Eternal love, meet the taste of Guilin on the tip of the tongue

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    My hometown of Jilin Tonghua is located at the foot of the ever-changing Changbai Mountain. It is the origin of the Manchu. In addition to the aboriginal Manchu, a large part of it is the Han, Korean, and Hui who later immigrated here. Today, it has become the home of the people, Han, the DPRK and the Hui people living together. Manchu is a nation with a long history. It is the oldest indigenous people at the foot of Changbai Mountain. It has a rich Manchu original ecological culture. The intangible cultural heritage Changbai Mountain Manchu paper-cut is an important part of it.
    Changbai Mountain Manchu paper-cut is a kind of hollow art, which gives people a sense of transparency and artistic enjoyment. Since childhood, I have liked the art of paper-cutting very much. I have studied with the folk paper-cut artist Li Guijie and the Changbai Mountain Manchu torn paper intangible cultural heritage inheritor Zhang Jie to learn the Changbai Mountain Manchu paper art. This time, with the image of the Manchu prince and Gege Sakura I designed, I walked out of the mountains to the beautiful and beautiful land of Bagui, and opened a wonderful journey through.
     Recall the coffee viewing meal
    Sakura: Xiaoheng, I heard that the most famous place in Guilin is the Elephant Trunk Hill, but there are so many people like Elephant Trunk Hill.
    Xiao Yan: Don’t worry, come with me, not only can you see the scenery, but also the food.
    Sakura: Don’t sell off, hurry up with me.
    Along the Minjiang River, come to the Yi Coffee Restaurant, which is located on the sixth floor of the Vienna Hotel Guilin Xiangshan Park. Entering the restaurant is the nose of the coffee aroma, the whole meal bar is very elegant, there are two floors, four sides are large windows, the mood is really good! Sitting by the window, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Guilin. The Elephant Trunk Hill and the Sun and Moon Twin Towers are in front of you. Tap on two cups of coffee, sit for a while, immerse yourself in the aroma of coffee, and the beauty of the Xiangshan Twin Towers in Guilin. Looking at the Elephant Trunk Hill and the Sun and Moon Twin Towers from this unique perspective, you don’t have to buy tickets, crowded among the crowds of tourists, you can also taste pure coffee and happy food, which is a good choice!
     Nanxi Mountain
    Xiao Yan: The coffee has been drunk, let’s go out and walk together.
    Sakura: Ok! Ok! I have heard that the time on Nanxi Mountain is particularly beautiful. I want to see it now.
    Xiao Yan: Then let’s go now.
    Named after the Nanxi River, Nanxi Mountain was well-known in the Tang Dynasty. It has nearly 200 stone cliffs, mostly distributed in Beilong Bailong Cave, Yuanyan, Weizhou Rock, Longji Cave, and Nanxun Liuxianyan. Wear Yunyan and other places. In ancient times, “Nanxi New Mist” was one of the eight scenic spots in Guilin. It has two peaks of things, juxtaposed with each other, towering thousands of feet, cliffs in the north, white stones. After the rain, the weather is fresh, the clouds begin to open, and the sun shines on the rocks, which will emit dazzling brilliance.
    The two peaks of Nanxi Mountain face each other, and the height is steep and steep. It is like two white screens. The Nanxi River flows through the park from the north of the mountain. The earliest developer of Nanxi Mountain was the observation of Du Guan in the Tang Dynasty. He loved the green waters of this mountain. In this cave, there are still stone carvings of the poems of “Keeping Nanxi”. Nanxishan Park has many caves such as Bailong Cave and Liuxianyan. There are Longji Pavilion between the two peaks, which is a good place to climb the north and south scenery of the city.
    The Nanxi Mountain Cave is many and strange, and the Bailong Cave in the north is the most famous. Its mouth is wide and wide, like a tall stone house. The stone wall is white, and there is a stone drooping, which is like a dragon head. It is called Bailong Cave. Inside the cave are the double lion stone, the jade bamboo shoots, the white dragon and the spit beads. Out of the right side of Bailong Cave, you will go to Xuanyan, a colorful gallery made up of stalactites. This hole is divided into two. The right road can go to Yunyan. The rocky road is short, and there are often clouds to wear the door. There are many precious stone carvings in the rock mouth.
    Walking in the bamboo forest with green onions, pine and cypress green. There is a spring in the south of Nanxi Bridge. It is called Bailongquan. The spring is clear and clear. In ancient times, it was tribute to the emperor. So it is also called Gongquan. Now there is a lounge, so that everyone in the world can enjoy the ancient springs!
     Guiyan Restaurant
    Xiao Yan: I have heard the name of Guiyan Restaurant long ago. We will choose this dinner today.
    Sakura: I am already hungry, my brother will take me there.
    In front of the Guilin Daily, Guiyan Restaurant is next to it. The restaurant is not big, but it has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in making Guilin cuisine, and it has gathered the most special ingredients of Guilin countryside. Every dish here has a language. It is said that one side of the mountain raises one person. The landscape of the world is also nourishing the people of Guilin in its way. The delicious taste of the entrance is really amazing, full of the land of Bagui. the taste of.
     East and West Lane
    Xiao Yan: “Sakura, where are we going after dinner?”
    Sakura: “Let’s go to the East Lane!”
    The east and west lanes are the only historical streets left by the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Guilin. The spatial scale is pleasant. It is the scenic spot of Guilin’s ancient historical features, including the traditional streets of Guiyang, including Dongyang Street, Jiangnan Lane and Lanjing Lane. . It reflects the historical context of Guilin. Therefore, the East and West Historical and Cultural Street is an important part of Guilin’s historical and cultural city. It is based on the main functions of traditional residence, traditional business, cultural experience and leisure tourism. It is a fusion of scenic spots and tours, with “wells, streets, and celebrities”. Features, and at the same time reflect the development of the era of multicultural complex historical features. The aim is to create the most distinctive historical and cultural district in Guilin.
    The East and West Lanes flourished as early as the Ming and Qing Dynasties. At the peak, there was the reputation of “Qinglong White Tiger”. Here, not only Hongru Trade has gathered, but Daguan Xiangui also dwells here. Especially in modern times, there have been many celebrity gentlemen who settled here, such as the governor of the Qing Dynasty, the two governors of the Qing Dynasty; “Brothers Hanlin” Long Chaoyan, Longchao two brothers; former Qingxiu was liberated after the deputy mayor of Guilin City Wei Jichang; the famous underground of the Communist Party of China Party secretary Chongzhen’s confidential secretary Xie Hezhen and others have lived here. At the same time, Dongxiang Lane is also the birthplace of many old brands with unique local characteristics of Guilin, such as “Yi Yi Xuan” rice noodles; “Zhang Yongfa” dyeing cloth; “Cao Baoyuan” cream Dan Pill.
    Today’s East-West Commercial Street is the first multi-functional three-dimensional commercial city in Guilin. It is a large-scale comprehensive commercial street integrating tourism, folklore, culture, shopping, catering, leisure and entertainment. It can taste leisure and culture. Travel, exquisite catering services, fashion shopping and other diverse services.
     Two rivers and four lakes
    Xiao Yan: “Thousands of mountains are standing in the wild, and the water is holding the city. It is really beautiful.”
    The “Two Rivers and Four Lakes” scenic spot connects the Minjiang River, Taohua River, Shanhu Lake, Wuhu Lake, Guihu Lake and Mulong Lake in the downtown area of ​​Guilin to form a waterway around the city. This is a passionate and imaginative project, Guilin. The largest environmental engineering in history. Today’s two rivers and four lakes, the world’s Guilin landscape is the icing on the cake.
    I heard local people say: “Four Lakes” was the moat of Guilin in the Tang Dynasty. In the Ming Dynasty, as the city was expanded to the Taohua River, the original moat gradually evolved into a connected lake. The project was first formed during the Northern Song Dynasty. At that time, Wuhu, Shanhu and Guihu were on the boat, and the tourists were woven and flourished. Due to the age, some lake ponds have been filled. In order to reproduce the prosperity of Guilin’s “water city” and restore the city tour mode of the upper reaches of the Song Dynasty in the Song Dynasty, the landscape of the “two rivers and four lakes” in Guilin was restored after the hard work of the builders day and night.
     Guilin Qiangu Situation Area
    Xiao Yan: “Sakura, take you to see a performance that must be seen in a lifetime, how?”
    Sakura: “What do you mean about “Guilin’s Eternal Love”? I have been waiting for it!”
    When I first came to the Guilin Ages, I was deeply shocked by the majestic shape of the door singer Liu Sanjie. Walking into the gates of the scenic area and passing through the magnificent lobby, time seems to flow back to the past and cross into the childhood world. Walking in the ancient scenery area of ​​Guilin, in the streets and lanes of Yangshuo Ancient Village, handicraft workshops such as the wine cellar of Grandpa, the cakes of Grandma, and the toys of Dad in Shijing Street, Fengqing Street, let me return to the past and return to the memories. Carefree time.
    Not only the unique charm of the building, but also the various national flash shows are unique. Walking in the streets and alleys of Yangshuo Ancient Village, the crowds are crowded and extraordinarily lively. The east side of the hydrangea is still not finished, the south sang a big play, the cheerful dance in the north jumped, and the west ignited a passionate bonfire. People sing, dance, and laugh here, everything is so simple and happy.
    When you are tired, use your food to treat your stomach. A fresh fruit, or a rice noodle with Guilin characteristics is a good choice. Yangzhi nectar, fruit ice cream and childhood candied haws, you can think of Can find it here!
    General Fubo and the colorful fairy to drive away the mysterious legend of the evil dragon, the Qin army soldiers opened the legend of the ancient canal, the singer Liu Sanjie sang the magnificent story of the eight guild… Give me a day, still you millennium, cross the space-time tunnel, the ages Love is in progress. Immerse yourself in this deep and sincere story, immersed in this endless long-lasting singing voice, immersed in the “Guilin Eternal Love” that must be seen once in life.
    “Guilin’s Eternal Love” is really a very shocking large-scale performance. The whole performance is divided into five parts, the earth flying song, the ancient ridge, the love song of Lijiang, and the search for Liu Sanjie. The moving songs, the graceful dances, and the emotional performances, in order to find Liu Sanjie as the theme, a scene, from legend to history, from history to reality, is really fascinating.
    The beautiful song of Song Xian Liu Sanjie is still echoing in her ears, and her wonderful posture has already penetrated into everyone’s heart. Who is Liu Sanjie? The final of “Guilin’s Eternal Love” gave us the answer. “Liu Sanjie” is recorded and imagined by different memory subjects. She has different social identities and plays different cultural roles in different time and space contexts. She is the embodiment of the true, good and beautiful children of Bagui. In fact, each of us is “Liu Sanjie” .
     Master beer fish
    Xiao Yan: “Do you know what Yangshuo’s specialties are?”
    Sakura: “This is also used to say, of course, beer fish!”
    Beer fish is a famous local speciality in Yangshuo. Master beer fish is a famous local restaurant in Guilin. The fish is spicy and delicious. There is no smell of fish itself. The aroma of beer and fish can make people appetite. Yangshuo’s beer fish is a fresh squid from Yangshuo River. It is first cooked with raw tea oil produced in the mountainous area of ​​northern Guangxi, and then added to the finest beer red glutinous rice produced in Guilin. It has a unique crispy and fresh flavor.
    Beer fish was first introduced by individual stalls. At the beginning, there were only a few, and now the small and small hotels in the county have already been married. “Don’t eat, don’t know, you can’t forget it.” The unique taste of beer fish has attracted a large number of visitors who have come here. After eating it, they are full of praise. Now local people will make beer fish. If you want to make authentic beer fish, there are two main tricks: one is to use the fresh live squid that is now in the Yangshuo River, and the other is to use the water from the Lijiang River to cook. Fish, and add fresh tomatoes and bell peppers. Yangshuo’s beer fish is a fresh squid from Yangshuo River. It is first cooked with raw tea oil produced in the mountainous area of ​​northern Guangxi, and then added to the finest beer red glutinous rice produced in Guilin. It has a unique crispy and fresh flavor.
    Live squid opens and smashes but does not scrape the scales, remove the internal organs, cut in half, and cut a few knives on each half to taste, then sprinkle with ginger and other ingredients, put them into the pan and fry them, put them in the oil pan Blast until the scales are soft and slightly rolled up, the fish becomes brown, drenched with soy sauce, add tomato pieces and sprinkle with red pepper, then pour in half a bottle of beer. The fish-boiled utensils are also very special. The fish is placed on a flat-bottomed dish. Under the plate is a basin. Put some water, then the fire is below, instead of the Sichuan hot pot, put the pot directly on the fire. This taste is the best.
     Yangshuo West Street
    Sakura: “When you eat dinner, of course you have to go shopping!”
    How can you not go to West Street at night in Yangshuo! The West Street, with a history of 1,400 years, is the oldest bustling street in Yangshuo and one of the important tourist attractions in Yangshuo. Walking on the West Street, whether it is eating, shopping or clubbing, is a good choice. Because of this richness, it has become a unique and beautiful landscape of Yangshuo.
    The entire street of West Street is made of stone slabs and is curved. The houses on both sides are simple and elegant. They are all styles in the Ming and Qing Dynasties in northern Guangxi. They are small blue tiles, sloping roofs, white powder walls and hanging balconies. The street is full of various tourist souvenirs. The shops on both sides are both Chinese and Western. Almost all the signs are in Chinese and English. The waiters can serve the tourists with fluent foreign languages. Super international!
    Take a look at the street, buy a few things you like, come to an authentic Guilin snack, and have a drink at the bar. It’s really relaxing.
     Xianggong Mountain
    I got up at three o’clock in the morning to go to Xianggong Mountain to watch the sunrise. I heard the tour guide said: The beauty of the Lijiang River is the appearance of this beautiful figure. In the tourist map of Yangshuo, it does not bear the hope that it will be classified as a partial door or an unpopular one. If there is no Xianggong Mountain, it will not be able to see the peaks of the mountains and the waters of the mountains.
    Xianggong Mountain is located on the west bank of the Lancang River in Xingping Town, Yangshuo, between Huangpu Beach and Jiuma Horse Mountain. Ascending the Xianggong Mountain, the peaks are arranged in an orderly manner, and the clear Lijiang River flows in the embrace of the mountains. The light, the clouds, the sunrise, and the Caixia attract countless photographers and photographers.
    The Kee Roast Goose is an old-fashioned restaurant in Guilin. It has entered the restaurant’s famous Chinese restaurant, the top ten brands of Chinese Guicai, and the famous trademark of Guangxi. There is a row of golden plaques shining in front of the door.
    Most of the home-cooked dishes are written in Cantonese. The Cantonese-style roast goose is naturally the top card, biting a bite of crispy meat and tender, and the sauce is delicious and not greasy. Durian crisp, usually do not eat durian, they feel very delicious. Then the goose is very tasty, it is not so convenient to eat, but it is very fragrant. Roasted goose is a signboard, and the skin is tender and tender. The silky toon is also good, and the sweet taro is full of milky aroma, which is the gospel of sweeties.
     Lonely bamboo rice
    Xiao Yan: “Lonely bamboo rice, this name is so interesting.”
    Sakura: “It’s really fun, let’s go see it!”
    Lonely bamboo rice is in Xinxi Street, Yangshuo. It is not a big place to enter the store, but the decoration and atmosphere in the store are warm and pleasant. The recipe for turning over the electricity is very thin, but the lonely tube, the bamboo general, the sweet and sturdy, every dish is bright. I once asked the boss why he named “Lonely”. He laughed and didn’t answer. He opened the store and gave the guest a message for “Lonely Anthology”. He only wrote: “Lone is a state, and loneliness is a gesture.” In a small shop called “Lonely”, you can feel warm in the rice and bamboo fragrance.
     Written at the end
    Every time I pass by, it’s all forA long return; each time, for the sake of a better encounter. It is only in Guilin that the world is surrounded by mountains and rivers. Only her beauty and endless reluctance are left in her heart. They are separated from Guilin, have nostalgia, have disappointment, and have the expectation of the next encounter. In this way, I sang along the way, bringing “non-legacy” and beauty to more people. I don’t know when I can meet you again, but I think it will be better for you and me.

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