ice and snow, and Changchun Sculpture Park is naturally the same! The sculptures of the ice sculptures are particularly charming under the illumination of the lights.
    On a cold night, I tried to look at Changchun from the perspective of God. The city dotted with lights is full of the winter atmosphere of the three eastern provinces. Unfortunately, the photographs are just the corner of the hustle and bustle. Every scene needs to be personally experienced.
     Puppet Manchurian Palace
    The arrival of a last emperor made the place full of legends and mysteries; the history of a foreign aggression casts an unforgettable memory. The hatred of the home country, the sin of the ages, the humiliating history of the pseudo-Manchurian country for 14 years, is also an indelible mark on Changchun. Out of the heart of the Puppet Manchurian Palace, I feel that the bricks and tiles are telling the imprint of the long years, as if silently reminding people not to forget the history of humiliation.
    There is a clock dial on the inner tip of the Xingyun Gate. The time is fixed at 9:10. This is the time when Puyi escaped from the palace on the evening of August 11, 1945. Therefore, Xingyunmen became a witness to the decline. And Pu Yi can be said to be a legend in his life, three times ascended the throne, three times to step down, married five daughter-in-law, and four left him.
    The exhibitions with the most impressive impressions of my exhibitions are divided into four categories: military encroachment on the northeast, conscription of the regime, destruction of national consciousness, brutal suppression, mad plunder, immigration and aggression, continued aggression and expansion with the Northeast as the base, anti-Japanese war of the Northeast people, and reflection of history. More than 1,000 pieces in nine partsPhoto, more than 1,000 artifacts, and equipped with a multimedia query system, anti-Japanese song on demand system and historical data video playback system. Combined with cultural relics and modern means, the exhibition vividly reproduces the history of Japan’s invasion of Northeast China. In the “September 18th” Incident, Japan began the colonial rule of the Northeast by concocting the Manchurian state power. The puppet regime headed by Pu Yi and Japan signed a treaty to humiliate and humiliate the country. The real picture records the dog legs that sell the country for glory. Their names will be stinking in China’s long history.
    I saw many Japanese tourists in the scenic spot. I hope that all Japanese tourists can face this history and hope that they can clearly understand the damage that their ancestors once brought to the Chinese people.
    The central court tour area covers an area of ​​46,000 square meters and maintains the original appearance of the original architectural history. There is a collection of the funeral buildings named after the Emperor Kangxi’s “King Heaven Fazu, Diligence and Love for the People”. Tongde Hall, which is an office, entertainment and residence, is used to worship the Huaiyuan Building of the Qing Dynasty. It has the palace of the Pei-Xi, and the Jiale Hall for large-scale banquets. In addition, there are two ancillary facilities such as the Imperial Garden, the Painting and Painting Building, the Shuixiuxuan, the Changchunxuan, the Palace House, the Chinese Restaurant, the Ocean Dining Room, the Halogen Car, the Air Defense Cave, the Swimming Pool, and the Temple of the Founding.
    Tongde Hall
    On the first floor is the place where Puyi handles government affairs and entertainment. There are mainly places such as the Guangyi, the worship room, the waiting room, the meeting room, the Chinese room, the piano room, the billiard room, the Japanese room, and the movie hall. The second floor was originally designed as a palace of funeral and gracefulness. Puyi suspected that the Japanese had installed eavesdropping equipment in Tongde Hall and never used it. After Li Yuqin was enrolled in the palace as a Fugui in 1943, he lived in the graceful palace, which is an unprecedented event in Chinese history. Qixi Building is a European-style two-story building with a blue-brick iron roof. Formerly the office building of Jihei Transportation Bureau, it was rebuilt and repaired before April 3, 1932, and became the sleeping palace where Pu Yi and later Yu Rong and Tan Yuling lived. Pu Yi took the sentence “The Book of Songs, Daya, Wen Wang”, “Yu Xixi Jingzhi” sentenced this building. The west side of the first floor was originally the living room of Puyi. After Tan Yuling entered the palace in 1937, it was changed to the living area of ​​Tan Yuling; the east side of the first floor was the palace and eunuch living area. The west side of the second floor is the funeral living area, and the east side is the graceful living area.
    Qinmin Building is a two-story building with European architecture. Formerly the office building of Jihei Transportation Bureau, it was transformed into an office building of Puyi. There are mainly four waiting rooms on the first floor, which is the place where the Japanese officials are qualified to wait for the ceremony. The Imperial Office’s office is also located on the first floor. On the second floor, there is the main hall of the Qin Dynasties, which is held in the Great Hall, as well as the Dongbian Hall, the Xibian Hall, the Feast Hall and the Buddhist Temple. Huaiyuan Building is a two-story blue-brick building, which is the place where Puyi sacrifices ancestors. Pu Yi was named in the book of “Book of Rites” in the book “Ruoyuan people are divided into four parties, and the princes are cherished by the world”. The first floor is the Affiliated Military Officer Office and the Palace Office of the Imperial Palace, the nearest servant office, and the office of the Palm Service. On the second floor, apart from the Fengxian Hall of the ancestors of the Puyi Festival, there is the Shangshufu Office and the Qingtang Hall. In the room of the painting and calligraphy building, the precious cultural relics such as the rare books and celebrity paintings and paintings brought by the Puyi from the Forbidden City in Beijing are stored here. Including “Cao Yubei”, “Two Thanks”, Zhong Rong’s words, Qi Huai Su’s cursive script, Ouyang Xun’s ink, Wang Wei’s figure paintings, the original works of Yan Liben and other national treasures of calligraphy and painting. On the west side of the first floor, there are 32 boxes of Song edition books, including Sima Guang’s manuscript of Zi Zhi Tong Jian, 3 boxes of the book of the temple, and 2 boxes of the Emperor’s ink in the Qing Dynasty.
    Baokangmen is a red-brown European iron gate. In 1934, the pseudo-manchurian emperor Pu Yi went to the third time and the number was “Kant”. Therefore, the name of the door was “Bao Kang” and there was the meaning of “defending Kant”. This gate was used exclusively for the pseudo-manchurian period. And the identity of the person to enter the special gate of the Puppet Palace.
    This is a different journey. If it is just a tour, it may not be so deep, but because of the introduction of the guide, every word and every sentence deeply touches my heart. The scenery is beautiful, and the memory cannot be annihilated. That period of history is to warn and spur oneself: only when the country is strong and national unity can we completely avoid the fate of being slaughtered; overcome all difficulties.
    The Puppet Manchurian Palace Museum is a museum converted from the Puppet Manchuria Palace, the residence of the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty. It is one of the three existing court sites in China. It is located on the north side of Guangfu Road, Kuancheng District, Changchun City, Jilin Province. It covers an area of ​​12 hectares and has many historical relics and cultural relics. The museum is divided into inner court and foreign court. The inner court is mainly The living areas of Bo Yi and his genus include Qixi Building, Dong Yu Garden, Xi Yu Garden, Tong De Dian, Painting and Calligraphy Building, etc. The Foreign District is the administrative living area of ​​Bo Yi, with Qin Min Building and Huai Yuan Building. Jiale Building, Palace House, etc. At the same time, it is also a historical testimony of Japanese imperialist armed forces invading China’s northeast and carrying out fascist colonial rule. It is also a national AAAAA tourist attraction.
    Life is a one-way journey.
    趁 Young, go where you want to go, see the scenery you want to see,
    Choose the life you want.
    If I meet you in Changchun,
    I want to take you to see the snow falling from the sky.
    Like a beautiful silver butterfly dancing.
    If I meet you in Changchun,
    I am going to take you by the woods covered with hoarfrost.
    Bathe in the sunshine after the snow shines on the heart.

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