Dream Creek Slow Time–The taste of the Jiangnan beauty house on the West Lake

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Written before the trip
    In August, the summer heat continued to spread around every corner of the city. Every day, the unchanging sunshine left a unique trace of summer on the body, but it could not dispel the deep sense of deepness inside.
    In the reinforced concrete of the city, it will last for a long time, and it will be eager for the scent of the breeze, the mellow and simple customs and cultural characteristics. So, this weekend, in the tail of August, in the south of the West Lake Jiuxi House, go to a mountain house in the green mountains and green waters, enjoy a slow time of an elegant dream river~
     [Hidden in the downtown area, hidden in the landscape]
    From Zhijiang Road to Jiuxi Road, through several tea rooms and elegant residences, you can always see three or five friends or people walking with your family on the road, leisurely strolling in the tree-lined path between the trees and shadows. Have a leisurely freedom in the old base of Jiuxi~
    All the way along the Jiuxi River, the misty mountains, the streams flowing in the mountains, everything exudes a natural simplicity, quiet and elegant taste, just like a hidden world in the downtown, making people comfortable, heart-felt and double Feeling cured.
    Take a short walk and a half-waist fence wall makes the whole building looming. One side is on the side of the mountain and the other side is on the road. Under the mottled green shadow, the four characters of “Mengxi Mountain Villa” are faintly visible.
    Strolling among them, the face-to-face greenness is fascinating, the bridge is flowing, the white wall is covered with tiles, and the rhythm of the original wood line smudges the classical Zen to the elegant and elegant conception, and it is a delicate and elegant Jiangnan courtyard;
    Walking along the stone road, you can always feel the leisure time that time has slowed down.
    Then you will see the rockery and the flowing water. All kinds of flowers and plants will surround the rockery, and the water will fall into the pool and scare away a few small fish that are playing. There are also vegetation growing in the water. The goldfish play in the green plants, chasing, and there is no unspeakable relaxation and coziness. It is extraordinarily quiet and pure in the Qingshan Xiushui;
     [First encounter in Mengxi, at first sight]
    The elegant Mengxi Villa was transformed from an old house in the Republic of China. It is close to the water, far from the mountains, elegant and elegant, with Yunshui Zen Heart, 22 private open-air soup ponds, more than 30 ingeniously carved ecological rooms, 46 years old. The washed antiques have turned it into a hidden paradise in Jiuxi;
    Backed by the water tea forest, the location of Mengxi Villa is unique. Stepping into the interior, through the Chinese style doors and windows of the ancient wood, the breeze pierced the hall, blowing the white gauze, also blowing the ancient charm of the old house, the endless taste; the spacious lobby, in the green plant, the cobblestone landscape Under the arrangement, it is more exquisite and simple, simple and quiet; the living room can boil tea and drink, and the window can enjoy the bamboo shadows. When waiting for the stay, the fresh and quiet of the West Lake Longjing and the warm and warm towel will make people have the illusion of returning home. ;
    A light music that is slowly being released, a favorite book, or a chat with tourists coming and going, or sitting alone, enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sun, especially in the noisy summer days. Deaf people…
    Stepping up the stairs, the local staff will skillfully pick up your luggage and warmly welcome you while introducing the surrounding activities and hotel facilities. The old village houses and the bamboo forest are small. Under the majestic mountain scenery, I feel the warmth of a rural mountain house.
     [Flowing clouds return, paradise]
    This trip to Mengxi Mountain Villa, in the beautiful mountain view room of the beautiful and beautiful – “flowing clouds”, through a section of bamboo forest walk into the room from the lobby, like a misunderstanding of which style of the garden, push The door is a natural and simple scenery with an elegant and elegant taste;
    The old geese and old stone that was kept in the house seemed to be talking about the old fragrance of the old village. Natural materials bring a soothing scent, decorated with colors and decorative paintings to create more vitality and playfulness.
    The interior of the new Chinese style is unique and elegant, full of charm, solid wood furniture, blue carpet, with rattan bamboo bedside lighting, the Chinese and modern materials are ingenious and soft, the retro texture of Chinese furniture and fabric bedding Huiying, natural simplicity, without too much carving and decoration, but it is particularly comfortable to live.
    Lying on a soft and comfortable white bed, warm a pot of tea, thinking of the picturesque mountain view through the white gauze fluttering in the wind, the dream of the paradise should be no different.
    Hand towels, towels, bath towels, bathrobes, winter and summer slippers are all available, toiletries are from the UK’s Seven plus brand (including makeup remover, facial cleanser, essence, skin care lotion, lotion, shampoo, hair care) Prime, shower gel), fully consider the needs of every holiday person.
    Walking along the window sill, the window is a fresh and beautiful scene. There are several green plants planted in the small courtyard. One swimming pool extends from the courtyard to the green hill. You can enjoy a wide view of the mountain when you are swimming. Simple windows and simple terraces have one The impulse to blend into the mountains at any time.
    Breathing the fresh air in the morning, I really want to wake up one morning, softly stretched out, opened the thick curtains, the room was full of sunshine, and the window was full of birds and flowers.
    Automatic curtains, inductive lighting, touch-type vanity mirror, LeTV TV interactive entertainment system, surround stereo system, you can also interact with the room in a full range of rest, so that this elegant little home is a bit more smart home The trend means more suitable for young people’s living habits.
    In addition to the high-quality facilities, there is also a human temperature that the hotel does not have.
    The TV in the room is also super big and Yamaha’s stereo, the whole room is like a small home theater, the room is also equipped with a small refrigerator, inside the cola, sprite, coffee, beer, soda, fruit bowl on the desk, bedside Tren Su, Evian Water and Oreo are free gifts for you to use;
    When you are tired, go back to the wooden table next to the wooden stone partition, cook a pot of Longjing, simmer hot, steamed up, under the embellishment of green plants and potted plants, everything is quiet, only enjoy the cool breeze .
    Here, in a comfortable and warm room, say goodbye to the rush of the city, everyday mediocrity, you only need a cup of coffee, a book, accompanied by a touch of light and shadow, in the evening dusk, watching a year of quiet.
     [exquisite food, tea break]
    Life decorated with snacks, besides the taste of honey or sugar, is happiness and happiness;
    Out of the open-air swimming pool, exquisite rooms, elegant courtyard, Mengxi Villa restaurant, is also a place to be missed, open-air terrace, green plants, chic home, pillows on the sofa With a refreshing scent that is unique to summer;
    The restaurant in Mengxi Villa serves breakfast from 7:30 to 10:30 in the morning. The meals are fresh ingredients from the day. The customized diet system changes the color of the dishes every day, but still guarantees a reasonable mix of nutritious meals. Azimuth care for the body and mind.
    In the rest of the time, some delicate snacks, tea pots and tea soups will be placed on the tea shop. The tea is hidden in the river and there are mountains in the tea. A pot of tea is in hand, and it is more comfortable to enjoy the flying clouds and the green water without waves.
    From Mengxi Mountain Villa, along the way is the quiet scenery of Jiuxi, full of lush green, fresh air, green trees shaking clouds, group buildings Ying Suhui; no neon 璀璨, noHave a dusty smog and feel the slow life of Hangzhou.
     [Mengxi Mountain Villa Raiders Tip]
    1. Address: No. 24, Jiuxi Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, near Songcheng, Qiantang River Bridge, near Jiuxi No.1 Bridge.
    2. Transportation: It is close to Laolongjing, Jiuxi and Yanxia Caves. There are also 27 buses to West Lake.
    3. Recommended for surrounding play: Jiuxi, West Lake, if you are in deep vacation, you can get up early in the morning and walk in the morning, with plenty of negative ions, you can also reach Longjing Village and Li’an Temple along Jiuxi. 15 minutes walk from Jiuxi Yanshu and walk to Jiuxi Bus Station for 10 minutes.
    4. Service: The hotel also provides 24-hour personal butler service. During your stay, you can enjoy free laundry and ironing, afternoon tea, breakfast delivery room, late check-out at 15 o’clock, free living room with mountain view and other services.
    Others: All the drinks in the small refrigerator in the room, the fruit plate on the desk, the bed of Terunsu and Oreo are free of charge~
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