Drunk driving a thousand miles of Ximeng, indulging grassland grazing Hongxia

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    I have brothers, I have horses, and send you and others to go to the world; I have him, there are horses, indulge in grassland grazing red clouds… The grasslands and horses have become synonymous with the freedom and romance of men and women, remember Joe The biggest squat of Feng and Aju is to go hunting outside the horse, and the grazing cows are sheep. It is a love and hate that is far away from the rivers and lakes.
    Although I have no martial arts and no Azhu, I am much more fortunate than him. I can follow a group of interesting people. In the thousands of miles of grassland, I believe in horses and horses. We can let the waves go, and we will make clothes on the grass and blue sky. Back to the Mongolians; we can encounter the “double” rainbow, the starry sky, the chasing red glow in the “Wolf Totem” shooting…
    Graphic copyright: @枫子大叔 WX :XingZe_Feng Equipment: Nikon D810 24-70mm
     Ulagai grassland
     East Ujimqin Banner
    table of Contents
    First, landing Ximeng, clear mutton
    Second, neon playing the piano, Hongxia Zema
    Third, the clouds are green, the wind hears love
    Fourth, the grass on the fight, the flower fights
    Five, milking and killing sheep, under the stars
    Sixth, the sky, the road away from the song
    Seven, accommodation and shopping, travel tips
     First, landing Ximeng, clear mutton
    In order to love the grassland, even if the road is far away, it will go to the appointment as scheduled. I rushed to Quanzhou Airport at 5 am and transferred to Tianjin Wei. I didn’t land at Xilinhot Airport until 6 pm. Walking out of the hatch and touching the cool breeze and white clouds, the whole person immediately felt comfortable.
     Xilinhot Airport
    The first meal of the landing Ximeng naturally begins with the authentic mutton mutton. The water in the “Ximeng Lamb, Clear Water 锅” pot comes from the deep well drinking water, without any addition, using the traditional hot pot to pull out the Ujumqin grassland scorpion sheep The true taste of the taste buds is not felt in the Mainland.
    There is also an interesting legend about the origin of mutton mutton: When Kublai Khan came to the south, one day he told his men to kill the sheep and burn the fire to make home dishes – clear stewed lamb, just as the gangs slaughtered the sheep and cut the meat, the horses reported that the enemy was approaching. The hungry and unbearable Kublai Khan ordered the troops to open and shouted “Musk! Lamb!” The chef knew that his temperament was violent, so he was in a hurry, and he cut a dozen pieces of thin meat into a boiling water, and the bowl was caught in the bowl. In the middle, sprinkle with green salt. Kublai had even eaten a few bowls and turned the horse to the army to meet the enemy. The result was a victory. At the celebration feast, Kublai specially ordered the piece of lamb and gave it the name “涮羊肉”.
     Second, neon playing the piano, Hongxia Zema
    At eight or nine o’clock, Xilinhot has been shining brightly and even a bit of sun. The first stop of today’s itinerary was placed in the landmark building of Xilinhot, Beizi Temple. Founded in 1743, the Beizi Temple is one of the four temples in Inner Mongolia. It is also a treasure house of Buddhist culture in Xilin Gol League. In the heyday, the resident lama remained in the thousand or more. It is known as the “Northern Famous Temple”.
     Beizi Temple
     Beizi Temple
    After several disasters, the existing Beizi Temple has not been in the past, but the local social politics, commercial economy, religious culture, and Mongolian and Tibetan medical research all have the history of Beizi Temple and become an important part of the local and surrounding historical heritage. Carrier.
     Beizi Temple
     Beizi Temple
    Behind the Bezi Temple is the famous Erdun Thirteen Baoshan in the local area. The 13 large and small bags are lined up on the top of the mountain. It is very spectacular. The bag is an important sacrificial carrier of the Mongolian people. The symbol of worshipping the gods is mostly made up of stones or sand. Every year, various activities are held.
     Beizi Temple
    The Sulu ingots erected next to the bag are also very eye-catching. It is the symbol and patron of Mongolia and the symbol of the god of war. When the Sulu ingot of Genghis Khan pointed to where, the place will be played.
     Beizi Temple
    One thing I can’t miss when I came to Ximeng is to listen to a matouqin performance. In Qi Baoligao International Matouqin College, I heard a lot of heart-shaped matouqin songs, especially when Jiuqin played, the horses galloping The shock is so eye-popping.
    In fact, I am a six-tone incomplete person who is not very keen on music, but there are two kinds of instruments that can always touch my nerves, one is a mole, the other is a matouqin. I think Matouqin is really a very spiritual instrument, because as long as it is ringing, you can bring you back to the vast grassland wherever you are. The deep and ethereal sound is not sad, sad but melodious, as if it is a dialogue between the Mongolian people and the longevity. The tone of the high and low voices is passionate, vigorous and powerful, as powerful as a horse.
    The curly-haired man led by Qi Bao Ligao’s eldest son, Qi Burigud, previously worked as a music professor at the National University of Tokyo, and now returns to the grassland to assist his father’s matouqin education.
    At the end of the performance, when we walked out of the hall, we were fortunate enough to meet Mr. Qi Bao Ligao, the hall-level figure in Ma Tauqin, who created 80% of the world’s matouqin music. He is also a descendant of the great son of Genghis Khan. The Qi Bao Ligao International Matouqin Academy, which was founded by him, is the only professional institution of Matouqin in the country and the whole world. Mr. Qi Baoli Gao, who regards Matouqin as life, now puts most of his energy into Matouqin. In heritage and education, this is a truly respectable master.
    A raid of the shower disrupted the rhythm of our competing photo with Mr. Qi Baoli, and had to rush to the next stop in the car. But we are lucky again, because the sky has a wonderful double rainbow, I can’t remember the last time I saw the double rainbow. It seems that it is very far away, farther than the year when the love sin was opened, maybe It is the sorrow that lives in the “besieged city”. Simply find a place to stop the car, and watch it gradually disappear as you drizzle.
    Good things are sometimes double, and they are once again on the road dozens of kilometers away. I know which clouds are shaded for me. I know which clouds are raining for me, but I don’t know which clouds sent me “doubles”. The little rainbow is fortunate!
    When the sun was hitting the Sulu ingot, I came to the Phoenix Horse Farm as the Mongolian horse film and television photography creation base of “Madu Xilin Gol, China”. There are more than 200 Mongolian horses of various colors attracting old masters and fans from all over the country to enjoy and create. Wanma Pentium’s visual feast. In addition, the horse farm also created several theme photography tours with prairie wolves, grassland bactrian camels and swans. It is a pity that there is no time to experience this time.
    The grassland is the hometown of the geese, and it is the place where the hero is on the horse. Because of the grassland, the horse has the battlefield of the Mercedes; because of the horse, the grassland has a life-like movement; because of the grassland and the horse, the hero can The whip is played once and for all; in this way, the grasslands, horses, and heroes always appear in the same box.The happy horse screamed in the clouds, and the mighty Mongolian man flew on the grass.
    When the shackled horse rushed to the empty grassland, the restless little universe began to erupt completely. For a time, the dusty flies and swallowed the mountain and river. The well-trained Wrangler waved the horse-drawn poles to show their posture and posture. The sound of hoofs came from time to time, and the whole picture was intertwined with the evening glow, which was more shocking than many film and television works.
    Sun Shu, who is wearing a military green jacket, is a living treasure of our trip. Everyone laughs and calls him a “post-90s”. Sun Shu, who has passed the flower, once worked in Ximeng for many years and became a educated youth. Living fossils, more than a local Mongolian people, understand the history, culture and changes of this grassland; because of Sun Shu, I also learned a lot about the grassland throughout the trip, such as identifying the owner according to the shape, color and size of the yurt. Which flag, economic level and family population belong to it is a journey of grassland science.
    I have brothers, I have horses, and send you and others to go to the world; I have him, there are horses, indulge in grassland grazing red clouds… The grasslands and horses have become synonymous with the freedom and romance of men and women, remember Joe The biggest trick of Feng and Aju is to report the father’s hatred. Both of them go hunting outside the horse, and the cows are grazing, and they are far away from the rivers and lakes. It’s a pity notSome flowers can produce results. Under the rainy night, we broke the dream weaved for a long time.
    Although the fruit of the same person grows in the seaside of Dalian, I always feel that she is carrying the blood of the grassland, especially when wearing the Mongolian robes. It is simply a princess of the prairie, and some of the grasshoppers in this grassland can always marry her. Tears are full of tears.
    The end of Hongxia, the night falls, and the yurt next to the racecourse opens a gala dinner.
    Chewing the meat and then a few cups of the prairie king, the wine is smashing, under the encouragement of everyone, the street lamp brother holds the “Prairie Microphone”, and uses the 婉 迁回回+Constipation singing method to perfectly interpret a Tengger’s “Paradise”. Listening to the Mongolian 獒 哈 哈 旁边 , , I think that what it wants to sing at this time should be Pan Yibo’s “My Microphone”.
     Third, the clouds are green, the wind hears love
    The showers of the previous two days not only brought a double rainbow, but also brought the transparent weather of the clouds and low sky blue. From the Xilinhot city to the West Ujimqin Banner, the scenery of the grassland is full of people. The Xiwuzhumuqin grassland is not only the cradle of the Mongolian fighting, but also one of the four grasslands in the world, the typical area of ​​the Xilin Gol grassland. It is the only region that gathers nine types of grasslands in Inner Mongolia, and it is also the most complete preserve of Mongolian cultural practices. Area.
    After driving more than 180 kilometers, it arrived at the Guzhe Getai National Nature Reserve, the most typical and complete forest and grassland ecosystem in the southern Daxinganling Mountains. It is known as the “plant kingdom, animals”. Paradise.”
    Beautiful birch forest, I sing for you; the rotating red flower blooms quietly. The Baihualin Scenic Area is the leader in the protected area, attracting people to get off the bus and set the love of white birch in the lush world of light and shadow.
    The remote Luhai Rihan Mountain, also known as the Banla Mountain, looks like a mountain with a big knife. It has a gentle slope on one side and a cliff on the other side. It is very three-dimensional under the oblique sunlight. Legend has it that the ancestors took half of the mountain for the source of drinking water and attracted the Balagar River.
    Although the mountain is not high, it is also a little harder to get up in Mongolian gowns. When you reach the top of the mountain, it is already sweaty and out of breath. From the top of the mountain, you can see the vast grasslands around you, and the bushes and horses and sheep that grow along the river at the foot of the mountain. Unfortunately, this year’s grassland drought, the Balagar River, the Golden Lotus, there is not much water, so there is a little bit of the eye-catching color.
    Yuner slowly climbed up the hill. The horse still looked down and couldn’t help but whisper to the grass, but was overheard by the wind. Now the entire grassland knows our little secrets.
    Down the mountain with the setting sun, the original road turns back and keeps going in the direction of the sunset. The intoxicating sunset hits everybody’s face through the window, accompanied by cheerful music and a piece of driving that is inconsistent, and runs freely to the next place.
    Mongolia Khan is a comprehensive entertainment venue focusing on Mongolian folk culture, entertainment and grassland tourism. The overall layout is based on the Khan City, which was enshrined in the Genghis Khan, and is centered on the Golden Summit. A variety of yurt groups. Every day at noon and evening, there are classical Mongolian folk songs and dances. In the afternoon, there are wrestling, horse racing, horse riding, camel riding, and a bonfire evening singing and dancing performance.
    The old Lele car flashed golden light in the sunset, and the music of the dinner was already played in the golden top of the book. The song and dance appeared in the Mongolian nationality – the whole lamb.
    Roasted whole lamb is a traditional dish for Mongolians to entertain guests. When they are on the table, they use a large wooden plate to make the sheep flat in the pan. A red ribbon is attached to the neck of the sheep to show the auspiciousness and grandeur. Before the meal, a certain ceremony will be held. Sing a hymn, recite a message from the whole sheep.
     Fourth, the grass on the fight, the flower fights
    At that time, a “Wolf Totem” fired all over the country, and it also ignited the hearts of countless people who yearn for the grasslands, and I finally set foot on the filming site of the Ula Gai grassland today. Uraghe Prairie is the worldThe best preserved natural grassland is known as the “Tianbian Grassland”, and there is a good mood no matter when you go out.
    The fallen grassland of the fallen world has already been colored, and you only need to wear a white shirt to look good. Uh huh, although not often in the travel po self-timer, but does not mean that you are not narcissistic.
    I am from the mountains, the most sloppy; the blue sky and the blue sky, half borrowed me as a shirt. Put on the cloak of the grassland, driving in the grassland of the rain and rain, my eyes are almost not pulled out of the frame, pressing the shutter without hesitation, greedily want to put the grassland into the memory card.
    The Wulagai Reservoir is a beautiful place, but I am not happy because the completion of the reservoir means that the downstream river water has been intercepted, and the ecological negative impact is difficult to estimate. Not only these, some people are always obsessed with short-term interests, and some people have been sorrowful for the ecological protection of the grasslands. This once again confirms Holderlin’s verse, “The reason for turning people into hell is precisely people. Trying to turn it into a paradise.”
    These years, the face of the grassland has changed a lot. Sun Shu is deeply touched. The grassland in his memory is a hundred times more beautiful than the one in front of me. I can’t imagine what the grassland that has already surprised me will be beautiful. ? I can only sketch the grassland full of flowers according to the description of Sun Shu in my mind. Suddenly I thought that ten years later, when I came back to the grassland, I wondered if I could see this scene. This is actually a matter of serious thinking.
    The town of Wulagai is the seat of a certain section of the Inner Mongolia Construction Corps. It is also an educated youth to the countryside. The movie “Wolf Totem” is also in this picture. Although the original era of educated youth has passed, the movements of going to the countryside and going to the countryside are gone forever, but the surrounding limestone walls, passionate slogans and propaganda paintings have all fallen into the mark of history. Now it has been developed into a small scenic spot. If you have an educated plot, you can come here to experience it.
    The Wulagai River, which originated in Daxing’anling, is the largest inland river in Inner Mongolia, and Jiuqu Bay is its most winding river. For the first time, I knew that Jiuqu Bay was on the stamps of primary school students. The stamp of 800 points was printed on the scenery of Jiuqu Bay: the silver “Hada” of the nine-legged ileum was scattered on the green field, and there was still a different side. Color horse.
    After arriving at the scenic spot, Sun Shu told us that only the aerial photography can see the momentum of the nine songs. Even if the riverside high point is on the high mountain, it is impossible to see the whole picture. It is a pity to hear this. At this moment, I am really envious of the small aerial camera. partner.
    The silent grass is littered with cattle and sheep, and the two men in the restless sky compete for girls! I can’t make an aerial photography, but we can’t influence the drama. We add an informal fight to ourselves. At that time, Genghis Khan completely annihilated the once-old enemy, the Tatar Ministry. Today, two men dressed in Mongolian robes are coming to a hard battle. Whoever wins can take the red girl!
    芍药谷, because the valley is full of peony flowersIn the middle and late June of each year, the season of peony flowers blooms, and the flowering period is 15 to 20 days. During the period, the pink peony and white peony in the mountains are open to the public, which is very beautiful. Because time is not sure, when I arrived at the peony valley, it was already half past seven. I saw that the sun was going to fall, and I couldn’t wait to hesitate. I ran along the boardwalk, and I came to an emergency stop from time to time.
    I propped up the little white ship and drifted in the green sea; I chased the little white clouds that I loved until I disappeared into the red hills.
    The people who worked hard were lucky. I climbed to the hills in the last few minutes before the end of the scene. At the moment when I was at the top of the mountain, I didn’t know why I suddenly burst into tears. Maybe I am a tearful and affectionate person. .
    The beautiful face, the colorful clothes, the beautiful sunset, the beautiful grassland gathers again and again, the warm light flows slowly in the heart, and the scenery of the drug valley gives me an endless aftertaste.
     Five, milking and killing sheep, under the stars
    Sour milk is one of the traditional dairy products of the nomadic people of the North. It not only has high nutritional value but also a variety of health care functions. The Mongolian people have been drinking sour milk for more than 2,000 years. So today we deliberately come to the herdsmen to watch the process of making horse milk and sour milk.
    The horse’s milk production is far less than that of a large cow. On average, only 3 liters of milk is produced a day. Herders usually milk at around 10 am and 3 pm.
    The traditional brewing method of sour horse milk is not difficult. Pour the fresh horse milk filtered, sterilized and cooled into the fermentation tank and stir it. After stirring, ferment for 5 hours, then stir, and so on, the temperature in the fermentation tank. It is kept at around 15°-20°. Because of the different stirring and fermentation time, the taste of sour milk is different. This is also the key point of sour milk production.
    Next to the milk shed, I found a cute little pony who kept using the overhead door. Later, I realized that it was hungry and wanted to eat milk. When we were rushing to feed the pony, the herders told us that it was actually a bit. Orphans, the mother died on the night of her birth, and everyone couldn’t help but feel sorry for it. I don’t know if it will be bullied on this racecourse.
    After tasting the horse milk, drive to the nearby Urias Taishan. “Uriasta” is a transliteration of Mongolian, meaning “poplar tree”. Urias is a place where local herdsmen respect each other. At an altitude of 1050 meters, it is a magical mountain that rises on the grassland. I don’t know why the scenic spots developed in the area are now deserted and unmanaged.
    After going down the mountain, we came to the herdsmen to enjoy the whole feast. In the evening, we will open the banquet of the whole sheep in this yurt. It is worth mentioning here that unlike the customary wiping method in the Mainland, Inner Mongolia has a unique way of killing sheep – the chest method. This method kills the sheep. When the sheep died, because of the painful period, it was scared and the death speed was fast. Therefore, the muscles of the sheep were stretched, the blood was thoroughly discharged, and the blood smell was small, and the tenderness of the lamb was maintained to the utmost extent. (In view of the audience’s feelings, the picture is skipped here)
    “The most beautiful scenery is on the road, the most beautiful you are definitely on the road.” This is a phrase that I often hang on my lips. I found a chronological red car not far from the yurt, in the green grass and the sunset. Against the backdrop of the eye-catching! In this way, we took turns to start a car model to shoot a large block.
    Usually I rarely take selfies, because you all know, I am very handsome (sao).
    The best photographer in the roast lamb industry, the best roast lamb master in the photography circle – Huang Laoqi, vicissitudes of life.
    When you come to the grassland, you don’t touch the lamb, and you are said to be allergic to the long-legged three-family. When you play, you always bring your own fashion BGM.
    The dawn of the evening glow, but also fixed our smile, walking with interesting, cool people, really a very interesting thing!
    I don’t know if it is because there are a few small partners returning tomorrow, and this evening everyone is very happy with the songs and dances. My brother and the two chorus singers “The River of the Father’s Prairie Mother” made us feel the deep brotherhood and the grassland, and even the owner’s whole happiness was also infected by our atmosphere. song.
    The moment I walked out of the yurts, I was stunned by the stars that fell into the sea at the top of my head. Everything seemed like a illusion flashing into my heart. A few seconds later, a chill brought me back to reality, and I got it in my hand.
    If you don’t say anything, hurry to the car and take a tripod to starry the sky. To be honest, this is actually my first time shooting the stars, and I have no experience at all. Thanks to the instructions of the old seven and Jane. Since I don’t have a wide-angle lens, I can’t spell photos. Unfortunately, I can’t shoot the entire “Galaxy Arch”, only one-third of its appearance.
     Sixth, the sky, the road away from the song
    The Ujumqin Museum consists of two floors. The building is like a huge yurt. The museum displays the social, political, custom, and living habits of the local people. Here is a quick understanding of the grassland culture. A great place for herders to live.
    Ujimou smoked leather gown is made of yoghurt, made with a special scraper and smoked with autumn cow dung, so it has the characteristics of waterproof, anti-mite, anti-fouling and long-wearing, beautiful and generous. Practical value and aesthetic cultural value. Due to his skillful craftsmanship, long duration, and cumbersome stepsThe technical difficulty is high, and the traditional craftsmanship has been high for many years. Therefore, the number of people who have made Wuzhumuyu smoked leather gowns has become less and less. In 2009, they were listed in the second batch of autonomous region-level intangible cultural heritage.
    Located 90 kilometers southwest of Dongwuqi, Ejimaer Salt Lake is famous for its crystal clear, delicious and delicious Daqing salt. It is one of the three major salt fields in Inner Mongolia. In Mongolian, Eji and Muir are the meanings of mothers and lakes respectively, because there are inexhaustible salts here, they are collected today, and they will be restored to their original state tomorrow, just like the mother’s milk, raising the grassland people from generation to generation. Therefore, it was called “Egjiur” by the locals.
    Due to the drought this year, the nearby mother river has a lot less water, but there are still many birds and beasts. Thank you for giving me the fruit of the enemy’s rear martial arts team.
    The Ejikur Salt Lake is like a illusion in the sun.
    On the hill that went to the site of the Wugan Wutai site, the tires of the brothers were tied, and after repairing the spare tires, the speed behind them could not exceed 80 miles. The blame for the blessings, perhaps because of these delays, on the way back to Xilinhot, we met the most beautiful sunset of this trip.
    Twilight played the movement of the grassland road, the camel bell scorned the poetry of the prodigal son… There was a moment when the whole carriage was quiet, and we wanted to go all the way and continue to the far end without end.
    Finally, with the sentence of the street lamp brother, “Gathering is a fire, scattered with the stars”, the little stars scattered in the north and south of the sea will always be in love with these days on the road, because our hearts already have Some of them are stationed in the grasslands.
     Seven, accommodation and shopping, travel tips
    (1) Route arrangement:
    D1: Xilinhot City, Chunhui Copper Pot, Meat, Suyuan and Jianguo Hotel
    D2: Beizi Temple, National Customs Street, Qi Baoligao International Matouqin College, Xilinhot Phoenix Horse Farm
    D3: Xilinhot City→Xiwuzhumuqi Banner Ancient Rigstai National Nature Reserve (Baihualin Scenic Area), Harbin Luhai Rihan Mountain, Mongolian Khan City, Suwuzhumuyu Hotel
    D4: Xiwuzhumuqi Banner → Wulagai Wulagai Reservoir, Wulagai Corps Town, Jiuqu Bay, Yaoyao Valley, Su Wulai Guest House
    D5: Wulagai→Dongwuzhumuqi Banner Herdsmen’s family squeezed horse milk, Urias Taishan, herdsmen’s yurts full sheep feast, Sujiayu Hotel
    D6: Dongwuzhumuqi Banner→ Xilinhot City Wuzhumuyu Museum, Ejimur Salt Lake, Qiangan Wutai Site, Suyuan and Jianguo Hotel
    D7: Return
    If you want to be lazy, you need a complete Polo Tour map to mark the route of the baby can be private.
    (2) Food:
    I didn’t study food, I think it is necessary to say: When you have a variety of lambs for a week, you will have a scent of sheep. Putting a fart is the shape of a sheep! o(╯□╰)o
    Wuzhumu 沁 fat tail sheep is known as “the world’s first sheep”, so the food of Ximeng is mostly related to various mutton and dairy products, such as roasted whole lamb, hand-picked meat, mutton mutton, lamb kebab, lamb patties, Local specialties such as sour milk, milk skin, and Mongolian fruit. Perhaps because of the taste, my personal favorite is this toffee milk tofu.
    (3) Su:
    Ximeng’s accommodation reception has been perfected, with high, medium and low grades and special yurts. Some scenic spots also provide accommodation such as Mongolian Khan. 6,7,8 is the tourist season, as far as possible in advance, can be booked in the Ant Cell Hotel area.
    Our stays in these days are all business hotels, namely Yuanhe Jianguo Hotel, Wuzhumuyu Hotel, Wulagai Guest House, Jiayu Hotel, the price is hundreds, and it is cheaper than the mainland.
    (4) Line:
    Big traffic:
    Xilinhot Airport has direct flights to Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Hohhot, and other cities need to transit.
    Xilinhot Railway Station has K-head trains to Erlianhot, Hohhot, Tongliao and Manzhouli. It takes a long time.
    The Xilinhot Bus Station has buses to cities such as Beijing and Hohhot. The journey is also long and is not recommended.
    Small traffic:
    The attractions of Xilin Gol League are scattered and have a certain distance, so traveling here is the most suitable for self-driving, so that you can go deep into the hinterland of the grassland, and the trip will be relatively free. There is also a car rental service in the local area, which can be found on a certain treasure.
    (5) Purchase:
    Most of Ximeng’s handicrafts are carried out by men and three artists. There is a “national customs street” near the Beizi Temple in the city. There are many products that produce and sell Mongolian traditional features, as well as Mongolian robes.
    I personally prefer leather painting and small saddle. The leather painting is a series of craftsmanship, such as special high-quality cowhide, specially painted, colored, layered, polished, shaped, semi-embossed, and so on. Finished, very valuable for viewing and collection.
    Thank you for appreciation, repairing, code words are not easy, please respect the original —– @枫子大叔 WX :XingZe_Feng

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