Drunk beauty Tianchi, no regrets in this life!

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Whenever I went to a place, after going home, I liked to tap on the keyboard, record my footprints, and wait until the old day, I can’t walk, look at these, and my mouth rises, not for the rest of my life. . . . . .
    Day 1: Beijing — Sleeper — Jilin
    Day 2: Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture “Korean Ethnic Village”–Antu County “Changbai Mountain Drifting”–American Pine Garden
    Day 3: Changbai Mountain — Julong Spring — Changbai Waterfall — Hot Spring Plaza — Tianchi — Yinhuan Lake (Xiaotianchi)–Luanyuantan
    Day 4: Mudanjiang Jingbo Lake Cruise–Shuishuilou Waterfall–Jingbo Lake Grand Canyon
    Day 5: Jilin – Sleeper – Beijing
    During the holiday in October, the temperature at this time, under the mountain, about 18 degrees, on the mountain, I heard people say that there are minus 20 degrees.
    1, must pay attention to keep warm, in the morning is still very cold, after the sun at noon, it is still warmer. I wear half sleeves, denim jackets, jeans, and Martin boots. On the mountain, I added a sweater, cotton clothes, and velvet leggings. It was a bit cold when I got up early, but after I got up, it was not particularly cold. The weather was very good that day.
    2. Prepare the raincoat early. Even if the Changbai Mountain rains, it can’t be used as an umbrella. The weather is super good. We didn’t use it, but I heard the tour guide said that the raincoat must be thicker, good quality, or one-off. When the rain is too strong, the raincoat will blow.
    3, this time to go, the mountain has snowed half a meter thick, there is ice on the road, the shoes should be anti-slip, the bottom of the shoes is more and deeper.
    4, the weather here is super strong UV, we must pay attention to, do a good job of sun protection.
     Day 1
    On the train
    After ten hours of “going around, eating and eating”, I finally arrived at the Jilin Railway Station and set foot on this piece of land in the North.
     Day 2
    Either reading, or traveling, the soul and the body must have one on the road.
    This road was originally walking in Changbai Mountain. The Changbai Mountains span the southeastern parts of Liaoning, Jilin, and Heilongjiang provinces. At the moment we entered Jilin, we have been taken by Changbai Mountain into her broad and broad embrace.
    Changbai Mountain is the highest mountain system on the eastern edge of Eurasia. It is located in the southeast of Baishan City, bordering China and North Korea. Changbai Mountain is the birthplace of Songhua River, Tumen River and Yalu River. Songhua River originates from Tianchi Lake in Changbai Mountain.
    There is no Songhua egg next to the Songhua River, which is translated from the Manchu language “Song Ali Ula.” “Song Ali Ula” means “Tianhe”.
    This is a folk custom village in North Korea. When I came to a farmer’s house, the family planted ginseng for 10 years.
    This is the pepper ️ that the villagers themselves are drying on the side of the road.
    The wall of the cottage is full of corn, and the stone mills and carts in front of the door are too old. I heard that North Korea is very poor. The Korean people in China can go to North Korea to visit the elderly, but North Korean families cannot come to China, and their country is not allowed.
     Changbai Mountain Rafting
    I hope that you will meet the warmth of the future, come to Changbai Mountain, watch the blue sky, look at the white clouds, see the clear water!
    Changbai Mountain will accompany you for a lifetime, and you will be allowed outside the bronze gate.
    If you don’t want to driftFlow, you can walk in the “Devil World”, the scenery is good! The demon world is a dense forest in the northern foot of Changbai Mountain. The hot spring water flowing down from the Changbai Mountain Tianchi forms a water system in this area. It forms a fog in a specific climate and flows between the water and the forest. The scene is like a fairyland. The water of the legendary “Devil World” does not freeze all the year round. Every winter, when the temperature reaches minus 20 degrees Celsius, the fog begins to transpire. When the weather is fine, the sun rises from the fog through the trees and crystal clear, the dead trees on the water, the smog on the shore and the misty and smoky mist of the spray are blended together. The picture is beautiful.
     Beauty Songyuan
    In this garden, each surname will have a stone monument. If your surname is just in the hundreds of surnames, there is plenty of time, you can find it.
    The best of the world, Changbai, Songhua Yuli North Hillside.
    Extraordinary and unconventional fairy dance, proud top Lingyun with waterfall song.
    Indifferent, such as the blue and the handsome, the sturdy like bamboo.
    The meal is quite snowy and self-cultivating, and the fearlessness is not lost.
    This towering tree is a beautiful pine forest. It is said that there is only a beautiful pine in the country. It seems that the bear big bear two bald heads may live here.
    The pine crown of the beautiful pine or oval ovate or the shape of the umbrella, the bark of the lower part of the trunk is brown, deep cracked, the lobes are irregularly rectangular, the upper part is brownish yellow to reddish yellow, and the flaky peeling.
    Beauty Songyuan is an open-plan park in Erdaobaihe Town. There is a large piece of beautiful pine in the garden. Beauty Song Song Changbai Song is a unique tree species in the Erdaobaihe area on the northern slope of Changbai Mountain. Visitors stroll through the forest roads in the garden to look up the beauty of the pines.
    Every night that fades at dusk, the night is like a thick ink, tightly wrapped around everything under the night, the light illuminates the sky of the city, with its own colors, understatement, outlines the life. The moon half hidden and hidden in the stratus, like the Iraqi people smiled, covering the face and covering the lips.
    The moon is not round, the night is not sleeping, you are not present, I have not seen, good night!
     Day 3
    Get up at 3:30 in the morning: Departure on time at 4:30, Changbai Mountain is open at 6:00. There are minus 20 degrees on the mountain in Changbai Mountain. The snow is more than one meter deep. When arriving, the main peak Tianchi is closed. The mood is a little lost in an instant, the sky is like a dream, the clouds are in the fog, the weather is tens of thousands, the people who can see the Tianchi are lucky people!
     Hot spring square
    There are hot spring eggs that sell unique taste, you can taste it, the egg white is not cooked, the egg yolk is cooked, it is very interesting. You can also wash your hands in the hot spring pool on the side and feel the volcanic hot springs.
    Changbai Mountain is a region where the distribution of hot springs in China is concentrated. Julong Spring belongs to high-heat and volcanic self-overflowing hot springs. It has more than 1,000 square meters and 47 springs. The water temperature is above 70 degrees Celsius, and the hottest springs can reach 82 degrees Celsius. The total amount of water is 6,000 tons, and the pH value is all between 7.7 and 7.5, which is neutral water.
    These hot springs are spread over the mountains and form a spectacular geothermal scene. Walk on the boardwalk and enjoy the colorful hot springs from all angles.
    Because countless heat flows from the bottom of the earth, it seems like a group of dragons spray water, hence the name of Longquan.
    Changbai Mountain There is a small gap in the north of Tianchi. The lake overflows. After 1250 meters, it falls down to form a Changbai Waterfall with a drop of 68 meters. It is also the source of the Songhua River and the largest waterfall in Northeast China. There is a huge stone at the mouth of the waterfall called “Niulangdu”. The river has two waters. It looks like two jade belts. It falls from the top and rushes to the bottom of the valley. It falls like a thunder and splashes a few feet high. The water vapor is like a fog, like a cloud, like a smoke, and it is magnificent, and it is a sigh of sorrow.
    During the winter season, Changbai Waterfall flies up from the cliff and volleys, and the water sprays in a row. It is very spectacular.
    The scenery on both sides of the White River is quiet, and the clear water cliffs are flowing.
    Suspected of the dragon pool spurred snow, like the sky hanging flying.
    You don’t have to whip the rocks to cross the sea, and you can take a ride to the bullfighting.
    I want to know the fun of Lin Quan, and I will travel again in the Ming Dynasty.
    From the Changbai Waterfall, I heard the notice saying that the Tianchi was open. We were excited to leave and rushed all the way, finally rushing to the first wave of the “guide car”, after about 15 minutes, more than 70 corners Come to the foot of Tianchi.
    Today, it is a rare good day, the sky is clear, when we turn over the top of the mountain, the mysterious Changbai Mountain Tianchi is clearly presented in front of our eyes. At that moment, my eyes are wet, the blood of the whole body is boiling, and finally I saw the beautiful Tianchi, the mysterious Tianchi. The lake is blue and blue, like liquid oxygen, and like a thick condensate, it is amazing.
    There are two lines A and B, A is higher, the distance is far, B is lower, it is recommended that the elderly legs and feet are not good, you can go directly to B. Usually take the top of the A line on the right, and then continue to take the B line and then go down the mountain, do not go back. If the time is limited, you can swim down the step from the middle of the two lines after you finish the A line. I heard that Grandpa Mao did not see the Tianchi three times, IThey are so lucky. So beautiful, really picturesque scenery! At this moment, I only have a grateful heart and sigh the blessings of nature and the grace of mankind.
    Changbai Mountain is a dormant volcano. According to historical records, it has erupted three times since the 16th century. When a volcanic eruption ejected a large amount of lava, the crater formed a basin. After a long time, the water became a lake and it became now. Tianchi.
    The lava from the volcano accumulates around the crater and becomes 16 peaks standing in the surrounding area, 7 of which are in North Korea and 9 in China. These nine peaks have their own characteristics, so the unique landscapes formed are magical and beautiful, spectacular, original and natural. The future is all yearning for all the people who have come.
    In the summer of 1983, Comrade Deng Xiaoping boarded the top of Changbai Mountain, inscribed the banner of “Changbai Mountain” and “Tianchi”, and issued a compliment: “Life is not on Changbai Mountain, it is a great pity!”
    The top of the volcanic cone has a crater lake—Tianchi (Zhongchaojie Lake). The lake is slightly elliptical, with an area of ​​9.82km2, an elevation of 2189m and a maximum water depth of 373m. It is the highest and deepest lake in Northeast China.
    The crater wall around Tianchi is steep and forms more than a dozen ring-shaped mountain peaks with an elevation of over 2,500 meters. The highest is the general, with an altitude of 2,749 meters, on the Korean side.
    Baiyun Peak is 2691 meters above sea level, on the west side of Tianchi, the first peak in northeast China. There are Tianchao, Tiebi, Huagai and Zixia Zhufeng in the northeast of Tianchi. There are ladder clouds, lying tigers and crowns (Jade Snow) in the southwest of Tianchi. There are Longmen, Guanri, Jinping, Zhipan and Yuzhu in the northwest of Tianchi. Qingshi) Zhufeng. The astronomical peak (2,670 meters) named after the station is located between the two walls of the Iron Wall and the Huagai. The peaks are not obvious, and there are roads that reach the top of the mountain and overlook the Tianchi. There is a gap on the north side of Tianchi. The ancient name is Tuen Mun. The north stream of water is called the Weihe River (also known as Tongtian River).
    The water in Tianchi Lake is deep and clear. If it is like the beautiful eyes of a fairy, then we will enter the pupil of the fairy crystal. This wonderful feeling is only available to immersive talents. Standing on the top of the mountain, in addition to watching, people are eager to take pictures.
    The panoramic view of the Tianchi Lake seen on Line B.
     Yinhuan Lake (small Tianchi)
    The shooting base of the Snow Mountain Flying Fox is commonly known as the small Tianchi. Compared with the real Tianchi on the main peak of Changbai Mountain, this is simply a small puddle.
    The small Tianchi is a small lake with a tranquil lake, and the water reflects the graceful posture of the trees. Contrary to the Tianchi, where there is no water inlet at the outlet, the small Tianchi has only water inlets and no water outlets.
    After a few minutes of staying, you can fold back along the plank road. You can see the Erdaobai River running through the narrow canyon along the way. After about 15 minutes, you can go to the entrance of Lvyuantan.
    Luyuantan is a Wangshuitan in the northern slope scenic area. Because its water is very green and clear, it is like the water of Jiuzhai, so it has the reputation of “Northeast Xiaojiuzhai”. On the side of Lvyuantan, there is a waterfall down the cliff, adding color to the pool and elegant scenery.
    Located in Yuehualin, it is named after the Yuehua haze and the green water of the pool.
    The highest drop of the Luyuantan Waterfall is 26 meters. The waterfall falls on the boulder and splashes, then flows into the deep pool.
    Every time the fog rises, the water on the pool is filled with water, and it is integrated with the mountains and the mountains and the ancient stones. It is beautiful, just like the fairyland on earth.
    You can see the waterfall and the panoramic view of Bitan from the edge of the pool, or you can get down to the waterfall.
    After the tour, you can return along the plank road. You can see the Jade Springs on the way, as well as the interesting dead trees such as “One Millenium and One Time” and “Really Want to Live for another 500 Years”.
    After the tour is completed, you can take the car to the entrance of the scenic spot.
    Does Tianchi Water Monster really exist?
    Check in the hotel, five stars praise. In the Liudingshan Scenic Area, the environment is really super nice, clean and tidy.
     Day 4
    Do you know why the house is to be built behind the Buddha?
    In the early morning, the whole world is clear and bright, and the sun shines through the window and gently shines into the room, so there is a pleasing feeling. We are rough hair~~~
    On the way, a white mist covered us.
     Jingbo Lake Cruise
    Jingbo Lake is mainly a long lake and a waterfall. The long lake needs to take a cruise, about 1.5-2 hours. I am on the upper deck of the ship, the sides of the landscape are distributed, and I need to move around.
    I saw these fish on board the ship and I can call the boat to give you a barbecue at my own expense. Haha
    The mountains here are rolling and undulating, and boldly play your imagination and creativity. The landscape says that there are Maogong Mountain (that is, the side profile of Yuanguye lying flat), Dagushan, Xiaogushan, Taoist Mountain, Pharmacist Ancient Temple, Deng Xiaoping Hotel, Rainbow Bridge, Crocodile Island, Japanese Puppet Underground Power Station Tunnel, God Turtles explore the sea, white stone scorpion, city wall scorpion, old scorpion, Shou Xinggong and so on. . .
    With the memory, it seems that the turtle is exploring the sea.
    Pearl Gate
    There are two pine trees on Xiaogu Mountain, called the husband and wife tree, which were planted by Liu Shaoqi and Wang Guangmei.
    This is like a fairy peach, which is called forgotten.
    This is the eagle spreading its wings. The middle part of the eagle is the head of the eagle. The peaks on both sides are the wings that spread out.
    The country of Longquan is victorious, and Mao Gongyu is lying on the peak.
    The Luhu Lake falls into the water, and the Kashima flying red bee is wrapped around the butterfly.
    Weihu Xiong Pan Baodi, Yutan Xuanwu hangs the sky.
    The waterfall curtain is unrecognized in the past, and the moon mirror has a dream circle.
     Hangshuilou Waterfall
    The Hangshuilou Waterfall is the most famous landscape of Jingbo Lake. At the entrance is the four characters of “Jiaobo Shengjing” inscribed by Deng Xiaoping.
    The Hangshuilou Waterfall, also known as the Jingbo Lake Waterfall, is located in the southwest of Ning’an County, Heilongjiang Province. The lower waterhole is 60 meters deep and is called “Black Dragon Pool”. Hangshuilou Waterfall, the ancient name of the indigenous people, is located at the northern end of the lake, only three kilometers away from Jingbo Mountain Villa. From the “Jingbo Mountain Villa” by car, along a mountain road, you can reach the cold restaurant “Huguang Pavilion” at the foot of Longquan Mountain.
    From the “Lake Light Pavilion” into the winding path of Panshan, through the “Flying Hongqiao” suspended on the rapids, and then through a green corridor with branches and leaves, a simple and elegant hexagonal pavilion will appear in front of you.
    The waterfall is like the world-famous “Niagara Falls”. The lake is rolling, roaring and pouring down on the lava bed. It is like a thousand horses rushing to the deep pool, flying down from the broken rock cliff. , into the round acupoints. The splash of water in the pool is like a cloud, and it is like a cloud of snow.
    The Hangshuilou Waterfall is the first waterfall in China. The general width of the waterfall is more than 40 meters and the drop is 12 meters. Or flood during the rainy season, waterfall presents two shares or shares fall again and again, with a total width up to 200 meters. In the dry season of winter, the waterfall will disappear. On the lava bed, many caves of varying sizes, which are formed by the erosion of the lava block that has been hit by the perennial water, can be found. The mountains here, the water here, and the three sisters who are gentle and affectionate in the wind, infiltrate and infect every person who comes here to make them disappear and fascinated at first sight. In the spring breeze, if you bloom like you, how can you not let people hang around?
    Jingbo Lake is formed by the blockage of Mudanjiang, so its shape still retains the characteristics of some rivers, like a wide and narrow ribbon, embedded in the mountains. The upstream water enters, and the effluent can flow downstream through the waterfall of the Hangshui Building. The river water rushes out from the crack of the fracture, and the waterfall of the Hangshui Building is formed. The waterfall is surrounded by black volcanic rocks. Due to the erosion of the falling water, the bottom of the waterfall forms a circular pool with a diameter of 70 meters and a depth of 60 meters. The waterfall slid down and the waves splashed, and the momentum was thunderous.
    The Black Dragon Pool is a place where the waterfalls of the Hangshui Building fly down. After the lava tunnel collapses, the water of the Jingbo Lake falls from the section of the lava tunnel. The pond is 32 meters deep and has a circular shape with a maximum diameter of more than 100 meters. Its southern, western and northern parts are black basalt cliffs with a height of 12–14 meters. The east side is a gap. From here, the water flows into the Mudanjiang River. Clear, more fish, winter, the pool is not frozen, the water temperature is about 8 degrees Celsius.
    In Jingbo Lake, there is a creator of the world’s Guinness record, Di Huanran is the world’s highest waterfall diving first!
     Jingbo Canyon
    Jingbo Canyon in Jingpo Lake scenic spot north gate, hanging water floor waterfall at the village of Hom, close to Crater National Forest Park, inside the Korean folk customs village-based, you can experience Korean customs, see characteristics of ancient Korean , bridges, tower and enjoy the unique Korean dance.
    The Red Arrow Gate is one of the Korean totems. Because there are two red arrows inlaid on the shield, it is called the Red Arrow Gate. The Red Arrow Gate was originally used by the Korean people to hang on the gates or beams of temples, palaces, etc., to prevent evil from invading their homes. Walking into the Red Arrow Gate today, it has eliminated the evil invasion, but also contaminated the aura and blessing of the canyon.
    “Old people backwaters”: Korean women are hard-working and hard-working. They are the most important and important labor force of a family. This is the truest portrayal of Korean women.
    The houses that the Koreans used to live in, built of mud and hay.
    This is the Rainbow Falls, not seen.
    Looking at the pillar in the middle, you can hear the echo as you approach a little bit.
    You can take a photo of North Korean special clothing for free. My set also let my mom wear it, and I still have the taste of North Korea.
     Day 5
    Life is a journey full of unknowns, care about the scenery along the way, care about the mood of the scenery, travel will not end because of the beautiful scenery. The road that has passed has become the landscape behind it. You can’t go back and can’t stay. If you stay at this moment, you will miss the better scenery, keep a peace, and keep a clear mind. Enjoy the feeling of every moment, appreciate the scenery of every place, travel for a short time, and life for a long time.
    Goed to a different place and saw noThe same scenery, I knew different things and realized different life. At night, with the friction of the railroad tracks, the train ran for a while, and I finally said the last sentence.
    All the endings have been written
    All the tears have also started.
    I suddenly forgot how it started.
    In that ancient summer that is no longer coming back
    No matter how I go to recover
    Young you are just like a cloud
    And your smiling face is extremely shallow
    Gradually hidden in the group after sunset
    遂Open the yellowed title page
    Destiny binds it very poorly
    With tears, I read it again and I have to admit it.
    Youth is a book of Taicang
    I am Lin Haishui.
    After 90 girls walking on the road

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