Dragon Boat Festival holiday (with fake version) Changsha–Zhangjiajie–Phoenix 6-Day Tour

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    Although there were only three days in the Dragon Boat Festival, we decided to invite a few days of annual leave for Zhangjiajie, who was thinking about it.
    Plus the two days before the break, I went out to play, I don’t have much to say, I started to travel.
     Schedule of trips
    Play: Pozi Street, Fire Palace, Orange Island
    Eat: early (bread) afternoon (local Hunan cuisine) late (Wenheyou crayfish) Pozi Street snacks
    2. Zhangjiajie
    Play: Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain Day Tour: Take the cableway to Tianmen Peak (45min), visit the Tianmen Peak (about 3h), visit the glass path at the summit cableway and then take the cableway to the cableway station, visit the Tianmen Cave, the next ladder, Then sit down the cableway down the mountain;
    Eat: noon (three pots) night (local dishes)
    Accommodation: Zhangjiajie City (Night Market)
    3. Wulingyuan Zhangjiajie Yuanjiajie
    Play: Zhangjiajie Forest Park: Bailong Ladder–Tianzi Mountain (Tianzige, Fairy Scattered Flowers)–Take to the Shili Gallery—-Go to Yuanjiajie
    Eat: Noon (Minister Hill, Tianzishan) Local (more simple)
    Accommodation: Yuanjiajie Farm (top of the mountain)
    4. Yuanjiajie—Go to Phoenix
    Play: Zhangjiajie Forest Park: Yuanjiajie—-Wulongzhai—-Jinhuaxi—-Playing Monkey—-Exit Zhangjiajie Forest Park—-Transfer Jishou—-Phoenix (Night Nine More points to Phoenix)
    Eat: three more pots
    5. Miao Village Day Tour (Ctrip can be set)
    Eat: bloody duck, small fish and shrimp on the river
    6. Phoenix strolls (Dragon Boat Festival)–Go to Chengdu
    Stroll, buy a souvenir
     First stop: Changsha
    When I first came to Changsha, I wanted to taste the local food. I took a look at Mao’s grandfather. Although there was only one day, the trip was full.
    Changsha’s food articles
    Because I am eating goods, especially the food that is not spicy and unhappy, I have to set a special title to talk about Changsha’s food, in addition to the local main characteristics of Hunan cuisine: braised pork, small fried meat, chopped fish head, etc., of course More famous snacks, if you are only one day in Changsha with me, then go to Pozi Street and try the snacks inside.
    I recommend some representatives in Pozi Street: sugary oil, Luoji stinky tofu, black classic, Hu Ji fried and fried, Wenhe and old Changsha sausage, of course, if you want to go to a store, you can go to the fire palace.
    Sugary oysters, also the old nine-door Chen Pei has been chanting to buy for the mother
    Come to Changsha, don’t eat stinky tofu, nickname eaten
    The essential thing to come to Changsha is of course the local taste of shrimp. The taste of Changsha is definitely a great food for the world! Recommend a local popular restaurant: Wenhe You Lao Sharon Shrimp Museum, our peak is three days before the Dragon Boat Festival, still not resisting the reality of the queue, and a row is nearly two hundred people, so, really I really recommend that you come early (if you can’t stop it, you can choose to pack the crayfish back to eat, and the package is not queued)
    The picture below is the lobster pavilion at the time.
    Address: No. 72, Section 2, Xiangjiang Middle Road, opposite Du Fu Jiang Ge (Du Fu Jiang Ge)
    then. . . It’s the crayfish brought back by the takeaway. In fact, I really want to take a good look at it and it’s worthy of its taste.
    There is also a highly recommended one, the local specialty tea shop: tea color, good taste, and a strong Chinese style, orchids Latte and sweet-scented osmanthus, are super delicious!
     Changsha running account
    When I arrived in Changsha, it was noon. I hurriedly went to a local restaurant and ordered some special dishes to take the subway to Orange Island.
    Legend has it that the poem “Year Cold Winter, Xiangjiang North, Orange Zizhou Head” comes from the first continent of China; because of the large area of ​​the scenic spot, you can choose to walk or take the environmentally friendly train tour in the scenic spot. Definitely a great place for recreation.
    Listening to local people, Orange Island will have fireworks on the weekends or on holidays, and we will not stay for a long time. It will be reserved for crayfish at night. We have to give it up. You can make a reference, depending on your itinerary.
    Salute to Grandpa Mao
     Second stop: Zhangjiajie
    Zhang Jiajie’s rising knowledge articles:
    Wulingyuan Scenic Area: including Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Suoxiyu Nature Reserve, Tianzishan Nature Reserve, and Yangjiajie Four Scenic Areas, while Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and Wulingyuan Scenic Area are actually the same scenic spot, only need to buy one ticket. (pass, one ticket is valid for three days, all attractions in the scenic area can be played); far from the city;
    The scenic spots of Zhangjiajie Forest Park mainly include: Huangshizhai, Jinbianxi, Yuanjiajie and Yangjiajie scenic spots.
    The Suoxiyu Nature Reserve has developed 8 small scenic spots, including Xihai, Shili Gallery, Shuihuan Simen, Huanglong Cave, Baizhang Gorge and Baofeng Lake.
    Tianzi Mountain Scenic Area has five main tourist areas: Tea Pan, Shentang Bay, Laowuchang, Huanglongquan, Fengqishan and Shijiazhuang;
    Yangjiajie is located in the northwest of Wulingyuan, adjacent to Tianzishan in the north. There are three tourist areas, namely, Xiangxi River, Longquan Gorge and Baimen Valley. Tianbo House is also here.
    If you want to play all, it takes about six to seven days, and it takes two to three days to play some classic attractions.
    Wulingyuan and Forest Park are the two most commonly used entrances and exits. Generally, one can be selected.
    dayMenshan: The national 5A-level scenic spot is the highest mountain in Zhangjiajie. The cableway in Tianmen Mountain is the world’s single-line circular detachable cable car-type cableway. It is worth feeling. It takes half an hour to reach Tianmen Mountain! Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area and Zhangjiajie Forest Park are not in one place, basically half a day to one day to swim.
    Zhangjiajie small tip:
    1. Many people are unclear. The glass trestle of Zhangjiajie is in Tianmen Mountain, not in Zhangjiajie Scenic Area. Zhangjiajie is also the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. It is not in the urban area, but in the Wulingyuan District. However, we have not opened the newly opened glass bridge. I have been to Baidu.
    2. Before the trip, some people suggested that you should travel to Zhangjiajie. Don’t follow the traditional group. Otherwise, you will be very disappointed. If you feel that Zhangjiajie is too big and you don’t have a sense of direction, you can take the local guide freely. When I saw two or three people, I talked and laughed all the way.
    3. Avoid the peak period, Zhangjiajie spring, summer, autumn and winter have their own beauty, every season can come, but it is best to avoid the peak, otherwise you will only see the head. . .
    4. Tickets for both places are quite expensive. Zhangjiajie Forest Park has a total ticket of 248 yuan (student price 165 yuan), weekly ticket 298 yuan (effective for three days); Tianmen Mountain 258 yuan (student price 158 yuan);
    5. With a band-aid, umbrella and other medical supplies, it is best to have a disposable raincoat, it is easy to rain in the mountains, and it is best to slip the shoes.
    6. After the rain, the Zhangjiajie in the fog is really beautiful, but unfortunately we have already left the car when it rains. Looking at the Zhangjiajie, which is surrounded by the misty sea, the heart is really 10,000 remorse. I should stop to take a photo. of
    7. Regarding the problem of eating, the food on the mountain is quite general. Basically, where is the place to eat, but there is a McDonald’s in the Tianzishan rest area. When we first arrived in Tianzishan, it was the lunch that was settled there.
     Zhangjiajie running account
    The core scenic spot of Zhangjiajie generally refers to the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, and the Tianmenshan National Forest Park, which has been so popular in recent years. So if you want to visit the core scenic spot of Zhangjiajie and think about the tourists who walked away from the glass bridge, you must be good. Plan your trip, because the Grand Canyon (the glass bridge is located in the scenic area) is currently the farthest distance in several popular scenic spots in Zhangjiajie. Plan your trip to save more time and energy. The Grand Canyon Scenic Area includes glass bridges. In one day, the minimum number of days to visit the Glass Bridge and the Forest Park is three days. If it is the Glass Bridge and the Tianmen Mountain, it only takes two days. The glass bridge itinerary is recommended to go to the end, that is, to play the core scenic spot of Zhangjiajie first, and finally to the glass bridge, which is conducive to planning a more reasonable and time-saving Zhangjiajie tourism total itinerary.
    Generally speaking, Zhangjiajie is suitable for playing for at least three days, two days in the National Forest Park, and one day in Tianmen Mountain. It is recommended that you first set up accommodation in the National Forest Park on the Internet (generally choose to be on the mountain, the conditions are slightly worse), and you will get it later. Looking around (after all, Zhangjiajie, who has been climbing for a day, will be very tired and tired, of course, if you are not too tired, go back and forth every day)
    Tianmenshan, known as the longest tourist passenger ropeway in the world, sat on the cableway for half an hour, but the scenery is not bad.
    It’s noon from Changsha to Zhangjiajie. I hurriedly finished the meal in Hu’s three pots and was ready to go to Tianmen Mountain.
    It is worth mentioning that Zhangjiajie’s special dishes, almost all of the travel notes will mention three pots, in fact, is a selection of a variety of staple food blended dry pot, the most famous of which is probably Hu Master three pots;
    Tickets for Tianmenshan are divided into time periods and must be divided into roads A and B. A road is on the cable car, under the car. Road B is on the car, under the cable car. The route is the same, but the A road is recommended, so that the last 999 steps of Tianmen Mountain can go down. We bought the ticket for the A line for the 8-9 point period. Highly recommended: choose the earliest class and buy tickets online. This way you can pick up the ticket at the ticket machine and you can get in early. If you buy a ticket manually, you will have to wait until 8 o’clock. I bought a ticket for 220 yuan on Taobao, which is quite suitable.
    The cable car in Tianmen Mountain is still very exciting. The ropeway is 7454 meters long with a height difference of 1277 meters and a one-way time of 28 minutes. It is one of the few ropeways in China with a height difference of more than one kilometer. The local slope between the station and the upper station is as high as 37 degrees. It is rare in the world. It is the most inclined cableway in China and the most ropeway.
    When you get to the mountain, you will choose the east, west, and midline. The suggestion is to take the western line first. After going to Tianmen Temple, take the small cable car on the middle line (the small cable car is charged separately), then take the east line to Tianmen Cave.
    If you don’t want to do a small cable car, you can choose to take the west line, go to Tianmen Temple, then take the east line to Tianmen Cave.
    Before I came here, I had a lot of fantasies about the glass road in Zhangjiajie. As a result, I saw it at the scene, but it was a happy one, and I didn’t say that it was lined up for a long time. The team that was slowly lingering was only a short distance away from the glass. And this plank road is built on the mountain, and there is no such horror as I imagined (or I am too courageous), just that it seems that there is no hanging corridor in the Oriental Pearl Tower;
    The glass plank road needs five yuan of shoe cover money. There are three glass plank roads in total. All of them need to receive five yuan. You can go anywhere.
    It’s very boring that the crowded people’s small plank roads haven’t had time to take pictures, and the teammate’s camera technology is really. . . . How can I be like this in a pit?
    It’s really a life to go down the ladder;
    Tianmen Cave has a total of 999 steps, and it is fascinating with the cliffs of 1,300 meters. It is the best place in the world. If you don’t want to walk, there is an escalator next to it, but you have to charge extra. When I went, the stairs in Tianmen Cave were repairing the road, leaving only two narrow roads.
    Wearing a cloud escalator, this road really has no end.
    After coming down from Tianmen Cave, you can reach the place where you are in the car. You have to transfer to the door after a transfer;
    Living in the city at night, it is also very close to the gauze street. After eating a local restaurant, I slowly wandered around.
    The accommodation in the forest park is basically in the form of farmhouses. Like the big hotels in the city, there are few, but there is no flavor. The inn is clean and tidy.
    Small tip: If you are going to climb the mountain, it is recommended to stay in the city the night before to store unnecessary things in the mountains and lightly go up the mountain; and Zhangjiajie basically can’t finish the day, at least stay in the mountains for one night, toiletries or something. Remember to bring it;
    Another three-pot, or a good station at Hu’s home, is a very convenient one.
    I have seen other travellers recommend other restaurants in Zhangjiajie. I can give you a reference. Besides, Master Hu is more famous. If you want to try other foods, you can consider silver full-bottle beef. Shop new flavor, Afu fish restaurant, rural people (sucking feet chicken), etc.
    Zhangjiajie Forest Park is very large, there are many attractions, tickets can be in and out for four days, so you can safely play..
    The scenic spots are mainly divided into mountains and mountains, and the eco-cars on the hills and the mountains are not interoperable. Huangshizhai is a separate scenic spot, you can choose to walk or take the cable car; Zhangjiajie Forest Park, the mountain and the mountain under the mountain transport: three cable cars, a Bailong ladder, are charged 72 yuan. The cable car has Tianzishan Cable Car, Huangshizhai Cable Car and Yangjiajie Cable Car.
    The next day is the real Zhangjiajie Forest Park two-day tour, because the road conditions in Zhangjiajie are still relatively complicated, I probably drew a picture for everyone to refer to, the second day of the first day of the route is marked
    (Unfortunately, the sky garden gave up because it was really moving)
    Small tip: There are four main places to stay near the Forest Park: near the gate of Tianzi Mountain, near the gate of the Forest Park, near the gate of Wulingyuan, and inside the old house in the scenic spot (see the excellent location of the sunrise and the sea, because I went to the scenic spot) The interior is being reorganized, so it is not allowed to live). If you drive yourself
    If you want to live in the gate of Tianzi Mountain, it is more convenient, because you can go up the mountain directly from the gate of Tianzi Mountain, saving time for climbing.
    Tianzi Pavilion, just arrived at Tianzishan
    Then I sat on the Bailong ladder and went up into the mountain area.
    Shili Gallery ~ still quite beautiful
    The second day of Qiankunzhu
    Wulongzhai, have to say that the stairs are really steep
    And later came to Jinbianxi
    Jinbianxi is a stream formed by the rushing of rainwater in the mountains. It is famous for its peaks, its valleys, and its forests. Walking through the foothills of the valley, the stream is tumbling and falling. First visit the Golden Whip Creek, here is the natural oxygen bar. It has been a long time in Guangzhou. It is really hungry for the fresh air. Let’s take two breaths and say it anyway, free of charge. Along the way, I watched the scenic spots on the cliffs nearby: Guanyinzi, Jinbianyan, Wenxingyan, Zicaotan, Qianlixianghui, Pig Bajie, the wife of the Journey to the West (“Journey to the West” used to view here), etc., all good, anyway Use your imagination;
    Wild monkeys on the mountain, seeing them still honestly, after all, they are the king of the mountain, remember, don’t eat when you pass them, or they will chase you to ask for fruit food.
     Third stop: Phoenix
    Written in front of the Phoenix: I don’t know if other tourists have experienced it. Before taking the bus to the Phoenix Railway Station, the staff at the station will go on the train to go to the Miaozhai Miaoren Valley plus the evening campfire event (200 people) ), in fact, no need, in my opinion, Phoenix is ​​a small place suitable for walking around, if you really want to go, then you don’t have to follow the staff, Ctrip can buy a variety of online group purchases around 100;
    From Zhangjiajie to Phoenix, there are two general methods:
    1. Zhangjiajie take the train to Jishou (2h), walk 10 minutes to Jishou Bus Station and transfer to the Phoenix (about 1h)
    (The last bus arrives at 18:00, and the last day of the tour has to pay attention to Zhangjiajie. At least three o’clock will go to Jishou Railway Station)
    2. Take a bus from Zhangjiajie to Phoenix (departure time 8:30, 9:30, 12:30, 14:30, 15:30, 17:20) 4h
    We arrived at the phoenix at 9 o’clock in the evening. We rushed to find the inn in the riverside and stayed. We stayed near the Wanming Tower on the first night and pushed the window to look at it. The light and shadow of the distant mother-in-law could not help but provoke people’s hearts. Swaying, accompanied by occasional noisy vocals, don’t have a taste of elegance, and the attractions are convenient;
    Recommend a place to stay in Phoenix:
    Phoenix Golden Triangle Inn: Fenghuang Ancient City, this house is very close to Nanhua Gate, very close to the river, the room is very beautiful, there are balconies and small rocking chairs. Very literary. In the morning, I will hear the sound of the tourists downstairs. A lot of eating snacks downstairs.
    Don’t feel bored, because the scenery on the road is also beautiful to bubbling
    Phoenix, from the beginning of the border city, has always been obsessed with this place. Everyone has a border town in the heart, where the air is full of tranquility, the white and bright moon illuminates the ancient city, and the hanging foot towers reflect the water; and the phoenix may be the pure land of the party you are looking for.
    The attractions of Phoenix are mainly divided into two places: the ancient street in the city, and the Miao Village outside the city.
    The ancient streets in the city extend in all directions, and walk in the streets and alleys of the phoenix. In front of you, there is a picture of the ancient town and the water town. It is beautiful and beautiful, like a poem, you can spend a day, idle here.It’s good to go shopping; in the evening, people in the alleys come and go, and in the bars everywhere, you can see the resident singers playing softly, as if they are telling their stories;
    It should be noted that Minjiang Jiujing (Shen Congwen’s former residence, Xiong Xiling’s former residence, Yangjiayutang, Dongmen City Tower, Lijiang River boating, Wanshou Palace, Chongde Hall, Chen Baozhen old house, Hongqiao Fenglou Building) are subject to additional charges, 148 yuan / People, valid for two days;
    Outside the ancient city, it is basically a day trip to Miao Village: first visit the Miao Village of the seedlings, then experience the drifting, and then experience the evening bonfire party.
    ABOUT Phoenix Food
    More recommended are bloody ducks, bandits, and small fish and shrimps from the Minjiang River. You can taste the local customs. If you like, you can try local jelly, fried crab, Miaojia rice. , glutinous rice and sour noodles, etc.
    For other food references, I did a lot of Raiders at the time, but after that, there was not much to follow the plan at the time, just follow me~ If you want to have a reference, you can consider going to some restaurants on the Hongqiao Road ( The public comment on the points can also be): Mo Shanghuakai restaurant, Wan Muzhai, Junzi restaurant, ambassador restaurant, etc., basically on a road, in fact, the taste is almost the same, everyone can see the mood
     Phoenix running account
    The bus that has been in Zhangjiajie has just arrived at the phoenix at 9 o’clock in the evening, because it has not yet reached the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. Fortunately, there are not many guests. We stayed near the Wantai Tower next to the river.
    Comparison with the 10,000 towers during the day
    By the way, I walked on the riverside, everything is a literary and romantic atmosphere.
    Although I have seen a lot of night scenes and have visited many water towns, the night view of the phoenix is ​​much more beautiful, and it is very different from the shallow figure in the daytime.
    The next day’s trip to Miao Village. There is no bright spot, the only thing that reminds me is this heart-shaped hole.
    Going to play in the water
    I don’t know why, seeing this place always reminds me of the worship of the moon.
    Quiet and picturesque; after the trip to Miao Village, walk in Phoenix Square outside the ancient city~
    A walk in Phoenix Square, comfortable and comfortable
    The next day, I strolled on the road in the ancient street. As a result, it was more leisurely than me.
    The standard of the ancient city, as if there is a local store with such a strong national style.
    The weather is a bit cloudy, and I accidentally found a heart in the sky.
    You can also go into a clear house and feel the sun shining, the wind is not noisy and leisurely.
    Passing another cat, there is a illusion of being in Gulangyu
    It’s so hard to look at me, I can’t bear to look straight.
    Catch the dragon boat race on the Dragon Boat Festival, starting at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, but the previous visit to the ancient city, did not occupy a good position, so that when you come back to the river, it is already full of people! ! !
    I saw a dog swimming before leaving. Hahaha
    Don’t, look at the last look, the Phoenix I love.
    On the way back on the Dragon Boat Festival, there was nothing to do on the way back, spoof the next college entrance examination.

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