Dream of Chuanxi Tour (Bi Penggou – Lushan – Chengdu)

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    As a child who grew up in the South, I always feel that I have never seen snow since I was a regret. When I grow up, I feel that the world with snow is what winter should look like. Every winter, I always want to go to the snowy holy place, dreaming of a world of snow fluttering in front of me, how beautiful it should be! Therefore, in the past few years, I have witnessed the ice and snow world by the opportunity of travel, and finally recovered the regrets of my childhood.
    But people are always “greedy”. For me who are always obsessed with the ice world, this year I don’t want to spend this winter in the snowless south. So, in the south that is about to enter December, I still have to wear short clothes. The child in the sleeve decided to go to a snowy winter, so he packed up the winter clothes and went to Sichuan, which has the beauty of nature, to open a dreamy ice dating!
    Look at a wave of beautiful pictures~
     Bi Penggou
     Bi Penggou
     Bi Penggou
     Bi Penggou
     Bi Penggou, a world of ice and snow hidden in the ravine
    I have seen a lot of pictures of Bi Penggou, knowing that autumn is the best time to come to Pengpeng, the red leaves of the mountains, the scenery of the lake, just like God overturned the palette, it is a colorful world. Since I missed the Bi Peng Ditch in the fall, I think that the Bi Peng Ditch in the winter, the snow and snow, certainly have another style.
    Bi Penggou is located in Suoluogou, Putou Township, Li County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. It is 198 kilometers away from Chengdu, 20 kilometers away from the county, and 2000~5000 meters above sea level. In the autumn, Bi Penggou is a holy place to watch red leaves. Bizhugou in winter is one of the best places to enjoy snow.
    I got up early in the morning and went to Bi Penggou. The weather was surprisingly good. Although the temperature was very low, the sun would not feel too cold. After redeeming the tickets at the ticket office of the scenic spot, you can go directly to the sightseeing bus. You need to take the bus for about 40 minutes to the mountain.
    When the sightseeing bus arrives at Longwanghai, it will stop for us to watch the scenery of Longwanghai, and then take a section to the next bus stop.
    Longwanghai is a plateau lake with an altitude of more than 2,000 meters. The dragon king of the winter is covered with silver. The lake is very calm, and the surrounding forests, the reflection of the blue sky and white clouds are clearly visible in the lake. Escaped from the noisy metropolis, and I felt that everything was so pleasing.
    Looking at the snowy mountains not far away, I couldn’t control the excitement in my heart, so after watching Longwanghai, we quickly took the bus to the next stop. (In the Longwanghai viewing time, depending on the individual, follow the road in the middle of the Dragon King Sea and walk down to see the location of the sightseeing car. If you have a car, you can get on the bus.)
    Take the bus and continue inside the ravine. The road will pass through the only Namu Lake hotel in the scenic spot. I heard that there is still a hot spring in it. You can see the snow mountain when you live in the hotel. It should be a good enjoyment.
    The driver on the road did not stop and went directly to the Shanghai Sub-visit Center. In Shanghai, you can choose to take a battery car or hike to the sights inside.
    We don’t want to be too tired on foot, we choose to take a battery car, the first thing we come to is Yangyang Lake.
    At 3,676 meters above sea level, Yanyang Lake is the most typical mountain lake in Bipenggou. The whole lake in winter is covered with snow and ice. The snow-capped mountains are like a piece of crystal-clear jade.
    Around the Yangyang Lake, there is a large piece of virgin forest, covering the sky, the peaks and stones are standing, and there are wooden planks on the lakeside for strolling. Looking up at the blue sky and white clouds, it is very clean blue, and at that moment I feel that my troubles will be washed away by the beautiful scenery in front of me~
    The snow-capped mountains seen in Yangyang Lake are more clearly visible. Under the warm sun in winter, the sun is shining, so I don’t want anything, just quietly appreciate the beauty that nature has given to this place!
    On the frozen lake, people are playing everywhere and taking pictures. However, it should be noted that after the icing, the lake surface is very slippery. I saw that several people accidentally fell and took care of it.
    After visiting the Yanghu Lake, continue to take the battery car to the Yanzi Cave, the last scenic spot in Bi Penggou. It is also the most beautiful and beautiful place to see the scenery.
    In the closest snowy mountain, under the sun, a piece of snow in front of my eyes sparkles~
    The snow here is very thick and very thin, pure white, stepping on the soft, accidentally the shoes are snow~
    I can’t control the excitement of seeing snow. Playing snow, snowballing, and snowmaning have become things that everyone who comes here must do.
    The driver who listened to our carpool said that there was a snow some time ago, so it became a white snow world. A snow, as if to let the faded color fade here, become so clean, pure ~
    Blue sky, white clouds, sunshine, the swallow’s nest at the moment is the most beautiful snow scene I have ever seen. All this is a masterpiece of nature. The mountains here, the trees here, and the water here, blend into one, turning into a white world of ice and snow, every corner is full of surprises!
    Such a beautiful scenery, how can you not take a good shot, at this moment, the cold does not exist, take off the thick coat, there is a snow mountain as a background, no matter how to pose, it is the best to see.
     Bi Penggou play guide
    1. Tickets plus sightseeing car about 130 yuan / person, online ticket purchase price is almost
    2. The price of the battery car is divided into two sections. The Shanghai sub-to the lake, the Yanghu Lake to the Yanziyan, the price is 20 yuan per person per person, 30 yuan per person.
    3. The ticket time for winter scenic spots is 8:30-15:00, and the last bus of the scenic sightseeing car is 6pm.
    1. Self-driving: Chengdu → Chengguan Expressway → S9 Duwen Expressway → 317 National Highway (Wenchuan → Li County) → Bi Penggou (about 198km, about 3 hours)
    2. By car:
    a. Tea shop passenger station: buy the passenger ticket of Lixian County, after the county can charter or carpool to Bi Penggou
    Bus time: 07:20, 08:10, 09:00, 10:30, 13:10, 14:50
    b. Chengdu Wuhou Temple:
    Departure: 7:30 Chengdu Wuhouyu Scenic Area Parking Lot → Bi Penggou
    Return: 15:30 Bi Penggou Scenic Area Parking Lot → Chengdu Wuhou Temple
    Other notes:
    1. The climate change in the scenic spot is large, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is large. It should be equipped with down jacket or windbreaker, warm clothes such as scarves and gloves, rain gear, strong ultraviolet rays in the scenic area, and can be equipped with sun hats such as sun hats and sunglasses.
    2. The snow and ice sections in the scenic area are relatively slippery, and you can wear anti-slip shoe covers for safety.
    3. The altitude in the scenic area is a bit high. In order to avoid altitude sickness, do not exercise vigorously.
    4. There is a visitor center for each battery car in the scenic spot. There will be snacks and the like, but there are not many categories. You can bring your own snacks and instant noodles without worrying about trouble.
    5. The scenic spot is not very large. Basically, there is enough space for 1 day of sightseeing, and there are sightseeing buses and battery cars in the scenic spot, so it is very convenient for some elderly people and children.
     Lushan, a dreamy childlike world of ice and snow
    If Bi Penggou is a world of peace and snow, then Lushan is a world full of childlike ice and snow. Carousel, pink snow…all are full of girlish feelings, brushing over the vibrato and the little red book must have been heart-warming. Yes, it is in the Lushan Natural Park.
    Lushan Natural Park is located in the town of Miyaluo, Li County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province. It is a paradise for skiing and snow in winter at the foothills of 3000-4000 meters above sea level.
    Sitting in the sightseeing car to the snow of Lushan, the first thing I came in was a small carousel. I was the first to see a carousel on the snowy mountain. I think, on the snowy mountains above 3,000 meters above sea level, the place closest to the sky, sitting on the carousel full of girlish feelings, watching the snow in front of the eyes, like walking into the world of dreamy fairy tale, how romantic.
    There is also a pink-skinned bald-headed cabin, which has a sharp contrast on the snow. This is the most popular scene for girls.
    Everyone has been smothered by the pink snow. Although it is artificially dyed pink snow, pink can not be rejected by any girl, so I took pictures on the pink snow and played a lot of young ladies. If you feel cold, you can also order a hot drink in the cabin.
    As a pink control, of course, I can’t miss this great opportunity~
    In addition to the pink snow scene, there are ski resorts that skiers can’t miss. There is also a very large and professional ski resort. The ski trails are also divided into three levels: primary, intermediate and advanced. They can be equipped with ski tools or rented directly in the scenic spot.
    If you don’t want to ski, there are other things to play, including snowmobiles, ice bikes, snow flying people and other play projects to meet the needs of people of different ages~
    A huge ice sculpture stands on this snow, and a soldier guards this beautiful world of ice and snow.
    Also attracted to me is the Kosbu Snow Street, which was originally the state-owned ranch of Li County. The Kesibu Snow Street restored the original features of the ranch chalet and created a tourist-style neighborhood composed entirely of wooden houses. The charm of the traditional snow town. Here you can also taste specialties and experience the snowy wooden house.
    The wooden house is covered with beautiful ice hanging, surrounded by thick snow. At first glance, I still think about myself in Xuexiang~
    Walk up the plank road in the snowy street and walk down to the highest point to look down. The white heavens are like dreams of heaven, and are attracted by dreams.
    This is the perfect photo-taking place, the snow everywhere, the white background, just take a shot, a smile is so real, the original happiness can be so simple!
     Lushan Tournament
    1. Pure ticket 68 yuan / person, set ticket 248 yuan / person (ticket + 2 hours of skiing), skiing tools can be rented in the ski resort, but need to pay 500 yuan deposit.
    2. Sightseeing ticket 40 yuan / person, self-driving tour can buy a sightseeing ticket, directly drive to the parking lot on the mountain.
    Traffic routes:
    1. Self-driving: Chengdu → Dujiangyan → Wenchuan → Li County → Gulgou → Lushan (about 287 km, 4-5 hours by car)
    2. By car:
    a. You can do a panda train to the Lushan Mountain downstairs in Chengdu IFS International Finance Center.
    b. Tea shop passenger terminal: buy the passenger ticket of Lixian County, and then go to Li County to charter or carpool to Lushan
    Bus time: 07:20, 08:10, 09:00, 10:30, 13:10, 14:50
    c. Chengdu Xinnanmen Tourism Distribution Center also has a through train to Gulgou. You can go to Gulgou for one night to spend hot springs, and the next day to Lushan
    d. I went to the sump and went to Lushan. I can take a bus to Bishan in Bipenggou. (The time is tight, I can stay in Miaro Town for one night, and then go to Lushan the next day.)
    3. Other precautions are similar to Bi Penggou, which can be used as a reference~
     Kuanzhai Alley, the must-see place in Chengdu
    I remember when I first traveled to Sichuan, I passed through Chengdu. At that time, my friend told me that Kuanzhai Alley was worth a visit, but only stayed for one night. The Kuanzhai Alley that had not been able to go became the time to stay in Chengdu. Regret. Although passing by, I know that Chengdu is a place to come again. Chengdu, a “good” Chengdu, has fun to feel in Chengdu.
    So this time I went to see the snow in western Sichuan. I plan to stay in Chengdu for two days on the return trip, so I can visit Chengdu, the leisure capital.
    Kuanzhai Alley, as a business card of Chengdu, has becomeOne of the must-see attractions for tourists from all walks of life. Therefore, the regret that I missed last time, I have to come and go this time, or I am embarrassed to say that I have been to Chengdu.
    The wide and narrow alley consists of wide alleys, narrow alleys, and alleys. It is an existing quaint street in Chengdu. The wide alley represents the “leisure life” of old Chengdu, the narrow alley represents the “slow life” of old Chengdu, and the alley represents the old Chengdu. new life”.
    There are a variety of mood shops, snack bars, crafts, accessories, dolls, etc.
    Here you can also taste the most local snacks and taste the most popular Sichuan style.
    Despite seeing a wide range of shops, restaurants, cafes, etc., but slowly walking in the alley, still enjoy the tea, face, and ears to dig into the leisure life of Chengdu.
    A ginkgo tree in a college next to it is covered with golden ginkgo leaves, which is the most beautiful look at it.
    No matter when the wide and narrow alleys are always crowded, but slow down here to feel the most primitive lifestyle and culture of Chengdu, I think it is a punching place that everyone who travels to Chengdu does not want to miss.
    Wide and narrow alleys play tips:
    1. Metro Line 4 Kuanzhai Alley Station can be reached
    2. You can choose to go near the eveningSo that you can see the alley in the daytime, you can also see the alley after the night lights, it will be a good experience.
     Taikoo Li, Net Red Street takes a good place
    In Chengdu, in addition to the wide and narrow alleys must be punched, the net red gathering place Taikoo Li is now also one of the must-see punching places. There are international brands, national cuisines, etc., which are the first choice for many young people’s shopping gatherings~
    The entire architectural design of Taikoo Li preserves the ancient streets and historic buildings, and is integrated into a 2-3 storey single-family building. The western Sichuan style Qingwapo roof is equipped with a large-area floor-to-ceiling glass wall, which is traditional yet modern.
    In Taikoo Li, after the lights are lit in the evening, the flow of people coming and going, highlighting the prosperity of this metropolis.
    And here, of course, I have to punch my idol line friends. As the second line friends flagship store in China, this store is not as big as Guangzhou, but it is also a lot of people~
    A big brown bear at the door is the focus of the audience, attracting tourists from all directions. Many people have been waiting in line to take photos in the morning.
    The main photo spots of the shop are outside, inside is the merchandise sales area, there is a coffee shop, offering drinks, desserts and so on. It’s also a pleasure to order a drink in the store and watch these cute things!
    As one of Chengdu’s fashion landmarks, Taikoo Li is not only a gathering place for international big names, but also a fast-selling shopping experience. There are also various interesting gadgets. The exquisite net red restaurant, the fusion of history and culture, makes people prosperous. Slow down in the city to enjoy the good times of life!
    Taikoo Li playTips:
    1. The address is located at No. 8, Zhongrui Mao Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu.
    2. Metro Line 2 and 3 Chunxi Road Station can be reached
    3.line friends is located on the first floor of Taikoo Liri 1302
    3. There are a lot of net red card shops and alleys, which are good places to take pictures.
     On the streets of Chengdu in winter, the autumn is still strong.
    In the streets of Chengdu, there is a ginkgo tree lined up on both sides. The trees are all golden leaves. As the breeze blows, the underground is also golden. It has already entered Chengdu in the winter. This autumn is strong. ~
    Close to the Daci Temple next to the bustling commercial center of Taikoo Li, the temple is also an autumn scene! From the outside, I saw the ginkgo tree that came out inside, and I couldn’t help but walk in and found that it was also a good punching place.
    It is said that Daci Temple is also a famous ancient temple in Chengdu and one of the tourist attractions. The building is quaint and magnificent, next to Taikoo Li, it is a place to take a quiet place.
    Although it is a Zen house, I found that there are a lot of childlike things here. The big head is under the ginkgo tree. There is also a row of 12 Zodiac animals. It looks super cute and makes this ancient temple lively. .
    The ginkgo tree in the temple is golden now, the leaves of a place, with cute big dolls, is the most beautiful scenery here~
    Therefore, after visiting Taikoo Li, don’t miss the Daji Temple, which is a punch card, maybe there will be some unexpected gains!
     Can’t miss the food in western Sichuan
    Western Sichuan spicy food has a long history and a wide variety, and it will never be eaten. Especially the authentic snacks in the streets and lanes of Chengdu can be memorable.
    This time I came here, for a foodie who can eat spicy food, how can I miss the great opportunity to eat food, so looking for good food in these days is the right thing to do.
     Tibetan hot pot
    Made with local fresh yak meat with a variety of vegetables, the taste is not bad, I still like to eat Cantonese cuisine. This is the hot pot that is most seen in Bi Penggou and Lushan. It can be eaten at the basic hotel.
     Pier story hot pot
    I was thinking about going to eat the Xiaolongkan old hot pot that everyone would push, but when I got there, the people at the door were waiting in line, and I needed to wait for more than 50 people. . . I had to give up, and finally looked at the reviews and found that the story of this pier is not bad, and the number of people waiting for it is not too much. I chose this one.
     One meter duck intestine
     Brown sugar powder
     Shrimp slippery
     Brown sugar
    One meter duck intestines, shrimp slippery, brown sugar glutinous rice, brown sugar ice powder, these shop signature dishes must be wow, I like the brown sugar 糍粑, brown sugar and more, eat crispy and soft, eat it!
    The shop is on the second floor opposite the Jingronghui, the exit of the subway Chunxi Road Station.
     Chengdu diners
    You must go to eat the net red shop that must be eaten in Chengdu.
     Shrimp: The shell of the shrimp has been peeled off. The shrimp is very sweet and tastes a bit spicy.
     Osmanthus Stuffed Tomatoes: Small tomatoes are softly peeled, have a strong taste of Guilin, have no sour taste of tomatoes, and taste sweet.
     Roasting nose
     Sparse chicken feet
    This time we went to the newly opened section of Zhimin Road. The environment is better. We have almost filled the people in the store before the business hours. When we finish eating, the people who line up are already at the door, and the business is hot. . The waiter in the store seems to be a lot of aunts, but the service attitude is very good, will patiently introduce the signature dishes, and will promptly clean up the dishes on the table.
     Cow sign
    To Chengdu, you must eat a string of incense, and it tastes like the alley in Chengdu. Chuanchuanxiang is one of the most representative Chengdu cuisines, so how can I miss it when I come to Chengdu~
    This beef sign is a lot of dishes, a variety of beef you can not imagine, sugar garlic beef, mushroom beef, coriander beef, etc., you can choose according to your own taste ~
    The price of string string is 69 yuan/jin by bamboo stick, 2 yuan/root of iron sign, and about 100 yuan per person can support you.
    Address next to IFS, sitting in the restaurantLook at the past is the hips of the IFS Plaza Panda.
     About accommodation
    Every time I go out to travel, living is also a very important issue. I always worry about sleeping badly. So I went out for a long time on the Internet. Finally, I am satisfied with the accommodation for this trip~
    Because in Bizhugou and Lushan, it belongs to the plateau, the temperature is relatively low and relatively cold, so keeping warm here is a problem.
     Bi Penggou: Stay at Blue Sky Interstate Hotel
    The address is located in the Bi Penggou Scenic Area, about 5 minutes drive, very convenient, and there is floor heating, the price is not expensive.
    The room is more spacious and bright, the hotel has a car to go to the Bi Penggou scenic area, you can talk to the front desk in advance.
    The hotels here basically have restaurants, local Tibetan hot pots and the like. If you don’t want to go out to eat, you can also solve the problem of eating at the hotel.
     Lushan: Stay in the town of Miyaluo County, Say, Jiarong Hotel
    The address is about 30 minutes drive from Lushan. I thought it was convenient to go to Lushan here. Many people suggested that it is to live in Guergou, you can soak hot springs~
    The originally scheduled Star Sky Suite did not see if there was any floor heating. When I checked in, I found out that the store had upgraded the room with a warm floor for free, or it was cold to die at night.
     Chengdu: Check in [Zishe] B&B, successfully punched a pink ins wind home
    The address is in Meteor Garden, Jinjiang District, Dongmen Bridge Station of Metro Line 2~
    The location is near Chunxi Road, near Taikoo Li, and the traffic is very convenient. The room was decorated in a simple pink style, just to satisfy my pink control.
    The room is not big, a bed + a small hall, but the health is very clean, everything is complete, two people live absolutely no problem.
    The room is password-locked, and the access control card is also required in the community downstairs, which is very safe.
    D1: Guangzhou – Chengdu – Li County – Bi Penggou
    D2: Bi Penggou – Miyaluo Town
    D3: Lushan-Li County-Chengdu
    D4: Wide and narrow alley – Taikooli
    D5: Taikoo Li – Guangzhou
     Broken thoughts after travel
    Standing in the snow, listening to the whistling wind blowing from the ear, a fairyland in white, the nature of winter is like a magician, gently bringing you into a dreamlike fairy tale world.
    On the streets of Chengdu, slow down and feel the slow life of Chengdu, find a fine shop, order a cup of coffee, let the time flow slowly~
    There are too many beautiful scenery and food in western Sichuan, and you can never finish it. You don’t need to eat it. You need to feel it carefully and taste it. Take advantage of this snowy winter day, come to the beautiful west of Sichuan, go to a dreamy ice dating!

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