Entering the future world, dreaming back to childhood

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About the scenic spot
    The “Hongyang Happy World” project has a total of nearly 30 international first-class amusement equipment, including the highest Ferris wheel in the “Yangtze River Delta” area of ​​116 meters. The “Hongyang Star” stands here. The length of the motorcycle roller coaster from the Netherlands is nearly one kilometer, and the speed of over 100 kilometers per hour is the highest in the country. 23 world-class rides such as the Torrent 4D Cinema are here. The whole happy world is composed of Rainbow Harbor Happy Sunshine Dream Castle and Mars Joy Garden Video Game Center Parent-child Paradise Children’s Professional Experience Center. The project facilities of each park represent different wonderful.
     About the author
    I like to share my travel experience with you. As long as you have patience, I would like to tell you all the stories on the road.
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    Walking on the road, recording pictures with the pictures
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     Luggage equipment
    【Pack your bags】
    1, change clothes, short sleeves, shirts
    2, various types of documents
    3, toiletries
    4, insert board
    5, mobile power
    [Photographic equipment]
    1, the fuselage Sony a7m2, a6300
    2, lens 16-35, 70-200, 28
    3, related accessories: tripod, medium gray gradient mirror, light reduction mirror, CPL polarizer, battery
    4. Dajiang Mavic Pro UAV
    5, small ant 4K sports camera
     Practical strategy
    1. Scenic spots Due to safety concerns, individual handbags, parcels or other items may not be allowed to enter the park. Bags larger than 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm are not allowed to enter the park. During peak hours, other wheeled suitcases may not be allowed to enter the park.
    2. Smoking is prohibited in the park except for designated smoking areas (including tobacco, electronic cigarettes, and other products that generate smoke)
    3. Visitors take various rides according to the specific rules of the park (such as height restrictions, physical health restrictions, age restrictions, etc.)
    4. Every visitor to the park will wear a bracelet, which is a voucher for the day’s play project.
    5. It is recommended to make a play plan based on the waiting time and opening time of the ride.
    6. The opening hours of the park are shown below.
    8. The park tour map is as follows
    Address: No. 48, North Bridge Road, Pukou District, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
    The nearest distance to Hongyang Future World is Liuzhou East Road and Tianrun City Station on Metro Line 3, about 2 kilometers.
    The closest transportation to Hongyang Future World is Nanjing Station.
    By car, you can use the navigation to set the destination of Hongyang Future World.
     Food recommendation
    Hongyang Future World is located in the business district of Hongyang Plaza, so in addition to play, you can taste food and shopping.
    1, the home of the sauce treasure
    If it is a parent-child or a couple to play, it is very recommended to go to the sauce treasure home to order a popular dessert, Xiao Yan for a while.
    The Sauce House is a soft luxury brand of soft European bags and teas. It is based on the theme of exploration, and it is the brand’s spokesperson. The popular concept of the planet is the main space. The elements create a refined and interesting current space, with a warm light color as the main tone, creating a simple, clean, colorful and stylish space.
    Sauce treasure planet series –
    The bread of the face value bursts, it is eye-catching! With fresh seasonal fruits and smooth and refreshing fillings, every bite is a surprise!
    Bobo series –
    Natural red yeast powder, matcha powder, and pumpkin powder are used instead of unhealthy pigments. The bread meets Q soft pearls, and the taste makes people forget to return. It is the favorite of adults and children!
    In addition to these usual red and dirty bags that we usually mention, there are people like me who like chocolate and can’t walk.
    The net red dirty dirty tea is fresh milk with handmade brown sugar and QQ pearls to enjoy multiple levels, sweet but not greasy.
    2. Past events of the Republic of China
    Regardless of the style of decoration or eating habits, the past of the Republic of China is quite representative of Nanjing cuisine. In the decoration is a very style of the Republic of China, the unique menu is also imitating the style of the old newspapers of the Republic of China.
    The rickshaws and cheongsams, as well as the movie screening rooms, are all experiential projects. While enjoying the food, you can also experience the feeling of crossing the Republic of China.
    There is nothing to say on the dishes, and the taste is authentic Nanjing cooking techniques.
    The style of the plate is also very particular, the weight is very sufficient and refined
    3, downwind 123
    Shunfeng 123 is a restaurant with a taste of Sichuan cuisine, so you can taste authentic Sichuan cuisine in the southern city.
    The whole dish looks hot, but the pepper is very crispy after the oil.
    If you like to eat spicy, like the taste of Sichuan, recommend it here.
    4, Niu Kehuang hot pot
    Niu Kehuang Beef Hot Pot is a hot pot restaurant based on freshly cut beef. With the hot pot more and more popular in recent years, all kinds of hot pots of all tastes are available.
    Niu Kee Huang is a national chain of hot pot restaurants. Whether it is service or dishes, it is definitely the best of this kind of beef hot pot.
    Every table will have a waiter to help you with the shabu-shabu. The meat quality of each part of the fresh-cut beef is different, so it is especially exquisite in the shabu-shabu.
     Accommodation recommendation
    This stay hotel is located in Hongyang Hotel next to the park, very close to the hotel, 2 minutes walk to Hongyang future world.
    Quiet environment, although very close to Hongyang Square, there is no noise.
    Large floor-to-ceiling windows, where you can see the Ferris wheel in the park.
    The decoration style uses the more popular simple style, and the facilities are all available, whether it is for play or business.
    The dry and wet separation of the bathroom can better remove the tiredness of a day of play.
     Start playing
    I am used to the fast-paced life in the city, and I keep forgetting the fun of childhood. When I came to the future world of Hongyang, the kind of childhood play that I had in my heart was seduce.
    The future world of Hongyang is divided into indoor and outdoor areas. The outdoor side is more exciting, and the indoors are more suitable for parent-child play.
     Outdoor park
    The UFO, the first project to come to the park, was really a small project at first, and it felt that the shape of this arc was not enough.
    At most, I think it is like a pirate ship, but after I sit up, I regret it. No matter whether it will rotate in the arc, and it will rotate faster, I feel what is spinning in the moment.
    The brave adventure is a water-stimulation project. The form is roughly the torrent of strength that we often say. The cruise ship travels in a fixed path, and the mechanical drop is used to complete the instantaneous drop and the tension.
    When the ship reaches the highest point, it will enter the rockery, the light is darker, adding a tense atmosphere to the rapid decline.
    It is important to note that when the project is experienced, water will spill on the boat and care should be taken to protect the shoes from getting wet.
    More attention should be paid to avoid the appearance of pit teammates. If the raincoat is torn off, it will be miserable. Don’t ask me how I know, because I was the one who was pitted by my teammates…
    The big pendulum is said to be an upgraded version of the pirate ship. The super weight loss is matched with the rotation and thrills. Personally think that it is a very suitable project to release stress. When all the people who ride the project are in a thrilling cry, you will also shout out and release it.
    If you want to choose the most exciting project in the entire park, the non-space simulator is the only one. The swinging of the three different parts made me feel agitated while standing on the side.
    The level of stimulation is much higher than that of the big pendulum and roller coaster. It is recommended to challenge.
    The Ferris wheel has long been known as a symbol of love and romance. When the Ferris wheel reaches its highest point, if you kiss with a lover, you will always go on. This is probably why the Ferris wheel has been sought after.
    Legend has it that every box in the Ferris wheel is filled with happiness. When we look up at the Ferris wheel, we are looking up to happiness, how high happiness is, and how high the Ferris wheel is.
    The Ferris wheel of the future world also has a love-themed car, which is filled with various love letters, making people feel romantic. However, there are not many cars of this type. If you want to take a ride, you can communicate with the staff in advance.
    On a hot summer day, don’t worry about the car being hot, every car is air-conditioned, very comfortable, and the car is very technical, each car has its own Bluetooth audio, you can choose to connect your own phone, listen A music that you like, and the car’s lighting is colorful, you can set it to your favorite color, and the evening ride is more flavorful. In addition, the table can also be electrically lifted and lowered, which is very user-friendly.
    In addition to these, there are some leisure projects such as bumper cars and carousels.
     Indoor paradise
    The indoor park is divided into two levels, focusing on parent-child play, which is slightly less exciting than outdoor. The second floor is relatively strong in technology and entertainment.
    The 360 ​​theater at the entrance is a 3D film with the theme of “Bird Uncle”, which is carefully crafted by the Korean team. The 360° wrap-around curtain transforms the world into a “bird uncle”.
    In the future world, you can completely watch the dream of the uncle, and experience a happy fantasy journey with the uncle.
    The intricate red track in the interior is the most stimulating motorbike roller coaster in the indoor project. The roller coaster is a catapult roller coaster, and the seat is made of motorcycle, which makes you feel more thrilled.
    The momentary pushback is extremely experiential, with a speed of up to 100 km/h, which is as exciting as any roller coaster.
    Special reminder is that this project has strict control over the age of children, and each time it takes, it takes 15 minutes to cool down. If you want to experience it multiple times, you can plan your time.
    A wide variety of indoor projects can be enough for the fun of parent-child experience, greatly increasing the intimacy between parents and children.
    The VR experience area on the second floor makes HTC VIVE VR glasses that have been great for fun. The VR skiing, high-altitude cycling and zombies are as good as any real project, especially The high-altitude cycling project, from the top of the building through the glass plank road through the roof of another high-rise building, to visit down, more than 100 meters high, the peers of the peers scared open mouth.
    In addition, like horse riding, the car is a combination of real-world simulation props and screen display to enhance the experience.
    One of the corridors on the second floor is also equipped with interactive projection technology. The graffiti-printed instruments will sound the corresponding instruments after touching, which can make children feel the charm of technology.
    Moving the glory of the king into the game console, the strong sense of manipulation can make you more supernatural. If you like pesticides, don’t miss this experience.
    This kind of game show like this has been very popular in the past two years. Every time I see this kind of TV show, it doesn’t feel any difficulty. But when I really finished it, I found out that it was not that simple thing. I played all kinds of things. The means have not been able to escape the failure of the fall, and it is very necessary to coordinate the limbs, like me… or forget it.
    The huge bubble pool can be said to be a very popular net red project, almost no matter what size people jump into it can be submerged
    The peers of the same group played together and really recovered the fun of childhood.
    In the hot summer days, the temperature of the air conditioner is just right, so that our play is not too sweaty, very comfortable, and it is also a very good place to take pictures.
    Special attention is paid to the valuables such as mobile phone keys in the pockets when you play, because it is not easy to find them.
     Promote the night scene
    The paradise of the night kicked off in a wonderful science experiment magic. In the square, the children watched the magician’s wonderful performances. During the period, they also interspersed with many commonly used scientific common senses. They also interacted with the magicians, which allowed them to grow a lot of knowledge.
    The town at night, ending the day’s noisy, is like a fairy tale world. Quietly walking in the streets of the town, feeling the beauty of the night, reminiscent of the day’s play, the whole mood can be relaxed.

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